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Landlord and tenant-Lease-Demise of pre-
mises in terrace for particular business-
Covenant by lessor not to let to "any of the
adjoining shops" for similar business-
Meaning of "adjoining." (Cave and another
v. Horsell), 281

Lease Proviso enabling "lessee " to
determine lease-Determination by person
equitably entitled to term invalid-Receipts
for rent and licences to assign-No estoppel
against landlord-Construction of proviso
Conditions precedent. (Stait v. Fenner), 229
Lease Assignment by lessee-Consent of lessor
not to be " unreasonably withheld-Consent
refused except on condition of insertion of
restrictive covenant-Consent refused unrea-
sonably. (Premier Rinks Limited v. Amal-
gamated Cinematograph Theatres Limited),

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Letters patent-Registered proprietor-Right
to sue for infringements-Patents
Designs Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 29), s. 71 (3).
(Duncan v. Lockerbie and Wilkinson (Bir-
mingham) Limited: Erebus Manufacturing
Company Limited and Beddow and Sturm-
ing Limited, Third Parties), 57
Licensing-Clubs-Club struck off register of
clubs Right to subsequent re-registration-

Unregistered club"-Licensing (Consolida-
tion) Act 1910, ss. 92, 93, 110. (Lees v. Lovie),

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Mandamus Certiorari - Licensing (Con-
solidation) Act 1910 (10 Edw. 7 & 1 Geo. 5,
c. 24), s. 14 (1)-Jurisdiction of licensing
justices to attach conditions to grant of off-
licence. (Rex v. Licensing Justices of Bir-
mingham), 591

Local authority District medical officer
Public vaccinator-Officer of the guardians--
Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act 1896
(59 & 60 Vict. c. 50), ss. 2. 3, 19-Vaccination
Act 1867 (30 & 31 Vict. c. 84), s. 3. (Lawson
r. Guardians of the Poor of the Marlborough
Union), 34

Execution of work under statutory powers
-Obstruction of access to shop-Right to
compensation-Public Health Act 1875 (38 &
39 Vict. c. 55), s. 303. (Lingke v. Christ-
church Corporation), 281

London-Building-Party wall-" Party struc-
ture defective or out of repair"-Wall defec-
tive through damp-Whether past history of
wall relevant-London Building Act 1894 (57
& 58 Vict. c. ccxiii.), ss. 38, 90 (3). (Minturn
v. Barry), 80

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Lord Campbell's Act (9 & 10 Vict. c. 93-
Pecuniary loss by death of deceased-Reason-
able expectation Evidence. (Taff Vale
Railway Company v. Jenkins), 589
Lunatic-Administration of estate-Alteration
of character of property-Purchase of rever-
sion of lease under order of Master-Con-
version-Realty or personalty-Devolution.
(Re Searle; Ryder v. Bond), 176
Malicious damage-Information on behalf of
corporation-Evidence of authority to prefer
information Surplusage Right of indi-
vidual to prosecute-Malicious Injuries to
Property Act 1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 97), s. 22.
(Duchesne v. Finch and others), 82
Manor-Roadside strips-Adjoining owners-
Presumption Whether waste of manor-
Similarity in character-Rebuttal-Evidence.
(Leeke v. Mayor, &c., of Portsmouth), 282
Market-Extent of franchise-Days mentioned
in charter Unauthorised obstruction of
streets - Tolls Amount
Legality. (At-
torney-General v. Horner), 252
Married woman Desertion


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Order against
husband to pay wife weekly sum-Arrears--
Committal to prison for more than six
months' arrears-Validity of order of com-
mittal Summary Jurisdiction (Married
Women) Act 1895 (58 & 59 Vict. c. 39),
ss. 4, 9. (Matthews v. Matthews), 60
Master and servant-Injury to servant-Negli-
gence Statutory duty-Liability of master-
Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887 (50 & 51
Vict. c. 58), s. 49, r. 30. (Watkins v. Naval
Colliery Company), 305

Liability of master for act of servant-
Scope of employment-Injury to person in-
vited by servant to enter
(Houghton v. Pilkington), 207

master's cart.

Negligence of servant-Scope of employ-
ment. (Forsyth v. Manchester Corporation),

Matrimonial cause-Hearing in camera-Pub-
lication of evidence-Contempt of court-
Attachment Appeal" Criminal cause or
matter"-Judicature Act 1873 (36 & 37 Vict.
c. 66), s. 47. (Scott v. Scott), 252
Metropolis-Buildings-Dangerous structures-
Uninhabited houses-Houses not dangerous
except to trespassers-London Building Act

1894 (57 & 53 Vict. c. ccxiii.), ss, 103, 105.
(London County Council v. Jones and Co.), 11
Money paid under compulsion of law-Foreign
jurisdiction Withdrawal of proceedings
Action for recovery of the money. (Clydes-
dale Bank Limited v. Schroder and Co.), 61
Mortgage-Provisions as to redemption by
instalments Mortgage practically irredeem-
able. (Fairclough . Swan Brewery Com-
pany), 79

Motor-car- Use on highway at night — Un-
lighted lamp-Failure to keep identification
plate illuminated-Defence-Motor Car Act
1903, s. 2 (4)-Motor Car (Registration and
Licensing) Order 1903, art. 11. (Printz, app.
v. Sewell, resp.), 11
National insurance Compulsorily insurable
persons-Curates and assistant curates-Con-
tract of service or contract for services-
National Insurance Act 1911 (1 & 2 Geo. 5,
c. 55), s. 1 (1), (2); sched. 1, part 1 (a)—
Pluralities Act 1838 (1 & 2 Vict. c. 106).
(Re Employment of Curates or Assistant
Curates in the Church of England), 331

Employment of Nonconformist ministers
-Contract of service-Contract for services
-National Insurance Act 1911 (1 & 2 Geo. 5,
c. 55), s. 1 (1) (2), sched. 1, part 1 (a). (Re
Employment of Ministers of the United
Methodist Church: Re Employment of
Ministers, under Probation, of the Wesleyan
Methodist Church), 282


Manual labour Dairyman's foreman
Tailor's cutter-National Insurance Act 1911
(1 & 2 Geo. 5, c. 55). (Re National Insurance
Act 1911), 331


Negligence Liability Car driven by per-
mission of Owner - Principal and agent.
(Samson v. Aitchison), 305

Savage animal-Cat with kittens-Attack
on person carrying dog-Liability of owner.
(Clinton v. J. Lyons and Co.), 103
"Passing-off "-Exclusive agent for sale of
manufacturer's goods-Alleged imitation of
the "get-up"-Right of agent to sue for
injunction and damages-No evidence that
get-up has become associated with agent
Whether agent's claim maintainable.
(Dental Manufacturing Company Limited v.
C. de Trey and Co.), 252

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Vintage port- Fancy name "T.'s ".
Circular applying same name Port not
plaintiffs' Shipped by A. T.-Inadvertence
-Lower price - Continuing wrong-Injunc
tion. (Yeatman v. L. Homberger and Co.),
Pauper-Settlement-Married woman deserted
by her husband. (Guardians of the Poor of
the Parish of St. Matthew, Bethnal Green
v. Guardians of the Poor of the Parish of
Paddington), 82
Petition-Vesting order-"Request in writ-
ing " to the trustee-Trustee Act 1893,
s. 35 (1) (ii) (d). (Re Struve's Trusts), 57
Poor law-Settlement-Removal-Child under
sixteen residing with deserted mother
Acquisition of settlement by residence-Poor
Removal Act 1846 (9 & 10 Vict. c. 66), s. 3—
Poor Removal Act 1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 55),
s. 3-Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amend-
ment Act 1876 (39 & 40 Vict. c. 61), ss. 34, 35.
(Hackney Union v. Kingston-upon Hull In-
corporation for the Poor), 56

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Port of London-Barges-Registration-Port
of London Act 1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 68), s. 11.
(Smeed, Dean, and Co. Limited v. Port of
London Authority), 82
Practice Arbitration- Appointment of arbi-
trators-Failure to appoint umpire-Appli-
cation to court by summons-Appearance by
arbitrator Order making appointment
Arbitration Act 1889 (52 & 53 Vict. c. 49),
s. 5. (Taylor v. Denny, Mott, and Dickson
Limited), 204

Attachment for contempt of court-Appli-
cation against defendant in action How
made, ex parte or on notice-Rules of the
Supreme Court, Order LII., r. 2-Crown
Office Rules 240. (Squire v. Hammond), 230

Breach of trust-Consenting beneficiary
not a party to action-Declaration of lia-
bility-As "from" determination of life
interest-Immediate liability. (Re Newen;
Smiles v. Carruthers), 589


Costs-Specific performance-Equity juris-
diction of County Court-Value of the pro-
perty Not exceeding £500 - Discretion
Costs on High Court scale-County Courts
Act 1888 (51 & 52 Vict. c. 43), ss. 67 (4), 116-
County Courts Act 1903 (3 Edw. 7, c. 42),
s. 3. (Okins v. Morrison), 9

Discovery-Further affidavit of documents
-Documents admitted to be in existence, but
not referred to in original affidavit or plead-
ings. (British Association of Glass Bottle
Manufacturers y. Nettlefold), 305

Practice Fund in court-Not dealt with for
long period-Limited time for claims-Ex-
clusion of those not claiming-Final distri-
bution of fund. (Wilson v. Church), 282

Particulars-False imprisonment--Defenco
of reasonable and probable cause-Par-
ticulars ordered of reasonable and probablo
cause. (Green v. Garbutt and others), 330

Pleading-Necessary averment--Nuisanco
-Land let for a special purpose--Liability
of lessor-Rabbit coursing-Inevitable consc-
quence. (Ayers v. Hanson), 253
Principal and agent-Negligent driving of
agent- Agent temporarily employed by
principal's manager on manager's private
business on car appropriated exclusively to
use of a customer-Agent bound to obey
lawful orders of manager-Scope of agent's
employment-Liability of principal. (Irwin
v. Waterloo Taxi-cab Company Limited), 330
Public health-Unsound food-Prosecution for
having unsound food on premises-No con-
demnation by a justice-Condition precedent
to prosecution-Public Health (London) Act
1891, s. 47 (2). (Hewett, app. v. Hattersley,
resp.), 82
Public Trustee-Trust account-Audit-Public
Trustee Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 55), s. 13.
Re Utley; Russell v. Cubitt), 34
Quarter sessions-Costs-Conviction by court
of summary jurisdiction-Appeal to quarter
sessions-Death of appellant before hearing
-Jurisdiction to order executors of deceased
appellant to pay costs of appeal. (Rex v.
Spokes), 60
Railway-Damage by fire-Sparks or cinders
emitted from locomotive engine-Damage tɔ
agricultural crops Notice of damage
Notice not specifying amount of damage--
Sufficiency of notice-Railway Fires Act 1905
(5 Edw. 7, c. 11), s. 3. (Martin v. Great
Eastern Railway Company), 12
Rating-Railway--Line carried on at annual
loss-Position, connections, and accommoda-
tion of line-Right to take extraneous cir-
cumstances into consideration. (East London
Railway Joint Committee v. Greenwich
Union), 83

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Registered design-Infringement-Acts done
to enable the design to be applied"-
Articles for use abroad-Patents and Designs
Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 29), s. 60 (1) (a).
(John Haddon and Co. v. R. P. Bannerman
and Son), 229

Restitution of conjugal rights-Service out of
the jurisdiction without leave Decree.
(Buckley r. Buckley), 591

Revenue-Income tax-Rural district council-
Supply of water to parishes-Profits in some
parishes and losses in others-Assessment of
council on (6
waterworks "-Right to deduct
losses from profits-Income Tax Act 1842
(5 and 6 Vict. c. 35), s. 60, sched. A, No. 3,
r. 3. (Wakefield Rural District Council v.
Hall), 349

Legacy duty-Contingent class-Legacy
Duty Act 1796 (36 Geo. 3, c. 52), ss. 6, 12, 15,
17. (Re Duppa; Fowler v. Duppa), 282

Reversion duty-Increment value duty-
Provisional valuation Costs of checking
valuation-Rights of remainderman-Duty of
trustees-Duty of tenant for life--Finance
(1909-10) Act 1910 (10 Edw. 7, c. 8), ss. 1, 26.
27, 39 (1). (Re Smith-Bosanquet's Settled
Estates; Re Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890),


Settled land Land values Increment
duty-Provisional valuation for purposes of
duty-" Owner "-Duties of trustees-Rights
of remainderman-Finance (1909-10) Act 1910
(10 Edw. 7, c. 8), ss. 26, 27, 39, 41. (Re
Knollys' Settlement; Sanders r. Haslam),

Sale of goods-Breach of contract by vendor--
Act by purchaser to mitigate damages-
Profit to purchaser-Arbitration Appeal.
(British Westinghouse Electric and Manu-
facturing Company v. Underground Electric
Railways Company of London), 305

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Goods delivered on approbation-Contract
of sale or return Sale-Title of pur-
chaser- Passing of property in goods-Sale
of Goods Act 1893 (56 & 57 Vict. c. 71), ss. 18,
r. 4, 25. (Bradley and Cohn Limited v.
Ramsay and Co.), 8

Goods on sale or return-Successive trans-
ferees-" Act adopting the transaction
Sale of Goods Act 1893 (56 & 57 Vict. c. 71),
s. 18. r. 4. (Genn . Winkel), 176
Sale of land-Reservation of mines, minerals.
and springs of oil-Natural gas wells.
(Barnard Oil and Gas Company . Farqu
harson), 323

Settled land Improvements - Development
as building estate-Compensation to out.
going tenant-Payment out of capital money

-Settled Land Act 1882 (45 & 46 Vict. c. 28),
s. 21, sub-s. 10-Agricultural Holdings Act
1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 28), s. 20. (Re Earl de la
Warr's Settled Estates), 229
Settlement Construction-"Eldest son


Portions for younger children-Period of
vesting-Younger son attaining twenty-one-
Afterwards becoming eldest son-Entitled to
share. (Re Wise; Smith v. Waller), 590
Construction Tenant for life and
remainderman - Power to invest in real
estate--Purchase of timber estate-Right of
tenant for life to proceeds of sale of timber.
(Re Trevor-Batve's Settlement; Bull
Trevor-Batye), 177
-Life estate determinable on alienation-
Advancement out of unappointed and ap-
pointed shares-Release of life estate in
advanced fund-No forfeiture. (Re Hodg-
son; Weston v. Hodgson), 590


Ship Charter-party-Bill of lading-Unsea-
worthiness-Putting into port of refuge--
Deviation - Dead freight - Lien-Unliqui-
dated damages. (Kish . Taylor), 56

Charter-party-Charges-Port of Santos.
(Societa Anonima Ungherese di Armamenti
Marittimo 7'. Hamburg South American
Steamship Company). 83

Charter-party-" Consignees to effect dis-
charge of cargo steamer paying one shilling
per ton"-Sale of cargo by consignee-

Cost of stevedoring to be paid by" pur-
chaser-Right to sum payable by steamer.
(White v. Williams), 228

Charter-party-Lump sum freight. Ex-
ceptions-Perils of the seas-Part of cargo
lost through an excepted peril-Liability of
charterers to pay freight. (Harrowing
Steamship Company Limited v. William
Thomas and Sons), 308

Collision-Steamship and barge in tow of
a tug-Steamship and tug to blame-Barge
not to blame-Right of barge owner
recover whole damage against either wrong-
doer. (The Devonshire), 305


Damage to cargo by fire-Unseaworthi-
ness. (Virginia Carolina Chemical Com-
pany . Norfolk and North American Steam
Shipping Company Limited), 255
Solicitor Charges Taxation Negotiating
loan Transaction not completed at once-
Scale fee chargeable-Solicitors' Remunera-
tion Act 1881 (44 & 45 Vict. c. 44). (Re H. T.
Baker, a Solicitor), 126


Unqualified person Purchase money
properly received by solicitor on record--
Improper possession by unqualified person-
Money not obtained by holding out
solicitor-Power of court to exercise sum-
mary jurisdiction. (Ke Hurst and Middleton
Limited), 228
Solicitor and client


Taxation as

Intestacy. (Re Joseph Seaton, deceased;
Ellis . Seaton and others), 80
Gift Trust-Precatory
trust. (Re Herman; Herman v. Herman),

of corpus or income for. (Re Sutton,
deceased; Sutton v. Sutton), 206
Trust-Two settlements-Public Trustee
trustee of both settlements - Conflicting
interests-Power of Public Trustee to com-
promise with himself-Trustee Act 1893 (56
& 57 Vict. c. 53), s. 21-Public Trustee Act
1906 (6 Edw. 7. c. 55), s. 5 (1). (Re New
Haw Estate), 58
Trustee-Breach of trust-Laches or acqui-
escence of beneficiary-Liability of trustee
prevented by illness from discharging his
duties. (Re Rix; Rix v. Rix), 58
Investment Mortgage
houses let on weekly tenancies-Depreciation
of security-Loss of trust fund-Report of
valuers-Compliance with statutory require-
ments-Protection of statute-Trustee Act
1893 (56 and 57 Vict. c. 53), s. 8. (Re
Solomon; Nore v. Meyer), 154

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Power to grant mining leases-Unopened
mines-Settled Land Act 1882 (45 & 46 Vict.
c. 38), s. 11. (Re James Daniels; Weeks v.
Daniels), 9

Urban authority-Public Health Act 1875 (38
& 39 Vict. c. 55), ss. 173, 174-Contract not
under seal but executed-Statute of Frauds
(29 Car. 2, c. 3)-Contract whereof the value
or amount exceeds £50-Surveyor of high-
ways. (Hoare v. Kingsbury Urban District
Council), 253

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Vendor and purchaser-Contract-Vendor not
bound to get in legal estate-Conveyance as
beneficial owner - Implied covenants for
title-Rectification-Conveyancing and Law
of Property Act 1881 (44 & 45 Vict. c. 41),
s. 7 (1) (a). (Jenner v. McNab), 230

Leasehold house - Mortgagee selling
Repairs-Breaches of covenants to repair-
No express notice of breaches-Conveyacing
and Law of Property Act 1881 (44 & 45 Vict.
c. 41), s. 3, sub-s. 4-No express covenant for
title-Production of last receipt for rent by
vendor Liability of vendor for all past
breaches of covenant-Good title not shown.
(Re Taunton and West of England Per-
petual Benefit Building Society and Roberts
Contract; Re Vendor and Purchaser Act
1874), 253

Rectification-Rights of way and drain-
age-Mutual mistake-Conveyance. (Slack

v. Hancock), 101

Water rates Liability for valuation list
altered by supplemental valuation list-
Reduction in rateable value after commence-
ment of water quarter-Metropolitan Water
Board (Charges) Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7.
c. clxxi.), ss. 8. 13-Valuation (Metropolis)
Act 1869, s. 42, 47. (Metropolitan Water
Board v. Phillips), 252

Waterworks-Breaking up streets and laving
between solicitor and client-Local authority
pipes therein-Subsequent subsidence-Cost
-Unnecessary charges incurred by special
of repair-Method of recovery-" Compensa-
instruction of client-Public money-Usual
tion for damage "-" Recovery of damages
- Waterworks
Disallowance. (Re Porter,
not specially provided for "
Clauses Act 1847 (10 & 11 Vict. c. 17), ss. 6,
Amphlett, and Jones, Solicitors), 58
28, 85. (Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses
Solicitor for a company-Taxation of costs-
of Swansea, apps. v. Harpur, resp.), 154
Twelve months after bill delivered - Pay-
Bequest of business
in account Effect of intervening Will
Direction to
winding-un-Form of order. (Re Foss, Bil-
executors and trustees to carry on the same
brough, Plaskitt, and Foss, Solicitors), 58
-Power to employ one of them at a salary
as general manager-Claim for remuneration
Summary Jurisdiction (Married Women) Act
as against creditors of insolvent estate. (Re
1895-Licensing Act 1902, s. 5 (2)-Habitual
Salmen; Salmen v. Bernstein), 206
Drunkards Act 1879-Order of justices
Wife's appeal. (Tayler v. Tayler), 127
Tithe rentcharge-Paid by person not liable—
Mistake of fact Bankruptcy of rector
Sequestration of benefice by bishop-Altera-
tion of position of payee. (Baylis v. Bishop
of London), 177

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Bequest of leasehold house and furniture
-Onerous bequest-Separate and indepen-
dent gift-Legatee's right of disclaimer.
(Re Lysons: Beck . Lysons), 308
Construction Annuitant

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My then next of kin according to the
statutes' of distribution-Time for
taining class-Artificial class-Domicil of
testator-Inquiry as to. (Re McFee; McFee
v. Toner; Edwards 2. Toner), 330
Construction Annuities Charge on
income or capital Gift over comprising
accumulations " subject nevertheless to the
said annuities "-Provisos for maintenance
and advancement also made subject to the
annuities. (Re William Young. deceased;
Brown v. Hodgson and others), 282
Construction-Bequest of legacies to each
"clerk " in a certain specified employ--
Claim by pursers employed on board certain
ships-Whether entitled to participate. (Re
Sir A. L. Jones; Williams v. Attorney-
General), 33

Construction-Clause for forfeiture-Not
to live with or under control of father-Void
Against public policy Uncertainty.
(Sandbrook, deceased; Noel r. Sandbrook),

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Construction-Gift conditional on legatee
being a widow at death of testator's wife-
Death of legatce, a widow, leaving two
children before death of testator's wife.
(Laing, deceased; Laing v. Morrison), 254

Construction-Gift of realty-"Die with-
out leaving a male heir "-Failure of heirs
at time of death-Estate in fee simple-Wills
Act (1 Vict. c. 26), s. 29. (Re Walter Leach;
Leach . Leach), 207

Construction-Legacy to executor-Revo-
cation by codicil of appointment as executor
Implied revocation of legacy. (Re
Russell's Trust; The Public Trustce V.
Campbell), 230

Construction Rentcharges created on
mortgaged property-Property insufficient to
satisfy mortgages and rentcharges - Rent-
charges not charged with deficiency-Mort-
gages payable out of residue-Marshalling
-Real Estate Charges Act 1854 (17 & 18
Vict. c. 113). (Re Fry; Fry v. Fry), 59

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Contingent legacy to infant child
Amount not presently ascertainable-Interest
on legacy prior to vesting not allowed. (Re
Denham-Cookes, deceased; Denham-Cookes
v. Denham-Cookes), 102

Demonstrative legacy-Payment out of
reversionary fund-Interest on legacy-From
what date to be calculated. (Walford v.
Walford), 204

Gift of carriages, horses. harness, and
stable furniture and effects-Some carriages
sold and motor-car purchased-Motor-car not
included in gift. (Re Hall; Watson v.
Hall). 177

Joint tenancy Severance Equitable
assignment of share. (Re Sharer; Abbott v.
Sharer), 590

Property specifically devised Memo-
randum charging same to secure overdraft
at bank-Guarantee-Debit balance-Locke.
King's Act (17 & 18 Vict. c. 113). (Re
Hawkes, deceased; Reeve v. Hawkes and
others), 102

Remoteness-Special power of appoint-
ment Exercise-Rule against perpetuities.
(Re Fane; Fane v. Fane), 568

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Workmen's compensation

Employer and
workman-Accident-Rate of compensation
"Average weekly earnings"-Temporary
position in higher grade-Finding of facts
by arbitrator-Decision of Court of Appeal
as to effect-Workmen's Compensation Act
1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), sched. 1, pars. 1. 2.
(Jury v. Owners of the Steamship Atlanta),

workman-Accident to
Employer and
workman causing death-Negligence of third
parties-Compensation-Award in favour of
illegitimate daughter-Claim by employers
for indemnity against third parties-"Cir
cumstances creating a legal liability'
Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7
c. 58), s. 6. (Smith's Deck Company Limited
v. John Readhead and Sons Limited), 10
Employer and workman-Death caused
accident Compensation - Claim by
dependant-"Accident arising out of and in
the course of the employment "-Workmen's


[blocks in formation]

dependants--Workmen's Compensation Act
1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1. (Parker v.
Hambrook), 280

Workmen's Compensation-Employer and work-
man-Death caused by accident-Seaman
drowned when returning to his ship-Com-
pensation-Claim by dependant-Ambit of
employment-Workmen's Compensation Act
1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1. (Mitchell v.
Owners of Steamship Saxon), 280

Employer and workman-Incapacity for
work-Review of compensation-Workmen's
Compensation Act 1897 (60 & 61 Vict. c. 37).
(Macdonald v. Wilson and Clyde Coal Com-
pany), 56

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Workmen's Compensation-Employer and work-
man-Injury by accident-Compensation-
Average weekly earnings"-Basis of com-
putation-Weeks during which workman
failed to earn full wages-Workmen's Com-
pensation Act (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1; sched. 1,
s. 1 (b), s. 2 (a). (White v. Wiseman), 307

Employer and workman-Injury by acci-
dent-Compensation-Award as to payment—
Review of weekly payment-Workmen's
Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58).
s. 1; sched. 1, s. 16. (Walton v. South
Kirkby, Featherstone, and Hemsworth
Colliery Limited), 307

Employer and workman-Injury by acci-
dent-Compensation-Award for-Review of
weekly payment-Cesser of workmen's in-
capacity for work-Ending weekly payment-
Suspensory award unnecessary-Workmen's
Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58),
s. 1. (Wheeler, Ridley, and Co. v. Dawson),

Employer and workman-Injury by acci-
dent-Incapacity for work-Workmen's Com-
pensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58). (Ball
v. William Hunt and Sons Limited), 56

Employer and workman-Injury to work.
man-Award made by committee-Jurisdic-
tion of County Court judge to review com-
mittee's award-Workmen's Compensation
Act 1897, sched. 1 (12); sched. 2 (1).' (Rex v.
Templer; Ex parte Howarth), 34


Baker-Wilbraham, Sir George Barrington, 433 Giffard, Harry Stanley, 582

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Duffield, William Ward, 374

Firminger, Ferdinand Leopold, 270
Francis, Richard Gay, 140
Garrod, Herbert Baring, 340
Gellatly, Peter, 197

Giles, Edward Sharman, 340
Griffith-Dearden, James, 582
Griffiths, John. 340
Heathcote, John Moyer, 374
Heygate, James, 27

Hughes, Percy Hamilton, 374
Kingsford, Montague, 507
Leigh-Clare, Octavius Leigh, 296
Linnett, Adolphus, 197
Mabee, Judge, 49
McDonald, Hon. James, 550
Moss, Hon. Sir Charles, 582
Murphy, Richard Bayly, 468
Murray, George Sholto Douglas, 270
Page, William Tomlinson, 531
Percy, Crowdy Edward, 140

Pontifex, Sir Charles, K.C.I.E., 340
Pruddah, William, 71
Randall, David, 140

Ranger, William Edwin, 27

[blocks in formation]

Scanlen, Hon. Sir Thomas Charles, K.C.M.G., Wills, Sir Alfred, 373


Schloss, David Frederick, 607

Yelverton, Roger Dawson, 270

[blocks in formation]

Law officers and questions, 65

Lord Chancellorship, the, promotion to, 354
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 18
Meeting of Parliament, 517
Members, attendance of, 573

Members, suspension of, 368

Members and their constituents, 459
Ministers in attendance, 443
Ministers in the Commons, 289
Ministers in the Lords, 237

Parliament: Sovereignty of, 42; Petitions to,
288; Adjournment of, 368; Meeting of, 517
Parliamentary disabilities of clergymen, 413

Parliamentary obstruction, 214
Parliamentary summary, 43, 66, 89, 132, 160,
185, 214, 261, 289, 314, 337, 354, 543, 574, 599
Paymaster-General, 132

Payment of members and the Place Acts, 477
Peerage, elevation to the, 392
Peerages by letters patent, 354
Peers and elections, 444
Peers and votes, 517
Petitions to Parliament, 288
Place Acts, 236, 369

Places of profit under the Crown, 392
Powers of the Speaker, 236, 574
Prime Minister, 261

Promotion to the Lord Chancellorship, 354
Public documents and Parliament, 18
Quorum of the House, 160
Reform Acts and dissolution, 214
Repeal of statutes, 392
Right to carry arms, 353
Royal veto, 412, 426
Secretary to the Treasury, 368
Sovereignty of Parliament, 42
Speaker, the, powers of, 236, 574
Statutes, repeal of, 392
Suspension of members, 368
Treasury Board, 42

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Bucknill, John Alexander Strachey, 269

Burdon, John Alder, C.M.G., 582

Carey, Victor G., 48

Carson, Sir Edward, K.C.. 168

Carter, William Morris, 296
Cawley, Gilbert Randall, 48
Charles, Ernest Bruce, 93
Clarke, Edward Percival, 71

Colam, Robert F., 550

Colefax, Henry Arthur, 550

Coller, Frank Herbert, 506

Compton, John Albert, 550

Cowburn, A. Douglas, 140

Cozens-Hardy, William Hepburn, 550

Cunliffe, Joseph Herbert, 5:0

Davidson, Mr Justice, 168

Davies, W. Rees, K.C., 135

Davis, James Corbett, 395
Des Forges, Charles Lee, 245
Diomgoole, Charles, K.C., 448

Dunlop, James Marcus Muntz, D.C.L., LL.D.,


Ennis, George Francis Macdaniel, 269
Farlow, Sydney Charles King, 529
Gardner, George James Ernest, 357
Griffiths, John, 373

Haldane of Cloan, Viscount, 168
Haldinstein, Henry Hyman, 550
Hamilton, George, 117

Hamilton, Sir John Andrew, 373, [82
Harper, Brinsley, J.P., 140

Hawke, John Anthony, 140

Hewart, Gordon, 550

Hewitt, Edgar Percy, 550

Isaacs, Sir Rufus, K.C.V.O., K.C., 168

Jobson, William Henry Oswald Stewart, 606

Johnson, Augustus Avery, 71

Jones-Lloyd. H. A., 506

Kemp, H. T., K.C., 71

Kingdon, Donald, LL.B., 468

Knight, Henry, W. D., 71

Knight, Holford, 582

Lamonby, Henry Ravensworth, 26

Lawrance, Denis, A. H., 168

Lawrance, Sir John Compton, 48

Layne, Charles Edward. 140

Lineham, John, K.C., 448

Macassey, Lynden L., 550

Macfadzean, Norman Howard Stanley, 395
Malcolm, R. Carmichael, 220.

[blocks in formation]

Morris, John Charles, 48

Moulton, Sir John Fletcher, 373, 550

Nightingale, Frederick James, 71

O'Brien, Ignatius, K.C., 220

O'Connor, Right Hon. Charles A., K.C., 139

Oddie, Samuel Angleby, 71

Odgers, William Blake, LL.D., K.C., 43

Owen, Dr Henry, D.C.L., 606

Payne, Robert Sidney, M.A., 48

Pereira, James Cecil Walter, K.C., 269

Prince, Richard Lomas, 550

Pruddah. Robert Austin, 168

Rafiq, Muhammad, 196

Rayner, St. Thomas Crossley, K.C., 582

Reece, Henry Walter, 48

Ridsdale, Arthur Francis, 500

Roden, Robert B., 431

Rose-Innes, Sir James, 395

Rose-Innes, Patrick, 550

Ross, George Edward Aubert, 550

Rowlett, Sidney Arthur Taylor, 373, 529

Russell, William Alison, 415

Rye, Arthur L., 93

Sanderson, Lancelot, K.C., 220

Shaw, Walter Sidney, 48

Sheriff, Percy Musgrave Cresswell, 48

Simon, Sir John, 196

Shagge, His Honour Judge Sir Thomas, 220

Stewart-Smith, Dudley, K.C., 373

Sturges, Hugh Murray 550. 606

Sullivan, A. M., K.C., 296

Swift, Rigby Philip Watson, M.P., 550

Tobin, A. A., K.C., 71

Todd, Judge, 448

Tredgold, Robert Ralph, 373

Tredgold, Robert Samuel, 373

Waite, Edmund, 71

Waugh, William James, K.C.. 220

Wellington, R. Henslowe, 140

Whiteley, George Cecil, 71

Wild. Ernest Edward, 550

Wilson, Edward, 26

Williams, William Llewelyn, M.P., 550

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