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Bignold's Settlement Trust, re, 288

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Crouch v. Tregonning, 269

Cruikshank v. Duffin, 310

Curling v. Walters, 79

Darnell v. Hunter, 79

Davies and Wife v. Solomon, 82

Birkenhead Benefit Building Society, re The, 366 Dawson v. Robinson, 27

Bradley v. Sylvester, 44

Breton, Baillie, In the Goods of, 459

Briscoe's Trusts, 310

British Columbia, and Vancouver Island Spar, Lumber, and Saw Mill Company (Limited), (Stamp's Claim), 62

Britton v. The Great Western Cotton Company,


Bruff v. Cobbold, 248

Brutton, re, 212

Day v. Day, 311

Deanes v. Kitchin, 290

De Lancey v. The Queen, 292
Dent v. Nickalls, 212

Dewhurst, ex parte; re Vanlohe, 134
Dixon (app.) v. Cockett (resp.), 231
Dixon v. Enoch, 291

Dobson v. Dobson and Barber, 233
Dudley Union (apps.) v. Wolverhampton Union
resps.), 250

Dyte v. The St. Pancras Board of Guardians,


East of England Bank, re The; ex parte Tillett, 309

Brutton v. The Parish of St. George, Hanover- Easton (app.) v. Richmond Highway Board (resps.)
square, 43

Broadwood's Settled Estates, re, 385

Earl of Elgin, The, and the Jesmond, 41 Edmonds, ex parte, 81

Ellis v. Barker, 98

Buckhurst (app.) v. The Guardians of Chatham Else v. Else, 210

Brown, ex parte; re Scrivener, 294

Buchanan, In the Goods of, 310

(resps.), 231

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Buckley (app.) v. Weigley (resp.), 66

Burrows v. The March Gas and Coke Company (Limited), 291

Emerson, ex parte; re Hawkins, 46
Empress, The, 233

English Assurance Company, re, The (Holdich's case), 458

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Hanson v. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, 212

Hardy v. The Metropolitan Land and Finance Company (Limited), 309

Harrison v. The Bank of Australasia, 232

Haselfoot's Estate, re (Chauntler's claim), 249

Hawkes, ex parte, re Keely, 249

Hayes v. Oatley, 478
Haymen v. Gover, 231

Head v. Tattersall and another, 66
Heasman v. Pearse, 157
Heinrich, The, 311

Hemming v. Maddick, 26, 364
Hemmingway, ex parte; re Howard, 426
Hemsworth v. Mann, 405

Hercules Insurance Company (Limited), re The,
Pugh's case; Sharman's case, 346
Hewitt v. Jardine, 479

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European Assurance Society, re The, 479
European Assurance Society, re The; ex pa te Honey, ex parte; re Jeffery, 114
Greenough; ex parte Holt, 61
European Bank (Limited), re The, 228

Huckle v. Piper, 82 Hudson v. Walker, 253

European Bank (Limited), re, (Masters's case), 61, Hunter v. Bullock, 346

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Hunter v. Walters, 79

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