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But to lend my name as their agent, I have never


debates during the past year, sixteen on legal consented. On the contrary, I have set my face

points relating to negligenco hotel keepers, ex. against not only the encroachments of these


ecutorship, stoppage in transitu, wife's separate gentlemen on the province of attorneys, but those

estate, husband and wife, descent, tenant by the far more insiduous and dangerous classes-the an ordinary meeting of this society was

held on courtesy of England, joint-stock companies, prin. more dangerous because they move in a higher Wednesday, the 17th adt, when tho following cipal and agent, fixtures, &c. ; and four on juris. sphere—the auctioneer, valuer, and house, agent. decensed wife's sister be legalised ?" Mr. G. B. in criminal trials; the expediency of the property

question was debated : “Should marriage with a prudential subjects, viz., our system of procedure I have dilated somewhat at length on the con. clusions to be drawn from your remarks ; but the Meachen, who opened the debate, contended that of an intestate, who leaves none but remote heirs gravity of the insinuation against the character it should, and, after a protracted discussion, the

or next of kin, going to the state ; the desirability of one brse professional conduct during a prac- question was so decided by a considerable ma- of the legal profession being thrown open to tice extending over thirty-two years, not the hint jority.

women; the abolition of legislation by hereditary or suspicion has ever been breathed, renders it

paers. There had been an attendance of ten per necessary that I should place myself right with HULL LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. night. The library had been augmented during your readers and my professional brethren.


A MEETING of this society was held on Tuesday tho past year by the purchase of the following 14, Ship-street, Brighton, Jan. 30, 1872.

evening last, in the Law Library, Parliament works, namely: Prideaux's Precedents and Disser. street, H. Sharp, Esq., solicitor, in the chair,

The History of the Roman Law, Tomkins and Jenkins?

tations in Conveyancing, Translation of Ortolan's point for discussion was, “Was the case of Makin

v. Wilkinson (23 L. T. Rep. N. S. 592) rightly de- Modern Roman Law, Elphinstone's Lectures on NOTES AND QUERIES ON in the affirmative, and Mr. J. T. Woodhonse and Landlord and 'Tenant, Smith's Manual of Equity, cided ?". Mr. A. Wray and Mr. Jackson supported Conveyancing, and the last editions of Addi.

son on Torts, Smith on Contracts, Smith on POINTS OF PRACTICE. Mr. Glover argued in the negative.

After an

animated discussion the point was decided in the and Hunter's Suit of Equity. Six years having NOTICE.-We must remind our correspondents that this affirmative.

elapsed since the last catalogue was printed, tho

committee recommended that they be instructed column is not open to questions involving points of law such as a solicitor should be consulted upon. Querios will

to prepare another edition. The treasurer's ac. be excluded which go beyond our liinits.


count showed a balance in hand of 11l. 6s. 10d. X.B.- None are inserted unless the name and address of the

SOCIETY. writers are sent, not necessarily for publication, but as a THE annual meeting and dinner of the members

Changes had also taken place in the offices of trea. guarantee for bona fides,

surer, secretary, and librarian, which are now of the above society took place at the Hen and respectively held by Mr. Van Wart, Stanbury, and Queries.

Chickens Hotel on Jan. 17. The chair was occu. Mr. Canning. The committee recorded their in.

pied by Mr. A. R. Adams, recorder of Birmingham, debtedness to Mr. G. J. Johnson for his lecture on 87. LANDLORD AND TENANT:-- Effect of wording in a and Mr. T. Martineau officiated as vice-chairman. • The nature of, and distinction between, leases lease, is, tenant in giving notice of damage by rabbits is There were also present, Messrs. T.C. S. Kynners. and agreements for leases,' delivered on the 7th to receive compensation, il landlord will not grant loy (stipendiary), Rosher, G. J. Johnson, T. Nov. They also expressed satisfaction at the bim permission to kill

them in seven days...) Tevant Horton, J. B. Clarke, R. Webb, H. W. Stanbury efforts now being made by the law societies of the gises notice when no damage is done and landlord disregards it. Will that notice hold good for damage sub- (secretary), &c.

country to raise the general tone of the Profes. sequent to the seven days, or must tenant give a fresh After the removal of the cloth, the Chairman sion, and the recognition by the highest dignitaries obe? (2) If landlord give permission to “kill," the proposed the " word used in the lease-- (a) Can he restrict the permis- and Princess of Wales, and the rest of the Royal thodical legal education; and hoped that this

Health of the Queen, the Prince of the law of the importance of a sound and mesion to the tenant only, or-(b) Can he prevent the family." The toast was received with great en society, formed to improve the status of the tenant fron employing anyone obnoxious to himself (the landlord)?-(c) Can be forbid a gun to be used in thusiasm.

articled clerk, and increase his interest in the the killing ? References and cases will oblige. I. B. The Vice-Chairman then proposed the next study of the law, might continue to receive the toast-" The Bench and the Bar.'

hearty support both of law students and the older 88. LEASE.-Isball be glad if some of your readers

The Chairman first responded to the toast, members of the profession.” will give me their opinion npon the following query : saying it was matter of great gratification to him The Chairman said it was usual for the gentle. A, io Jan. 1870, executed a legal mortgage of his real to have been asked to preside at the annual meet. man who presided on those festive occasions to estate, at Downham, to secure a sum of money; In ing of the Birmingham Law Students' Society, read a written address to the members, setting out Feb. following. he granted a lease of a portion of the and that the day he suggested as convenient to the advantages that accrued to the Profession at land included in the mortgage to B, for a term of seven

himself should have been found also convenient large from the establishment of the Law Students'

1871 A filed a petition for liquidation, under sect. 125 of the for so many of the members as he now saw around Society in Birmingham. He wrote, however, such Bankruptcy Act 1869, under which trustees were ap- him. With regard to the eulogy which had just an intolerably bad hand that he shrank from compointed, who sold the real estate, subject to the mort- been pronounced upon the English Bench, he had, mitting his thoughts to paper as often as possible, of getting rid of B, and has served him with a notice to Bench onght always to consist exclusively of the himself if they would kindly allow him to follow cage to C., by public auction. c. is now very desirous practically speaking, but a small part in it. The and he felt it would be better for them as well as quit. Now, it is clear that from the cases Doe d Barnoy v. Adams (2 Cro. & Jero. 235), Whitton v. Peacock (2 Bing: judges of the Supreme Courts : and he concurred entirely the bent of his own mind. On looking N. C. 411), Groen v. James (6 Mee. & Wels. 656), Doe d.

in all that had been said about the honour, in round the room, he could not help contrasting the Lord Doene v. Thompson (9 Q. B. 1037), that such a lease tegrity, and independence they had ever exhibited vast difference that existed between the profession would be invalid against any person possessing the legal since they were rendered independent of the of the law as now practised and what it was in estate ; but B. contends that C., having no lexal estate, Crown. He (the chairman) was only, as it were, former times. He darod to say they had read from and baving acquired no greater interest in the property

an offshoot of the Bench. Ho presided in the time to time of an attorney jogging along on a -the equity of redemption-than that possessed by A. at the time he granted the lease, is bound by it, and

Crown Court, and was ontrusted with a certain lean-backed horso, carrying a big-tailed wig on his declines to give up possession until the end of his

term. number of small cases, which lay half way be head. He was the sport and jeer of the district. Harc, in his present position, any remedy against B? tween those which were decided upon by his That great satirist, Mr. Canning, in the well. Is C. bound by the lease ? References to inodern cases friend on the right (Mr. Kynnersley) and those | known poem called “ The Anti-Jacobin,” maon the subject will oblige.


which were disposed of by the Bench of England. naged to bring in all the three professions in 89. LANDLORD AND TEXINT.- (1) Landlord reserves sions had not been much quarrelled withi. In a

He had tried to do justice, and ho hoped his deci. these lines-right of shooting and sportivg, and tenant boy lease is town where there wero three daily papers, they

Was it the squire for killing of his game, Dot to allow any waste or spoil on the premises. Tenant

Or covetous parson for his tithes distraining, takes, and allows dogs to be taken over the land which must expect to have their decisions questioned

Or roguish lawyer who maue you lose your little,

All in a law suit ? drises of the game. Is there any remedy, and wbat, from time to time. He knew thot when he some. for landlord ? (2) Can laudlord on above reservation times overstepped the mark, they were very rendy Happily, now all this was changed, and they disallow tenant to carry a gun over the land, wben not to tell him so. He had accepted his chastisement found that in every town and in every class of for purpose of scaring rooks and such like vermin?

M. G.

and he promised to try and behave better in society in England, solicitors and attorneys-he

future. He hoped he had succeeded in administer. know no difference between them-were respected 30. COPTHOLDS.--I shall be glad to know the opinion ing justice fairly in Moor-street. Ho hoped also by all, and wero elected to every municipal and of any of your correspondents, who may be fainilior some day to be able to remove to a place more other office which they were calculated to fill. with copybold practice, whether, in the case of a mar. | worthy of Birmingham, but he was afraid that Only in the Inst sossion of Parliament an Act was riaye settlement comprising copyholos, it is usual for the trustees of the settlement to be admitted. Theore

the youngest gentleman he saw before him with passed enabling practising solicitors to become tically it would appear to be right, but as to the practice before that day arrived. They must live in hope knowlodge of the law might not be considered an

the darkest hair, would become as grey as himself magistrates. He hoped now that some little there would seem to be a difference of opinion.

NENO. not only of that day, but of the arrival of the nndesirable acquisition to the judicial bench.

time when the jurisdiction of certain matters The education of law students was very much

would be brought nearer homo, and that the superior to that which was opened to their preAnswers.

judges would administer justice in this town in- decessors, and the schools of the present day were (Q. 77.) LANDLORD AND TEXANT.-It would seem stead of troubling persons to go to Warwick to much more fitted to bring out the capabilities of that in the absence of an agreement a weekly tenancy have their causes tried. He did hope twelve their young men than those of the last century. requires no notice to determine it (Vide Roberts v. months ago that they should have been able to They were all now submitted to a compulsory Williams, Bangor County

Court, C. C. Chron. Joly 1870, look forward at no distant day to the formation examination, without which they could not enter and Barnett v. Musters, Croydon County Court. C. C.

of great central courts, but since then a change their branch of the Profession--it had not yet been Chron. Feb. 1871.), otherwise I should have thought had come over the spirit of his dreams, and he extended to the higher branch. He wished to

up the day of taking next after the expiration of a week's notice.

doubted whether any of them wonid ever see point out to them the very important position J. E. P.

a copsummation of their hopes in that respect. thoy would fill if they did their duty, and to what

Ho would concludo by expressing his hope that a high place they would rise if they endeavoured I find at p. 299 of the last edition of Smith's his successors might always receive the same conscientionsly to deserve it. No great business Manual of , from week to week, a week's notice is in generul neces.

treatment at the hands of the Professio: as he 'of mankind was now carried on without the sary by custom or usage, au the uotice imust expire at had done.

advice of an attorney.

one made the end of the current term of biring; therefore, in Mr. Rosher briefly returned thanks for the Bar, 'money and wished buy land or other the instance given by “. Cautah," the notice would not saying it gave him grent pleasure to see a number property, if his daughter was nbout to be expire until the following Monday, aud the landlord

of law students around him, as he felt assured married, his property and his welfare of her could undoubtedly claim rent up to that duy. Aud in Addigon on Con:racts, 5th otit, p. 357, rnference is

that they wonld hereafter adorn whichover branch 'children to be secured, if he had his will to marle to the case of Doe v. Scott, where a notice to a of the Profession they might select.

make, an attorney must be called in. No man, be weekly tenant whose tevancy commenced on Wednes- The Secretary then road the annual report, of he ever so clever, would do wisely if he acted as day to guit on Friday, provided his tevaucy commenced which the following are extracts :

his own lawyer; and he ventured to say that the on Friday, or otherwise at the end of his tenancy next The society consisted of 154 honorary men. greatest friend of the legal profession was the after oue week from the data tbereof, was held to be a good notice to determine the tenaney at tbe expiration

bers and of forty-three ordinary members, against book called “Every Man his own Lawyer." He of a week from the subsequent Wedneslny, 'showing thirty-seven last year, fourteen new members earnestly exhorted them all to be earnest in their clearly that what I have quoted from Mr. Smith's little having been elected, and eight having passed into studies, and to think nothing beneath them. Let book is good law.

P. W.F. the rank of solicitors. There had been twenty them not pass over any cases as unimportant ;

If any



Feb. 8

Sur. Feb. 9

Pet. Jaz.

Feb. 9

Feb. 8

Watson. Sur. Feb. 6

Sur, Feb, 6

Reg. Pearse. Sur. Feb. 14

Sur, Feb. 12


Sur. Feb. 10

for they must remember that some of the greatest


THE GAZETTES. principles of the law had been enunciated out of The late William L. Cuffe, Esq., barrister-at-law, the most apparently trumpery cases that had who died at Florence, from an attack of diphtheria, come before the judges. Unless they were diligent on the 11th Jan., was the youngest son of the late

Professional Partnership Dissolbed. they would never know the law. The law did not T. L. Cuffe, Esq., of Kilduff, King's County. He MAURICIOBO Better and awareneFREDERICK, attorneys and permit half service; they must thoroughly study

solicitors, and Sheffield. Dec. 31. was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of it from the top of the tree down to the very root, the Middle Temple in May 1852, and practised for or they would never be competent to advise the

Bankrupts. persons who must necessarily come to them. and St. Alban's Sessions. many years at the Essex, Hertford, Chelmsford,

Gazette, Jan. 26. They must remember, too, that principles were

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. of more importance than particular cases. A man

DENT, STEPHEX, brass finisher, Curtain rd, Shoreditch. might read a thousand cases and know nothing of


Jan. 2. Reg. Spring Rice. Sol. Foster, Chancery-la. Sur. the law, while another, who had read only half a The late Joseph Mason, Esq., solicitor, of Water. HAYNES, RICHARD JOHN, wine merchant, Lower Thames dozen, and worked out the principles involved in loo, Liverpool, who died at the residence of his

Pet. Jan. 2. Reg. Brougham. Sol. Biller, jun., Fenchurch-st. them, would know far more about the law than sister, Mrs. Simpson, at Dellawoodie, Dumfries- LLOYD, CHARLES, rope maker, Fenchurch-st. Pet. Jan. 16. Reg. those who had read more and studied less. It shire, on the 29th Dec., was born at Lincoln in

Hazlitt. Sols. Linklaters and Co., Walbrook. Sur, Feb. 7 was certain that no cases presented precisely the year 1795, and had consequently attained the

LOWICK, JAMES WILLIAM, hosier, Aldersgate-st.

Reg. Hazlitt. Sols. Robinson and Co., Charterhouse.eq. Sur. the same facts; and if a solicitor, on being age of seventy-six. He was the father of the legal ES21ES, Edward, deputy inspector general of hospitals in the consulted about a case, tried to find in his profession in Liverpool, where he had carried on army, Belmont.cottase, in Island of Guernsey. Per. Nur library the one that was nearest to it, he a respectable and extensive practice for upwards

Reg. Spring Rice. Sols. Hughes and Co., Budge.row. Sar. would be pursuing the wrong course. A wise of half a century. He was admitted a solicitor in BANDALL, EDWARD JAMES, secretary of a railway company, and prudent man having got out all the facts, Hilary Term 1818, and the following year settled

Ethelburga-house, Bishopsgate-st. Pet. Jan, 21. Reg. Buche. would apply to them the principles of law which in Liverpool, where his long and honourable career

Sol, Mozley, Leadenhall-st. Sur. Feb. 8 were engrained in him, and would then be able to gained for him the confidence of his fellow prac.

To surrender in the Country. advise his client fairly, legitimately, and honestly. | titioners, as well as the esteem of a numerous

ALLEN, ELIZABETH, widow, late Padnoller, in Charlinch. Pet.

Jan. 24. Reg. Lovibond. Sur. Feb. 8 As students, and as members of the Profession, body of clients. Mr. Mason at one time took an

BERKLEY, LETITIA, draper, Ormskirk, Pet. Jan. 22. Reg. they could not be too diligent and punctual in active part in municipal matters, and was the CHARLES, WILLIAM TAYLOR, and CHARLES, JOHN ANDREW, attending to their duties if they wished to earn the representative of St. Anne's Ward, Liverpool, of

stoel rollers merchants, Sheffield. Pet. Jan. 22. Reg. Wake. confidence of their clients. The chairman con- which he was long a resident. He was also clerk EDWARDS, DAVID, tallow chandler, Upper Pulley, In Meele. cluded by enlarging upon the importance of the of the local board of Waterloo, but relinquished JEPPs, FREDERICK, North-st, Wandsworth. Pet. Jan. 16. Res.

Pet. Jan. 23. Reg. Peele. Sur. Feb. 7 object for which these and other kindred societies the post through the infirmity of age. The de. Willoughby. Sur. Feb. 20 were established, namely, to raise the general tone censed gentleman, whose

loss will be felt by a large Lower EORGE, engineer, Salford. Pet. Jan. 24. Reg. Halton.

Sur. of the Profession. He hoped that each member circle of friends and acquaintances, lived and died MABANE, JAMES, bootmaker, Leeds. Pet. Jan. 19. Reg. Marshall. of this society would make that the object of his unmarried. His remains were interred at Holy.

Sur. Feb. 7 individual study. A great move was going on in wood, Dumfriesshire.

Gazette, Jan, 29. London, by which the study of the law would be

To surrender in the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

EBDON, FRANCIS, baker, High-st, Stratford. Pet. Jan. 2. Reg. placed on a much better footing than it was at

Murray. Sur. Feb. 13 present. At present compulsory examination was

GATES, GEORGE, and MORRIS, HARRY, warehousemen, Falcon-st, confined to the lower branches, while for bar- PROMOTIONS& APPOINTMENTS. Fulcon-sq. Pet. Jan, 27. Reg. Roche. Sur. Feb. 16

To surrender in the Country, risters and advocates there was really no examina

ASHTON, JAMES HENRY, kteam ship broker, Liverpool. Pet. Jan. tion at all. He was certain that would not long (N. B: Announcements of promotions being in the nature

20. Reg. Watson, Sur. Feb. 13

of advertisements, are charged 28. 6d, each, for which BROWN, JOSEPH CULVERWELL, draper, Bedford. Pet. Jan. . exist, and whether or not a university would be postage stamps should be inclosed.] established for both branches of the Profession

BURTON, ROBERT, farmer, Boxmoor. Pet. Jan. 15. Reg. Blagr. he could not say, but it was evident that efforts The Lord High Chancellor has appointed Mr.

CLEMOW, HENRY WILLIAM, farmer, St. Tudy. Pet. Jan. 27. Rez. would be made for the imparting of a more extensive knowledge of the law and its principles by ali W. W. Gwillim and Mr. H. E. Paine, of Chertsey, FAIRLEY. PEROY CUNNINGHAM, barone-, Victoria-ter, Upper

Norwood, Pet. Jan. . RowlandSur9 branches of the Profession, so that it would be. Surrey, Commissioners to administer oaths in

FIELDEN, LUKE, builder, Todmorden. Pet. Jan. 23. Reg. Hart

ley. Sur. Feb. 15 come greatly raised in the estimation of their Chancery in England. neighbours.

The Right Hon. Sir William Bovill, Knight,

MORRIS, SAMUEL, builder, Nursery-grove, Tinchley. Pet. Jan.

21. Reg. Harris. Sur, Feb. 10

TEMBLETT, BENJAMIN, publican, Cardiff. Pet. Jan. 21. Keg. Mr. Kynnersley proposed “The Attorneys and Lord Chief Justice of Her Majesty's' Court of

Langley. Sur. Feb. 13 Solicitors of Birmingham,” saying he should be Common Pleas, has appointed Mr. W. W. Gwillim

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. ungrateful, after the kindness he had received and Mr. H. E. Paine, of Chertsey, Surrey, to be

Gazette, Jan 3. during his connection with Birmingham, if he did Perpetual Commissioners for taking the acknow.

BEATTIE, JOnx, and BEATTIE, JAMES, East India merchants,

Greut Winchester-st-bldgs. July 6, 1871 not take the deepest possible interest in the ledgment of Deeds to be executed by married members of that profession. He cordially sympa. Fines and Recoveries, and for the substitution of PEARN, JÓHN, farmer, Rezare Lezant. Nov. 22, 1871 Women under the Act passed for the Abolition of

CARLISLE, JOSEPH, druggist, Carlisle. Sept. 27, 1871

GOSTLING, JOHX, tailor, Brighton, May 21, 1870 thised with the wish of the Recorder that the courts would soon be transplanted into a more more simple Modes of Assurance.

Gazette, Jan. 26.

HALE, CHARLES, builder, Willesden. July 13, 1469 genial region, as the present court in Moor.

HUNT, GEORGE WARWICK, late captain in 4th Hussars, Heytes. street was almost intolerable. Owing to the con.

bury. April 3, 1871

MARTIN, THOMAS HENRY, wine merchant, Lombard. house, struction of the place, and the heat which there THE COURTS & COURT PAPERS.

George-yd, Lombard-nt. June 18, 189 was when it was crowded, it was one of the most

NESBITT, SUSSEX, gentleman, Eastcheap. Aug, 3, 1871

SPENCER, SANUEL, livery stable keeper, Ventuor, Isle of Wigh abominable holes on the face of the earth ; and


April 2, 1663 when it was comparatively empty the echo was dreadful, and it was almost impossible to hear.

The following is a complete and revised list of Liquidations by Arrangement. Mr. G. J. Johnson, in responding, said he the Spring Circuits of the Judges :

FIRST MEETINGS. thought that, with few exceptions, the attorneys


Gazette, Jan. 26. of Birmingham would compare favourably with (The LORD CHIEF JUSTICE OF England and Lord Chief AWFORD, PETER, boot manufacturer, Gloucester; Feb. 7, at tro, those of any former time, or of other towns

Justice BOVILL.)

ac office of Sul., Jones, Gloucester
Hertford, March 4
Lewes, March 18

BATCHELOR, JAMES WALTER, china dealer, Odiham: Feb. 12, in England. He enlarged upon the import- Chelmsford, March 7 Kingston, March 25

txo, at ottice of Suls., Wild, Barber, wnd Browne, Ironmonger. I ance of the students acquiring a thorough know.

Maidstone, March

BEESTON, Joux, innkopper, Woore; Feb, 8, at eleven, at the ledge of the Profession, in enabling them to


Corbet Arms hotel, Market Druyton.

Sol., Onions, Market transact business creditably to themselves and

(Baron MARTIN and Baron BRANWELL.)


BRADBURY, JOSEPH, victualler, Glossop; Feb. 13, at three, at with satisfaction to their clients.

Devizes, Feb. 28
Bodmin, March 19

office of Sutton and Harding, Brown-ut, Manchester. Sols, Mr. W. Johnson gave the " Birmingham Law Wincbester, Marcb 2 Taunton, March 22

Messrs. Johnson, Stockport Society,” and Mr. C. T. Sanders responded.

Dorchester, March 8 Bristol, March 28

BROUGHTON, WILLIAM HESRY. millwright, Albany-rd, Camber.

well; Feb. 6, at three, at office of Sol., Jenkins, Tavistock the Mr. Van Wart having read the balance-sheet, Exeter, March 12

Covent-garden The Chairman proposed “Success to the Bir (Lord Chief Baron KELLY and Mr. Justice Blackburn.)


BUTLER, ALFRED, draper, Westbourne-grore, Bayswater: Feb. 7, at twelve, at the Guildhall

Cottee-house, King-st, Chempede. mingham Law Students' Society," in which he

Sols., Davidsons, Carr, Bannister, and Morris, Basinghali., Oakham, Feb. 28

Huntingdon, March 14 CABLE. MARTHA MARIA, grocer, Bradford; Feb. 9, at iveire, expressed astonishment at the fact of its con. Leicester, Feb. 29

Cambridge, March 16

at office of Sol., Shrapnell, Bath taining only forty members. He hoped that Northampton, March 4 Norwich, March 21

CHAMBERS, GEORGE, Loot manufacturer, Iligh-st, Camden LOFT

Feb 15. at two, at offices of Slater and Pannell, Guild all-chanba everyone in that room would do his best to add Aylesbury, March 7 Ipswich, March 27 Sol., Lay, Poultry to that number, as he was assured that by rubbing

Bedford, March 11

CLOWES, DAVID, millwright, out of business, Monk's Coppenball; their shoulders one against the other they would


Feb. 10, at eleven, at ottice of Sul., Cooper, Congleton

COLLIER, WILLIAM, draper, Over Darwen: Feb. $. at foar, at rub off those asperities which some young men

(Mr. Justice Byles and Baron CLEASBY.)

offices of Sols., Kendall and Costeker, Over Darwen possessed, their ideas would be ventilated, con.

Reading. Feb. 26
Shrewsbury, March 18

DICKEN, THOMAS BLYTHE, grocer, Heathtown, near Woret
Oxford, Feb. 29
Hereford, March 25

hampton; Feb. 10, at eleven, ut office of Sol., Greenway, Waver. tracted, thwarted, or supported, and they would


Worcester (and City), Monmouth, March 30 DORSE, HENRY, builder, Cradley heath, par Rowley Regis; Feb. be training for their future duties-(applause).

March 5
Gloucester (and City)

12, at eleven, at oilce of Sol., Homer, Brierley-hil Mr. Baker responded to the toast.

Statford, March 11

April 4

DRABBLE, WILLIAM FROST, commission agent, Birstal; Feb. %

at ihu Queen', hute!, Heckmondwike A vote of thanks to the chairman, which he


EADES RICHARD EYRES, ivory turner. Shakespear-rd, Stoke acknowledged, closed the proceedings.

(Mr. Justice KEATING and Mr. Justice Quaix.)

Newington; Feb. 7, at iwo, at office of Sol., Beard, Basinstali! The scrutineers announced that the following

Warwick, Feb, 2+

Lincoln, March 11

ELLISON, JOHN BRADLEY, chemist, Barndley and wombweil;

Feb. 8, at two, at offices of Sol. Frudd, Barnsley had been elected on the committee :-Honorary :

Derby, March 1
York, March 16

FAURBROTHER, CHRISTOPHER, builder, Hyde: Feb. 12, at eleven Messrs. T. G. Lee, J. B: Clarke, and E. B.

Nottingham, March 6 Leeds, March 21

at the Pitt und Nelson hotel, Ashton-under-Lyne. Sul, Broad

bent, Ashton-under-Lyne

NORTHERN. Rawlings. Ordinary: Messrs. W. Johnson, A.

GILL, SPENCER Cortos, corn merchant, Catherine-ct, Tower (Mr. Jnstice MELLOR and Mr. Justice LUSH.)

hill; Feb. 7, at three, at office of Sol.. Carr, Rolls Canning, A. Van Wart, H. W. Stanbury, G. W. Arplehy, Feb. 16

Lancaster, March 7

HAIGH, WILLIAM, tailor, Hoylund Nether, 'near Barnsley, Feb. Hickman, and G. G. Horton..

Carlisle, Feb. 20
Manchester, March 11

17, 41 two, at the Coach and Horses hotel Barnsley, S.

Newcastle, Feb. 24

Liverpool, March 22 HEISCH, PERCY FREDERICK, and Dodd, HORATIO, merchants,
Durham, Feb. 29

Crosby-sq. Bishop utest; Feb. 8, at one, at offices of Qulit

Ball, and Ce., Moorgate-st. Sol., Snow, College hill, Cannunen LEGAL OBITUARY.


HITCHEN, THOMAS, out of business, Birmingham; Feb. , & (Baron CHANNELL.)

twelve, ut office of Sol., Fallows, Birinin han
Welsbpool, March 11 Ruthin, March 23

JACKSON, KICHARD, out or business, Capeits ray; Feb. 16, at 12,

at office of Sols., Johnson and Tilly, Lancaster Dolgelly, March 14

Mold, March 26 The late Robert St. George Mayne, Esq., bar.

JENNER, SAMUEL WALTER, farmer, Staplehurst: Feb. 7, at ball.
Carnarvon, March 16
Chester, March 30

past tweive at the Bridge-house hotel, London-bridge. Sb., rister-at-law, who died at his residence, 9, Belvi- Beaumaris, March 20

Goodwin, Maidstene

JENNINGS, GESKGE, victualler, Bristol; Feb. 8, at twe re, at dere-place, Dublin, on the 29th Dec., in the


office of Sols., Henderson and Salmon, Bristol sixty-first year of his age, was the eldest son

(Mr. Justice GROVE.)

JONES, EDWARD, carpet dealer, Rochdale: Feb. 9, at three, at of the late Sedborough Mayne, Esq., formerly

Haverfordwest, Feb. 26

oftices of Sol., Holland, Kochdale Brecon, March 22

KENNIT, William, jun., out or employment, Uppr Kennington assistant barrister for the county of Cavan. He

Cardigan, Feb. 29
Presteign. March 27

lit, Vauxhall; Feb. 6, at eleven, at office of Sol.. Wanand, was born in the year 1810, and was called to the

Carwarthen, March 4 Chester, March 30
Swansea, March 9

LEE. GEORGE, bootmaker, Chepstow and whitecroft, retr Lines: Irish Bar in Easter Term, 1837.

Mr. Justice WILLES remains in town,

Feb. !, at two, at office of knock, Triges, and Co., Ghimbabile

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LITTLEWOOD, GEORGE, retail brewer, Aston; Feb. 9, at eleven, a

-PARTRIDGE AND ofice of Sal., Harrison, Birmingham at eleven, at the Victoria Tavern, Victoria-park. Sol., Hicks,

COOPER LITTLEWOOD, JOHN, belting manaracturer, Old Trafford, near Lansdown.ter, Victorii-park Mariehester'; Feb. 9, at thiee, at ottice of Sol., Kearsley, Man.

JACKSON, AUBROSE, draper, Stalybridge: Feb. 14, at three, at the WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, cht ster

Binir's Head Inn, Manchester. Sol, Buckley LOWE, DANIEL, grocer, West Cowes. Isle of Wight; Feb. 8, at

JONES, HERBEILT ALWYN, coal merchant, Liverpool; Feb. 9, at 192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHASCERY-LAXE, Loxpox, E. eleven, at the Star hotel, Newport, Isle of Wight

two, at offices of Sol., Fowler, Liverpool XLAWSON, HENRY, printer, Brudiord; Feb. 7, at three, at office of

JOSLING, GEORGE, farin bailiir, Writtle; Feb. 12, at twelve, at Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208. Sols, Taylor, Jeffery, and Little, Bradford

office of Sol, Meggy, Chelmsford VILLA, JOSEPH, and MILLS, JOSIAH, brick manufacturers, Shel.

KAUFMAN, LEVY, jeweller, Middlesborough; F3b. 29, at three, at ton. Feb. 7, at three, at illce of Mr. Challinor, Hanley. Sol., office of Sol., Beli, Mest Hartlepool

DRAFT PAPER, 1s. 6d., 6s., 78., 73. 9d., and 9s. per ream. Litchöeld, Newcastle

KLITZ, GEORGE PHILIP, professor of music, Fairfield; Feb. 12, BRIEF PAPER, 155. od., 178.6d., and 28. 6l. per ream. MORRIS, JOHN, butcher, Wolverhampton; Feb. 10, at twelve, at

at eleven, at at office of Sol., Taylor, Buxton Office of Sol., Greenway, Wolverhampton LANCASTER, DAVID, shopkeeper, Bradford: Feb. 8, at three, at

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 10N, 62., 133, 6d., and 18. 64. per ream. O:BALDESTON, ROGER, cotton manufacturer, Brierteld, near office of Varley, accountant, Bradford. Sol., Rhodes, Bradford

CREAM LAID NOTE, 35., 18., and os. per ream. Burnley ; Feb. 13, at three, at office of Sols., Grundy and Coul. LEF, JOSEPHI, potato dealer, Bilston: Feb. 12, at eleven, at offices

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 4s., Cs., and 7s. per ream. son, Manchester of Sols., Woodward and Smith, Wednesbury

LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 19., and os. per ream.
PAS, WILLIAM, blacksmith, Overton; Feb. 7, at hall past one,
MADDICK, GEORGE WILLIAM, newspaper proprietor, Shoela,

ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 13. Gl., and 6s. Cd., per 1000, a: the Red Lion hotel, Basingstoke. Sol, Clarke, Whitchurch

Fleet-st, and Brixton.rel, Brixton; Feb. 12, at three, at omces of THE "TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 95. 6. per 1000. PESSINGTON, ABEL, out of business, Warrington ; Feb. 7, at Sol., Jenkins, Tavistock-st, Covent garder.

FOOLSCAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPEM, 18. Oil. per 1:0). eeren, at Cominercial-chmbs, Horse, Warrington. MANBROOK, GEORGE DOUGLAS, grocer, Birmingham; Feb. 12, at THE NEW “ VELLUM WOVE CLUB HOUSE Note, 9s. 6d. per Sols., Davies and Brook, Warrington two, at offices of Sols., Wright and Marshall, Birmingham

renm. PICKLES, JOUX, grocer, Shipley ; Jan 31, at ten, at oflice of Sol.,

MILLER, JOHN EDMUND, butcher. High-st, Notting-hill; Feb. 19, Har reaves, Bradford at two, at offices of Sol., Edwards, Gracechurch.t

We should direct particular attention to their New Club. PRATT, JOSEPH, saddler, Upton upon Severn ; Feb. 5, at one, at

MOORE, JOHN GODDARD, coal merchant, Lowestoft; Feb. 16, at house Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever tbe Crown hotel, Worcester. Sol., Gregory one, at offices of Sol., Diver, Great Yarmouth

wrote upon."-London Virror. PRENTICE, JAMEs, sen., fish salesman, Bermondsey, and Lower MORRIS, WILLIAM, baker, King's Sutton; Feb. 15, at two, at, and Billingsgate market: Feb. 5, at eleven, at the

office of Sols., Bullerand Pearse, Banbury British Mercantile Oltces, Old Bailey. Sol., Hick, Colern in-st

NICHOLSON, JAMES, innkeeper, Redcar; Feb. 10, at four, at the INDENTURE Skins, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty EEAD), PAUL, farmer, Droxford, near Bishops Waltham; Feb. 9,

Queen hotel, Redcar. Sol., Pullan as three, at offices of Sol., Killby, Southampton NORTHCOTT, JOSEPH, woollen manufacturers' agent, Adelaide

or thirty folios, Is. Sd. and 18. u. per skin, 203. per dozen. RITERS, WILLIAM MOLLART, clock maler, Hanley; Feb. 8, at rd, Haverstock-hill; Feb. 7, at three, at Mullens Hotel, Iron.

SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled ls, d. cach, 178. per dozen. eleven, at 2, Cheapside, HanleySol., Sherratt monger-la. Sol., Croft, South Lambeth.rd

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, Od. each, 5s. per dozen. BOSENBERG, ABRAHAM, jeweller, East Stonehouse: Feb. 9, at

ORBAX, MICHAEL JAMES GEORGE, auctioneer, Cannon-st; Feb. Irelve, at office of Sols., Messrs. Edmonds, Plymouth

9, at twelve, at offices of sol., Eady. Great Winchester-st.bldg ROFF, GEORGE BAKEK, farmer, Chartham; Feb. 7, at three, at OBORN, GEORGE, dyer, Upper ut, Islington ; Liverpool-rd,

LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER OG MINUTE-BOOKS the Queen's head hotel, Canterbury. Sul., De Lasaux Liington; High-st. Notting hill; and Canal.rd, Kingslandi

An iminense stock in various bindings. SABIX, THOMAS WILLIAM, livery stable keeper, Oxford: Feb. 10, Feb. 15, at three, at the Jamaica Coffee house, St. Michael's. at twelve, at offices of Sols., Hurford and Taylor, Oxford alley, Cornhill. Sols., Mesery, Child, Doctors'.commons

ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, SANDI FORD, MATHANIEL, Woolsorter, lowertold, Sporlani, per OXLEY, TOM ELPHIC, saddler, Footscray, par. Chislehurst: Feb. Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxen, Oak and Rochdale, Feb. 15, at three, at office of Sols., Messrs. Roberto, 19, at office of Ilolloway, accountant, Bali's-pond-rd, Islington.

Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles Rixchdale Sols., Heathfield, Lincoln's inn fields

adapted to Library or Office, post free. SABL, CHARLES, out of business, West Cowes, Isle of Wight; PAGE, ANN ELIZABETH, carver, Coventry-st, Piccarlilly; Feb. 14, Feb. 7, a: ten at the Castle hotel, Southampton

at two, at offices of Sols., Hudson, Matthews, and Co., Bucklers. BAIBI, ROBERT, iniller, Old Bradwell; Feb. 7, at three, at the burv

TO EXECUTORS, TRUSTEES, AND SOLICITORS Swan inn. Newport Pannell, Sol., Stimson, Bedford

PALMER, ALBERT REYNOLDS, clerk in orders, New Bond-st; SCHITOS, PETER DICKINSON, chemist, Boston; Feb. 5, at hall

Feb. 7, at three, at ottices of Sol., Luscombe, New Burlington-st peitten, at office of Sol., York, Boston

PANS MOHLE, RICHARD ADOLPHly, merchant, Newman's.ct, Corn. SHEPHERD, EDWARD FREDZRICK, schoolmaster, Thatcham;

hill; Feb. 6, at hali-bast two, at offices of Sol., Pain, Quality.ct, Feb. 16, at eleven, at the Great Western hotel, Reading. Sol., Luces, Newbury

PEACE, FREDERICK, commercial traveller, Shemeld: Feb. 14, at SLACK. GEORGE HENRY, agent, Nottingham; Feb. 6, at twelve,

eleven, at ottice of Sols., Mellor and Porrett, Sheffield

JEWELRY, ARTICLES OF VERTU, at office of Sol., Acton, Nottingham

PEATE, JOHN, miller, Shrewsbury; Feb. 10, at twelve, at the
SMITH, CHARLES, currier, Walsall; Feb. 8, at eleven, at the
Crown hotel, Shrew-bury. Sol., Jones, Oswestry

&c., Bralford Arms inn, Walsall Sol., Adams, Walsall

PPSEY, GEORGE, Hitioner, High Wycombe ; Feb. 12, at one, at SMITH. JOHx, provision dealer, Manohester; Feb. 9, at three, at the Fulcon Hotel, High Wycombe. Sol., Battiny, Great Narlow

CORRECTLY VALUED FOR PROBATE, office of Sols., Hardings, Woods, and Wilson, Manchester

RIDINGS, ELIZABETII, boiler maker. Bolton; Feb. 10, at halfSTEDMAN, JOSEPII, publican, Birmingham ; Feb. 10, at twelve,

OR rast two), at office of Sols., Messr. Winder, Balton at tice of Sol., Jaques, Biriningham

ROBINSON, CHARLES, oilman. Myddelton-sq and Exmouth st, PURCHASED IN ANY AMOUNT AT THEIR FULL TAYLOR, DANIEL, builder, Exeter-pl, Walham-green; Feb. 12, at

Clerkenwell; Feb. 13, At two, at the Guildhall Coffee house, threat offices of Sols., Lindsay, Mason, and Greenfield, Sol, Norris, Acton-st, Gray's.inn.rd


ROEBUCK, RUFUS, licensed victualler, Unstone; Feb. 9, at three, THORSLEY, CHARLES, lace manufacturer, Nottingham ; Feb. 9.

at office of Sol., Gee, Sheffield twelve, at othees of Sol., Belk, Nostingham

ROPER, JAMES, boot dealer, South Shields; Feb. 17, at eleven, at TORSBOLL, ANN, grocer, Newcastle; Feb. 8, at two, at onces of ottices of Sol.. Duncan, South Shields

D. & J. WELLBY, Sols., Messrs. Joel, Newcastle

ROYLE, WALTER, merchant's clerk, Noel-st, Islington: Feb. 12, TYLER. GEORGE TOWNSEND, smith, Dover ; Feb. 15, at twelve, tone at offices of Sols., Fallows and Whitehead,, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN PLATE, JEWELRY, st office of Sol.. Mowll, Dover

WADLOW, HARRIET, innkeeper, Much Wenlock; Feb. 6, at eleven, RUKALL, WILLIAM Louis, hair dresser, High Wycombe; Feb.

AND PRECIOUS STONES, st office of Sol., Morris, Shrewsbury

12, at eleven, at 90, Eastonist, High Wycombe WEBBER, THOMAS, baker, Gloucester; Feb. 10, at twe ve, at office

SANDERSON, HENRY, cutlery manufacturer. Sheffield; Feb. 12. at 20, GARRICK-STREET, COVENT-GARDEN, of S); Cooke, Gloucester

three, nt office of Sols., Broomhead, Wightınan, and Moore, WILLLAS. EHIC, schoolmaster, Sun, Upper Holloway;

Feb. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol., Scarth, Welbeck-st, Caven.

SHEARSMITII, PETER, bu cher, Kingston upon Hull; Feh, 7, at

two, at the George hotel, Kingston.pon Hull. 89., Laverack Secondhand Plate, Jewelry, foc., for Sale, at Trade 1190X, JOHx, victualler, Lawford-rd. Kentish Town ; Feb. 12,

SLATOR, THOMAS, commission agent, Nanchester, Feb. 14, at at two, at office of Sols., Nash, Field, and Laytou, Suffolk-la, three, at offices of Sul. Duckworth, Manchester

Prices. Cazzon st

SNOWDEN, JAMEX, plumber, Ossett: Feb. 13, at three, at the FOOD, CHARLES, grocer, Burslem ; Feb. 7. at half past tro, at

Batley Station Hotel, Batley. Sol, Stringer, Ossett the County Court office, Hailey. Sol., Litohtel, Newcastle SWEATMAN, WILLIAM, blacksmith, Middlewich; Feb. 15, at

ESTABLISHED FIFTY YEARS. WODLEY, JOHx, Cooper, Cnuren-row, Limeaouse Feb. 12. at

eleven, at otticu of Sul., Fletcher, North ich one, ac office of Dubois, accountant, Greshin-bldgs, Basing.

TENNANT, WILLIAM, hosier, Wolverhampton; Feb. 13, at three, hals-st. Sol., Moss, Gracechurch-st at office of S., Criven, Guildford-st, Russell-sq

JOHNSON, WALKER, and WODWARD, GEORGE, mason, Shepley. par. Kirkburton: Feb. 9, THORNTON, JOSEPH, grocer, Dewsbury ; Feb. 21, at three, at

TOLHURST, at ball.past three, ac uillue of sol., Armitage, Huddersfield

office of Sols., Scholes and Brearey, Dewsbury

TURSBULL, JAMEs. grocerCrouch-end, Hornsey ; Feb. 14, at DIAMOND MERCHANTS and WHOLESALE Gazette, Jan. 30. twelve, at offices of sole., Carter and Bell,

JEWELLERS. ARYFIELO, SQUIRE OWEX, draper, Derby; Feb. 20, at eleven, at

VONPER, WILLIAM, tailor, Redhill; Feb. 9, at twelve, at offices of
6t. James's hotel, Derby. Sol. Moody
Sol., Howell, Cheapside

BELL, SAMUEL, bricklayer's labourer, Stoke-upor-Trent; Feb. 7,
WATSON, RICHARD, Blnter, Chesterfield ; Feb. 12, at four, at office

Value Plate, Diamonds, and Jewels, for probate; or purchase

of Sol.. Gee, Chesterfield at eleven, s, Chenpaide, Hanley. Sol., Tennant. Hinley

direct. BENJAMIN, ISAAC, cigar manufacturer,; Feb.

WHITEHOUSE, BENJAMIN, rope manufacturer, Dudley: Feb. 8, %, at one, at the Midland Coun mercial Hotel, Lo'cester at three, at office of Sol, Lowe, Birmingham

80, ALDERSGATE-STREET, CITY. BROWNE, ROBERT LANGLEY, grocer, Norfolk-ter, Bayswater

WILLSON, ROBERT, miller. North Somercoles; Feb. 13, at eleven, Feb. 15, at two, at 2, Maddox-st, Sol., Peck

At offices O' Sol., Bell, Louth
BORGES, SAMUEL, tailor, Dunstable; Feb. 7, at two, at 12, Hatton

WRIGHT. HENRY, stutioner, Birmingham; Feb. 16, at three, at
office of Sol., Rowlands, Birmingham

ECOND-HAND GUNS, RIFLES, and srden. Sol, Marshall, Lincoln's-inn-fields CLARK, FISHER, confectioner. Rre; Feb. 13, at three, at the

Cinque Port, hotel, Rye. Sol., Tanner
CORDLY, HENRY, commission agent. Addle-st, Wood-st, and

By all the Best Makers,
Gruombridge-rd, South Hackney; Feb. 6, at twelve, at offices or
Sus., Marsden and Chubb,, Cheapside


Large Stock of
CROSS, FREDERICK, coal merchant, Newport Pagnell; Feb. 12, at
three, at offices of sol., Stimson, Bedroid
The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the


DASE, WILLIAM, coal merchant, Milton-next-Sittingbourne;
Feb. 12, at eleven, at offices of Sol, Gibson, Sittingbourno
De Castro, J. and G, merchants, arst, 24.11. Pagei, Basinghall.

DAWSON, GEORGE, bootinaker, Basinghall-st, and Studley.rd, st.-Ellis, H. T. W. silversmith, second, 214. (first and second
Suckwell; Feb. 8. at twelve, at the Mason's-hall Tavern, of 28.5jl, to new proors). Paget, Basinghall-st.-Holling with,
Mason's-avenue, Basinghall-s:
H. painter, first, 59, 6H. Pacet, Bayinghall-st. - Lurraren

PLATE, JEWELLERY, AND WATCHES SECOXD DAVIS, RICHARD,' tube manufacturer, Great Bridge; Feb. 12, at Jortimore, leather factors, seventh, 21. Paget, Basinghall-st.

hali.past eleven, at the Dudley Arms Hotel, Dudley. Sols., Laurence, Jortimore, and Schruter, leather factors, seventh. 21.
Dulghan, Lewis, and Lewis, Walsall
Paget, Basinghall-st.-L-, T. merchant, second, is. 91. Papet,

DEARN, JOSEPH, irunmonger, Birmingh: m; Feb. 9, at three, at Basinghuli-st.- Veare and strife, mushine coopers, first, 2. 31.
oticu Sol., Walter, Birmingham

(to new proofs, on account of 2x. 7il.) Paget, Basinghall-st. Catalogue of Guns, &c., sent on receipt of 3 Stamps. DYRELL, GEORGE, fisherman, Winterton; Feb. 9, at twelve, at - Hichanton, H. widow, further, lx. Nul. Daw, Exeter.Scorell, J. H. hou of sol, curaude, Great Yarmouth

Fail maker, first, %. Paget, Bisinghall-st.-Tuunton, W. attorney, ET LES REUBES, stone mason, Stockport; Feb. 10, at ten, at the first, ls. 14d. Paget, Basinghall-st.

OR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, Queen's ho e, sockport. Soi,, Law

Beattie, J. and J. merchants, comp. of 108., sep. of each, 18. EDWARDS, ABISA HAJUI ARLES, shipwright, Rochester ; Feb. 11,

At offices of Trust. J. Waddell, New. Poultry.chmb*, 7, Poultry at the Globe Hotel, Chatham. Sol., Barrow, Walbrook

Buck, W.c, innkeeper, first, 15s. At offices of Trust. 0. Omm... ELDEHY, ROBEKT, joiner, Gilling; Feb, 13, at twelve, at the Tal.

ney, 12, Greut Barlow, F. grocer, 1x. ed. At office botinn, Richmond, Yorkshire. Sol., Crort

of Trust. J. M. Henderson, 72, Basinghall-s..-Ian, S. butcher, EL TW, CHALES, oilman, St. John's.rd, Hoxton: Feb. 5, at

24. Bil. At office of Trust. G. Wreford, Gandy-st-chibs, 37 * 3*, three, at ffices or HT. Thwaites, Basinghall-st. Sol., Dobie,

of day is At offices of, Exeter. Henderson and ReellAnil, d. Binghallet

Trust. M. Joseph, 49, St. Paul's.-q. Birmingham.-lonyhion, A. R. FI ETCHER, RICHARP, farmer, Charringworth, par. Ebrington;

cotton broker, tinal, 198. At offices of Gibson and Bolland, ac. A few doses will cure all incipient cases. Caution.-Thaer. Feu, lý, at twelve, urine avel arma iun, Chipping campden. countants, 10, South John-st, Liverpool. -- Houghton, A. corton traordinary inedical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne S., Griffiths, Cainpden

broker, final, 0.511. At office of Gibson and Bolland, account. FRIKKER, CHARLES grocer, Bristol; Feb. 8, at eleven, at office of

renders it of vital importance that the public should obtain

ants, 10, South, Liverpool, -- Walter, E. F. und Sulton, W. the genuine, which is now sold under the protection of $). Piummer, Bristol

linen drapers, first, 5w. At office of F. H. Collison. !, Cheapside. GOLITVO, GEORGE WILLIAM, butcher, Kertish Town.rd: Feb. 4,

Government, authorising a stamp bearing the words "Dr. J.

Whiteley, T. and W. cotton spinners, 51. At office of Trust. J. at elever, at at office of Sul., Davis, Bediond-row, Holborn

Collis Browne's Chlorodyne," without which none is genuine. Bumford, Royal Insurance.bldgs, Crossley-st, Hallux

See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Paye Wood, the HASDEL, CHARLES MAXIMILIAN GEORGE, cigar merchant, Bowlinis par. Bradford ; Feb. 13, at eleven, at oifce of Sol., Peel,

Timex, July 16, 1-61. From Lori Francis Consugnam, Mouus Elferd

Charles, Donegal, 11th December 1869:- Lord Francis EARRINOS, JOHS, grocer, Bridge Mills, near Rochdale; Feb. 12, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS Conyngham, who this time last year bought some of Dr. J. a thre, at uffice of Sol., Harris, Rochdale

Collie Browne's Chlorodyne from Mr. Davenport, and has HARP, ALEXANDEK GORDON, draper, Worcester and Birming.

found it a most wonderful medicine, will be glad to have [ 12. Feb. 14, at two, at office of Sols., Wright and Marshall,


half a dozen bottles sent at once to the above address." BI min ham

HUNTER.-On the 25th ult., at Esher, the wife of Mark William Sold in bottles, 18. 11d.. YAN.. and 11.6.1., by all chemists BAPER, ALRAHAM BLOOM, licensed victualler, Norwich; Feb. Hunter, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Sole manufacturer, J. T. DAVENPORT, 33, Great Russell. 12, a! eleven, it cc of Sol., Winter, Norwich

MACKENZIE. - On the 13th ult., at Johnston, near Aberdeen, tho HART, SOLOMON JACOB, and HART, ELEAZER JACOB, tobacco wife of Willam Laurence Mackenzie, barrinter-at-law, Cuicutta,

street, London, W.C. Stufacturers, Leicester; Feb. 12, at one, at office of Sol., S.e.

of a son.

HEKXANX, ALEXANDER, prestidigitateur,, and the PLUES-HUME.On the 21st Dec., 1171, at the Church of St. John
Fyptiuichuli, Piceadilly; Feb. 7, at iwo, it offices of Sol., the Baptist, in Belize, British Honduras, The Hon. Samuel
bert, Margate-st
Swire Plues, Attorney-General for the Colony, to Sarah, the

HIFLEY, RICHARD JAMES, out of business, Plymouth; Feb. 13, third daughter of the late George Hume, Esq.
as twelve, attrice of Messrs. Edmonds, Parade, Plymouth

WILLINN-HOFFMAX. - On the 31st ult., at the Parish Church, I BOX, WILLIAM. joiner, Sheffield; Feb. 12, at twelve, at office flendon, Middlesex, William Preston Willins, of Rugby Chain:

PYRETIC SALINE Oils, Melior and Porrett, Sheffield

bers, Bedford-row, London, solicitor, to Annie Rutledge, eldest
HODM) X. NATHANIEL, builder, Grimesthorpe near Sheffield; daughter of James Farquhar Hoffman, Esq., of Goshen, Orange
and Newbold alvor; Feb. 9, at twelve, at office of Sol., Mellor, county, New York, solicitor.
- tl24

BILLINGSWORTH, RICHARD, provisiou denler, Birmingham; CUFAUDE.-On the 29th ult., at Great Yarmouth, aged 61, John

By Vitalising and Invigorating the Blood has peculiar and Frb. 14. at eleven, at omve of Sols., Puwell, Birmingham

Lomas Cufaude, solicitor.

remarkable properties in Headache, Sea or Bilious Sickness, BOLSTICS, NILS WILHELN, ship chandler, Faimouth; Feb. 14, FORSLAW. - On the 21th ult.. at Hoghton-street, Southport, aged preventing and curing Sınall Pox, Hay, Scarlet, and other al eleven, at the Globe hotel, Falmouth

62, Henry Forshaw, of Liverpool, solicitor.

Fevers. It is adınitted by all users to form the most agree. ISGER, ELIZABETH, china dealer, Nottingham ; Feb. 9, at two, RED. - On the oth ult., H 34, Bloomsbury-square, aged 42, able, portable, ritnlising Summer Beverage. Sold by most at the Queen's hotel, Birtningham. Sol., Simpson

Ernest Havthorne Reed, E-q.. barrister-at-law,

chemists, and the Maker. ISAATX. ALFHED, dea or in watches, Bevis-marks, St. Mary-axe; RO-E.-At Thames Law, Great Murlow, aged 63, Mr. W. Rose Xeb. 12, at two, at offices or Sol., Barnett, New sol citor, late of No. 19, Chango-alley.

H. LAMPLOUGH, 113, Holborn-hill, London,





Jast published, in demy Svo. (pp. xxxii., 780), cloth, price 255,









Part I. of the Second ,

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Embracing the Law of Copyright, the Law relating to Newspapers, the Law relating to Contracts between Authors, Publishers, Printers, &c., and the Law of Libel. With the Statutes relating thereto, Forins of Azreement betweca Autiora, Publishers, &c., and Forms of Pleadings.


dition of "THE FARM, GARDEN. STABLE, and Register his Take of Fish throughout the year. An exten- AVIARY." Vol. II!. of "The Field" Library, Price js,

OF THE MIDDLE TEMPLE, ESQ., BARRISTER-AT-LAV; sive List of Fishing Stations thiruuvhout the W. rld is added. In cloth, crown 4to., price Is. 6u., Dost free is. sd.

Joint Ellitor of " The Lon of Railman Companies" and "The GARDEN.

County Courts Acts, Rules, al Orders." TACTS and USEFUL HINTS relating to THE GARDEN: being Part II. of the

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. series of Recipes on the Management of Dogs in Health and


" Mr. Shortt's chapters cover everything important to be Disease. Vol. 1. of "The Fien" Library. Second Edition. STABLE, und AVIARY." Price is. Large post Svo., price is., cloth.

noticed, and will. no doubt, prove a valuable suleguard to

editors and publishers in their perilous task of supplying the KENNEL.

public with useful information."- Eraminer. EPORTS on SALMON LADDERS, with

"For the author and his nchierement we have nothing but FRANCIS. Price eso. THE DOGS of the BRITISH ISLANDS :

.... The work is not only valuable to the legal pro

tension, bn is of very considerable public interest."- Western

their History and Characteristics. Edited by Duilu Vercury. VALMON FISHING in IRELAND.-For " STONEHENGE.” Illustrated, price i6s. The above work may be had in the following parts:

“We recimmend this work to the attention of the legal of " The Field” Library. Price 5s.

PART I.-loos USED WITH THE Gux (price 5s.).

profession as one which ebly and fully investigates every one II.--COMPANIOXABLE Dogs (price Ss. 61.),

of the sizbjects with which it professes to deal; and we can SIDE;

and or

further recommend it to that portion of tue public who are III.-HOUNDS AND Toy Dogs (price 78. 60.).

professionally interested in works of literarure and art, as RANDAL ROBERTS, Bart. Illustrated. Price s. 60.,

one which contains practical infurination upon these subjects, NATURAL HISTORY.

as to their rights and liabilities, of the greatest possible Post free,

value."- Journal of Jurisprudence and Scotti, Lat Vaz. Price 1s. each, cloth 18. Cd.


“It is but jnst to the nuthor to say that his work is adminLOWER FORMS of LIFE. Illustrated. Vol. V, of

Lly written and carefully compilerl. It is an exhaustive Eastern, London and North-Western, Midland, "The Field" Library. By C. R. BREE, M.D., F.L.S., treatise, for every department of the subject is dealt with..... and Great Northern Railways. Nos. 3 a.100 of the RAIL F.Z.S. Price 58

The Law of Libel is fully treated, and the chapers on Priand ROD contain a dela led account of all the Angliny to be

vileged Publications,' and Comments on Jatter of Public obtained on these lines of rail. The whole series Lourd in TRAVEL AND EXPLORATION. Interest' are specially worthy of coininendatiou. Besides a cloth, in two volumes, price : s. 64. per vol.

list of cases and an index, there is an undix containing and


the statutes and forms of pleading. Mr. Shortt's work will be

appreciated by the profession, and further, it will be of great AQUATICS.

1180 to authors, evlitors, and publishers. We do not mean LORD, Royal Artillery, and T. BAINES, F.R.G.S. The that it will enable those persons to dispense with legal assist

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them the knowledte requisite to confer intelligen ly with their professional ndvisers. Certainly Mr. Shurtt's book out

to be kept in the elicor's room as a book of refereace, antion KETCHES of , SCENERY, and the publisher's desk as a guide in the conduct of business." COURSING.

-Luc Juuinul.
B.A. The work is adunirably alaples for use as a Tourist's
Handbook. Price 6s. 6d., free by post for 08. 10d.


REVIEW. Vol. XXVIII. Edited by "STONE-
HENGE." Prime 10s. od., post free 10s. Md.


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Great Por

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| Η Ε


for 1572 contains twenty engravings of various subjects, neeful information concerning the Queen anıl Government, Stamps, Taxes, and Post Office; Acts of Parliament inicresting to Country Gentleinen ; Weights and Measures; societies and Institutions; Monthly Notes on Field Sports; Sotes on Fisting and Shoping; the Farın, the Garden, and the Stable; Yachting Performances of the Year; a List of Yacht Clubs and their Officers; also a List of Rowing Clubs and their Officers; a List of Hounds, their Masters, Whips, dic., &c. With other information interesting to Country Gentleinen. Price ls., by pust ls. 2.

1, SERLE-STREET, LINCOLN'S-IXX, W.C. Messrs. DAVIES and HUXT, Patent Solicitors, continue to procure BRITISH and FOREIGN PATENTS, &c., as ino-t moderate charges, and to SOLICITORS at ayjency rates.

Solicitors and intending Patentees should obtain their "HANDBOOK FOR INVENTORS" gratis on application or by letter,


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DIARY for 1871-72 THE CPU Information and Recipes, adapted to the


This celebrated and most delicious old mellow spirit is the

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a Collection

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country gentleman and his household, and of the greatest
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STABLE. TREATISE on HARNESS, SADDLES, and BRIDLES. Price 28.; post free s. 20.

MEADOWS.--Patients attended at 277, Grays-inn-roan, King's-cross, on Mondays and Thursdays, and at It, Alitre street, Aldgate, on Wednesday and Friday mornings at ten, eveninrs from six till nine. Average number of cases under trentment 100) Weekl,.--Tuotas Rokissox, Hox. Sec.

Decoration of limer Tables, and General Directions for
folding the Serviettes, with Ninety-two Woodcuts. Price vs.



(FOUNDED 1836).

Tłe Parliamentary Accounts required by the “Life Assurance Companies Act 187






E. A. NEWTON, Actuary and Manager.

To Borders and Correspondents.

All anonymous communientions are invariably rejected. All communications milat healuhticated by the name an allress of the writer, uot necessarily for publication, but as a guarautee of good faith.

an adjudication is good against the trustec, las been affirmal by the Escbeper (hainber. At the very opening of the arguments Jr. Justine 1lles pointed out the omission from the last Bankruptcy Act of any enactment similar to the 181th section of the Act of 181', and, consequently, that an execution-creditor is not bound to seize and sell before adjudication. The case is reportedl in the court below in 2: L. T. Rep. N. S. 6:31, and L. Rep. 6 Ex. 2:23. Both law and equity are now in accord on this much-vosed question.

CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS. Fonr lines or thirts inordis

34. 61. | Ezany additional ten trorle ne. Advertisements s'ecially ordered for the first page are chiryed one-fourth more than the above scale.

Artvertisemeats must reach the o lice not liter than five o'clock on Thursday alteruoou.

TO SUBSCRIBERS. The onlumes of the Law Ties and of the Law Times PSPORTS, are strong and

uniformly how at the office, ils coinpleted, for 55. 61. for the Jommal, and ts. 6..

for the Reports, Portfoling for preserving the currant numbers of the Law Tues, price 58. 60., hy post, 3d. extr. LAW TIMES REPORTS, price 3. 6.1., by poet, 3.1. extra.

We are in fomnord that a morement is in progress amongst the friends or Mr. SAMUEL SIone, torn clerk of Leicester, the wellknown author of the widely-circulated Justices' Marul, for the purpose of presenting him with a testimonial, as an acknot:ledg. ment of the long and valuable public services rendered by him in that lorough, and as a mark of the esteem and respect in which he is held, not only on account of the services mentioned, but also for the inform courtesy and kindness he has invariably displayed towards all those who have been bronglit into contact with him. We understand that subscriptions will be received by Mr. Join Barnes, honorary secretary, 28, Belvoir-street, Leicester.



Retutin suit- No answer to respon.

857 SANDUO SANDT.RSX, STEPHENS AND IXDissolution suit-Respondent's answer, alieping oruelty



858 DOITLVIE Judgment creditor-27 & 29 Vict. c. 112 8.4


We are informed that the petitions to Parliament which are in course of signature by solicitors practising in London and in the provinces, in favour of the establishment of a School of Law, are being rery influentially signed, upwards of two thousand signatures having already been obtained. The petitions from the county of Oxford, and the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed have been sent to Sir ROUNDELL PALMER for presentation. In the former case, five-sixths of the solicitors practising in the county have signed the petition; in the latter, the solicitors are unanimous in supporting the morement. We may mention that all petitions which have not yet been returned to the secretaries of the Legal Education Association should be sent to Mr. LONGBOURNE, the honorary secretary, on or before the 19th instant, as Sir RoundELL PALMER proposes to move his resolutions in the House of Commons on the 1st of March.

Transfer of shurres-Infant transfereo... 802


Motion to take hill off Alenanthor.
ieri satt byrgent of foreign govern.
ment in its name.



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Trpins of the Wepa

23 Tha Taryers' Indictment Against the Vermont

21 Anrithar Anomaly in the Town Line 965 The Lithility of Und writers on Goois for Freight fier Abandonment

04 Ciuto tonyonts International Law and the Anglo-Arneri. can Arbitration........


278 NOTES OF THE WEEK Court of Quenn's Bench

107 Court of Exchequer LEGISLATION AND JURISPRUDENCE: House of Loris .....

TO House of Columone.......

271) Arbitration for Trades' Unions

270 ELECTION LAW:Notes of New Decisions

271 ESTATE AND INVESTMENT JOURNAL :rock and Share Markets

271 Public Companies SOLICITORS' TOTANACENotes of New Decisions

272 Unclaimed Stock and Dividends in the Rank of England

273 Arpointments under the Joint-Stock Winding-un Acta

273 Creditors under Estnies in Chancery 273 Creditore inder 2 & 3 Vict. c. 35

273 MAGISTRATES LAT:Borough Quarter Sewinns


Notes of New Decisions
Notes of Yew Decisions

24 MERCANTILE LAVNotes of New Decisions

274 MRITIYS LAW Notes of Yew Decisions

274 COMPTY CORTHBonton County Cout

4 Fast Stonehouse County Court

274 Skipton County Curt


Mr. Daniel on Proceedings in Liquidation 275
Tesbury Rankruptcy Court
Liverpool County Court

277 LPGAL YEWS:The New Sherilts...........



279 LAW SOCIETIES: Norwich Law Sindante' Society

970 Solicitors' Benevolent Associution

275 Law Asunciation

279 Bristol Articled Clerks Debating Society 279 LEGAL OBITUARY


.......... 20 THE COURTS AND COORT PAPERS:Sittings after Hilary Term 1872




WITII reference to the Tichborne cise a Lincolnshire solicitor writes to us: “I cannot understand how it is that the Tichborne case is conducted in such ap;arently flagrant violation of the law of maintenance, if I rightly understand that law. Are not all the parties who have taken bonds liable to be indicted for supporting an action in which they have no interest ?" Clearly not. They hare simply bought the claimant's security. Undoubtedly, they know that the bonds will be worthless unless he succecais, but this does not constitute maintenauce. If the money were advanced as a consideration for obtaining a share of the proceeds of the suit it would be champerty; and if advance without any security, erpressly to promote the suit, it would be maintenance. The existence of the bonds excludes the question of maintenance. It is not for us to say whether some partizans of the claimant have brought themselves within the law referred to by our correspondent.


Landlord and tonnant-Outgoing and
Incoming tonants,

876 COURT OF EXCHEQUER. SHEPHERD , THE MIDLAXD RAILWAY COMPANY -Nexligence-Ice upon a railway plat. frin, upon which # passenger steps and consequeatly falls

879 BAIL COURT. TCLL - WITTTAKEXLindlord and tenant-Excessive distress



Larceny of wri':- County Court errant 682
Arson-ownership of house set fire to... 883


894 THE ENPRESSalvage-Value under £1000


Collision-Compulsory pflotnze ......... 687

The United States law is far in advance of ours in the legal remedies it allows to women. It gives them a right of action for slandered chastity without calling for proof of special damage, and it has sustained an action by a wife for enticing away her husband. It was argued by the court which has decided this point, that if by marriage the husband gains a right to damages for the loss of his wife's society, the same result for stronger reasons should follow the loss of the husband's consortium by the wife. The court concludes that in the highest sense, the wife is the ward of the court, and as such, under the generous policy of the law, reliered of the old idea of conjugal servitude, which placed her as a chattel under the control of her husband, that she is entitled to its protection and aid in the enforcement of her rights; for it is only consistent with the relations into which the husband and wife have entered, that each must have their separate interest, controlled only by mutual affection and regard, which is subject, nevertheless, to the protection of the law.

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Now rearly, price 88.00., Part III. of Vol. VIII. of HE LAW DIGEST. By D. T. EVANS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. arranged that the Practitioner can find in a moment what is the latest law on any subiect. It is the only Half. Yearly Direst of the Law; is in the months of June and December. The back Parts and Volumes may still be had. Established for twenty-five years.

LAW TIMES Oifica, lo, Weliington strret, Strand, W.C.

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Series, will be published in ten parts, price 1s. ench. Sent free of postage to subscribers. The General Index to vols. 1 to 10, N. S., may still be had, price 7s. 6tl. in cloth.


The Law and the Lawyers.


MR. CHARLEY bas issued his two Bills for the better protection of women and infants. The former empowers a single woman with child, or having become a mother, to apply to a justice of the peace for a summons against the putative father, whereupon the justice may make an order on the putative father for the expenses

consequent on the birth of her child,” and a weekly sum for the maintenance and education, or funeral of ler child, such order to be enforced by distress and commitment. Power is proposed to be given to Boards of Guardians to recover the cost of maintaining an illegitimate child from the putative father. As a kindness, and no doubt a compliment, to our County Court Judges, they are to exercise the same jurisdiction as is vested in justices. We trust that they will feel grateful. As to the protection of infant life, it is proposed to enact that a licence be taken out by every person having two or more children to nurse for hire, and persons receiving two or more

The dinner which we stated is to be given to Mr. Justice QUAIN by the Northern Circuit, has been arranged to take place at the Albion, in Aldersgate-street, to-day (Saturday). The case of Slater v. Pinuter, which our readers will recollect decided that seizure by an execution-creditor before notice of an act of bankruptcy committed by the debtor, without sale before

VOL. LII.--No. 1503.

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