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Third Report of a Committee consisting of Prof A S HERscHEL B A
Report of a Committee consisting of the Right Hon J G Hubbard
Report of the Committee consisting of Professor CLERK MAxwell Pro
Professor J CLERR MAxwell on the Protection of Buildings from Lightning
Report of the Committee consisting of the Rev H F BARNEs H
On the Investigation of the Steering Qualities of Ships By Professor
Seventh Report on Earthquakes in Scotland drawn up by Dr BRycE
Dr JAMEs BRYer on the Granite of StrathErrick Lough Ness
Second Report of the Committee for investigating the Circulation of
Fourth Report of the Committee consisting of Professor HARKNEss Prof
Report on Observations of Luminous Meteors during the year 187576
Mr G S Boulgen on the Evolution of Sex in the Vegetable Kingdom
Mr BERTRAM F HARTSHORNE on the Rodiyas of Ceylon
Report on the Rainfall of the British Isles for the years 187576
Ninth Report of the Committee consisting of Professor EveRETT Sir
Nitrous Oxide in the Gaseous and Liquid States By W J JANSSEN
º HoPE W C F J BRAMwFL L C E F R S and J Wolfe BARRY C E 22
mproved Investigations on the Flow of Water through Orifices with
Report of the Anthropometric Committee consisting of Dr BEDDoE Lord
First Report of the Committee consisting of Dr Joule Prof Sir
Third Report of the Committee consisting of Dr BRUNTON F R S
Report of the Committee consisting of A WERNoN HARcourt Professor
VALENTINo CERRUTI sur les Mouvements apériodiques des Systèmes
Professor GIUSEPPE JUNG on the Inverse Problems of Moments of Inertia

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Page xvii - cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another and with foreign philosophers,—to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress. EULES. Admission of Members and Associates. All persons who
Page xvii - attended the first Meeting shall be entitled to become Members of the Association, upon subscribing an obligation to conform to its Rules. The Fellows and Members of Chartered Literary and Philosophical Societies publishing Transactions, in the British Empire, shall be entitled, in
Page i - Second Report upon the Action of Air and Water, whether fresh or salt, clear or foul, and at various temperatures, upon Cast Iron, Wrought Iron and Steel ;—RW Fox, Report on some Observations on Subterranean Temperature ;—AF Osier, Report on the Observations recorded during the years
Page vi - Prof. Powell, Third Report on the present State of our Knowledge of Radiant Heat ;—Colonel Sabine, on some of the results obtained at the British Colonial Magnetic Observatories;— Colonel Portlock, Report of the Committee on Earthquakes, with their proceedings respecting Seismometers;—Dr. Gladstone, on the influence of the Solar Radiations on the Vital
Page 111 - caves) show no marks of degradation. The former does not present so low a type as that of most existing savages, but is (to use the words of Prof. Huxley) "a fair average human skull, which might have belonged to a philosopher, or might have contained the thoughtless brains of a savage." The latter are still more remarkable, being unusually large and well formed.
Page xviii - of the Association for the year of their admission and for the years in which they continue to pay without intermission their Annual Subscription. By omitting to pay this Subscription in any particular year, Members of this class (Annual Subscribers) lose for that and all future years the privilege of receiving the volumes of the Association
Page xx - each Author should prepare an Abstract of hie Memoir, of a length suitable for insertion in the published Transactions of the Association, and that he should send it, together with the original Memoir, by book-post, on or before addressed thus—" General Secretaries, British Association, 22
Page vii - John P. Hodges, MD, on Flax; — Major-General Sabine, Report of the Committee on the Magnetic Survey of Great Britain; — Rev. Baden Powell, Report on Observations of Luminous Meteors, 1856-57 ; — C. Vignoles, CE, on the Adaptation of Suspension Bridges to sustain the passage of Railway Trains; — Professor WA Miller, MD,on Electro-Chemistry ; — John Simpson, RN, Results of
Page xv - to prepare and print Tables of Wave-numbers ;—Report of the Committee for testing the new Pyrometer of Mr. Siemens ;—Report to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty on Experiments for the Determination of the Frictional Resistance of Water on a Surface &c. ;—Second Report for the Selection and Nomenclature of Dynamical and
Page iv - Dove on his recently constructed Maps of the Monthly Isothermal Lines of the Globe, and on some of the principal Conclusions in regard to Climatology deducible from them ; with an introductory Notice by Lt.-Col. E. Sabine;—Dr. Daubeny, on the progress of the

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