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Hon. R. W. Gillett, Vice-Chairman. James L. Edson, Treasurer..

Hon. H. B. Brown, Vice-Chairman. Gen. John H. King, Bishop S. S. Harris, D. M. Richardson, Lt. Com. F. O. Davenport, Hon. James F. Joy, Magnus Butzel, Hon. C. H. Buhl,

Maj. A. S. Towar, J. L. Hudson, Gen. H. B. Clitz,

Ashley Pond,

W. H. Stevens, Hon. James McMillan, Capt. J. S. Loud, George W. Bissell, Gen. Jno, Pulford, Hon. S. B. Grummond, C. L. Freer, Hon. Jacob S. Farrand, Capt. R. C. Olin,

E. Y. Swift, Allan Shelden,

Capt. O. F. Heyerman, James W. Hine, Gen. N. Church,

C. A. Newcomb, S. J. Murphy, Hon. Wm. A. Moore, Capt. Horace Elmer, Bruce Goodfellow, Gen. G. A. De Russey, Hon. John Owen, W. A. Butler, Hon. M. S. Smith, W. K. Muir,

J. E. Scripps, Gen. G. S. Wormer, Lieut. H. C. Wisner, N. G. Williams, Gen. P. St. George Cooke, Thomas Ferguson, A. G. Boynton, Col. E. H. Brooke, Samuel Heavenrich, H. C. Parke, Hon. D. M. Ferry,

Alex. H. Dey.

Judge J. V. Campbell, Col. H. M. Black, John P. Fiske,

J. H. Wendell, Col. Henry B. Bristol, A. E. Brush,

D. Whitney, Jr. Hon. George Jerome,

E. W. Meddaugh, Traugott Schmidt, Col. Gilbert S. Jennings, Benjamin Vernor, O. F. Hall, Hon. Wm. B. Wesson, John Pridgeon,

C. C. Wormer, Col. Jerome Croul, R. Storrs Willis,

W. 11. Brace, Hon. Philo Parsons, Emory Wendell, Thos. Calvert, Col. H. A. Newland, C. A. Kent,

J. H. Farwell, Hon. Alfred Russell, George Hendrie,

F. F. Palms, Col. J. Sumner Rogers,

Dr. Wm. Brodie, W. A. Jackson, Hon. T. H. Hinchinan. Hiram Walker,

L. L. Farnsworth, Col. George M. Randall, William E. Quinby,

H. C. Hart, Hon. S. D. Elwood, Hon. W. C. Colburn, C. C. Hodges, Col. J. T. Haskell, Samuel Post,

L. L. Barbour, Col. S. M. Mansfield, H. B. Ledyard,

F. D. Taylor, Hon. Alexander Lewis, Hon. A. Chapoton,

Alex. Delano, Col. H. L. Chipman, Hon. Sidney D. Miller, F. G. Smith, Hon. C. I. Walker, Edward Kanter,

F. Buhl, Col. F. J. Hecker,

R. W. King,

F. B. Dickerson,
Col. C. M. Lum,

Dr. Herman Kiefer.


Col. John Atkinson, Chairman. Charles T. Wilkins, Secretary. R. Storrs Willis,

Hon. Otto Kirchner, Col. A. M. Edwards, Charles Buncher,

Hon. S. M. Cutcheon, Hon. Isaac Marston, Hon. W. C. Maybury, W. K. Anderson, Maj. Levi T. Griffin..

Bad ge-Nile-Green.
W. J. Chittenden, Chairman.

Benj. Vernor,

Lieut. Wm. Hull, Lieut. D. V. Bell, Col. Jerome Croul, Col. E. F. Conely, Hon. E. T. Slocum, George McMillen,

E. S. Barbour,

John N. Bagley,
Emory Wendell,

Col. W. A. Butler, Jr., W. S. Green,
Capt. Jos. Nicholson,

L. Depew.


W. H. Brearly, Chairman.

Capt. Geo. M. Chester, Secretary. J. H. Stone,

C. S. Hathaway, A. I. McLeod, Rev. J. H. Potts,

A. Marxhausen,

R. l'elham, Jr., Joseph Greusel,

B. S. Cowen,

W. G. Fralich, Rev. L. H. Trowbridge, II. S. Harris,

R. J. Young, M. J. Dee,

Clarance L. Dean, John McVicar, Matthew Kramer,

B. F. Bower,

John B. Mueller, Maj. Gil. R. Osmun,

C. F. May,

A. Kaufmann,
R, Gibbons,

W. H. Burk,


Col. E. J. Ensign, Chairman. C. H. Candler, Secretary. Chas. P. Toll,

E. A. Armstrong, Capt. W. R. Dodsley, Capt. J. G. Dickinson, Col. W. G. Seely, F. W. Noble, H. Whitaker, J. B. Moore,

Henry A. Haigh. Capt. Samuel A. Murphy, Capt. II. C. Christiancy, Maj. S. N. Androus,

Frank H. Farnsworth.


Col. Henry M. Duffield, Chairman. Capt. A. Goebel, Jr., Secretary. Gen. J. E. Pittman, Col. J. Sumner Rogers, Lieut. H. Starkey, Col. H. M. Black, U. S. A. Capt. Thos. P. Sheehan, Capt. A. P. T. Beniteau, Col. E. Robinson, Capt. W. R. Penny,

A. C. Merrill,
Capt. S. R. Dixon, Capt. M. P. Thatcher, John W. Wilson,
Capt. Chas. Dupont, N. B. Rowley,

Capt. E. Rode,
Capt. M. G. Borgman.


Gen. L. S. Trowbridge, Chairman. Fred. A. Robinson, Secretary. C. H. Whetmore,

Fred. T. Sibley,

Lieut. E. C. Skinner, J. Huff Jones,

Maj. 11. F. Lyster,

Homer Warren,
Col. S. E. Pittman,

Lieut. F. L. Abel, Fred. Fayram,
Prof. J. H. Hahn,

Capt. Benj. F. Briscoe.


Col. Eugene Robinson, Chairman. Lieut. H. B. Lothrop, Secretary, Col. M. H. Godfrey, C. J. Whitney,

Capt. C. G. Hampton, Lieut. C. R. Brand, Maj. A. F. R. Arndt, Geo. R. Angell, Col. J. T. Sterling, Capt. W. G. Vinton, Capt. C. K. Brandon, Lieut. James Vernor, A. J. Brow,

M. Early, Col. A. Goebel,

Lieut. C. II. Chope, Capt. J. T. Patton,

Lieut. G. A. Sheley, Win. Wright,

J. W. Fales, Maj. Geo. W. Chandler, Capt. E. K. Roberts, Capt. R. F. Tallman, Capt. Chas. Dupont, Geo. W. Latimer, C. O. White.


Frank E. Snow, Chairman. H. B. Ledyard,

E. B. Whitcomb, W. A. Carpenter, Geo. N. Brady,

Capt. S. B. Grummond, Ben. Fletcher,
J. B. Mulliken,

Capt. James W. Millen, D. B. Tracy,
C. A. Warren,
E. C. Brown,

R. G. Butler.
W. J. Spicer,

G. H. Worcester.


BadgePink. Capt. C. C. Chadwick, Chairman. C. L, Williams, Secretary. Col. F. J. Hecker, Capt. Jos. Nicholson, Lieut. C. C. Yemans, David Carter, A. W. Blain,

H. R. Newberry, Maj. Ford H. Rogers, Capt. M. W. Barrows, Lieut. E. B. Welton, H. F. Eberts,

Capt. C. A. Rooney, W. E. Campbell, Maj. C. A. Devendorf, A. M. Henry,

W. R. Croul, Geo. S. Davis,

Maj. II. E. Smith, J. C. Chilton,
Capt. R. A. Remick, S. S. Babcock,

E. W. Cobb.
Hon. S. B. Grummond,

Geo. B. Hill.





Society of the ARMY OF THE

of the Tennessee.




DETROIT, September 14, 1887. The Society marched from the headquarters of the local committee at the Russell House to the Opera House, designated for holding the business meetings, and was called to order at 10 o'clock by the President, who spoke as follows: COMRADES OF THE SOCIETY OF THE ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE:

We meet this morning-although our ranks are very thin -pursuant to adjournment of our last mecting at Rock Island, Illinois, for business purposes, and the programme has been prepared by the local committee as usual, a copy of which has been served upon every one of you, to which we will strictly conform. Our by-laws prescribe the order of our business meetings; the first is the reading of the minutes of the last meeting at Rock Island. Inasmuch as they are in print, and I suppose a copy has been sent to each and every one of you, I infer that will be dispensed with because it is already in print. We will therefore pass to the next object of our business meeting—the appointment of the regular committees to make preparations for the next year. The by-laws, which you will find on the fifth page, prescribe the order of business. The first is the reading of the journal of the previous meeting ; I assume that will be disposed of because we have it in print. If anybody has not received his printed copy, by interviewing the Secretary he will get a copy. The first committee usually appointed is one of three members to select the time and place of our next annual meeting. I will be very glad to hear from any member present.

By reason of the remarks of the President, the business took a course at variance with the prescribed order of business, and the transactions are recorded in the order that they transpired.

On motion of Captain Lanstrum,

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed by the President to recommend a place and time for holding the next meeting

The President: I would like to receive suggestions from members as to who shall be selected, because we do not know exactly who are present. The motion of the gentleman is as submitted that the Chair or President of this Society appoint this committee of three to select the time and place of our next meeting.

Captain Lanstrum, General Stockton and Lieutenant-Colonel Dresser were selected as the committee.

On motion of Captain Everest,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the President to recommend an orator for the next meeting of the Society.

Captain Everest, General Leggett, General Fuller, Colonel Barnum and Captain Andreas were named as the committee.

On motion of General Fisk,

Resolved. That the President appoint a committee of five to recommend the officers for the Society for the next ensuing year.

General Fisk, Captain Chadwick, Captain Rumsey, General Belknap and Major Bell were appointed the committee.

The President:-I wish the gentlemen would announce their names when they speak or present a motion. These lights in front blind us so we can see nothing. Having provided the necessary committees for our next meeting, the next business in order, according to our by-laws, is the receiving of reports. The reports of the regular officers will be called for first, and then any other reports which may be ready. I will first call upon the Recording Secretary, Colonel Dayton, for his report.

The Secretary read his report which was as follows:

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