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TOLEDO, O., Sept. 5, 1888. At 10:30 A. M. the Society formed at the Boody House, under command of General J. W. Fuller, of the committee, and marched thence to the Toledo Soldiers' Memorial Hall, where the business meetings of the Society were held. At 11 o'clock the Society was called to order by the President, who spoke as follows:

General Sherman:— The Society will now come to order. The local committee having appointed 11 o'clock as our hour of meeting, and it now being 12 o'clock in New York, I infer it is now 11 o'clock here in Toledo.

Gentlemen, I congratulate those who are now present that we are permitted to meet again. This is now our twenty-third annual reunion, although twenty-four years have passed since the close of the war. I am pleased to see so many present, although we are sad to miss the absent ones, who are at rest. Of them we will speak hereafter.

I now will proceed directly to the business of our Society, as it is laid down in our rules. The first business-and this is a business meeting-is the reading of the journal of the previous meeting.

On motion of General Leggett, the reading of the Secretary's record was dispensed with.

The President:-The next business in order will be the appointment of committees on business and for nomination of officers.

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These committees will be appointed now, so as to give them the largest measure of time during our two days' stay in Toledo. The first, I think, is for the selection of officers.

On motion of Captain Andreas,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the President, to consist of General Belknap, General Leggett, General Rusk, General Miller and Captain Everest, to nominate officers for the ensuing year.

The President:— The next committee is also a committee of five, and is to fix the time and place for our next meeting. Here I will explain an awkward mistake made last year. The name, on page 121, is Toledo, Ohio, as the place; time, September 15th and 16th. When I came to receive this in print, I made out the 15th to fall on Saturday, and the 16th on Sunday. Exercising the authority given me in the constitution, I selected these two days, the only two days in the middle of a week in September available, because the Grand Army meets in Columbus, Ohio, next week, and the Army of the Cumberland had taken the next two days in the middle of a week, the week after. Therefore, I of my own motion named the 5th and 6th, the middle of the week in this week of September. That accounts for your being present to-day. I hope the committee the next time will look over the almanac of the proper year.

On motion of General Strong,

Resolved, That General Strong, General Baldwin, Colonel Pearce, Colonel Noble and Captain Higley be appointed a committee to select a place and indicate the time of holding the next meeting.

Dr. Plummer:-Before that resolution is acted on, and that committee appointed, I would like to make a little statement of a conversation we had on our way, and in Chicago, coming to this point, yesterday: that is, that we select some central point for the place of our annual meetings. I have always opposed it, but now I am in favor of it. The reason I was opposed to a central place for holding our annual meetings was, that I wanted to keep up our membership. It seems we are not succeeding; we are growing less. I would suggest Chicago as the place for holding our annual meetings from this time, except when the Society may con sider it best to go to some other place on some special occasion. I

would suggest that Chicago be the place for holding our annual meeting next year and the year after.

The President: That would supersede this motion entirely

Dr. Plummer:—That would give Chicago the next place, and leave the committee only to fix the time.

General Hickenlooper:- I think it would be well to refer that matter to the committee on time and place, and if the gentleman has any suggestion to make, to make it to that committee, and let it decide that matter, and so report to the Society. I might say in passing, that there are special reasons that will be presented for consideration by the Society why that motion should not prevail. It is understood that the Society is desired to meet there in the year following, to unveil and dedicate the equestrian statue of General Grant. So I know that I reflect their views when I

say they would not prefer to have the meeting at Chicago next year.

The President:—This motion is a general proposition legally falling under some other question. If you will withdraw your motion, Doctor, I will let this go through, and you can go before the committee, if you choose.

Dr. Plummer:-I withdraw the motion.

The President:- The next business in order is the selection of a committee to nominate an orator for the next annual meeting.

On motion of Major Dawes,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to recommend an orator for our next meeting.

The President appointed Major Dawes, Colonel Cadle, Major Ware, Captain Chadwick and General Chetlain.

The President:-The next business in order will be the reception of reports. I will call for the report of our Recording Secretary.


TOLEDO, O., September 5, 1888.



Dear Sir:-The total amount of money paid me by members of the Society since making my last report is $434, which covers money paid for fines, dues and certificates. The division of this money should be as follows: On account Permanent Fund,

$125 00 On account General Fund,

309 00

Making total of

$434 00 Your Secretary desires to call attention of the members to the fact that many who change their post office address fail to advise him and therefore their record cannot be kept correctly, nor do they get the reports and other papers they are entitled to.

Your Secretary desires also to bring to your attention the fact that we have no designated place where the badges of the Society can be secured, and suggest that some action in the matter should be taken by the Society. The party who made the first badges has gone out of business and at present sev. eral parties are making badges, none of which are standard, conforming to the original design. Respectfully submitted,


Recording Secretary. On motion of General Stockton,

Resolved, That the report of the Recording Secretary be accepted.

Note.-Payments by members, from December 21, 1886, to December 10, 1888, on account of fees and dues.

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