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Palmer's Company Procedents,
Eleventh Edition, 231
Paterson's Practical Statutes of 1911, 13
Paul on Child Protection, 592
Pitman's Commercial Encyclopædia
Dictionary of Business, Vol. 2, 309
Pollock on Torts, Ninth Edition, 101
Pringle on the National Insurance Act 1911.


Swan on Vendor and Purchaser, 84

and Syed Ameer Ali on the Legal Position of
Women in Islam, 209

Quarterly Noter-up for 1912, Part 2, 309
Randall's Leading Case, in Equity. 154
Rimmer on Arbitration Clause in Engineering
and Building Contracts, 424
Riviere on Receivers and Managers, 405
Salmond on Torts, Third Edition, 514

Salmond's Summary of the Law of Torts, 332

Scott on the Constitution and Finance of

English, Scottish, and Irish Joint Stock Com
panies to 1720, Vol. 1, 592
Shearwood's Bar Examination Questions and
Slater's Should I go to the Bar? 569
Answers for Easter Term 1912, 104

Smith on the National Insurance Act 1911,
Second Edition, 231
Spicer and Pegler on Practical Book keeping
and Commercial Knowledge, 424
Stephenson on Mortgages, Second Edition, 592
Stiebel on Company Law and Precedents, 207

Thatcher on Licensing, 568
Tubbs' Expenses Book, 309

Tudsbery on Equitable Assignments, 84
Underhill on Trusts and Trustees, Seventh
Edition, 231

Valon on Rating of Gas and Water Under-
takings, 383

Vincent's Police Code and General Manual of
the Criminal Law, Fifteenth Edition, 13
Warren's History of the American Bar, 13
Westlake on Private International Law, Fifth
White on Company Transfer Works, 514
Edition, 203
White and Tudor's Leading Cases in Equity,
Vol. 2, Eighth Edition, 568
Williamson on the French Law Relating to
Bills of Exchange, &c., 514
Willis on Negotiable Securities, Third Edition,

Worsfold on Repairs and Dilapidations, 514
Wright's Court-Hand Restored, Tenth Edition,


Yearly Supreme Court Practice 1913, 592


Barristers' Benevolent Association, 92 (Annual Law Society:

Berks, Bucks, and Oxfordshire, 70
Bristol, 547, 581

Chester and North Wales Law Clerks' Society,

General Council of the Bar: Judicial strength
of the King's Bench Division, 164
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, 295
Hampshire, 296

Incorporated Justices' Clerks' Society, 137
(Annual meeting)

Inns of Court Mission, 46 (Annual meeting)
International Law Association, 25

Manchester, 339

Announcement of annual general meeting, Medico-Legal Society, 93 (Workmen's Compen

Annual general meeting, 264

Annual report of the Council, 188, 217
Attendances on Council and committees, 164
Course of procedure at provincial meeting,


General meeting, 20

Land transfer, 243

Notice of annual meeting, 187
Notice of provincial meeting, 188
Programme of arrangements for provincial
meeting, 414

Provincial meeting, 480, 523. 543, 530
Legal education in Wales, 192

Law Association, 46, 167 (Annual general court) Legal Musical Society, 25, 579

sation Act), 193 (Legislation and patent medi-
cines), 219 (Annual dinner), 604 (President's

Society of Public Teachers of Law, 267

Solicitors' Benevolent Association, 46, 166
(Anniversary festival), 267, 505 (Annual meet-
ing), 547

Solicitors' Managing Clerks' Association, 547,
603 (Reform of election law)

United Law Clerks' Society, 164 (Anniversary
| festival), 164

United Law Society, 25, 46, 70, 547, 579. 605
Wales, Joint Board of Legal Education for, 192
Yorkshire Board of Legal Studies, 356

Calls to the Bar, 25, 193

Cambridge University, 195 (Law tripos, results)

Council of Legal Education:

Hilary Examination, rules, 372
Michaelmas Examination, rules, 244
Prospectus of lectures during Michaelmas
Educational Term, 446

Readers and assistant readers, 220
Trinity Examination, results, 138

Discipline of the Bar, 194

Joint Board of Legal Education for Wales, 192,

Law Society:

Final Examination, June, results, 268
Honours Examination, March, results, 25:
June, results. 319

Intermediate Examination, June, results, 263


Law Society:

Lectures and classes for fourth term, 605
Preliminary Examination, May, results, 94:
July, results, 320
Studentships, 1912, 268
Third term, 432

Liverpool Law Clerks' Society, 269

London University, 46 (Codification), 47 (Great
trials of history-the nullity suit of Catherine
of Aragon), 70 (Great trials of history-con-
demnation of Sir Walter Raleigh), 94 (Great
trials of history-trial of Kepler's mother for
witchcraft), 117 (Great trials of history-Les
Grands Jours d'Audergne), 167 (Labour and
international law), 195 (Labour and inter-
national law), 581 (Modern social movements
and comparative law), 605 (Legal systems,
ancient and modern)

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Dependency within the Workmen's Compen: a

tion Act, 30

Equitable mortgages of stocks or shares, 225
Fraud by an agent, 472

Freight payable by lump sum, 419
Income tax on mines, 172

Journalists and the Copyright Act 1911, 150
Law of Distress Amendment Act 1908, E3
Legal education, 301

Legal procedure reforms, 565
Maintenance of sea barriers, 534

Marine insurance, concealment in, 248
Mines, income tax on, 172

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Contracts not to be performed within one year, Motor-cars as effects," 200


Debts, assignment of, 201

Noteworthy decisions of the judicial year, 344,

360, 384, 402, 419, 437

Parliamentary record, 473, 511

Priority of securities and Toulmin v. Steere, 510
Private letters, 324

Sales of land by charities, [64

Sea barriers, maintenance of, 534

Stamp duties on voluntary transfers, 76
Stocks or shares, equitable mortgages of, 205
Through bills of lading, £2

Trustees' duties under the Finance Act 1910,

Unexplained disappearance of seamen during
Voyage, 436

Negligence clauses in contracts of affreight Voluntary transfers, stamp duties on, 76
ment, 300

Wayfarers and straying beasts, 3


[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Diseases of animals, 15

Electoral reform in the past, 211

Employment of children, 259

Franchise and Registration Bill, 211

Gavelkind and Borough English, 234

Government of India, 38

Government of the United Kingdom, 310

Highway legislation, 15

Housing question, 570

India, the government of, 38

Industrial agreements, 335

Journalists and juries, 103
Legal copyhold estates, 234
Marriage settlements, 335
Medical Bill, 597
Mental Deficiency Bill, 5
Movable dwellings, 64

Music and dancing licences, 63
National health insurance, 456
New criminal offences, 311

· Osborne' case and Bill, 108
Pilotage Bill, 182

Development and Road Improvement Funds Political offenders, 107
Act 1909, 424

Progress with business, 366

Public-house improvement, 38

Railway legislation, 476

School teachers, superannuation of, 335

Settled Land Bill, 181, 211

Settled land reforms, 157

Site enfranchisement, 596

Speed limits, 311

Street trading, 441, 476

Superannuation of school teachers, 335

Taxi-drivers, compensation for, 39

Territorials and ballot, 286

Three-mile limit, 390

Tithe Bill, 234

Town tenants, 130

Trades disputes, 390

Trade union amalgamation, 39

Trade Unions (No. 2), 129

Trustees, 157

United Kingdom, the government of, 310
Welsh disestablishment, 16

Archbold's Criminal Pleading, 575
Pie Powder Court of Barnet Fair, 460


Public records, 577

Smith's Leading Cases, 291

Striking figures in the legal history of
England: Lord Lyndhurst, 427

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Abbott r. Sharer, 590

Attorney-General r. Horner, 252
Ayers r. Hansom, 253


Baker (H. T.), a solicitor, Re, 126
Ball v. William Hunt and Sons Limited, 56
Barker Motion Photograph Company Limited
r. Hulton and Co. Limited, 229

Barnard Oil and Gas Company . Farquharson,

Baylis r. Bishop of London, 177
Bock v. Lysons, 308

Benz et Cie. Rheinische Automobile in
Motoren Fabriken Aktiengesellschaft Trade
Mark Application, Re, 9

Birkbeck Permanent Benefit Building Society,

[blocks in formation]


Devonshire, The, 305
Dodgson v. Ashworth, 177

Doleman and Sons v. Ossett Corporation, 279
Duchesne v. Finch and others, 82
Duncan V. Lockerbie and Wilkinson (Bir-
mingham) Limited; Erebus Manufacturing
Company Limited and Beddow and Sturm
ing Limited, Third Parties, 57
Duppa, Re; Fowler r. Duppa, 232
Dyne . Funnell, 331

Earl de la Warr's Settled Estates, Re, 229
East London Railway Joint Committce
Greenwich Union, 83

Edge r. J. Gorton Limited, 329
Edwards v. Toner, 330

Elliott r. Roberts, 81
Ellis r. Seaton and others, 80


Employment of Curates or Assistant Curates in

the Church of England, Re, 331
Employment of Ministers of the United
Methodist Church, Re, 282
Employment of Ministers (under Probation) of
the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Re, 282
Fairclough r. Swan Brewery Company, 79
Fane, Re; Fane v. Fane, 568

Faraker, Re; Faraker r. Durell, 279
Fisher and Sons, Re, 83

Forsyth. Manchester Corporation, 589

Foss, Bilbrough, Plaskitt, and Foss, Solicitors,
Re, 58

Fox v. Central Silkstone Collieries Limited.
Fowler r. Duppa, 232


Fraser r. Fear, 330

Castello r. London General Omuibus Company Fry, Re; Fry v. Fry, 59

Limited, 305

Cave and another r. Horsell, 281
Clinton r. J. Lyons and Co., 103

Clydesdale Bank Limited r. Schroder and Co.,

Coelenbier r. De Sommery, 349

Coker r. Bolton and others, 283

Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association
Limited . Kekewich and others, 34
Funnell, Re; Dyne . Funnell, 331
Galloway r. Schill, Seebohm, and Co. Limited,


Garnant Anthracite Collieries Limited r. Rees,


Genn r. Winkel, 176

Cooper r. Micklefield Coal and Limo Company Goodfellow r. Nelson Line (Liverpool) Limited,

[blocks in formation]

Griffith v. Richard Clay and Sons Limited, 55
Curates or Assistant Curates in the Church of Guardians of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green

England, employment of, Re, 331
Daniels, James, Re; Weeks r. Daniels, 9
Debtor, A. Re: Ex parte The Debtor v. Peti-
tioning Creditors and Official Receiver, 35
Debtor, A, Re; Ex parte Judgment Creditors
r. The Debtor, 205

Debtor, A (No. 21 of 1912). Re, 591
Debtor, A (No. 837 of 1912), Re, 205
Debtor, A (No. 211 of 1912), Re; Er parte The
Debtor, 153

Deeley r. Lloyds Bank, 328

De la Warr's (Earl) Settled Estates, Re, 229
Denham-Cookes (dec). Re; Denham-Cookes v.
Denham-Cookos, 102

Dental Manufacturing Company Limited v..
C de Trey and Co.. 252

De Sommery, Re; Coelenbier v. De Sommery,

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]


Hills, Re; Ex parte Lang, 308
Hoare v. Kingsbury Urban District Council,
Hodgson, Re; Weston v. Hodgson, 590
Houghton v. Pilkington, 207
Howe v. Fernhill Collieries Limited, 306
H. Stevenson and Son Limited . Brownell;
Healy and others, Claimants, 175

H. T. Baker, a Solicitor, Re, 126
Hurst and Middleton Limited, Re, 223
Hyman v. Rose, 56

International Correspondence Schools Limited
v. Ayres, 10

Irwin . Waterloo Taxi-cab Company Limited,

James Daniels, Re; Weeks v. Daniels, 9
Jenner v. McNab, 230

John Haddon and Co. v. R. P. Bannerman and

[blocks in formation]

Krzus v. Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, 204
Ladenburg (W.) and Co. r. Goodwin, Ferreira,
and Co. Limited (in Liquidation), and J. P.
Garnett (the Liquidator), 283

Laing (dec.), Re; Laing r. Morrison, 254
Lawson v. Guardians of Marlborough Union,

Leach, Walter, Re; Leach . Leach, 207

Lee . Stag Line Limited, 329
Le Brasseur v. Bonacina, 8, 228

Lecke r. Mayor, &c., of Portsmouth, 262
Lees v. Lovie, 81

Lingke v. Christchurch Corporation, 261
Lloyds Bank Limited r. Swiss Bankverein;
Union of London and Smiths Bank Limited
. Swiss Bankverein, 254
London County Council v. Jones and Co., 11
Loraine . Loraine, 280

Luby r. Warwickshire Miners' Association, 253
Lysons, Re; Beck v. Lysons, 308
Macdonald v. Wilson and Clyde Coal Company,


McFee, Re; McFee v. Toner, Edwards r.
Toner, 330

Mackenzie . Johnstone, 328

Martin . Great Eastern Railway Company,


Mason (Trustee of Chetwynd, a Bankrupt) r.
Bolton's Library Limited, 126
Matthews r. Matthews, 60

Mayor, &c., of Swansea r. Harpur. 154
Mellor, Re; Dodgson r. Ashworth, 177
Mentors Limited . Evans, 33
Metropolitan Water Board v. Phillips, 252

Meyers r. Heuncil, 57

Rex r. Templer; Ex parte Howarth, 34

Ministers of the United Methodist Church, Rix, Re; Rix v. Rix, 58
employment of, Re, 282

Ministers (under Probation) of the Wesleyan
Methodist Church, employment of, Re, 282
Minturn . Barry, 80

Mitchell . Owners of Steamship Saxon, 280
Morris v. Godfrey, 11

Munzer v. Munzer and Swain, 332
National Insurance Act 1911. Re, 331
Newen, Re: Smiles r. Carruthers, 589
New Haw Estate, Re, 56
Noel v. Sandbrook, 254
Nore v. Meyer, 154

Okins . Morrison, 9

Orphan Working School and Alexandra
Orphanage and the State of San Paulo
(Brazil) Pure Coffee Company Limited, Re.
and Re Vendor and Purchaser Act 1874, 56
Parker . Hambrook, 230

Payne v. N. Fortescue and Sens Limited, 305
Pears . Pears. 154, 328

Pickersgill (William) and Sons Limited r.
London and Provincial General Insurare
Company Limited; Same v. Occan Marine
Insurance Company Limited, 3:2

Pink, Re; Pink . Pink, 251

Plant v. Collins; Deeley, Claimant, 81

Poole v. Robert Stephenson and Co. Limited,

Porter, Amphlett, and Jones. Solicitors. Re, 53
Poultney, Re; Poultney v. Poultney, 176
Premier Rinks Limited . Amalgamated Cine-
matograph Theatres Limited, 80

Preston r. Redfern, 59

Robert Stephenson and Co Limited, Re; Pcole
r. The Company, 205

Rosin v. Joseph Rank Limited, 81
Rowell r. John Rowell and Son Limited, 252
Russell r. Cubitt, 34

Russell's Trust, Re; Public Trustco r. Camp
bell, 230

Ryder r. Bond, 176

St. Matthew (Bethnal Green) Guardians ľ.
Guardians of Paddington, 32

Salmen, Re: Salmen r. Bernstein, 206
Samson. Aitchison, 305

Sandbrook (dec.), Re: Noel r. Sandbroek, 251
Sanders r. Haslem, 205

Sassoon and Co. v. Western Assurance Com-
pany, 79

Saunders r. Bevan, 251
Scott r. Scott, 252

Scottish Shire Line and cthers r. Londen and
Provincial Marine and General Insurance
Company Limited, 59

Searle, Re; Ryder r. Bond. 176

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Taff Vale Railway Company . Jenkins, 589
Taunton and West of England Perpetual
Benefit Building Society and Roberts Con-
tract, Re, 253
Tayler . Tayler, 127

Taylor v. Denny, Mott, and Dickson Limited,

Teale, H. G., Re; Ex parte H. G. Blackburn,
Trustee v. Union of London and Smiths
Bank Limited. 35

Thomas, Re; Sutton, Carden, and Co. Limited
v. Thomas, 153

Thompson . Dibdin and others, 201
Tottenham Urban District Counc:1 v. Rowley,
57, 281

Trevor-Batye's Settlement, Re; Bull v. Trevor-
Batye, 177

Union of London and Smiths Bank Limited
v. Swiss Bankverein, 254
Upton v. Henderson, 9

Uttley, Re; Russell v. Cubitt, 34
Virginia Carolina Chemical Company v. Nor-
folk and North American Steam Shipping
Company Limited, 255

Seaton, Joseph (dec.), Re; Ellis v. Scaton and Wakefield Rural District Council v. Hall, 349
others, 80

Sharer, Re; Abbott r. Sharer, 590

Walford . Walford, 201

Walter Leach, Re; Leach r. Leach, 207

Sir A. L. Jones, Re; Williams v. Attorney Walton v. South Kirkby, Featherstone, and
General, 33

Slack v. Hancock, 101

Smeed, Dean, and Co. Limited v.
London Authority, 82
Smiles v. Carruthers, 589

Smith v. Waller, £90

Hemsworth Colliery Limited, 307
Wareham, Re; Wareham v. Brewin, 176
Port of Watkins . Naval Collicry Company, 305

Smith's Dock Company Limited v. John Road-
head and Sons Limited, 10

Prigoshen, Re: Ex parte Official Receiver, 12 Smith-Bosanquet's Settled Estates, Re; Re
Printz v. Sewell, 11

Public Trustee v. Campbell, 230
Reeve . Hawkes and others, 102

Reliance Marine Insurance Company Limited
r. Duder, 79

Rex r. Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte
Mehamed Ben Romdan, 283

Rex r. Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte
Sjoland and Metzler, 590
Rex r. Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte
Stallmann, 331

Rex Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte
Wells; Rex v. Governor of Holloway Prison;
Ex parte Burns, 10

Rex v. Justices of Salford Hundred; Ex parte
Justices of Bolton, 103

Rex v. Licensing Justices of Birmingham, 591
Rex . Registrar of Companies; Ex parte Paul
and others, 102
Rex v. Spokes, 60

Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890, 35
Societa Anonima Ungherese di Armamenti
Marittimo 2. Hamburg South American
Steamship Company, 83

Société Anonyme le Ferment Trade Mark
Applications, Re, 205

Solomon, Re; Nore r. Meyer, 154
Squire r. Hammond, 230
Stait . Fenner, 229

Stapleton . Dinnington Main Coal Company
Limited, 280

Stephenson (Robert) and Co. Limited, Re;
Poole v. The Company, 205
Stevenson (H.) and Son Limited . Brownell;
Healy and others, Claimants, 175
Struve's Trusts, Re, 57

Sutton (dec.), Re; Sutton v. Sutton, 200
Sutton, Carden, and Co. Limited v. Thomas,
Swansea, Mayor, &c., of v. Harpur, 154


Watson, Re, 284

Watson v. Hall, 177
Weeks . Daniels, 9
Weston v. Hodgson, 590

Wheeler, Ridley, and Co. v. Dawson, 307
White v. Williams, 228
White v. Wiseman, 307
Will. United Lankat Plantation Company
Limited, 223

William Pickersgill and Sons Limited ?'.
London and Provincial General Insurance
Company Limited; Same v. Ocean Marino
Insurance Company Limited, 332
William Young (dec.), Re; Brown v. Hodgson
and others, 282

Williams . Attorney-General, 33
Williams . Friend, 11
Wilson . Church, 282

Wise, Re; Smith v. Waller. 590

W. Ladenburg and Co. r. Goodwin, Ferreira,
and Co. Limited (in Liquidation) and J. P.
Garnett (the Liquidator), 283

Woltereck v. Woltereck and Walters, 255
Yeatman . L. Homberger and Co., 176
Young, William (dez.), Re; Brown v. Hodgson
and others, 232

Administration-Debts-Advances by testator-
Bankruptcy of debtor-Appointment of
debtor as executor Legacy settled on
debtor's wife and family-Entries in testator's
ledger cancelling debts-Declarations in will
--Payment postponed-Provisional release.
(Re Pink; Pink v. Pink), 251

Executor of executor Liability of cne
estate to account to other-Right of retainer
-Creditor's application to compel exercise of
right. (Re Funnell; Dyne r. Funnell), 331
Affiliation--Bastardy summons by married
woman-Bastardy Laws Amendment Act 1872
(35 & 36 Vict. c. 65), ss. 3, 4-Alteration of
summons-Re-service equivalent to issue of
fresh summons. (Healy r. Wright), 80
Ancient lights - Obstruction-Site

[blocks in formation]

Debt due from him to sole creditors of testa-
tor's estate-Order for payment into court of
moneys in his hands-Non-compliance-
Possession or control-Fiduciary capacity-
Termination of, on recovery of personal judg
ment by creditors-Debtors Act 1869 (32 & 33
Vict. c. 62), s. 4. (Re Thomas; Sutton
Carden, and Co. Limited . Thomas), 153
Banker-Loans-Bearer bonds deposited
security-Release of bonds in exchange for
cheque-Effect of-Custom. (Lloyds Bank
Limited v. Swiss Bankverein; Union of
London and Smiths Bank Limited v. Swiss
Bankverein), 254
Bankruptcy-Act of Judgment debt-Non-
compliance with bankruptcy notice to pay-
Act of bankruptcy by judgment creditor-
Judgment creditor afterwards adjudicated


bankrupt-Trustee's title Relation back-
Validity of bankruptcy notice-Bankruptcy
Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 53), ss. 4 (1) (g), 43.
(Re A Debtor (No. 211 of 1912); Ex parte
The Debtor), 153

Bankruptcy-Appeal-Deed of assignment-
Creditor revoking his assent before execution
-Joint petitioning creditors-Estoppel of one
not estoppel of all-Receiving order made on
petition of one of two joint petitioning credi-
tors-Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict.
c. 52), s. 4, sub-s. 1 (h); s. 6, sub-s. 1 (a).
(Re Jones; Ex parte George Newnes Limited
and the Associated Newspapers Limited), 283

Assigned action-Writ of fi. fa.-Seizure
by sheriff-Interpleader summons-Order for
sale-Act of bankruptcy--" Goods held by
sheriff for twenty-one days"-Bankruptcy of
judgment debtor-Title of trustee to proceeds
of sale-Bankruptcy Act 1890 (53 & 54 Vict.
c. 71). s. 1-Order LVII., rr. 7, 8, 12. (Mason
(Trustee of Chetwynd, a bankrupt) v. Bolton's
Library Limited), 126

Bankruptcy notice-In accordance with
the terms of the judgment - Sum claimed
correct--Not invalidated by necessary varia-
tion of terms-Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47
Vict. c. 52), s. 4, sub-s. 1 (g). (Re A Debtor;
Ex parte The Debtor v. The Petitioning
Creditors and the Official Receiver), 35

Decree for specific performance of contract
to purchase land-Purchase money not pay-
able before a certain date-Master's ccrt fi-
cate Final judgment Execution "not
having been stayed"-Bankruptcy Act 1883
(45 & 46 Vict. c. 52), s. 4. (Re A Debtor (837
of 1912), 204

Gift of shares-Act of bankruptcy-Subse-
quent sale by donee-Purchaser for value
without notice-Accruer of trustee's title-
Voidable transaction Title of purchaser
Right of trustee-Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 &

47 Vict. c. 52), s. 47. (Re Hait; Ex parte
Green), 175
Bankruptcy-Judgment debt in County Court-
Part payment into court by debtor before the
sum due under order of the court-Repudiation
by creditor-Amount of debt reduced below
£50-Bankruptcy notice for full amount bad-
Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52, s. 4
(g)--County Courts Act 1888 (51 & 52 Vict.
c. 43), s. 105-County Court Rules 1903 and
1904. Orders XXIII., r. 13, and XXV., rr. 7,
8, 23. (Re A Debtor; Ex parte Judgment
Creditors v. The Debtor), 205

Person trading under partnership name-
Service of petition upon person having con-
trol or management of business insufficient--
Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52),
Bankruptcy Rule 250- Order
XLVIII.A, rr. 3, 11. (Re A Debtor, No. 21
of 1912), 591

S. 115

Petition dismissed by Court of First
Instance--Receiving order subsequently mad
and antedated by Court of Appeal-Pay-
ments by bankrupt into his banking account
during interval-Protected transactions-
Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52),
s. 49. (Re H. G. Teale; Ex parte H. G.
Blackburn, Trustee v. Union of London and
Smiths Bank Limited), 35

Practice-Executors carrying on testator's
business in his firm name-Receiving
orders against firm-Are executors partners?
-Application to adjudicate-Partnership
Act 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. c. 39), s. 1-Bank-
ruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52), ss. 1, 115
-Bankruptcy rules, 259-264. (Re Fisher and
Sons), 83

Seizure by sheriff under writ of fi. fa.-
Ransom of goods by third party-Money ad-
vanced for special purpose-Quasi trust-Title
of trustee in bankruptcy-Bankruptcy Act
1883 (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52), s. 44, sub-s. (iii.).
(Re Watson), 284

Bankruptey-Substitution of proof-Equitable
assignee Crown as claimant of bona vacantia
-Form of order. (Re Hills; Ex parte
Lang), 303

Trustee under deed of assignment-Pro-
perty handed over to debtor Liability of
trustee to account to the official receiver as
trustee in bankruptcy-Bankruptcy Act 1883
(46 & 47 Vict. c. 52), es. 50, 121. (Re
Prigoshen; Er parte Official Receiver), 12
Book debts Charge Validity--Companies
(Consolidation) Act 1903 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69),
s. 93. (W. Ladenburg and Co. t. Goodwin,
Ferreira, and Co. Limited, in liquidation,
and J. P. Garnett, the liquidator), 263
British Columbia-Laws of --Employer and
workman-Workmen's Compensation Act-
--Dependant-Alien-Right to compensation.
(Krzus . Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company),

Building society-Unincorporated society-
Objects of Society-Borrowing powers-
Banking business-Ultra vires-Winding-up
-Priority of payment-Position of depositors
-Building Societies Act 1836 (6 & 7 Will. 4,
c. 32). s. 1. (Re Birkbeck Permanent Benefit
Building Society), 79

of Charity
Commissioners or Board of Education-

Voluntary subscriptions-Investment in
land-Charitable Trusts Act 1853 (16 & 17
Vict. c. 137), s. 62-Orphan Working School
and Alexandra Orphanage Act 1905, s. 13.
(Re Orphan Working School and Alexandra
Orphanage and the State of San Paulo
(Brazil) Pure Coffee Company Limited, and
Re Vendor and Purchaser Act 1874), 56
Charitable bequest-Institution intended by
testatrix governed by scheme of Charity Com-
missioners -
Amalgamation with other
charities-Change of name-Whether failure
of object and lapse. (Re Faraker; Faraker
r. Durell), 279
Company-Debenture-holder-Default of com-
pany-Sale of undertaking-Public purpose.
(Saunders r. Bevan), 251

Debenture-holder's action-Receiver ap-
pointed-Creation of specific and floating
charges by debenture trust deed-Property
acquired thereafter-Subsequent creation of
debenture stock-Priorities. (Re Robert
Stephenson and Co. Limited; Poole v. The
Company), 205

Debentures-Guarantee society-Failure
of-Scheme of arrangement-Majority-
Resolution to confirm-Persons benefiting
under scheme of arrangement voting
debenture-holders-Validity. (Goodfellow v.
Nelson Line (Liverpool) Limited), 101


List and summary-Balance-sheet--Suffi-
ciency of goodwill-No separate values for
fixed assets-Companies (Consolidation) Act
1908, s. 26. (Galloway . Schill, Seebohm,
and Co. Limited), 10

Preference shares Dividends - Profits
after payment of preferential dividend---
Rights of preference and ordinary share-
holders. (Will r. United Lankat Plantation
Company Limited), 228

Reconstruction-Scheme of arrangement-
Sanction of court-Companies (Consolidation)
Act 1903 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), s. 192. (Castello
General Omnibus Company

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Limited), 305


Registration of company-Discretion of
registrar-Name of company resembling
name already registered- Calculated
deceive "Companies (Consolidation) Act
1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), ss. 8 (1), 15. (Rex r.
Registrar of Companies; Ex parte Paul and
others), 102

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Requisition for meeting-Qualification of
requisitionists-Unpaid calls-One-tenth of
issued share capital upon which calls have
been paid-Requisitions "in like form
Sufficiency of statement of objects of meet-
ing-Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908,
s. 66. (Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Assccia-
tion Limited . Kekewich and others), 34

Surrender of shares-Issue of new shares
-No release from liability--Validity of
transactions. (Rowell v. Joln Rowell and
Son Limited), 252

Conflict of laws-Discharge in English bank-
ruptcy-Italian contract to pay original debt


1883 (46 & 47 Viet. c. 52), s. 30 (3). (Re
Bonacina, deccased; Le Brasseur r. Bona-
cina), 8, 228

Contract Agreement rot to be performed
within a year-Memorandum-Part perform-
ance-Statute of Frauds (29 Car. 2, c. 3), s. 4.
(Elliott r. Roberts), 81

Infant trader-Liability on trading con-
tract. (Cowern v. Nield), 59

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Tuition by correspondence Agreed fee
for course-Payment by instalments--Refusel
of pupil to receive instruct on-Right
recover fee. (International Correspondence
Schools Limited r. Ayres), 10
Contract to notify goods- Assignment-Right
of seller and assignee. (Cooper r. Micklefield
Coal and Lime Company Limited), 254
Copyright Infringement Cinematograph
film Sale of individual photographs- Part
of film-Rezistration of film after publica-
tien-Copyright Act (25 & 26 Vict. c. 68).
(Barker Motion Photograph Company

Limited v. Hulton and Co. Limited), 229
County Court-Claim under £2-Action heard
before the registrar- Application to judge
for new trial-Jurisdiction to order-Court
Courts Act 1888 (51 & 52 Vict. c. 43), ss. 92,
93. (Rosin r. Joseph Rank Limited). 81

Interpleader-Judgment for debt-Execu-
tion-Right of assignee of debt to claim
proceeds of County Courts Act 1888 (51 &
52 Vict. c. 43), ss. 156, 157. (Plant r. Collins;
Deeley, Claimant), 81

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for plantiff for £110-Power of judge to
enter judgment for £100. (Creswell
Jones and another), 10

Practice-Costs-Taxation - Claim

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an l

where plaintiff
succeeds on claim and defendant on counter-
claim-County Court Rules. Order LIII., r.
16 (3). (Fox v. Cent: al Silkstone Collieries
Limited), 207

Practice-Costs of proceedings under
Order XIV.-Action remitted to Count:
Court-Juris lict on cf judge as to css in
High Court-County Courts Act 1888 (51 &
52 Vict. c. 43), ss. 65, 113, 116. (Mentors
Limited r. Evans), 33

Debtor and creditor-Bank-Mortgage-Notice
of second mortgage-Appropriation of pay-
ments. (Deeley r. Lloyds Bank), 328
Divorce-Decree nisi granted to husband-
Intervention by King's Proctor-Adultery by
petitioner p:oved-Discretion of court in-
voked-Principles affecting exercise of di-
cretion-Decree nisi rescinded. (Munzer r.
Munzer and Swain), 332

Decree nisi obtained by wife-Rescinded
on King's Proctor's intervention-Subsequent
petition by husband-Discretion of court
under sect. 31 of Matrimonial Causes Act
1857-Decree nisi granted to husband.
(Woltereck v. Woltereck and Walters), 255

Petition by wife-Undefended-Delay in
bringing petition-Discretion of judge-Re-
fusal of decree-Appeal-Matrimonial Causes
Act 1857 (20 & 21 Vict. c. 85), s. 31. (Pears
v. Pears), 154, 328


interest of respondent under a will-Restraint
on anticipation- Alienation - Forfeiture-
Jurisdiction to override provisions of will—
Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 (20 & 21 Vict.
c. 85), s. 45-Matrimonial Causes Act 1859
(22 & 23 Vict. c. 61), s. 5. (Loraine v.
Loraine), 280

Ecclesiastical law-Holy communion-Marriage
with deceased wife's sister-Right of clergy-
man to refuse to administer sacrament-1 & 2
Edw. 6, c. 1, s. 8-Deceased Wife's Sister's
Marriage Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 47), s. 1.
(Thompson r. Dibdin and others), 204
Education Elementary-Head school teacher-
Notice to dismiss-Unassigned cause-Mana-
gers-Defect in appointment or qualification
-Declaration of church membership-Elec-
tion of churchwardens-Validity-Education
Act 1902 (2 Edw. 7, c. 42), ss. 6 (2), 11 (1) (6);
sched. 1, B (3). (Meyers c. Heunell), 57
Extradition-Discharge of prisoner owing to
error in procedure-Obtaining money by
cheating at cards-Subsequent application for
extradition on

same charge Obtaining
cheque by false pretences-Extradition Treaty
with Germany of 1872, art. 4. (Rex r.
Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte Stall
mann), 331

France Committal to prison of fugitive
offender-Lapse of time-Extradition Treaty
with France 1876-Extradition Act 1870 (33 &
34 Vict. c. 52), s. 11. (Rex r. Governor of
Brixton Prison; Ex parte Mohamed Ben
Romdan), 283

France-Crime committed in France by
British subject-Requisition for surrender by
diplomatic agent-Extradition Act 1870 (33 &
34 Vict. c. 52), s. 8-Extradition Treaties
1876 and 1909. (Rex v. Governor of Brixton
Prison; Er parte Wel's. Rex r. Governor of
Holloway Prison; Ex parte Burns), 10

Extradition-Norway-Obtaining money by
false pretences-Gaming Act 1845 (8 & 9 Vict.
c. 45), s. 17-No offence disclosed according to
English law-Refusal to extradite. (Rex v.
Governor of Brixton Prison; Ex parte
Sjoland and Metzler), 590

Fishing rights-Interference with-Penalties-
Action for damages-Salmon and Freshwater
Fisheries Act 1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 96), s. 26
-Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1873
(36 & 37 Vict. c. 71), s. 53. (Fraser v.
Fear), 330


Food and drugs-Sale to the prejudice of the
purchaser-Justices acting their own
knowledge-Dismissal of summons on ground
of triviality-Sale of Food and Drugs Act
1875 (38 & 39 Vict. c. 63), s. 6-Sale of Milk
Regulations 1901. clause 1--Probation of
Offenders Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 17), s. 1.
(Preston r. Redfern), 59

Sale to the prejudice of the purchaser-
Notification to purchaser before sale of
preservative added to cream-Sale of Food
and Drugs Act 1875 (38 & 39 Vict. c. 63), s. 6.
(Williams r. Friend), 11

Friendly society-Surplus-Distribution-Pen-
sion fund-Rules-Collecting Societies Act
1896 (59 & 60 Vict. c. 26), s. 5, sub-ss. 2, 3.
(Kirksopp . Heighton), 205


Gaming-Using house for unlawful gaming-
Progressive whist or whist drive"-Legality
of-Gaming Houses Act 1854 (17 & 18 Vict.
c. 38), s. 4. (Morris, app. r. Godfrey, resp.),
Highway-Dedication-Roadway not made up
to full width-Unmade strip-Dedication as
footpath-User by public-Right of access
by owner of adjoining property-Access for
all purposes. (Tottenham Urban District
Council v. Rowley), 57, 281

Way becoming a highway after 1835-No
evidence of intentional dedication by owner-
Liability of inhabitants at large to repair-
Highway Act 1835 (5 & 6 Will., 4, c. 50),
6. 23. (Cababé V.

Urban District Council), 103
Husband and wife-Petition for divorce-
Arrangement to dismiss-Covenant-Sum
paid to trustees-Contingent forfeiture by
co-respondent-Given radius-Restraint of
trade and liberty-Public policy-Injunction
as well as payment to plaintiff of fund. (Up-
ton v. Henderson), 9
Insurance-Marine-Constructive total loss-
Institute time clauses. (Coker r. Bolton and
others), 283

Marine-Perils of seas-Goods stored in
hulk-Damage by leakage. (Sassoon and
Co. v. Western Assurance Company), 79

Marine -Policy-Assignment of-Conceal-
ment-Innocent assignee-Marine Insurance
Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 41), s. 50 (2). (William
Pickersgill and Sons Limited r. London and
Provincial General Insurance Company
Limited; Same r. Ocean Marine Insurance
Company Limited), 332

Marine Policy on floating dock-"Sea-
worthiness admitted "-Concealment.
tiere Meccanico Brindisino r. Jansen and
others; Cantiere Meccanico Brindisino r.
Constant), 307

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Marine Policy on freight-" Chartered
or as if chartered "-Loss of freight-
Special T.P. clause"-Concealment
material fact. (Scottish Shire Line and
others v. London and Provincial Marine and
General Insurance Company Limited), 59
Marine-Reinsurance-Risk-Intention of
assured. (Reliance Marine Insurance Com-
pany Limited v. Duder), 79
Interpleader-Practice-Issue of interpleader
summons after final judgment in action—
Jurisdiction-Order LVII.. r. 1 (a). (H.
Stevenson and Son Limited . Brownell;
Healy and others, Claimants), 175
Judicial separation-Petition by husband-
Cross-charges by wife-Order on husband to
pay wife's taxed costs before hearing-Non-
compliance by husband-Motion for writ of
attachment. (Jones r. Jones), 591
Justices-Costs-Special case stated by quarter
sessions-Respondent justices Costs of
appeal to High Court-Right of justices to
costs incurred in High Court-Licensing
(Consolidation) Act 1910. s. 32. (Rex 1.
Justices of Salford Hundred; Le parte
Justices of Bolton), 105
Landlord and tenant--Distress-Goods com-
prised in hire-purchase agreement-Liability
to seizure-Law of Distress Amendment Act
1203 (8 Edw. 7, c. 53), ss. 1, 4. (Hackne
Furnishing Company . Watts), 60
Loase-Covenant to repair-Structural
Forfeiture - Relief.

alterations Waste
(Hyman v. Rese), 56


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