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ISSUE OF £4,000,000.





Secured by a First Mortgage upon all the property of the Corporation, including the Road, Rolling Stock Equipments, Telegraph Line, &c., and an average of about 23,000 Acres

of Land for every Mile of Road.

IN BONDS ΤΟ BEARER OF £200, £100, & £20. Principal payable 1st July 1900, and Interest at Seven and three-tenths per cent. per annum payable Half-yearly on 1st July and 1st January in London.

Messrs. JAY COOKE, McCULLOCH, and CO. are authorised to receive Subscriptions for the above Bonds.

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857. per cent., thus yielding to subscribers upwards of 83 per cent. per annum, upon the investment, with the further addition of 15 per cent. on repayment of principal.

Scrip certificates will be issued after allotment, bearing coupon due July 1, 1872, for 27. 108. per 20. bond, 17. 58. per 1007. bond, and 58. per 201. bond; being interest on instalments at the rate of the bond.

Discount at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum will be allowed on payments in full in anticipation of the instalments.

In default of payment of any instalment at its due date, the allotment will be liable to cancellation, and all previous payments to forfeiture.

In cases where no allotment is made, the deposit will be returned; and when an allotment is made of a smaller amount than that applied for, the surplus deposit will be applied towards the amount payable on allotment.

The scrip certificates will be exchanged for bonds as early as practicable after full payment of instalments.

This loan is part of an authorised issue of ten millions sterling, which, together with the dollar bonds now being sold in America, is covered by the first mortgage, under which the total creation of bonds is limited to fifty thousand dollars per mile of road. No further issue will be made in Europe for certainly one year, and probably for a longer period.

In addition to the usual security of a mortgage upon the railroad and its equipment, the further security of 500 acres of land is reserved by the terms of the Trust Deed against each 2007. (or 10 0 dols.) bond, and the application of the proceeds of these lands (which cannot be otherwise appropriated) is, practically, a sinking fund, which is expected to retire the bonds before maturity.

The management of the road, as will be seen by the List of Directors, is in the hands of men of the highest standing and the largest experience in leading American railroads. The sales of the bonds made by Messrs. JAY COOKE and Co., in the United States, already exceed ten millions of dollars.

Under special Act of Congress the mortgage has been duly executed and recorded, and deposited with the Secretary of the Department of the Interior at Washington.

Copies of the Acts of Congress of the United States authorising the organisation of the Company, confirming its Land-Grant and the issue of its mortgage, duly authenticated by the Secretary of State under his official seal, and other documents, may be examined at the offices of Messrs. W. and H. P. SHARPE, No. 92, Gresham-house, Old Broad-street, London, E.C.

Forms of application may be obtained from Messrs. JAY COOKE, MCCULLOCH and Co. 41, LOMBARD-STREET, 9th Jan. 1872.

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The Northern Pacific Railroad will extend from Duluth, on Lake Superior, the western head of navigation on the American lakes, to Puget Sound, on the Pacific Ocean, a distance of 200 miles, the cost of 400 miles of which has already been provided in the United States.

The route is singularly free from engineering difficulties, and has great advantages from its low grades and comparative exemption from snow, the highest summit crossed being 380 ft. lower tin the highest levels on the Union and Central Pacific route.



The road is completed across the State of Minnesota to the Red River of the North, a distance of 255 miles. Contracts have been let for the construction of the Dakota division, extending from the Red River to the Missouri (200 miles), to be finished by the 1st of July next. A section of 65 miles is being built at the western end, between the Columbia River and Puget Sound. From the Duluth terminus there is already direct communication by rail with St. Paul and Chicago. These connections will be multiplied by branch roads now under construction, and an extension of one of these, in a north-westerly direction, will reach the frontier of the British province Manitoba.

The Norshera Pacific Railroad has been endowed by the Government of the United States with a grant of lands estimated at about sixty million acres.

The bonds of the Company are secured by a first and only mortgage on the road, its equipment and earnings, and by a Land-Grant which, on the completion of the road, will average about 25,000 acres to each mile of track.

The proceeds of the lands, it is estimated, will far exceed the cost of the road and its equipment. The school lands of Minnesota are sold at an average of 630 dola, per acre. The lands of the Union Pacific Railroad, so far as sold, have averaged 4:46 dols. per acre; lands of Iowa railroads vary from 7 dols. to 11 dols. per acre; those of the Illinois Centrai Railroad have averaged 11:00 dols,

The bonds of the Northern Pacific Railroad are issued on a basis of 2dols. per acre. For every thousand dollar bond there will always be reserved 500 acres of land, the value of which will increase as settlement and sales proceed. The bonds, therefore, are a safe Real Estate Mortgage, as well as a first lien on a completed railroad and its traffic.

The bonds are exempt from United States taxation. They are at all times receivable at 110 U S. currency in payment for the Company's lands at their casu price. The trustees are required to apply the proceeds of all sales of lands to the purchase and cancellation of the bonds, and to the payment of interest thereon. The land-grant of the road, therefore, is practically a sinking fund, the operation of which may be expected to cancel and retire tho bonded debt before it reaches maturity.

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The influx of population on the line of the road mo:e than keeps pace with the work of construction. Large quantities of the Company's lands in Minnesota have been sold to actual settlers. The excellence of the lands, the salubrity of the climate, and the diversity of natural resources within the territory covered by the grant, are reasons for expecting an exceedingly rapid growth of population and traffic. The freight charges paid by the mining population of Montana, with the present very limited facilities of transpor tation, even now amount to several million dollars yearly; and the expenditures of the United States Government,: for the transportation of supplies, have in twelve months exceeded FIVE MILLION DOLLARS;-the bulk of which business will revert naturally to the Northern Pacific.

Present indications are that the road will from the outset enjoy a large local traffic. It passes through the best wheat-growing region in the world. It already crosses the Missis sippi and the Red River, and the proposed route crosses at intervals the Missouri, the Yellowstone, the Clark, the Snake, the Columbia, the Cowlitz-all navigable streams, which will cheapen the cost of construction and serve as feeders, bringing to the road the traffic of a vast country, pre-eminently rich in natural resources.

The Asiatic trade is expected to yield large traffic. By the existing trans-continental route, products of China and Japan are transported with a rapidity which reduces the time from Yokohama to Liverpool to forty-seven days, or thirteen days less than the time consumed via the Suez Canal. The completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad to Paget Sound will, it is calculated, still further reduce this time by a saving of 700 miles of ocean travel between Japan and Puget Sound as compared with San Francisco.

Moreover, the Northern Pacific is in all essential respects an international enterprise, whose early completion will strengthen the unity and promote the prosperity of the Dominion of Canada, and render accessible the vast and fertile portion of British America which extends from Winnipeg to the Rocky Mountains.

During the season of 1871, six lines of steamers, comprising over 20 first-class vessels, plied regularly between Duluth and Canadian and American ports. Arrangements already entered into by the Hudson Bay Company make Duluth the base of their trade-comman cation with Manitoba and the country beyond.

By continuing the Northern Pacific eastward to the Sault Ste. Marie, the road will connect with the Canadian railroad system, and will assure a direct route from Puget Sound to Montrea; thus largely increasing the traffic of the railroads of the Dominion, and promoting the development of British American interests.

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Financial Agents for Issue and Sale of Bonds.
JAY COOKE and CO., Bankers, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington.

NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD LOAN.-FORM OF APPLICATION. To Messrs. JAY COOKE and CO., 41, LOMBARD-STREET, E.C. GENTLEMEN,-Having paid to you £ request that you will allot to hereby agree to accept the same or any smaller amount that may be allotted to in respect of such allotment according to the conditions of your prospectus of the 9th January 1872.-Your obedient servant,

Loan, and



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nominal of the above and to pay the balance due

Signature in full...
Address in full

Printed and published by HORACE Cox. at 10, Wellington-street, Strand, London, W.C., in the County of Middlesex.-Saturday, January 13, 1872.

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CHISEMENT COMPANY incorporated by special Act of Parliament), ADVANCES MONEY

1st.-To the Owners of Settled and other Estates, for the Erection of FARM BUILDINGS and COTTAGES, and for the DRAINAGE, IRRIGATION, ENCLOSING, CLEARING, and general Improvement of LANDED Property in any part of the United Kingdom:

2nd.-To the Owners of Settled Estates in England, for the ERECTION or COMPLETION of MANSIONS, STABLES, and OUTBUILDINGS:

3rd.-To Landowners generally, to enable them to subscribe for Shares in Companies for the CONSTRUCTION of RAILWAYS and NAVIGABLE CANALS, which will beneficially affect their Estates:

4th-INCUMBENTS, for the Improvement of their GLEBE LANDS, by Drainage, and the Erection of FARM BUILDINGS and COTTAGES:


The amount borrowed with the expenses would be charged on the estate benefited, and repaid by a rentcharge terininating in twenty-five years.


Forms of application and all further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Rawlence and Squarey, 22, Great Georgestreet, Westininster, S. W., and Salisbury; of Messrs. Ashurst, Morris, and Co., Solicitors, 6, Old Jewry, London, E.C.; of Messrs. Gillespie and Paterson, W.S., SIA, George. street, Edinburgh, agents for the Company in Scotland; and at the Offices of the Company as below

T. PAIN, Managing Director.
EDWIN GARROD, Secretary.

Land, Loan, and Enfranchisement Company,
No. 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W.

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AW PARTNERSHIP.-WANTED, by a admitted, a small PARTNERSHIP, or CLERKSHIP/with view to Partnership, either in Town or Country, Excellent references. Apply to "H. W.," Post-office, Salisbury,


Price (with Reports), 1s. 6d. Without Reports, 9d.

AW.-WANTED, by a Solicitor of some experience, Conveyancing CLERKSHIP, either with or without View to Partnership; the former preferred.-Apply to "A. B.," Mr W. H. Walsh, Solicitor. Oxford.


AW PARTNERSHIP.-A Gentleman of LAW Cors open to an ENGAGEMENT to draw LAW

established business in the West of England chiefly Conveyancing, with occasional advocacy) at a fair premium. References exchanged.-Address "SOLICITOR" No. 1562), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.



A Firm of Solicitors in Town would ADMIT a Qualified PARTNER who is familiar with General Practice, and who would devote himself to the duties of the office. Purchase money 1500-Apply to Mr. SIMPSON, Law Partnership and Transfer Offices, 2, Great James-street, Bedford-row, W.C.


BULLEN and CO., Law Accountants (Costs Drafts. men, &c.), invite attention to their register of SELECTED APPLICANTS having capital, influence, and ability.-60, Chancery-lane.

Arrears of Costs of every description, in Town or Country on a moderate Commission. References first-class.-" LEX," Mr. Williams, 56, Frith-street, Soho, W.

A W.-WANTED, by a Gentleman supervision. No objection to assist in the general work of the office, and to be bound not to practise.-Address "K. W. S.," Post-office, Sutton Valence, Staplehurst, Kent. CONVEYANCING CLERKSHIP WANTED by a Solicitor (admitted in 1867). The advertiser is competent to undertake (without supervision) the entire control of the Conveyancing business of an office, and could also (if required) attend to the accounts.-Address X., ," Box 125, Post-office. Bristol.



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Practices, Wanted and for Sale.

AW PRACTICE.-INTRODUCTION.—A Town, may OBTAIN a PRACTICE near London, provided he apply his energies to the promotion of the Business.Apply to Mr. SIMPSON, Law Partnership and Transfer Offices, 2, Great James-street, Bedford-row.

Situations, Wanted and Vacant.
W.-WANTED, by a


and 300.. Trust Money, ready to be INVENTED.Amitted a Managing Conveyancing CLERKSHIP.

per cent., on Mortgage of Land.-Apply to Messrs.

G. and H. LAMB,Solicitors, Kettering.

-Address "S." (No. 1503), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

ONEY-WANTED to INVEST from Wony man of good address, SITUATION a
AW.-WANTED, in Town or Country, by


Goo07 to 69,0097, in purchase of Agricultural Land, to ray moderate interest. Send rentals and other information

to TERRY and ROBINSON, Solicitors, Bradford, Yorkshire.

Copying and Engrossing CLERK, and to assist in general duties. Apply "B. A.." Post-office, Bournemouth.


ONEY.-80,000l. to LEND, in one Sum, LAWing to attend to Court Business, is desirous of

or several, at 4 per cent., on approved Freehold
Security. Apply to Messrs. PAUL and
The Close,

[ONEY Promptly ADVANCED on Per-LA


sonal or other available security. A moderate interest repayable by instalments. No preliminary fees. Forms free, or by post one stamp. REAL AND PERSONAL ADVANCE COMPANY LIMITED), 14, Southampton row, Holborn; and 3, Tavistock-street, Coventgarden.-P. J. HARVEY, Secretary.


ONEY ADVANCED at a Day's Notice from 40. upwards) to respectable householders in the London district upon MORTGAGE of their FURNI TURE without removal, repayable by easy instalments. No charge of any kind unless money advanced. As this does not emanate from an agent, applicants must apply personally to Mr. BAUGHAN, 31, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. The public are cautioned against paying preliminary fees to pretenders.


Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1850), 14, Rus sell-street, Covent-garden, London, and 38, Ship-street, Brighton, and South-colonnale, Hastings, ADVANCES MONEY uron Personal Security, Bills of Sale, Freehold or Leasehold Property, for one, two, or three years, repayable weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Bills promptly discounted. Forms free on receipt of stamped envelope.

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AW.-A Gentleman, who has just passed CLERKSHIP in a good Conveyancing Office. He has been for six years in a first-rate Conveyanceing Office in a Provincial Town, and can give the highest references.Address "H.," 3, East Mount-road, York.

AW.-A Gentleman (admitted in 1865), of

sires an ENGAGEMENT in a London office as Managing Conveyancing CLERK, under slight supervision. He would not object to assist in the Chancery department.-Address "W., 21, Doughty-street, Mecklenburgh-square, W.C.

A W.-A Gentleman of experience in Conveyancing, Accounts, and the general business of an Office, methodical, and accustomed to advise clients, desires a RE ENGAGEMENT as MANAGER or Conveyancing CLERK.-Address A. X." (No. 1503), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

A W.-WANTED, by a Gentleman admitted), a Conveyancing Managing CLERKSHIP, under supervision, in a good office. Experience in Town and Country. Read six months and upwards with a Conveyancer. Salary a secondary consideration. Address "W. W.," care of Messrs. Waterlow and Sons, Birchin-lane, E.C.

AW. To SOLICITORS.-BILLS of PARED at a moderate Commission. Highest references furnished. Attendance Town and Country.-J. SIMMONS and Co., Law Accountants and Costs Draftsmen, 29, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, E.C. Established 1845.


AW-WANTED, by a Solicitor (LL.B. veyancing CLERK, with or without a view to a Partnership. London, admitted in 1865), a SITUATION as ConAdvertiser read with a Conveyancing Counsel, and has subsequently held a Convoyancing Clerkship for nearly five years. Midland counties preferred.-Address "C. T. N.," Mr. Preston, Law Stationer, Birmingham.

AW.-WANTED, by a Gentleman (aged Country, and has passed the Intermediate Examination, an ASSIGNMENT to a London firm, where he would see and be employed in a general practice. Advertiser is a fair Conveyancer. Address "LEX," Beeton's Hotel, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

AW.-A Solicitor and Notary who obtaining a SITUATION as Managing CLERK.-Address B. L." (No. 1501), 19, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. AW.--CONVEYANCING and CHANCERY. -The advertiser (admitted) seeks a RE-ENGAGEMENT in the above branches. Salary moderate.-Address "H. S." (No 1503, 10, Wellington-street. Strand, W.C. AW.-The Advertiser (aged 21), SEEKS a Seven years' experience. Knows Kain's Book-keeping. Address "Omega" (No. 1501), 10, Wellington-street, Strand. AW COSTS and ACCOUNTS.- Short-No. 1:02), 19, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. LAW COSTS and ACCOUNTS. ShortWANT of two or three neat COPYISTS. Must be correct AW.-ENGAGEMENT WANTED by a at shorthand.-30. Chancery-lane.

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LAW.-WANTED, by a Gentleman, over

30 years' of age, and of varied experience, a Managing or Conveyancing CLERKSHIP, in Town or Country. Address "VICUS SENEX," Post-office, 227, Oxford-street.


Aged 21. Five years' experience. Salary 17. 28. Undeniable references.-Address "SPES," Mr. Richard Rees, 10, Sydenham-terrace, Neath, South Wales.

AW.-MANAGING CLERK.-WANTED, MANAGE the ordinary Business of a Country Office, with or without supervision. Good references.-Address "LEX," Mr. J. Vice, Bible and Crown, Market-place. Leicester.



AW.-WANTED, by a young Solicitor, who has had ten years' experience of London practice, a Conveyancing and General CLERKSHIP, with an early prospect of a Partnership. Possesses capital and a small connection.-Address "K.," Mr. Ford's, Law Stationer, 52, Coleman-street, E.C.

AW.-GENERAL MANAGER or A Gentleman. articled in the North of England, admitted Hilary 1865 (aged 30), seeks a RE-ENGAGEMENT as above. Has had much experience in good London offices during the past seven years. Would not object to Advocacy if required.Address" LEX," care of T. Young, Esq., Solicitor, Croydongrove, Croydon.


COURTS. All the Settled Forms. Fee and other Stamps kept in stock.-Wills carefully Engrossed for Probate. Deeds and other Writings Engrossed and Copied. Plans Copied and Reduced. Business established upwards of sixty years.-SHAW and BLAKE, Law Stationers, Doctors'commons, E.C. List of forms, &c., forwarded, post-free, on application.


Law Accountants (Costs Draftsmen, &c.), 69, Chancery-lane, THREE METHODS, viz., Single and Double Column Systems (one volume), 7s. 6d.; Triple Column, 6s. WATERLOW and Sons, London-wall, and through all Booksellers.


LA HAMMOND (late with Messrs. Kain and Co.) attends LAW.-A Gentleman (admitted in London, in Town or Country on reasonable Curces, 37, Leadenhall

ences. Thirty


wishes to obtain active EMPLOYMENT, and would be glad who served has practised to communicate (confidentially) with any solicitor or firm re quiring assistance. Remuneration to be arranged. Good references.-Apply, by letter only, to "W. T.." care of Mr. Clifford, News and Advertising Agent, A, Middle Temple: SITUATIONS lane, E.C.

WANTED and VACANT con tinued on next page.

[blocks in formation]


AW.-WANTED, by the Advertiser (aged Henry Aitken, Esq., Falkirk, Managing Trustee of Russell's

As a Draughtsman, is competent to give great assistance to a Principal. Can Engross, Make up Deeds, Transfer Plans, xc., expeditiously and neatly, and is well acquainted with all the work of & Country Solicitor's Office. Is an expeditions writer, and can undertake correspondence. Can be highly recommended by his present employers. South or West of England preferred. Salary 388. 6. per week.-Address D. W." (No. 1503), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.


A W. RESIDENT ASSISTANT. — A Solicitor, 35 years of age, admitted in 1857, and well qualified, particularly in Conveyancing and County Court Registrar's Practice, is willing to GIVE his SERVICES in a Country Office, in Exchange for Board and Lodging, with a comfortable home and cheerful society, and a Stipend at the rate of 257. a year. Any gentleman whose circumstances and requirements are in accordance with this offer, may apply to "REFEREE" (No. 1503), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

LAW. A Solicitor (34, and unmarried),

who has for some time past been taking an active part in the management of an extensive Conveyancing Office of high standing, and who has also had considerable experience in Common Law and general Practice, and is competent to act without supervision, if desired, seeks a MANAGING CLEEKSHIP, with a prospect of being ultimately admitted to a working share, if he gave satisfaction. The highest references.-Address "L. J.,' care of Mr. H. M. Taylor, Solicitor, Queen's-chambers, 57, Princessstreet, Manchester.

[blocks in formation]

WANTED, a good Engrossing
CLERK.-Address, stating references, and salary,
Box 20," Post-office, Wakefield."

stating salary required and references, "X. 17," care of
Beury Greenwood, Advertising Agent, Liverpool.


WANTED, an experienced Common Law, Bankruptcy, and Chancery CLERK in City Office. Are not less than 25.-Apply, stating salary, *cc., to" H.," Messrs. Thomas's, 23, Chancery-lane.

LAW. WANTED immediately, A CLERK

AW.-WANTED immediately, A CLERK

raw ordinary Drafts, and would make himself generally seful in a Country Office Address "B. K.," care of Messrs. Waterlow and Sons, Birchin-lane, London,

LAW WANTED, in a Solicitor's Office,

AW.-WANTED, in a Solicitor's Office,

with particulars of former engagement, age, and salary required, "S.," care of Messrs. Reynell and Son, 41, Chancery ane, W.C.

AW.-WANTED, by a firm of Solicitors LAW WANTED, by firm of Solicitors

also a good Copyist and understands the routine of a Solicitor's office; also an efficient Engrossing Clerk.-Address **S. T. R.," Post-office, Walsall.

Boghead Colliery and the Almond Iron Works,
Peter McLagan, Esq., M.P.. Almondel House, Edinburgh.
Edward Meldruin, Esq., of Dechmont, Linlithgowshire.
Robert Orr, Esq., Merchant (Messrs. J. Millar, Son, and
Co., Glasgow and London.

George Simpson, Esq., Benhar, Linlithgowshire.

Messrs. Hill, Reid, and Drummond, W.S., Edinburgh.

Messrs. Chadwicks, Adamson, Collier, and Co., 65, Moorgate-
street, London, E.C
Messrs. F. and F. W. Carter, C.A., 5, St. Andrew-square,


Surname and Christian names in full

Profession or Business

This form, when signed, may be transmitted to

The Cominercial Bank of Scotland; Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Branches;

The National Bank of Scotland: London, Edinburgh, and Branches;

or Messrs. Chadwicks, Adamson, Collier, and Co., ¤,
Moorgate-street, London, or G1, Cross-street, Man-





68, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON. CHAIRMAN.--Sir W. J. Alexander, Bart., Q.C. DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN.-Alfred H. Shadwell, Esq. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted in exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests.

Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions. Annuities, Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on favourable terms.

Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further infor mation, may be had at the office. C. B. CLABON, Sec.


The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, IM

and Branches.

The National Bank of Scotland, London, Edinburgh, and

OFFICES-Benhar, Whitburn, and 31, St. Andrew-square,


This company been formed for acquiring and working the
well-known valuable Benhar Coal Field, comprising more
than 2000 acres, held in lease by Mr. George Simpson, Coal-
master, Benhar, Lanarkshire and Linlithgowshire, with the
pits and mineral plant connected therewith. The minera!
field is nearly equidistant between Edingburgh and Glasgow,
as shown on the accompanying map. It is intersected by
branches of the North British and of the Caledonian Rail-
ways; and it is thus in direct connection with the large part
of Scotland and the shipping ports served by these railways,
was routes.
and to most of the large markets it has two competing rail.

The annexed report by Mr. John Geddes, of Edinburgh,
mining engineer (who was the Royal Commissioner who re-
ported on the Scotch Coal Fields in the recent Government
Inquiry as to the mineral rescources of the country), de-
scribes some of the principal features of this coal field.

Mr. William Armstrong, of Ferry Hill, has also made a
more detailed report on the field to Messrs. Chadwicks and
Co., which is of a highly favourable character,

and the Benhar No. 2 Seam, with the latter of which there is
The seams at preset wrought are the Benhar Coal Seam
associated a seam of ironstone. The coal of this field is

widely known as superior household coal, and finds a ready
market in Edinburgh and in the south of Scotland, as far as
Hawick and Berwick-on-Tweed, and also in Dundee and
Aberdeen, and other places in the North. The coal-field has
hitherto been in the hands of several parties, and profitably
worked; but important economic advantages both in work-
ing and disposing of the coal are obtained by its being held
by one interest. For this reason, the arrangements have
been made which enable the present company to be formed.

The fields presents the advantages of a superior coal at
very moderate depth; little water in the workings; favour-
able situation for railway accommodation; easy access to
many markets; and a widely-established reputation. The
railway companies take delivery of the coal on the pit-


The duration of the lenses of nearly the whole area is over
there are small sections held for shorter periods, the coal in
thirty years. A small area is held for twenty-five years; and

which, it is known, will be easily exhausted before their

The quantity of coal of the No. 1 seam depth 20 to 35
fathoms) is estimated by Mr. Geddes at upwards of 4,350,000
tons, and of the No. 2 seam (depth 30 to 50 fathoms) at
providing an output from these two seams averaging
300,000 tons a year.


AW.-ARTICLED CLERK.-A firm of upwards of 4 810,000 tons, and there appears no difficulty in

office for an ARTICLED CLERK.-Particulars on appli-
eation by letter to "LEX," at Abbott's, 7, Little Tower-
street, E.C.


Practice in a rising town, twenty miles from London, is pre-
pared to take a Non-resident PUPIL.-Apply to "B. H. R.,"
17, Chancery-lane, W.C.

Each one shilling per ton of profit on this output equals
74 per cent. per annum on the capital of the company, with-
out taking into account any increase in the rate per cent. by

the gradual redemption of capital, or by investment of the
sinking fund that may be set apart for this purpose.

The profit at present realised averages upwards of four
shillings per ton on each ton of coal, taking large and small
together, and including the ironstone forming part of the
No. 2 coal seam. The prices will of course fluctuate, but
from the quality of the coal, and the position of this large

LAW-Copying and Engrossing CLERK has with brons, interest, and the fact that wages must

[merged small][ocr errors]

AW.-WANTED, a CLERK, in a Public

LAW. WANTED, a CLERK, in a Public

ditious writer and accountant.-Apply to "A. B.," Box 9, Post-office, Cardiff, stating age and salary required, with references.

LAW.WANTED, in the Office of a Solicitor

in a County Town, a General CLERK,competent to Araw Abstracts and ordinary Drafts, under supervision, and well versed in Accounts.-Apply, by letter, to "E. H.," care of Mr. Maclaran, 13, Serle-street, Lincoln's-inn.

[blocks in formation]

change prices, the range of fluctuations
will be within moderate limits.

though the large area of the two upper seams may render
The underlying seams held in lease may also be wrought,
this unnecessary for many years.

The company assumes possession as from the 1st Jan. last.
The purchase-money for the entire property, leases, and
plant is the sum of 170,0007. (to be paid partly in shares and
partly in cash in proportions to be arranged with the direc-
tors), but 50,0007. thereof will be in deferred shares, taking
no dividend in any one year, unless the net profits be suth-
cient to pay 15 per cent. on the whole called-up capital of the
amount to this for two consecutive years, or in any two such
ordinary shares. But when, and as soon as the net profits

years together make an aggregate of 30 per cent. on the
same, the distinction between ordinary and vendors' shares
will cease.

Mr. Simpson is willing to undertake the duties of managing
director of the company.

The incorporation of the company will admit of their extending their operations to other fields, if the ompany so resolve. A copy of the memorandum of association is annexed. The leases are in the hands of the solicitors.

Established 103.

1, Old Broad-street, E.C., and 16 and 17, Pall-mall.
Capital, 1,600,0002. Paid-up and Invested, 700,0002.


Chief Office.-126, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON, W.C.
Fully subscribed by upwards of 150 Shareholders, nearly all
of whom are members of the Legal Profession.
CHAIRMAN.-Sir William Foster, Bart., Norwich.
DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN.-James Cuddon, Esq., Barrister-at-Law
Goldsmith's-building, Temple.

The Capital Subscribed and Funds in hand amount to
upwards of 1,330,0007., affording unquestionable security.
The Directors invite attention to the new form of Life
Policy, which is free from all conditions.

The Company ADVANCES Money on Mortgage of Life
Interests and Reversions, whether absolute or contingent,
Prospectuses, copies of the Directors' Report, and Annual
Balance Sheet, and every information sent post free on appli-
cation to

FRANK M'GEDY, Actuary and Secretary. AW PROPERTY and LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, 30, Essex-street, Strand, London. CAPITAL, £250,000.



Ralph T. Brockman, Esq., Folkestone.
Edward W. Cox, Serjeant-at-Law, 30, Russell-square.
Geo. Fred. Fox, Esq., Bristol.

E. E. P. Kelsey, Esq., The Close, Salisbury.
John Mead, Esq., 2, King's-bench-walk, Temple.
H. Paull, Esq., M.P., 33, Devonshire-place.


Henry Thompson, M.B., F.R.C.S., 35, Wimpole-street.
SECRETARY-Edward S. Barnes, Esq.



provided for by a policy of the RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY, against ACCIDENTS of ALL KINDS. An annual payment of 37. to 67. 5. insures low. at death, or an allowance at the rate at 67. per week for injury. 650,0007, has been paid as compensation, one out of every twelve Annual Policy Holders becoming a claimant each year-For particulars apply to the Clerks at the Railway Stations, to the Local Agents, or at the Offices, 61, Cornhill, and 10, Regent-street, London.

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.


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The Agreement for purchase, entered into on behalf of the company, is dated 17th Jan., 1872, between George Simpson, coalmaster, Benhar, of the one part, and John part. Copies of this deed may be inspected on application to Messrs. Chadwicks, Adamson, Collier, & Co., 65, MoorgateSolicitors, of any of whom also prospectuses and forms of street, London, and 64, Cross-street, Manchester, or to the application for shares may be obtained. In all cases where no allotment is made the deposit will be returned without

Oldfield Chadwick, on behalf of the company, of the other BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA,

WANTED, in an Office in North deduction.

Wales, a CLERK, competent to keep the books according to Kain's system, and willing to make himself generally useful.-Apply, stating age and salary required, with references, to " J.” (No. 1502), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, London, W.C.

AW.-CHANCERY CLERK.-WANTED, thoroughly understand his business, and also Stamp Office business, and have some knowledge of Bankruptcy. -Apply. by letter, stating age, salary, &c., to" J. A.," 28, Cursitorstreet, Chancery-lane.

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A few doses will cure all incipient cases. Caution.-The ex traordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne renders it of vital importance that the public should obtain the genuine, which is now sold under the protection of Government, authorising a stamp bearing the words "Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne," without which none is genuine. See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the Times, July 16, 1861. From Lord Francis Conyngham, Monnt Charles, Donegal, 11th December 1865:-Lord Francis Conyngham, who this time last year bought some of Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne from Mr. Davenport, and has found it a most wonderful medicine, will be glad to have half a dozen bottles sent at once to the above address." Sold in bottles, 18. 1hd.. 28. 9d., and 4. td., by all chemists Sole manufacturer, J. T. DAVENPORT, 33, Great Russell street, London, W.C.

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CASES. Sent by post to Subscribers. Published quarterly, price is. Vols. III. to IX. in halt-calf, price 20%, each, or in Parts.



RULES, and ORDERS (Common Law and Equity), and the Jurisdiction and Practice under the Statutes relating to Probate, Charitable Trusts, Friendly Societies, Industrial and Prov.dent Societies, Literary and Scientific Institutions. Merchant Shipping. Customs, Succession Duty, Metropolitan Buildings, Alkali Works, and Joint-Stock Companies; with Chapters upon Administration, Trusts, Mortgages, Specific Performance, Infants, Partnership, and Injunctions; and Summaries of the Law relating to Interrogatories, the Inpection and Discovery of Documents, Attachment of Debts, and to Mistake, Accident, and Fraud, as Grounds of Equitable Defence; with Notes of all the decided Cases, Forms, Schedules of Costs, and a Copious Index. By JOHN SHORTT and EDWYN JONES, Esqrs., Barristers-atLaw. In demy 8vo. (pp. xxiv-780), price 31s. 6d. cloth.

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and APPEALS decided in

all the Courts. Edited by EDWARD W. COX, Serjeant-atLaw, Recorder of Portsmouth, Editor of "Cox's Criminal Law Cases." Vols. I. to VI., in half-calf, 25×, each. Vol. VII., part I., just issued, price 58, 64, ench. This series is issued immediately before each Quarter Sessions.

DIGEST of all the CASES decided by all the COURTS relating to MAGISTRATES, PAROCHIAL, MUNICIPAL, ECCLESIASTICAL, and ELECTION LAW, during the last ten years. By ED. WARD W.COX, Serjeant-at-Law, Recorder of Portsinouth. Price 218., cloth.



Magistrates' Courts, and to Parochial, Municipal, and Ecclesiastical Law, enacted in the Session of 1870. Price 78. 6d. cloth. The Statutes for 1869 may still be had, price 7x. Giel.



A Journal and Cash Book, prepared by Mr. GEORGE C. OKE, of the Mansion House, London, for Justices' Clerks' Account of Fees received by them. The headings are: Date -Subject of entry-Fees earned-Fees debited, in ledgerLedger folio-Current fees received-Fines, fees, &c., credited A -Ledger folio--Fines, fees, &c., repaid-Office expenses. specimen sheet sent to any applicant. Prices.-One quire, 58.; two quires, S.; three quires, 118.; four quires, 118.; five quires, 178.; six quires, 208.; half-bound; or in sheets unbound, 38. per quire.

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together with the new HIGHWAYS REGULATION ACT, and the Decided Cases, Notes, Forms, &c. By WM. FOOTE, Esq., of Swindon, one of the Authors of the Act. Third Edition. Price 108, 6d, cloth; 128. 6d. half-calf; 13s. 6d. calf.

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HE LAW and PRACTICE of ORDERS AFFILIATION and PROCEEDINGS in BASTARDY. By THOMAS W. SAUNDERS, Barristerat-Law, Recorder of Bath. Fifth Edition. Price 68. 6d. cloth.

HE PRISON ACT, 1865 (28 & 29 Vict. c. Statutes and Sections of Statutes relating to Prisons still in force. By T. W. SAUNDERS, Esq., Recorder of Bath. Price 4s. Gd. cloth.

SAUNDERS'S COUNTY POLICE ACTS. HE LAW and PRACTICE of COUNTY at-Law. Recorder of Bath, Author of "The New Militia Law," "The Practice of Magistrates' Courts," &c. Price 58. G. cloth.

Third Edition of


Statutes to this time. By T. W. SAUNDERS, Esq., Recorder of Bath. Third Edition. Price 12s. 6d. cloth.



of the


Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Twenty-second issue of the Series. Price 12s. 6d, cloth; 148 Gd. half-calf; 158. 6d, calf.

HE LAW DIGEST. By D. T. EVANS, ported and Statutes enacted during the half-year. It is the only Half-Yearly Digest of the Law; issued in the months of June and December. Vol. VIII., Part II., (New Series), price 88. Gdl.


The Nirth Edition of

HE PRACTICE of a COUNTRY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. By JOHN GRAY, Esq., Barristerat-Law. Edited by W. PATERSON, Esq., Barrister-atLaw, Price 21, cloth.

EGAL MAXIMS, with Observations and


Attorney-at-Law. Price 10s. 6d. cloth.

EGAL FORMS in COMMON LAW and and Solicitors. By W. C. HALL, Attorney-at-Law. 12mo., price as, cloth.

HE ARTS of WRITING, READING, and W. COX, Serjeant-at-Law, Second Edition. Price 6s, 6d. "It affords much information, and offers many useful suggestions as to the best mode of acquiring proficiency in these arts Army and Navy Gazette.

"He lays down rules which every student must appreciate." -Lincoln Mercury.

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Instructions remarkable for their sound common sense." -The Sun.

Students and others who wish to acquire the arts of writing, reading, and speaking, will do well to court the assistance of Mr. Cox."-Belfast News.

"In points of thorough usefulness his work is absolutely without a rival."-Northern Daily Express.

"We can confidently recommend it as one of the most practical works that has been written for a long time."North Devon Journal.

ARRIES' GUIDE to DRAWING BILLS Probate, Divorce, Common Law, Bankruptcy, Liquidation, and County Court Practice on the Equity side and Common Law side. Third Edition. Price 10s. 6d.

TREATISE on the LAW and PRACTICE of BENEFIT BUILDING and FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETIES; with an Appendix of Rules and Forms. By WILLIAM WHITTAKER BARRY, of Lincoln's-inn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Price Cs, cloth.

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MANUAL of QUOTATIONS from the ANCIENT, MODERN, and ORIENTAL LANGUAGES, including Law Phrases, Maxims, Proverbs, and Family Mottoes. By DR. MICHELSEN. Price Gs, cloth.



By J. P. ASPINALL, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, in the Admiralty Courts of England and Ireland, and in all the Superior Courts, with a Selection from the Decisions of the United States Courts; with Notes by the Editor. Quarterly, price 5. 6d., and will be sent free by post to subscribers. The First Series of "Maritime Law" may now be had complete in Three Volumes, half bound, price 51. 58. for the set, or any single volume for 27. 28. Back numbers may be had to complete sets.


LECTURE delivered before the Hull Law A DIGEST of all the MARITIME LAW

Students' Society on the Conrse of Reading for the Final Examination of the Incorporated Law Society. By Dr. ROLLIT. Price 28.

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of to the SUPERIOR TAYLER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Price 7s. 6d. cloth.

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TABLE of the CONTEMPORARY REPORTS from the year 1817 to 1866, arranged so as to show at a glance all the Reports in which the cases decided in each year are to be found. Second Edition. Price, on paper, 28.; on cardboard, 28. 62.; on canvas, glazed, and a roller, 88. Gd.


for Use of Solicitors, showing at a glance receipts and payments on cash account, bank account, business account, and private account. Price, with explanation, in sheets, 38. 6d. per quire, or bound in extra forril of the following thickness, one quire, 10x.; two quires. 138. 6d.; three quires. 178.; four quires, 17. 18.; five quires, 17. 58.; six quires, 17. 98. GENERAL INDEX TO THE LAW TIMES REPORTS. GENERAL INDEX to the FIRST TEN VOLUMES of the NEW SERIES of the LAW TIMES REPORTS. Price 78. 6d. cloth; 108. 6d. half-calf. It comprises—


I. Index to Plaintiffs.
II. Index to Defendants.

III. Index to Subjects of Cases.

IV. Index to the Statute Law from 1860 to 1864, Also, a Table of Contemporary Reports.


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Precedents in Conveyancing, published in 1857.


CONCISE PRECEDENTS IN MODERN CONVEYANCING, in 3 vols., containing 420 Precedents, as follows:

1. Conditions of Sale; 2. Conveyances of Freehold Estates; S. Assignments of Leaseholds, Chattels, &c.; 4. Copyhold Assurances; 5. Assurances under Fine and Recovery Act 6. Mixed Assurances; 7. Agreements for Leases: 8. Leases: 9. Grants of Mines, &c.; 10. Attornments; 11. Marriage Articles; 12. Marriage Settlements; 13. Post-nuptial Settlements, &c.; 11. Separation Deeds; 15. Equitable Mortgages; 16. Mortgages of Freehold, Leasehold, and Copyhold; 17. Mortgages of Stock, Shipping, Mixed Mortgages, further Charge, Transfers, &c.; 18. Bonds and Warrants of Attor ney, Notices relating to Mortgages and Annuities; 19. Releases, Indemnities, and Guarantees; 20. Wills; 21. Partition Deeds: 22. Appointments; 23. Trust Deeds; 21. Partnership Deeds: 25. Composition Deeds; 26. Power of Attorney and Notice.

With Practical and Explanatory Notes, Index, &c. Pub. lished price of the three Vols., 4. is. Reduced to 27. 28. HORACE COX, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.



TELEGRAM, No. 53, just published, price Gd., by post 7d., contains the Answers to this Term's Final Examínation. By WAKEHAM PURKIS, Esq. The Supple ment, price 6d., contains the Answers to the Intermediate Examination.

WM. AMER, Law Bookseller, Lincoln's-inn-gate, W.C.

LAW EXAMINATIONS.-The Editor of the

TELEGRAM, Eight of whose Pupils obtained Honours at one Examination, has FINAL and INTERMEDIATE CLASSES Reading for next Easter and Trinity Terms. Terms moderate.-Apply to WM. AMER, Law Pab. sher, Lincoln's-inn-gate, W.Ĉ.

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The Tichborne Case.

The late Earl of Ellenborough (with portrait).
Statue of the Prophet Ezekiel in the Royal Mausoleum.


Dress and Fa hion: The Parisian Fashions (from our own Correspondent).-Fashions at Brighton.-Cashmere Frock for a Girl of 10; Waterproof Costumes for Girls from 6 to 10: Serge Frock for a Girl from 12 to 11; the Revers Paletot: Plum. Silk Toilette Trimmed with Velvet; Rose ilk Dinner Dress; Low Bodica; Half Mourning Dinner Toilette, &c.. with Illustrations.

The Work Table: Cloud, knitting; Capote, knitting; Cape, blue satin: Fichu, blue velvet; Borders and Initial Letters, white embroidery; Lamp Shade; Baby's Boot, crochet and knitting; Design for Carriage Blanket, with Illustrations. Music and Musicians: Monday Popular Concerts; Musical Doings; Now Music, &c.

Pastimes. The Tourist. Gazette des Dames. Personal. The Naturalist. The Library. The Exchange. All the Fashionable Inte ligence of the Week. Notes and Queries on Dress, Work, Music, Household Economy, and other useful and interesting subjects to Ladies.

Price Sixpence. By post 6d.

May be had of News Agents, Booksellers, and at the Railway Stalls.


[blocks in formation]


CLUE to RAILWAY and OTHER COMPENSATION for PROPERTY and PERSON. The Nature and Value of Estates, and Principles of Parochial Assessment. 48. Gel, London: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and Co.

THE NEW ACT ON BUILDING SOCIETIES. Now ready, price 18., by post 1s. Id. UIDE to the FORMATION of CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING and LAND SOCIETIES under the Act of 1871. By ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY. M.A. This Act gives Societies privileges of a most important character.

LAYTONS, 150, Fleet-street, London.

Just published, price 78. 6d., with steel portrait of the author,
in handsome 4to. cloth.
FORSTER. Edited by his son H. L. FORSTER.


London: HAMILTON, ADAMS, and Co.

Now ready, price 38.; by post, 3s. 2d.


and MATRIMONIAL CAUSES, with a Chapter on the Married Women's Property Act 1870. By ROBERT CULLEN DEWY, Solicitor, London.

LONGMANS, GREEN, and Co., Paternoster-row.

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