Proceedings - Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, 22. köide

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Page 101 - Besides, the childhood of the day has kept, Against you come, some orient pearls unwept; Come and receive them while the light Hangs on the dew-locks of the night, And Titan on the eastern hill Retires himself, or else stands still Till you come forth. Wash, dress, be brief in praying: Few beads are best when once we go a-Maying.
Page 40 - They loosed their curse against the king; They cursed him in his flesh and bones; And daily in their mystic ring They turn'd the maledictive stones, Till, where at meat the monarch sate, Amid the revel and the wine, He choked upon the food he ate, At Sletty, southward of the Boyne.
Page 101 - As if here were those cooler shades of love. Can such delights be in the street, And open fields, and we not...
Page 105 - ... and then fall they to banquetting and feasting, to leaping and dauncing about it, as the heathen people did at the dedication of their idolls. I have heard it crediblie reported, by men of great gravity, credite, and reputation, that of fourtie, threescore, or an hundred maides going to the wood, there have scarcely the third part of them returned home againe as they went.
Page 24 - VENOMOUS snakes arc found almost all over the temperate and tropical regions of the world, with the exception of New Zealand and Oceanic Islands.
Page 105 - ... all indifferently : and either going all together, or dividing themselves into companies, they go, some to the woods and groves, some to the hills and mountains, some to one place, some to another, where they spend all the night in pastimes; and in the morning they return, bringing with them birch boughs and branches of trees to deck their assemblies withal.
Page 142 - On August 1, 1521, John Baker, prior of Launceston, and the convent, conveyed the fee of Le Polholme gardyn lying between the chapel of S. Mary Magdalen on the west part, and the town wall and the road lending...
Page v - To promote and encourage an interest in the study of the physical sciences generally and archaeology, especially the natural history of the county of Dorset and its antiquities, prehistoric records, and ethnology. Its influence is used to prevent, as far as possible, the extirpation of rare plants and animals, and to promote the preservation of the antiquities of the county.
Page 112 - God to shewe hys jugement on them; and God sent to them a shamefull token ; for the chyldren that were born after in the place, had tayles, as it is sayd, tyll they had repented them. It is said comynly that this fyll at Strode in Kente ; but blyssed be Gode, at thys daye is no such deformyte...
Page vii - ... given to the Editor to that effect. 20. — Societies and Libraries in England or elsewhere, may be affiliated to the Society, on payment of an Annual Fee of 12/6 in return for which they shall receive the Annual Volume of the Proceedings. New Rules. 21. — No alteration in, addition to, or repeal of these Rules shall be made, except with the consent of a majority of three-fourths of the members present aL the Annual General Meeting. Notice of the proposed addition, alteration, or repeal shall...

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