The London Quarterly Review, 91. köide

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Theodore Foster, 1852

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Page 296 - I do hereby disclaim, disavow, and solemnly abjure any intention to subvert the present Church Establishment as settled by law within this realm ; and I do solemnly swear, that I never will exercise any privilege to which I am or may become entitled, to disturb or weaken the Protestant religion or Protestant government in the United Kingdom...
Page 236 - Church, do declare, enact, and ordain, that it shall be an instruction to presbyteries, that if, at the moderating in a call to a vacant pastoral charge, the major part of the male heads of families, members of the vacant congregation, and in full communion with the Church, shall disapprove of the person in whose favour the call is proposed to be moderated in, such disapproval shall be deemed sufficient ground for the presbytery rejecting such person, and that he shall be rejected accordingly...
Page 119 - The spirit it is impossible not to admire ; but the old Parisian ferocity has broken out in a shocking manner. It is true, that this may be no more than a sudden explosion ; if so, no indication can be taken from it ; but if it should be character, rather than accident, then that people are not fit for liberty — and must have a strong hand, like that of their former masters, to coerce them.
Page 242 - ... Legislature of the country; and more especially, in respect that there has been an infringement on the liberties of our Constitution, so that we could not now constitute this Court without a violation of the terms of the union between Church and State in this land, as now authoritatively declared, I must protest against our proceeding further. The reasons that have led me to come to this conclusion, are fully set forth in the document which I hold in my hand, and which, with permission of the...
Page 236 - Presbytery rejecting such person, and that he shall be rejected accordingly, and due notice thereof forthwith given to all concerned ; but that if the major part of the said heads of families shall not disapprove of such person to be their pastor, the Presbytery shall proceed with the settlement according to the rules of the Church ; — and further declare that no person shall be held to be entitled to disapprove, as aforesaid, who shall refuse, if required, solemnly to declare, in presence of the...
Page 224 - Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables. Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.
Page 232 - ... so I thought in my ignorance and pride. I have now no reserve in saying that the sentiment was wrong, and that, in the utterance of it, I penned what was most outrageously wrong. Strangely blinded that I was ! What, sir, is the object of mathematical science ? Magnitude and the proportions of magnitude. But then, sir, I had forgotten two magnitudes — I thought not of the littleness of time — I recklessly thought not of the greatness of eternity ! " " For a moment or two after the last words...
Page 108 - Chancellor ; and remarks that -'•'When Lord Clarendon's design of making this collection was known, every body who had any of the portraits, or could purchase them at any price, strove to make their court by presenting them. By this means he got many excellent pieces of Vandyke, and other originals by Lely and other the best of our modern masters.
Page 236 - Church, that no pastor shall be intruded on any congregation contrary to the will of the people ; and, in order that this principle may be carried into full effect, the General Assembly, with the consent of a majority of the Presbyteries of this Church, do declare, enact, and ordain, That it shall be an instruction to Presbyteries, that if, at the moderating in a call to a vacant pastoral charge, the major part of...
Page 241 - Cavendish, on the sixth, moved that the house should resolve itself into a committee to consider of that revisal.

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