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Imperial Anglo-German Bank, re The, 211, 309 Meyricke Fund, re The, 211

Rosseau v. Smith, 250
Imperal Land Company of Marseilles, re The Milne v. Milne and Fowler, 213

Rowbotham, ex parte; re Rowbotham, 116
(Townsend's case), 99
Moger v. Escott, 291

Royal Naval Military and East India Company
Imray v. Imeson, 230
Mollett and others v. Robinson, 293

Assurance Society, re The, 346
India and London Life Assurrance Company, re Mouflet v. Cole, 67, 231

Ruddy, In the Goods of, 233

The, 479

Moule v. Garrett and others, 292

International Contract Company, re The (Hankey's Mountstephen v. Lakeman, 83

Sanderson v. Sanderson, 136

case), 366

Mutual Tontine Westminster Chambers Associa Sanderson v. Sanderson and Stephens and Hiscox,

International Contract Company (Limited), re The tion (Limited) (apps.), The ; v. The Assessment 99
(Hughes's case), 425

Committee of St. George's Union (resps.), 61 Sargen* v. Sargent, 99

International Contract Company, re The, ex parte

Savile v. Kilner, 328

Ind, 344

Nanteos Consols Mining Company, re (Thomas's Scharf, In the Goods of, 387

Isaacson v. Thompson, 99

Case), 385

Sharp v. Powell, 480

Narraway v. Beattie (Cama's Estate), 365 Shearman v. British Empire Mutual Assurance

Jacobs v. Rylance, 250

National Assurance and Investment Association, Company, 478

James v. The South Western Railway Company, re The, 249

Shepherd, In the Goods of, 252


Nesham v. Selby, 365

Shepherd v. The Midland Railway Company, 233

Jones v. Harries, 81

Newby v. Von Oppen and others, 269

Sheppeard v. Beetham and others, 387

Jones v. Jones, 213, 233

Newill v. Newill, 248

Sheffield Improved Industrial and Provident

Jones (app.) v. Marshall (resp.), 65

Noakes v. Barlaw, 293

Society v. Jarvis, 327


v. Parsons, 252

North British and Mercantile Assurance Company Sidebotham, In the Goods of, 213

Joyce v. Kennard, 63

v. Moffatt and another, 82

Sidebotham v. Knott, 269

Joyce v. Rawlings, 248

North-Eastern Railway Company (app.) v. Simey v. Dixon, 82

Justices of Lancashire, The, v. The, Lords of the Richardson and another (resps.), 251

Sinnet v. Herbert, 210

Treasury, 251

Northern Assam Tea Company re The (Win- Singer v. Audley, 211

grove's case), 79.

Simpson (app ) 2. Wells (resp.), 250

Keane v. Keane, 136
Nott's Trusts, re, 478

Slater v. Pinder, 292

Kemp v. The Great Eastern Railway Company, 62

Sleeman v. Wilson, 26

Kemp v. The South Eastern Railway Company, Ogilvie, re, 134

Smith v. Farrah, 115


Orchard v. Lake, 62

Smith v. Gibson, 43

Kent v. Stokes, 229

Oriental Commercial Bank ; re The Claim of the Smith v. Myers and another, 83

Kilvert's Trusts, re, 134

European Bank, 80.

Smith v. Stone, 229

Kimber v. Barber, 478

Ovens v. The London and St. Katherine’s Dock Southampton Imperial Hotel Company (Limited),

Kimberley v. Dick, 25

Company, 480

re, (Hunt's Claim), 346

King and wife, ex parte ; re P. and W. 251

Overend, Gurney, and Company v. Gibb and Stafford v. Gardner, 213

Kirk v. The Queen; The Attorney-General v. another, 458

Stanley, ex parte, 347

Kirk, 328

Stewart v. Earl Vane, 135
Knaresborough Union (apps.) v. Pately Bridge Page, ex parte, re Page and Springall, 46

Stimson v. Farnham, 81

Union (resps.), 64

Palmer v. Fowler, 80

Stoke's Trusts, re, 309

Palmer and others v. Fox, 66

Swift, ex parte; re Sir William Russell, 308

Labouchere v. Dawson, 229

Palmer v. Newell, 229
Langham, J. N., In the Goods of, 252
Panthea, The, 28

Tait, Sir Peter, and Co., ex parte, re Lynch, 293
Laudon, re, 115
Pappa v. Rose, 28

Tait, Sir Peter, ex parte, re Tait and Co., 214
Laws, W., In the Goods of, 459
Parker's estate, re, 135

Targett v. Vincent, 81
Lee v. Lee, 328
Parkes v. Parkes, 99

Telford v. Metropolitan Board of Works, 328

Leigh 1. Adams, 65

Parnell, in the Goods of, 366

Temple v. Flowers, 479

Lethbridge v. Adams ; ex parte The Liquidator of Patent Bread Machinery Company ; re, ex parte Teutonia, The, 308

the International Life Assurance Society, 290 Valpy and Chaplin, 289.

Tepper, In the Goods of, 213

Lewis v. Allenby, 135, 317

Patent Floor Cloth Company (Limited), re The, Tetley and another v. Shand, 82

Lewis v. Lewis, 67

(Dean and Gilbert's claim), 365

Thomas, In the Goods of, 28

Llynvi Coal and Iron Company, ex parte, re Hide, Peck v. Gurney, 26

Thuringia, The, 99


Pennock v. Pennock, 80

Thwaites v. Tibbits, 67

Lockwood v. Jenkinson, 64

Peppercorne v. Clench, 406

Toleman v. Reed, 293

London Gas Light Company (Limited), re, The; ex Phillips v. Silvester, 289

Tomkins v. Tomkins, 366
parte Webber, 289

Phillips v. The Great Western Railway Company, Townsend v. The Overseers of the Poor of St.

London and Mediterranean Bank (Limited), re 43, 290, 426, 458

Marylebone, 65

The; Wright's Case, 25

Phosphate of Lime Company v. Green and Turner, re Mary Anne, 251

London and Suburban Bank v. Walkinshaw, 81. another, 45

Tyson v. Lord Mayor of London, 66

Longley v. Longley, 134

Pilcher v. Rawlings, 248

Loyd v. Spence, 212

Pooley, ex parte ; re Sir William Russell, 406 United Ports and General Insurance Company, re

Loyd v. Fleming, 212

Pope v. Probyn, 385

The (Adam's case), 230

Lucas v. Siggers, 385, 405

Porter, ex parte; re Porter, 114

United Ports and General Insurance Company, re

Luckes ex parte, re Wood, 308

Pottesco Marble Company (Limited), re, 135

(Brown and Tucker's case), 62

Lumley v. Victor, 136

Pound (app.) v. The Board of Works for the Plum.

Lundy Granite Company (Limited), re, (Harvey stead district (resps.), 44

Valparaiso Waterworks Company, re (Davies's

Lewis's case), 345, 405

Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Company (Limited),

case), 355

Lyons, ex parte, re Lyons, 477

The, v. The Taff Vale Railway Company, 366 Vigar v. Dudman, 293

Preston v. The Corporation of Great Yarmouth, Vyse v. Foster, 386
McBlain v. Cross, 27

Mackett v. Mackett, 459
Pride v. Bubb, 59

Wadmore v. Dear, 66
Malcomson v. Givins, 310
Prosser y. The Bank of England, 310

Wadmore v. The Overseers of Putney, 66

Mallock v. Bullock, 64

Punchard, In the Goods of, 310

Walker v. Walker, 25

Manning v. Gill, 250

Purssglove, In the Goods of, 252

Ward v. Martin, 232

Marshall v. Ulleswater Steam Navigation Com-

Ward v. Wolverhampton Waterworks Company,27

pany, 81

Radford v. Willis, 41

Ware's Trusts, re, 80

Marshall, ex parte, re Waddington, 364.

Ravensford v. Ravensford, Smith and Withey, 311 Webster v. The Mayor, &c., of Halifax, 42
Marseilles Extension Railway and Land Company Rayner, ex parte ; re Johnson, 364

Weeks, ex parte, re Henderson, 214
re, The; er parte The Credit Foncier and Mo- Reaston's Estate, re, 309

Wehner, re, 84

bilier of England, 26, 134

Reg. v. Justices of Flintshire, 63

Whitmore and another v. Humphries, 45

Martin v. Martin, 115
Reg. v. Justices of Surrey and others, 251

Williams, ex parte, re Davies, 345
May v. The Great Western Railway Company, 231 Reg. v. St. Ives Union, 480

Williams (app.) v. Lear (resp.) 250
Mayor of London v. Sandon, The, 249

Reg. v. The Vestry of St. Luke's, Chelsea, 83 Wilson, In the Goods of, 252
Mayor of London v. Metropolitan Railway Com. Rennie v. Morris, 210

Wilson, ex parte, re Douglas, 477

Rennison v. Walker and another, 291

Wilson (app.) v. Mayor, &c., of Bolton (resps.), 44

Meinertzhagen v. Walters, 386

Republic of Liberia, The, v. The Imperial Bank Wilson v. Newberry, 63

Mellor v. Mellor, 42

(Limited), 135

Wilson v. O'Leary, 364

Merry v. Nickalls, 386

Richards v. Gellatly and others, 251

Wilson v. Wilson and Howell, 213

Metropolitan Railway Company v. Mayor of Richardson v. Richardson and others, 293

Wilson v. Wilson and Stowell, 68, 293
London, The, 219
Roberts, ex parte ; re Burdett, 68

Woodcock's Settled Estate, re, 43
Metropolitan Board of Works, The, v. The Marquis Robins v. Goldingham ; re Suckling, 230

Woodhams v. Woodhams, 44

of Salisbury, 387

Robinson v. Robinson, 99

Wood v. Weightman, 365

Meyer, ex parte ; Re Stephany, 134

Rollins v. Hinks, 230

Wotherspoon and another v. Currie, 477

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Absent trustee, 135
Common employment, 480

Criminal lunatic-Settlement to avoid forfeiture,

Absolute gift-Qualification, 364

Common Pleas of Lancaster-Jurisdiction, 27


Accountant-General, obligation to invest, 43 Common, rights of, pleading, 384

Cruelty, plea by wife-Particulars, 136

Administration suit, 60


Custom of Stock Exchange-Transfer of shares,

Administration suit-Decision of chief clerk, 290 Advances to directors-Rigging the market, 26


Administration suit - Enrolment — Vacation of, Agreement to sell land at fixed price-Waiver, Custom of the country- Tenancies, 213



Cy près-Charity legacies, 210

Administrator pendente lite-Security, 67

Agreement to become a member, 385

Admiralty Court-Jurisdiction, 252

Allotment of shares-Notice-Revocation of Dangerous employment-Fencing machinery, 269

Admiralty-Solicitor's lien on proceeds in court, application, 99

Death, evidence of, in transfer of stock, 310


Amalgamation-Contribntory, 230

Discovery-Trade mark, 60

Adulteration of bread, 45

Amalgamation-Notice of allotment, 62 Dividends, payment to trustees, 309
Advancement of children in lifetime of testator, Annuity granted by company, 479

Divorce Act, assessing damages, 310

Bankruptcy of contributory after commence. Divorce---Condonation-New charges, 233
Advertisements for creditors, 365

ment of winding-up, 364

Divorce practice-Appeal to full court, 213
Affidavit, irregularity in, 251

Companies Act 1862 – Examination, 289 Divorce practice-Application by wife to amend

Affidavits in Chancery-Evidence in Divorce Court, Composition- Plea of to action for calls, 63

answer, 99


Compromise, 309

Divorce practice, dismissal of co-respondent, 293

Affiliation order-Res judicata, 63

Compromise and payment by trustee for com-

Divorce suit--Wife's costs, 233

Agent both vendor and purchaser, 478

Donatio mortis causâ--Gift of cheque and pass
Alimony-Cross-examination of husband, 99

Compromise-Petition to effect, 366

book, 386

Alimony-Judicial separation, 67

Compulsory winding-up-Resolution, 212 Draining and paving new street -- Expenses of, 44

Alimony pendente lite-Wife's costs, 68 .

Directors— Breach of trust by, 309

Alimony on capital invested in business, 213

Directors-Liability of, 458

Easement-Excessive user, 231

Alimony pending appeal to full court, 213

Directors-Personal liability for advance, 347 Endowed Schools Act, 211

Alimony-Witnesses in support of petition, 99

Directors--Remuneration of, 345

Equitable assignment by lessee, 269

Amendment of special case, 328

Directors--Remuneration of-How payable, Equity of redemption - Mortgagor bastard and in.

Annuity-Perpetual or for life, 386


testate, 232

Appeal in equity-Practice, 249

Double proof-Surety-Bill of exchange, 80 Equity practice-Motion ordered to stund over, 62

Apportionment, 327

Fees of directors-Advances, 211

Estate pur autre vie-Foreign domicile 288

Arbitration - Three arbitrators, 366

Fictitious name-Application for shares in, Examination of witness—“Pending motion," 211

Architect, guarantee by in building contract, 25


Excessive distress-Right to sue for, 67

Assignee of policy of insurance, action by, 212

Inchoate foreign company, 211, 309

Excessive toll-Conviction for taking, 250

Assignment of chattels, &c., in Scotland, 386

Lands Clauses Act- Agreement to take land, Exciseable liquors-Seizure of, 45

Attachment of attorney, 251


Executor of building society-Mortgage by, 310

Attestation clause, imperfect, 452

Lands Clauses Act-Superfluous lands not re-

Attorney-Suspension of, 212

quired, 231

Failure of trust of will, 213

Award-Costs, 44

Lands Clauses Act-Reinvestment of pur. Family arrangement, 98

chase-money, 328

Filing bill without authority, 135


Lands Clauses Act-Purchase of settled estate Floating policies—Concealment, 65

Appeal, notice of - Extension of time, 134

by Board of Works, 347

Forbearance-Agreement, 67

Arrest of bankrupt-Informal affidavit, 385 Loan for illegal object, 134

Foreign corporation-Service of writ, 269
Bills of sale-Agreement to renew, 42

Man of straw-Transfer of shares to, 61 Foreign Enlistment Act, 308, 311
Composition deed--Execution of-Evidence, 66 Manager-Remuneration of, 62

Foreigner, will made abroad, 387
Composition deed-Right to sue, 64

Misrepresentation-Arbitration, 479

Forfeiture clause in will, 211
County Court-Jury, when necessary, 116

Misrepresentation-Cancellation of shares, 25 Fraudulent conveyance-Mortgage, 79
Debtors' summons-Costs, 46

Novation, 346
Disclaimer of lease by trustee, 60

Numbering of sharos — Transfer of wrong Game, covenant to preserve, 405,
Distinct contracts-Right of proof, 114

numbers, 344

General average-Fuel to work donkey engine,
Double proof-Distinct estates, 477

Official liquidator-Production of documents 232

East India pension-Bill of sale, 219

by, 60

Gift by will, interest, 80

Execution creditors-Seizure before act of Order for payment of call-Suspending during Gift, failure of object of, 80

bankruptcy, 292, 315

appeal, 114

Gift to wife and child--As a class or the wife, 248

Execution on goods of trader for over £50, 364 Past members--Liability of, 43

Goodwill, sale-Depreciation, 229

Execution on judgment in County Court, in- Policy holders against shareholders, 290 Grant of probate ad coligenda, 213

junction, 426

Powers of directors, 60

Gravestones, direction to repair, 346

Fraudulent conveyance-Past debt, 308

Power to block up streets, 211 478, 479 Guarantee to receipt bills-- Mistake, 231

Fraudulent preference-Payment outof money Promissory note to secure balance at bank-Guardians-Appeal from, 231

advanced, 59

Winding-up, 250

Frandulent preference, 60

Proof--Amount of, 458

Highway Act-Obstruction Statute fair, 250

Inspectorship deed-Injunction, 214

Provisional Liquidators, 61

Highway, diversion of, 251

Ireland, power of Bankruptcy Act to restrain Railway company, specific performance by, 27 Highway, encroachment, 64

proceedings in, 293

Refreshment station, contract to stop trains Holder of bill of exchange-Right to proceed for

Liquidation-Jurisdiction, 477

at, 43, 290, 458

costs, 81

Money acquired during bankruptcy, 134

Registration of transfer, power of directors to Hotchpot, 479

Mortgagee's claim to book debts, 214

refuse, 79

Husband and wife-Administration, 248

Order and disposition, 46

Reinvestment of purchase-money, 135

Husband and wife-Covenant to settle, 212

Order and disposition-Policy of insurance, 115 Right to damages under petition to wind-up,

“ Otherwise absenting himself”-Intent, 134


Ice on highway, negligenco, 480

Parliament, members of—Liquidation, 406

Right to use line, 366

Imitation of name--Injunction, 115

Registration-Practice, 84

Security for costs, 157

Improper marriage--Forfeiture of property, 310

Reputed ownership, 294

Security for costs-Cross-suit, 289

Improvement on settled estates, 135
Secured creditor-Judge's order, 114

Secretary, agreement by to take shares, 385 Inclosure--Encroachment, 15
Trustee-Title relating back, 136

Supervisory liquidation, 63

Infant married woman-Mode of taking consent,

Bill of sale-Affidavit, 81

Surplus lands, seizure of, 134


Breach of contract before time for performance, Transfer of shares for nominal consideration, Infant transferee, liability of jobber, 386



Injunction, 309

Breach of promise to marry-Condition precedent, Transfer of winding-up to County Court, 366 Injunction, suspension of, 426


Travelling agent-Commission, 365

Inspection of documents, 251

Brewer, and “ale or porter merchant,” distinc- Trustee of shares, implied agreement, 364 Insurance on goods at wharf, 82

tion, 252

Ultra vires-Act of directors, 45

Intestacy, lapse of bequest, 229

Brewers' covenant, 63

Unqualified director, 42

Intestacy-Stranger in blood elected guardian, 252

Broker, contract by, 293

Voluntary and compulsory winding-up, 309 Interrogatories-Title, 61

Broker, personal liability of, 44

Winding-up-Affidavit of documents, 288 Issues in divorce suits, 480

Broker selling his own goods-Right to recover, 82 Winding-up-Charge for costs against com-

Broker, want of skill on part of, 28

Jobber, liability on transfor of shares, 210

Building society, Promissory note by trustees of, Winding-up-Notice of appeal-Time, 228 Joint probate, joint grant to attorneys of next of


Company's debt, claim for interest, 425

kin abroad, 252

Burial fees, Incumbent's right to, 44

Composition deed--Release, 45

Judge ordinary, power to make rules, 68

Conditions of sale, misleading, 210

Judicial separation--New charge of cruelty, 68

Cargo "expected to arrive,” date of, 83

Constructive settlement, 365

Judicial separation, husband's death, costs, 311

" Cause of action”--Defendant out of jurisdiction, Contract-Construction, 83

Judicial separation-Procedure, 328

Copyholds, partition of, 212

Justices, jurisdiction in title, 231
Charitable gift-Description, 134

Copyright-Infringement, 213
Charitable gift-Insufficient description, 310 Corporation, mortgage of rates by, 290

Lands Clauses Act-Notico to treat, 66

Charity--Scheme cy près, 365

Costs, certificate for, 28

Lands Clauses Act-Lands injuriously affected, 83

Codicil confirming will-Wife of legatee attesting Co-trustee, liability for breach of trust, 385

Latent ambiguity--Laches, 2 19

witnese, 249
County Court, power of to amend, 291

Lease, assignment of-Remote assignee, 202
Colourable imitation-Interlocutory injunction, 99 Covenant-Lease for lives, 83

Lease, forfeiture, 293

Common carriers as bailees, liability of, 251 Creditor, right of to examine bankrupt, 308 Legacies, repetition of, 364

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veyor, 44

Leaseholds, renewal of, 42

Power of appointment-Invalid exercise, 229 Specific devise, 250

Legacy duty, 292

Precatory trusts in will, 43

Specific performance of contract of purchase,

Libel, bill of discovery in, 291

Principal and agent-Payment to agent and Deterioration of property, 289

Lien of solicitor for costs, 230

another jointly, 232

Specific performance-Subject-matter of contract

Line of street-Projection beyond, 43

Probate-Grant' to creditor to institute proceed- in ruins, 364

Local court, power to order examinations, 329 ings in Chancery, 210

Statute of Frauds—Memorandum in writing, 45

Lords of the Treasury, statutory obligations of, Probate-No attestation clause-Witnesses, 233 Stockbruker-Liability of, for transfer to infant,

Probate-Surviving executor out of the country, 406

Lost codicil, evidence as to, 252


Structural severance-Valuation, 64

Lunatic, past maintenance, 80

Probate trial, 293

Substituted service of notice of motion, 290

Lunatic, so found in France, fund in court to Probate trial-Special jury, 310

Succession duty, 477

credit of, 249

Probate-Wife executrix, 57

Suit for restitution of conjugal rights—No answer,

Lunatio wife-Separate property, 135

Professional misconduct of attorney, 82


Production of documents—Partnership accounts, Surety, liability of—Indemnity on bill of sale, 68

Maintenance ; immorality, 42


Marine contract, to buy cargo on arrival, 291 Production of documents — Partnership books, Tack and set-off — Mortgagor and mortgagee,

Marriage articles-Perpetual annuity, 27



Marriage settlement- Volunteers, 99
Production of will-Citation, 459

Tales, refusal to pray-Costs, 81
Marriage, validity of-Signing register, 230 Promise of marriage-Lost letters, 290

Tenor, executor according to the, 310
Married woman-Real estate, 59
Promise to answer for debt of another, 83

Testamentary papers, two, 387
Mayor's court, jurisdiction of-Freight, 251 Public Health Act-Apportionment, 44

Thames Embankment Act-Compensation, 387

Mayor, purchase of chain for, 287

Purchaser for value without notice, 248

Three counsel-Taxation of costs, 386

Medical officer, appointment by guardians, 232

Tithes, modus, tillages, 293
Metropolitan Building Act-Fees of district sur. Queen's proctor, intervention of, 311, 368

Trademark-Colourable imitation, 6, 288, 447

Trademark-Infringement, 229, 230, 328
Metropolitan commons, right of pre-emption, 328 Racing committee, decision of, 65

Trade, within certain distance-Admeasurement,
Memorandum in writing-Agreement for lease, 365 Receiver of public moneys, right to claim audit,

67, 231
Mines and minerals, reservation of, 386


Tramways Act-Right to stop traffic, 289
Minor, guardians of, 366

Recovery of tenements in county courts, 252 Transfer of cause, 385, 405
Mistake, suit to reform deed, 327

Trespass, action of-Injunction to restrain, 232
Mixed fund-Legacies, 344

Appellant-Wrong party-Jurisdiction, 65 Trespassing on railway station, 479

Mortgage by executor, 250

Change of residence-Mistake, 65

Trust, breach of-Acquiescence, 26

Mortgage- Power of sale, 345

County qualification-Rateable value under Trust or absolute interest, 459

Mortmain Acts, 347

several landlords, 82

Trustee, discretion of, 80

Mother's right over children, 251

County vote-Expenses to be deducted, 66 Trustee-Improper sale, 115

County vote-“ Land occupied,” 66

Trustee "incapable to act," 288

Negligence-Explosion of gas, 291

County vote-Equitable freehold interest, 66 Trustee Relief Act-Costs of petition, 406

Negligence-Ice on platform, 233

County vote-Poor burgesses - Custom, 82 Trustee, sale of shares to, 26

Negligence-Injury caused by third party, 291

Dwelling house-Joint tenant, 65

Trustees, appointment, 309

Negligence of railway passenger-Evidence, 212 Notice of claim-Description, 65

Trustees' discretion under will, 115
Negligence-Onus of proof, 212

Registration-Misdescription, 65

Trustees, liability of, 478
Next of kin-Evidence of, 387

Sub-lessee-Interest in leasehold house, 82

Nuisance-Noise and vibration, 345

Remoteness-Rule against perpetuities, 157 Unclaimed stock, transfer, 346

Nuisance-Smoke and vapours, 428

Rent in advance-Mortgagee, 45

Underwriters, proportionate liability of, 63

Repurchase --Right to, 27

Undisclosed principal, 27

Parochial Assessment Act, 64
Restraint of trade, 63

Usage of stock exchange, infant, 212
Parol agreement for lease-Specific performance, Right of common-Suit to enforce, 60
Right of water-Interference with, 42

Vendor and purchaser, 41
Parol trust-Illegal transaction, 478

Right of way over water-Obstruction by owner of Vendor and purchaser - Specific performance
Parties to suit-Executors, 25

soil, 81

(sale of public house), 42
Partition Act 1868–Parties interested abroad, 386

Voluntary settlement, 478
Partnership agreement-Non-execution by essen. Sale of commission-Priority, 98

Voluntary settlement-What passes by, 269
tial party, 229

Scheme for administration, 135
Partnership, power to bind, 293
School Board-Quo warranto, 44

War, operation on contracts, 308

Partnership, proof in dissolution, 365

Secret trust, 347

Warranty-Sale of horse, 66

Party-wall, right to support, 327

Separation deed-Specific performance, 316 Wife's costs in divorce, 213

Patent-Action as to validity, 230

Setting aside deed, 62


Per stirpes or per capita, 478

Settlement-Construction, 115

Attesting witnesses, 347

Petition of right-Government contract, 328 Settlement-Covenant to pay - Trustees' discre. Conditional gift over-"or,'

," "and," 230

Pleading--Want equity, 347

tion, 229

Construction of, 61, 80

Policy of insurance, mortgage of, 478

Shelley's case-Rule in-210

Estate and effects, 135

Pollution of stream, injunction, 425

Sheriff-False return by, and action for, 81

Joint tenancy or in common, 115

Poor law-Break of residence, 480

Signature of will, 252

Lost-Entry against interest, 28

Poor Law Union extending into several juris. Slander of wife-Consortium, 82

Misdescription of legatee, 290

dictions, 250

Stay of winding-up proceedings, 479

Parcel or no parcel, 289

Poor law-Status of irremovability, 64
Solicitor-Property preserved by, 310

Words in will passing real estate, 134
Poor law-Status of pauper, 212

Specific bequest, 250

Posthumous child, possibility of, 115

Specific bequest of farming stock, 365

Yew tree, clippings from -- Negligence,

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Legal Education Association, The, 356

Railway and Canal Traffic Act - Undue pre-
Abortive petition, costs, 179
Legal Profession, The, 220, 240

ference, 315
Accounts, old and new law, 335
Legal restraint of drunkenness, 220

Receiver in Chancery - Landlord and tenant,

Annul, application to, 33

Liability of bankruptcy trustees for costs, 278
Bankruptoy procedure, 52

Liability of married women to be sued, The, Replevin-Rent in arrear, 50

Bill of sale, necessity for registration, 86

Revenue Commissioners-Right of County Court
Chancery suit, power of Bankruptcy Court to re- Liquidation proceedings (adjournment of meeting), to review decisions of, 123
strain, 298


Sailing rules-Collision, 41
Commitment of bankrupt, 181
Magistrates' courts and clerks, 396

Set-off by member of company, 143
Co-surety-Contingent liability, 411
Marriage settlements, 88, 202, 373

Set-off of private debt against partnership debt, 70
Criminal prosecution under the Debtors' Act, 179
Married Women's Property Act, 486

Sheriff's fees, 88
Debtor's summons, abuse of process, 466
Municipal elections (voting), 88

Specific performance of agreement to grant lease,
Declaration of insolvency, ignorance of debtor, 86 New rules of the Inns of Court, The, 88

Delivery up of property, 433
Old Reports, 144

Valuation for tillages-Custom, 216
Disclaimer of lease by trustee, 481
Our invaders, 14

Wrongful distress-Money paid under not re-
Double proof, right of, 372
Palmer's (Sir R.) resolutions, 374, 467

coverable, 123
English and Scotch creditors, 447

Personal liability of bankruptcy trustees (Cot-
Equitable mortgage-Order for sale, 411
ton's case), 210

Execution creditors, 86

Petitions for liquidation, 203
Failure to produce books and accounts,

Chapel trustees, liability of, 141
Practitioners' fees in County Courts, 299

Fraudulent preference, 13, 237

Profession, The, 467, 486
Gazette, notice in, 86
Public prosecutors, 318, 336, 374

Landlord's power to distrain, 237, 317
Public Prosecutors' Bill, The, 448

Rateability of occupiers-Structural severance, 8
Landlord's right under Bankruptcy Act 1869, s. | Public Prosecutors and Sanitary Acts Consolida.
34, 104

tion Bill, 125
Liquidation-Equitable mortgage of lease, 181
Reports of the Judicature Commission, 337, 373

Liquidation-Rights of third persons, 52
San Francisco, 434, 449

Andrews's Precedents of Leases, 425
Majority in number-Special resolutions, 124, 217, Sheriffs' fees, 202, 278

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219, 256

Sheriffs' officers (claims against attorneys), 182, land, 59
No notice of meeting-Registration of resolutions,


City of London Directory, The, 248
Stamp Act, The, 125

Copinger's Index to Precedents in Conveyancing
Non-payment of composition, 411
Stamp Law, The, 336

and to Common and Commercial Forms, 424
Notice to creditors unknown to petitioners, 433
Stamps, 71

Cox's Epitome of the Session of 1871, 41
Order and disposition, 394
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Partner, power of, to pledge goods of firm, for Tichborne Case, The, 467

separate debt, 316
Tichborne (R. C. D.) otherwise

De la Rue's Desk Diary for 1872, 248
Practice-Evidence, 447

Transfer of railway stock,
125, 163

Dewy's Manual of the Law relating to Divorce
Practice on registration, 485
Trustees in bankruptcy, 220

and Matrimonial Causes, 227
Receiver in bankruptcy–His office, 104
Under-sheriff's clerks, 203

Elphinstone's Practical Introduction to Convey.
Registration of resolutions, refusal by registrar, Votes at School Board elections, 448

ancing, 192

Glen's Laws relating to Public Health and Local
Ro-hearing, application when granted, 335


Government, including the Law relating to the
Rent due by partnership, 124


Removal of Nuisances injurious to Health, the
Restoration of property, 334

Prevention of Diseases, and Sewer Authorities,
Rights of sureties under a liquidation, 236
Abandonment-Further evidence, 99

with Statutes and Cases, 209.
Second petition-Can a debtor file ? 218
Admiralty, jurisdiction in, 33

Goldsmith's Doctrine and Practice of Equity: A
Summary jurisdiction-Contempt of court, 236
Admiralty jurisdiction-Damage, 162

Concise Outline of the Proceedings at the High
Trustee, representative character of, 180

Admiralty-Master's wages and disbursements- Court of Chancery, 156
Value of alimony, 53

Priority, 28

Goodeve's Law of Evidence as Administered in
What constitutes an act of bankruptcy, 412
Animals feræ naturæ- Trover, 255

England and Applied to India, 248
Auctioneer-Liability of, 178

Hall's Treatise on the Law relating to Profits á
Auctioneer-Right to recover for expenses in.

Prendre and Rights of Common, 7
curred, 410

Hertslett's Index to Subjects to the twelve volumes
A caution to clerks, 31
Auctioneer's commission, 238

of Treaties and Conventions and Reciprocal Re-
Accountants and the Bankruptcy Act 1871, 396 Bite of dog-Scienter, 238

gulations at present subsisting between Great
Administration of Oaths in Ireland, 144
Blair, Judge-Retirement of, 446

Britain and the Foreign Powers, &o., 326
An appeal, 299
Cause of action-Where arising, 466

Langdell's Seleotion of Cases on the Law of Con.
An equity digest, 356
Common carriers—Liability of, 178, 394

tracts, 228
Attorneys and the Bar, 396
Common carriers-Undue delay, 465

Lee's Law and Practice of Bankruptcy and Im-
Attorney's certificate duty, 258, 278

Contract by attorney and client for attorney's prisonment for Debt, 228
Australian Royal Commission on Intercolonial benefit, 333

Lewis's Indian Civil Code of Procedure, 226
Legislation and a Court of Appeal, The, 182 Contract-Re-sale by vendor before delivery, 393 Markower's Das Allgemeine Deutsche Handels.
Brighton County Court and debt collectors, 258 Contributory negligence, 433

Gesetzbuch nebst den in Preussen geltenden
Caution, 220
Costs in ejectment, 354

ergänzenden Bestimmungen, 457
Central Criminal Court, The 88
Demurrage-Payment of town dues, 70.

Michael's Law of Gas and Water Supply, 343
Chicago lawyers, 163
Dilapidations-Landlord's claim for, 87

Purkis's Student's Guide to Chitty on Contracts,
Claims for sheriffs' officers' fees (liability of attor Dividing cause of action-Payment into court, Williams on Real Property, and Smith's Manual
neys), 163

of Equity, 441
Commissioners' fees, 299

Easements Continuous and apparent, 122 Redman's Concise Treatise on the Law of Arbitra-
County Court commitments, 486
Easement-Misuser of, 237

tions and Awards, with an appendix to prece.
County Court fees, 220
Evidence-Agreement, 32

dents and statutes, 383
County Court judges, 125

Father-Liability for goods supplied to school. Roman law as an English study, 113, 133
County Court practice, 299, 318

boy, 13

Saunders's Precedents of Indictments, 268
County Court process, 240

Fencing tramway-No statutory obligation, 465 Seaborne's Manual of the Law relating to Vendors
County Court registrars as advocates, 31
Freemen-Rights of pasturage, 315

and Purchasers of Real Property, 424
County Courts, The 88
Friendly society-Jurisdiction as to, 179

Şleigh's (Warner) Annual Digest of Criminal
Employment of articled clerks, 449

Friendly society-Registration of rules, 255
Execution creditors v. Trustee, 15, 36

Law, 25
Inclosure Acts-483

Torrens's Empire of Asia, 326
Fees, 318
Jurisdiction-SalvageValue, 233

Wendt's Papers on Maritime Legislation, with a
Final examinations, 125

Landlord's statutory obligation to disinfect, 237 translation of the German Mercantile Law re-
Fixtures, 126
Married women, liability to be sued, 12

lating to Maritime Commerce, 24
Frauds in marriage settlements, 71

Married women's property, 51
Fraudulent preference, 105

Master's right to sue servant who leaves without
Harington, Mr., 258, 299
notice, 297

Incorporated Law Society's examinations, The, Mutiny Act-Liability of militiamon and volun. Admiralty jurisdiction, re-arrest of ship for costs,
teers, 433

Invaders, 278
New trial, fresh evidence, 32

Admiralty jurisdiction, should it be abolished ? 2
Irish Chancery Commissioners, 182, 203
Notice to quit, 446

Amendment of the Bankruptcy Act 1869, The, 423
Judge Stroud, 182
Parents, liabilities of, 432

An Indian Judge on the scientific study of the
Law of Bastardy, The, 202
Pew rents, 50

law, 111
Law Clerks' Society, 31
Practice-Service of summons, 32

Another anomaly in the law of lunacy, 265
Law Clerks, 278, 318, 336, 356, 374
Promissory note Stamp, 255

Appellate jurisdiction, The, 361
Lawyers' Clerks' Association, 414
Qualified title to leaseholds, 162

Appointment of County Court judges, The, 38

As to easements arising on the determination of Novation-Dangers of arbitration, 403

Stock Exchange practices, 118
unity of possession, 58

Obtaining possession of a cheque by trickery Trade marks, law of, 142
A solicitor's life and its lessons. 421

animo furandi-When larceny, 383

Translation of Sir Robert Collier, The, 296
A supreme court of appeal, 455

Official liquidators and alleged contributories, 286 Tribunals of commerce, 10
Bail, 381

Ousting of common law jurisdiction in county | The compensations of the Bar, 84
Bankrupt–Partners proving against the bank. courts, The, 57

The Stamp Act, 138
rupt's estate, 361
Personal liability of executors, 209

Undertaking to accept service, 193
Barrister's guild, A, 21

Personal liability of trustees in bankruptcy, The, Welsh speaking judges, 143
Bills of Sale Act and apparent ownership, 170 190

Woman suffrage, 165
Bill to abolish Small Debts, The, 404

Petitions for liquidation, 170
Board of Works and the Metropolitan Commons Plea of purchase without notice, The, 323

Act 1866, The, 402

Prevention of Crimes Act, The, 4
Central Criminal Court, The, 58
Privileged communications, 110

Albert and European Assurance Companies The,

Chancery Funds 'Bill, The, 439

Qualification of justices of the peace, The, 456
Chicago lawyers, The, 112
Recent bankruptcy decisions, 226

Albert and European Assurance and Inquiry Bill,

Coercion under the Criminal Law Amendment Recommendations to mercy, 206
Act 1871, 208
Remedies for sanitary negligence, 110

Amendment of the Highway Act, The, 311
Compromise of suits as consideration for a pro- Reservation of rights against sureties, The, 131

Appellate jurisdiction, 406, 459
mise, The, 96
Resolutions in liquidation, 56

Appointment of Sir R. P. Collier, The, 270, 294
Construction of statutes in relation to "the in- Rights and liabilities of sureties, The, 246

Arbitration by ex-Lord-Chancellors, 445
tention of the Legislature,'' 154
Rights of execution creditors as against the Ballot Bill, The, 270, 312

Arbitration for trades' unions, 270
County Courts in Canada, 323

trustee in bankruptcy, The, 3
County Court juries, 95
Scotch courts, The, 155, 172

Bankruptcy Bill (Ireland), 311
Couple of legal quarterlies, A, 22
Special juries in criminal cases, 40

Bar of Ireland, 311
Crime and its punishment, 171
Statutory declarations, 363

Bribery at municipal elections, 330
Criminal prosecutions and public prosecutors, 381 Tichborne Case, The, 340

Capital punishment, 270
Criminal trials in the Queen's Bench, 473
Trade usages versus law, 305

Central school of legal education, 270
Dahate on Sir Roundell Palmer's resolutions, The, Treaty obligations and American fishermen, 94

Chancery Funds Bill, The, 329, 426
True issue in the Collier case, The, 284

Clerks of the peace, 462
Debate on the appointment of Sir Robert Collier, Value of law reports and text books, The, 6

Contagious Diseases Act, The, 270
The, 305
When is the filing of a petition in liquidation an

Costs of criminal prosecutions, The, 389
Debtors' summons, 23

act of bank ruptcy ? 306

County Court Judges, 311
Dispatch of business at common law, The, 474

Dungannon bench of magistrates, The, 270

Distribution under the statute-Descendants of

Ecclesiastical Courts, The, 294

Ex-Lord Chancellors, 407
an intestate always take per stirpes, 225

Attorneys' fees for prosecutions, 371
Doctrine of remoteness and the Alabama claims, Costs of prosecutions, 393

Friendly societies, 329, 407

Game Laws, The, 270, 294
The, 244

Criminal Law Amendment Act, The, 215
Ejectment-Costs under the County Court Act County justices jurisdiction over matters within Inhabited house duty, 407

General school of law, 348
1867 (30 & 31 Vict. c. 142), s. 5, 313

Metropolitan district, 176
Element of time in suretyship, The, 111

Judicature commission, The, 330
Drunkenness, wilfully permitting, 10
Elements of the law of average, The, 96, 112, 132

Judicature commission, The, resolutions of, 294
Education Act, The, 140
Evidence in criminal cases, 245

Jurymen, 270
Furious dog, evidence of ferocity, 30
Examinations at the Incorporated Law Society, Liquor law, The, 428

Justices' clerks (salaries), 330, 368

Law of bankruptcy in Ireland, The, 311
The, 342

Liverpool drunkenness and disorderly houses, 175 Law bills and appeals, 387
Examinations for call to the Bar, 401

Lodgers' Goods Protection Act, 118
Explosive compounds, 75

Law of entail, The, 414
Magistrates' clerks, 429
Failure of primary as affecting subordinate dispo- Magistrates' clerks at Huddersfield, 370

Law of mortmain, The, 368

Law reform, 387
sitions, 382

Manner and place of arrest, 160
Forensic amenities in Dublin, 40

Law relating to juries, The, 442
Public-house licences, 194

Lenten amusements, 330
French prize law, 400, 420
Frost v. Knight, in the Exchequer Chamber, 287

Local Taxation, 270

Gifts to convents, 266

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister Bill, 329
Hare and rabbit grievance, The, 362
Demurrage, Lien for, 142

Management of dockyards, The, 270

Married Women's Property Act 1870, Amendment,
Hostile embargo and the contract of marine in. Lien for freight-Port of delivery, 409
War risk in marine insurance, 120

surance, 440

Married Women's Property Bill, 407
Incorrigible rogues, 422
Indecency in the public press, 171


Master and Servant (Wages) Bill, 407
Indian judges and an Indian barrister, 153
Admisssion to the Bar in New York, 160

Middlesex Registry of Deeds, The, 270
Insanity at the Old Bailey, 208
Agreement as to costs between attorney and New Courts of Justice,

The, 329

Municipal Corporations Bill (Borough Funds), 311
International law and the Anglo-American arbi- client, 193
tration, 207, 226, 246, 267, 285
Agreements for bills of sale, 201

New Domesday Book, The, 330
Issues for the Geneva Arbitrators, The, 472 An explanation-Old Bailey practices, 29

Parliamentary and Municipal Elections Bill, 330,

442, 462
Judgments of Vice-Chancellor Malins, The, 150 Anglo-American Arbitration, The, 174
Judicial interpretation of mercantile terms, 189 Argument for the fusion of law and equity, An, 164 Personal explanation (Sir R. Palmer and Sir R.

Patents for inventions, 270
Judicial remonstrance, The, 95
Certificate, application by attorney to renew, 100

Collier), 329
Judicial statistics, 1870, 5

Complimentary dinner to Mr. McTaggart, 238
Jury trials in the Court of Chancery, 130 Customs attending presentation of the Sheriffs to Private legislation, 368, 406, 407, 426

Private Bills for Ireland, 270, 294
Land law reform,

the Court of Exchequer, 46

Protection of infant life, The, 270
Law of bastardy, the, 152
Custody of children, 138

Public Prosecutors, 270
Law of costs, the, 422

Dispatch of Parliamentary business, The, 116
Law of distress in England and America, The, 130 Divorce practice, 369

Record Office, The, 406
Lady Doughty's proof and the doctrine of privi- Ejectment-Non-production of deed of assign. Remuneration of law officers of the Crown, The,

Registration of births and marriages, 407
lege, 322
ment, 481

Lawson's (Mr. Justice) reforms, 245

Fraud, how it operates on negotiable securities, Revising barristers, 407
Lawyers' indictment against the Government, The 197

Scotch legislation, 270

Fraud under bill of lading, 431
Law of libel in the Court of Queen’s Bench, The, 57 Government and the Judicial Committee of the Statutory declarations, 368, 389, 392

Scotch Poor Law, The, 270
Legal Education Association, The, 76

Privy Council, 101
Legal immunity of libellers and impostors, The Humours of injunction, The, 145

Supreme Court of Final Appeal, 347

Tichborne Case, The, 366, 444

Identity, admissibility of evidence, 139
Legal restraint of drunkenness, The, 189.
Irish Bench and Bar, The, 159

Title deeds, 270
Liability of carriers by sea where there is no Irish criminal and judicial statistics, 126

Translation of Sir R. Collier, The, 294, 311
special contract, 188
Irish Solicitor-General, The new, 194

Welsh County Court judges, 366
Liability of directors of a company for conceal. Jury system, the, 183
ment in the prospectus, The, 24
Land question abroad, The, 430

Liability, of mine owners and the Mines Regula- Law of nations, the, 4-16

Aston, F. T., 487

Gwillim, W. W., 260
tion Bill, The, 475
Legal education, 198

Barnes, C. B., 221 Hadfield, S., 185, 376
Liability of underwriters on goods for freight Legal waste, 146

Bencraft, Incledon, 146 Hall, J., 241
after abandonment, The, 265
Life insurance-When policy effective without Cherry, J., 280

Hawksford, F., 146
Limited interests in consumable chattels, 456 prepayment of premiums, 119

Cousins, T., 146

Hickman, W. J., 241
Locke King's Act Amendment A (30 & 31 | Lord Mayor's Court Jurisdiction, 297

Curry, G., 107

Lewis, T., 185
Vict. c. 69, 474
Practice-Taxation of costs, 235

Dain, H., 319

Mote, J., 16
Married women and the municipal franchise, 23 Private Bills for Session 1872, 136

Deacon, L. J., 337 Munby, F. J., 107
Married Women's Property Act (1870) Amend. Property in slaves, 427

Donnithorne, N., 301 Paine, H. E., 260
ment Act, The, 439

Prospects of the Bar as affected by recent Legisla. Duncan, H. T., 221 Pemberton, J., 280
Meeting in Middle Temple Hall, The, 76

lation, 467

Fegen, 301

Peters, D.J., 357
Merchant shipping code-Wreck and salvage, 39 Resignation of Sir J. E. Wilmot, 50

Fluker, R. C., 71 Rayner, J., 71
Merchant shipping code-Pilotage Act, 151 Revival of the Durham Court of Chancery, 84 Fox, W. L., 241

Reade, W., 397
Mutual credit in bankruptcy, 306
Security for costs (Ireland Q. B.), 117

Foyster, J. A., 337 Tolhurst, A., 319
Nemo debet esse judex in propria sua causa, 324. Security for costs by plaintiffs out of the jurisdic. Gibson, C. R., 16 Ward, W. C., 16
Notes on English law reform and legal education, tion, 137

Gillespie, A., 107 Wood, C., 90
97, 154, 191
Select biographical sketches, 121

Godfrey, J. P., 185, 221

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