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PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS judgment and integrity of purpose led him to be time by his medical adviser, Mr. S. H. Evans. He

often selected as an umpire between contending had, however, no serious attack until August last, (N.B.-Announcements of appointments being in the nature parties, and it was rare indeed that the faintest whe", whilst travelling in Wales on an excessively of advertiseinents.wars charged *. 6d, each, for which question as to the justness of his decision was hot day, he was so utterly prostrated that his life should be inclosed.]

heard. It was, however, in his career as clerk to was for some time despaired of. The attack THE Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas has the justices that Mr. Barr stood out most promi. which has proved fatal was of a similar character appointed Mr. Charles Reginald Gibson, of Dart- nently before his fellow-townsmen. Words of the to the one which occurred in August last, and the ford, Kent, Solicitor, to be a Commissioner for highest praise were heard on the lips of all who immediate cause of death is stated to have been taking acknowledgments of married women.

were brought into contact with him. Poor and the rupture of a vessel in the brain.
rich alike felt the influence of his upright dealing, Mr. Robotham was one of the oldest legal prac-

and his kind and sympathising heart. Through titioners in the town, and his skill and knowledge Mr. W. C. Ward has been appointed acting out the whole of his thirty-five years' official con. as a real property lawyer were well known to and Prothonotary of the Court of Pleas at Durham, nection with the Borough Bench he discharged his recognised by the Profession By the painstaking, and Clerk 'to the Commissioner of Taxes for duties in the most satisfactory manner, and the able, and conscientious discharge of his profes. Easington ward in the same county in the place of magistrates, who have often been heard to speak sional duties during the whole of his career, and his deceased father.

of him as their "right hand man," repeatedly his consistent and upright character, he had won

manifested their admiration of his many excellent the esteem and confidence of numerous clients The Right Hon. Sir William Bovill, Knight, qualities. In 1860 they testified their regard for and the general respect of his fellow townsmen. Lord Chief Justice of Her Majesty's' Court of their clerk by subscribing for a full-length oil Mr. Vallack, borough coroner, held an inquest Common Pleas at Westminster, has appointed portrait of him, and it now adorns the magistrates' on Saturday, when from the evidence of Mr. F. James Mote, o No. 1, Walbrook, in the City of room adjoining the Borough Court in the Town Wright, surgeon, it was inferred that death had London, and Eltham, in the County of Kent, Hall. The artist was William Crabb, and a resulted from the rupture of a vessel in the brain,

gentleman, to be a perpetual Commissioner for massive gilt frame bears the inscription" To consequent upon old standing disease of the heart,
taking the acknowledgments of deeds to be mark the respect of the Leeds Borough Magis. and a verdict to that effect was returned.
executed by married women for the City of Lontrates for their Clerk, Robert Barr, Esq.," and
don and the County of Kent.

the names of thirty-three magistrates (fifteen of
whom are since_dead), headed by Sir Thomas
Beckett and Sir Peter Fairbairn.


Deceased had been thrice married, but he leaves
no issue. His third wife, who survives him, was

Miss Rogers, of Grantham, sister of Mrs. Scott,

We have to announce the death of Mr. Robert widow of the late manager of the Yorkshire Bank:
Barr, the clerk to the Leeds Borough magistrates, ing Company. On the fact of his death being

Equity Courts.
and senior partner in the firm of Barr, Nelson, and made known yesterday great regret was expressed
Barr, solicitors, South-parade.
by all classes of the inhabitants, and the bells of

Court of Appeal in Chancery. Born on the 3rd Sept. 1794, in George-street, the town hall and the parish church were tolled out

(Lefore the Lord CHANCELLOR.) near the present Kirkgate Market, where his of respect for his memory.

At Westminster. father, Mr. Richard Barr, resided, Mr. Barr had Mr. Bruce, the stipendiary magistrate, who pre- Thursday, Nov. 2 Appeal motions and appeals

At Lincoln's-inn, just completed his seventy-seventh year; and sided in the borough court, interposed during the

Nov. 3 Appeals many were the changes that he had witnessed in disposal of the business there, and said "Intelli. Friday


6 Ditto the town in whose affairs he had for half a century gence has reached the court of the death of Mr.


7 Ditto taken a prominent and active part. Destined for Barr. Arybody who knew Mr. Barr as a mere

Wednesday 8 Petitions and appeals the legal profession, he was articled to an eminent acquaintance, and certainly the gentlemen prac Thursday 9 Appeals firm of solicitors in Leeds, Messrs. Upton, Nichol. tising in this court, feel very much grieved by the Friday 10 Appeal motions and appeals

13 Appeals son, and Hemingway, and his life career as a intelligence. Mr. Barr's health has long been bad, Monday

Tuesday sound and able lawyer tells how thorough was the but it has been hoped that he would still rally.

Wednesday training that he received from them. Entering Unfortunately that hopa has been disappointed.

Thursday the office a youth, he remained in it until the dis. This morning he has died. I have known Mr. Friday 17 Appeal motions and appeals solution of the firm, when he became partner with Barr a great many years. I cannot say that I have Monday

20 Appeals Mr. Nicholson. Mr. Barr's care and judgment as known him so intimately as many gentlemen ; but Tuesday

Wednesday 22 Petitions and appeals a legal practitioner early brought him under the I have known him as a professional man upwards

Thursday 23 Appeals notice of the local authorities, and on the office of a quarter of a century. I have practised in a


24 Appeal motions and appeals of coroner becoming vacant in 1824 he court in which he used to advise the magistrates,

(Before the Lords JUSTICE 8.) ceived the appointment. The firm of Nicholson and since I occupied this place I have had the and Barr existed for several years, during which benefit of his advice myself, and I always found Thursday, Nov. 2 Appeal motions time the offices of town clerk, clerk of the peace, him a man of the greatest kindness. Not only

Nov. 3 Appeals and magistrates' clerk were filled by deceased's we, bat every one, even the poorest man in Friday

Saturday 4 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. partner. After the passing of the Municipal Cor Leeds, knew Mr. Barr to be a man of the utmost

tions, and appeals poration Act, these three offices were distributed. kindness of heart; indeed, if he had any faults Monday.. 6 Appeals That of clerk to the magistrates remained with they arose from that excessive kindness of heart Tuesday

Wednesday Mr. Nicholson, and it was held by him until his which he had in such an eminent degree. His death in 1836. For the responsible post thus ren. merits as a lawyer were very great. He advised Thursday 9 Bankrupt appeals and appeals


10 Apreal motions dered vacant there were two candidates-Mr. Barr the magistrates, I don't know exactly how long,

Saturday 11 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. and Mr. George Rawson, jun. - but the latter but I should think for not less than half a century.

tious, and appeals eventually withdrew his offer to serve the Bench, He was educated in one of the most eminent Monday.. 13 Appeals and Mr. Barr was, on the 3rd Dec., 1836, unani old offices in the town, and during the time he Tuesday 14 Apreals from the County Palatine

of Lancaster, appeals from the mously elected. Of the thirteen justices present advised the magistrates no one case in which he at the meeting at which this appointment was

Stanaries Court and appeals advised them was falsified by the event. It was

Wednesday 15 Appeals made only three-Sir Thomas Beckett, Bart., Mr. a great benefit to a town like this, a large town

Thursduy 16 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Thomas Benyon, and Mr. Darnton Lupton-re: with a large mixed population, that the magis. Friday

17 Appeal motions main in the commission of the peace. Mr. Barr trates had the benefit and advice of such a man. Saturday 18 Petitions iu lunacv, appeal peti.

tions, and appeals had previously resigned his coronership, and his I have known in my time three eminent men in

20 Appeals successor was Mr. John Lofthouse. With this Leeds who held this position-Mr. Eddison, who Monday

Tuesday gentleman he entered into partnership, and on

was for many years town clerk, Mr. Ikin, and Mr. the 1st Jan., 1837, the firm became Barr, Loft- Barr. Without

saying a word about the merits of Thursday,

23 Bankrupt appeals and appeals house, and Nelson. No further change took place i he has done to the town, surpassed both of these Saturday

the others, Mr. Barr, by the length of the service Friday 24 Appeal motions until the death of Mr. Lofthouse, when the name

25 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. of the firm was altered to Barr and Nelson ; on gentlemen, because he had the honour of sitting

tions and appeals the admission of Mr. Frederick Barr, the nephew here for many years, and of advising the magis. Such days (if any) as the Lords Justices shall be of the senior partner, a few years ago, it assumed trates from day to day. I am sure everybody engaged in the full court or at the Judicial Committee the style by which it is now so widely known- here will sympathise with Mrs. Barr and with his of the Privy Council are excepted. Barr, Nelson, and Barr. friends for the loss they have sustained. The loss

Appeals. In addition to discharging the responsible work to the town is a very great one-indeed, I think

Peter ». Nicolls

Dixon r. Lamare falling upon him as clerk to the magistrates, and there is no one who will not be affected by the Boyd v. Petrie

Glegg r. Rees
Pilcher r. Rawling

| Thompson r. Thomas as the leading member of a firm in large and mournful intelligence, and no one can help re.

Patch v, Rolt influential legal practice, Mr. Barr was for many specting the memory of the man who has just Wright r. Pitt

Oriental Financial Corpo.

Pilcher c. Rawlins left us. years the professional adviser of the Leeds Im.

Barker u. Barker

ration (Lim.) v. Overend, provement Commissioners, and in that capacity

Mr. Ald. Oxley, who was also on the bench, Hunter u. Walters-Cur. Gurney, and Co. (Lim,) he remained until the passing of the Improve cxpressed his full concurrence in what had been link v. Walters-Daruell Upmanu t. Elkun

Allounes v. Elkan ment Act of 1842, by which the powers of the said by Mr. Bruce. commissioners became vested in the town council.

Land Credit Company of Mellwraith v. The Dublin

Ireland v. Lord Fermoy Trunk Counecting Rail. He also acted for a long period in a similar manner


Nelson r, Thompson

way Company on behalf or the overseers for the township of We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Wil. Pride c. Bubb

Calisher v. Forbes Leeds, his successor, on his resignation in 1840, liam Rohotham, solicitor, of the firm of Messrs.

Heasman 1. Pearse being the late Mr. Charles Naylor. When the Robotham and Son, of Derby, which occurred on

Richardson o. Richardson Dent v. Ottoman Railway

The Mayor, Aldermen and t. Ot. Act of Parliament, authorising in 1837 the con Friday evening last week, under unusually pain.

Burgesses of the City of toman Railway Company struction by a company, of the Leeds Waterworks ful circumstances. The deceased gentleman at- Exeter ». Earl of Devon Vives v. Ottoman Railway at Eccup, and elsewhere, was obtained. Mr. Barr tended the sale of an estate by auction at the Bell Ingram r. Upperton was the solicitor to the company, and that posi. Hotel, on that evening, and purchased the pro- The Credit

roncier and Dent v. O:toman Railway tion he retained until the waterworks were purperty on behalf of a client. He was about signing

Mobilier of England, Company - Fraser . Ot. chased by the corporation in 1852. He also acted the contract when he was seized with illness. Mr.

Limited (in liquidation) toman Railway Company

Cbabord v. New as legal adviser to the patrons of the Leeds parish Wright, Dr. Taylor, and Mr. Borough, surgeons, Homewood v. Lambe

Company (Limited) church, besides holding several other professional were speedily in attendance, but notwithstanding Radford v. Willis

The Mayor, &c, of the City appointments. their efforts, Mr. Robotham expired in a few Phillips v. Mullings

of London , Sandon l'he duties of all these appointments Mr. Barr minutes.

Chadwick v. Chadwick The Mayor, &c., of the City discharged with great ability, and so extensive Mr. Robotham had for a number of years suf.

Cowles . Gale

of London v. Metropoli. was his knowledge of all legal matters that his fered from an affection of the heart which occa

Ingram v. Upperton

tan Railway Co.-Metro. Heasman v. Pearse

politan Railway Co. r. advice was frequently sought by members of his sionally produced embarrassment in his breathing, Ellis e. Barker

Mayor, &c., of the City of own profession. His calmness and clearness of and for this he had been attended from time to Sollory 1. Leaver


At Westminster.

At Lincoln's-inn.

7 Ditto 8 Ditto

21 Ditto
22 Ditto


v. Hunter

Pike c. Dickinson


v. Lord Sondes


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Rolls Court.

Watt v, Muirhead
Lowe v. Lowe
Grove v. Marshall

The Peninsular, West
Hill v. Westmorland
Stockil v. Booker
Mereditb v, Ruse


At Westminster.

Allen v. Morgan
Stacey v. The Tottenham Savile v. Kilner

Bank Limited) v. The Thursday, Nov. 2 Motions and general paper

Thrupp v. Seruton

and Hampstead Junction Wilson v. Lloyd At Chancery-lane.

London General Omnibus Richardson v. Houghton

Levick v. Noble

Railway Company
Nov. 3 General paper

Company (Limited) Friday

Bloomer v. Spittle
Harrop v. Hirst

Brown v. Lindsay
Saturday 4 Petitions, short causes, adjourned i Falkner v. Cruttwell

Mayar v. Mercer
summonses, and general paper

Liddiard v. Birdsey
Thomas v. Caddick

Harfield v. Bower
6 General paper

Squires v. Walker

Taylor v. Atherton

Constable v. Turner Hunter v. Bullock
Walker v. Beckley
Smith v. Stone
Kelson v. Watts

Allhusen v. Whittell Tuesday

7 Ditto

Forbes v. Williams
8 Ditto
Chilling. Woodall v. Layard

| Viscount Newry v. Earl of 9 Motions and general paper

worth Thursday

Pope v. Probyn

The Agra Bank (Limited)! Kilmorey
10 General paper

Last v. Drake
Cloak v. Sands

v, Northcott Friday

Bowyer v. White
Hosford v Sugden
11 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

Harrison v. Topham

Martin v. Martin

Tisley v. Tagg
Kingdon v. Dean

Secker v. Nixey
summonses, and general paper

Cameron v. Somerville Ingleby v. Ingleby Monday 13 General paper

Red path v. Pettis
Addison v. C.x

Kingstou v.

The Cowbridge Haslam v. Eastwood Attwood v. Brown

Leman v. Saffery 14 Ditto

Railway Company

Price v. White
Wednesday 15

The Gresbam Life Assur.
The North-Eastern Rail. Young v. Young

Humphreys v. Hodgson
16 Motions and general paper

way Company v. Watson Murray v. Hadley

Garcia r. Pochin

ance Society v. Crossman Jackson The Friday 17 General paper

Warner v. Warner
North Gilchrist v. Herbert

Hudson v. Cook
Eastern Railway Co. Rolfe v. Rolfe
18 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

Bigg v, The Mayor, Alder. Baskettv. Skeel
summonses, and general paper

Richmond v. Richmond
Price v. Hutchinson

men, and Commons of Re C. F. George's EstateMonday 20 General paper

Dooner v. Tolley
Coten v. Watson
the City of London

Neames v. George-Clark
Lean v. Carrick

Kent v. Ingoldby Tuesday

v. George

Glassbrook r. Carvell
Andrews v. Woodward

Robinson v. Barret
22 Ditto

Hooper v. Hooper

Gumm v. Hallett
Wilson v. Wilson

White v. Watkins

Marchant v. Davies

Lacon, Bart. v. The ProJones v. Jones

Wooler v. Wooler Friday 26 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

Nichols v. Hill

vincial Banking Corpora-
Wilkinson v. Pocock
Pearson v. Rose
Reed v. Markcrow

tion (Limited)
summonses, and general paper
Saturday 25 Motions and general paper

Massie v. Ray
Mexican Railway Company Cooper v. Lorenz

The Provincial Banking
Statfordshire Joint Stock
At the Rolls, unopposed petitions must be presented

(Limited) v. Woolloton Kent v. Spokes

Corporation (Limited) v. Co. (Limited) v. Smith and copies left with the secretary on or before the

Robey and Co.'s Perseve- Motion v. Moojen

Thursday preceding the Saturday on which it is intended

Swales v. Kirk
rance Iron Works (Lim.) Gough v. Smith

Cobbitt v. Woodward
Peakman v. Harrison

v. Ollier they should be heard, and any causes intended to be

Calthrop v. Rummens Jerred v. Berry heard as short causes must be su marked at least one May v. Constable

Hanrott v. Hulett
Rucker v. Dobbyn

Parry v. Murray
Dalton v. Hodgson

Willems v. Dimsdale clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be

Hopkinson v. Hopkinson The Central Bank of Lon-
Hiles v. Anger
Webster v. The Borough Leahy v. Barry

don, Limited v. Quail so heard. Causes.

Melsome v. Pinniger

of Halifax

Telford v. The Metropoli. Matterson v. Baerselman Walker v. Walker Morris v. Edmunds Quick v. Quick Silvester v. Moore

tan Board of Works King v. Engleback Commissioners of Sewers Smithe v. Munn

Smith v. Farrah
Neville v. Dann

Ferneley v. Buckley of the City of London v. Jubb v. Tuckwood

Freebury v. Freebury George v. Howes
Re C. Williams' Estate-
Re Moore's Estate -Eland Oldfield v. Boyce

V.C. Wickens' Court.
Same v. Same
Bingley v. Kimber

v. Moore
Trenchard v. Simpson

At Westminster,
Same v. Same
Halford v. Brook:-Brooks

Cutclife v. Goddard

Hayne v. Harvey
Same v. Same

v. Halford
Hockenhull v. Ray

Thursday, Nov. 2 Motions

Goddard v. Hughes
Same v. Same
The Upited States of
Nicol v. Chavasse
King v. Barkley

At Lincoln's-inn.
Same v. Same

America v. Blakely
Newbolt v. Wright
May v. Burton


3 Petitions and general paper Same v. Same Vanner v. Frost Vickers v. McEwen Hine v. Hine

4 Short causes and general paper

Greenwood v. Ripley
Swift v. Parkin
Same v. Same

Loysel v. Freeth

6 General paper

Same v. Same
Grace v. Grace
Godson v. Pitman
Morley v. Brackenbury Tuesday

7 Ditto
Cree v. Foakes
Small v. Pratt

Church v. Tamvaco
Lloyd v. Thomas

8 Ditto

Mercer v. Armstrong
Little v. Moore

Wilson v. Brown
Tanner v. Mason

9 Thursday

Motions and general paper Jarvis v. Allen-Allen v. Mortimer v. Wheatland

Birks v. Silverwood
Torrance w. Bolton


10 Petitions and general paper Jarvis Mellor v. Mellor Grace . Dutton Atty Etough

Saturday 11 Short causes and general paper Deeks v. Bayley Paley v. Dury Champion . The Conser- Pemberton v. Watkins Monday..

13 General paper
Hay v. Bates
Driscoll v. Haydock
vators of River Thames Lascelles v. Mills, M.P. Tuesday

14 Ditto
Rennie v. Morris
Daniel v. Lloyd
Leader v. Pemberton Atkins v. Binstead

Wednesday 15 Ditto
Neely v. Fluker
James v. James
Wray v. Hunter
Van Gheluwe v. Nerinckx

16 Motions and general paper

Belgian Public Works Co. Yglesias v. Yglesias
Wagstaff v. Midland Rail. Bower v. The Chesterfield Friday

17 Petitions and general paper (Limited) v. Grant Shrewsbury v Marshall way Company

and Brampton Railway Saturday 18 Short causes and general paper Littleword v. Ownsworth Banks v. Sidebotham

Harman r. Derby



20 General paper
Briggs v. Hay
Moore v. Morris
Smallfield v. Smallfield Wright v. Butlin

21 Ditto

Lingen v. Burney
Beaumont v. Brewer
Swarbrick v. Learoyd Oakley v. Wood

Wednesday 22 Ditto
Calthrop v. Buckston Robinson v. Pinder

The Ecclesiastical Commis- Armstrong v. Holmes Thursday 23 Ditto
Gatty r. Pawson
Dering v. Ibbotson
sioners for England v. Lindgren v. Horne


24 Petitions, short causes, and genera Wakeford v. Jay Wells v. Frankish

Clowes v. The Staffordshire

Shelley v. Shelley
Bacon v. Dibb
India and China Tea Co. Potteries Water Works Saturday

25 Motions and general paper Vansittart v. Osborne Besley v. Dayman

(Limited) v. Teede

Norgate v. Parker
Gee v. Gee
Buchan v. Buchan

Tomkins v. Parker
Cowden v. Clitherow

Richardson v. Dibb
Clark v. Clark
V. The North Tomkins v. Parker

Nesham v. Selby
Cramer v. Bird

London Railway Co.

Nicholson v. Catt
Hose v. Hunt-Hunt v.
Bissicks v. Walden

Holmes v. Holmes
Skipworth v. Skipworth
Mackay v. Douglas

Sykes v. Sykes
Dixon v. Muckleston

Packer v. Page
Holmes v. Symons

Shelley v. Maber
Warton v. Warton

Owen v. Barton
Gully v. Wood
Frostick v. Birdsey

V.C. Bacon's Court.

Briggs v. Upton

Penistan v. Worsley Hartland v. Murrell Wrigley v. Martin

At Westminster.

Attorney-General v. John. Sherwin v. Bodill stone

Statford v. Stafford Mileham v. Pearce-Hinx. Holmes v. Howse

Thursday, Nov. 2 Motions
man t. Pearce
Henry v. Lowman
At Lincoln's.inn.

Butterfield v. Terry

Rigg v. Merrin!
Cholmondeley v. Phelps

Browne v. Rxdford
Cockerton v. Langmead
3 General paper

Cooper v. Aves
Sewell v. Bailey

Sborland . Bertram
Parker v. Marquis of An.

4 Petitions, short causes, and general Thomas v. Richardson

Richardson v. Hodgetts Richardson v. Morton


Armitage v. Armitage
Norton v. Salmon
Bevan v. Bevan

6 In Bankruptcy.

Re Thompson's Estate, Capnock v. Cannock
King v. Gordon

7 General paper

Stockdale v. Thompson Phillips v. Brookes Wednesday 8 Ditto

Teague v. Teague

Robinson v. Grave Thursday 9 Motions and adjourned summonses Bower v. Smith

Bontoft v. Wilson
V.C. Malins' Court.

10 General paper

Orcbard v. Lake

Leggett v. Scott
At Westminster.

Saturday 11 Petitions, short causes, and general Martin v. Saunders Spye v. Haswell
Thursday, Nov. 2 Motions


Catt ». Tourle

Flower v. Flower
At Lincoln's-inn.
Monday 13 In Bankruptcy

Russeil v. Martin

Lloyd v. Tozer
Friday Nov. 3 Petitions and general paper

14 General paper

Pearce v. Carrington Miller v. Miller
4 Short causes, adjourned sam.

15 Ditto

Brodrick v. Hewby

Johnson v. Bott monses, and general paper Thursday 16 Motions and adjourned summonses Miller v. Campbell

Piper v. Mann
6 General paper

17 General paper

Taylor v. Miller

Marquess of Downshire v, Tuesday 7 Ditto Saturday 18 Petitions, sbort causes, and general

Bass v. Adams

Bellyse Wednesday 8 Ditto


Surry v. Slater

Finnis v, Tuke
9 Motions and general paper
Monday. 20 In Bankruptcy

Ayre v. Eager

Morgan v. Seaton Friday 10 Petitions and general paper

21 General paper

Griffiths v. Oakley

Re Brown-Rattey v.Hullah Saturday 11 Short causes, adjourned sum- Wednesday 22 Ditto

Veley v. Wells

Rattey v. Jackson monses, and general paper

23 Ditto Thursday

Ashton v. Corrigan Monday

Phillips v. Silvester 13 General paper Friday

Master v. Richards

24 Petitions, short causes, and general Faith v. Emsley. Tuesday 14 Ditto


Wildman v. Newby

Rousseau v. Smith Wednesday 15 Ditto

Saturday 16 Motions and general paper

Mure v. Mure

25 Motions and adjourned summonses Hampshire Banking Co. v. Thursday



Stubbs v. Smith
17 Petitions and general paper

Guylee v. Guylee
Johnson v. The Dudley and Parkin v. Parkin

Fulton v. Wilson Saturday 18 Short causes, adjourned sum. Ward v. The Wolverhamp- West Bromwich Banking Bourdin v. Greenwood Blaud v. Gayford monses, ond general paper ton Waterworks Co. Company

French v. Mayhew

Buggs v. Tompson 20 General paper Monday

Sleeman v. Wilson
Hayward v. Penney
Bond v. Farmer

Earl of Dudley v. Gye Tuesday 21 Ditto

Ford Foster
Ashby v. Bernard

Torr v. Thomas

Stonehouse v. Dobin 22 Ditto Highett v. Dampier Hooper v. Webb

Alexander v, Shorland Grinstead v. Lucas Thursday


Cadman v. Cadman
Bleackley v. Hall

Savage v. Tyers

Samuel v. Page 24 Petitions, short causes, adjourned Greene v. The West Che- Wilson v. Tucker

Hext v. Gili

Jacobs v. Jacobs summonses, and general paper shire Railway

Anderson v. Anderson ompany

Soffe v. Prince

Alcock v. Coonop Saturday 25 Motions and general paper Dawson v. Robinson Bigg v. The Corporation oi Saull v. Saull

Gardener v. Jewers Causes.

Murray v. Clayton

Jacubs v. Rylance

Butler v Webb
Simpson v. Ingleby
Britnell y. Walton
Phipps v. Ber idge

Beattie v. Lord El ury Walker v. Jersey Water J. Mitchell and Co. (Limi. Croaker v. Standing Finlay v.

Heyman v. Dubois
Hargreaves v. Hall

Works Co. (Limited) ted) v. Great Northern
Dence v. Dixon
Mather v. Mather
Murchison v. Batters Imray v. Imeson

Alexander v. Palmer

Railway Company Hemming v. Maddick Tooth v. Mort

Smith v. Gibson
Miller v. Miller
Fawcett v. Billings

Arnold v. Bradbury
Nixon v. Garstin
Bailey v. Rolland
Hall v. Hargreaves
Gompertz v. Kensit
Allen v. Mew

Simpson v. Hempson The Landed Estates Co. Lewis v. Lewis

Earle v. Appleyard
Gray v. Seckham
Bianchi v. Mackley

Clark v. Pike
(Limited) v. Weeding Petersdorff v. Cook
Kempv. The South-Eastern Moore v. Harper-Harper Russell v. Tallerman

Shiers v. Haswell Brutton v.' Parish of St. Sculthorpe v. Tipper

Railway Company
v. Harper
Heffer v. Lee

Cock v. Green
George, Hanover-square Rodd v. Pascoe
Carter v. Earl Ducie Gillman 1. Bish

Griesiell v. Jackson

Best v. Ständeven Abbott v. Bakers and Con-Cruikshank v. Duffin

Palmer v. Flower
Bovill v. Frost
Walker v. Lawton

Reed v. Southgate fectioners' Tea Associa- Raith by v. Hall

Savage v. Spell
Brandon v. Coleman
Hopkins v. Coleman

Godrich v. Fowler tion (Limited) Official liquidator of the Wade-Gery v. Handley Bemish v. Hare

Mellersh v. Faulkner Hall v. Ramsbottom The Sheffield Improved Birmingham Banking Co. Charlton w. Charlton Preston v. Mayor, &c., of Barnard v. Clark

Johnston v. Kelley Industrial and Provident v. Carter

Bond v. Milbourn

Great Yarmouth
Flower v. Flower

Nickless v. Owen Society (Lim.) 7. Jarvis Deakins v. Andrews

Ramsey v. Hooper
Spilling v. Skoyles

Harvey v. Jannings Taylor v. Taylor
Earl of Cork v. Russell, Gray v. Gray

The London and Paris Leicester Water Works Bennett v. Partridge Golding v. Wright • Bart. Pemberton u. Neill Hotel Co. (Limited) v. Company v. Gimson Rapley v. Walmsley

Cundall v. Proctor
Carter v. Smith
Pemberton v. Marriott Mainwaring

Vertue . Miller
Paine v. Price

Griffiths v. Jones

N.B.-In Vice-Chancellor Wickens' Court no cause, motion for decree, or further consideration, can, except by order of the court, be marked to stand over, if it be within twelve of the last cause or matter in the printed paper of the day for hearing.

Any causes intended to be heard as short causes before either of the Vice-Chancellors must be so marked at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so heard.



Gazette, Oct. 27.
To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall.street.
PHILLIPS, W. R. of no occupation, Piccadilly. Pet. Oct. 94. Reg.

Hazlitt. Sols. Megars, Lewis,, Holborn. Sur. Xov. 17
TAYLOR, FRANCIS WILLIAM, general agent, Coleman-st. Pet.
Oct. 94. Reg. Roche. Sol. Sykes, St. Swithin's-la. Sur. Nov. 16

To surrender in the Country.
Bixys, JOSHITA, coach proprietor, Whitefield. Pet. Oct. 5. Reg*

Holden. Sur, Nov. 13
CHADWICK, JOHN, and TURNER, GEORGE, cotton manufacturers,

Heywood. Pet. Oct. 25. Reg. Hoiden. Sur. Nov. 8
FURNESS, ROBERT, oil merchant, Church, near Accrington. Pet.

Oct. 23. Reg. Bolton. Sur. Nov.
HINKLEY, ARDEX, brick maker, Sittingbourne. Pet. Oct. 23.

Reg. Acwurth. Sur. Nov, 10
HODDINOTT, FRANCIS, dealer, Frome. Pet. Oct. 24.

Messiter. Sur. Nov. 8
MORLEY, JOHN, farmer, Rufford. Pet, Oct. 25. Reg. Perkins.

Sur. Nov.9
PARKER, CHARLES, ten dealer, Huddersfield. Pet. Oct. 23. Reg.

Jones. Sur. Nov. 16
ROBINSON, WILLIAM, chemist, Scarborough. Pet. Oct. 25. Reg.

Woodall. Sur. Nov. 13
SIMS. GEORGE Cordwainer, Wantage. Pet. Oct. 23. Reg.

Bishop. Sur. Nov, 10
THELENBERG, JOSEPH, butcher, Cromwell-ter, Battersea-pk.

Pet. Oct. 34. Reg. Willoughby. Sur. Nov. 10
WALKER, WILLIAM, baccher, Leeds. Pet. Oct. 21. Reg. Mar.
shall. Sur. Nov. 16

Gazette, Oct. 31.

To surrender in the Country.
Fox, JAMES ABRAHAM, Doddington.grove, Battersea. Pet.

Oct. 27. Rer. Willoughby. Sur. Nov. 10
PARKERSON, HEYRY MOUNT, lieutenant in the 82nd regiment,

Portsmouth. Pet. Oct. 11. Reg. Howard. Sur. Nov. 11
CURRY, JANE, builder, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet. Oct. 26.

Reg. Mortimer. Sur. Noy. 14
EARLE, OSWALD, merchant, Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 17. Reg. Was

son. Sur Nov. 14
BRIGGS, JAMES, machinist, Yeadon. Pet. Oct. 26. Reg. Marshall.

Sur. Nov. 16
PARTINGTON. GEORGE, innkeeper, Bridlington. Pet. Oct. 28. Reg.

Woodall. Sur. Nov. 22
WILLIAMSON, JAMES, paper merchant, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 96.
Reg. Kay. Sur. Nov. 23


Gazette, Oct. 24.
CAMPBELL, JOHN ARCHIBALD, lieutenant in Royal Artillery,

Plymouth. Aug. 14, 1871
ELWORTHY, FREDERICK THOMAS, merchant, Wellington. Oct. 31,

Gazette, Oct. 27.
RAYNE, EDWARD FLETCHER, gentleman, Roehampton. June 6,

WHITCOMB, EDWIN, victualler, Church-rd, Croydon. Sept. 25, 1871

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KAY, THOMAS YOUNG, auctioneer, Liverpool: Nov. 8, at two, at GOWER, MARY AXX, grocer, Gray's-inn-rd; Nov. 10, at eleven, at

office of Sols., Meadows and Crang (and not Craig as erroneously office of Sol., Noton, Great Swan-alley, Moorgate-st
printed in the Gazette of 24th ult.), Liverpool

GRUNDY, THOMAS, out of business, Salford; Nov. 9, at eleven, at
KENDRICK, SAMUEL, fancy warehouseman, Bristol; Nov. 8, at cffice of Sol., Ritson, Manchester
twelve, at office of Sol., Clifton, Bristol

HARBOROUGH, ALFRED, music seller, Southport; Nov. 10, at
MARKS, HENRY, ont of business, Newcastle-npon Tyne: Nov. 11, three, at office of Sols., Forshaw and Hawkins, Liverpool

at twelve, at office of Sol., Johnston, Newcastle-upon-Tyne HAZELL, BENJAMIN, corn chandler, Flood st, Chelsea: Nov. 10,
MARTIN, CHARLES, builder, Litchurch; Nor. 14, at three, at office at one, at office of Sol., Smyth, Rochester-row, Westminster
of Sol., Briggs, Derby

HOYLE, ROBERT, felt manufacturer, Hollinbank and Wood-nills,
MARTERS, WILLIAM, anctioneer, Rusholme, near Manchester; near Newchurch: Nov. 14, at three, at offices of Sols., Grundy
Nov. 13, at two, at office of Sol., Addleshaw, Manchester

and Coulson, Manchester MCNAIRN, JAMES BROWN, draper, Heigham; Nov. 14, at eleven, HURD, FREDERICK, engineer, Wakefield; Nov. 8, at three, at at office of Sol, Stanley, Norwich

the Statford Arms Hotel, Wakefiell. Sol., Gill, Wakefield MIDDLETON, RICHARD, engineer, Leeds; Nov. 13, at three, at JONEN, EVAX, shipowner, New Quay; Nov. 3, at eleven, at the office of Sols., tick and Jones, Leeds

Townhall, Aberystwith. Sol., Hughes MILIS, HALFORD, grorer, Sandgate; Nov. 10, at twelve, at office JOXES, JOHN GWYNDAF, grocer, Pwllheli: Nov.9), at two, at the of Sols., Carter and Bell,

British Hotel, Bangor. Sols,, Jones and Jones, Portmados
MINNIT, WILLIAN, an HARRIS, WILLIAM, grocers, both of LANE, SARAH, millirer, Mortiner-st, Cavendish sq: Nov. 6, at, Hammersmith, and High-st. Kensington, and High-st, three, at 12, Hatton-garden. Sol., Marshall, Lincoln's-inn-
Wandsworth: Nov. 16, at twelve, at offices of Messrs. Broad, fields
publie accountants, Wolbrook bldgs, City. Sols., Messrs. Wat- LAWRENCE, JAMEH, skirt manufacturer, Cheapside; Nov. 3, at
Ron, Bouverie-st, Fleet-st

twelve, at office of Sol., Howell, Chenpaide
MORGAN, JOHN, chemist, Swanseg; Nov. 13, at twelre, at offices LEFORT, EIGENE, upholsterer, King's.rd, Chelsea: Nov. 13, at

of Messrs. Barnard, Thomas, Cawker, and Company,, twelve, at officer of Sols.. Kynaston and Gasquet, King's ArinsSwansen

yd, Moorgatest MOSES, JOIN, surveyor, Machpelah, Hebden-bridge; Nov. 10, at LEO, LOUIN, professor of music, Aberdeen-pk-rd : Nov. 13, at two, three, at the Crown hotel, Horton-t, Halifax

ut office 01 Sol., Barnett. New BroadONLEY, MARY ANN, earthenware dealer, Norwich: Nov. 10, at

MARTIS, WATSON WOOD, brewer's assistant, Birmingham; twelve, at office of Sols., Miller, Son, and Stevens, Norwich

Nov. 10, it three, at office of Sol., Rowlands, Birminzham
OWEN, JAMES, grocer, New, Kent; Nov. 13, at three, at MATTHEWS, HENRY JOHN, jun., hairdresser, Newbury, Nov. 4,

at office of Mr. Moon, publie accountant, Pavement, Finsbury. at eleven, at the White Hart, Newbury, Sol, Lucas, Newbury
Sol., Parker, Pavement, Finsbury

MONTGOMERY, DONALD, draper, Swansea ; Nov. 13, at two, at
PAGE, THOMAS, civil engineer, Adelphi-ter, Strand; Nov. 9, at offices of J. H. Clifton, Bristol
twelve at the Caledonian hotel, Robert-st, Adelphi. Sol., Strutt, MOORE, FREDERICK, carpenter, Wolverhampton; Nov. 11, at
Adelphi-ter, Strand

twelve, at office of Sol., Barrow, Wolverhampton
PARISH, JOHN, builder, Exeter; Nov. 15, at eleven, at office of MOORE, JOHN, tllor, Birmingham; Nov. 10, at three, at office of
Sol., Huggins, Exeter

Sol., Maher, Birmingham PARSONAGE, WILLIAM ROYLASCE, fruiterer. Liverpool; Nov. 16, MOORHOUSE, JOSEPH, yarn spinner, Wakefield, and Silcotor, near at three, at office of Masters and Fletcher, Liverpool

Wakefield: Nov, 7, at three, as offices of Fernandes and Gill, PICKERING, WILLIAM, grocer, Birmingham; Xov. 11, at eleven, Wakefield at office of Sol, Arsinder, Birmingham

MORGAN, WILLIAW, factory operative, Pendleton; Nov. 9, at
PICKTHALL, THOMAS WALTER, provi-ion merchant, Liverpool; two, at office of Sol., Hardy, Manchester

Nov. 16. at thren, at the Clarendon-rooms, South John-st. NEWSAN, WILLIAM, milliner, Nottingham; Nov. 8, at twelve, at
Liverpool. Sol., McConnel, fun., Liverpool

office of Sol., Belk, Nottingham
PLUME, JOIX, coal merchant. St. John trert.rd, Clerkenwell; NORTAAN, WILLIAM, builder, Leicester; Nov. 8, at eleven, at

Nov. 20, ot one, at 1:34. St. John-street-rd, Clerkenwell. Sol., office of Sol., Harvey, Leicester
Popham, Vincent-ter, Islington

PADDOCK, WILLIAM, hotelkeeper, Ellesmere: Nov. 14, at three,
PULLING, ROBERT, iron.plate merchant, St. Benet', Grace. at the George hotel, Shrewsbury. Sol., Peele
church st. City, and Masham-villas, Clyde-rd, Addiscombe; PAGE, THOMAS, civil engineer, Adelphi-ter. Strand; Nov. 9, nt
Nov. 14, at two, at offices of Sol., Courtenay, Gracechurch-st, twelve, at the Caledonian hotel, Robert-st, Adelphi. Sol. Sinith,

Adelphi-ter, Strand
RAVENHILL. THOMAS, wrod turner, Shirenewton: Nov. 14, at PARKS, WILLIAMI, no occupation, Maidstone; Nov. 8, at half-past
twelve, at office of Sols, Beran and Hancock, Chepstow

twelve, at the Bridge house hotel, London-bridge, Southwark.
REYNOLDS, EDMUNI), baker, TottenhaunNov. 16, at two, at 15, Sol., Goodwin, Maidstone
Pinner'shall, Old fol., Stacpoole

PEARS, JOHN, tanner, Whitehaven ; Nov. 8, at two, at office of
ROTTER. EBENEZER, draper, Astol Bunk, near Redditch; Sol., Atter, Whitehaven
Nov. 13 at twelve, at office of Sol, Powell, Birzningham

PENDLERITY, JOHN, grocer, Bradford : Nov. 13, at three, at office
SHEPHERD, JOHN WILLIAM, and SHAW, GEORGE, joiners, Brad. of Sol., Ellithorne, Manchester

ford ; Nov. 13, at eleven, at office of Sol., Lancaster, Bradford RADLEY, WILLIAM, oilman, Bethnal-green-rd : Nov. 13, at three,
SIMPSON, HENRY, stuff merchant, Manchester; Nov. 17, at three, at office of Sols., Messrs. Pie se. Old Jewry.chmbs
at offices of Sols., Grundy and Coulson, Manchester

ROBINSON, THOMAN, tailor, Halifax; Nov. 13, at three, at office of
SKINNER, JOSEPH, merchant tailor. Fleet-st; Nov. 9, at twelve, Sol., Leeming, Halifax
at office of Sol, Downes, Cheunside

SCOTT, WILLIAM, preengrocer, Swansea ; Nov. 3, at three, at
SKINNER, WILLIAM, joiner, Furnworth; Nov. 13, at three, at office of Soi., Morris, Swansea
office of Sole, Hall and Rutter, Bolton

SHARP, EDWIN, grocer, Stoke-upon-Trent ; Nov. 13, at eleven, at
SMITH, HENRY DUNSTER, render at a printing office, Taunton; Office of Sol., Sherratt, Kidsgrove
Nov. 14, at twelve, at office of Sol, Trenchard, Tauntón

SIMS, ALFRED HENRY, ammunition manufacturer, Birmingham, SNELL. HENRY, grocer, Birmingham; Nov. 10, at twelve, at office and Titford. par. Halesowen; Nov. 10, at eleven, at office of Sol., of Sol., Benton, Birmingham

Rowlands, Biriningham TAYLOR, JOHx, warehouseman, Dudley; Nov. 13, at eleven, at SMITH, DAVID CLARKE, boot dealer. Heath-st, Tampstead; office of Sol., Forrest, Oldbury

Nov. 4, at eleven, at office of Sol., Johnston, Southampton-bldgs TIDSWELL, WILLIAM, ale merchant, Southport: Nov. 16, at hall- Chancery-A

past eleven, at the Temperance hotel, Southport. Sol., Walton, STEPHENS, EMMA, baker, Landport; Nov.9, at two, at offices of Southport

Edmonds, Davis, and Co., Portsea. Sols., Messrs. Ford, PortWATERS, CORNELIUS, brewer, Cirencester; Nov. 14, at eleven, at sea

offices of Mullings, Ellett, and Co., Cirencester. Sol., Ellett, STUBOS, SAMUEL, bricklayer, Tunstall ; Nov. 10, at three, at office Cirencester

of Sol. Salt. Tuntsall WATTS, HEYRY CHARLES, architect. Manchester: Nov, 16, at TALBOTT, TRAYTOX, butcher, St. Leonards-on-Sea; Nov. 10, at three, at office of Sol., Richardson, Manchester

twelve, nt office of Sol., Langham, Hastings
WEATHERILL, MICHAEL, Traper, Westbourne-grove, Bayswater: TAYLOR, JAMES, draper, Exeter; Nov. 14, at eleven, at the White

Nov. 13, at twelve, at office of Read and Dangerfield, Milk-st, Lion hotel, High-st, Exeter. Sol., Floud, Exeter
Cheapside. Sols. Davidson and Co.,

TAYLOB, RILEY, draper, Halifax; Nov. 8, at twelve, at the Angel WILSON, THOMAS, grocer, Durlington: Nov, 11, at ten, at offices hotel, Manchester. Sols., Wavell, Philbrick, Foster, and Wavell, of Mr. George Hudson, public accountant, Stockton-on Tees

Halifax WOODS, JOSIAN, grocer, Preston ; Nov. 16, at half past two, at THOMAS, DANIEL, builder, Petherton-rd, Highbury New-pk office of Sol., Edelston. Preston

Nov. 15, at two, at office of Sol., Cooke, Gresham-buildings
WOOD, CHARLES HEATON, beerhouse keeper, Tettenhall Wood; Guildhall

Nov. 13, at three, at office of Sol., Langman, Wolverhampton VIPAX. JOSEPH MAYLIN, gentleman, Ashdon; Nov. 9, at eleven,
WRIGHT, CEDRIC, draper, Epping; Nov. 13, at twelve, at offices at office of Sol., Ellison, Cambridge
of Sols., Smith, Fawdon, and Low, Bread-st, Chenpside

WALEN, PHILIP, shoe dealer, Crewe: Nov. 13, at two, at the Royal
YOULDON, JOHN KEENE, gentleman, Oakley-rd, Islington ; Nov. hotel. Nantwich rd, Crewe. Sol., Salt. Tunstall
23, at three, at 1, George-st, Mansion-house. Sol, Snell

WATSON, SAMUEL, tailor, Tunstall; Nov. 17, at two, at office of

Sol., Llewellyn. Tunstall
Gazette, Oct. 27.

WEEDALL, THOMAS, jciner, Salford; Nov. 6, at three, at office of

Sol., Addleshaw, Manchester
ALGER, FREDERICK AUGUSTUS, provision merchant, Portsen WEARX, ELIZABETH, grocer, Landport; Nov. 10, at eleven, at

Nov. 9, at twelve, at offices of Slattery and Co., Wellington- office of Sol., Walker, Portsen
chmbs, Loudon-bridge. Sol., Feltham, Port en

WEST, EDWARD, farmer, Storrington; Nov. 20, at one, at the
ALLEN, FREDERICK, chemist, Holywell; Nov. 10, at three, at Half Moon Inn, Sorrington, Sol., Mills, Brighton
office of Sol., Cartwright, Chester

WILDE, WILLIAM KNOWLES, linen draper, Ardwick and Man. ARTHUR, JOHx, weaver, Ferryside: Nov, 7, at two, at the Town- chester: Nov. 15, at three, at office of Sols., Blain and Chorlton, hall, Carmarthen. Sol., Lloyd, Haverfardwest

ASHTON, FRANCIS WILLIAM, merchant, Manchester an! Werneth WIMSHURST, JOHN BENJAMIN, shipbuilder, Milford; Nov. 6, at

(under firm of Gibraltar Mill Company); Nov. 14, at three, at two, 21. flice of Sol, Lloyd, Haverfordwest
the warehouse of F. W. Ashton and Co., Manchester. Sols., WOOLWAY, JOHX, mason, Bow; Xov. 14, at eleven, at office of
Brooks, Marshall, and Brooks, Manchester

Sol.. Friend, Exeter
AYLETT, JAJES, corn dealer. Great Saint Mary. , YOU'LE. GEORGE SMITH, builder, Doncaster: Nov 9, at two, at

lebone; Nov. 4, ut twelve, at office of Sol., Webster, Basing- the Elephant lun, St. Sepulchre-rate within, Doncaster. Sols,

Burdekin, Smith, and Pve.Smith, Shil

brewers, Tendring; Nov, 20, at eleven, at office of Sol., Smith, Nov. 9, at three, at office of Sol., Marshall, Aton-zarden

BARTLETT, JAMES, grocer, Margate: Nov. 14, at one, at office of

Sol., Moss, Grace church st
BEYRON, WILLIAM. innkeeper, Kirkham: Nov. 9, at one, at offices

Liquidations by Arrangement.


Gazette, Oct. 24.
ALDERTON, HORATORIO GEORGE, grocer, Wandsworth-rd, Clap:

ham ; Nov. 13, at three, at 365, Tottenham-court-rd
ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH, araper, Seaham Harbour; Nov. 21, at two,

at office of Sol., Wright, Sunderland
BALY, THOMAS, out of business, King Edward-st, Lțverpool-rd,
Islington; Nov. 10, at three, at Doughty-hall, Bedford-row. Sol.,

Hicks, Francis-ter, Victoria-pk, Bow
BARCROFT, JOHN, basket maker, Hanley: Nov. 9, at eleven, at 18,

Cheapside, Hanley. Sol., Tennant, Hanley
BARTLETT, ROBERT, corn merchant Torquay, Nov. 11, at eleven

at the Corn Exchange Hotel, Market-st, Exeter. Sol., Floud,


pool: Nov, 15, at three, at office of Sol, Nordon, Liverpool BROWN, WILLIAM FRASER, tobacconist, Carlisle; Nov, 13, at

eleven, at office of Sol., Thornburn, Carlisle BULLEN, JOTX, organ builder, Ipswich; Nov. 21, at twelve, at

office of Sol., Pollard, Ipswich BULL, JAMES PORTER, conch builder, Dewsbury; Nov. 13, at

three, at the Royal Hotel, Dewsbury. Sol., Ibberson, Dews.

bury CLARKE, ROHERT ROBINKON, chemist, Gateshead; Nov. 9, at

twelve, at office of Sols., Hoyle, Shipley, and Hoyle; Newcastle

upon Tyne COLLETT, WILLIAM, gentleman, Beaumont-st, Marylebone; Nov.

10, at three, at office of Sol., Montagu, Bucklersbury COVERDALE, WILLIAM, publican, Hartlepool; Nov. 15, at eleven,

of Sols, Buck and Dicksons, Preston
BRADSTLAW, GEORGE, clog maker, Wolverhampton ; Nov. 11, at

Gazeite, Oct. 20.
eleven, at office of Sol., Barrow, Wolverhampton
BROWN, CHARLES MILLER, chemist. Witney: Nov. 10, at two, at

HENLY, THOMAS LARGE, fax scutcher, Calne
office of Sol., Ablett, Cambridge.ter.

HARDING, JANTES WILLIAM, baker, High-5t, Stratiord BURNETT, Joux, Joiner, Sallord : Nov. 6, at half past two, at

Gazette, Oct. 24. office of Sol., Addlesha, Manchester BUSB, CLEMENT. ironfounder, Gloucester: Nov, 7, at twelve, at KERSLAKE, JOux, boot dealer, Buckingham Palace-rd, and High. office of F. G, Sherrard, Bristol

st, Southwark
CHARLWOOD, HARRY, baker, Compton-st. Clerkenwell; Nov. 7,

Gazette, Oct. 27.
Attwo, at office of Sol, Marshall, Hatton-garden
COLEMAN, CHARLES, bootmaker, Long-la, West Smithfield, and

DAGLISR. JAMES, furniture dealer, Providence-row, Finsbury,

and Brown', Dalston
Net Turnstile, Holborn; Nov. 9, at two, at office of Sol., Dobie,

CONSORLEY, JAMES, baker, Birmingham; Nov. 8, at twelve, at
office of Sol., Joynt, Birmingham

BOOKE, THOMAS, grocer, Altrincham; Nov. &, at four, at office of

Sol.. Addleshaw, Manchester
COTTERELL, JOHX, grocer, Walsall ; Nov. 8, at twelve, at office of

Sol., Griffin, Birmingham
COUSINS, EDMUND, vreengrocer, Wokingham: Nov, 13, at eleven,

CAMPBELL.-On the 25th ult., the wife of Bruce Campbell, Esq.. at office nf Sol., Risiny. Reading

(Barquharrie), of the Inner Lemple, barrister-at-law, of a son. COWLIN, JANE, milliner, Wigan; Nov. 15, at eleven, at offioc of

COOPER.--On the oth ult., at Woodridings, Pinner, the wife of SOL. Byrom, Wigan

Edward Brodie Cooper, Esq., 01 Lincoln's-inn, burrister-at-law, CROCKER, JOSEPH, kailmaker, Ramsgate; Nov. ?, at three, at

of a son. offices of Mercer and Mercer, Copthall-ct, Throgmorton-st.

MUNTON.-On the 30th ult., at 21, Montagu-street, Russell.sonure, Sol., Edwards

the wife of Francis Kerridge Munton, of 3, Old Fish-street-hill, CROWCROFT, REUBEX, joiner. Batley Carr, near Dewsbury; Nor

Queen Victoria-street, city, solicitor, of a daughter.
8, at three, at office of Sol., Ibherson, Dewsbury

DAVIES, HENRY, farmer, Cardington, near Church Stretton;
Nov. 11, at twelve, at the Wrekin hotel, Wellington, Sol., Marcy,

BADHAM.-On the 9th Sept., at Melbourne, aged 33, Mr. Lewis

Badham, of Torquay, second son of Mr. Badham, solicitor, DRAKE, FRANCIS EDWIX, architect, Hinkley, and Leicester: Nov Tewkesbury. 10, at twelve, at office of Sol., Kirby, Leicester

CHILD.-On Sunday the 22nd ult., at his father's house, Upper
DUNCAN, JAMES, out of business, Weat Drayton; Nov. 13, at Clatford Rectory, aged 23, Charles Morgan Child, Esq., solicitor,

twelve, at the Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sols.. of Andover.
Treherne an! Wolierstan, Ironmonger-la, Cheapside

CRUISE.--On the 25th ult., at Rahood, William Cruise, Esq., J.P.,
EDGE, WILLIAM, clerk to the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows, barrister-at-law, second son of the late Williain Piers Cruise,

Rusholme, neur Manchester; Nov. 21, at three, at office of Sol., Esq., Q.C.
Ellithorne, Manchester

HACKING, -On the 18th Aug., at Kingsholme Lodge, Brisbane,
EVANS. EVAN JOIX, contractor, Pwllywhiaid, par. Merthyr Edward Hacking, E-9., barrister-at-law, Inner Temple

Tydfil; Nov, 6, at two, at office of Linton and Lewis, Merthyr JOHNSOS.-- On the 23rd ult., aged 58, William Johnson, of Great
Tydfi. Sol., Lewis

Dunnow, Essex.
Fox, ALFRED, builder, Charlton; Nov. 7, at eleven, at office of PODMORE.-On the 9th ult., aged 22, John; and on the 24th ult.
Sol., Norman, Lancaster-pl, Strand

aged 21, George, second and youngert sons of William Handeley GIRLING, SAMUEL JAMES, builder, Bromley-cottages, High-st, Podmore, solicitor, of 12, Union-court, Old Broad-street, LonBromley: Nov, 10, at three, at offices of Bath and Co., accoun.

don. tants, KingWliam-et. Sols., Bridge and Collins, King ROBOTHAM.-On the 27th ult.. at Derby, suddenly, aged 71, William-st, London-bridge

William Robotham, Esq., solicitor.

at West Hartlepool. Sols., Dobing and Simpson, West Hartle

pool DAVIES, CHARLES, cotton spinner, Oxford, within Ashton-under

Lyne; Nov. 11, at eleven, at office of sol., Clayton, Ashton

under-Lyne DAVIES, WILLIAM, sculptor, Carmarthen; Nov, 7, at two, at the

Townhall, Carmarthen
DOBSON, THOMAS, linen draper, Stockton-on-Tees: Nov. 14, at
ten, at office of Michael Pattinson Thompson, public accountant

Finklest, Stockton-on-Tees
DOWNER, WILLIAM, tea merchant, Brighton; Nov. 14, at twelve,

at office of Mr. Clennell, solicitor, Great Knight Rider-et,

Doctors' common Sol., Brandreth, Brighton
EARP, JOIX, milliner, Hanley; Nov. 8, at three, at the King's

Head Inn, Worcester-st, Birmingham. Sul., Tennant, Hanley EDMONDS, EDMUND, woollen draper, Birmingham; Nov. 10, at eleven, at the George Hotel, Huddersfield. Sol., Griffin, Bir

mingham FARLEY, WILLIAM, grocer, Ramsgate : Nov. 14, at three, at office

of Moon, public accountant, Pavement, Finsbury HAGUE, BENJAMIN, provision 'dealer, Leeds; Nov. 10, at two, at

office of Sols., Rooke and Midgley, Leeds HANDCOCK, JÁYE ELIZABETH, spinster, Rose-cottage, New-rd, Hammesmith Nov. 22, at two, at offices of Ladbury, Collison,

and Viney, Cheapside. 8., Lewis and Lewis, Ely- Holborn HANDFORD, JAMES, confectioner, Duke-st. : Nov, 15, at three, at offices of Mr. Wagstaff, auctioneer, Upper-st, Isling.

ton. Sol., Elliott HINCHLIFF, JAMES, and TUNXAFCLIFE, HENRY, woollen cloth merchants, both Ruddersfield; Nov. 15, itt eleven,'at the Queen

hotel, Market-st, Huddersfeld. Sols., Messrs. Clough HINCHLIFE, JAMES, and TUYXACLIFFE, HENRY, Woollen cloth manufacturers, Huddersfield ; Nov. 16, at four, at office of Sols.,

Messrs. Clough, luddersfield
HODDINOTT, HUGH (.EORGE, farmer, Marston Rigott; Nov. 9, at

three, at office of Sols., Dunn and Payne, Frome
HOWELLN, MORGAN, butcher, Llanilar; Nov. 9, at eleven, at office

of Sol., Jones, Aberystwith
HUNTBATY'H, JOHN, tailor, Burslem; Nov. 14, at two, at office of

Sol, Hollinshead, Tunstall
HUTCHINSON, MARLEY GEORGE, a lieutenant in the 8th hussars,

Nov. 6. At two, at office of Mr. Picard, St. James's-st, Piccadilly

Sol, Burnend. St.
HUTCHINS, EDWARD FRANCIS, builder, Gravesend; Nov. 13, at

eleven, at oftice of Sol., Bewley, Gravesend
JONES. Evas, farmer, Lisworney, near Cowbridge; Nov. 14, at

two, at the Bear Inn, CowbridgeSol., Thomas, Pontypridd JOYXT, EVAX DUNHAM, out of business, Princes-rd, Notting hill;

Nov. 14, at two at office of Solo., Mesers. Mote, Warwick.ct,

Orders of Discharge.

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TO SUBSCRIBERS. The volumes of the Law Times and of the Law TIMES REPORTS, are strongly and

uniformly bound at the office, as completed, for 58. 6d. for the Journal, and 4s. 6d.

for the Reports. Portfolios for preserving the current numbers of the Law Times, price 58. 6d., by

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NOTICE. The LAW TIMEs goes to press on Thursday evening, that it may be received in the remotest

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afternoon's post. When payment is made in postage stamps, not more than 58. may be remitted at one time.

Tue disposition to discourage the enforcement of the payment of debts by debtor's summonses is not peculiar to our own courts. A law similar to our bankruptcy law prevails in Australia, and in August last, before Judg Noel, an attempt was made to obtain payment of a balance of a large sum for building three shops. It was submitted that as there were disputes, the debt was not of the simple character to which a debtor's summons should alone be held applicable. “Where," said the learned Judge, “the amount of the claim was moderate, where the evidence was not complicated, and where there were scarcely any points of law to decide, resort might be had to the Insolvent Act; otherwise the cause should be tried in the ordinary way in a court of law."


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We need only mention the changes which have taken place in the law offices of the Government by the elevation of Sir R. COLLIER to the Bench. The promotion of Sir Joun COLERIDGE and the appointment of Mr. JESSEL are colourless events so far as the Profession is concerned. There was little to choose as regards professional eminence between the various members of the Bar who were considered eligible for the Solicitorship, and it was wholly improbable that the man to become Attorney-General, namely, Sir ROUNDELL PALVER, would be placed over the head of Sir John COLERIDGE. Under the circumstances, therefore, no better appointments could have been made.




Will--Condition requiring residence


settlement by son in favour of father-
Bul to set uside......

Domicile - Domicile of birth

378 WBDGWOOD v. DENTONWM-Construction


Contract between brokers - Overpay.
ment by mistake...


Administration- & Viot. c. 77, s. 73 384 In the Goods of P, B. HALL Will and cociicil.


'Testamentary suit-Plea of undue in.

Salvage-Passenger's baggage


Debtor's Summons

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The appointment of Sir Robert COLLIER to the Privy Council is one which is entirely satisfactory to the Profession, much more so indeed than his appointment as a successor of Lord PENZANCE would have been. When this last-named change was mentioned it occurred to us that Government gives too little attention to the peculiarities of men's experience on elevating them to the bench. The greatest probate and divorce lawyer we have should be naturally selected for the Probate and Divorce Court, wholly regardless of political considerations, and much as we should have been gratified by the well-earned promotion of Lord PENZANCE, we conceive that it was a fortunate escape for his court that his promotion did not take place at this particular juncture. The process by which Sir R. Collier has been elevated to the Privy Council is of no



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22 Married Women and the Municipal Fran. chise.

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WE so fully stated the gist of Mr. McLeod's cause of action against the Digest Commission at the commencement of the suit, that it appears to us to be unnecessary to report the proceedings before the Arbitrator (Mr. DENMAN). That learned gentleman is now considering his award, and apparently has but two points to consider : (1) whether the contract was terminable before the completion of the branch of the digest entrusted to Mr. McLEOD, and, if so, whether it was terminable withont notice; and (2) in the event of it being held that the contract was not arbitrarily determinable by the Commissioners, what damages ought to be awarded? As to the question of notice, the arbitrator intimated that he thought that the Commissioners were bound to give fair and reasonable notice of the termination of the work. He also asked the counsel for the Crown whether he considered that damage was sustained by Mr. McLeod in not having his name published as the author of a successful digest of the law ? Counsel, in reply, said there was nothing about that in the contract, the only questions were whether the contract had been properly terminated, or whether it had been broken, and if it had what was the market value of Mr. McLeod's services ? For the applicant it was argued that 5001. a year was not a fair remuneration ; but that he was entitled to be paid for a ye r and threequarters' work at the rate of 20001. or 30001. per annum. He also alleged that he had suffered for the loss of credit, reputation, and honour which he would have gained by having his name published on the specimen digest. A Commission has been appointed in Canada for investigating the state of legal procedure in Ontario, and amongst other things it is proposed to consider the advisability of a fusion of law and equity. The members of the commission are Judge Wilson, Judge GWYNNE, Vice-Chancellor STRONG, Judge Gowns and Mr. PATTERSON, Q.C. Mr. GWYNNE, it appears, was a pupil of the late Lord Justice Rout, and the Canaila Law Journal speaks in high praise of all the members--of this gentleman, that his intimate

The Law and the Lawyers.

The appellate business in the Court of Bankruptcy, if all we hear be truc, seems to be conducted in a most extraordinary manner. By the Rules under tho Act of 1869 power is given to the SENIOR Registrar in attendance to sit for the Chief JUDGE (R. 210) during the absence of the latter “from any reasonable cause.” The fact that the CHEF JUDGE is also a Vice-Chancellor is always a “ reasonable cause" for his absence, and hence his place is generally filled by the Senior REGISTRAR. But appeals lie from the decisions of the registrars to the Chief JUDGE, and the result frequently is,

VOL. LII.-No. 1493.

knowledge of law and equity, practically as well as theoretically, especially fits him for the duty, and that he will enter upon it free from any supposed bias to either system. Of Vice-Chancellor STRONG, that no man is more competent to explain the theory and practice of that court which has been a witness to his intellectual power and great learning Of Judge Gowan—that he has long the confidence of, and given assistance to successive administrations in various ways, and has an increasing reputation, and that no one in Canada has a more intimate knowledge of the Division Court system, which is really the nearest approach at present to a fusion of law and equity; and that the reputation of Mr. PATTERson, at the Bar, is very high, that he is known to be a man with broad views of things, and of much learning and industry, and that he will be a most useful element in the commission. The Canadians are fortunate in having such men in their service.

common law, but within the district of the City of London Court if triable in Admiralty. And in the first place his Honour held that having regard to the above section, County Courts which have and those which have not admiralty jurisdiction, cannot exercise concurrent authority over the same class of cases. Then arose the question whether the cause was an "admiralty cause. Referring to the opinions of the Judges who decided Everard v. Kendall (22 L. T. Rep. N. S. 408), he observed that they expressed strong opinions--which, though obiter dicta, were entitled to weight --that the word "collision” in the Act of 1868 (sect. 3) means a collision between two ships. Mr. TAYLOR remarks upon the unsatisfactory nature of the arguments in Everard v. Kendall, the Bilboa (3 L. T. Rep. N. S. 338) being the only case cited, and the court being allowed to infer from that case that the Admiralty jurisdiction continued limited, as under the Admiralty Act of 1810, whereas the Malvina (6 L. T. Rep. N. S. 369) (affirmed in the Privy Council) decided that under the Admiralty Court Act of 1861 the Admiralty Court had the utmost extent of jurisdiction in cases of collision, and, as Mr. Taylor remarks, there is no reason why the County Court jurisdiction should be less extensive. That was a suit by a barge against a seagoing vessel, and on a plea being put in the jurisdiction, Dr. LUSHINGTON held that it must be struck out. The damage sustained in the case before Mr. Taylor having been inflicted by a yacht coming into collision with a row-boat, he held that the County Court had jurisdiction over the cause as an admiralty cause, and consequently that as the Woolwich court had not Admiralty jurisdiction, it should be tried in the City of London Court.

The prosecution of the attorney's clerk at Worship-street Police Court has terminated in his discharge. The charge, it will be remembered, was one of obtaining money by a false pretence, the pretence being that the defendant was an attorney's clerk. The merits of the case concern us little, but the conduct of the prosecution suggests some observations. We exonerate the solicitor whose clerk the defendant was said to be from desiring to do anything more than prove that he himself had no personal interest in the touting system. If he thought he had dismissed the clerk he can scarcely be considered responsible for the acts of the clerk after such supposed dismissal : and he was justified in instituting the prosecution if he believed that the clerk knew that he was dismissed. But from the line taken by the prosecuting counsel, and from the remarks made by Mr. HANNAY, it would seem that some attempt was made to drag into the inquiry the names of members of the Bar who had not the slightest connection with the subject matter. Such an attempt cannot be too severely condemned, and to bring out indirect charges against absent gentlemen who are unrepresented, even with the laudable view of checking irregular practices, is unfair, and savours of an unpleasant animus. But the attempt, if made, was unsuccessful, thanks to the firmness of the magistrate, and the clerk was discharged with the sanction of a silk gown. We must add, that it is very remarkable that not until one of Her Majesty's counsel was taken into the prosecution was it discovered that there was an ambiguity in the letter of dismissal. It is to be regretted that so important a point in the case was not attentively considered before the matter was brought before the public.

A DISCUSSION has been started in the medical press as to the future position of medical witnesses, or, as one journal expresses it, “ the relations of hospital surgeons to criminal law, and the moral position of medical witnesses.” A question was lately raised in a Crown prosecution in Dublin as to the admissibility of evidence to prove that a registered medical practitioner was not up to the proper educational standard. The CHIEF Baron gave judgment, which was in effect that evidence could not be received to show whether the operation was injudicious or not, but that evidence could be taken as to whether the operation was skilfully or unskilfully performed. The LORD CHEF Justice thought that evidence could not be taken either as to the judiciousness of the operation or the skilfulness of the modus operandi, but as when two judges differ the law leaned in favour of the prisoner, the LORD CHIEF BARon should rule the case. Consequently the surgeon who conducted the operation in question was put upon his trial, witnesses being called to give their view as to his possession of the needful qualifications, having regard to the way in which he had done his work. As Lord Chief Justice Bovill has said more than once in the Tichborne case “ it is better to admit than to exclude evidence,” and we are disposed to think that the LORD CHIEF BARON was right. The Medical Press and Circular sees no reason why “a medical man called upon for his opinion, on a given point, should hesitate to give full and faithful expression to it, because it might happen to be adverse to a mem• ber of his own profession.” It adds, “We are distinctly of opinion that reticence under such circumstances is an honourable quality, and we hope that when such emergencies arise, it will not be open to the public to say that personal pique or professional jealousy, or even political bias, have been served at the expense of our character for good fellowship and esprit de corps.”

On the 3rd inst. an important question was argued at the Kirkdale Quarter Sessions, before Lord DERBY, chairman of the county, Mr. Serjt. WHEELER, and other Justices, on an appeal by Mr. Hugu Cullen against a conviction of the appellant charging him with “having exposed in the Stanley cattle market, on the 14th Aug: last, certain cattle, the same being then and there affected with a certain contagious and infectious disease, to wit, the foot and mouth disease, contrary to the prohibition of the 57th section of the Contagious Diseases (Animals), Act 1869.” At the hearing in the court below, objection was taken by the attorney for the appellant to the jurisdiction of the justices to convict, on the ground that no summary jurisdisdiction to inflict penalties was contained in the Act. Counsel for the appellant urged the same objection. He argued that the 103rd section inflicted a penalty on persons guilty of an offence against the Act, but did not point out the method by which it was to be recovered, and there were no provisions in the Act declaring generally how, penalties were recoverable. The 4th section of the Act repealed all former Acts relating to the same subject. The 11 & 12 Vict. c. 107, the first Act, by the 8th section, expressly provided for the recovery of penalties in a summary manner. Three Acts relating to cattle diseases were passed in 1866: 29 & 30 Vict. cc. 2, 15, and 110; and one in 1867, 30 & 31 Vict. c. 125. In these Acts penalties are made recoverable on summary conviction under 11 & 12 Vict. c. 43 (Jervis's Act), ss. 30, 5, 10, 3, of the respective Acts. The omission of any such provisions in the present Act, implied it was argued, that the Legislature did not intend that the offence charged should be dealt with summarily, but that offenders should be proceeded against by indictment. “Justices could not acquire summary jurisdiction by implication, express words in a statute could alone confer it'; the 57th section, under which the conviction was made, enacted that any person exposing, &c., shall be deemed guilty of an offence against this Act, unless he shows to the satisfaction of the justices before whom he is charged that he did not know, &c. These words showed that it was the intention of the Legislature that the charge should be heard before some justices, but there was nothing to determine what justices were meant, how many were to act, whether they were to act at sessions or in a summary manner.

The 108th section gives a power of appeal to quarter sessions against any determination or adjudication of any justices with respect to any penalty, and it might be urged that this power impliedly conferred a jurisdiction on justices at petty sessions to inflict the penalties, but this appeal clause may be applicable to offences mentioned in the 104th section, for which justices have power to punish by imprisonment. Even if the justices had jurisdiction under the Act, they had no power to proceed under Jervis's Act for the penalties, as that Act did not apply to offences created by later statutes unless specially incorporated.”. Objection was also taken to the form of the particular conviction, as not being authorised by Jervis's Act, and bad on the face of it. For the respondents it was urged, that the Act would be nugatory unless the justices had the jurisdiction claimed, and that the intention of the Legislature to confer it sufficiently appeared from the language of sects. 57 and 108. A case of Reg v. Justices of Norwich was referred to, not to be found in any of the recognised reports, but a short report of it appeared in the Times of Feb. 1, 1870, where, no cause being shown, the court made absolute a rule nisi for a mandamus directing the justices to hear and determine a complaint under the 57th section of this Act. Mr. Justice BLACKBURN had, however, remarked, that the justices might get a short Act of indemnity passed as Parliament was about to open. After a very lengtheneck


Mr. Pitt Taylor, sitting at the Woolwich County Court, has had before him an important question relating to Admiralty jurisdiction, and in his judgment he has dealt somewhat roughly, but with no more roughness than was justifiable, with a case decided by the Common Pleas. In the first place he held that there could be no possible mistake as to sect. 5 of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Act 1868 (31 & 32 Vict. c. 71), which enacts that so soon as a County

Court is appointed to have Admiralty jurisdiction, "no County · Court other than the County Court so appointed shall have jurisdiction within that district in any admiralty cause.” The action before his Honour was brought to recover damages for a collision, and it was within the district of his court if triable at

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