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the back of the instrument of transfer: "I certify, that


Thomas Bland, in 18 19. He was twice married ; tbe withiu traust is ma le po occasion coming FOE THE BENEFIT OF WIDOWS AND FAMILIES first, in 1810, to Charlotte Elizabeth, second withio sect. 7 of the Stump Act 1870, and so bears the

OF ATTORNEYS, SOLICITORS, AND PROCTORS daughter of the late General the Hon. Arthur maximum amount of stamp luty there inder charge. able." (Signelloy the first or ouly transferor, suy). If IN THE METROPOLIS AND VICINITY.

Grove-Hennesley, who died in 1812 ; and secondly, the comany persisteil in their objection ther, wonla Ar the monthly meeting of the directors, held at in 1813, to Annie Jane, eldest daughter of the then lw nothing for it perhaps but to obtain the "wlju- the Hall of the Incorporated Law Society in Chan. late Mr. John Prendergast Hackett, of Stratford. dicution" stamp for the instrument of transfer or trans. cery-lane on Thursday the 1st inst., the following place, London. He had issue two sons and two fers, or to save the trouble au delay of obtaining the being present-viz., Mr. Desborough (chairman), daughters, the elder son, John Loftus, who now adjudication stan; to stamp the trust" wafulilaty Mr. Beaumont, Mr. Carpenter, Dr. Drew, Mr. inherits the estate of Blandsfort, was born in 1811, of 61, for every $100 of the amount of he debentures. In the foregoins I have in part indicated how the duties Finch, Mr, Hedger, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Kennetly, Mr. and is a captain in the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons ; I bave pamelare come ar, but I cannot intuisu Steward, Mr. Sawtell, Mr. Sidney Smith, Mr. he married, in 1868 Alice, daughter of the late munication yo further into detail.

H. F. Η. Whyte, Mr. Williamson, and Mr. Boodlo (secre- Colonel George Hotham, R.E.

tary), the ordinary business of the association was The duties appear to be (1) 10g. miler the head transacted.

MR. J. F. S. GOODAY. appointment; () 158. under the head mortgige transfer); (3, 4, and 5) 83., 7s. Cl., and is. un ler the SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. THE death of Mr. John Francis Sikes Gooday, . Z. Y.

solicitor, formerly of Sudbury, took place suddenly The usual monthly meeting of the Board of at Jersey on the 15th Oct. last, of heart disease. (Q. 79.) SCHOOL BOARD-- ENROLMENT.—I think it clear Directors of this Association was held on Wednes. The late Mr. Gooday took out his certificate as a that enrolment is not required.

2. Y. day last, the 7th inst., at the Law Institution, solicitor in 1832, and was for many years clerk to

Lindon. Mr. John Smile Torr in the chair ; the the trustees of the Sudbury municipal charities, IQ. 8)) BANKRUPTCY.— The registrar construes the other directors present being Messrs., Brook, and secretary to the Sudbury Gas Company. He ruls correctly: There are two events mentionel, in Carter, Helger, Rickman, and Smith ; (Mr. Eiffe,

was also formerly a member of the Town Council, either of which the lower scule of costs is to be allowed. Secretary). The sum of L30 was distributed in a paving commissioner, a member of the court of

Z. Y.

grants of assistance ; fourteen new members were guardians, and also of the burial board. As one (Q.81.) EQUITABLE MORTGAGE. - There is no occasion

admitted to the association ; and other general of the corporation of Sudbury, he took an active for reconveyance. The legal estate remains in A , and business transacted.

part in municipal affairs, and through his intlu. the payment to B., and her husband binds the equitv.

ence Mr. Samuel Higgs was placed in possession Z. Y.

ARTICLED CLERKS SOCIETY. of the mayoralty, which he held for Q. 2.) CONVEYANCE. L. onght to read aw, and not A MEETING of this society was held at Clement's.

consecutive years. Mr. Gooday, however, became ask sojille a question. land held ia fue sinple descends to the heir of the poir.

Doces de tant to be told that inn Hall, on Wednesday, the 31st ult. Mr. E. W. chiety famous by his conduct of the suit of Carchaser, or that since the Inheritance Act the father Bone in the chair. Mr. Hanhart opened the sub: dinal v. Molyneur, in Vice-Chancellor Stuart's

court, which resulted in a protracted litigation, will be the heir if the infant left no issue? Z. Y.

ject for the evening's debate, viz. :
ligence on the part of railway companies should be extending over two or three years. The suit arose
assumed until the contrary be proved.”

from the defendant having removed the pews from (Q. 83.) DEVOLUTION OF PROPERTY. -Of course the

The estate is by , motion was lost by a majority of five. A meeting the curate), and substituted rush-bottomed chairs,

St. Gregory's Church, Sudbury (of which he was a devise of a trust est it is not a breach of trust : (4 of the society was also held on Wednesday, the without having first obtained a faculty from the Davidson Conv. 5.), 2nd edit.)

7th Feb., Mr. H. Lewis Arnold in the chair. Consistorial Court. The Vice-Chancellor ordered Z. Y. Mr. E.W. Bone opened the subject for the evening's the restoration of the pews, upon which the defen

debate, viz. : " That all trust estates should be dant appealed to Lord Chancellor Campbell, but (Q84) ECCLESIASTICAL LAW. Neither the vicar nor the church wardens have any property in the cushions

vested in a public trustee.” The motion was lost the case was only part heard when his Lordship and lissock ** Tbe mere fart of placing goods in the hy a majority of four.

died suddenly in 1961. Lord Westbury, who church (even though they are of a character to benefit the and merely

succeeded to the Chancellorship, had the case plicine them there, us vus-sitting for lighting the BRISTOL ARTICLED CLERKS’ DEBATING re-argued before him, and gave judgment partly church) does not make them parish property.


for the plaintiff, as tho costs were awarded in his to make them parisb property there must have been an inteation on tbe part of the owner to dedicate them to The first debate of this society was held at the favour, and partly for the defendant, as the Vice

restore the pews was the parish; and there must be some evidence of such Law Library, Bristol, on Tuesday, 30th Jan. ult. Chancellor's order to intention, to justify the conclusion that he has done G. F. Prideaux, Esq., in the chair, the subject for rescinded, and the parishioners were also to be "': (Prideaux's Church warden's Guide, 353, lith discussion being, Is an innocent principal re

entitled to reseat the church, if they thought edit., citing Moore v. Cookie, M. T. 1811, MS.) Z, Y.

The parishioners, sponsible for the unauthorised fraud of his agent?" proper, with open benches.

Mr. Pile opened in the affirmative, and Mr. Budge however-on whose behalf the procecdings were (Q.95.) DOCTRINE OF IMPLICATION. -I think the fund in the negative, and after a very interesting dis supposed to be initiated, in the name of their churchis undisposed of. To udju lze the fund or any interest cussion, the negative was carried by a majority of

warden-have never cvinced the slightest solicitude therein io the wife, would be speculation, not implica eleven to seven.

to avail themselves of the privilege afforded them Z. Y.

in Lord Westbury's juilgment and order, as the

chairs still remain in the church, and the defen(Q. 86.) TRISTEE ACT 23 & 2! VICT. C. 115. -"X Y. Z."

dant (who is now rector) thus viri ually gained the had better refer to Langley's Reading on this statute:

LEGAL OBITUARY. L! TIMES, vols. 35 and 30.

suit. DIr. Gooday practised largely in the police 2. Y.

and County Courts of the district, where he was L. H. BLAND, ESQ., Q.C.

generally successful as an advocate in elucidating 0.87.) LAXDLID AND TENANT. -(1) Notice before damire is not gond notice. (2) The licence, not being

The 'late Loftus Henry Bland, Esq., Q.C., of evidence, am bringing cut such points as told in are personal licence pleasure, cannot be restricteil Blandsfort, Queen's County, whose death lias just l'avour of his clients. In later years his practice a su: vested, anl gun ini; be used. Parke, B. in liikkum v. Hawlier 17 M. & W.78, 79 may year of his age, was the youngest and only sw'. The judgment of been announced from Ireland, in the sixty-seventh seeined to have considerably fallen off, and at last

he hal alınost abandoned his profession. le reierred to.

Z. Y.

viving son of the late John Bland. E-.. of (QSR) LEAST, As between P. and C, the leave is a Blandsfort, by Elizabeth, aighter if the late

T. PRICE, ESQ. Windlease by simpel, and both partio& are bound by

Robert Birch, Esq., M.P., of Tarvy, in the county Tie late Thomas Price, E-t., solicitor, of 21, itRefer to 1 tres to Sander-'s Report-, ele v. of Dublin. He was born in the year 180.), and Abehurck-Jane, City, who died at his residence, 1, War'i, 58), 331; Scing i. Cu hbertau., 3 L. T. Rep. was educated at Trinity Collur, Cainbridige, where

Z. Y.

he grumated B.A. in 1823, itni proceeded M A. in Oliver's-terrace. Vest, Bov-ro:21. on the 1st inst, (Q. 30.) LANDLOP! ASD TENANT. (1) I think any un. 1828. He was called to the Irishi Bar, at Dublin. iter a short liness, in the 53rd year of his age,

was born in the year 1818. and wils admitted a Desary or unreasonable disturbance of theme is

in Michaelmas Term 1831, and obtained in siik Bittasle. 12) The teuant way carry a gun.

2. Y. sown in 1556. Mr. Blund was a magistrate for lieto: in Hilary Term, 1851. Ho was a Com

the County of Dublin and also for King's County, missioner for the Administration of Oaths in CO. 30.) Copraolds. I apprehend that it is 22-11a1, in Queen's County, and the county of Wicklow, ani Chaneyand held for somo time prior to his the (se of it mnar? 1.45,- nettlement counpri

he held successively the chairmanship of Quarter On Town. The deceased gentleman was highly

bath ti office of clerk to the vestry of Mile-end for the trustees ritm admitted. In the del otsettle- Sessions fir county Cavan, county Longtri, and

into there is usually carenant to surrender t) tie county Tyrone, hiving been appointed to the respected by a large circle of relatives and friends, trustees, alii. thral their neslrcting to entore this, the person whose name they allow to remain on

latter post in the year 156). Ins" he entered by whom his loss is deeply regretted. the court rolls as i vner disposes of it, the trustees

Priiaunent, in the Liberal interest, as one of the would clearly be liable. It the trustees are not al. representatives of Kings Conty, the number of

J. II. BORTON, ESQ. initiel, iliey should set the stewa" title will):o enter votes pulled by the respectiva canilites bring -The late Jolin Henry Borton, Es, solicitor, who the deed of settierneut on the court rolls: but this ti Mr. Patrick O'Brien, 1970; Jr. Loftu. H. Bland, died at his revislonce at Bury St. Eimunds. on the steward frequentljo'jects to do: (Siehill ... T:11stees, 1839; and Captain Thomas Berrnru, the deretter dlst. Ja, in the 73rd year of his are, was born in

A STEWARD. candidate, 11415. He retained hus seat thronyh two : 17.9, mm vas adonitted a solicitor in 1821, and The trustees undoubtelly oazht to take admit.

noressive Parliaments, amely down to the year hk for about thirty years the office of clerk of tance.

2. Y.

1839, when he lost his seat, being defeated by Mr. the peace for the county of Suffolk. He was much

Popis Hennesey and Mr. Putrims O Brien. He is respected by the local magistrates, and in fact by Replications.

described in ihe Perlementare Componime as all who were bronght into contact with him on

being a friend of “progressive legislation,” ani: public and county business, or in the more private Q. 50.1 CoxTETICIS. - I am mutirely of Mr. Wilkinson's opinion this poiat, a vil ho not, as he

favour of " reform of the representative system, a relations of everyday life. implies, take the contrary view. I should not have moditied tenant right, civil liberty, and religious reiser this qustion, hal iot a solicitor in Worcester equality,” He also voted for the ballot in 1853. Terired me t· return his riguedl ru-itions, coord- Thos dereasel gentleman was descended from

J. L. P. KETTLE, ESQ. ing to the " usuni practice.” EDWARD A. SILNOx. General Hunphrey Blund, who wils governor of Tie lata John Lucena Ross Kettle, Esq., bar.

Gibraltar, and cominander-in-chief in Scotland, in rister-at-law, who died at Ol Government Honse,

the reigus of Queen Ame and George I. General Guernsey, on the 27th Jan., in the sixty-third LAW SOCIETIES. Bland was a distinguished writer on military tac. year of his

was educated at Lincoln ties, and commanded a troop of horse at Cul. College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1813 ; NORWICH LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

Joden. Tie family settled in Queen's County in taking a second class in classics : ho proceeded Ar an ordinary meeting of the society, held on the end of the seventeenth century, Colonel John W.A. 1835, and B.C.L. in 1838, and he became a on Wednesday, the Sist Jan. ult., the tollowing Bland--a cadet of the house of Bland of Kippax, follow of his college. Called to the bar by the questions were discussed ;--1. " Is one solitary in Yorkshire---having purchased lanıl there, ani lion. Society of Lincoln's-inn, in Jan. 1840, he instance of recognised dealing on credit, suthicient built the present mansion of Blandsfort, which practised for many years as a conveyancer in to create a general agency :" ... " Is the Attor. wils finished in 1715, a date inscribed in a cut New-square, Lincoln's-inn. At the time of his neys' and Solicitors' R'muneration Act 1870, cal. stone slao beneath the family aruis at Blandsfort. , death, Dir. Kettle was senior fellow of Lincoln culated to give general satisfaction?" Both The late Mr. Bland succeedel to the family College, and it is almost needless to add that he questions were decived in the attirmative.

estates on the death of his brother, Dir. John i lived and died unmarried.

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Monday 18 Appeals

Thursday 15 Second Seal, Motions and general
Tuesday 19 Ditto

paper The late James Stansfeld, Esq., late judge of the Wednesday 20 Petitions and appeals

Friday 16 Petitions and general paper Yorkshire County Court, who died at his residence, Thursday 21 Appeals

Saturday 17 Short causes, adjourued Moorlands, near Halifax, on the 29th Jan., in the Friday 22 Appeal motions and appeals

monses, and general paper

19 General paper eighty-first year of his age, was the seventh son of N.B. Such days as his Lordship shall be engaged in Monday

Tuesday 20 Ditto the late David Stansfeld, Esq., a merchant of the House of Lords are excepted.

Wednesday 21 Ditto Leeds, by Sarah, daughter and heiress of the late

Thursday 22 Tbird Seal. Motions and general Thomas Wolrich, Esq., of Armley, Yorkshire.

(Before the LORDS JUSTICES.)

paper He was born on the 22nd April 1792, and having

At Lincoln's.inn.


23 Petitions and general paper

24 Short causes, adjourned been duly admitted into the profession of the law, Saturday, Feb. 10 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti- Saturday, became, in early life, a partner in the firm of

tions, and appeals

monses, aud general paper Monday

26 General paper Stansfeld and Craven, solicitors, of Halifax, and Monday 12 Appeals

13 Ditto

Tuesday 27 Ditto was appointed deputy to Mr. Maude, judge of the Tuesday Wednesday 14 Ditto

Wednesday 28 Ditto old Court of Requests for that district. In 1841

Thursday 15 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Thursday 29 Fourth Seal. Motions and general Mr. Stansfeld succeeded to the office held by that Friday 16 Appeal motions and appeals

paper gentleman, and on the abolition of those courts, Saturday 17 Petitions in luvacy, appeal peti. Friday, March 1 Petitions and general paper,

tions and appeals

Saturday 2 Short causes, adjourned and the substitution of County Courts in 1847, he

um. 19 Appeals

monses, and general paper was appointed judge of the circuit comprising Monday

20 Ditto


4 General paper Halifax, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, and Holmfirth. Weduesday

5 Ditto
21 Ditto

In September last, owing to failing health, he

6 Ditto
22 Bankrupt appeals and appeals


7 Fifth Seal. resigned that judgeship, having performed the

Motions and general Friday


23 Appeal motions and appeals duties of the office for upwards of twenty years. Saturday,

24 Petitions in luvacy, appeal peti.

paper tions, and appeals

Friday During Mr. Stansfeld's jurisdiction about 20,000

8 Petitions and general paper 26 Appeals

Saturday 9 Short causes, adjourned claims were disputed before him, and out of the Monday

27 Ditto

monses, and general paper large number on an average but one or two of his Tuesday

11 Wednesday


General paper

28 Ditto decisions were appealed against yearly. It will be Thursday

12 Ditto

29 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Tuesday remembered by our readers that he was one of the Friday, March 1 Appeal motions and appeals

Wednesday 13 Ditto

2 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. Thursday 14 Sixth Seal. seven County Court judges who were selected to Saturday..

Motions and general revise and suggest rules, &c., for the future go.

tions, and appeals

paper 4 Appeals


15 Petitions and general paper vernment of the courts.' Mr. Stansfeld was the Monday

5 Ditto

Saturday. 16 Short causes, adjourned sum. last County Court judge who was not a barrister. Tuesday Wednesday 6 Ditto

monses, and general paper He was a magistrate for the West Riding of York: Thursday 7 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Monday

18 General paper shire, and married, in 1817, Emma, daughter of Friday

19 Ditto 8 Appeal motions and appeals

Tuesday the Rev. John Ralph, of Halifax, by whom he has | Saturday.. 9 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. Wednesday 20 Ditto

tions, and appeals

Thursday 21 Seventh Seal. Motions and general had issue, besides six daughters, an only son—the

11 Appeals

paper Right Hon. James Stansfeld, barrister-at-law of Monday Tuesday 12 Ditto


22 Petitions and general paper the Inner Temple, President of the Local Govern. Wednesday 13 Ditto

Saturday... 23 Short causes, adjourned ment Board, and M.P. for Halifax, who was born Thursday 14 Bankrupt appeals and appeals

monses, and general paper in 1820, and married, in 1814, Caroline, daughter Friday 15 Arpenl motions and appeals of the late William Henry Ashurst, Esq.

Saturday. 16 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti.
tions, and appeals

V.C. Bacon's Court.
18 Appeals

At Lincoln's-inn.

19 Ditto

Saturday, Feb. 10 Petitions, short causes, and general Wednesday 20 Ditto

paper The late Ernest Haythorne Reed, Esq., barrister. Thursday 21 Baukrupt appeals and appeals Monday 12 La Bankruptcy at-law, and recorder of Bridgwater, who died on Friday

22 Appeal motiuns and appeals


13 General paper

23 Petitions in lunacy, appeal peti. Wednesday 14 Ditto the 29th Jan., at his residence, 34, Bloomsbury. Saturday.

tions, and appeals

Thursday 15 Second Seal. square, in the forty-third year of his age, was the

Motions and ad. NOTICE.-- The days (if any) on which the Lords Jus.

journed summonses third son of the late Henry Reed, Esq., solicitor, | tices shall be sitting with the Lord Chancellor, or the Friday 16 General paper of Bridgwater. His mother was Catherine, only Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are excepted.

Saturday 17 Petitions, short causes, and general daughter of the late Rev. George Glyn Scraggs, of

paper Stafford. He was born at Bridgwater in the year

Rolls Court.

Monday 19 In Bankruptcy 1828, and was educated at the Grammar School at


20 General paper (Before the MASTER of the ROLLS.)


21 Ditto Ilminster, Somersetshire. Called to the Bar by

At Chancery-lane.

Thursday 22 Third Seal. Motions and adjourned the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple in June Saturday, Feb. 10 Petitions, short causes, adjourned 1849, he enjoyed a very large practice in the old

summonses, and general paper Friday..

23 General paper

12 General paper Insolvent Debtors' Court, and also in the London Monday

Saturday 24 Petitions, short causes, and general 13 Ditto

paper Bankruptcy Court, for several years past. In Tuesday,

14 Ditto

Monday 26 In Bankruptcy 1862 he was appointed recorder of his native town, Wednesday

15 Second Seal. Motions and general Tuesday,

27 General paper Bridgwater, the duties of which post he fulfilled Thursday


Wednesday 28 Ditto until his death. Mr. Reed married, in 1850, Anne Friday

16 General paper

Thursday 29 Fourth Seal. Motions and ad. Christiana Mills, second daughter of the late Saturday. 17 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

journed summonses Joseph Francis, Esq., of Bridgwater.

summonses, and general paper Friday, March 1 General paper
19 General paper

Saturday.. 2 Petitions, short causes, and general
Tuesday 20 Ditto

paper Wednesday 21 Ditto


In bunkruptcy PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS. Thursday 22 Third Seal. Motions and general Tuesday

5 General paper

Wednesday 6 Ditto
23 Geveral paper

Thursday 7 Fifth Seal. Motions and adjourned [N.B.-Announcements of promotions being in the nature of advertisements, are charged 28. 6d. each, for which Saturday. 24 Petitious, short causes, adjourned postage stamps should be inclosed.]

summonses, and general paper Friday.

8 Geveral paper
26 General paper

Saturday 9 Petitions, short causes, and general
Tuesday 27 Ditto

paper The Lord Chancellor has appointed John Pem. Wednesday 28 Ditto

Monday 11 In Bankruptcy berton, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, Thursday 29 Fourth Seal. Motions and general Tuesday

12 General paper gentleman, to be a Commissioner to Administer



13 Ditto Oaths in the High Court of Chancery in England. Friday, March 1 General paper

Thursday 14 Sixth Seal. Motions and adjourneå MR J. Cherry has been appointed Clerk of Saturday ......... 2 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

summonses, and general paper Friday

15 General paper the Peace for Suffolk.

4 General paper

Saturday 16 Petitions, short causes, and general
5 Ditto

paper Wednesday 6 Ditto

Monday 18 In Bunkrupicy 7 Fifth Seal. Motions and general | Tuesday

19 General paper THE COURTS & COURT PAPERS. Thursday


Weduesday 20 Ditto
8 General paper

Thursday 21 Seventh Seal. Motions and adSITTINGS AFTER HILARY TERM 1872. Saturday.. 9 Petitions, short causes, adjourned

journed summonses summonses, and general paper


22 General paper
General paper

Saturday......... 23 Petitious, short causes, and general
Equity Courts.

12 Ditto


13 Ditto Court of Appeal in Chancery.

Thursday 14 Sixth Seal. Motions and general (Lefore the LORD CHANCELLOR.)


V.C, Wickens' Court.

15 General paper
At Lincoln's-inn.

At Lincoln's.iun.
Saturday. 16 Petitions, sbort causes, adjourned
Monday... Feb. 12 Appeals

sunmouses, and general paper

Saturday, Feb. 10 Short causes, adjourned sum. Tuesday 13 Ditto

18 General pa per Monday

monses Wednesday 14 Petitions and appeals Tuesday

12 General paper
19 Ditto

Thursday 15 Appeals

13 Ditto
20 Ditto

16 Appeal motions and appeals
Thursday 21 Seventh Seal. Motions and general

Wednesday 14 Ditto
Monday 19 Appeals

Thursday pa per

15 Second Seal. Motions and general Tuesday 20 Ditto


General paper

paper Wednesday 21 Ditto

Saturday... 23 Petitions, short causes, adjourned Friday .......... 16 Petitions, adjourned summonses, Thursday 22 Ditto

summopses, and general paper

and general paper Friday 23 Appeal motions and appeals

17 Short N.B.--Unopposed petitions must be presented and Saturday......

causes, adjourned Monday 26 Appeals copies left with the secretary on or before the Thurs.

monses, and general paper Tuesday 27 Ditto

19 General paper day precediug the Saturday on which it is intended Monday Wednesday 28 Ditto

29 Ditto they should be heard, and any causes intended to be Tuesday Thursday 29 Ditto heard as short causes must be su marked at least one


21 Ditto Friday, March 1 Appeal motions and appeals

22 Third Seal. Motions and general clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be Thursday Monday 4 Appeals so heard.









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parer Tuesday 5 Ditto

Friday ........ 23 Petitions, adjourned summonses, Weduesday 6 Ditto

V.C. Malins' Court.

and general paper, Thursday 7 Ditto

24 Short Saturday

causes, adjourned gum. Friday 8 Appeal motions and appeals At Lincoln's-inn.

monses, and general paper Monday 11 Appeals

Saturday, Feb. 10 Short

adjourned sum. | Monday

26 Geperul paper
12 Ditto

mouses, and general paper

Tuesday 27 Ditto
Wednesday 13 Ditto

12 General paper

Weduesday 28 Ditto
Thursday 14 Ditto

13 Ditto


29 Fourth Seal, Motions and general Fricay 15 Appeal motions and appeals Wednesday 14 Ditto



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Professional Partnerships Dissolbed.

Friday, March 1 Petitions, adjourned summonses BOULTON, JOHN, needle inaker. Maria-st. Thomas-st, Hackney-rd; and general paper

Feb., at twy at 12, Halton-garden. Sol., Marshall, Lincoln's.

inn fleids Saturday 2 Short curses, adjourned sum

BRACE, GRORGE, auctioneer, Dimond st, Pembroke dock; Feb. 13, monses, and general paper

attive minutes past ten, at the Town-hall, Carmarthen. Sol., Monday 6 General paper

Parry, Pembroke-dock

BRIGIN, SAMUEL SANDYX, commission agent, Maryport; Feb. 15, Tuesday 5 Ditto

at eleven, at office of Sol., Collin. Muryport Weduesday 6 Ditto

BUSH, GEORGE, general dealer, Derby; Feb. 14, at three, at office Thursday 7 Fifth Seal. Motions and general of sol., Brim, Derby paper

CALVERT, JOHN, tailor, Bingley ; Feb. 14, at two, at office of Sol.,

Hut hinson, Bradford Friday 8 Petitions, adjourned summonses,


WILLIAM, Old Change; Feb. 14, at twelve, at office of Sol. Bil. Saturday 9 Short causes, adjourned sum- ton, Coleman-st monses, and general paper

CLAPHAN, THOMAS, wine merchant, Hornsey, and manager of

the Royal Park, Leeds: Feb. 9), at one, at ottico of Sols., Lta. Monday 11 General paper

ruyd and Learoyd, South-t, Finsbury Tuesdias 12 Ditto

CLIFF, JANES, beer seller, Bradford: Feb. 14, at eleven, at office Wednesday 13 Ditto

of Sols., Terry and Robinson. Bradford Thursday 14 Sixth Seal. Motions and general

COOMBES, SAMUEL, builder, Tenby-vill, Harvest rd, Holloway;

Feb. 10. at one, at offices of sol., Boulton, Northampton-sq, paper

Clerkenwell Friday 15 Petitions, aljourned summonses, COCZENS, WILLIAM HENRY, builder, Portsea; Peb. 15, at four, at anil general paper otice or Sol., Kina. Purtsch


COWLEY, GEOR E, cast iron founder, Bishopwearmouth; Feb. 14, Saturday 16 Short causes. adjourned sum.

at twelve, at office nf Sol. B-ll, Sunrierlund monses, and generul paper

CRACKNELL. JOSEPH, hairdresser, Little Gray's inn la, Gray's. Monday 18 General paper

lun-rd: Feb. 12, at ihree, at office of Sol., Murshul, Lincon's.

inn-fields Theslay 19 Ditto

DENTON, JOHN CHARLES, upholsterer, Bedford: Feb, 23, at hall. Wednesday 20 Ditto

past eleven, utfice of Ley,, Lincola's inn. Sol., Thursday 21 Seventh Scal. Motions and general

Mitchell paper

DOLPIX, THOMAS, victualler, Wellington; Feb. 22, at three, at

ottice of Sul., Taylor, Wellington Friday 22 Petitions, adjourned summonses,

DYSON, WILLIAU, painter, Wakefeld: Feb. 15, at eleven, at office and general paper

of Sols., Janson, Banks, and Janson, Wakellelt Saturday... ....... 23 Short

causes, adjourned sum. EDWARDS, MARY, and EDWARDS, JO-X RIOTLAND, provision monses, and general paper

inerchants, Ersdon; Feb. 13, ut twelve, at uttice of Sols., J.

and R. S. Watson, Newcastle X.B. In Vice-Chancellor Wickers' Court no cause, i

FAIRCLOUGH, JAMES, men.. bootmaker, Gateshead: Feb. 18, at

two, it office of Sols., J. G. and J. E. Jiel, Newcastle motion for decree, or furtber cousideration can, except FORSTER, LUKE GARDNER, smallware dealer, Wigan; Feb. 17, at by order of the court, be marked to stand over, if it be ut eleven, nt office of Sol., Lees, Winn within twelve of the last cause or matter in the printed FULFORD, FREDERICK, builder: Cuiden-rd, Clapton-park; Feb. paper of the day for hearing.

2. at two, at office of Sols., Clutsou and Halues, Serjuants'.inn,

Fleet.nt Any causes intended to be heard as short canses GOODWIN, JOITX WILLIAM, oilman, Aberystwith.ter, Blington ; before either of the Vice-Chancellors must be so marked

Fen. 19, at two, at office of birchal, Su'hampton-bldgs, Chun. Sol., Hirrison, Furnivals-inn
at least one clear day before the same cau be put in the GOVER, WILLIAM HENRY, buker, Torre, near Torquay; l'eb. 15, at
paper to be so beard.

twelve, at office or Sul, Hooper, Exeter
GREEN, JAMES, tim inerchant, New Swir on; Feb, 12, at

twtive, at ottice of sols., Messrs. Taynton, Gloucester
GRIFFITHS, JOHX, san yer, Weston; Feb. It, at five minutes

pust ten, at ottice of Sol., Parry, Upper Meyrick-st, Pembroku

GUTTERY, DAVID, tallor, Kidderminster; Feb. 11, at two, at

office of Sol., Coront, Kiderminstor
HAMELETOX, CHARLES ROBERT, hotel kecper, Rhyl; Pub, 13, at

eleven, it o.fise : Sol., Willianna, RIVI
Gazette, Jan. 26.

HARRIN, MARY, widow, baker, 'l hatcham; Feb. 13, nt eleven, at

the White Hart inn, Newbury. Sb., Cave, Newbury PADDISON, sos, and LIGGIXs, solicitors and attorneys, Lincoln's. HAYES, GEORGE, and HAYES, WILLIAN, Prvision merchants,

inn feid Dec. 3. (Richard Paddison, Howard Paddison, and Stained, hourlow: Feb. 16, at lwy, at office ur Sols., Mesars
Henry Joseph Lixsins.)

Pelse, Old Jewry.chinbs
TERSER and BILKROUGH, attorneys and solicitors, Rothwell, HENDEK-OX, JAVES, buider, Newark upon Trent; Feb. 15, at

Bramly, and Leeds. Jan. 20. (John Gillgrass urner and James one. At the Clifton Anns hotel, Newark upon T.ent. Sul., Belk
Williain Billbrough.) Debts by Turner.

Gazette, Jan. 30.

BOLLISUDALE, JOSEPH, draper, Kingston-on-Thames : Feb. 13,
Brsey and MANSDex, atuirneys and solicitors,, Re.

at twelve, attic of sol., Restrick, Kingston-on-Thames kent-circus. Jan, 24. (Silas Busby and Riciard Green Marsden.)

IMBERTOS, JACQUES L'IILIPPE, cominissun merchant, Cinnon.

st hotel,; Feb 16, at three, at office of Sub., Holures,


INSKIPP, GEORGE draper, Hattin; Feb. 15, a: hull.paat two, at

the County Court ottice, listings. Sol., Langhan, isu-tings

IRVINE, CHARLES STUART, coin factor, Brudiord; Feb. 21, at
Gazette, Feb. 2.

thrue, At uti ex uf siol., Browui K. Britford To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall.street.

JALKNOX. JAN, Pawnbroker, Newrk-up... Trent: Feb. 15, at

eleven, at the Clinton Arms butel, Newark-upon-Trent. Sor., BAYMAN, CHARLES, bokbinders' tool cutter, Ivy-la, Newgato-st. Belk, Xochimini

Pet. Jan. 3. Reg. Hazlitt. Sol. Gregson, Angel-ct, Thruginor. KINKAN, THOMAS BESZETT, »ine merchant, Whittlesey, Isle of ton-st. Sur. Feb. 16

Ely : Feb. 14, at ule, nt offices of Sul., Alien, Brunswickra BILL. LEWIS HENRY, honce agent,, Notting hill, and Edware.r1. Pet. Jan. 20. Heg. Spring Rice. Sol. Scaifa,

LANCASHIRE, JOHN, drysulter, Manchester; Feb. Iti, nt "hree, at Edgware-rd.

the Clarence Hotel, Spring gardens, Manchester. Sol., Storer Sur. Feb. 13 FISHER, ALGUSTI's, wine merchant, Sonth-st, South

LARGE, THOMAS, Waichunker, Melton Mowbray: Feb. 2, at

txelre, at office of Harris and son, accountants, Leice ter itradinz unter style of A. Tory and Co.. Pet. Jan. 31. Res.

MCLEAN, ANDR. W. hotel keeper, Anderson-st, Chelsen; Feb. 20,
Brouzhan. Sula, Sicken and Jupp, Learlenhull-nt. Sur. Feb. 16
PREABLE, FREDERICK THOVAR, builder, Benhill.rd, Camberwell,

at onc, ut ortices of Sols., l'allows and Whitehead, Luncuster-pi,

Pet. Jan. 30. Rez. Hiziitt. Sul, Kent, Cannon--t. Sur. Feb. 14
WE TOIT, RICHARD, cheermonger,, St. Luke'x. Put.

MARTINDALE, JOnx, beerhouse keeper, Stockton: Feh. 13, at

thre, at office ut u. Bud sun, accountans, Mechanics Institutu, Jan. 3. Reg. Brougham. Sol. Russell, Walbrouk. Sur. Feb. 16

To surrender in the Country.

MAYO), JARY, and MAYO, HENRY, watchmakers, Manchester
COLLISGE, JAMES, doctor of inedicine, Ashton-under. Lyne. Pet.

Feb. 21, at eleven, al offices of sols., Boute and Edur, dan

chester Feb. 1. Reg. Hal Sur. Feb. 16

MALLOR, HENRY, linen manufacturer, Leeds; Feb. 15, at two, at
CRATEX, ADELAIDE, boarding house keeper, Ryde. Pet. Jan. Si.
Bez. Blake.

09110 Ul Sol., Simps: 11, Leeds
Sur. Feb. 14

MENSL":X. GEORGE ALBERT, vic ualler. Minories; Feb. 12, at DIRRANT, THOMAS, fishing boat owner, Gorleston. Pet. Jan. 23.

twelve, at otticen uf Sydney, Smith, Hurvey, and Co., account. Rex. Chumberlin. Sur. Feb. 20

ants, Basinghall-st. sol., Luinley JOUX, WILLIAM, miller, St. Athan. Pet. Jan. 23. Reg. Langley. MOORE, WALTER HESRY, whue merchant, Coventry; Feb. 14, at Sor. Feb. 19

one, at ottices of Suls, Ments. Minster, Coventry LINDSAY, WILLIAM, draper, Manchester. Pet. Jan. 25.


MOSES, HENRY, coach builder, Hull; Feb. 12, al twelve, at 11,
Sur. Fub.

Parliament--t, Hall. Sol., Miidiemi-
MASO, HENRY, horse dealer, Hendon. Pet. Jan. 24. Reg. MURPHY, NICHOLAS BOWMAX, bundresser, Carlisle ; Feb. 19, at
Harris. Sur. Feb. 14

eleven, at ottice of Sol.. Donald, Carlisle
RIHAt?DSOY, ADAM, ale merchant, Carlisle. Pet. Jan. 30. Reg. OSWALD, THOMAS, and MARLEY, WILLIAM, grocers, Pelton Fell,
Hilton. Suz, Feb. 13

near Chester-le-street; Feb. 16, at eleven, at ulticu u sul., dikelu WRATH. AL.BERT. cellarman, Brompton. Pet. Jan. 3. Reg. Durham

1 Act Orth. Sur. Feb. 15

PACKER, OSMOSD, draper, Ashford; Feb. 16, at one, at the Roya

Oak hotel, Ashtord. Sol., D, Liaux
Gazette, Feb. 6.

PEAKMAX, JOHX, Inetal merchant, Liverpool; Feb. 19, at three, at
To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

uttice or Sols., Laurence and Dixon, Liverpool

PERKINS, CHARLES, xrucer, Barton.t1 pollumber : Feb. 16, at
JEWELL, THOMAS, surveyor, Leadenhall-sc. Pet. Feb. 2. Peg. eleven, ac office of Sui.Mason, Bartul-upon-number
Spring-Rice. Sur. Feb. 2

PHILLIPS, THOMAS, krucer, Swansea; Feb. 9, at thive, at office
To surrender in the Country.

of Sors., Davies and Hartland, Swansea
BOTTOYLEY, JOHN HENRY, inanufacturer of stuff goods, Cleck. PLUMMER, AXX, private hotel keeper, Easton-rd; Feb. 8, at

heiton and Bradford. Pet. Feb. 1. Reg. Robinson. Sur, Feh. 16 three, at offices oi Sol, Guarrey, Businghall-nt
CHALMERS, JOHN TEMPLITOX, traveling draper, Penzance. REDAYXE, JOHX, chemist, Liverpool: Feb. 14, at two, at office
Pes. Jan. 31. Rey. Chilcott. Sur. Feb. 17

of Suls., Thoruley and Heaton, Liverpool
COTTANI. VIARY, and COTTAM, AGNES, confectioners, Manchester.
Pet, Feb. 1. Rey. Kay. Sur. Feb.

ROWLSD, Eu, ind GOVER, WILLIAM HENRY, bakers, Torre,
Pet. Feb. 3. Reg. Keary.

near Torquayi Feb. 15, at eleven, at offices of Sul., Hooper, COTTON, THOMAS, fariner, Cheadle.

Sur. Feh. 17

SI HUHTELD, JOUX, greengrocer, Smallbrook · in · Shaw, near
HARDY, JEFFERY. wine merchant, Plymouth. Pet. Feb. 2. Reg.

Olumain, Feo. 15, at three, ut office of Sol., Audleshaw, Mau-
Sur. Feb.

SHATHELL, GEORGE, cow keeper, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 1. Reg. SELFE, JOnx, yeoman, Christchurch ; Feb. 15, at half-pastone, at
S: Feb,

office of Sol., Druit. jun., Christchurch WiLin. THOUA FISIER, butcher, Cheltenham. Pet. Feb. 1.

SELIE, ROBERT JOSEPH, butcher, Ringwood; Feb, 17, at twelve, Beg. Ginle. Sir Feb. 1)

at the Crown lun, kingword. Sol., Johns, Ringword W11.11GTON, Jols, chere in holy orders, Stockport. Pet. Feb. 1.

SEVERS, AMOX, waste puljer, Sneincon; Feb. 12, at twelve, at Keg. Hyde. Suleb, 3

uffice of Sul., Belk, Nottingham

SHAW, CHARLES, bootmaker, Wakefield; Feb. 13, at two, at office

of Sols., Harrison and Sinith, Wakefield
Gazette, Jan. 20.

SMITH, WILLIAM ALBOTs, doctor of mordicine, Princess-st,

Hanuver-sq. and Cheshunt; Feb. 10, at elevel, ut ortice of sol., CITITBEN, JOITS, farmer, Sexton.le. Willow, Oct. 30, 1871

Lind, New inn, Strund P.BiS-, CHARLE» EDWARD, boot manufacturer, Bristol, July 8,


stainers, New Radford and old Radford; Feb. 16, at twelve, ut Gazette, Feh. 2.

ottice of Sol., Ashwell, Nottingham
PAGE, ROBERT HENRY, couoli proprietor, Bath. Aug. 31, 1870 THOMAS, WILLIAM, builder, St. unford-st, Blackfriars; Feb. 16, at

two, itt offices of Su.., Eyre,, Bedturd.10w
TUONNOX, JUHS, teu dealer, Peubruke-dock; Feb. 16, at five

WAY, HENRY GEORGE, ten dealer, Landport ; Feb, 14, at eleven,

at the Chanber of Commerce, Cheapside. Sol., King. Portsea
WEBB, GEORGM, builder, Oid Kent-rd; Feb. 19, at three, at

otce of sol.. Spiller,, Finsburg
WILCOCKY, JANE CARRALL, jun., genileman, Littleham and Ex-

Meuth: Feb. 13, at eleven, at offices or sol., Trelane, jun.,

WRIT, JOIXbeerseller, Willenhall; Feb. 17, at twelve, at
office of Sul., Barrow, Wolverhampton

Gazette, Feb. 6.
AITKEN, JANEs, sack mantncturer, Peterborough; Feb. , at

twelve, at illcu of Mr. Charles Chenton, policitor, Great Win

chestert-bidrs, London. Sol., Smedley, Peterborouzh A:HION, THOMAS, lot manufacturer. Manchester; Feb. 2, at

thrte, at office of Sul.. Riceul, Manchester ASTBURY, JOSEPH BANKER, engineer, Smethwick; Feb. 20, at elevon, at offices of Sul., Shakespeare, Oldbury BARTLETT (ONELIN, clothier, Birmingham; Feb. 19, at

twelve, nt office of Sol., Cottrell, Birmingham BATEN, GEORGE SAMIEL, lleenme vicintiler, Malvern-ter, Park.

la, Tottenham : Feb. 20, at thret, at office of Sol., Brighten,

Bishoppe- Without
BAILEY, GEORGE, and RONENTS, THOMAS, licenseri victuallers,

Foreign of Walsall; Feb. 20, ut eleven, at office of Sol., Adams,
BLENKIX SOPP, ELIZABETH, out of insiness, Newcastle upon.

Tune; F-h. 11, at one, st office of Sols., Hoyle, Shipley, and

Hoyle, Newcastle-up-Tyne
BROWS, JOHN WALKEH, picture dealer,, South Belgra.

vin; Feb. 19, ar twelve, at office of Soi., Stronghill, Carter-la,

CARDINALL, CHARLES JAMES, auctioneer, Sproughton nnd Ips.

wich: Feb. 19, at ten, at the Railway Hotel, Ipswich, Sol, Jones,

CARRYER, JOSEPH, hatter, Leicester: Feh, 19, at one, at the Inns

of Court Hotel, Holborn. Sol, Onton, Leicester
CHEETHAM, CHARLES, a major on the retired list of the Royal

Artillery, Plumsted: Feb. 17. at eleven, at 28, Greens.end,

Woolwich. Sol, Hughes, l'pner Thames
CLARKE, CILARLES, haberdasher, Loughborough; Feb. 20, at

twelve, at offices of Sol., Dane, Louvhrouya
COGGINS, HENRY, brewer's labourer, Burt 1-0). Prent; Feb 21,
at two, at the Midland hotel, Burton-on-Trent. Sol., Tomlinson,

COLLINS, CILARUES, optician, Great Port'and-st. and Great

Ti'; Fen, 19, at twelve, at offices of Sols., Messis.

Harrison, Walbrook
CRAWLEY, FREDERICK GEORGE, butcher, Birmingham; Feb. 14,

at three, at tice of Sol., Purry, Birmingham
DALZIEL. HIGH, comission agent. Edgbaston; Feb. 13, at

cleve, at office of SOL., Griffin, Birmingham DANIEL WILLIAM, licensed victuller, Stone ; Feb. 17, at eleven

at ottice of Sul., Hodykinson, Stone DEAKIN, JOITS KENWORTHY, tinanufacturer, Chester: Feb.

1!), Hton, at the Roval hotel, Crowe. Sl. Dixon Northwich DIXOX, FREDRIC', out of busines. Nouthfeet; Feh. hull.

past ten. Hi Mr. Veer's office. Great James--t, Bedford-row.

Sol., Roberts King William-nt
DYER, THOMAS JOSEPH, veneral harlware merchant, Birming.

hum: Feb. , H elever, it office of Sol. Powell, Birminghain ESHELBY, JONAS, Oner, Bradford ; Feb. 1, at iour, at utfíce of

Sol, Berry, Bradford
FILBNY, JOHN THOMAS, carriage builder, Gloucester ; Feb. 19,

at twelve, at office of Sol., Juan, Gloucester
GOLDSWORTHY, ROBERT, Geliverv clark, Stanhope-st, Famo-

ster: Feb. 16, ui three, at ofices of Sol., Scarle, Lincoln's. inn fields GIEENBURY, ISAAC, plcture dealer. Harrogute; Fe5, 20, at eleven

nt office of sol. Bis, Harrogate GREEN, WILLIAMI, sund GREEX, MILITAW inn., timber merchants

Birmingham; Feb. 16, at twelve, attrice ur Sul., Griffin, Bir-
GRIERSEN, JAMES BRotynnocrisation, Cantlowparri, Camden.

Frh., Metelve at office Suls., Taylor, Hoare, aud Taylor,
Get Jamesat. Bedion 1.1
GRIFFITHS JOHN, conchbuilder, Kincton; Feb. 19, at three, at

the T's Out Inn, hinton Sel., Chen
GWILLAM, THOMAS GERGE cabinet maker, Bristol, Feb. 16, at

tre vr, it ofti po M. Lunes Symes, auctiunder, Bristol. Sols.

Benson. Elleson Bristol ILARDINI, GEOR, linn draper. Sin-st, Finsbury: Feb. 19, at one at officer. Baus. Weaver's lull, Suls..

Messrs. Jenkinson and wen, Carbet ct, HARMER, HENRY, 10., innko per. Harlow: Fih.21, at two, at

the Rxilwy Hrli Inn, Torbridge Wells. Srl. Shepparit, Battle HARPER, LAMES HENRY. Arngrocer,, Lewis.

hum.rd: F.H. 19, at two, ut oftice S., Ditton, Ironinonger-144 HEY MASS, MORITZ, wholesale kureheman,, Cam.

den-town; Feb. 19, at tt), #toire of Dubuis, 18 count:nt, Gres

Imam-hldys, Sol., Murr.y. Great St. Helen's HOIGHTON, PETER TIONIS, ut of business. P't allon:Feb. 20,

*t three, at office of Elithome, solicitor. Manchester
HOWE. JOHN ABRAHAN, envincer, Sheffluid, Feb. 21, at twelve,

Hottice of Sol, Patton, Sheffielt
HUMPHREYS, JAMES, hrever. Xort in St. Philip; Feb. 13, at one,

tottle of Sols., Preea and In-kip, kristol
HIT, EDWARD), huirdresser, Highet. Porth End, Finchley ; Feb

17, at eleven, at office of Sol, Ilarris, Hley, Birnet JOY, TAMAN GEORGE, couch bulder, Ne Byrne: Feb. 13, at

twe've, a' ottice of $1., Eirle, Bedford row, Iloborn KERBLE, JOSEPH, lauudrvm an. Walhain house, near St. John's

Church, Wahum-green, Fulham; two, at office of

Soi.. Isaice, Surrey-chmhs, Strand
KEN-EX, GERGE, hrickinker, Kelsule; Feb, 19, at one, at office

of Mr. Moultor, Wobritve. Sol. Hrnke

Liverpul; Feb 1, utthree, intitle" SH., Q alia, Liverpool
LEVESLEY, JOSEPII, biker, Radford : F.b. 2.), at twelve, at office

of sls, Crunch and Rwe. Nalrinahan
LEE, ROBERT, shonkeeper. Brudford, Feb. 13, at twelve, at office

of sol., Rhodes, Braford
LEWIS WILLIAM. uricer. Llantrissent: Feb. 16, at one, at the

New Inn hotel, Pontypridd. Sol, 'l hamas, Ports print LINDSAY, RIERT GIRANT,, Bayswater; Feb. 21, at

two at offices of Sol., LInax, Old Hind-st LOVE, FREDSRIK. woolll clots morenant, Huddersfield: Feb.

2, ut eleven, ut niilce or Sol.. Syk, Hilder til CCAS, JOHN, tailor, OH! Weaton; Feb. 15, at two, at the George

hotel, Huntingdon. Sol., Stimgon, Bedford LUKER, TENHY, A-h merchant, Chepstow. F.5.2!, at twelve, at

the Gerge hotel, Chepstow. Sol., Morxan, Sewport MACHEX, CHARLES WILLIAM, merchant. Shetti di Feb. 14, at

two, at ottice of Mr. William Fisher Tasker, public accountant,

MOCRAITH, JTX, travelling Praper, Seath; F. b. 18, at eleven,

cotice of S1, Circhbertson, Nouth
MICHIE, ALEXANDER, diaper, Birmingham; Feb. 13, at one, at

offices of sol., Grittin, Birminghami
MORRIN, DAVID), our of business, Brecon; Feb. 16, at one, at

offices of sol., Lloyd, Newport
MORRIS, WILLIAM, carrier, Muindee, near Newport, and Brecon

Feb. 16, netwelve, nt office of sol., Lloyd, Newport
MONES, MEYER, fancy warehouseman, Houndsditch; Feb. 12. at

two, at office of Ladbury, Collison, and Viney, Cheapside. Suls.,

Lewis und Lewis,, Holborn
NEWTON, JOSEPH, and NEWTON, ALFRED, seed merchants, both

Mark-la; Feb. 22, at twelve, at office of Sols., Morluy and Shir

rer. OATHWAITE, WILLIAM, linen draper, Middlesbrough and Rich.

mond: Feb. 22, at two, at the Lear hotel, Manchester. Sol.,

Grange, Leeds
PACE, THOMAS, beerseller, Great Gomersal; Feb. 15, at ten, at

office of Sol., Rhodes, Bradford
PARKER, JENSE, out of emplorment, Birmingham: Feb. 28, at

three, at office of Suls, Coleman and Colemani, Birmingham PEATY, FRANCIS CHARLES, manufacturer of drapers' fittings,

minutes past ten, ut the Townhall, Carmarthen. Sol., Parry,


TUCKER, ICILARD, draper, Shaaklin, Isle of Wight; Feb. 13, at

twelve, at ottice of Honey and Humphreys, King-st, Cheapside. Gazette, Feb, 2.

Sol., Hooper, Newpert ARSTIELD, SQUIRE Owey, draper, Derby: Feb. 27, at eleven, at

TICKER, WILLIAM SAJVEL, innkeeper, Landport; Feb. 17, at

three, at othce ( Sul., King, Poilseid orice of the Home Trade Association, Manchester, in lieu of

TURNER, EDWAR), victualer, Brighton; Feb. 21, at twelve, at te piire orizinally named

the Guildhall Cottee-house, Sol., Lamb, Brighton ATKIS, SAMUEL, Watchmaker, Alford: Feb. 15, at one, at offices of B B. Dyer, soifcitor, Boston. Sol., Mason

VICKERS, ARCHIBALD, wine merchant, Bristol; Feb. 20, at twelve
BADER. Milá, biker, I, verpool: Feb. 13, at three, at office of at ottice of Sols.. Abhot and I.eonard, Bristol
sti, Teinty and Lynch. Liverpool

WALKEIL, ROBERT, victualler, Hull; Feb. 14, at twelve, at office of
B19KERJAMES, tailor, Roigute; Feb. 15, at twelve, at office of Sols, Stead and sibroe, Hull
SOL, Morrison,

WARD, RICHARI), shipowner, Teignmouth; Feb. 12, at twelve, a
BAYLIN, WILLIAMCHARLEN, wharinger, Cheltenham; Feb. 26, at the Globe hotel, Exeter. Sol., Floud, Exeter
tweive, ut ilces of Sul., Potter. Cheltenhun

WARE, JAMES. carman, Percival.nt, Clerkenwell, and Ca-tle.ct. EMH. CHKL. Snemaker, Biddulph; Feb. 17, at three, at I Lawrence.l; Feb. 21, at three, at Office of Sol., Perrin,, te a Sule., Lithu u and Bsgott, Crewe


Alderszale-st; Feb, 21, at three, at office of Sol., Smith, Bea

foril.row PETTY, JOSEPH, butcher, Worsborough Dile, near Barnsley;

Feb, 17, at three, at the Coach and Horses liotel, Barnsley. Sol.,

Freeman, Huddersfield
PICKWORTH, JOSEPH WILLIAM, machine owner, Engle : Feb. ),

at eleven, at office of Sols., Toynbee and Lurken, Lincoln
POWELL, GEORGE builder, Sheffield; Feb. 15, at four, at Mce of

Sol., Clegg. Sheftield
RATLIDGE, JOHN, builder, Northampton; Feb. 13, at three, at

office of sol., Becke, Northampton
REES, THOMAS MAJOR, clerk in holy orders, Dinas Powie, near

Carinir: Feb. 19, at eleven, at office of Sol.. Morgan, Carvitt
RICHARDS, Joux, spirit merchant, Llandilo: Feb, 23, at two, at

the Townhal, Carmarther. Sol., Lewis, Llindilo
RICHARDS WILLIAM, bmaker, Coldharbour In, Brixton: Feb.

i, at three, at cffices of Sol., Marshall, Lincoln's inn-fields

Liquidations by Arrangement.



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Orders of Discharge.

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Rocuandson, Traxk, and JacoND, ERNEST, brass, founders, PARTRIDGE AND COOPER

Birmingham: Feb, 14, eleveli, Mr. Charles accountant, Waterloo strect, Birmingham. Sol., G., Bir. ningham

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, ROBINSON, JONX HENRY, zinc worker, Great, Southwark; Feb. 14, at one, at ofticesi S01., 'Tems. Itin bir

192, FLEET-STREET, AND I& 2, CHANCERY-LAXE, LOxdox, E. ROWLAND, FRANCIS CLARK, wine merch, Ensihuone: Feb

21, at eleven, at ++, Terminus. rd. Eastbourne Sub, Wher'croit Carriuge paul to the Country on Orilerx erceeding 20s. ROWLEY, WILLIAM, grocer, Hudder-teld; Feb. 20, at four, at the

Swan with Two Necks Inn, Huddersfielu. Sol, Booth, Hon. DRAFT PAPER, 15. A., hs, 76., 78 91., and 9s, per ream.

SANABURY, WILLIAM JACKSON, Echoolmaster, t'rton.nn.Seren;

BRIEF PAPER, 15s oil., 178. Girl., ani 2:18. ream.
Feb. 94, at twelve, at the Imperial hotel, Gresi Milivers. Sul.

FOUNCAP PAPCH, 118. od , 1:3, G., anels, Gliser ream.
Chpeshyre, Cheltenham

CHLAN LAD NUTE..., per renn.
SCOTT, WILLIAM, licensed victualler,, Hol. LARGE (REANT 1 Vorr, S., s., ia:dis. per ream.

born, and Manor pl, Walwri; Feb. 16, at om, at office of Sol, LARGE Bile YOTE. *.. kind Cs, per rean.
Batt, Dyers'. buil, Downte-hil

ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 1x. l, anios.., jer !000. SHILLITO, MICHAEL, Wine con Inission agent, Stanleys, I'miico TH' TEMPLT" ENVC!. l'E, extru secare, s. 60. per 1.09. Feb. 14, at three, at office of so, Chidley, Oli wYV

FOOLSA OFFICIAL EYVELAPES, Is. SIDES, THOMAS, fishmenger, Pirminghwan; Feb. 1, a three, at Tur NEW "VELI.C'M WOVE CLUB HOUSE NOTE, 9s. 6d. per office of Sol. Rwlands, Rinin han


mnen. Houndsditch: Feb, 29, '. weive, at the time. Il "We should direct particular attention to their New Club.
tavern, Masons' avenue, Sols. T. ykor and honse Pasts: in our opinion it ia the very best paper we ever
Jaquet, South-st, Finsbury.-q
wrote upon."-Loncion Mirror,


22, at two, at the Angel hotel, Eury Salut Edmunds. Subs., Meegrs. Salmon

INDENTINE SKINS. Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty EORGE HOBSON respectfully invites the STARFORTH, JOHN, grocer, Spenny moor: Feb, 20. at threr, at office of Sils, Hoyle, Supley, and Horte, Nowcase-up Tyne

or thirty folios, lNl, and is 9d per #kin, s. per dozen, STARKE, EZEKIEL, bilder, Broastairs; Fib. 16, al twelve, at

SECONDS ur FOLLOWERS, Ruled 13. 6. e:ch, lis. per dozen. ENGLAND WOADED BLACK au NAVY BEUE office of Sols., Sankes and Co., Murute RECORDS or MEMORIALS, cd cach, is. per dozen.

CLOTHS for DRESS and! FROCK COATS; also the les STRUTT, HENRY, writer, Tavisteek.crescen“, Westbourne pk,

Twill Cloths for Moruing Coats.
Paddington; Feb. 21, at 'to, as office of Sol., Saunders, Ben- LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER Or MINUTE-BOOKS
net's hill, Dcotor's.commons

Dress Coats, Black
THORPE, GEORGE, general druper. Hackney; Fob. 09, a:
An immense stock in various bindings.

19 6 two, at 34, King-st, Cheap-ide. Sol., Barkler, Fenchurch-nt ILLUSTT.ATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstanda, Postage Scales, TOPMAX, GEOUGE, ta lor, Birmingaan; Feb. 11, at ten, at office Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and

Do., Navy Blue

2 12 6 of Sol.. Fast, Birmingham

Walnut Sts.tionery C:binets, and other userul articies TURNER, WILLIAN, calmaster, Oldbury, and PELLOWA, ALFRED, alapted to Librarj or Oflice, poss free.


315 6 accountant's clerk, Churchbriage, near Oldbury; Feb. 13, at eleven, at office of Sol., Shakespeare, Odbury

New Twill Cloths. UREN, JOHN, innkeeper, Penryn; Feb. 17, at two, at office of Sol., ATIONAL INSTITUTION FOR

Frock Coats

9 190 Jenkins, Falmouth


DISEASES OF THE SKIN.-Physician- Dr. BARR WARREN, HESBY WILLIAM, florist, Sallsbury; Feb. 23, as three,

38 6 actice of Sol., Honding. Salisbury MEADOWS.- L'atients attender at 2.7, Gray's-inn-roat,

Frock Coats, Black ......
WATEHSON, WILLIAM, shoemaker, Darlington; Feb. 15, at eleven
King's.cross, on Mon los iud Thirsilay, wad at l, Mitre


13 6 at office of Sol., Stenversen, Darling on Street, Alinate, on Wednesday and Friday mornings at ten,


4 1 0 WHATMORE, FREDERICK Joux, provision dealer, Worcester: Teb evenins from six till nine. Average number of cases under

Do., Navy Blue

:! 19 0 14, at eleven, at office of Sol., Corbett, Worcester treatment 1000) Weekly:-THOMAS ROBINSON, Hon. See.


* IS 19 WHITE, Jonx, beerhouse keeper, Spu-rd. Bermondsey; Feb. 17, ab two, at?, Tanfield.ct, Temple. Sol., Randall, King's Berich

walk, Temple

New Twill Cloths.
WIXSLOW, ELIZABETH. farmer, Westbury : Feb. 29, at one, at the THE SIDNEY SEED SOWER, Moming Coats
White Lion hotel, Westbury. Sol, Shrugi ells, Dradio ci

WOOD, JUHX, procer, Hurme; Feb 1, 20 three, at ulice of
Sol., Adaleshaw, Manchester

10 :



Rilin Heito, os., jis., L6 (S. facturers of china, Longton: Feh. O, at eleven, at the Union


Lailes' Ridin; Trousers, Pantalon de Chamois, £1 18. hitel, Longton, Sol., Hawley, Longton

11 s., 81 103, WOOLLARD, CHARLES WILLSDOX, coach builder, Grest Grimshy:

s. Cd. and 38. cach.

Saprirst and workmansluip are the characteristics of Feb. 2), at twelve, at office of Sols., Grange and Wiatringham, Great Grimsby

By an inside fitting in th>

lus establi:bweats. Dustrations of improved system of selfWORDEN, WILLIAM, cabinet maker, Preston; Feb. 16, at eleven,

large size Suer, Grass Seed

ea namnt and sampule patterns sent per book post on at office of sol., Forshow, Preston

and reas will pass freely.

aplication. Excellence with econoiny.-GEORGE HOBOS, WRIGLEY, LEES, palnter, Oldham : Feb. 19, at three, at the

lis, Regent-strect, W., and 37, Lombard-street. Mitre hotel, ManchesterSol., Clark, Oldham

To be obtained of WYATT, WILLIAM, licensed víctualler, Great Chapel-st, Oxford. st, Soho:Feb. 17, at one, at office of Sols., Messrs. Blachiurd und


EORGE HOBSON'S NEW TROUSERS Ricbes, Great Swan-alley, Morgate-st

SON, and CO., South

for the present season, for patterns and textures n06

to be surpasse!, Riding trousers made to fit without the Messrs. CARTER. DUN.

aid of sospenders or strars. Price lis. Excellence with NETT, and BEATES, Hul.

ec Domy:-TAS, Regent-street, W., and No. 37, Lombard. Gazette, Jan. 23.


Sireet. BRASSBURY, GEORGE, plumber, Littlehampton.

Mes-rs. SUTTOX and SOX, HALLET, SELBY, and HALLET, WILLIAM, clothiers, East India.


THE NEW SCOTCH SUITINGS and rd, Limehouse LOFTUN, GEORGE WILLIAM, Esq., commonly called Lord George Sold by Seedsmen and Ironmongers in Town and Country

Loftus, Tharer kt. Manchester -
SAMELS, ABEL EDGAR, commercial clerk, Victoria-ter,,

THOMPS X, ARTHUR RAINE, miller, Horsham

please masters and servants. Excellence with economy. WILLIAMS, CHARLES, slip's smith, Cardiff 70, Old Bailey (0.29 door from Ludgate Hill)

- As, Rexent-street. W., and 57, Lombard-street. Gazette, Jan, 30. ALLEN, EDWIN, scale-board maker, Earl-st, Southwark

THIRTS.–FORD'S “Eureka," the most Gazette, Feb, 2. ORMROD, HENRY, candle-wick manufacturer, Manchester

The POOLE, CHARLES, ridinx manter, Bright

-Double stitched, six for 13;; list of price. WORMAN, KOBEAT ALOYSIUS, solicitor, Sloane-st, Chelsea

Illustrations with directions for self measure, post

free. CITY BOOT,


12s. Ga.

BRANCH, 308, OXFORD-STREET, LONDON. The Oficial Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for tha

Abbey, W. provision merchant, second, 3d. McNeill. Planches.

THE SANS-PLIS SHIRT. ter.-Clegg, J. Slater, first, 7d. Harris, Manchester. - Dicas su did Myers, ironinongers, first, ls. 10d. (on new proofs'. MeNe!, Man. chester. - Jokes and hittaker, ironfrunders, first, 45. ud fon

REGISTERED Xov. 1848. new pronts), McNeill, Manchester.-huolex, II. nanufncturer, firsc, 38. Id. McNeill, Manchester - Luar Ne Stephews, oil mer. chants, first, ld. McNeill, Manchester.-- Listworthy, la merchant,

Specially adapted to meet the wants first, at. McNeill, Manchester.- Parkinsoil, J. coiton spinner,

of furthor, . MeNeill, Manchester, Brent, w. Aberystwith, thist, 58. At office of W. P. Peecham,

BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS Broad-st, New town.-Creightou and Armstrong, grocers, first, 4s. At Trust., H.G. Nicholson, 7. Norfolk-st, Manchester - Dirks, J.

and formerly draper. 7s. 9d. At office of Trust., 6. B. Cuff, 14, Tibula, Manchester.- Kime, G. gro er, first and final, 23. 9d.

GENTLEMEN OF SEDENTARY PURSUIN At oflips of Trust., S. T. Haddsoy, Royal Dock chinh. Great Grinsby.-

T. KNOX, Manager. Lund and Schouden, haberdashers first, os. At office of Trust, GB.

Ease Combined with a Perfect Fit. Cufr, 14, Tidla, Manchester. --Streit T. juni, wine merchunt, flist, 1s. At offices of Trust., O. F. Read, White Hart-st, Thetford


Patterns and Particulors of Measure PATENT THERMOPODION, or

ment free post. portable FOOT WARMER.-Suterers from coldness BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS.

of the extremities o lanzuid circulation suouki tes this BURDEN AND KEER

neat »nd improved article for impartin, bent, suxpas ing the
antiotie water bottle, inasınach as a miform heat for ag

51, CONDUIT-STREET, BOND-STREET. EDWATIDS.--On the 6th inst., at 12, Oakley.equare, N.W., the wife incetinite period can be retained at an iuinitesimal cost.

of Thomas John Edwards, barrister at law of a daughter, Especialy raiuable for railway travelling, tb carriage, or IRVING.-On the 5th inst., at Pelling place, Old Windsor, the wife study, Lirht, portable, and ornamental. - To be obtainel of


SERof William J. Irving, solicitor,.fu duvhter.

all lexulini Furnishing Warehouses, Drapers, Chemists, in ROGENS.-On the 4th inst., nt Calne, Wills, the wife of wilam imitation sealskin, Prica 28. Rogers, blicitr, of a daughter.

and French. Be-t reference to be riven.-H, C.," , SMITH.-On the 2nd inst., at 2, Hope-park, Bromley, the wiio of Sole Mazciacturers, SPENCE and Co., 6, Leather-lane, E.C. Langham-street, Poraland-plave.

Horace Smith, Esq , of the Inner Temple,, of a daughter. SQUARE.-On the 4th inst., at Plymouth, the wife of Elliot Square, solicitor, of a daughter.

NEW EDITION OF DORIA AND MACRAE'S BANKRUPTCY. WOTHERSPOON --On the 31st ult., pt37, Cambridge-gardens,

Notting-bill, W. The wife of C. Grey Wotben peron, of the Middle
Temple, Esq., barrister-at-law, and of the Bar, of u

In the press,

CORTEIS-PARBURY.-On the 23rc ult., nt Christ Church, Lan.
caster-gate, Thomas Samuel Curtis, R.A., Trinity College,
Cainbridge, and of the Inner Temple, to Emma, thira daughter

of F. Parbury, Esq., of Lancaster-gate.
HEALEY-CLOSE.-On the 6th inst., at the d'strict church of

Dringhouses, York, Charles Edward Heley Chagwyck Healey.
Esq., of Lincola'x.inn,, to Rosa, only daughter
of John Close, Esq., North Lodge, York.

BARNES.On the 7th inst., Edward S. Barnes, Esq., for many

years Secretary to the Law Property and Life Assurance
Society, 30, Essex.street, Strund.
CUFAUDE.-On the 28th ult., at Great Yarmouth, aged 61, John

Lomas Culaude, solicitor.
KETT LE.On the 7th ult., at Old Government House, Aged 62
John Lucena Ross Kettle, Esq., barrister-at-law, Senior Fellow,

of Lincoln College, 0 ford.
PRANCE.- On the 1st inst., at Cann's Field House, Taunton, aged

54, Vaughan Prance, or 02, Lincoln's .inn- fielas, London solicitor.

By A. A. DORIA, B.C.L., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.

9 PRICE.-On the let inst., at his residence, 1, Oliver's-terrace-weet

Bow-road, aged 52, Thomas Price, Esq., of 24, Abchurch-lane, city, solicitor, and Clerk to the Vertry of Mile-end Old Town.










To Beaders and Correspondents.

Much to the disgust of that distinguished body the Government considered it advisable to select one of the leaders of the circuit well-known in Westminster Hall, Mr. EdLin, Q.C., who accordingly has been appointed. We are glad to see that Mr. Bruce is above municipal dictation, doubtless deeming the interests of the borough superior to the claims of local intiuence.

All anonymous communications are invariably rejected.
All communications must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer,

not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

Four lines or thirty words ............ 38. 6.1. | Every uditional ten vords

...... 08. 60 Advertisements specially ordered for the first page are charged one-fourth more than the above scale.

Advertisements must reach the office not later thau five o'clock on Thursday afternoon,

The office of Clerk of the Peace for the county of Suffolk has been conferred by the Earl of STRADBROKE, lord lieutenant, on JAMES CHERRY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of the Norfolk circuit. Mr. CHERRY was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in November 1855, and about twelve years ago he was appointed Poor-law auditor of the East Suffolk district. In 1868 he was nominated by Lord Chief Justice COCKBURN to a revising-barristership on the Norfolk circuit, and he has occasionally acted as recorder of Bury St. Edmunds when Mr. Serjeant Tozer was too ill to attend. Nr. CHERRY is a justice of the peace for the borough of Yarmouth, where he formerly resided.

TO SUBSCRIBERS. The volumes of the LAW TIMES and of the Law TIMES REPORTS, are strongly and uniformly bound at the office, is completed, for 55.6d. for the Journal, and As, 6d. for the Reports. Portfolios for preserving tho current numbers of the Law TIMES, price 58. 6d., by post, 5d. extra. LAW TIMES REPORTS, price 3s. 6u., by post, 3d, extra.



ber ...

COMUNICATIONS which cannot emanate from lawyers reach us with reference to the TICH BORSE case, and the last received contains the inquiry, “Has the plaintiff to prove himself to be ROGER TICHIBORNE, or have the defendants to prore him to be another person? In other words, does the onus probandi lie with the plaintiff or the defendants ?”. This would be hardly worth a reply did it not involve some collateral questions. The defendants having raised the ORTON case, their failure to support it will, of course, weigh with the jury in considering whether the plaintiff has established his identity as ROGER TICHBORNE. But if the defendants fail to prove that he is Ortos he has still to satisfy the jury that he is ROGER TICHBORNE. The importance of the ORTON issue is therefore plain, as a failure in that direction strengthens the presumption the other way.

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Collision--Preliminary act..............

Varried woman-Renl estate..


Settlement-Covenant to pay a sum not

exceeding £300 SXITI 1. STONE

Vendor and purchaser-Sale of business
and good will

Inchoate foreign coinpany. Jurisdiction
to wind.up

835 RODIX X. GOLDINGHAN: Re SOCKLINGSolicitor and client--Lien for costs 900


Marriage settlement-Construction ...... 901 FLOWERT. FLOWER

Hutband and wife--Deed of separation 902

Practice-Partition Act 1869 (31 & 32
Viet. c. 40), 99, 3, 4

Guarantee --Mistake


"Tuxed curt" Excise licence R. MARY ANX TURNERHabeas corpus -- Mother's right over infant..


Copyright in a song-Infringement of... 908
Action on bond-" Ale and porter mer-

Reg. (on the Prosecution of Thomas Flight)
Lands Clauses Con lidation Act 1845
18 Vict. c. 18), 8.08

Ex parte BAILEY; Re JECKS-
Bankruptcy Act 1863, ss. 6, 87, 95, 139–


International Law and the Anglo-Ameri-
CM Architekan.

295 Official L quidators and Alleged Contri. butorius

296 Frust t. Knight in the Exchequer Cham.


287 NOTES OF TIE WENK: Court of Appesl in Chancery..

289 Rolls Court V.C. Malins' Court

290) V.C. Bacon's Court

200 V.C. Wickens' Court

200 Court of Queen's Bench

291 Court of Common Plcas

191 Court of Exchequer

291 Exchequer Chamber

291 Court of Probate

293 Court of Divorce

293 Court of Bankruptcy.


234 House of Commons.......... The Judicature Commission


295 SOLICITORS' JOURNAL: Xotes of New Decisions

295 Unclaimed Stock and Dividends in the Bank of England

295 Appointments under the Joint-Stock Winding-up Acts

293 Creditors under Estates in Chancery .... Creditors under 12 & 23 Vict. c. 33

205 TIE BENCH AND THE BAR:-Translation of Sir Robert Collier

Borough Quarter Sessions .....

Xotes of New Decisions
Notes of New Decisions

Notes of New Decisions

297 COUNTY COURTS:Lord Mayor's Court

297 Marylebone County Court

267 BANKRUPTCY LAW:Liverpool County Court

299 LEGAL NEWS.........


300 LAW SOCIETIES: Inns of Court Lending Library

300 Articled Clerks' Society





In the presence of such crimes as the foul murder which has robbed England and India of an eminent public servant the law stands perplexed. The perpetrator of the base assassination is sentenced to be hanged—a wretched convict under sentence of penal servitude for life is to have his miserable career abbreviated by the machinery of the law. Of what example can this be? It is indeed a pitiable expiation of so huge a felony. The crime would have been less terrible had it been committed by one of the numerous family which our HOME SECRETARY and his medical coadjutors call mad. But the ruffian is sane, and with astute cunning and fixed pre-determination made sure of his victim. Fanaticism defies the law. Punishment to the fanatic is martyrdom, and the terror inspired in the criminal classes is outweighed by the splendour of the felon's notoriety. In such cases the sword of justice descends to very little purpose.

............ 900


[blocks in formation]

It seems to have been suggested by the LORD CHANCELLOR, in view of the arrears in the court of Vice-Chancellor Bacon, that the duties of Chief Judge in Bankruptcy should be discharged by a common law Judge on the courts receiving their full complement of Judges. Such a proposition it is satisfactory to learn has been at once objected to. The demands of circuits, the Central Criminal Court, Chambers, Nisi Prius sittings, in addition to Term duties, are too numerous and pressing to allow of any common law Judge taking upon himself the office of Chief Judge in Bankruptcy. It is simply vain to expect to have the Bankruptcy Law properly administered without expense, and a thousand or two pounds amually is a matter of no moment considering the enormous value of estates which come within the jurisdiction. We shall hope to learn soon that a Judge has been appointed to the Bankruptcy Court who will have nothing else to do, and will be able to relieve the registrars of their unpleasant work under delegated powers.


Now ready, price 8s. Cd., Part III. of Vol. VIII. of 'HE LAW DIGEST. By D. T. EVANS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. arranged that the Practitioner can find in a moment what is the latest Inw on any subject. It is the only Half-Yearly Digest

of the Law; issued in the months of June and December. The back Parts and Volumes inay still be had. Established for twenty-five years.

LAW Times Office, 10, Wellington street, Strand, W.C.


Series, will be published in ten parts, price 1s. each. Sent free of postage to subscribers. The General Index to vols. 1 to 10, N. S., may still be had, price 78. 6d. in cloth.


The Law and

and the Lawyers.

The senior Judge of the Liverpool County Court, Mr. J. K. BLAIR, has resigned his office on account of ill health. For some time past his duties have been performed by his deputy, Mr. Gilmour, whose tenure of office will expire on the 28th inst., the day from which Mr. Blair's resignation dates.

An important omission in the Parliamentary and Municipal Elections Bill has been pointed out by Mr. LE MARCHANT, namely, the provisions respecting a scrutiny.“ In the Bill now before the House,” he says, no suggestions are made as to what course can be adopted at the trial of a petition---whether or not a scrutiny is to be entirely abolished, thereby raising a difficulty if notice of disqualification of a candidate be served on voters before polling, and rendering a second election in all cases necessary where a sitting member is disqualitied; while an element of confusion is introduced by clause 7, which enacts that every person .... shall be qualified to vote unless he is disqualified for voting by some statute for the time being in force, or by the common law of Parliament, which, read with c. 2, sub-sect. 3, together with schedule 1, clause 38, points to a subsequent review of ballot papers by the Judge on the ground of disqualification, yet there is no power of tracing for whom the vote was given.” We cannot here enter into the matter critically, but we certainly do hope that any difficulties suggested will be considered before, and not after the Bill has become an Act.

The horough of Bridgwater is determined to distinguish itself. The recordership recently became vacant by the death of Mr. Ernest REED; whereupon the Town Council took action to procure the appointment of one of the juniors of the Western Circuit.

VOL. LII.-No. 1507.

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