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The Receiver for the Metropolitan Police v. Bell.

Mored Michaclmas Term 1871.
For Judgment.
Special case

MIDDLESEX-Fowler v. Lock | Byles, J.-Yr. Francis Jones v. Cuthbertson

The Gas Light and Coke Company . The Vestry of St. MIDDLESEX-Brooke v. Burrell. [Byles, J.-Mr. Lanyoa
Geoorge's Hanover-square. Special case

MIDDLESEX-Henwood v. Harrison
For Argument. Moved Michael mas Term 1871.

[Brett, J.-Mr. Matticies LONDON-Hancock v. Gooding [Lush, J.-Mr Wright Campbell . East London Waterworks Company.

Devon-Lord Poltimore v. Cock
Mored Easter Term 1871.
Harrison and others v. Garthorne and others. De-

(Willes, J.-Mr. Kingiloa MIDDLESEX-Perris v. Tippett


DEVON-Hill r. Cock

(Willes. J-Mr. Kingdoa Blackburn, J.-Mr Grantham Whiffin (admistratrix, &c.) v. Blyth. Demurrer

BEDFORD-Stafford v. Gardner L. C. J.-Mr. Bidrar MIDDLESEX-Khandeish Farming Company v. Gilbert Wiener v. Mellor and another. Special case

NORFOLK-Mills v. Brasnett

L. C. J.-Hi. O'Malley (Hannen, J.-Mr Giffard Scales and another v. The London and South-Western CarLISLE-Mackenzie v. Ainsworth SWANSEA-Jones and wife v. Cuthbertson Railway Company. Special case

[Martin, B.-Ví Holker [Mellor, J.-Mr Hughes Stoddart v. Webberley. Appeal

SURREY-Strahan r. Withers
Mored Trinity Term 1871.
Morgan v. Stebbe and another. Demurrer

(Bramweil, B.-Mr M. Chambers Londox-Gardner v. Mors la Blanch and another Thompson v. Cohen. Demurrer

SURREY-Agerup v. Aizienda Company [Lush, J.--Mr W. Williams Eguon v. The Birmingham Canal Company. Demurrer

[Bramwell, B.-Mr C. Polloc Van Praagh v. Elliott. Demnrrer

SURREY-Colchester v, Rossall
Tried during Term.
Newby v. Van Appen [Mr E. Clarke-Mr Philbrick:

[Bramwell, B.-Mr C. Pollack MIDDLESEX-Hazleton v. Clark Haywood v. Halford and another

SURREY-Winch v. Conservators of River Thames [Hannen, J.-M: Webster Mr Huddleston-Me Kenenly

[Bramwell, B.--Mr Harking MIDDLESEX-Hunter r. Tres

In the matter of an arbitration between H. Y. Wright, SURREY-Eraus r. Roe [Bramwell, B.-Mr Oppenhuint (Hannen, J.-Mr Serjt. Parry E. Houlton, and T. Houlton

SURREY-East r. Roberts MIDLLESEX-Negus v. Turner [Haunen, J.-Mr James

[Mr Philbrick-Mr J. O. Griffits

[Bramwell, B.-Mr Serjt. Pairy Moced Michaclmas Term 1871.

In the matter of James Russell Miller, gent., one, &c. SURREY-Dunville v. Nowlan MIDDLESEX-Rogers and wife t. The Great Eastern

[Mr Willis - Mr Joyce

[Bramwell, B.-M. Murphy Railway Company [L. C. J.-M. H. James Reg. v. George Mills and the Verderers of Epping SURREY-West x. Colling [Bramwell, B.-Mi Nasmith

. Forest MIDDLESEX-Gee v. The Metropolitan Railway Com.

[Mr Bridge-Mr J. Williams GLOUCESTER-Barnes v. Morris pany (L. C. J.-Mi M. Chambers Reg. v. Rounding and two others

[Pigott, B.-M. Harrison MIDDLESEX-Batact v. Hartley (L. C. J.-M1 H. James

Sir J. Karslike-Mr V. Harcourt-MJ Williams STAFFORD-Lee and others v. Walker
LONDON - Evans v. Mors le Blanche
Reg. v. The Justices of Surrey and John Walker

(Lush, J.-MrJ. O. Gripits (L. C. J.-Mr Miliard

[Mr Clarke-Mr Thesiger

LONDON—Breslauer r. Hudson TL. C. J.-Mr Prentice M'Cormick v. The Dock Company of Kingstop-upon.
LONDON-Farmer o. Lawrence and others

Thursday, Jan. 18.

[Mr Quoin-Mr Pollock
(L. C. J.-Mr H. James
Same v. Same
(Mr Pollock--Mr Quain

For Argument.
LONDON-Barker v. King L. C. J.-Mi Serjt. Parry

Peninsular Company v. Campbell. Demurrer

Same v. Wingrove. Demurrer (special case to be LONDON--Sharp v. Gabriel and others [Lush, J.--M1 C. Russell

For Judgment.

stated) LONDON-Harper v. Godsell [Lush, J.-Mr Webster Williams r. Lear

Stair v. Scott. Appeal (case to be amended) LONDON-Tasker v. Lovett [Lush, J.-Mr Cole Foulger v. Stedman

McCarthy v. The Metropolitan Board of Works. DeHUNTINGDON-Eskins v. Fletcher


Same v. Sawyer
KENT--Gallon v. Metropolitan Board of Works
Same v. Cartwright

The Mayor of Poole v. Jenninga. Special case

Clark v. Leathley. Special case [ Blackburn, J.-Mr Prentice Same v. Morrell SURREY-Elliott ». Edis [Blackburn, J.-Serjt. Parry

For Argument.

Part heard
SURREY-Shortridge r. Cannot
SURREY-Guildford Union r. St. Olave's Union

Holmes v. Binning. Special case

, B.-Serjt. Parry SHROPRUIRE-Reg. r. The Shropshire Union Railway Margetts v. Skeels. Appeal SURRET-Tindall v. Cartwell

and Coal Company

Derby Commercial Bank v. Lumsden. Special case [Bramwell, B.-Serjt. Robinson LINCOLNSHIRE-Luff v. Leaper

Denoou v. The Home and Colonial Assurance Company. WARWICK-Rosenthal v. Lofthous NORFOLK--White v. Feast

Special case [Hannen, J.-Mr Field

KENT--Reg. 2. Buckhurst
LEEDS-Waring and others v. Allott and another METROPOLITAN POLICE DISTRICT-Fowler v. The Vestry Agerup. The Agienda Association of Trieste. Der

[Mellor, J.-Mi Price
of St. Mary's Abbotts, Kensington

Tuompson v. Reimer. Special case
STAFFORD-Langan v. The Great Western Railway

Pemberton v. The Cornoration of Sunderland. Appeal
[Pigott, B.-Mr H. Mattheus

Harris v. Carvell and Wife. Demirrer
STAFFORD-Haywood r. Halford and another
STAMFORD-Browne v. Chambers

Reynolds v. The Manor of Woodham Walter. Appeal [Pigott, B.-Mr Huldleston for defendant Saunders LINCOLN-Dixon u. Cockett

Harris v. Sarmanga. Special case
DURHAM -- Earl Vane 1. Gray [Martin, B.--Mi Holker
KENT - Metropolitan Board of Works v. Woolwich

Osmond v. Turner. Special case
MANCHESTER-Dumoulin v. Berins and another

Local Board of Health (L. C. B.-Mr Herschell KEXT - South Eastern Railway Company r. The Parish Chippendale . The Metropolitan Board of Works.

Special case. LIVERPOOL--Brown v. Forward and others

of Whitstable

Steel v. Brannan. Appeal
(Martin, B.-M* R. G. Williams
LIVERPOOL.---The Mersey Dock and Harbour Board v.

Mulholland r. The Peninsular Company. Demarrer LIVERPOOL-Ross v. Ross

(L. C. B.-Mr Quain
The Parish of Liverpool

Robson v. Edwards. Demurrer
HANTA--Jones v. Williams [Willes, J.

Mi Lopes
LANCASHIRE-Bridgewater v. The Mayor of Bootle-cum-

. . HANTS-Cole v. Hernot [Willes, J.-Mr G. Leicis


The city Discount Company r. McLean. Special case CARMARTHEN-Davies v. Davies and Owens and wife LANCASHIRE–Margerison v. Birtwistle

Thursday, Nov. 16.
[Smith, J.-M: H. G. Allen

WOLVERHAMPTON -Reg. t. Caswell
CHESHIRE-Dodda, Tollemache

De Mattos v. Saunders. Special case.
Tried during Ter n.
LINCOLNSHIRE-Simpson v. Wells

The Great Western Railway Company 4. Blower.
MIDDLESEX-Weller v. Spiers and others
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE - Harwood r. Goodall

(Blackburn, J.-Mi H. James

Lankester u. Trounce. Demurrer
MIDDLESEX-Butt v. Watson

Armstrong v. Baron. Demurrer
GLOUCESTERSHIRE-Guest v. Township of East Dean and
[Blackburn, J.-Mr Huddleston

Same v. Same. Demurrer

others MIDDLESEX-Parget v. Vincent (the younger)

Rice v. Slee. Appeal
DORSETSHIRE.-Reg v. Colam (Mansfield's Case)
[Blackburn, J.-Mi Day
DORSETSHIRE-Same r. Same (Greening's Case)

Kendall v. Kay. Special case

Dixon v. Ramsden. Appeal

YORKSHIRE--Norris and others v. Barnes
For Judgment.
MIDDLESEX-Reg. v. St. Ives Union

Australian A. Company v. Saunders. Demurrer

Kitson «. Hardwick. Demurrer
WARWICKSHIRE-Hooper 1. Parish of Moreton Morell
Dann v. Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal

and others.

Varley t. Coppard. Demurrer Cory v. Patton

METROPOLITAN POLICE DISTRICT-Skinner v. Usher and Roffey 1. Rodocanachi. Special case Lloyd 1. Spence

Seyinour r. The London and Provincial Marine In

others Same v. Fleming

suirauce Company. Special case
BATH-Cook v. Montagn
For Argument.
LANCASHIRE-Reg. 1. Wigan Church wardeus

Stair v. Stringer. Appeal
The Wardens of Suttou Coldfield r. Maskall. Special

Monday, Jan. 22. case. Stands for amendment

Fiiller «. Fuller, Demirer The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Company v.

Court of Common Pleas.

Jay v. The South-Eastern Railway Company. Special Guthrie. Special case

case Thompson r. Raine, Special case


Jobuson v. Barnes. Special case Davis v. Holroyd. Demurrer


Power v. Wigmore. Appeal
Geipel v. Smith. Demurier

Jan. 12 | Tuesday .....

.............. Jan, 23 Thames Sulphur Company r. Loftus. Demurrer Best v. Stap. Demur er


Arden r. Wilson (Bart.) Special case
Plant v. Pearman. Demurrer

No London sittings this Term.

Best v. Hill. Demurrer Gover v. London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway


Young v. Frost. Demurrer Company. Special case.


London, Davis v. Spring Rice. Demurrer

Thursday, Jan. 25. Goschen and others v. Deckaria and others. Special Thursday

Feb. 1 | Thursday

Feb, 15

The Rrecon Market Company v. The Neath and Brecou

Railway Company. Special case

Huut r. Wilson. Appeal
Dublin Port and City Railway Compauy t. Best Thursday, Jan. 11 Motions and new trials

Barnard v. Salter. Deinurrer

12 Ditto Neill v. The North-Eastern Railway Company. Appeal Saturday 13 Ditto Hayman v. Gover. Special caso

Court of Exchequer.

15 Ditto
Andrews r. Lord Beruers. Appeal
Tuesday 16 Ditto

SITTINGS At Nisi PRIUS-IN TERY. Everiugham r. Ivatt. Special case Wednesday 17 Ditto

Middleser. May and another r. The Great Western Railway Com. Thursday 18 Snecial parer


Jan. 12 | Friday ........... pany. Special case

19 Motions and new trials


16 Moss v. The Mer sey Dock and Harbour Board. Special Snturilay 20 Ditto


Jan, 33

No London sittings this Term. case

22 Special paper

Martyn v. White. Demurrer
Tuesday 23 Motions new trials

Pitt v. Ryder. Demarrer

London, Wednesday 21 Ditto Cresswell v. Crowdy. Demurrer

25 Snecial paper

Thursday.. .Feb. 1 | Thursday..
Hustope r. Palmer. Demurrer

26 Motions new trials

Phillips r. Foxall. Demurrer
Saturday 27 Ditto

Thursday, Jan. 11 Motions per new trials
Pitt t. Ryder. Demurrer

29 Ditto


12 Per motions new trials Huntley 7. The Mayor, &c., of City of Bristol. De.

Tuesday 30

13 Motions new trials

Saturday murrer Wednesday 31 Ditto


15 Ditto Hawtborn v. Boyd. Specinl case


16 Ditto The Eccleshill Worsted Mill Company

V. Ackroyd.


17 Special pa per Appeal

For Judgment.

Thursday 18 Motious new trials
Chasemore and another , Gower Demurrer
Stanton ». Austin


19 Ditto
Mercer v. Graves. Demurrer
Beckervnise v. Lewis

Saturday 20 Ditto
Playford v. Page. Special case
Same v. Same

Monday 22 Special paper
Christoffersen v. Hansen. Demurrer
North-Enstern Railway Company r. Richardson

Tuesday 23 Motions new trials
Livgeman . Dreyfus. Demurrer
Cook *, Guerra

Wednesday 24 Special paper
Haymen v. Gover. Demurrer
Peninsular Company r. Fleming

Thursday 25 Motions new trials
Deering ". Holman. Special case
Sterheps r. The Australusiau Insurance Company Friday

26 Ditto
Horkwood r. McDonald. Demurrer
Cull . Austin

Saturday 27 Ditto
Knott v. The Nawab Nizam of Bengal. Special case Austin v. Cull

Monday 29 Ditto
Furner v. The Guardians of the Poor of St. Olare
Moger . Escott


30 Ditto Uvion. Special case. In tbe matter of Brutton and Co.

Wednesday 31 Ditto Martivea nu nnd otbers v. Kitchin. Special case

For Araumont, Mored Hilary Term. 1871.

* The Court of Excheqner will, when coprenient, sit Herrick 1. Steinberg. Appeal.

LOxbox-Dent ». Nickalls [L.C.J. Mr. J. Bron in two divisions.

Feb. 15 Jan. 10, at one, at office of Suls., Thoinson and Edwards, Doughty lawy, Deinurrer Palatine.

Liquidations by Arrangement.

Tauleman v. Peninsular Steam Navigation Company.

To be called on the first day of Term, after motions, and Demurrer
to be proceeded with the following day, if necessary, The Brighthelmstone Pier Company v. The Brighton
before motious.

Aquarium Company. Demurrer
Wright r. Wilmot (Bart.)
Newman v. Merriman. Appeal

Professional Partnerships Dissolbed. (Mr Field, Mr Sturge, Mi Quain Higham v. Smith. Appeal

Gazette, Dec, 29, 1871. Atkinson v. The Newcastle Water Company

Glenauldyn Slate Quarry Company v. Trickett. De[Mr Quain, Mr Holker murrer

KENT and STEYNISG, solicitors, Cannon-st. Nov. 20. (Frederick Amos v. Spicer [Mr J. 0. Gripits, Mr Boiren

Kent and Herbert Edward Stenning.) Debts by Kent. Clark e. Bishop [Mr Kemp. Mr Foard

Exchequer Chamber.
Ward r. Marlin
[Mr T. Atkinson, Mr Kingdon
This Court will sit on Friday, Jan. 12, at 10 o'clock.


For Judgment.

For Judgment.

Gazette, Dec. 29, 1871.
Moved Michaelmas Term 1869.
Notam v. Henderson

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.
Nuops r. Wilkinson
Denuett v. Atherton

YATE, ROWLAND, clerk in Her Majesty's civil service, Clarges-st, Hudson . Walker

For Argument.

Mayfair. Pet. Dec. 27. Reg. Brougham. Sol. Levy, Surrey-st,
For Argument.
Toleman v. Portbury

Strand. Sur. Jan 12.
Moved Michaelmas Termin 1867.
Reg. v. Price and others

To surrender in the Country.
LINCOLN-Earl Beauchamp 7. The Inclosure Commis.
Fox and another v. Bland

BARRETT, GEORGE, joiner, Hull. Pet. Dec. 27. Reg. siouers for England and Wales

Phillips, Sur, Jan. 10. (To stand over)

Hartmann v. Osbeck and another [Pigott, B.-Wi Field Dawkins v. Lord Rokeby

JOHNSON, WILLIAM, ironmonger, Matlock-bridge, Matlock. Pet.

Dec. 27. Rex. Weller. Sur. Jan. 18.
Fowler and others v. Hollins
Mored Michael mas Term 1870.

SIMPSON, JO-EPH, coul merchant, Chester-st.wharf, Aston-rd,

Biriningham. Pet. Dec. 19. Reg. Chauntler. Sur. Jan. 29. NORWICI-Betts r. The Great Eastern Railway Com. pany (To stand over) Channell, B.-M; Bulver

For Judgment.

Gazette, Jan. 2.
Mollett v. Robinson

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. Mored after Fourth day of Hilary Term 1871.

For Argument. LONDON-Green 1. Cook (To stand over)

SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY, rope maker, Fountain stairs, Ber. Holland v. Hodgson

mindsey, and Cherry Garden-st, Bermondsey. Pet. Dec. (Martin, B.-Mi Joyce Vigar v. Dudman

Reg. Spring-Rice. Sur. Jan, le
Mored Michaelmas Term 1871.
Gilliland v. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company

To surrender in the Country.
MIDDLESEX-Saxby v. Easterbrook
Cockle v. The South-Eastern Railway Company

ATWOOD, FREDERICK, boot machinist, Brighton. Pet. Dec. 2 [L, C. B.-Mr Manisty Noakes v. Barlow

Roz. Evershed. Sur. Jan. 10 LONDON-Ballina Mills Company v. Royal Insurance


DAY, WILLIAM, lace maker, Nottingham. Pet. Dec. 28. Reg Company (L. C. B.-M. D. Seymour

For Judgment.

Patchitt. Sur. Jan. 16

Pet. Dec. 28. LONDON-Price v. Barclay

HIPKINS, JONX, ironfounder, Stafford.

Reg • L. C. B.-Mr Butt Frost v. Knight

Walker, Sur. Jan. 19 MIDDLESEX-Lockyer and Wife v. The Pimlico, Peck

For Argument,

KEEGAN, JAMES, tailor, Stockport. Pet. Dec. 28. Reg. Hyde ham, and Greenwich Tramway Company

Sur, Jan. 13 [Martin, B.- Vr Serjt. Parry

Fallows v. Hampson. (Part heard. Stand over) MACKINNOX, JOIN, PRYCE J., Ryde. Pet. Dec. 27. Reg. Blake
MIDDLESEX-Dyte v. St. Pancras Board of Guardians
Burrows v. The March Gas Company

Sur. Jan. 20,
Castle v. Playford

MOFFATT, THOMAS, commission agent, Manchester. Pet. Dec 28 (Pigott, B.-M: M. Chainbera

Reg. Kuy. Sur. Jan. 17
MANCHESTER-Ormerod v. King

Same v, Same
(L. C. B.-M: Quain Gidlow v. The Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Railway

ROBBINN, THOMAS, leather merchant, Birmingham. Pet. Dec MANCHESTER-Browplow v. Makin L. C. B.-Mr Quain

19. Reg. Chauntler. Sur. Jan. 10 MASCHESTER -- Caulfield v. The London and North


SILCOCK, FRANCIS CHARLES, auctioneer, Cheltenham. Pet. Dec
Western Railway Company
Moole v. Garrett

23. Reg. Gule. Sur. Jan. 15
L, C. B.-Mr Holke;.
LIVERPOOL-Sidebothamn v. Knott (L. C. B.-M1 Holker
Anthony v. The Brecon Market Company

WRIGHT, HERBERT, attorney-at-law, Birmingh im. Pet. Dec. 19

Reg. Chauntler. Sur, Jan, 13
Giffard v. Williams
LIVERPOOL-Holme v. Hammoud (L. C. B.-M: Holker
LIYERPOOL-Golden v. Whitworth
Bickwell *. Spencer

M‘Call r. The Australian Meat Campany
(L. C. B.-Mr Holker

Gazette, Dec. 26, 1871.
LIVERPOOL-Sproat v. The Ambeside Sewer Authority

The Australian Meat Company v. M'Call
Slater v. Pinder

ASPDEX, JOUX, baker, Manchester, June 9, 1871
(Martin, B.-Mr Holker
Allan v, Miller and others

HURSDALG, JOHN SUTOLIFFE, HURSDALL, THOMAS, and LIVERPOOL—The Liver Alkali Company v. Johnson Newton ". Halbard

OLDFIELD, CHARLES, wine merchants, Bristol. Aug. 12. 1971. [Martin, B.-M. Butt

PAIKERSON, HEXRY MOUST, lieutenant in Sud Reginent, Metcalf and another v. Bouck LIVERPOOL – The Glenauldyn Slate and Slab Quarry Cooper v. The Towns Drainage Utilization

Portsmouth, Oct. 11, oil. Company ,. Trickett

[Martin, B.-Dİ: kay Kirk r. Earl Verulam CROYDON-Baxewell r. Gwynne

Smith and others v. Kirk and others
(Bramwell, B.-Mr Chambers
CROYDON-Collis v. The Imperial Royal C. A. A. Com-

Frampton v. Brown
De Lancey r. The Queen


(Bramwell, B.- Mi Harkins
STAFFORD-Pickering . The London and North-Western Lords, bailiffs, anil jurats of Romney Marsh v. The
Railway Company
('orporation of Trinity House

Gazette, Dec. 22.
[Pigott, B.-Mr A. S. Hill
GLOUCESTER-Smith v. Tbe Great Western Railway
Renneck v. Larkworthy

A BECKETT, ARTHUR WILLIAM. journalist, Warsvick-st: Rezent.

swi Jan, ii, at two, ut ottice of Brown, accuuulant, WestosterCompany (Pigott, B.-Mr Huddleston

chmon, Victoria-at.

Sol, Levin GLOUCESTER-Port v. The Great Western Railway Com

Criminal Court of Appeal.

ALLES, WILLIAM, and ALLEN, THOMAS grocers, Ryde; Jan. , at [Pigott, B.-VrJ. J. Porrell This Court will sit on Saturday, Jau. 20, at 10 o'clock.

three, at the place of business of the debtors', in St. John's.rd, GlorCESTER-Hall r. The Great Western Railway Com.

Kyde. Isle of Wight, sul, Urry, Ventnor

ALLEX, WILLIAN ALFRED, oil mierchant, Heaton Norris, under piny

[Pigott, P.-YiJ. J. Porrell. Spring Circuits of the Judges chosen on Thursday, firm of Allen and Son ; Jan. 9, at th ce, at otices of Reddish AILESBURY- Prance v. Howard [Byles, J.-Mr Metcalf'

Jan. 18.

and Lake, soliciers, Great Underbank, Suckport. Sol., Lake BEDFORD-Shepperd v. Midland Railway Company

BAKER, WILLIAM HENRY, provision de ler, Biriningham; Jar.. 6,

at eleven, at ttice of Sol., Butt, Biriningham [Cockburn, L.C.J.-Mr Mererrether

BEEDELL, GEORGE, assistant in a warehouse, Mall-rd, Hammer. CAMBRIDGE-Beldam 3. The Great Eastern Railway HILARY TERM.-On Thursday next, the 11th smith; Jan. 5, at one, w0 12, Hatton garden. Sul, darshall, Company

Lincoln's inn-fields (Cockburu, L.C.J.-Mi Bulver inst., Hilary Term commences, when Mr. Justice Birr ST. EDMUNDS-Joselyn v. Parson

BESWETHERICK, CEPHAS ROBINS, printer, Yeovil; Jan. 10, at

twelve, at the Guildhall tavern,, Londou. SoL., Watts, [B, les, J.-M: Bulurer Quain will take his seat in the Court of Queen's

Yeovil CAPBABYON-Jones v. Beach (Bovill, L'c.J.-M: Lloyd Bench, and Mr. Justice Grove in the Court of

BIRD, JOSEPH, butcher, Birmingham; Jan.5, twelve, at office of Chester:- Allcock v. Ball [Bovill

, L.C.J.-Mr H. Lloyd Common Pleas, having sat for the first time during Sol., Pole, Birmingham DORCHESTER-Summers v. Phippard the last session of the Central Criminal Court.

BLUNT, CHARLEX, fariner, the Turries, Whittlesey, Isle of Ely:

Jan. 8, at one, at the George and Star inn,, WhittieWilles, J.--Mi Lopes The Courts will sit at the usual hour, as the Lord sey. Sol., Weldor BRISTOL-Crouch v. Tregoning Willes, :- Mr Lopes Chancellor will not receive

the Judges on the first CHATTERJAMEM, journeyman cabinet

maker, Sunderland; Jan. BRISTOL-Norman v. Fenner (Brett, J.-Mr H. T. Cole

12 at three, at office of Sol.,

COLLING, THOMAS, master muriner, Sunderland; Jan. 15, at BRISTOL-Britton v. The Great Western Cotton Com day of Term.

twelve, at ottice of sol., Dixon, Sunderland rady

[Brett, J.-Mr Kingdom

CUMBERS, CHARLES ALFRED, cowkeeper, Romford; Jan. 5, at LEEDS-Pearce v. The Manchester and Lancashire Rail- -On the 11th inst., the first day of Hilary Term, twelve, at office of Sol., Preston, Mark-la way Company [Mellor, J.-Mr : Seymour the Judicial Committee will resume its sittings, Dar ES ERICHS hos benet uker, Flint: Jan. 12, at half.past one,

at the Ermine hotel, Chester. SolJones LEED3-Tebbutt v. Waite

[Hannen; J: -My Kerplay and will sit daily at half-past ten o'clock. Thero Daw, JOSEPH, srover. Invistock ; Jam, 16, at eleven, at office of BEECOX-Arnold v. Richards [Smith, J.: Giffard

Conway Almond, . Sols., Nosed after the 4th day of Michaelmas Term, 1871. are sixty-two appeals in the list-one patent case


DIXUN, JOHX, grocer, Accrington; Jan. 11, at three, at the Com. MIDDLESEX–Taylor v. Gower (Martin, B.-M. Thesiger and five appeals standing for judgment, the last

mercial inn, Accrinxton. Sol., Hall, Accrington
of which is Sheppard v. Bennett. Of the Indian

DOWNING, WILLIAM, otherwise known as Robert Barker, no
For Judgment.
appeals there are thirty-six from the province of occupation Elm Tree.rd, St. John'n wood; Jan. 13, at thrue, at

at office of sol., Yorke, Marylebone-rd Barrows 1. Green. Demurrer. (To stand over till issue | Bengal and eight appeals from the Court of ELLISON, THOMAS, provision dealer, Wigan; Jan. 11, at three, at in fact tried)

Admiralty, which last mentioned appeals are ap. ottice or Sols., Leigh, and Ellis, Wigan Niebubr and another o. Kraushaar. (To stand over till pointed to be commenced on the 1st Feb. The FEARTSS, JOHN RICHARD, out of business, Margate: Jan. 15, at

twelve, at 2, Church-field-pl, Margate. Sol., Gibson issue in fact tried)

sittings will be opened on Thursday week with an FELTHAM, HENRY THOMAS, dairy farmer, Cockmill, par. Pylle; Harrison . The Bank of Australasia. Special case

Jan. 11, at twelve, at office of Sol., Hobbs, jun., Welis application for the prolongation of a patent. The

GRACE, CHARLES, builder, Sutton Scotney, Jan. , at eleven, at British American Telegraph Company v. Albion Bank. committee have not as yet appointed days for ottice of Sol., Godwin, Winchester Special case

HAIGH, GEORGE, builder, Burnley ; Jan. 16, at four, at offices of Earl of Abergavenny v. Bruce. Special case giving judgment in the five cases, including the

Nowell, Burnley Spoor r. Green, Special case appeal of General Forester, as to the property of HEATH, WILLIAM EDWIX, hot water engineer, Camden-rd, Cam.

den-town; Jan. 6, at eleven, at office of Sul., Maniere, Great For Argument. the late Dyce Sombre.

James-st, Bedfora.row

HOLLAND, ARTHUR HESRY, gentleman, Savage.gardens, Lon. Downing v. Mowlem. Demurrer. (To stand over)

don: Jan. 8, at twelve, at ottice of Sols., Carter and Dell, LeadRicbe v. The Ashbury Railway and Carriage Iron Com.

enluullut pany. Deinurrer. (To stand over) PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS. HUGHES, MICHAEL., foreman plasterer, Middlesborough: Jan. 5,

at T. accountant, rd, Waugh v. Tbe North British Railway Company. De.

Middlesborough. Sol., Dobson, Middlesborough unurrer. (To stand over) (V.B.--Announcements of promotions being in the nature

INGRAM, SAMUEL, corn factor, Wolverhampton; Jan. 11, at Graurille r. Finch. Special case of advertisements, are charged 28. 01. each, for which

twelve, at office of Sol., Grittin, Birmingham

KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT, innkeeper, North Onnesby, near Middles. Whitehouse v. The Birmingham Canal Company. De. postage stamps should be inclosed.]

borough ; Jan. 4, at eleven, at office of Sol., Dobson, Middles. murrer. (To stand over)

borough Peel (Bart.) v. The Metropolitan Board of Works. MR. J. PERRY GODFREY, of No. 6, South-square,

MEHEDITH, Jouy innkeeper, Yockleton; Jan. 4, at eleven, at Special case. (To stand over)

office of Sol., , The Duke

of Buccleugh v. The Metropolitan Board of Gray’s-inn, solicitor, has been appointed a Com. Moses, MEYER, warehouse man, "Houndsditch ; Jan. 22, at two. Works. Special case missioner to take Affidavits in the Supreme Court

at office of Ladbury, Colll-on, and Viney, Cheapside. Sols.,

Lewis and Lewis, Ely-pl, Holborn Mayor of Exeter v. Laurence. Special case of the Colony of Victoria.

NASH, THOMAS KU'ss, builder, Leigh-st, Burton-crescent, and Carson t. Adams. Demurrer. To stand over)

Mr. Thomas Lewis, of Castle-street, Dover, has

Marchmont st; Jan. 8, at one, at office of Sol., Norris, Acton-st,

Gray's inn-rd Sear r. Green, (Part heard.) Demurrer. (Part heard) been appointed a Commissioner to administer NICHOLSON, CHARLES, toy'dealer, Great Grimsby : Jan 8, at two, Wilson r, Hodgson. Demurrer

at office of Sol., Summers, Kingston upon Hull Bolin e. Fry. Demurrer Oaths in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common

PAGE, WILLIAM SUTTON, attorney, Norwich, Jan. 8, at twelve, Smith r, Brock. Anpeal

Pleas, and Exchequer, for the Counties of Kent, at the Maid's Head hotel,, Norwich Allgood e. Blake. Special case Surrey, Sussex, and Middlesex, and the City of PARTE, WILLIAN, lieutenant-colonel in Hor Majesty's army.

retired, Nuruling: Jan, 19, at two, at offices of Edinonds, Davis, Roach v. Same. Special case Canterbury.

and Co., accountants, High-st, Southampton Clenell v. Same. Special case

Mr. Samuel Hadfield, of Manchester, in the PRICE, JANEX, builder, Croydon, Jan 11, at three, at the Swan Reed c. Same. Special case

and Sugar Loaf, South-end, Croydon. Sol., Parry, Bush-la, and

Croydon The Cambrian c. 2. Company v. The Manchester and County Palatine of Lancaster, solicitor, has been

REDMAX, WILLIAM EDMOND, joiner. Longton; Jan. 18, at two, Milford Railway Company. Special case appointed to be a Commissioner for taking Affi.

at the Copeland Arins hotel, Stoke-upon-Trent. Sol., Welch, Fadon o. Jetcock. Special case davits in the Courts of Chancery and Common Longton

RUSSELL, HENRY WILLIAM, pawnbroker, High-rd, Tottenham, Jyves r. The London and North-Western Railway Com. Pleas, and all other the Courts of the said County

st, Mecklenburgh-sq



Orders of Discharge.


TAYLOR, WALTER, butcher, Sheerness; Jan. 12, at eleven, at PARTRIDGE AND COOPER

office of Sol., Gibson, Sittingbourne TUCKER, EDWARD, masun, Maindee; Jan. 15, at twelve, at office of Sol, Lloyd, Newport

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, Tyson, WILLIAM, buot maker, Ambleside: Jan. 24, at twelve,

192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON, L. at the County Courthouse, Ambleside. Sol., Fisher, Winder

Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208. Uprox, CHARLES, builder, Brighton; Jan, 13, at three, at office

of Sol., LAND, Brighinn WAIT, JOSEPH, boot manufacturer. Liverpool, and West Derby;

DRAFT PAPER, 48, 6d., 68., 74., 78. O., and 98. per ream. Jun. 13, at two, a office or Sols., Thornley and Heaton, Liver.

BRICT PAPER, 158, 6d., 178. 6d., and 23. 01. per ream. pool WALES, SAMUEL, innkeeper, Hanstanton St. Edmunds; Jan. 16,

FOOLSCAP PAPER, les, odl., 138. 6d., and Iss. Odl. per ream. at twelve, at the Bank roon, Atheneum, King's Lynn

CREAM LAID NOTE, Sx, 4x., and 5s. per ream, WARD, BESJANIS Stii, oil man, Stamford-st, Blackfriars-rd :

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 18., 6., and 78. per ream. Jun, 19, at three, it offico: Thwaites, ilocoantant, Basinghall- LARGE BLUE NOTE, 33., 18., and os. per ream. st. Sel., Doble, Bising."

ENVELOPS, CREAM OR BLUE, 4. 61., and 6s. 617., per 1000. WARD, WILLI4.1. araper, Drufori; Jan. 18, at täree, at office of Tug' TEMPLE" EXVELOPE, ext= sec zre, 98. tit. per lv00. Solo.. Lees. Renlor, a Wilson, Daviford

FOOLSCAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPER, 12. 6l!. por 1.0). WEB-TE!, YATHAN BELL, dentist, Norwich ; Jan. 17. at twelve, THE NEW “ VELLUS WOVE CLUB HOUSE" NOTE, C8. 01. per nt office et sols., Tiilett and Co., Norwich

rean. WILLIANO JANES RICHARD, clorhier, Plymouth; Jan, 10, at 2.1.5lce or Mexrs. Elmunds, Plvinouch

"We should direct particular attention to their New ClubWODEHUUSE, the Hon. JOHN ominoniy known as Lord WODE. horse Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper weever

HOU-0. 1) occupation, Cork-st, Burlingtun-gartens; Jan 1, wrote upuu."- London Mirror. at ,ku oltice of Sois., Ga Isden and Treherne, Bediora.

row, Gray's 10 WOOD, JORX, Woollen warehouseman, Honey-lane-market; Jan. 11,5 twelvaathe Guildhall Cee house Sois.,

IXDENTURE SKIxs, Printed and Machine-rnled, to hold twenty Reed unil Love!!, Guildball.chmbe,

or thirty folios, 1x sd, and in 90 per skin, 203. perdozen, Woon), THONS, timber merchant, Woiverhampton; Jan. 13, at

SECOND or FOLLOWERS, Ruled in. Gil. each, lit. per down. eleven, at ottice of Sol., Barrow, Wolverhampton

RECORDs or MEMORIALS, od. ench, ja. per dozen. WRIGHT, ROBERT WILLIAM, glass merchant, Tokenhouse-yd, and, Lowoe Clapton; Jan. lv, at two, at the Guilànull tavern,


Az immense stock in various bindings. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copyi: Presyo8, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and

Want Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles Garcite, Dec. 29, 1871.

adapted in Library or Office, post free. LARKE, JOITX, straw ha: m 270facturer, Loon.


Now reads, price 1s., post free 14 stamps.


eight pages of Information and Illustrations trating to The Oficial Assignoes, &c., are given, to whom apply for the

Dress and Fashion, Work of all kinds, Houstoepina, The

Garden, Pastimes, and all other matters of interest to Diridonda.

ladies. Among the illustrations will be foundAlson, E.W. shoemaker, fest, d. Paget,

Her Mnjesty the Queen. Durawister, S. Sellaronger, first, 4. 2.1. Kinnear, Birminghani.

His linperii Hirtuess the Fmperor of Russia. Dur!!, J. caeesemonger, first, P. 1037 Paget,

His Imperial Highness the Emperor of Prinside Blueblock, J. clerk in War Oitice, seconi, 18. 19. Pnger, Barsinghall

His Imperial Highness the Emperor of krizal. st.-- Brausion, 12, market fardener, third and final, 3.1. Peget, Her lunperial Highness tle Empress of Basinghall-st.-Bridgeu, J. stationer, second, 1_,. Kunnear, Bir- The King of Spain. mingham.- Braining, E. P. Fariner, first, **. t. Paget, Bising. The late Queen of Sweden. hull-st.-Cripps, w. hay dealer, first, 1ksi. Paget, Binghall-st.- The Bishop of London. Cristall, w. ship chan ller, first, 04. Paget, Basilxhall-st.-deid, Monseigneur Darboy, the late Archbishop of Paris. J. Warehousemaa, first. 7. Paget, Bisinghu!.91.-- Tins, A. The Duke of Argyll. farmer, first, s. Paget, basin - Deix, W. L. corn

The Duchess of Argyll. merchant, first, 18.1. Paget. Basinghall-st.-- Etens, G, brewer, first. 3. 44. Kinnear, Birmingham.-- Etein*, J. cordwainer, first,

Mrs. Scott Siddons. 3*, WL. Kinnear, Birmingham.-Garrell, S. T. am G. K. back,

Mlle. Marie Marimon. makers, second, 4. Kinnear, Biriningham.-tiilex, M. baker,

M. le Comte de Chambord. first, 9.7. Paget, Basinghall-st.-vrerit, G. engineer, first, 1x. H.R.H. the Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. Paget,, B. W. E. stationers, second, 11. Two Coloured Work Patterns (Border and Insertion in (Second sep. of W. E. Hunt, 7j. Second sep. of B. Junt,

Poman Work, and Border in Canvas Work.
Kinnear, Birmingham. - Motorou, S. brickinaker, first, 41. Tasting Cover.
Kinnear, Birmingham.- krtler, J. metal broker, first, 12. 10. Detail of Einbossed Ticking for Knitting Basket.
Kirnear, Birmingham.-L'art, W. butcher, first, 1. Harley, L'orders in Point Lace.
Bristol - Marger, J. N pval storekeeper, second. 14. 21

Greek, Old Milan, and Gothic Point Laces.
Paget, Basin all st. --Mainanuring, A. late i captin, first, 9.
Paget, Basinghall-st-Juson, S. S, Ironmonger, first, ul. Kinnear,

Squares for Quilt Close Crochet with Raised Work). Birmingham.-Matheus, J. brushiaker, first, ls. Gl. Harley,

Medallion Antimacassar in Braid and Crochet. Bristol-May, G. T. surgeon, firss, 48,51. Kinnear, Biriningham.

Guipure d'Art square.
Mitchell, A. farmer, first, al Paget, Barsinghall.-t.-- Votre stad

Iliustrations of Dress and Fashion.
Scrise, machine cropers, first, 2s, Til. Paret, Basinghell-st.
Parsons, G. riding master, first, 88.A. Paiget, Basinghall-st.-

London: “QUEEN" Office, 316, Strand, W.C.
Porcell, J. heinpdenler, Art, 18. 11.1. Pauset, Ba-inghall-st.
Preston, F. W. metal broker, first, 24. 61. Kinnear, Birmingham.

Just published, price 28. Gd. - Stander. I. J. optician, fist, Vw, OM. Paget,, J. admiral in R. N., first, 4s. lld. Pacet, Basinyhail st.- PIRITUALISM ANSWERED by

roleh, J. draper, second, 4. Kinnear, Birmiogham.- Fts, A. builder, second, 3. Pacet, Basinghaul.-t.-ll'esis, E. victualler,


II. The first, 1.

CONTESTS : - I. Introduction.

Facts and Phi. Paget, Basinghall-st. - Milleti, J. F. S. commission merchant, firet. 34. Paget, Basinghall-st.-orcenter, J. R. ship.

nomena. III. Is it Psychic or Spiritual, Natural or Super. owner, third, 2jd. Paget, Basinghall-st.

natural? IV. The Conclnsions from the Facts. V. How to

Try Experiments. VI. Postscript on the Apology of the Aricock, W. T. stock broker, 13. 61. At 18, Foregate-st, Worcester, Quarterly Recien. The preface says that thus science may Trust. J. Jones.-Alleurs, M. J. builder, first and finul, ls, ll. At restore the faith that science has shaken in the existence of Trust. w. B. Sanderson, solicitor, Northgate-st, Warwick,

the soul, and the consequent prospect of immortality. Barter, W. builder, final, 2s, P. At the Hampshire-bank, Scrushampton. Trust. R. Legg.-Blythe, Voore, am Joere, merchants,

London : LONGMAX AND Co. first and final, 74, 7ul. At ofřice of Trust. Banner, 24. North John. st., Liverpool. - 'lar, J. farmer, second, 62. At office of Trust. F. C. Hulton, Salford.- Deullue, T. butcher, 104, At oftices or Sol,


for Blick, Droitwich.- Forbes, S. draper, 38.

At office of Trust. S. C.
Parkhouse, Bedford. st, Plymouth. - Veale, A. G. cheesemonger,

GREAT BRITAIN is now in course of formation first and final, 4. At B. Giltspur-st. Trust. E C. Warner. - for the investigation of-1. The Laws of Being. 2. The Lars Rewolds, J. provision merchant, second, 1*. At offices of J. S. and of Life. :). The Structure and Operations of Mind. 4. Tbe R. Blease, accountants, 15, Lord-st, Liverpool. - Smith, w. card.

Phenomena called Psychic. 5. The Soul, its existence in the maler, third, 24. 87. At office of Sol., Curry, Cleck heaton, near

present and in the future. A Prospectus will be sent to any Xorinanton.-Spooner, A. E.clerk in holy orders, first, 19. At ofice of Trust T. Chirgwin. River-st, Truro.-Stark, A. dairyman, first

person addressing by letter, "The Psychological Society," at and Onal, 1ld. At office of Sol, Hooper, Newport. Trust. J. H

the Office of The Quarterly Journal of Science, Boy-court, Wavell.- Walkinson, T. linen draper, first, 23. 6. At otrice of

Ludgate-hill. Trust. J. H. Blackburn, Piece Hall-yard, Bredford. - Whiruker, T. butcher, first, GI, At office of Hodgkinson, Pratt, and Hodgkin. OCIETY of ACCOUNTANTS in sons, North.gate, Newark.


practising in England will be held at the CANNONCorbeu, H. W. druggist, Wincanton, second, 8H.-Harper, T. late

STREET HOTEL, on THURSDAY, the 11th Jan. 1872, at

the of Salisbury'st, Strand, first, 3. d.- kempe, J. jun., admiralty igent, late Crngeilluck (making 208.), 38. - Lutory, W. farmer, Culval, first, 3s. d. - Myane, W. R. railway clerk, Upper Baker-st,

By order of the Provisional Committee comprising the third, 35.21.

naines of sixty-two public accountants practising in Enge Agutler, E. leather seller, Northampton, 14. 113. W. Dennis, land.

ALFRED C. HARPER. registrar, County Court offine. Northampton.-lirues, J. butcher, Temporary Offices,

Honorary Secretary. Moulton, 1x. Odu. W. Dennis, registrar, County Court office, 2. Cowper's-court, Cornhill. Northampton.



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of Accountants in Englanpose of establishing the Society

SEXTON, JOHN GEORGE, cabinet maker, Midilleaborough; Jan. 5,

at one, ut ottice of Soi., Dobson, Middlesborough SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY, juu.. hat merchant Preston ; Jan. 8,

as twelve, at office of Sols., Messrs. Turner, Preston SPENYER, JAMES, and HAIGH, GEORGE, juiners, Buruley; Jan. 16

at three, at othve of Sul., Nowell, Burnley SPOONER, ROBERT, grocer. Wallinzt4u; Jan. 8, at twelve, at

the Bank Roon, Athenæum, King's Lynn
STEAD, RICHARD, joiner, Worthley near Leeds; Jan. 12, at twelve

at ottice of sols., Booth, Clough, and Booth, Leeches
WILLDAY, EDWARD, farmer, Worcester; Jan. 8, at eleven, at

office or Sol., Pitt, Worcester
WILLIAMS, DANIEL, grocer, Carnaron. par. Michaelstone.

super-Avon; Jan. 10, at three, at office of Sul., Tenuant,

WILLIS, WILLIAM WALTER, mason, Bath; Jan. 13, at twelve, at

otnce of Sol., Essery, Bristol
ZERBAS, ANDREW, Ince merchant, Nottingham; Jan. 10, at twelve

at office of Sol., Richards, Nottingham

BEGG-FoxOn the 2nd inst, at St. Augustine's, Highbury Yew.
park, David Gray Begg, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law,

Sinall size, 28. 6d. each; large size, 58. each.
to Henrietta, daughter of the late John Elliott Fox, Esq., of
Finsbury-crous, and Dartmouth, Devon.

By using this hand sower, after thinning out may be BROWNE-BAGLEY-On the 24th ult., at Holy Trinity Church, avoided, as all kinds of seeds can be sown in any quantity Paddington, William Edward Nicolson Browne, Esq., barrister

required by regulating the at-law, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Willian Bagley, Esq., of

slide, either for drills, broad. 24, Westbourne-square.

cast, or in pots.
STURGE-STURGE.-On the 27th ult., at Charlbury, Oxfordshire,
Lewis Joseph Sturge, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to

By an inside fitting in the his consin, Margaret, the youngest daughter of Edmund Sturge,

large size Sower, Grass Seed of Charlbury.

and Peas will pass freely, and DEATHS.

be spread with the same regziBRADY.-On the 29th ult, at 59, Burlington-road, Bayswater,

larity as the smallest flower London, aged 62, Sir Francis Brady, Knt., late Chief Judge of

seed, by regulating the slide. Newfoundland, and formerly of the Irish Bar. CARGILL.-On the 27th Nov., near Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., aged

Sold by the agents for the 63, the Hon. Mr. Justice Cargill, one of Her Majesty's Judges for

patentee, Messrs. CARTER, the Supreme Court of that Island.

MASON.-On the 29th ult., at Dellowoodie, Dumfriesshire, Joseph
Mason, Esq., of the Marine-crescent, Waterloo, Liverpool, and

Seed Merchants, 237, High senior solicitor of that town.

Holborn; and Messrs. POLTEEVAN.-On the 27th ult, at 20, Chesham-street, Belgrave.

LARD, JEPHSON, and square, John Watton Teevan, Esq., barrister-at-law', B.A., of

CO., Agricultural Engineers, Trinity hall, Cambridge, and M.A., of London University,

Bear - garden, New PartAged 32.

Street, Southwark. To be TERRELL.-On the 28th ult., at 67, Holland-road, Kensington,

obtained of all Seedsmen aged 54, Margaret Lousia Jane, wife of Thomas Hull Terrell,

and Ironmongers in County Court Judge for the South Wales District.

and country. A liberal allowance to the Trade.

Gazette, Jan. 2.
ACKROYD, ELIZABETK BSIL, confectioner, Smerland; Jan. 1.5

at eleven, asudice or Sul., Skinner, sonderland
BARNS, JOHN RICHARDS, bulinderSyuniy-vilist Church rd.

Richmond : Jan, ls, a tree, at uitive vi sois, fearrs. Webb,
BARTOX, EDWARD, moulder, Wizan; Jan. 17, at ten, at office of

Sol, Ashton, Wixan
BERRY, JOHN, cortctor, Ok Dell Innyl, Warwick-la; Jan. 13,
at tweive, at ottice of Hare, Juan.6, Lelo d-cuw. Sol., Wade,

BOWMAX, HEXRY, tanner, Manchester: Jan. 9, a: three, at the

Royal hotel, Manchester, Suls., Stie, suipindi, and seddon,

BREWER, THOMAS, innkeeper, Ionton; Jan. 13, at eleven, at

Queen's hotel, Exeter. Sul., Fryer, Exeter
EKOOKER, THOMAS, ouitle s. esu,, Croydon, and Now

Cattle arteti Jan. 29, allwelve, at vitice o. sol., Yette, Teiuple

Ghpbs, Fieet-st
BROWNING, SANUEL WILLIAM, licensed victualler, Wolverhamnp-

tun; Jar. 13, at two, at offics vi sui., Burmuw, Wolverhamp.
EUDGE, CHARLES JAMES, commission agent, Bris:ol; Jan. 17, at
two, at offices of Parsons, nouvuutan:, Bristol. Sul., Becking

han, Brist. BURDETT, PATER, coul merchant, Stroud ; Jan. 12, at four, at

otice of Sol., Hayward, Kochester
CASH, JUAX, farmer, Bilsby, Jan. 16, at twelve, at office of Sol.,

Mason, Alford,
CHESTRA, CHARLES, contractor, Colwyn: Jan, 13, at eleven, at

office or Si son and George, Rhyl. Sul., George, Rhy!
COOK, GABRIEL, carver, Ledbury-rd, Notting-bill; Jan. 18, at

two, at office of Sol., Basset, Great James, Bedford-10w COOPER, WILLIAM JAM 28, curt proprietor,

Tyne, Jan. Il, at eleven, at office of Sul., Harle, Newcastle-
upon Tynie
CIJOK, GEORGE BATER, gardener, Shaldon ; Jan. 16, at eleven, at

the Queen's hotel, Exeter. Sol., Fryer, Ester
DAVIES, JOUX, livery-istable keepei, Obelisk-yd, Waterloo-rd ;

Jan. 11, at two, at office of Ager, Barnard's-inn, Holborn. Sol.,

Roberte, Spring-gardens, White
DAVIES, RICHARD, innkeeper, Cardiff; Jan. 15, at eleren, at office

of Sol., Grilith, Cardiff
DUNKERLY, SAMUEL, bootmaker, Swansea; Jan. 18, at twelve,

at offices of Sols., Beor and Kennard Bill, Swansea EXSOR, BENJAMIN CUTrs, beer retaller, Birmingham; Jan. 15, at

eleven, at orice of Sol., Harrison, Birminghain FRANKLIN, WILLIAM, tobacconist, Northampton: Jan, 17, at

tuelve, ai offices of sols., Messrs, Jeffery, Northampton FROST, WILLIAM, boot maker, Birmingham ; Jan. 12, at twelve,

at oilices or Lomas, Harrison, and Sarkey, accountants, Bir

mingham. Sol., Griffin, Birmingham GARRETT, AAROX, farmer, Rockland St. Mary; Jan. 15, at eleven,

at office or sol. Stanley, Norwich
GUY, JANES, wheelwright, Newport; Jan. 20, at eleven, at War.

burton's hutel, Newport. Sol, Urry, Ventnor
HABGOOD, WILLIAM, cornuission ugent, Wolverhampton; Jan.

20, at eleven, at ottice of Sol., burrow, Wolverhampton
HARMAN, JAMES, generul dealer, Bitth: Jan, 1.3, at one, at the

Castle and Ball hotel, Bath. Sol., Moxer, Bath
HARTLAND, JAMEs, grocer, Great Malvern; Jun. 12, at three, at

Office of Sol., Beale, Worcester
HINTOX, EDWARD, house decorator, Church-st, Marylebone; Jan

17, at two, at utice of Birchall, Southainpton-bldge, Chancery-la.

Sul., Harrison, Furnival's-inn, Holburn HOLLINGSWORTH, JOHX BILLINGS, out of business, St. Nark's. crescent, Nottinz-h:11; Jan. 9. at three, at the Guildhall Coifee.

house, Gresha-st. Sol., Chidcy HOOPER, THOMAS, clerk in holy orders, Kingsdown, near Dart

ford; Jan. 20, at two, at office of Sol., Apps, South-sg, Gray's.

inn HULL, THOMAS, cabinet maker, Tereford ; Jan. 15, at eleven, at

office of Sol., Garrold, Hereford HURDLEY, RICHAR!, draper, Luton; Jan. 16, at eleven, at the

Chamber of Comunerce, Cheupside. Sol.. Shepherd, Luton JAMES, HENRY OSWALD, acconutant, Suurbridge; Jan. 15, at

three, at offices of Sol., Corbett, Worcester
JAMIESON, Jonx, brewer, Manchester; Jan. 12, at three, at office

of Sols., Messrs. Fox, Manchester
JOHNSON, THOMAS Josepu, brick merchant, Birmingham; Jan.

9, at three, ist office of Sol, Rowlands, Birminghain
JOHNSOX, WILLIAM FREDERICK, comiss.on agent, Pendleton,
near Manchester; Jan. 18, at three, at office of Sol., Ellthorne,

JONES, ISAAC, licensed victualler, Bristol; Jan. 11, at twelve, at

office of Sois., Benson and Elletson, Bristol
JONES, THOMAS JACOB, accountant, Newport ; Jan. 15, at two, a

office of Sol., Lloyd, Newport
KENNEDY, JAMES, builder, Downham-ter, Battersea; Jan. 24 at

two, at office of Sol., Jones, Love-la, Wandsworth
KNOWLES, EDMUND, watchmaker, Manchester; Jan. 11, at three,

at office of Sols., Sutton and Elliott, Manchester
LANE, GEORGE HENRY, butcher, Leek; Jan. 16, at eleven, at the

Bull's Head hotel, Macclesfield, Sol., Cooper, Congleton
LEATON, HENRY, printer, Market Rasen, Jan. 13, at eleven, at

Office of Sols., Page and Pauley, Market Rasen
MAKINSOX, JOHX, looking glass manufacturer, Manchester; Jan.

18, at three, at office of Sole., Messrs, Heath, Manchester
MATTEY, JOHN, grooor, Sodgley, Jan. 16, at eleven, at, offices of

Sol., Stokes, Dudley
MILLARD, GEORGE, engineer, Dudley; Jan. 15, at three, at offices

of Sol., Warnington, Dudley

grocers, both Huddersfield ; Jan. 13, at three, at the Swan botel

Huddersfield. Sol., Ibbersun, Dewsbury
PEER", JOHN, cart owner, Tranmere; Jan. 15, at'two, at office of

Thompson, accountant, Bu kenhead. Sol., Downham, Birken.

head PRINCE, BETSY, milliner, Scarborough ; Jan. 17, at twelve, at

office of Edwards, Layton, and Jaques,, Holborn, Sol.,

Richardson, Scarborough
PRINGLE, MATILDA, dress maker, Durham; Jan. 6, at one, at

office of Sol., Bond, Newcastle
RICHARDS, JOSEPH JOHNSON, farmer, Pencombe; Jan. 13, ac two,

at office of Sul., Stallard, Worcester
RICHARDSOX, THOMAS, baker, Aston-juxta- Birmingham; Jan. 16,

at three, office of Sol., Rowlands, Birmingham
RIGBY, SARAll, biscuit manutacturer, Bolcon; Jan. 15, at three,

at office of Sols., Hall and Rutter, Boltou
RODWELL, MATTHEW, grazier, Frisby-on-the-Wreake; Jan 15,

at twelve, at office of Sul., Haxby, Leicester ROWE, OCTAVIUS, solicitor, out or practice, Charlotte-st, Fitzroy.

sq; Jan. 11, at two, at office of Sol., Saunders, Bennet's-hiil, Doctor's.commons SCHWITZGUEBEL, JEAN CHRIST, licensed victualler, Haymarket,

and Jermyn-st, St. James's : Jan. 15, at eleven, at office of Sols.,

Laniear and Stewart, Abchurch-lit
SHEPHERD, GEORGE, grocer', Wellington; Jan. 17, at twelve, at

office of Sol., Harries, Wellington
SMITH, MATTHEW BASS, doctor of medicine, Worington-rd, Not-

ting-hill; Jan, 12, at twelve, at the Guildhull Coffee-house,

Gresham-st. Sole., Davidson and Co., Basinghall-st
SNOWDOX, PETER, tobacconist, Brighton: Jan. 16, at two, at 12, Sol., Marshall, Lincoln's-inn-fields
SOUTHERN, SAMUEL LIXLEY, fustian manufacturer, Man-

chester; Jan. 16, at three, at offices of J. Barber, accountant,
Manchester. Sol., Kearsley, Manchester
SPALL, DANIEL (trading under the name of Daniel Smith), gas

fitter, Brill-row, St. Pancras; Jun. lv, at two, at office of Sol.,

Hicks, Colemnun-st
TAYLOR, SARAH, out of business, Canton, near Cardiff; Jan. 15, at

eleven, at offices of Sol, Ensor, Cardiff


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A demand has been raised outside the profession that Vice-Chancellor Bacon should be relieved of his duties as Chief Judge in Bankruptcy. Beyond a doubt there is ample business in his court to occupy the whole of his time, and the consequences as regards the Bankruptcy Court are, as we have already pointed out, somewhat serious. We repeat that it was never the intention of Parliament that the Registrars should constantly act as Chief Judge. The practice has been denounced by the LORDS JUSTICES, and the demand for a Judge of the Bankruptcy Court who shall have nothing else to attend to is one which must, sooner or later, be listened to by the Government.

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We are to have a surfeit of legal education, but of the wrong sort. In addition to two sets of lectures in the Inns of Court, and a set at the Incorporated Law Society, the managers of the Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution have instituted a course embracing the subjects of the examinations for solicitors.

The object of these lectures is not announced, but it would appear to be in gratuitous aid of the Incorporated Law Society. The lectures are very inexpensive, and if we thought that lectures on law were of

we should recommend articled clerks to spend their Friday evenings at the Institution; but being doubtful on this head, and considering that law lectures at present too much abound, we must leave them to their own devices.

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Administration suit-Executorship ac.

Coercion-Family arrangement

698 V. C. MALINS' COURT. R. THE GREAT OCEANIC TELEGRAPH CO. (LIMITED) (HARWARD'S CASE) Company-Unqualified person acting as

Gift by will-Construction..

Company-Application for shares......... 692


Yew trees-Duty of possessor ...... 005
Tenements structurally divided-Con.

trol of outer door
Deed of composition assigning estate
and debts-Deed of re-assigainent by


Bills of Sale Act 1834 (17 & 18 Vict. c. 36),
s. 1- Affidavit..

Action against drawer of bill of ex.

change - Payroent by acceptor........ 704
Es parle EDMUNDS-
Mandamus--Receiver of public moneys
--Right to have accounts audited 703

Sale of goods-Fraud

Practice-Costs-Rules for the payment


The Legal Restraint of Drunkenness 189
The Personal Liability of Trustees in

190 Notes on Law Reform and Legal Educa. tion


192 ESTATE AND INVESTMENT JOURNAL :Stock and Share Markets....

192 Reports of Sales

192 SOLICITORS' JOURNAL :Notes of New Decisions

192 Judges Chambers

193 Irish Practice Case

193 Unclaimed Stock and Dividends in the Bank of England

194 Appointments under the Joint-Stock

Winding-up Acts..
Creditors under Estates in Chancery 194
Creditors under 22 & 22 Vict. c. 35

The New Irish Solicitor-General

194 MAGISTRATES' LAW:Notes Gf New Decisions

194 Cambridge Division Petty sessions 194 COMPANY LAW:

Notes of New Decisions ................. 195 REAL PROPERTY AND CONVEYANCING :Notes of New Decisions

196 MERCANTILE LAWNotes of New Decisions

196 How Fraud Operates on Negotiable In. struments

197 MARITIME LAW Notes of New Decisions

197 LAW STUDEXTS' JOURNAL:Legal Education

198 BANKRUPTCY LAW:Notes of New Decisions

193 LEGAL NEWS.....

199 LEGAL EXTRACTS: Agreements for Bills of Sale.....


LAW Association

203 Articled Clerks' Society

211 Norwich Luw Students' Society

20:3 Liverpool Law Students' Society

203 Worcester and Worcestershire Law Students' Society





The abolition of particular customs affecting land, which do not prevail over the whole country is a very obvious legal reform. The customs of Borough-English and Gavelkind, which regulate the inheritance of landed property in certain counties, cannot show any grounds upon which to claim a longer existence than that which was granted to the multitude of small customs which it is supposed went to make up the common law of England. It is of course known to our readers that by the custom of Borough-Eng. lish, the youngest son inherits the estate in preference to all his elder brothers, and that by the custom of Gavelkind all the sons succeed alike. There undoubtedly was a reason some time or other for maintaining these customs, but,as STEPHENS says, in his edition of BLACKSTONE, they are now long forgotten. Such customs have no Legislative sanction of later date than the second year of HENRY IV., which can hardly be said to be any sanction at all for modern purposes. One of the first acts in the reforms of our land laws should be to get rid of local customs, and place the inheritance of all land in the country upon one footing.


187 Liability of Carriers by Sea where there is no special Contract...

189 Judicial Interpretation of Mercantile Terms



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During the present week the owners and occupiers of the houses and other premises in St. Clement's Danes, whose property has been obtained by compulsory purchase for the purposes of the New Law Courts, have commenced preparations for giving up possession of their several tenements preparatory to the work of demolition being proceeded with. On Monday next, the 15th inst., the St. Clement's Danes vestry, who have received 10,0001. for their premises, including the old burial ground and the almshouses adjoining, will give up possession of the property, and the Midland Railway Company, who occupy the premises adjoining as one of thier parcel offices, will remove about the same time. The occupiers of the four houses in St. Clement's. lane, leading to the Inn, who have also received notices, as well as the old matrons who occupy the six almshouses belong. ing to the vestry, are also to give up possession immediately, when the whole of the buildings will at once be taken down, but we learn that the bodies in the old churchyard will be first removed under the faculty granted by the Bisliop of London. We understand that the St. Clement's Danes vestry intend to make a comfortable provision for the inmates of the almshouses, who will be turned out of their tenements for the purposes of the new Law Courts.

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The Law and the Lawyers.

We are glad to learn that Mr. AspisaLL, Q.C. is to be the Attorney-General for the County Palatine of Durham, which office was recently vacated by the promotion of Mr. Quain. The appointment will give universal satisfaction, as the learned gentleman, who is Recorder of Liverpool, is regarded as one of the ablest lawyers at the Bar.

VOL. LII.-No. 1502.

The first Term of the year 1872 has opened, but whilst the pros. perity of the country during last year was very great, and would suggest a proportionate increase in the business of lawyers, the prospects of the Profession are not brilliant. The condition of the sists of rules in the courts, however, shows an improvement on Michaelınas Term last. Then there were, of cases for argument 23 in the Queen's Bench, 7 in the Common Pleas, and 8 in the E xchequer, and 2 stood for judgment. The were 43 cases in the special paper in the Common Pleas, 2 enlarged rules, ac:

assistance. And this really seems to be the object of County Court legislation. Professional assistance is a privilege to which all suitors are entitled ; yet the Legislature has said, that in entering the plaint in an ordinary action, where the debt or damage claimed does not exceed 201., if the plaintiff employ an attorney he shall not charge the defendant with any costs on the summons; nor can the attorney charge his own client anything unless the debt or damage exceeds 408.; nor can he recover more than 108. for his fees and costs unless the debt or damage claimed exceeds 5l., or more than 15s. in any case not exceeding 201. And by the original County Courts Act which is still in force in respect to costs, it is enacted that the expense of employing a barrister or attorney, either by plaintiff or defendant, shall not be allowed on taxation of costs in the case of a plaintiff where less than 51. is recovered, or in the case of a defendant where less than 51. is claimed. All these enactments appear to us to be unfair and objectionable. Parties should be entitled to the costs of employing professional assistance in all cases subject to their being disallowed by the Judge. Probably if this were the law the newspaper corres. pondent to whom we have referred would find fewer persons conducting their own causes.

cases standing for judgment. In the Exchequer, 3 stood for judgment, and 17 for argument; there was 1 case in the peremptory paper, and 7 for judgment and 13 for argument in the special paper. In the present term in the three courts 282 matters are entered for hearing; In the Court of Queen's Bench there are 37 rules in the new trial paper and 1 for judgment; in the special paper 4 for judgment and 51 for argument, besides 9 rules. In the Common Pleas there are 8.), of which those in the special paper, the County Court appeals, and demurrer, number 55. There are 19 rules for new trials and 11 cases standing for judgment, including 2 registration appeals. In the Exchequer there are 37 causes for argument, and 2 for judgment in the new trial paper, in the peremptory paper 5, and in the special paper 6 for judgment and 24 for argument. In the Exchequer Chamber there are errors and appeals-from the Queen's Bench, 2 for judgment and 6 for argument; from the Common Peas, 1 for judgment and 5 for argument; and from the Exchequer, 1 for judgment and 22 for argument. We have before alluded to the long interval that has elapsed since an appointment to silk, and we return to the subject because we have rea-on to believe that the inconvenience and injustice occasioned by the present state of things are increasing every day. This is especially so on the Circuits, and we may mention the Northern as an instance. There the Queen's Counsel have for some time been out of all proportion to the quantity and nature of the business done, and their number is now still further diminished by the promotion of Mr. Justice Quaix. The result in such a case is that a litigant who is prompt in selecting his leader or leaders may place his opponent at a most serious disadvantage by compelling him to fall back upon the ranks of the stuffgownsmen, and thus lose the weight and prestige which a Queen's Counsel has with both court and jury, while, on the other hand, those stuffgownsmen, who like Mr. Day on the Home, and Mr. CHARLES Russell on the Northern, hare got into a large leading business, have heavy and unfair odds against them in coping with Queen's Counsel. We have reason to believe that a very high authority lately submitted to the LORD CHANCELLOR a list of those gentlemen he thought entitled to silk, which was as follows:-Mr. JOHN DAY and Mr. C. W. Wood, of the Home Circuit; Mr. METCALTE, of the Norfolk ; Mr. BRISTOWE, of the Midland; Mr. KEMPLAY, of the Northern and Midland; and Mr. CHARLES RUSSELL, of the Northern. Be the LORD CHANCELLOR'S choice, however, what it may, we trust, in the interests of the public, no less than in those of the Profession, that it will not be any longer deferred. It is difficult to see how any intended legal changes can be the cause (as the rumour goes) of the delay; and, indeed, we cannot conceive any adequate reason for continuing a state of things which, on the circuits at least, gives satisfaction to none but the privileged few who already possess the coveted honour of wearing silk. The practice that has hitherto prevailed with regard to the granting of silk has worked satisfactorily; and it surely ought not to be suspended or altered without good grounds and sufficient notice to the Profession.


CONTEMPLATING a considerable consumption of public time by the stupendous case in the Common Pleas in addition to that which has been already absorbed, and having regard to the many heavy cases which now come before the courts, the sugges. tion presents itself whether it is not possible to keep trials by jury within more reasonable limits. That the case of any plaintiff whatever, in any suit, whatever its importance, shonld be allowed to run on for seventy days is a most serious reflection upon our administration of justice. Upon whom does the charge of wasting public time rest? In the first place our system which gives absolute licence to counsel is bad. What a preposterous thing it is that it should be in his power to go on calling witnesses interminably to prove the same fact. Strange to say there has been a public clamour because hearsay evidence was held inadmissible, which, had it been admitted, would probably have carried the claimant's case on for another ten days. But the licence of counsel in cross-examination is even

serious, and it amounts to an absolute absurdity that a single witness should be kept in the box for a fortnight. It would really appear that in a gigantic case counsel habituate themselves to consider it imperative that it should be gigantic in all its details, and we are firmly of opinion that had there been a statutory enactment that in no case without the leave of the Judge should the examination or cross-cxamination of a witness extend beyond three days, a moderate extension by the Judge would have served the interests of both sides as effcctually as the periods which have excited the wonder of everyone. Undoubtedly a strong Judge may do much to restrain an abuse of counsel, and a courteous Bar would second his efforts. We are not disposed to discuss the question whether these conditions have been found in the Sessions House at Westminster, but the relationship of the Bench and the Bar should not be overlooked in legislating for the economy of public time in our courts. The value of length in legal arguments is of very doubtful utility, and we believe it quite possible to orerprove a case. As to the former, Lord Justice Jules said recently that, according to his experience, the weaker the case the longer the argument, and there is undoubtedly a good deal in the observation.

sea, who

The question whether County Court proceedings are really so expensive as they are represented to be, is one of importance, for if it be a cheaper remedy to issue a writ in the Superior Courts than to take out a summons in the County Court, it certainly ought to be allowed, or the procedure of the County Courts at once amended. The tremendous effect of the County Court Act 1867 shows the importance of the scale in the County Courts being as low as it can be, consistently with a proper maintenance of the tribunals, a diminution of no less than 60,000 in the number of writs issued annually after that Act having taken place. On entering a plaint, a poundage fee of 18. is payable; but where the claim exceeds 40s., and the summons is to be served by he bailiff, an additional fee of 18. is payable. On a claim of 101., therefore, a plaintiff has to pay 11., which undoubtedly is a very heavy fee. In the Superior Court, where the amount claimed is under 201., the cost of the writ is 108., and of serving it, 58.; and it is difficult to understand why the fees in the County Court should be higher. They ought to be decidedly lower. A newspaper correspondent, with reference to the scale of charges, evades the question of excess, and refers to the great amount of work done by the County Courts. He states that "it constantly occurs that plaintiffs for amounts reaching the highest sums that can be sued for (507.) enter their own cases in the County Courts and obtain judgments without any professional assistance. So also, as defendants, most properly, are not required to file pleas of defence, though attorneys very frequently and needlessly present them to the court, they are able and do constantly defend themselves without any professional assistance." This writer also alleges that the outcry against County Court charges is the “lamentation of attorneys," and not of suitors. No statistics are given showing the number of cases of higher amount in which parties dispense with professional assistance, and a moment's consideration will show that, even supposing the “lamentation of attorneys " to be the source of the outery, it does but represent the grievance of suitors. To deny proper remuneration to attorneys, whilst court fees are kept at an exorbitant scale, is in effect to deprive suitors of professional


NO SPECIAL CONTRACT. Tur judgment of the Judge of the Birmingham County Court in the case of Brauldell v. Howell, as reported in our last number, appears to deal with a question of considerable importance. We infer from the report that the defendant was a carrier had not given a bill of lading, or entered into any other special contract expressly restricting his liability. The plaintiff proves delivery of the goods to the carrier, and (instead of contenting himself with proving non-delivery by the carrier within a reasonable time), proves that the goods were lost by the ship going down—the cause of that misfortune not being shown. This is all the evidence. The Judge is thereupon reported to have said, “ It is clear that where a common carrier" (by sea ?) “is pre. vented from fulfilling his contract by the perils of the sea or of navigation, that is an answer to an action for damages for & breach of his contract. Here, as the evidence stands, the breach of contract for which the plaintiff sued was, according to his owll evidence, caused by the peril of the sea, and the plaintiff cannot recover.'

We are not aware of any rule of law exempting carriers from losses by perils of the sea. It is usual for carriers by sea to contract by bill of lading that they shall not be liable for such perils; but, in the absence of an express contract, how does the liability of a carrier by sea (except under statutory enactment not here in question) differ from that of a carrier by land ? Both would be liable for everything but the act of God or the Queen's enemies. It may

be that the decision in Braddell v. Hörvell is justified on the ground that the plaintiff so presented the case that it was as consistent with his evidence that the loss occurred by the act of

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