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An Act to amend the Fire Brigades Act, 1913, and for other purposes.

[Assented to, December 6th, 1923.]

E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,


1. (1) This Act may be cited as the "Fire Brigades Act Amend- Short titles. ment Act, 1923."

(2) The Fire Brigades Act, 1913 (hereinafter referred to as "the No. 1130 of 1913. principal Act"), and this Act may be cited together as the "Fire Brigades Acts, 1913 and 1923."

2. This Act is incorporated with the principal Act, and that Incorporation with Act and this Act shall be read as one Act.

principal Act.

3. (1) It shall be lawful for the Board, with the consent of the Board may borrow Minister, to borrow, from time to time, and to take up at interest £25,000. any sum or sums of money not exceeding in the whole the sum of Twenty-Five Thousand Pounds for all or any of the purposes following, namely, the purchase of plant, machinery, or apparatus for the purpose of enabling the Board to carry out and perform the powers, authorities, and duties vested in or conferred or imposed upon the Board by the principal Act.

(2) The powers conferred by this section shall be in addition to those conferred on the Board by section 26 of the principal Act.


4. All

Loan to be raised by issue of debentures.

Evidence as to debentures.

Security of debentures.

Contributions for redemption of debentures.

Cancellation of redeemed debentures.

Fire Brigades Act Amendment Act.-1923.

4. All moneys so borrowed shall be raised by the sale of debentures, which shall be in the form contained in the Schedule. Every such debenture shall be for such period and amount, and issued at such time or times, and on such terms and conditions, and at such rate of interest, as the Board may from time to time determine and as the Minister shall approve; and coupons in the form in the Schedule may be annexed to such debentures. The title to every such debenture and every such coupon (whether separated or not from the debenture to which it belongs) shall pass by delivery only without any assignment or indorsement.

5. A certificate under the hands of the chairman, one other member, and the secretary, indorsed on any debenture issued under the authority of this Act, and stating that the principal sum thereby secured is part of the amount which the Board, at the date of such certificate, may legally borrow, shall be conclusive evidence of the authority of the Board to borrow the money secured by and to issue such debenture.

6. The money secured by every debenture issued under the authority of this Act, and the interest payable thereon shall be a charge on all the revenue of the Board and on all the real and personal property of the Board.

7. The money required for the redemption of debentures issued under the authority of this Act and for the payment of interest thereon shall be contributed and paid to the Board in the same manner and proportions and by the same persons as the amount of the annual estimates is required to be paid to the Board under section 54 of the principal Act.

8. All debentures, when redeemed by the Board, shall be forthwith cancelled by the Board, and shall not be sold or re-issued.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to
TOM BRIDGES, Governor.

this Bill.


Fire Brigades Act Amendment Act.—1923.



South Australia.

Fire Brigades Acts, 1913 and 1923.

The Fire Brigades Board in consideration of the sum of....

.Pounds Section 4.

paid to the Board hereby binds itself to pay to the bearer for the time being of this
debenture the sum of.....
....Pounds, and to the bearer or bearers for
the time being of the coupons annexed hereto interest upon the said sum at the
rate of....
per centum per annum, such interest to be payable on the of.....
.... and the... ..
in every year, and the principal to be paid on the.

in the year... . of.

.day of..

The revenue of the Board and all the real and personal property of the Board shall be a security to the bearer for the time being of this debenture until the said - principal sum be satisfied, and to the bearer or bearers for the time being of the coupons annexed hereto until the interest upon the said principal as represented by such coupons by him or them held shall be satisfied.

This debenture is issued subject to the provisions of the Fire Brigades Acts, 1913 and 1923.

Given under the seal of the Fire Brigades Board this....

The seal of the Fire Brigades Board was

hereunto affixed on the date hereof in

the presence of— of......





NOTE.-Interest and principal payable at the office of the Board in Adelaide, or at such bank or other place as may be appointed by notice to be given by the Board in the South Australian Government Gazette.

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Adelaide: By authority, R. E. E. ROGERS, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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