Arbitrations: a Text-book for Surveyors: In Tabulated Form. Rev. in Accordance with the New Arbitration Act, and Giving Such Act in Full

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B.T. Batsford, 1893 - 119 pages

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Page 44 - If the appointment is not made within seven clear days after the service of the notice, the Court or a Judge may, on application by the party who gave the notice, appoint an arbitrator, umpire, or third arbitrator, who shall have the like powers to act in the reference and make an award as if he had been appointed by consent of all parties.
Page 104 - Court against any other party to the submission, or any person claiming through or under him, in respect of any matter agreed to be referred, any party to such, legil proceedings may at any time after appearance, and before delivering any pleadings or taking any other steps in the proceedings...
Page 17 - If, on such a reference, one party fails to appoint an arbitrator, either originally or by way of substitution as aforesaid, for seven clear days after the other party, having appointed his arbitrator, has served the party making default with notice to make the appointment, the party who has appointed an arbitrator may appoint that arbitrator to act as sole arbitrator in the reference, and his award shall be binding on both parties as if he had been appointed by consent : Provided that the Court...
Page 105 - If an appointed arbitrator refuses to act, or is incapable of acting, or dies, and the submission does not show that it was intended that the vacancy should not be supplied...
Page 68 - All the costs of any such arbitration and incident thereto, to be settled by the arbitrators, shall be borne by the promoters of the undertaking, unless the arbitrators shall award the same or a less sum than shall have been offered by the promoters of the undertaking, in which case each party shall bear his own costs incident to the arbitration, and the costs of the arbitrators shall be borne by the parties in equal proportions.
Page 79 - Pounds of good and lawful Money of Great Britain...
Page 12 - If the reference is to two arbitrators, the two arbitrators may appoint an umpire at any time within the period during which they have power to make an award.
Page 18 - Referee or arbitrator shall be deemed to be an officer of the Court, and shall have such authority, and shall conduct the reference in such manner, as may be prescribed by rules of court, and subject thereto as the Court or a Judge may direct.
Page 8 - If the cause or matter requires any prolonged examination of documents or any scientific or local investigation which cannot in the opinion of the Court or a judge conveniently be made before a jury...
Page 107 - L writ to produce any document which he could not be compelled to produce on the trial of an action.

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