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Fleming, lady Jane Sarah to James
Medlicott Flack, efq. xiv. [168]
Fleming, nifs Seymour, daughter of the
hate fir William Fleming, bart.-to fir
Richard Worfley, bart. xviii. [199]
Flemming, lady, relict of 'fir William
Flemming, bart.-to Edwin Lafcelles,
efq. xiii. [179]

Fludyer, mifs, daughter of the late fir
Thomas Fludyer to Trevor Charles
Roper, nephew to lord Dacre, xvi.

Foley, mifs, to the earl of Clanbrafil,
xvii. [180]
Foley, mils-to governor Bouchier, xviii.

Foley, mifs Ann-to Edward Winning-
ton, elq. fon of Sir Edward Win-
nington, bart, xix. [209]
Folkes, mifs, fifter of fir Martin Folkes,
bart.- to captain Macbride, xviii.
Fonnereau, mifs-to fir Booth Williams,
bart. vi. [125]
Fontana, mifs Conftantia (of a noble fa-
mily at Rome)-to James Pafton, efq.
xvi. [160]

Foord, mifs, to the right hon. fir Arthur ́
Brock, bart. xviii. [199]
Forrest, mifs-to the hon. John Byng,
fon of lord viscount Torrington, x.

Fortcicus, hon. mifs Louifa-to the rev.

mr. Horrington, xxi. [220] Foulis, mits, daughter of fir William Foulis, bart.-to William Prefton, efq. xix. [211]

Fowler, lady, relict of fir Hans Fowlerto William Fowler, efq. xv. [159] Fowler, hon. mifs-to Sir Brook Bridges,

bart. viii. [163]


France, prince's Clotilda of, fifter to his
molt chriftian majefty-to his royal
highnefs the prince of Piedmont, eldeft
fon of the king of Sardinia, xviii.
[148*. 198]
Franckland, mifs Ann, daughter of fir
Thomas Franckland, bart.-to John
Lewis, efq. xxi. [219]
Franckland, mif's Charlotte, daughter of
admiral fir Thomas Franckland, bart.

to Robert Nicholes, efq. xxi. [219] Franckland, mifs Dinah, daughter of fir Thomas Franckland, bart.-to William Bowles, efq. xxii. [242] ́ Frafer, mifs-to the carl of Buchan, xiv. [169] French, mifs-to the earl of Miltown, xi. [208] Friend, mils to the rev. dr. Gore, bishop of Elphin, ix. [162, 163]

Fullerton, miss-to the honourable Henry
Erskine, xv. [157]
Fullerton, mifs- to the hon. William
Ephinstone, fon of lord Elphinstone,
xvii. [180, 181]


AGE, mifs Lucy, daughter of fir Thomas Gage, bart.-to George Garner, mifsMaxwell, efq. xix. [211] to fir William Halton, bart. viii. [164] Gatehoufe, mifs, daughter of fir Thomas Gatehoufeto Walter Blunt, efq, brother of fir Charles Blunt, xvii. [181] Gilchrift, mifs Ann-to lord Cochrane, fon of the earl of Dundonald, xvii. [182]

Glen, mifs-to the earl of Dalhousie, x.
Goddard, mifs
niece to fir Henry
Parker, bart.-to Mr. Mervin Dillon,
xviii. [196]
Gooch, mifs, daughter of fir Thomas
Gooch, bart. -to Paul Cobb Me-
thuen, +sq. xxi. [220]
Gordon, mits-to ir John Abdy, bart.
xix. [207]

Gordon, lady Sufan, fifter to the duke of
Gordon to lord Bergherfh, fon of
the earl of Weftmoreland, x. [171]
Gore, lady Elizabeth, daughter of the
earl of Arran-to John Freke, efq,,
viii. [163]
Gore, mils-to the earl Cowper, xviii.

Gough, mifs, daughter of fir Henry Gough, bart.-to Ifaac Spooner, elq. xiii. [179]

Gough, mifs Charlotte, daughter of fir
Harry Gough, bart.-to fir John Pal-
mer, bart. xi. [208]

Gould, mifs, daughter of fir Henry
Gould, judge of the common pleas
-to the hon. Temple Luttrel, fon of
lord Irnham, xxi. [219]
Gower, lady Caroline Levefon, daughter
of earl Gower-to the earl of Carlisle,
xiii. [180]

Gower, Jady Louifa Levefon—to Archi-
bald Macdonald, efq. xx. [222]
Grady, mifs Mary-to lord Stavordale,

fon of the earl of Ilchetter, xv. [158] Græme, mifs, daughter of major-general Græme to the hon. Trevor Hampden, fon of lord Trevor, xi. [208] Graham, mifs-to fir Robert Dalwell, bart, xvi. [161]

Graham, mifs, niece to lord Newhaven

to fir Henry Watkin Dashwood, xxiii. [243]

Graham, lady Lucy, daughter of the duke of Montrofe-to the hon. Archibald Douglas, xiv. [169] Grandifon, countess dowager of-to general Montague, vi. [124] Grant, mifs Anne Charlotte, daughter of lieut. general Grant-to lord George Murray, fon of the duke of Athol, xxiii. [244]

Grant, mits Helen, fifter to fir_ James Grant, bart.-to Alexander Penrofe Cumming, xvi. [161]

Grant, mifs Pennel, daughter of the late fir Ludovick Grant, bart.-to Mackenzie, efq. xix. [207] Gray, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Gray -to George Paterfon, efq. xix. [212] Gray, mifs Sarah-to Alexander Grant, efq. xviii. [198]

Grenville, mifs, niece to earl Templeto fir Williams Watkin Wynne, bart. xiv. [170].

Grenville, mifs Catherine, fifter of earl Temple-to Mr. Neville, xxiii. [243] Grefley, mifs-to Nigel Bowyer Grefley, fon of fir Nigel Grefley, bart. xix. [207]

Greville, lady Louifa, daughter of the earl of Warwick-to Churchill, efq, xiii. [180]

Grey, lady Arabella, daughter of the earl of Hardwicke and Marchioness Grey -to lord Polworth, son of the earl of Marchmont, xv. [158] Grey, lady Mary, fifter to the earl of Stamford to the hon. colonel West, brother to the earl of Delaware, vii. [119]

Grey, lady Mary, daughter of the marchioness Grey and the earl of Hardwick-to lord Grantham, xxiii. [244] Grey, mifs Philadelphia-to fir George

Vandeput, bart. xv. [158] Grimstone, hon. mifs, daughter of the late lord vifc. Grimftone-to Thomas Estcourt, efq. xvii. [182]

Grimstone, hon. mifs, fifter to lord vifc. Grimstone-to William Hale, efq. xx. [220]

Grofett, mifs Diana, daughter of Walter Grofett, efq. to the hon. Robert Walpole, brother to lord Walpole, xxiii. [243] Grofvenor, hon. mifs, filter to lord Grofvenor to the hon. Mr. Afheton Curzon, brother to lord Scarfdale, ix. [162] Grove, mifs to the hon. Mr. Annelley, fon of lord Annefley, ix. [162]

[blocks in formation]

HADFIELD, mifs-to


efq. fon of fir James Efdaile, alderman, xviii. [196]

Hales, mifs, filter to fir Thomas Pym Hales, bart.—to the rev. Mr. Bowles, xiii. [180]

Halkertoun, lady-to the hon. Anthony Montague, fon of lord vifcount Montague, viii. [163]

Hall, mifs-to John Preftwich, efq. fon of fir Elias Preftwich, bart. xix. [208] Hallet, mifs-to John English Dolben,

[ocr errors]

efq. fon of fir William Dolben, bart. xxii. [242]

Hallifax, mifs-to the hon. and rev. Francis Knollys, xv. [158]

Hamer, mifs, daughter of the late admiral Hamer to the rev. v. John Arden, xviii. [197]

Hamilton, mrs.-to fir John Fust, bart. xvi. [160]

[blocks in formation]

Hamilton, lady Betty, daughter of the late duke of Hamilton and the prefent duchefs of Argyle-to lord Staniey, xvii. [180]

Hamilton, hon. mifs Kitty, daughter of lord vifc. Boyne-to William Murray, efq. xii. [168]

Hanger, hon. mifs, fifter to lord Coleraine--to Arthur Vanfittart, c'q. xvi. [161]

Harcourt, lady Elizabeth, to fir William Lee, bart. vi. [125]

Hare, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Coleraine to James Townfend, efq. vi. [125]

Harley, lady Martha, daughter of the


[blocks in formation]

Hay, lady Frances, daughter of the late marquis of Tweedale, to captain Hay, xvii. [179]

Hay, lady Mary, daughter of the carl of
Errolto major-general John Scott,
xiii. [181]
Heathcote, mifs, fifter to fir Gilbert
Heathcote, bart.-to lieut. general fir
Robert Hamilton, bart. xxi. [219]
Heathcote, mils-to fir Archibald Ed-

monstone, bart. xxi. [219] Heathcote, mifs Mary, fifter to fir Gilbert Heathcote, bart.-to John White, efq. xviii. [200] Heblethwayte, mifs Mary-to fir Griffith Boynton, bart. xi. [208] Henderfon, mifs, daughter of fir Robert Henderfon-to George Mercer, efq. xix. [212]

Henley, lady Catherine, daughter of the late earl of Northington—to lord vifc. Deerhurst, xx. [219]

[blocks in formation]

Heron-to captain Baron, xi. [208] Herries, mifs Elizabeth, filter to fir Robert Herries, bart.-to John Peter, efq. his majesty's conful at Oftend, xxiii. [244] Hervey, hon. mifs, niece to the earl of Bristol-to lord vilcount Erne, xiv. [208]

Hervey, mifs, daughter of the bishop of Dary-to John Thomas Fortter, elq. xix.. [212]

Hervey, mifs-to Montague Burgoyne, efq. fon of fir Roger Burgoyne, bart. xxiii. [244]

Heffe Darmitadt, princefs cf-to the prince royal of Pruña, xii. [170] Heffe Darniftadt, princefs of-to the


reigning prince of Saxe Wiemar, xviii. [199]

Heffe Darmitadt, princefs Amelia Fre derica of to the hereditary prince of Baden Dourlach, xvii. [180] Heffe D'Armstadt, princels Louisa Ca. rolina Henrietta of-to the hereditary prince of Heffe D Armstadt, xx. [219]

Heffe D'Armstadt, princefs Wilhelmina of to the great duke of Ruffia, xvi. [7. 32. 129. 137] Heywood, mifs-to fir Robert Throckmorton, bart. vii. [119] Hickman, inifs-to the earl of Charle mont, xi. [208] Higginfon, mifs-to fir Kildare Burrowes, xii. [169]

Hill, lady Charlotte, daughter of the earl of Hillsborough -to the hon. John Chetwynd Talbot, nephew to earl Talbot, xix. [209]

Hill, lady Mary, daughter of the earl of Hillborough-to lord viscount Cranburn, xvi. [161]

Hitch, mifs Sufannah-to Joseph Vander Meulen, xviii. [195] Hobart, lady Harriet, daughter of the earl of Buckinghamshire-to Almar Lowry Corry, xxiii. [243] Hodges, mifs, daughter of fir James Hodges to Nathaniel Hodges, efq. xx. [220]

Holbourne lady, relict of fir Alex. Holbourne, bart.-to mr. J. Graham, xvii. [182]

Holloway, mifs-to fir Robert Barker, bart, xxii. [242]

Holftein Eutin, princefs Charlotte of— to the duke of Sudermania, brother to the king of Sweden, xvi. [129]-xvii. [26. 181]

Holstein Glucksbourg, youngest sister of the reigning duke to count Charles of Benthem Stainfurt, xix. [210] Holte, mifs, daughter of fir Charles

[ocr errors]

Hoite, bart.- -to Abraham Bracebridge, efq. xviii. [199] Home, mifs Mary, daughter of fir James Home, bart.-to fir Alexander Purvis, bart. xvii. [197]

Hope, hdy Sophia- to lord Binning, xxii. [241].

Horion, Maria Ann, countess of-to the reigning prince of Salm Salm, xviii. [200]

Horton, mrs.-to his royal highness the duke of Cumberland, xiv. [153] Horton, mrs. to Charles lord vicount Maynard, xx. [210] Hougham, niits-to the earl of Northampton, xli. [169]


Howard, mifs, daughter of fir George Howard, k. b. to major Vyfe, xxiii. [243]

Howard, lady Elizabeth, daughter of the late earl of Carlifle-to Peter Delmé, efq. xii. [168]

Howard, lady Elizabeth, daughter of the late earl of Effingham-to the rev. mr. Courtenay, nephew to lord chancellor Apfley, xvii. [178, 179] Howard, lady Frances, daughter of the late earl of Carlific-to John Radcliffe, etq. xi. [208]

Howard, lady Maria, fiter to the earl of Effingham to general Carleton, governor of Que vc, xv. [157] Howe, miis, filter to lord Howe-to William Auguftus Pitt, efq. vi. [125] Hadios, mis to fir Billingham Graham, bart. vi. [125] Hudson, mifs-to fir Gilbert Heathcote, bart. xiii. [180]

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Hugeffen, mifs Mary Edward
Knatchbull, efq. fon of fir Edward
Knatchbull, bart. xxii. [243]
Hulfe, mifs, daughter of fir Edward
Hulfe-to Jofeph Bernes, eiq,


Home, mifs, fifter to fir Abraham Hume, bart.-to James Hare, efq. xvii. [178] Hume, hon. mifs Jeffy, filter to lord Home to Anthony Compton, efq. xii. [169] Hungary, archduchefs Caroline, danghter of the empress queen of Hungary -to the king of Naples, x. [3] Hutley, mifs-to William Drake, junior, efq. xxi. [219]

Hylton, mifs, daughter of fir Richard Hylton, bait.-to John Jolliffe, efq. xii. [170]

[blocks in formation]

William Browne, governor of Bermu das, xvii. [179]

Joddrell, mrs.-to the hon. George Sempill, brother of lord Sempill, xviii. [196]

Jones, mifs-to earl Cornwallis, xi. [208]

Johaton, mifs-to fir John Eden, bart. x. [171]

Johnston, mifs, daughter of general Johnfton-to colonel John Burgoyne, fon of fir Roger Burgoyne, bart. xv. [158]

Irby, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Bolton

to Thomas D Grey, fq. fon of lord chief juftice De Grey, xv. [157] Izard, mifs Sarah, of Charles Town, South Carolina to lord William Campbell, fon of the duke of Argyle, vi. [125]

to fir William Carter, knight, xvi. [162] Inglis, mifs Charlotte, a relation of the earl of Dartmouth-to his excellency

[ocr errors]


KEARNEY, mifs-to fir James Cotter, bart. xv. [159]

Keck, mifs Charlotte, one of the maids of honour to lord viicount Hereford, xvii. [180]

Kelly, mils-to colonel Edmunds, xix. [209]

Kennyon, mifs-to Thomas Hanmer, efq. fon of fir Walden Hanmer, bart. xxii. [242]

Keppel, lady Elizabeth, daughter of the late earl of Albemarle-to the marquis of Tavistock, fon of the duke of Bedford, vii. [119]

King, hon. mrs.--to fir Thomas Salufbury, judge of the court of admiralty, vi. [125]

King, the hon. Edwin Sandys, fon of lord Sandys, xii. [168] Kinnaird hon. mifs, daughter of lord Kinnaird-to Thomas Wiggons, efq. xxii. [242]

Kinnerfley, mifs Mary-to Charles Auguftus Louis Frederick, baron de Bode, xviii. [199]

Kirby, mifs-to Robert Robinfon, efq. fun of admiral Robinfun, xix. [20)] Knight, ms--to Sir John Sebright, bart, ix. [162]

Knollys, lady, daughter of the earl of Banbury to the rev. mr. Dathwood, vii. [119]

Knott, mis to captain John Barlow, xviii. [198] Knowler, mis Polly-to lord Digby, xiii. [181]

Kobel, inadem. daughter of the late ge


neral Kobel-to Ralph Payne, efq. x. [172] Kynaftan, mrs.-to Sir Charles Lumley, xvi. [162]


LADBROKE, mifs, daughter of fir Ro

bert Ladbroke-to Walter Rawlinfon, efq. fon of fir Walter Rawlinson, xii. [168, 169] Ladbroke, mifs Ann, daughter of the late fir Robert Ladbroke to Thomas Littler, efq. xvii. [181] Lamb, mifs, daughter of fir Matthew Lamb, lord Beliafyfe, fen of the earl of Fauconbridge, ix. [162] Lane, lady Bridget, daughter of the earl of Northington, and relict of the hon. mr. Lane to the hon. John Tollemache, brother to the earl of Dyfart, xvi. [162] Langdale, mifs, daughter of lord Langdale-to Butler, efq. xxii. [242] Langdale, mifs A. daughter of lord Langdale to the hon. mr. Clifford, fon of lord Clifford, xxiii. [243] Lauragais, the duke D'Aremberg, xvi. [159]

Law, mifs, daughter of the bishop of Carlifle to Thomas Rumbold, "efq. XV. [157] Lawrence, mifs-to William Young, efq. fon of fir William Young, bart. xx. [221]

Layard, mifs-to lord Brownlow Bertie, xii. [168]

Le Blanc, mifs-to fir A. Purvis, nephew

to the earl of Marchmont, ix. [163] Legard, mifs F. daughter of the late fir Digby Legard, bart.-to Thomas Grimston, efq. xxiii. [243] Leigh, mifs, daughter of fir Egerton Leigh, bart. -to captain Garrick, xxiii. [244] Leighton, mifs Emma, daughter of fir Charlton Leighton, bart.-to John Corbet, efq. xvii. [182] Le Maitre, mrs. relict of the hon. mr. juftice Le Maitre-to baron Nolken, envoy from Sweden, xxii. [242] Leflie, lady, daughter of the earl of Rothes to lord vifc. Milfington, son of the earl of Portmore, xiii. [180] Leflie, lady Jane, daughter of the earl of Leven and Melvil to John Belfches, elq. xviii. [200] Leflie, lady Mary Elizabeth, daughter of lord Leven-to the hon. James Ruthven, fon of lord Ruthven, xix. [211}

Lethuillier, mifs-to Edward Hulfe, efq. fon of fir Edward Hulfe, bart.xii. [169] Lewis, mifs-to the hon. Wilbraham Tollemache, brother to the earl of Dyfart, xvi. [159]

Lewis, mifs, daughter of the dean of Offory-to William Surtees, efq. xviii. [199, 200]

Liddell, mifs, daughter of lord Ravenfworth to the earl of Upper Offory, xii. [169]

Ligertwood, mifs Margaret-to fir William Seton, bart. xviii. [200] Lindlay, mifs Catherine, daughter of fir Alexander Lindsay, bart.-to Alexander Murray, junior, efq. xvi. [160] Lindfay, lady Margaret-to Alexander

Fordyce, efq. xiii. [180] Lippe Sternberg, Maria Eleonora of, countess of the holy Roman empireto the reigning duke of Buckeburgh, viii. [145] Litchfield, a daughter of the earl of—to the hon. captain Digby, xiv. [169] Livingston, mifs-to Richard Montgo

mery, efq, brother to the countess of Ranelagh, xvi. [161]

Lloyd, hon. mifs, daughter of the countefs of Haddington-to the earl of Rothes, vi. [125]

Lloyd, mifs-to Sir Jervas Clifton, bart. ix. [162]

Lockhart, mifs Jean, daughter of fir W. Lockhart, bart.-to William Bertrain, efq. xx. [221]

Lockhart, mrs.-to the hon. colonel Harcourt, brother of earl Harcourt, xxi. [220]

Lothbridge, mifs Elizabeth-to the hon. colonel Somerville, vi. [125] Lowther, mifs Bell-to the hon. and rev. mr. Egerton, brother to the bishop of Bangor, ix. [162]

Lyon, lady Ann, daughter of the late earl of Strathmore-to John Simpson, elq. xi. [208]

Lyon, lady Sufan, daughter of the late earl of Strathmore-to major general George Lambton, vi. [125] Lyttelton, hon. mifs-to the hon. John Fitzmaurice, vi, [124]

Lyttelton, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Lyttelton-to the earl of Anglefea, z. [171]


MACCLESFIELD, mifs Agnes-to the hon. Thomas Fitzwilliam, xxiii.



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