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CINCINNATI, O., September 12, 1887. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN,

President: SIR:-During the period elapsed since last report, I have received from members of the Society as follows: On account Permanent Fund,

$262 00 On account General Fund,

146 00

Making total of

$408 00 'The amounts paid by each member has been credited them on the Secretary's books, receipts sent them and the entire amount, as per our constitution, has been transferred to your Treasurer, whose receipts I have filed with the records of my office.

The records of last meeting were printed as has been the custom heretofore, and a copy sent to each member.

Your Secretary during the past year has had more than the usual amount of correspondence to take care of, which indicates that the members are giving the affairs' of the Society more attention.

In addition to the usual business of this office, the committee which was appointed at the last meeting to consider the matter and report at this meet. ing upon the feasibility of having permanent headquarters and a fixed place for holding our meetings, issued a circular and sent your Secretary, requesting him to have it printed and distributed, which was done. I desire again to call the attention of the members to the importance of their inforining the Secretary of any change in their post office address.

Respectfully submitted,


Recording Secretary. On motion of Colonel Barnum,

Resolved, That the report of the Recording Secretary be received and adopted.

The President:—The next business in order is the report of our Corresponding Secretary, General Hickenlooper. I will state of my own knowledge that General Hickenlooper went abroad some two months ago, and told me he would be back in time for .this meeting. He so intended to be, but within the past few days I received a cable despatch from Liverpool, saying that when he reached there every berth in the steamer was taken and he could not get back. If he left a written report with his clerk or any body, I should be glad to know it. Does any one know that General Hickenlooper did leave such a report? He generally has charge of our correspondence and generally submits

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letters to the Society, or any communication whatever, which we embody in our annual reports. Inasmuch as he is absent, I think we will be unable to supply that deficiency, but will embody it in our report. If that is the general sentiment of the Society, I am willing to stand by it. By permitting him that privilege without passing through the ordinary forms, which are generally mere forms, our report next year will be complete. If there be no objection I will so order. I hear no objection.

NOTE:-Subsequent to the meeting of the Society, the Corresponding Secretary furnished his report to the Secretary in time and it is here introduced.


Recording Secretary, Society Army Tennessee: Dear Sir:-Regretting my inability to be present at the last reunion, and the consequent delay in the presentation of my report, I have the honor to transmit it at this time.

Before leaving for Europe, I prepared and transmitted to each member of our Society the usual official call for the meeting, and regret to find upon my return that the notices sent to the following named members have been returned “uncalled for,” indicating that there has been some change in their recorded addresses, of which I have not been advised:

Gen. W. T. Clark, Fargo, Dak. Capt. C. G. Cooley, Chicago, Ills.
Gen. D. E. Coon, Wash., D. C. Lieut. R. H. Fouts, Carrollton, O.
Maj. W.C. Henry, Longstreth, O. Capt. J. S. Menker, New York, N. Y
Capt. W. H. B. Hoyt, Chicago, Ill. Gen. M. Miller, Quincy, Ill.
Lieut. C. H. Hunting, Chicago, Ill. Capt, A. L. Ogg, Greenville, Ind.
Col. E. Jonas, New Orleans, La. Col. Gio. G. Pride, Huntington, Ind.
Col. O. D. Kinsman, Lebanon, Tenn. Col. B. H. Peterson, Cambridge, O.
Capt. J. J. Safely, Wash., D. C. Capt. J. F. Smith, Wash., D. C.
Gen. T. W. Sanford, St. Louis, Mo. Gen. E. F. Winslow, Cedar Rapids, Ia.

Accompanying this please find telegrams and letters received from absent members.

It is also my painful official duty to report the deaths, and submit biographical sketches, of the following named members of our Society:

Gen. E. W. Rice, June 21, 1886. Capt. N. L. Lutz, July 13, 1886.
Gen. J. M. Hedrick, Oct. 3, 1886. Gen. Jno. A. Logan, Dec. 26, 1886.
Maj. R. C. Strong, Dec. 11, 1886. Col. F. C. Deimling, Jan. 2, 1887.
Gen. W. S. Robertson, Jan. 20. 1887. Gen. W. B. Hazen, Jan. 16, 1887.
Dr. W. M. Beach, May 5, 1887.

Gen. B. F. Potts, June 17, 1887.
Col. L. Von Blessing, July 15, 1887.
Very respectfully,

Corresponding Secretary.



Detroit: With increased admiration for Nation loyal valor maintained united, I desire to extend my hearty good wishes to comrades.


LIVERPOOL, ENG., September 10, 1887. GENERAL SHERMAN: Sail to-day; not in time for meeting at Detroit.


Fort Robinson, NEB., September 14, 1887. Secretary Army Tennessee:

Regret that my official duties prevent being with you. May you thoroughly enjoy yourselves.


St. Louis, Mo., September 14, 1887. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN: Heart-broken. Circumstances render it impossible to get away.


OSHKOSH, Wis., September 13, 1887. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Secretary Army of Tennessee: Am in trial of case here, which will preclude my attendance this year. Very sorry; and in this regret, wife heartily joins.


ELGIN, ILLS, September 14, 1887. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN:

Fifty-Second Illinois annual reunion greets its honored commander and Army Tennessee.

JOHN S. Wilcox,

President. LETTERS.

GENERAL IlickenLOoper:

My Dear Sir:—Let me thank you for so kindly sending me an invitation to the next meeting of the “Society of the Army of the Tennessee.” You addressed the note to me as the widow of General Yorke. 1 should have acknowledged sooner your thoughtfulness, but supposed you abroad. Iloping that you will have a very pleasant meeting,

Believe me, truly yours, CLIFTON, September 10.



Committee: GENTLEMEN:-Your invitation asking me to be present on the occasion of the twentieth annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee on September 14th and 15th inst., is received. I exceedingly regret that the distance from San Francisco to Detroit prevents me from responding in person to your citizens' call. My name and reputation have gone into history in connection with the army which your Society represents. Of this I am proud. This

year General Logan, who, in spite of any feeling of disappointment, served most cordially with me in battle and campaign, has now passed on to his ultimate reward. His unflagging energy, fearlessness in battle, and persistent loyalty to his country's cause cannot be exaggerated. It is indeed gratifying, as a harbinger of the future, for each of us who endeavors to do his duty, to notice and mark the universal appreciation of Logan and the tender sympathy manifested everywhere for his family in their sad bereavement.

From McPherson's death, after the battle of the 22nd of July, till the close of the campaign, nine months filled with battle-work, I was with you. So dear comrades, ever count me in.

Sincerely yours,

O. O. HOWARD, Major-General U. S. Army.




Corresponding Secretary Society Army of the Tennessee: DEAR GENERAL:—I am reluctantly compelled to report by letter instead of being present to answer“ here ” at roll-call of the meeting of the Society in Detroit, September 14th and 15th. This is a privation that only the discipline of a few years of army life enables me to submit to with resignation. The deaths among our comrades in the past year has made it an eventful one for our Society, the names of Logan, McDowell, Cavender, Rice and Hedrick, all personal friends who have passed away, with the thought of who may be next, adds disappointment at not being able to greet you all once more. May you have a happy and interesting reunion, and with heartfelt regards to all the “ boys,” not forgetting“ Uncle Billy ” who so gallantly led us to victory and who has so ably presided at our meetings in the past. May he live to meet with the last survivor of the honored band is the sincere wish of your old comrade,

John McArthur.


Secretary Army of Tennessee, Cincinnati, O.: Dear GENERAL:— With sincere regret I find I shall not be able to attend the reunion at Detroit. I worked hard in assisting our neighbors across the

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river, at Rock Island, to make a success of the reunion there last year, and this year it should be all enjoyment—but I cannot be with you. I shall at that date be very busy here preparing for the reunion of “ Crocker's Iowa Brigade,” to be held in this city September 21st and 22nd.

Very respectfully,

Add H. SANDERS, Colonel 16th Iowa, Brevet-Brigadier-General Volunteers.

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Madison, Wis., September 12, 1887. My Dear GENERAL:-I am in receipt of notice that the twentieth annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee will be held at Detroit, Mich., September 14th and 15th, 1887.

I had hoped and confidently expected to be with my old comrades of the Army of the Tennessee at their meeting this year, but find I cannot do so without neglecting a duty to my state.

I cannot find words to express to you how greatly I regret to be debarred from meeting my old commander and the gallant men who marched with him to the sea, and who did so much to perpetuate the Union.

With fraternal greeting and kindest regards to the comrades, I remain, dear General, Sincerely yours,


President Society Army of the Tennessee.

ASTORIA, N. Y., September 10, 1887. GENERAL O. M. Poe,

Chairman, etc., etc. GenerAL:—I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your kind invitation to be present at the twentieth annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, on the 14th and 15th September, at Detroit, Mich.

I regret very much that business of importance will prevent me accepting the same.

Yours respectfully,

7. W. SWEENY, Brigadier-General U. S. A.

SPRINGFIELD, ILLS., September 8, 1887. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary Society of the Army of the Tennessee,

Cincinnati, O.; Dear GenerAL:—It is with sincere regret that I decline meeting with my comrades of the “Army of the Tennessee at their coming reunion. No ordinary consideration would prevent my attendance, but business engagements made long ago for the dates of September 14th and 15th make it impossible. As the years go, I prize more highly the privilege of these reunions.

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