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Power of Minister to release immigrants from compliance with Act.

Immigration Act.—1923. (2) Any moneys so forfeited may be paid or credited to the Immigrants' Sickness and Accident Fund and used for the general purposes of such fund or may be applied by the Minister in the payment of bonuses to such of the immigrants mentioned in the section 5 as, having regard to their behaviour and attention to duty, are, in his opinion, deserving of reward, or in such a manner as the Minister considers suitable for carrying out the objects of this Act.

18. (1) The Minister may by writing under his hand, if he thinks fit, release any immigrant who has completed his or her term of apprenticeship under this Act from any further obligation to comply with the provisions of this Act, notwithstanding that such immigrant being a boy, has not attained the age of twenty-one years, or being a girl, twenty years.

(2) Upon any immigrant being so released all moneys held on account of such immigrant in the name of the Minister, or otherwise due to such immigrant, shall, if such immigrant so requires, forth with be paid to such immigrant.

19. In all proceedings in respect of offences against this Act the onus of showing that any immigrant described in any information as an immigrant bound or placed out under this Act, is not an immigrant so bound or placed out, shall be upon the defendant.

Assistance to Immigrants after Apprenticeship. 20. (1) A Board is hereby constituted for the purposes of this Act, called the “Immigrants' Assistance Board."

(2) The Board shall consist of the Director of Immigration, the Secretary for Lands, and one other person having knowledge and experience of agricultural pursuits, who shall be appointed by the Governor.

(3) The Board shall deal with all applications for advances under this Act, and shall have such other powers, duties, functions, and authorities in connection with boy immigrants and persons who have completed terms of apprenticeship as boy immigrants, as prescribed.


Assistance Board.

Application for loans.

21. Any person who----
(a) as a boy immigrant has completed a term of apprenticeship

in farming or any other prescribed pursuit under section

5 of this Act to the satisfaction of the Minister; (b) is, in the opinion of the Board, having regard to his age,


and his aptitude for and knowledge and experience of agricultural or other prescribed pursuits, a suitable person to

whom an advance under this Act might be made ; (c) satisfies the Board that he is engaged or is about to engage

in agricultural or other prescribed pursuits in the

capacity of principal; and
(d) complies with any other prescribed requirements,


Immigration Act.-1923.

may apply to the Board for an advance under this Act, for the

purpose of purchasing implements, stock, seeds, plants, trees, and such other things as may be deemed necessary for the successful occupation, cultivation, and working of land.

22. Such application shall be in the prescribed form, and shall Application how contain all such particulars as are prescribed, or are required by the Board.


23. (1) If the Board approves such application, it may make an Advances.
advance to the applicant for all or any of the purposes mentioned
in section 21 of this Act. Such advance may be of any sum not
exceeding Three Hundred Pounds.

(2) Every such advance shall bear interest at such rate as the Minister determines, and shall be repayable at the prescribed times and in instalments of the prescribed amount, and shall be secured by a bill of sale or such other security as the Minister approves over the goods and chattels purchased out of the moneys advanced or over any crops owned or to be owned by the person to whom the advance is made: Provided that the Minister may, on the recommendation of the Board, dispense either wholly or in part with payment of interest under this section.


24. (1) Any person who has completed a term of apprenticeship Immigrants may under this Act as a boy immigrant may, with the consent of his deposit waxes after employer, arrange with the Minister that all or any portion of the apprenticeship. wages to become due to such person after the completion of such term of apprenticeship may be paid to the Minister by the employer to be held in the name of the Minister on account of such person ; and every payment so made shall be deemed to be a payment to such person.

(2) Any such person may deposit with the Minister any sums of money to be held in the name of the Minister on account of such person.

(3) All moneys paid to or deposited with the Minister under this section shall bear interest at such rate as is determined by the Minister from time to time, and shall be repayable at such times and in such manner as may be mutually agreed upon.


25. (1) In addition to any power by any other section of this Act Regulations. conferred on the Governor to make regulations (which power shall

every case be implied for the purpose of any section in which the word “prescribed " is used) the Governor may make regulations -(:1) prescribing the duties, powers, authorities, and privileges

of any person employed in the administration of this Act
(b) regulating the punishment of immigrants bound or placed

out under this Act, and other immigrants mentioned in
section 5, and for enforcing discipline on their part ;

(c) prescribing

Immigration Act.-1923.

(c) prescribing the forms and contents of agreements, authori

ties, notices, orders, and other instruments and documents under or for purposes of this Act, and the mode

of executing, serving, or delivering the same ; (d) for the regulation and management of, and maintenance of

discipline in institutions appointed under section 6; (e) prescribing the manner of investing and administering the

Immigrants' Sickness and Accident Fund constituted by this Act, and all matters necessary or convenient to

be prescribed in connection with such fund; (f) prescribing the powers, duties, functions, and authorities

of the Immigrants' Assistance Board constituted by this


(9) providing for the appointment of a Chairman and an

Acting Chairman of the Immigrants' Assistance Board, and regulating the meetings, proceedings, and conduct

of the business of the said Board ; h) prescribing the forms of applications for advances under

this Act, the rates of interest on such advances and the amount of the instalments by which such advance is

to be repaid ; (i) prescribing the requirements to be complied with by persons

applying for advances under this Act; and (1) prescribing the manner in which complaints made to the

Minister by any immigrant may be dealt with and providing for the establishment of a Committee or Com

mittees to deal with such complaints. (2) Any such regulation may fix penalties not exceeding in any case the sum of Ten Pounds for breach of the same or any other regulation.


Proceedings to be disposed of summarily.

26. All proceedings in respect of any offence against this Act shall be disposed of summarily.

27. The moneys required for purposes of this Act shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament for such purposes.

Financial provisions.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to

I this Bill.

TOM BRIDGES, Governor.


Immigration Act.—1923.


I, ..

... do hereby declare that I am desirous of coming under the provisions of the Immigration Act, 1923, of the State of South Australia. It has been explained to me that when I am in the State I shall, until I attain the age of twenty-one years, be under the control of the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration of that State, who will have power to apprentice me or otherwise bind me for service under the provisions of the above-mentioned Act, and that the other provisions of that Act and the Regulations made thereunder will also apply to me. The following particulars are true and correct :

My name is
My address is

My age is
Dated the...
... day of.....

19.... Signature...

Adelaide: By authority, R. E. E. ROGERS, Government Printer, North Terrace.


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