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“ periods? and when those principles and powers, 66 which at first cemented and put them toge" ther, have performed their several Revolu“ tions, they fall tack.”—

" Where is Troy, and Nycenæ, and Thebes, and Delos, and Persepolis, and Agrigentum ? " What is become of Nineveh and Babylon, of " Cyzicum, and Mitylene? The fairest towns " that ever the sun rose upon, are now no more: “ the names only are left, and those [for many 66 of them are wrong spelt] are falling them6 selves by piece-meals to decay, and in length “ of time will be forgotten, and involved with

every thing in a perpetual night : the world 16 itself-must must come to an end.

“ Returning out of Asia, when I failed from “ Ægina towards Megara, I began to view the “ country round about, £gina was behind me, Negara was before, Pyræus on the right hand, 4 Corinth on the left.-What flourishing

towns now proftrate upon the earth! Alas ! “ alas ! said I to myself, that man should disturb 66 his soul for the loss of a child, when so much as this lies awfully buried in his presence.

« Remember, “ Remember, said I to myself again-remem16 ber thou art a man.”.

“ My son is dead !—so much the better ;“ 'tis a shame in such a tempest to have but one 16 anchor."

“ But he is gone for ever from us !-be it so. “ He is got from under the hands of his bar" ber before he was bald-he is but risen from

a feast before he was surfeited from a banquet before he had got drunken.”

" The Thracians wept when a child was « born—and feasted and made merry when a

man went out of the world; and with reason. “ Death opens the gate of fame, and shuts the

gate of envy after it,-it unlooses the chain “ of the captive, and puts the bondsman's talk " into another man's hands."

“ Shew me the man, who knows what life is, 16 who dreads it, and I'll shew thee a prisoner “ who dreads his liberty.”

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Just Published for the Improvement of Youth of

both Sexes, in two Parts, the fourth Edition, with the Head of the Author, Price 4s. 6d. Gewed.

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And arranged in Alphabetical Order, after the

Manner of the Duke de la Roche-Foucault's

“ We frequently fall into error and folly, not because

“ the true principles of action are not known, but " because for a time they are not rem red : he

may therefore be justly numbered among the bene“ factors of mankind, who CONTRACTS THE GREAT

RULES OF LIFE INTO SHORT SENTENCES, that may « be easily impressed on the memory, and taught by frequent recollection to recur habitually to the mind.”


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