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and important than the wheeziest of “criers of furnish it, and thus be compelled through fear of

the court.” Some day or other, it is conceivable the seizure of his goods, to pay his creditor ; while We understand that in the event of the Right that the foreman of a grand jury may turn round the unmarried man or clerk earning a larger Hon. Russell Gurney being raised to the Peerage, recorder. For instance, he might say, “Sir, we and deliver an equally “faithful charge to the salary, but only a lodger, should be enabled to defy

his creditor ? To abolish the present restricted and the office of Common Serjeant becoming vacant, the Hon. R. Bourke, M.P. for King's quito agree with you. We are useless; these power of imprisonment in the County Courts

cases have been investigated by competent magis. would be to afford the latter entire immunity from Lynn, will be a candidate for the vacant office.

trates, and therefore need not be winnowed by us. the payment of his debts, while the poor house. BANKRUPTCY OF A PEER.— The solicitors for We will, if you please, go a step further, and holder would be compelled to pay his. It must Lord de Mauley have forwarded to the Lord observe that the same reflection applies to your. also be borne in mind that the law of bankruptcy Chancellor a certificate under the seal of the self. Sixty-seven of the cases in the calendar does not apply to County Court debtors, and this London Bankruptcy Court stating that Lord de have been heard by Mr. Kynnersloy, a qualified furnishes a strong additional reason why a limited Mauley having been adjudicated bankrupt, the member of the Bar, and a practised stipendiary power of imprisonment should rest in those tri. requisite majority of the creditors agreed to justice, and therefore they need not have been bunals. In fact, without such a power exercised accept £2000 and costs in full satisfaction of the committed here at all; and the other three cases reasonably and justly, the County Court creditor debts; that those sums have been paid, and that could have been sent to the assizes. If this had would, as a rule, be practically without remedy, Lord de Manley is thereby discharged from the been done, you need not have attended here, we and the goodsless debtor, though with large carn. debts and

liabilities due at his bankruptcy Lord should not have been troubled by hearing the ings, would enjoy entire freedom from paying his de Mauley has also made a declaration before a speech you have been so good as to deliver, and debts.

J.J. magistrate relating to liabilities excepted from the time and money of several hundred prosecu. the operation of such a discharge-viz., that he tors and witnesses might have been saved, for the has not incurred any liability by means of fraud stipendiary magistrate would have done the work

NOTES AND QUERIES ON or breach of trust, nor by fraud has obtained for.

more cheaply and expeditiously. However, as bearance from any debt, and that he is not a

POINTS OF PRACTICE. debtor to the Crown, and does not stand charged bench, you may as well go through the duty Notice.- We must remind our correspondents that this

the law places you here, and you are on the with any debt at the suit of a sheriff on a bail thrown upon you. When the sessions are over column is not open to questions in solving points of lay bond. This certificate and declaration have been you will probably agree with us that your time

such as a solicitor should be consulted upon. Queries will laid before the House of Lords, and under the Act has not been usefully employed, and that you

be excluded which go beyond our limits. of last session Lord de Mauley becomes again might have been much better engaged if you had

N.B.-- None are inserted unless the naine and address of the

writers are sent, not necessarily for publication, but as a qualified to sit and vote in the House, if the House been allowed to remain at your practice else

guarantee for bonu fides. is satisfied with the above evidence.

where.” Such a reply, delivered in the form of a THE JUDGES AT ST. PAUL's.- Last Sunday

Queries. "presentment”-which the grand jury have the being the first Sunday in Easter Term, some right to make-would probably surprise the re

134. DEVISE.-A. by willdevises freehold lands to B., B. of Her Majesty's judges and serjeants-at-law, corder; and yet it would not be more out of place the heir-at-law of A. barred from maintaining ejectment

conveys to C. for value. The will was not registered. Is according to an ancient custom, attended in State than the personal observations he seems to think against B. on the ground that the will was obtained to the afternoon service at St. Paul's Cathedral. In it his business to address to the jurors.-Birming. undue intluence on the part of Bi spite of the bad weather there was a very large ham Daily Post.

the heir-at-law take? Should he give B. notice under congregation, and the service was held in the

the Probate Act that he intends to dispute the validity dome area. The judges present were the Lord

of the devise, or should be institute a suit in the Probate

Court to upset the will Chief Baron, Baron Martin, Mr. Justice Grove, and Mr. Justice Quain, and the serjeants were


135. Poor Law.-Will any of your correspondents Mr. Serjt. Simon, M.P., Mr. Serjt. Sargood, Mr.


kindly inform ine whether orphan children are irremos. Serjt. Robinson, and Mr. Serjt. Cox, all of wkom

able from the parish where they have resided (been at wore their full robes. On their arrival at St. NOTE.--This Department of the Law Thues being open to school) for more than a year since their parents' death.

INQUIRER. Paul's they were met by the Lord Mayor, who

free discuss on on all professional topics, the Editor is not

responsible for any opinions or statements contained in it. was attended by the Rev. J. H. Coward, his chap

136. Will.--A, makes a will by which he bequeathed lain, the City Marshal, and the Sword and Mace

THE PROFESSION.—Under this heading in the £2000 to B. A. subsequently makes a codicil revoking Bearers, and by Alderman Sir William Rose, Law Times of the 20th inst. are observed the

the bequest to B. and substituting the paine of C. instead, Alderman and Sheriff Sir Francis Truscott, the views of " A Solicitor” in advocating the doctrine

A. afterwards tears up the codicil, aud dies without Under-Sheriffs, the City Solicitor (Mr. Nelson), enunciated in previous issues of your journal griginal will.

making a fresh codicil. or otherwise revoking his and by a large deputation from the Court of under the title of “Sir Roundell Palmer's Resolu. the legacy to B. ?

Does the destruction of the codicil revive

J.J. C. Common Council, wearing their mazarine gowns, tions,” a perusal of which views leads me to the and each carrying a bouqnet. A procession was consideration of another point, and I must beg nant, on a conditional surrender of copyhulds to see are

137. STAMP DUTY.-Does a separate deed of core then formed, and the judicial and civic dignitaries you therefore to allow me again to trespass upon were conducted to their seats in the choir, being your valuable space. By the 23 & 24 Vict. c. 127,

£100, and containing covenant for payment of interest, followed by the clergy and choristers of the cathe. 8. 3, utter barristers in England may be admitted clauses require a Stamp of 25. 6d., or one of lus. ? B.

covenants for title, power of sale and other usual dral, headed by the Dean (Dr. Church) and Canons after three years service instead of the ordinary Gregory and Liddon. Prominent among the con period of five years. Why, then, should not attorneys

138. COMMISSIONER AT COMMON LAW.-Is an afidarit gregation were the Lady Mayoress and the Misses and solicitors have equal facilities for changing to sworn by a solicitor, who is a commissioner, but does Gibbons, Lady Truscott, and the Bishop of Car. the other branch, say keeping eight terms instead practise or take out his certificate, properly sworn? lisle and Mrs. Goodwin. Prayers were intoned by of twelve ?

PERRY. the Rev. James Lupton, one of the minor canons,

139. CHARTER-PARTY STAMP.-A, a shipowner and B. and the lessons were read by the Rev. W. H. MARRIED WOMEN'S PROPERTY Act.-At the a merchant, both foreiguers, enter into a Milman. The anthem was that composed by Sir last Worcester County Court an action was

abroad for a voyage to a port in England of A.'s ship John Goss, the late organist of the cathedral, on brought against a husband and his wife to recover

foreign vessel). Å. who was master as well as owner of the occasion of the National Thanksgiving--" The £28, lent on her promissory note (made before

the ship, sigued bills of lading to deliver the cargo to C. Lord is my strength and my song." At the con- marriage) to enable her to take a public house. conditious as per charter-party.

(an Englishman), on payment of freight and all other

C. detains the ship clusion of the prayers an eloquent and appropriate Judgment was given against the wife, but for beyovd the days allowed by the charter-party for dis

. sermon was preached by the Rev. Henry Parry the husband, in whom, of course the wife's chattels charzing. A. brings an action against C. in England for Liddon, D.D., the canon in residence, it being pre- vested on marriage. Shortly before acticn brought the demurrage. The charter-party is not stamped, 10 faced as usual with the “ Bidding Prayer," in the husband transferred his interest in the public. which it was entered into. The Stamp Act (33 6 34

stamp being required by the laws of the country ju which Her Majesty's judges and the Lord Mayor, house and its contents, including the things Viet. c. 97), requires a charter-party to be stamped the Aldermen, and "all who bear office in this bought with the £28. Has the poor plaintiff any with a stamp of 6d. which may be denoted by au ancient and loyal city,” were especially mentioned. and what remedy ? and can the wife be brought adhesire or an impressed stamp (sects. 66 & 68)

RECORDERS AND GRAND JURIES.-The Re- before the court on a judgment summons ? and sect. 67 provides that “where any document corder of Birmingham, in his charge the other

IS THIS JUSTICE? chargeable with duty as a charter-party, and, not beint day, made the usual remarks about the useless.

duly stamped, is first executed out of the United ness of grand juries. Out of seventy cases, he COUNTY COURT COMMITMENTS.-I quite agree

Kingdom, any party thereto may, within ten days after

it has been first received in the United Kingdom, and said, sixty-seven had been heard by the stipen. with you that the writer of the leader in the Daily before it has been executed by any person in the l'oited diary magistrate, who must know better than the Telegraph of the 18th inst., advocating the aboli. Kingdom, atix thereto an adhesive stump, denoting role grand jury, who,“ however respectable they tion in effect of the present system of County duty chargeable thercon, and at the same time when might be,” had no particular qualifications to say Court imprisonment for debt, cannot have had a

such stampan

adhesive stamp theroon so affixed and cancelled shall whether an accused person should or should not large practical experience of the subject, and cer. be deemed duly stamped." Can the charter-party be put upon trial. However, the recorder added, tainly has not maturely considered it in all its between A. and B. be given in evidence at the trial of as the law obliged the grand jury to attend, and aspects. The current fallacy lies in treating the the action without being stamped, having reference to as they were there, they must go and discharge question in the same sense as it respects the the foregoing sectious and sect. 17 of the Stamp Act; the duty thrown upon them.” When they came Superior and the inferior courts, for the difference which provides that no instrument executed in any back again, the learned gentleman continued, they lies in the subject matters, and the classes of part of the Uuited Kingdom, or relating, wberescever would * doubtless agree with him that their time suitors which belong to the respective tribunals. things done, or to be done, in any part of the United

executed, to any property situate or to any matter or had not been usefully employed, and that they As a rule, the defendant in the Superior Courts Kingdom, 'shall, except in criminal proceedings, be might have been much better engaged if they were is a person of some station and means, both of pleaded or given in evidence, or admitted to le sound; allowed to remain at their own businesses.” This which insure the payment to the plaintiff of his useful, or available in law or equity, wuless it is dine is the kind of address which, more or less politely recovered debt or demand, failing which the stamped in accordance with the law in force at the time

when it was first executed ?" Please cite authorities. expressed, grand juries have to listen to at our debtor may be made bankrupt, and compelled to quarter sessions. We are quite of opinion that give up all his worldly estate, both present and à grand jury might be dispensed with ; but it future, till he pays to the whole of his creditors may be suggested that judicial officers who think at least 10s. in the pound, and is bound under

Answers. so, would do better to represent their opinion to severe punishment to render a just and true ac- (Q. 122.) ECCLESIASTICAL.-In Cripps on the Law of Government, and so try to get rid of the grand count of his dealings for a considerable time pre- tbe Church &c, chap. 5, p. 502, it is stated, "the freejury, than to deliver addresses which cannot be vious. The defendant in the County Court on

hold of the churchyard is, to a qualitied exteur, in the agreeable to the gentlemen who have to listen to the other hand, has often or generally neither proper pirties to bring actions for preserviug the in.

Minister," but ( 510 ) the coureliwardeus are the them. It is unpleasant enough to have to sit in a worldly position to lose, nor tangible property to tegrity of the churchyard, not only as against strangert: stuffy room for two or three days against one's seize, and the only estate which he possesses lies but even as against the Minister hinsell. These oth ials will; and it certainly does not render the infliction in weekly earning-, that can only be reached by are also to take care that the churebyaris be repaired more tolerable to be penned up in a box, and be commitment, the dread of which alone secures to

and kept in good order &c., at publicly told that one is incompetent and useless, the tradesman or creditor the payment of his de- locking of the gates, os is often done, at least as izainst

purish. Hence, it seems that they muy insist upon the and out of date, and in the way-nothing more, in mand, and without which he would be practically strangers, who would be lialile for tressers, ujuu, in fact, than a sort of antiquated machine, less remediloss. Isit fair or reasonable that the working trusion, subject to any right of way, io be exercised by ornamental than a barrister's wig, and less useful, 'man who, with family is obliged to rent a house and 'the public, by cus

or prescription. The inducted

H. W. A.

cost of the

parson, for the time being, it seems, should be plaintiff | which, he remarked, had been bequeathed by per 5. On the motion of Mr. Torr, seconded by Mr. in an action for trover, for recovery of the church keys, sons who were not members of the legal profes. | Hooper, “ That the best thanks of the association and subject to the churchwarlen's right as parochial

sion ; and he urged on all solicitors present to be presented to the Council of the Incorporated guardian, the parson has similar ownership in the churchyard-gate-keys, if any, as he is the freeholder. miss no opportunity of bringing the merits of the Law Society for the cordial co-operation they have

C.C. society to the notice of those of their clients who, afforded to the committee of management during

when making their wills, were seeking fit objects the past year, and for their courtesy in lending

for their charitable bequests. The chairman ex- one of their rooms for the purpose of this LAW SOCIETIES.

plained that the reason why only 4101. had been meeting.”
distributed in relief during the past half year, out 6. On the motion of Mr. Stephen Williams,

of the 10001. at the directors' disposal, was that seconded by Mr. Burton, “ That the best thanks SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.

scarcely any urgent case of extreme want or desti. of this meeting be presented to Mr. Lewis Fry, of The twenty-eighth half-yearly general meeting of

tution on the part of a member, or of a member's Bristol, for his services during the past year, and the members of this association was held at the

family, had come before the board during that to Mr. J. A. Rose for his able conduct in the Incorporated Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane,

period, most of the applications having been by chair this day.” London, on Wednesday, the 17th inst., to repersons unconnected with, or having but slender

Philip RICKMAN, Secretary. ceive the report of the board of directors for

claims on, the society, but that the directors were the past six months, and to transact other busi. fully prepared to grant liberal relief to members

ARTICLED CLERKS' SOCIETY. ness. The following gentlemen were present :- or their families whenever fit occasion arose for it; A menting of this society was held at Clements. Messrs. J. S. Torr, E. F. Burton, J. A. Rose, S. and he (the chairman) hoped that in suitable cases Williams, W. Chubb, s. Smith, P. Rickman, W. it would be in the way of annnity, a mode of hely Mozley in the chair. Mr. Hanhart opened the sub

inn Hall on Wednesday, the 17th inst., Mr. B. Brook, W. B. Gates (Northampton), H. W. which, besides its many practical advantages over ject for the evening's debate, viz., “That the Hooper (Exeter), J. H. Kays, E. Mote, J. W.

casual gifts, possessed that important one menProudfoot, H. Sowton, E. A. Hilder (Gravesend),

tioned by Paley of relieving the mind from the Royal Prerogative with respect to the making of E. W. Williamson, W. Crossman, G. M. Jauncey,

The motion was

Treaties requires limitation.”
harassing and paralysing "dread of want.”
F. T. Woolbert, G. B. Batchelor, &c.
Mr. J. S. Túrr (the chairman of the board of mously adopted.

Tho report and balance sheet were then unani. carried by a majority of one. directors during the present year) having been An alteration intended to be proposed in one of

LIVERPOOL LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. requested to take the chair, did so, and after

the rules of the association, so as to admit of On Tuesday, the 10th instant, at the Law some few introductory observations, called upon an addition to the number of auditors, had to be Library, Cook-street, a special convened meeting the secretary (Mr. Eiffe) to read the notice con- adjourned, owing to a sufficient complement of of this society was held for the purpose of consivening the ineeting, the minutes of the previous

members not being present to comply with the dering the desirability of sending delegates to meeting, and the hulf-yearly report.

provisions of the 19th rule on the subject of the Law Students' Societies Congress to be held at The following was the report read :-" The alterations in the rules, but the opinions of those Birmingham in May next, Mr. Alfred D. Towndirectors, in compliance with the rules of the present in favour of the proposed alteration were

send, solicitor, in the chair. The scheme was ap. association, have the pleasure to present this signified by a resolution to that effect. The usual proved of, and three delegates elected to represent their twenty-eighth half-yearly statement of the

votes of thanks to the directors, auditors, and the society. progress and operations of the association during

chairman, brought the proceedings of the meeting the past six months. Since their last report in

to a termination. Oct. 1871, sixty-three new members have joined

PROMOTIONS 3 APPOINTMENTS. the association, thereby increasing its aggregate number to 2201, of whom 762 are life members,


(V.B.-Annonrements of promotions being in the nature

of adverti-enie tire chars Oul. cach, for which and 1439 annual subscribers. Twenty-two of the The following is a record of the proceedings

postage swami s chordu be inclused. life members are also annual contributors. The at the twenty-fifth annual general meeting, helil usual audited abstract of the accounts is appended, at the society's hall, on Wednesday, April 17, FREDERICK TUCKER Aston, Esq., of the firm of from which it will be seen that the receipts during 1872, Mr. J. A. Rose in the chair.

Vandercom, Law, Hardy, and Aston, of No. 23, the half-year terminating the 31st March last, The secretary read the report and the annual Bush-lane, Cannon-street, who is a perpetual amounted (with the balance of £531195.40. remain- balance sheet. Resolved,

Commissioner for the Counties of Middlesex and ing from the previous account) to £3411 11s. od. 1. On the motion of the chairman, “That the Surrey, and the Cities of London and WestminThis exceptionally large amount of receipts is report of the committee of management be adopted, ster, and a London Commissioner for Affidavits, attributable to the society having been recently and that it be printed and circulated in the usual has been appointed bo the Lord Chancellor, a Lonfavoared with several legacies--First, of two sums way.”

don Commissioner to administer Vaths in Chan. of Consols, of $1333 os. 8d. and £121 Os. 2d. 2. On the motion of Mr. C. Francis, of Cam. cery. respectively, from the executors of the late John briilge, seconded by Mr H. W. Hooper, of Exeter, Saunders, Esq., of St. Ann's.villa, Burnham, * That the cordial thanks of the association be Somersetshire, in pursuance of the will, and deed presented to the committee of management for

THE GAZETTES. of appointment thereunder, mentioned in the their labours during the past year.” directors' report of Oct. 1370; secondly, of a sum 3. On the inotion of Mr. Francis, of Cambridge,

unkrupts. of $150 cash bequeathed to the association by the seconded by Mr. Hooper, of Exeter, • That the

Gazette, April 19. late Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth Walmesley, of Con. following members of the association be elected

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Desinghall.street. naught-square, London ; and, thirdly, of a sum of chairman, deputy chairmen, and members of the

GOLDSWORTHY, RODERT, delivery clerk, Arlington-st, Canden. £90 cash, bequeathed by the late Mrs. Frances committee of managoment for the ensuing year,

Pet. Aprillo. Reg. Brvuzham. Sol. Seale, Lincoln's.

inu fields. Sur, May 3 Sarah Clowes, of Norfolk-terrace, Bayswater. In viz.-Chairm»: Mr. J. Anderson Rose. Deputy

To surrender in the Country. respect of the last-mentioned of these bequests, Chairmon: Messrs. C. Pidcock, of Worcester,

ARGLES. HENRY, jun., Tuetioneer, Maidstone. Pet. April 16. the directors have thought it a fit occasion to and J. M. Clahon. Metropolitan Solicitors: Messrs. R-. Soud more. Sur. May exercise the power conferred on them by Rule 4 of J. Beaumont, E. Bromley, E. F. Burton, J. M.

BURGESX, WILLIAM, house agent, Belvedere. Pet, March 12.

Rex. Acwotn. Sur. My association, by electing, as an honorary life Clabon, T. P. Cobb, W. S. Cookson, W. Crossman, HODON, ROBERT, Fookheper: Fairfield, near Liverpool. Pet. member, Mr. Thomas Charles Allin, solicitor, of J. G. Dobinson, Charles Druce, H. J. Francis, A.

April 17. Reg. Hime. Sur MAYO

MASON, JOSEPH, jun, music seiler, Glossop. Pet. April 12. Dep.. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street, London, one of Hemsley, John Hopgood, J. Kendall, T. Kennedy, Reg. Jackson. Sur May 10 the executors of Mrs. Clowes's will. The suin of J. Kingsford, C. E. Lewis, C. H. Lovell, J. B.

MOISEY, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER, trond dealer, King's Cliffe. Pet.

April 7. Dep.- Reg. Alter. Sur. May 4 £110 has been distributed during the half-year, in Monkton, F. R. Parker, J. A. Rose, W. Shaen, READ, PAUI., out of busmees, Southampton. Pet. April 12. Reg. grants of relief ; L:2:35 of it having been given to M.A., Sidney Smith, C. F. Tagart, J. S. Torr,

SOLTIAN, SAMUEL SITT., commission agent, Manchester. Pet. the widows and families of seven deceased mem. C. R. Williams, Stephen Williams, and John April 16. Rez. Kay. Sur, May bers of the association, and £205 to the families Young. Provincial Solicitors : Messrs. E. T. STONE, HENRY CHARLES, Strand and Lewisham. Pet. Apr.1 13.

Dep.-Reg. Farnfield. Sur. May 3 of sixteen deceased non-members. Besides the Payne, Bath; E. J. Hayes, G. J. Johnson, L. P.

Gazette, April 23. Consols above mentioned, £1102 further of Rowley, and Arthur Ryland, Birmingham ; G. P.

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. London and North Western Railway Four per | Hill, Brighton; A. Cox, L. Fry, and H. S.

FRANCO, AXA SPHA, widow, Holíord-sq. Pentonville. Pet. Cent. Perpetual Debenture Stock has been pur. Wasbrough, Bristol; T. Wilkinson and H. T. April 18, Rez Pepys Sur. Miny7 chased by the directors as an investment, and the Sankey, Canterbury ; John Nanson, Carlisle ; T. HARDING. JAMES, Hlexible rooiing manufacturer, Nicholas-la,

und Dodd-yt, Limehouse. Pet. April 19. total funded capital of the association is now con- Coombs, Dorchester; Herbert New, Evesham ; My 28 sequently become increased to 22,612 12s. Stock,

LOCK, GEORGE, and HADWEX, TOM, booksellers, St. James's-st, H. W. Hooper, Exeter ; R. T. Brockman, Folk.

Pall Mall. Pet. April Is. Reg. Pepys. Sur. May 7 consisting of £6525 133.2d. Consols, £7803 17s. 8d. stone ; John W. Burrup and George Whitcombe,

To surrender in the Country. India Five per Cents., £5016 1s. 20. India Four Gloucester; William Henry Moss and R. Wells, BIND, MARGANET, beerhouse ke-per, Hoylake. Pet. April 17. per Cents., and £3,307 London and North-Western Hull; S. B. Jackaman, Ipswich; H. Saunders, Dep..Rex. Wason, jun. Sur. Muy 4 Railway Four per Cent. Perpetual Debenture Kidderminster; John Sharp, Lancaster; A. S.

FIELD, HENRY, builder, Sandy. Pet. April 13. Reg. Pearse.

Sur. May 3 Stock, producing together dividends amounting to Field, Leamington ; Robert Barr, John Bulmer, IREDALE, WILLIAM, journeyman cartwright, Dearham. £397 per annum. A balance of £254 13s. id. T. Marshall, and H. Nelson, Leeds; R. B. Ber

April 18. Reg. Waugh. Sur, May 6

NAGGLAR, FELIX, and HAZAS. DAVID, merchants, Manchester remains to the credit of the association with the ridge, T. Ingram, W. N. Reeve, $. Stone, and G. and Cairo. Pet. April 10. Reg. Kay. Sur. May ! Union Bank of London, and a sum of £15 is in Toller, Leicester: T. Avison, E. Banner, R. A.

SIMSER, JAMES, shopkeeper, Denbigh. Pet. April 18. Reg.

Jones. Sur. May 4 the secretary's hands. The directors have great Payne, W. Radcliffe, J. Rayner, and F. D. Lowndes, WILLIAMS, GEORGE, conl merchant, Oldham. Pet. April 18. pleasure in announcing that Lord Cuirns has Liverpool; J. Case. Maidstone ; J. P. Aston, J. F.

Reg. Tweedale. Sur. May 9

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. kindly consented to preside at the ensuing anni. Beever, R. B. B. Cobbett, J. Cooper, J. Crossley, versary festival of the association, which is to J. Janion, W. H. Partington, James Street, G.

Gazette, April 16.

SHARLAND, CHARLES, currier, Poole and Willington. July 6 take place on Thursday, June 13th next, at Willis's Thorley, and M. B. Wood, Manchester ; John

Gazette, April 19. Rooms, King-street, St. James's, London. The Clayton, R. R. Dees, and G. W. Hodge, Newcastle.

GILL, SPENCER COTTOX, corn merchant. Catherine-ct, Seething. directors very earnestly hope for the hearty co- upon-lyne; T. Scriven, Northampton ; William la, and Corn Exchange, Merk-la. Jan. 13, 1872

NARRACOTT, CHARLES, clerk in the General Post Office, Manoroperation of their professional brethren through. Skipper, Norwich; R. Enfield and W. Hunt, Not.

rd, Walworth, July 6, 1871 out the kingdom, in their efforts to render the tingham ; Joseph Peers, Ruthin; E. P. Kelsey, approaching festival as beneficial to the interests Salisbury; C. E. Deacon, Southampton ; Jos. Liquidations by Arrangement. of the association as the most successful of those Dodd, M.P., Stockton-on-Tees ; S. Alcock, jun., which have been yet held. Already seventy-eight Sunderland; H. Plumbe, Winchcomb; T. M.

FIRST MEETINGS. members of the Profession have kindly given their Whitehouse, Wolverhampton ; C. Pidcock and J.

Gazette, April 19. names as stewards, and the secretary will be happy Stallard, Worcester; R. Davies, Warrington ;

ARCHER, CHARLES JOHN, baker, Woodford ; May 2, at eleven, at

office of Mr. Breckles, accountant, Coleman-st. Sol., Whitwell, to receive further names, or contributions for | John Lewis, Wrexham ; George Leeman, M.P., G. King-st, Cheapside announcement at the festival.--(Signed on behalf H. Seymour, and W. Walker, York."

BARFOOT, WILLIAM MAYHEW, tailor, Wangford; May7, at twelve,

at office of Sol., Palmer, Great Yarmouth of the board), John SMALE TORR, Chairman.” 4. On the motion of Mr. E. F. Burton, seconded BARNARD, FREDERICK, importer, Woodst, London, and Rue The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the by Mr. J. S. Torr, “That the best thanks of the

Bergere, Parig, under firm of Leblanc and F. Bernard; May 2,

at half past four, at the Guildhall cavern, King-st. Cheapside. report, congratulated the meeting on the large in. association be presented to Mr. J. Morris for his Sols., Rooks, Kenrick, and Harston. King-st, Cheapside crease in the society's receipts disclosed by and services as anditor, and that be requested to

BECK, JOSEPH, inole catcher; and BECK, KACHEL, Barrow in

Furness; April 30, at one, at the Shelley's Arms inn, Preston. which arose in a great degree from legacios, all of acccept the same office for the ensuing year.”

Sol., Bradshaw, Barrow-in Furness

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Sir. MAV

Reg. Hazlitt.



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The Oficial Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the

Barker ad Deiring, wine merchants, first, Add. Paget, Basinehall.
st.-Bell, J. A. hop merchant, first, 18.5. Pacet, Basinghall-st. --
(ok, R. P. baker, second, is (and firstoni second, 3s. 10.1.
new proofs). Paget, Businshall-st. - 11er, J. brushmaker,
second, 19. 1'd. Paget. -- Juha, M. and L. car
manufacturers, first, d. laget, Basinghall-st-Phillips, M.Watch.
maker, second, ed. (and first and second, 23. 11 d. to new prvots.
Paget, Basinghall-st,

Cull, J. jun, victualler, old. At offices of Sols., Munn and Vace, Tenterden.-Chat, E. warehouseman, first, 38. 6d. (and secund and final, 3 d.) At offices of Trust, R. Minton, 35, Gresham. *tpickerma, J.C, butcher, second and final, d. At ones of Sol. Chesshyre, Cheltenham, Willies, E. physician, first and fina, 23. 10d. At offices of Trust., J. Clav, Cow-green, behere, S. attorney, Airst, 7d. At onces of Trust, J. Bankle, ,, Birminghum.-Jangmall, W. attorney, first, 5. 3d. At offices of Trust., P. Kevan, Acresfeld, Bolton-Perry, J. farmer, 1s. 24d. At the Bude Hotel, Exeter. Trust, W. Adank Rrex, J. furniture dealer, final, 30. At offices of Sol., Hurbes, Bedford-row-how, G. 0. hemp merchant, ls. 10. At odions i Trust., J. E. E. Dawe, 8, Union-ter, Plymouth.

Apply at Provisional Assignce's Office, Portugal-st, Lincola's

inn, betueen 11 and 2 on Tuesdays.
Honyrovod, W. gentleman. sixth, 28. 101. (making 24.1.- Yarala?
J. H, engineer in R. V., third, 18. 90.--/ovre, H. clerk to a dock
company, second, 7%d.-Ninerrighi, T. twa traveller, 208.


BOTTOMLEY, JOY MOFFATT, victnaller, George.row, Bermond. BURFORD, THOMAS, horse dealer, Hartpury; May 6, at twelve, at

sey; May 4, at three, at the Old Marvate Town tavern, Bermond- Office of Sol., Cooke, Gloucester
sey. Sol, Sparham, St., Gricechurch-ft

BURNS, JOHN, refreshment house keeper, Bristol; May 6, at
BRANTON, JAMES, plasterer, Leeds; May 3, at eleven, at office of twelve, at office of Sol., Salmon. Bristol
Sols., Maud and Senior, Leeds

BUTCHEN FREDERICK FRANCIR, plasterer, Frome; May 8, at
BURLISOX, ROBEHT WEATHERALL, builder, Jarrow; May 2, at four, at ottice of Sol., Mc Carthy, Fiore
twelve, at office of Sol., Sewell, Newcastle

CARVILL, JOHX ABBOTT, tailor; St. Paul's Church-yd; May 9, at
CHEESMAN, THOMAS, timber inerchant, Southwater, West Grin. twelve, at the London Warehousemer's Association, Gutter-la.
- stead, Kingston, and Ashington; May 8, at twelve, at office of Sol., Plunkett. Gutter la
Sols., Lainb, Brighton

CATTERALL, SUTH, cotton manufacturer, Enfield, near Accring.
CLARK, JAMES, bootmaker, Newcastle; May 3, at two, at office of ton: May 7, at three, itt Ryul hotel, Manchester, Sols., Sale,
Sols., Mensrs. Joel, Newca-tle

Shipman, and Seddon, Manchester
CORDINGLEY, WILLIAM, and BARBER, RAWSON, masons, Batley; CILAMBERY, JOHN, reueral shopkeeper, Iken; May 6, at one, at

May 1, at hall. past three, at office of Sol., Scholetield, Batley office of Mr. Andrews, Woodbridge. S... Brooke
COULSON, THOMAS, grocer, Jarrow ; May 1, at twelve, at office of COOKELL, ILAHVEY, irenfounder, Wakefield; May 4, at eleven, at
Sol., Sewell, Newcastle

ofilce of Fernance and GH, Wakefield
DRURY, GEORGE DICKINSON, hairdresser, Bradford; May 9, at GOLLEDGE. RSSYAMIN, dairyman, Batcombe; May 8, at eleven,
three, at office of sol., Atkinson, Bradford

at office of Sul., McCarthy, Fronle
EMDIX, WILLIAM HENRY, in porter of foreign goods, Aldersgate. COOPER, JAJES, and COOPER. JAMES THOMAS, pianoforte dealers
st, and Abingdon.ri, Kensington; May 1, at two, at the Guildhall Beruerst, Oxford.rt; play y, at three, at office of Sol., Sadler,
Cotfee house, Gresham-st. Sol., Helsham, Little Britain, Alders. Moorgatext

Corsox, JOSEPH, shoe manufactnrer, Earl's Barton; May C, at
FITCH, THOMAS, chair mannfnctnrer,, and Mintern. three, totice of Sol, Mecke, Nottingham
mews, New North-rd, Shoreditch: May 9, at three, ut office of DAYT, WILLIAM HENRY, pul erer, Brighton: May 14, at twn, at
Sol., Heathfield, Lincoln's-inn-felds

office of Edmords, Davis, and Clark, accountants, Portsoa. Sol.,
GAVED, DAVID, builder, Norwood; May 2, at three, at office of Suuckie, Brithton
Sol., Lindus, Cheapside

DOPSON, ANTHONY, picture dealer, Oldham and Manchester; Gibsox, REUBEN, plumber, Eccles; May 3, at three, at office of May 4, at eleven, at the Mitre hotel, Manchester. Sol., Buckley, Sol., Burton, Manchester

Oldham GOLDUBROUGH, ADKUHAM, viraper, Little Horton; May 9, at two, DODROX, EDWARD, boot manufacturer, Sheffeld; May 7, at at the Queen's holel, Bradford, Sol, Ferns, Leeds

three, at office of Sol, Roberts, Shetelt HADLEY, JOIX, blacksmith, Barston; April 23, at three, at offices ETHERIYATON, EDWIN, out or businers, Wigmore-ot, Cavendishof Sol., Parry, Birmingham

sq: May 11, at eleven, at office of Sol., Alcock, SouthamptonHAMILTOX, HORNBY, jun., watchmaker, Durham; May 3, at bidge, eleven, at office of Sol., Sulkeld, Durhain

EVANS, DANIEL JOHN, draper, Merthyr Tydfil: May 3, at one, at HARGREAVES, JUX, woollen printer, Newchurch: May 3, at office of Sol4., Simons ar Plews, Merthyr Tydfil

three, at the Wheatsheal hotel, Manchester. Sol., Standring, FORRESTER, RICILARD HAMMERSLEY, chemist, Goldenhill: May jun., Rochdale

6, at ten minutes past ten, at office of Sol., Sherratt, Kidsgrove HILL, EDWIN, boot dealer, Sheffield; May 1, at twelve, at office of FRATNOX, CHARLES grocer, Hatfield; May 2, at eleven, at office Sols., Mellor and Porrel, Sheffield

of Sol., Peasain, Doncaster
HorvooD, HESHY, chemical manure merchant, Great Grimsby; FRUELINGHAUS, CHARLES. foreign asent.,;

May 1, at eleven, at office of Sols., Mesers. Haddesley, Great MAY 2, al twelve, at office of Sols., Edinands and Mayhew,

HORN, WILLIAM JOnx, builder, Margate; May 6, at eleven, at FRISKNEY, JOHN MAIDENS. grocer, West Hartlepool; May 6, at
the George inn. Sol., Gibson, Margate

three, at office of Sol, Todd, Hartlepool
JACOBS, HENRY, victualler's flint kia warehouseman: High FROST, ROBERT GEORGE, African merchant, Manchester, and

Holborn: May 1, at three, at the White Swan tavern, Ray-st, Sierra Leobe. Africa; May 6, at elever, at office of Sols., Boote
Clerkenwell. Sol., Sydney,, St. John's.wood

and Edgar, Manchester
JONES. WILLIAM, jun..copper worker, Newport; May 3, at twelve, GILES, WILLIAN JACKSON OUGHTOY, no occupation, Bonchurch.
at office of Sol, Lloyd, Newport

rd, North Kensington : May 8, at three, at office of Chatteris, LAWTON, SIMEON, boot dealer, Liverpool; May 7, at three, at Nichols, and Chattaris, Gresham-bl168, Basinghall-st. Sol., office of Sol., Hinile, Liverpool

Perrn King-st, Chenpeide
LEBLANC, AMEDEF, importer,, London, and Rue HANSENT, DAVID, corn dealer, Mitcheldean; May 11, at twelve,
Bergere, Paris; May, at three, at the Guildhall tavern, King at office of Messrs. Burrup and Coren, Gloucester
st, Cheapside. Sols., Rooks, Kenrick, and Harston, King-st, HAYCOCK, JOSEPH, xaridler, Watstock: May 7, at twn, at office

of Munton and Stockton, Bunbury. Sol., Stockton, Banbury LOWE, SAMUEL, flour merchant, Leeds; May 3, at three, at the HINE, WILLIAM, out of business, Macclesfield; May 10, at three, Victoria hotel, Leeds. Sol., Snowdon, Leeds

at 4, Exchange st. Mecclesfield MAWSON, JOHN, farmer, Bilton Grange, near Tockwith: April 30, HOOPER, THOMAS RODERT LIMBERY, surgeon, Steinton.ter, Blue at two, at office of Sols.. Hirst and Capes, Knaresborough

Anchor-rd, Bermondsey; May 9, at three, at office of Sols., MCDONALD, ROBERT, grocer, Leeds; April 24, at eleven, at office Hicklin anii Washington, Trinity.sq. Southwark of Sol., Pullan, Leeds

HUDSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM, shiomaker, Lombard st, and East. MCMAHOX, HCGH, grocer, Kirkdale, and Liverpool; May 2, at cheap: April 22, at eleven, at office of Lambert annt Co., Keppel. two, at office of So., Bellringer, Liverpool

st, Russell. q. Sol., Johnson,, Beciford-sq
MELLOR, JABEZ, joiner, Huddersfield, May 2, at four, at office of ISAACS, ISAAC plate dealer, Bath; May 7, at twelve, at office of
Soi., Ramsden, Huddersfield

Sol., Wilton. Bath
MIDDLETON, JAMES, grocer, Truro: May 2, at twelve, at offices of JACKSON, WILLIAM, horticultural commission agent. Ilagley ;

Conway and Almond, accountants, Plymouth. Sols., Smith, May 7, at eleven, at office of Sol., Rache, West Bromwich
Roberts, and Paul, Truro

JONES, JAMES, carpenter, New Ra Innr: May 6, at four at the
MILLS, FREDERICK, and LEIDIOLD, JULIUS, oil manufacturers, King's Arinsinn, New Rinor. Sol., Cheese
Manchester; May 6, at three, at the Clarence hotel, Manchester. JONES, STEPHEN, machinist, Kintbury: April 30, at eleven, at
Sol., Burton, Manchester

the White Hart inn, Newbury. Sol.. Cave. Newbury
MONETON, WILLIAM, plumber, Winchester; May 2, at one, at JOWETT, WILLIAM, brickmaker. North Bierley; May 6, at ten, at

the Eagle hotel, Winchester. Sols., Loo and Best, Winchester office of Sol., Hargreaves, Bradford
MORGAS, JEREMIAH, grocer, Swansel ant Pyle: May 6, at LEACHI. BENJAMIN, hardwareman, Cheltenham; May 13, at twelve
one, at the Bristol and West of England Merchants' Associa. at office of Sol., Potter, Chrltenban
tion,, Bristol. Sols., Stanley and Wasbrough

LIVESEY, GEORGE, painter, Lancaster; May 6, at three, at office
NORMAN, GEORGE LEWIS, attorney, Lancaster-pl, Strand, and of Sol., Whitehead, Accrington
Anerly: April 23, at twelve, at office of Sol., Roberts, Moorgate. MATTHEWS, JOUS, stonemason, Birmingham; May 6, at eleven,

at 33, Union et, Birmingham. Sol., Barber
OCKENDON, BENJAMIIS, grocer, Brede; May 3, at half.past two, PIMM, WILLIAM, bootmaker, Buckingham-ter, Portobello-rd,
at the star hotel, Battle. Sol., Shernard, Battle

Votting-hill; May 7, at two, at office of Sol., Lewis, Cheapside OLIVER, THOMA NEWMAX, Warehousemain, Addle-st: May 1, at RALSER, GEORGE, spring mattrees manufacturer, Yoris.dt, Lon. two, at office of Sols., Blachford and Riches, Great Swan-alley, don.rd; May 6, at two, at 18, Great Dover-st, Sousawark.

Sol., Mooreatest

Silvester PEACOCK, WILLIAM SAMUEL, draper, Hoyland Nether; May 3, at RANDLE, MAURICE, farmer, Checkendon: May 7, at eleven, at twelve, at the Royal hotel, Barnsley. Sol. Rholes

offices of Sol., Beule, Realing PERRIN, EDWARD WARMAN, Warehouseman, Bristol: May 1, at RATLIFF, JOHN CLEOPILAS, and 'CARLING, JOSHUA, wine

twelve, at ottices of Barnard, Thonnas, Tribe, and Co., account- merchants, Birminchan, Leamington, and Coventry: May 9, at ants, Bristol. Sol.. Perrin, Bristol

eleven, at office of Sols., Lawrance, Plews, and Co., Old Jewry. PIKE, FREDERICK, oil mechant, Devonshire-rd, South Lambeth, chmba and Falstuff.yd, Elthain-pl, Dover-rd, Southwark; April 30, at RICE, JOHN, licensed victualler. Littlo Plumstead; May 9, at two, at othce of Sol., Darley, Jobn-st, Bedford-row

three, at office of Sol. Sand, jun., Norwich RADFORD, ISALAN CAN, chemist, Devonpart, May 3, at twelve, at RICHARDS, JAJES, -hoemaker, Robert-st, Brixton: April 30, at office of Sols., Messrs. Edmonds, Plymouth

three, at office of Sol, Marshall, Lincoln's-inn-fields ROCNSEVELL, EDWIN, grocer, Exeter; May 8, at eleven, at office RIHARDS, JOHN, grocer, Newport; May 6, at two,at office of Sol., of Sol, Friend, Exeter

Williams and Co., Newport
SAMPSON, HENRY, baker, Tooley-st. Southwark; May 2, at three, RUTHERFORD, HENRY KYIGITLAND, underwriter, Lloyd's

at office of Sols., Saffery and Huntley,, Southwark Rooins, Royal Ex hange, and Upper Clapton ; May 7, at two, at
SILK, EDWARD, TAYLOR, SAMUEI. JOIN, and JONES, JOSEPH, the Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sol., McDiarmid, Old
irunfounders, West Bromwich; May 3, at eleven, at otilce of

Jewry chmbs Sol., Jackson, West Bromwich

SAUNDERS, JOIN, Amcer, Bath, Mayo, at one, at 3, Miles's-bldgs, SLATER, GEORGE, bootmaker, High Holborn; May 2, at three, at Bath. Sol., Gill and Bush odice of Sol., Copp, Essexet, Strand

SHAW, DAVID, confectioner, Penistone; May 6, at three, at office STANDING, WILLIAM, contractor, Garston; May 7, at three, at of Sols., Messrs. Diansfield, Penistone office of Sol., Harria, Liverpool

SHAYLER, JAMES HENRY, stationer, Brighton: May 6, at one, at STRITT, JOSEPH FHEENAX, chemiet, Wakefield : May 2, at one, the Guildhall Cortue-house, Greshain-st. Sols., Woods and

at the Royal hotel, Derby. Sols., Harrison and Smith, Wakefield Dempster, Brighton TALBOTT, HENRY, grocer, Charlton Irethorne; April 3, at

SLEIGH, WILLIAN ARTHUR WARVER, harr', Middle twelve, at office of Sol., Davies, Sherborne

Temple ln, and Oxford.rd, Turnham Green: Day 7, at two, at TAYLOR, WILLIAM, grocer, Torguns ; May 7, at twelve, at the

office of Sol, Nach, Field, and ston, Suffolk la Half Moon hotel, Exeter. Sol., Carter, Torquay

SMITH, HENRY, tnilor, Essex-rd, Islington; May 6, at three, at THORPE, STEPHEN, victualler, Birmingham May 3, at twelve, at office of Mr. Emdin, accountant, Moorgate-st. Sol., Pittman, the Great Western hotel, Birmingham. Sols., Jeli and Goule,

Guildhall-chmbs, Birmingham

SMITH, ROBERT, painter, High Felling: May 3, at twelve, at TWIVEY, EDWARD (not Turvey as avertised in Genette of April

office of Sols., Allan and Davies, Newestle upon Tyne 12), tailor's manager, Sheffield; April 23, at twelve, at office of SMITH, WALTER, miller, Great Malvern; May 8, at two, at the Sol., Auty, Sheffield

Red Lion inn. Great Malvern. Sol., Cheese, Kington WADE, JAMES, zinc worker, Essex-rd, Telington: May 2, at three,

SOFTLEY, ELIZA, milliner, Southsea; May 3, at four, at office of at office of A Eves, Corn Exchange-otrices, Alurk-la. sol., Heath

Sel., King, Partsea field, Lincoln's inn fields

SOITTER, ROBERT, and soľTTER, RICHARD MOATES, merchants, WALLIS, JOSEPH, manufacturer, Sheffield; April 20, at two, at

Broasi. t. Ritchin'; May 2, at one, at ottice of Sols., Linklater und office of Sol., Simpson, Shethield

(o. Wbrook WALTERS, E NOCH, out of business. Bradley in Sedgley; April 29,

SOCTIAM. HEXRY, wine merchant, Manchester, Mynyddnoclol, at eleven, at ofice of Sol, Stokes. Dudley

and Rbwucha, near Bala ; May 6, at three, at the Clarence WALTON, FREDERICK WATERs, draper. Reading; April 30, nt

hotel, Manchester. Sol., Leigh Manchester twelve, at the Chamher of Commerce, Cheapside. Sols., David.

STRATFORD, CILAKLES, licensed victmallor, Greywell; May 7, at mon and Co., Basinghall-st

one, at oifice of Sol., Chandler, Businestike WHITEHEAD. WILLIAM, out of business, Chesterfield; May 3, at

STEPHENSON, JOulx, publican, Hatfield; May 4, at three, at office three, at office of Sol., Gee, Sheffield

of Sol., Pergam, Doncaster WILLIAM, CHIRISTOPHER, hower. l'ensarn, in Abergele: May

STIEF, THOMAS, farmer, Ash; May 3, at two, at the Bell hotel at selv, at 'he Queen's hotel, Chester. Sol., Davies, Holyweli

Sandwich Sol, Thorpe de Las nux WILSOX, ROBERT STEVENSON, oil merchant, Bishopwearmouth;

STOCKY, EDWARD, public accountant. Burnley : May 7, at eleven, May, at eleven, ut office of Sol, Barker, sunderland

at the full hotel, Burnley. Sol., Baldwin, Burnley WOOD, BENJAMIN, printer, Trinity--q, Sruthsark; April 29, nt

STOIT, WILLLA!, confectioner, Macelesteld; May 4, at ha'i-past three, nt office of Sols., Chipperfield and Street,,

twelve, at the Waterloo hotel, Manchester. Soli Hand Sutlink

STITCHBURY, GEORGE FREDERICK, commission nyent, Lans. W00!), DANIEL., brewer, Gloucester; May 3, at one, at office of

downe.ri. Dalston: May, at four, at ottice of Sol., Hyett, South Solk, Mrs. Taynton, Gloucester

ampton blogs, Chancora WOOD, JOIN, farmer. Drax, near Selby; May 8, at eleven, at the

TAIT, WALTER, boot maker, Sunderland; May , at one, nt office Downy Arms, Sualth

of Mes 19. Sherworland Co., John st, Sunderland, Sol.,

Graham, Sunderland
Gazette, April 23.

TAYLOR, ALFRED, 0nt of business,, Notting hill

May 7, at twelve, at office of Sol., Baxsett, Great Jamerst ASBURY, EDWARD JACOMB, doctor of medicine, Fast Retford; THOMPSOX, THOMAS THEODORE, chemihi, Blackburn-ter, Blue May 7, at twelve, at office of Sols, Mee and Co, East Retford

Anchor-rd. Bermondsey ; May 6, ut three, at office of Sols., ASH, ALFRED, commission agent, Poultry; May 3, atten, at otice Hicklin and Washington, Trinity-se. Southwark of Sol., Messrs. Howari, New Bri*E-NO

TREADAWA, GEORGE FREDERICK, tailor, Furroir-rd, Padding-
A TON, WILLIAM TEARCP, ironnoncer, Kingston upon Hull; ton; May 7, at twelve, at the Guildhall Coffre-house, Greshan.

Mays, nt four, at the Queen's hotel, Birmingham. Sol., Spurr Kt. Sols., Bartlett und Forbes, Chandos-st, West Strand
BEALE, FELIX JOHN, banker, Queen-t, Hammersmith: Muy 14, at TICKETT, CHARLES, master bookbinder at the British Museum,
at thre, ni office of Sol., Heithe):!, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Greut Russell 6t, Blomsbury, Maitland-pk-villas, Haverstock
BIGGY, TELIX KEDVIL. Jadics' outfitter, Bath; May 3, at three, hill; May 10, at two, at the Law Institution, Sol.,

at othce or Honev, Humphrys, Boys, and Co., King-st, Cheap. Richard, Warwick-st, Regent st side. So, Lewis, Sunas, And Luigden, Old Jewry

WADE, JOIN blacksmith, Cockfield: May 4, at two, at the Angel BOLTON, THOMAS, krocer, Glemsford Muy 6, at eleven, at office hotel, Bury Saint Edmunds. Sol., Walpole, Bury Saint Ed. of Solr., Messrs. Jackpinun, Ipswich

munds BROWY, WILLIAM, buller, Temp-rond; May 4, at eleven, at office WARE. JOHN, builder, Sydper-rd, Stoke Newington: May 6, at (1 Sol., Tenor. Bediord

BLACKMORE.-On the 17th inst., at 12, Beac in-hill, Holloway, X.,

the wife of S. Haywood Blackmore, barrister-at-law, at a

BRABOOK.-On the 18th inst., at Lewisham, the wife of Edward

W. Brabrook, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a daughter.
GREEN -On the oth inst., At 16, Westbourne-park-rond, the

wife of Frank Uarry Green, Esq., kolicitor, of a son.
PEARSON.-On the ith ult., At Mozafferpore, Bengal, the wife of

C. N. Pearson, Esq., barrister-at-law, of n daughter. TAHOURDIN- On the oth inst., at Patch.t. Bucks, the wide of

Charles John Tahourdin, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, barrister at
law, of a son.

FOSTER-WORTH.-On the 23rd inst, at St. George's, Campden.

hill, Matthew Forster, Esq., of the Inner Temple, barrister #
law, to Amy Leslie, eldest daughter of John Alger Worth, Eaq

of Bridge Dock, Limehouse, and Frant, Sussex. PATERSON-HAYES.-On the 17th inst., at Southwick, Hants,

James Paterson, Writer to the Signet, to Mary FranouHester.
daughter of the late Sir Edmund Samuel Hayes, Bart.

Drumboe Castle, county Donegui.
PISSEXT-HOYFRAY.-On the 16th inat., at Foxfield, W11,

Robert J. Pinsent, Esq.Q.C., to Emily Hetty Sabine, only et
of the late Rev. F. Wingfield Homiray, rector of Bintry with

SMITI-FAULKNER. ---On the 17th inst., at St. Paul's, Balyst).

heath, by the Rev. W. B. Benison, vicar, George Thones Sritha
solicitor, Birmingham, to Florence, dauphter of Julius Faulkner,

of Cambridge House, Sparkbrook, near Birmingham WEB-TER-JALLAND-On the Isth inst., at St. Mary's Church,

Itull, Robert Grant Webster, Erq., barrister-at-law, to Rais,
only daughter of B. M. Jalland, Esq. vf Holderness Hote,

BRADDOX.-On the 16th inst., *t Bournemouth, Henry Bruddon,

Esq. Solicitor, of Queen's-rtai, St. John's.wood, and Danes-inn,

FREEMAN.-On the 21st inst., at his residence, aged 48, D. A.

Freeman. Esq., harri-ter-at-law, of Upper Tooting, and 1, PI.

den-building Temple.
SADLER.-On the 17th at Oxford, 'nged 79, Charles James Sadler,

Senior Alderman, and Magistrate of that city,
SLAIK.-On the 14th inst., at his residence. herne Bay, aged 4,

William Slack, Esq., J.P., and Deputy-Lieutenant for the cuorty

of Kent. STACEY-On the 20th inst., at Old Castle, Bridgend, Glamorrir,

aged 75, the Rev. 'Thomas Sincey, one of the oldest Ipagististas and deputy-lieutenants of the county.



Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s.

DRAFT PAPER, 18, 6d., 6s., 78, 78. 9d., and gs. per ream.
BRIEF PAPER, 158, 6d., 176.611., and Ds. Gal. per rearn.
FOOLSCAP PAPER, 103, 6d., 135. od., and 1ss. d. per rean.
CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 45., and vs. per ream.
LARGE CHEAM LAID NOTE, 48., Cs., and is. per ream.
LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 15., and gs. per rai.
ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 48.61, and es. 61., per 1000
THE TEMPLE" EXTELOPE, extra secure. 95. &1. per lot.


“We should direct particular attention to their Ner (isthonse Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper weater wrote upon."-London Jirror. INDENTIRE Skixs. Printed and Machine-mled, to hold twenty

or thirty folios, 18. d. and 18. Sc. per skin, s. per dond. SECONDS or FouLOWERS, Ruled 1s. . each, 178. per dosta. RECORDs or MEMORIALS, 6d, each, 58. per dozen.


Animniense stock in rarions bindings. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, CopyinPresses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful artice adapted to Library or Office, post free.

HAMBERS.– WANTED, by a Barrister, on ground or first floor, furnished preferred.-Address F. M. W., N2, Chancery-lane.


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TO :

twelve,at office of Sols., Townley and Gard, Gresham.bldgs, BROWN. WILLIA, plumber, Horncastle; May 7, at twelve, at Barin hull-st oftcort Sol, Tweed Hornestle

WESTERJAX, THOMAS, boot denler, High Harrogate; May 6, at BICKLAND, WILLIAX HENRY, vil merchant,, and

one, at othce of Sols. Hirst and Capes, Harrogate Jacob-ot, Dockband, ant Bromles: May 6, at in, at office of WHITE, ROLARI, 11 honger, Lundport; May, at three, at Sols., Tully and Stenten, Finsbury-pl, Soutk

Uffice of Paice, accountant, Landport. Sol., Walker, l'ortsca

TICE.--TO LET, a good ROOM, with 178e of ("ler's Room Rent, including laundress, £34. --" HULGIKEEPER, 36, Lincoln's-inn-tields.

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