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Abbott v. The Bakers' and Confectioners' Tea | Calisher v. Forbes, 98

European Central Railway Company, re The ;

Association (Limited), 61, 288

Calver v. Roberts, 65

parte Sykes, 211

Accidental Death Insurance Company, re The, Cardigan v. Curzon-Howe, 80

Evans v. Summers, 65

ex parte Chappell, 114
Carter v. Earl of Ducie, 115

Evans' Trusts, re W., 406
Accidental Death Insurance Company, The, v. Carver v. Pinto Leite, 60

Farhall v. Farhall, 60

Walford, 60

Case v. MoClellan, 83

Fell v. Whittaker, 67

Ackford v. Barelli and another, 67

Castle and others v. Playford, 291

Fernie v. Scott, 82

Ackland's Trusts, re, 346

Caudwell (app.) v. Hanson (resp.), 44

Fleet v. Murton and another, 44

Alexander v. Campbell, 479

Caulwell, ex parte; re Currie, 115

Ford (app.) v. Boon (resp), 65

Alexander v. Van der Zee, 83

Catt v. Tourle, 63

Ford v. Forter, 230

Allen v. Gott, 344

Chabord v. The New Russian Company (Limited), Foster, In the Goods of, 67

Allen v. Miller and others, 292


Foulger (app.) v. Steadman (resp.), 479

Allsop v. Wheatcroft, 63

Charlton v. Charlton, 135

Frith v. The Overseors of Widdecombe-on-the-

Amherst's Will, re Lady, 211

Chatfield v. Berchtoldt, 288

Mon, 66

Anderson v. Anderson, 249

Cheshire, Re, 42

Frost v. Knight, 292

Armitage v. Armitage, 229

Chew v. Watson, 364

Arrowsmith v. Chandler, 270

Chorlton v. Overseers of Stretford, 82

Gabb v. Gabb and Marshall, 213

Askew v. The Sewer Authority of Ulverston and Chorlton (app.) v. The Overseers of Tongo (rosps.). Gainsborough Union (apps.) v. Welch (resp.),

the Ulverston Local Board, 425



Aston v. Meredith, 386

City of Moscow Gas Company (Limited) The, v. Gallow v. Metropolitan Board of Works, 296

Attorney, re An, 251

The International Financial Speiety (Limited), Gardiner v. Jewers, 250

Attorney-General v. Akers, 310

157, 289

Garnier, re, 249

Attorney-General, The, v. Barker, 232

Clarke v. Bishop, 213

Gaunt v. Fynney, 345

Attorney-General v. Campbell and others, 477 Clive v. Clive, 327

Gauntlet, The, 308

Attorney-General v. Clements, 115

Coates and another Collins, 88

Gee v. Metropolitan Railway Company, 212

Attorney-General and Colbeck and Marriot v. The Cohen, ex parte, re Sparke, 42

Gibbs v. Grady, 99

Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Batley, 347, Coles, In the Goods of, 135

Gibson, re, 80


Collins, ex parte, re Davies, 136

Gilchrist v. Herbert, 290

Attorney-General v. Fletcher, 115

Commissioners of Sewers of the City of London, Gill (app.) v. Bright (resp.), 45

Attorney-General v. Stewart, 365

The, v. Glasse, 60, 384

Glover v. Ellison, 290

Attorney-General v. The Great Eastern Railway Contract Corporation (Limited) (Gooch's case), Godrich v. Godrich, 480

Company, 211, 309, 478

60, 134, 288

Gompertz v. Kensit, 230

Atty v. Etough, 328
Cockayne v. Harrison, 365

Gough v. Smith, 385
Austin v. Austin, 68
Cook v. Guerra, 45

Gray v. Siggers 405
Cooker, re, 82

Great Northern and the Midland, The, 311
Baile v. Baile, 310
Cooper v. Kynock, 210, 365

Great Oceanic Telegraph Company (Limited), re

Baker's Trust, re, 135

Coote v. Jecks, 386

The, Harward's case, 42

Ballina Mills Company (Limited), The, v. The Corcoran v. Witt, 62

Green v. Rooke, 328

Royal Insurance Company, 232

Core (app.) v. James (resp.), 45

Greene v. The West Cheshire Railway Company, 27

Barber, re, 212
Cornish v. Clark, 478

Greening and Company (Limited), re, ex parte

Barrett's Estate, re, 61

Cowles v. Gale, 42

Marsh, 43

Bateson v. Gosling, 45

Cox v. Sillen, 27

Grey v. Seckham, 250

Beak v. Beak, 386

Cramer and Co., re ; ex parte Sangster, 63 Griffith, In the Goods of, 387

Beattie v. Lord Ebury, 347

Cronshaw v. The Wigan Burial Board, 44

Guildford Union (apps.) v. St. Olave's Union

Belfast Tramways Company (Limited), re The, Crossely, ex parte ; re Taylor, 329

(resps.), 212

212, 309

Crouch v. Tregonning, 269

Gumm v. Hallett, 366

Bendle v. Watson, 65

Cruikshank v. Duffin, 310
Betts v. Cleaver, 386
Curling v. Walters, 79

Hadley v. M‘Dougall, 309
Biggs v. Foster, 289

Haigh v. Kaye, 478

Biggs v. Upton, 248

Darnell v. Hunter, 79

Hamer, Mary, In the Goods of, 233, 347

Bignold's Settlement Trust, re, 288

Davies and Wife v. Solomon, 82

Hamilton v. Hector, 346

Birkenhead Benefit Building Society, re The, 366 Dawson v. Robinson, 27

Hanson v. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway

Bishop v. Wise, 364

Day v. Day, 311

Company, 212

Bloomer v. Spittle, 327

Deanes v. Kitchin, 290

Hardy v. The Metropolitan Land and Finance

Bolland ex parte ; re Cherry, 60

De Lancey v. The Queen, 292

Company (Limited), 309

Boyd v. Petrie, 345
Dent v. Nickalls, 212

Harrison v. The Bank of Australasia, 232
Boyle, ex parte ; re Collett, 59
Dewhurst, ex parte ; re Vanlohe, 134

Haselfoot's Estate, re (Chauntler's claim), 249
Bradley v. Sylvester, 44
Dixon (app.) v. Cockett (resp.), 231

Hawkes, ex parte, re Keely, 249
Breton, Baillie, In the Goods of, 459
Dixon v. Enoch, 291

Hayes v. Oatley, 478


Trusts, 310

Dobson v. Dobson and Barber, 233

Haymen v. Gover, 231

British Columbia, and Vancouver Island Spar, Dudley Union (apps.) v. Wolverhampton Union Head v. Tattersall and another, 66
Lumber, and Saw Mill Company (Limited),

resps.), 250

Heasman v. Pearse, 157

(Stamp's Claim), 62

Dyte v. The St. Pancras Board of Guardians, Heinrich, The, 311

Britton v. The Great Western Cotton Company,


Hemming v. Maddick, 26, 364


Hemmingway, ex parte ; re Howard, 426
Bruff v. Cobbold, 248

East of England Bank, re The; ex parte Tillett, Hemsworth v. Mann, 405
Brutton, re, 212


Hercules Insurance Company (Limited), re The,

Brutton v. The Parish of St. George, Hanover. Easton (app.) v. Richmond Highway Board (resps.) Pugh's case ; Sharman's case, 346

square, 43


Hewitt v. Jardine, 479

Broadwood's Settled Estates, re, 385

Earl of Elgin, The, and the Jesmond, 41

Hext v. Gill, 386

Brown, ex parte ; re Scrivener, 294

Edmonds, ex parte, 81

Heyman, ex parte ; re Heyman, 385

Buchanan, In the Goods of, 310

Ellis v. Barker, 98

Hicks v. Ross, 386

Buckhurst (app.) v. The Guardians of Chatham Else v. Else, 210

Higgs v. Dorkis, 212
(resps.), 231
Emerson, ex parte; re Hawkins, 46

Hill v. Cock; Póltimore, Lord, v. Cock, 231
Buckley (app.) v. Weigley (rosp.), 66
Empress, The, 233

Hinde v. Sheppard and others, 28
Burley o. Saint, 289

English Assurance Company, re, The (Holdich's Hobson v. Nicholson, 310

Burr v. Miller, 347

case), 458

Holmes v. Albright, 81

Burrell v. Maxwell, 135

European Assurance Society, re The, 479

Holmes v. Symons, 63

Burrows v: The March Gas and Coke Company European Assurance Society, re The ; ex pa: te Honey, ex parte ; re Jeffery, 114

(Limited), 291

Greenough; ex parte Holt, 61

Huckle v. Piper, 82

Busby v. The Corporation of Leeds, 289
European Bank (Limited), re The, 228

Hudson v. Walker, 253
Buxton v. Rust, 45

European Bank (Limited), re, (Masters's case), 61, Hunter v. Bullock. 346

Byrne v. Guano Consignment Company, 251


Hunter v. Walters, 79

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