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Arms and the Instincts. . Arthur Bullard 167

Behind the Scenes in Red Petrograd.

Part II... .Sir Paul Dukes 51

Beyond the Laboratory

Ellwood Hendrick 666
Castles in Spain. . Vernon Howe Bailey 753

Drawings in Tint
Command. A Novel. Part I

William McFee 689
Illustrations by Harvey Dunn
Deep Port of Normandy, The

Herbert Adams Gibbons 461
Illustrations in Color and Tint by W.J.


Drifting Leaves... Kenneth L. Roberts 364

Editor's Drawer.. 129, 265, 401,537,685,819


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"Rituals," by Edwin H. Blanchard.... 123 Romance. A Story
"Sans-Culottism,” by Charles T. White 391

Laura Spencer Portor 104
"University Tongue, The," by Altha

Russia of To-morrow, The
Leah Bass...


Nicholas D. Avksentiev 611
"Up a Tree,” by Stanley Alden. 530
“Vicarious Experience,” by David Sea-


Charles Nordhoff. 545



Illustrations by Frank E. Schoonover

“Wonders of Success,” by F. M. Colby.. 119

Science and Religion

Charles P. Steinmetz 296
Man Who Knew Too Much, The. A Smoking Car, The
Story....... Gilbert K. Chesterton 783

Katharine Fullerton Gerould 315
VII.—The Temple of Silence

Some Impressions of Portugal
Drawings by W. Hatherell, R. I.

Arnold Bennett 201
Many Intentions. A Story

Illustrations in Tint by Vernon Howe

Alexander Porterfield 152


Illustrations by Wallace Morgan

Superman, The. A Story..James Boyd 423

Marriage in Kairwan, The. A Story

Illustration by R. L. Lambdin

Wilbur Daniel Steele 16 "Talk.” A Story.. Francis R. Bellamy 35

Mastery of Men... ...W. L. George 657

Illustrations by Hanson Booth

Memories and My Mother. Part I

Teacher and the Taught, The

Harrison Rhodes 746

Grace Irwin 490

Mockbeggar, The. A Story

Three Per Cent....... Viola I. Paradise 505

Sheila Kaye-Smith 331 Top Dog. A Story..V. H. Friedlaender 442

More New Facts in Psychical Research

Illustrations by T. K. Hanna

J. D. Beresford 475

True Nelson Touch, The. A Story

Mother-Wings. A Story

Alexander Porterfield 64

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 90 Illustrations in Tint by George Wright

Illustrations by R. McNeil Crampton

Unpublished Chapters from the Autobi-

My Boyhood. Parts I, II, and III

ography of Mark Twain. Parts I

John Burroughs, 137, 341, 515

and II.

.273, 455

My Discovery of England

What Patricia Heard from Tokio. Parts
Stephen Leacock 560 I, II, and III.. Frances Little, 1, 175, 373
Oldest Case on the Calendar, The

Illustrated with Photographs
Meredith Nicholson 27 Wise Men from the East and Wise Men

Oxford As I See It... Stephen Leacock 738

from the West

Psychology of Labor, The

Abraham Mitrie Rihbany 79

Edward L. Thorndike 799 With Dickens in America. Part I
Realities. A Story

M. A. de Wolfe Howe 708
Fleta Campbell Springer 187 Illustrated with Photographs

Reward of Virtue, The. A Story

Working with the Working Woman

Mary S. Watts 723

Cornelia Stratton Parker 109

Illustrations by Frances Rogers

VI.-Pantry Girl in a New York Hotel


April and I..

. Virginia Watson 646

Asked of My Age

Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer 174

Aunt Selina..

Carol Haynes 482

Before My Heart Was Broken

Margaret Widdemer 432

Enigma.. Charles Hanson Towne 441

Excavation at Pecos..... Alice Corbin 737
Feuille-Morte... Edith M. Thomas 707

David Seabury 422

Group of Poems, A.... W. H. Davies 488


.Louise Driscoll 454

In April.

Charles Hanson Towne 584
Magic Flower, The

Richard Le Gallienne 498
Mountain Dawn

Maxwell Struthers Burt 340


...David Morton 806

New Anthology, A

Anne Goodwin Winslow 226

Not By the Sea. . Sara Teasdale 50
Old Selves... Mary Brent Whiteside 200

Margaret Widdemer 78
On the Train.

Carol Haynes 244

Philosophers, The. Robert Graves 722

Poor Harlequin. ....Seabury Lawrence 656

Remembrance.. Violet Alleyn Storey 474

Show Me the Gates of the Morning

Laura Spencer Portor 672

Specialist, The. . Martha Haskell Clark 103
Thoughts About Stars

Grace Fallow Norton 295

.Louise Morgan Sill 233

To a Little Ship..... Barbara Hollis 460

Voyagers......Ruth Comfort Mitchell 252

Washington Monument by Night

Carl Sandburg 568

White Thought, The... Clinton Scollard 151

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