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Columbia Government r.

Emerald Company Limited Re Groom's Settlement; Groom and others v. Rawson and another Mendelssohn v. Traies and Son

Re M. S. Cooper (deceased); Reeder v. Curtis and others

Re Kenrick and Jefferson's Patent, No.

6629 of 1903

Henderson v. Hassan

Norton v. Gillespie and another

Mills v. Grundherr

Brown v. Brown

Mercedes Daimler Motor Company Limited r. John Marston Limited

Stobbs v. Rubber Industrial Limited and others

Sutton and others r. Bowden and others Gilespie v. Warne

Vincent . The Deasy Motor Car Manufacturing Company

Strauss and Co. r. Milburn Kerckhove The Columbus Potato Chip Cutter Company . The Duke of Norfolk

J. Aird and Co. v. The Tanjong Pagar Dock Board

Re Edward Pumphrey (deceased); Marson v. Merriman

Barnes v. Goldfinch Carter v. Drake

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John Brinsmead and Sons Limited . Brinsmead and Waddington and Sons Limited

Hughes v. Wade

Land and Leasehold Securities Company Limited v. West End Hotel Syndicate Limited and Bayer

Le Champion r. McLean

Pugh r. The Riley Cycle Company
Limited and The British Gregoire
Agency Limited
Grieve v. Spiers

The Goss Printing Press Company . The
Wessex Press Limited and others

Shimwell r. Glaze and others
Swan r. Gould

Bowles . The Governor and Company of the Bank of England

Hawkes and another r. Stanbury
Wade v. Hughes

Siemers v. The Springwell Brewery Company Limited

Evans and others v. Wears
Wilton v. Medina
Roberts v. Roberts

Cawtheray . The Provincial Cinemato-
graph Theatres Limited
Zikmund . The National Investment
Trust Corporation of England Limited
Elfick. Elfick
Joseph Rank Limited. Jackson
Ayres and another . McCulloch
Re William Roberts (deceased); Bagley
r. Burton and others
Bischof v. Yorke

Dysart and another e. Hammerton and


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the Matter of Letters Patent. No. 18,898 of 1904. granted to Philip

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Causes for Trial without Witnesses and Adjourned Summɔnses.

Re Marsden's Estate; Marsden v. Marsden | Actiengesellschaft fur Anilin Fabrikation, ke The Cairn Line of Steamship Com- &c., v. Read, Hoillday and Co. pany The Company v. Crump Same v. Levinstein Limited Re J. G. Goddard (deceased); Goddard Smith v. Day v. Goddard

Re Sir R. W. H. Palmer's Estate; Palmer v. Fenwick

Re Whitehead (deceased); Whitehead. Whitehead

Re Montague Huggins (deceased); Montague Huggins v. Frost

Re Companies Consolidation Act 1908 and
Re J. E. Clarke and Sons Limited
Re Mary Grey (deceased); Re Grey's
Marriage Settlement; Grey v. Lounds

Re Nunn's Estate; Nunn v. Nunn
Re Haworth; Selfe v. Ogilvy
Dawson v. Foulger

Re Drummond's Estate; Drummond v.

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Re Henry Wise's Settlement; Smith v. Walter

Re G. Cookson; Cookson v. Cookson
Re T. J. Coombs (deceased); Joslin v.

Re John Corey (deceased); Kinnaird v.

Re J. Patch (deceased); Blaiklock. Patch

Re R. T. Hippisley (deceased); Hippisley v. Hippisley

Perry and Sons Limited v. Hessin and

Re Thomas Wood (deceased); Wood

Re John Firth (deceased); Firth. Firth te Walters (deceased); Stancombe. King

.Re P. Handy (deceased); Handy v. Handy
Re W. Hunt (deceased): Gorler. Hunt
Re Hayles' and Gurney's Contract and Re
Vendor and Purchaser Act 1874

Re Roskell's Estate; Roskell v. Codring


Re J. J. Mason's Will Trust; Mason v. Cotes

Re Baron Holden (deceased); Lobley .

J. and W. Nicholson and Co. Limited .
The Official Receiver and Liquidator of
the Birkbeck &c., Building Society
Re Griffin (deceased); Manby r. Webbe
Re Grove (deceased); Search e. Pembleton

Re Hickman (deceased); Hickman v. Hick-Re T. H. Horn (deceased); Holt & Moir

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Re W. White (deceased); Ellis e. White Re Edward Pink (deceased); Pink v. Pink Champness v. Trustees

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SUMMARY OF CHANCERY CAUSE LIST. Mr. Justice Joyce: Witness Actions, 87; Adjourned Summonses, 5-Total. 97 Mr. Justice Swinfen Eady: Witness Actions, 48; Motion, 1; Adjourned Summonses, 18-Total, 62.

Mr. Justice Warrington: Witness Actions, 8; Adjourned Summonses, 2; Further Considerations, 2; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 29-fotal, 41. Mr. Justice Neville. Witness Actions, 5; Further Consideration, 1: Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 51-Total, 57.

Mr. Justice Parker: Witness Actions, 53; Motions, 3; Petition, 1; Adjourned Summonses, 9-Total, 66.

Mr. Justice Eve: Witness Actions, 2; Further Consideration, 1; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 55-Total, 58.

Total Causes and Matters for Hearing in the Chancery Division, 376.

Companies (Winding-up) Matters for Hearing before Mr. Justice Swinfen Eady and Mr. Justice Neville:-Petitions, Companies (Winding-up), 31; Petitions (Chancery Division), 2; Action for Trial (Chancery Division), 1; Motion, Companies (Windingup), 5; Court Summonses, Companies (Winding-up) and Chancery Division, 21Total, 60.

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22 WORCESTERSHIRE-Parkes and others . Licensing Justices of Dudley 23 Firth and another e. Leibbrand 24 CHESHIRE Bex r. Justices of Cheshire; Er parte Heaver 25 SAME-Rex r. Same; Er parte Same 26 YORRSHIRE, W.R.-Bex Cer missioners of Inland Revenue; es parte Ramsden

27 Bowring and Co. . Spillers and Bakers

28 LANCASHIRE-Nuttall . Pickering 29 GLAMORGAN - Roach E. Figuus Quarter Sessions

30 Dawson . Holme Cultram -ba District Council

31 LANCASHIRE-Openshaw Pick 32 METROPOLITAN POLICE DISTEL & ➡ London County Council v. Allen

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51 YORKSHIRE, W.R.-Ross r. Helm
Mitchell, Esq., and another, Justices,
&c.; Ex parte Livesey

53 SAME-Rex v. Same; Ex parte Jackson
54 SAME-Hex v. Same; Ex parte Preston
55 SAME-Rex v. Same; Ex parte Hanson
56 SAME-Rex v. Same; Er parte Birtwell
57 SAME-Rex v. Same; Ex parte Scott
Robertson v. Hawkins

59 ENGLAND (GERMANY)-Rex v. Governor
of Brixton Prison

60 SOUTHAMPTON-Wills and Sons v. McSherry and others

61 SOMERSET-Gregory v. Walker

62 Yager v. Guardian Assurance Com-
pany Limited

63 LIVERPOOL-Caldwell v. Bethell

41 SAME-Brown and others v. Same 42 METROPOLITAN POLICE DISTRICT-64 Barker v. New Tivoli Limited 43 MIDDLESEX-Kex v. Byles, Esq.. and others, Justices, &c.; Er parte Hollidge 44 WAKEFIELD-Seal v. Mayor, &c., of


[blocks in formation]


Lee v. Taylor and another 65 ENGLAND (NORWAY)-Rex v. Govenor of Brixton Prison

66 GLAMORGAN-James v. Tudor

67 LONDON-Rex v. Carson Roberts, Esq.
Kershaw v. Smith and Co.

Associated Newspapers Limited and others v. Mayor, &c., of London

70 DORSETSHIRE-Guardians of Shaftesbury Union v. Brockway.


For Argument.

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r. Pearl Life Assurance Company
3 Northumberland County Council and
The Mayor, &c., of Newcastle-upon-
Tyne v. The Mayor, &c., of Tynemouth
Oil Company Limited v. Ellis (Howard,
Garnisbee-Ellison, Claimant)


5 LONDON-Pattinson v. New Whittlesea Brickworks Limited

6 London United Tramways Limited v. London County Council

7 STAFFORDSHIRE (WALSALL). - Orenstein and Koppel v. Walker Brothers Limited

Drakes Limited v. Tottenham and Edmonton Gas Light and Coke Company

9 LONDON-Coatostone Decoration Company v. Chessum and Sons

10 MIDDLESEX (WESTMINSTER)-Metiopolitan Water Board v. Bunn

11 MIDDLESEX (BROMPTON)-Crumby v. Hall

12 SUFFOLK (HALESWORTH)-Oross v. Rix 13 LONDON-Pattinson v. New Whittlesea Brickworks Limited

Royal London Mutual Insurance
Society Limited

and Co. v. Midland Railway Compaty
politan Water Board v. Johnson and Co
17 Gray v. Way


burn v. Diprose 19 MIDDLESEX (BLOOMSBURY)-Kelly . Debenham


21 SURREY (SOUTHWARK)-Coleman v. P and G. Geen

22 SUSSEX (LEWES)—Warburton v. Pursglove and another

23 Willis v. Nickson


[blocks in formation]

Urban District Council v. Seward and others (Eveleigh, Third Party)

25 HEREFORDSHIRE (ROSS) - Creswell v. Jones and another

26 LONDON-Deering and Sons v. Targett
McNamara and Co. Limited

28 LONDON-Tollast o. Luft and Co.
Cowern v. Nield

Holford v. Ashton



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NEWTON) Hughes
Assurance Company Limited

Agency Limited v. Bentley

58 YORKSHIRE (KINGSTON-UPON-HULL)— Fisk and another v. Trumble

59 Clode and others v. London County Council

of Saltash v. Geake

EATON)-Rose v. James and another
London Central Motor, &c.. Company
63 KENT (GREENWICH)-Rogers v. Reid
64 SURREY (SOUTHWARK)—sims v. Vian
and Wadge

65 YORKSHIRE (HALIFAX)-In the Matter
of the Halifax Zoo and Amusement
Park Limited

GOLLEN)-Richards v. Wrexham and
Acton Collieries Limited
67 SAME-Davies r. Same
v. Allgood

[blocks in formation]

38 OXFORDSHIRE (OXFORD)-Livingstone | 76 SURREY (KINGSTON)-Mullord r. Paine r. Ross

[blocks in formation]

v. Calzita and Co. (Calzitta, Claimant)
78 SURREY (REDHILL)-Dawes v. Marrs
Supply Company Limited v. Low

man v. Deeley

born v. Court



(WORCESTER) Smith and Son v. J. and W. H. Leeke 83 London County Council r. London County and Westminster Bank

84 WARWICKSHIRE (COVENTRY) — Hayward v. Field

85 SAME-Foster v. Parker


Jones v. Williams

(CARNARVON) (STOW-ON-THEWOLD)-Groves v. Cheltenham, &c., Building Society.


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Educational Foundation and The Com-
missioners of Inland Revenu.

Petitions under Finance (1909-10) Act 1910, 8. 44 (2).
County Hotel and Wine Company
Limited (Re The County Hotel, Court-
square, Carlisle)

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Company (Re The Exchange Station
Hotel Refreshment Rooms, Liverpool)
Holborn and Frascati Limited (Re The
Frascati Restaurant, 32, Oxford-street,

Same (Re The Holborn Restaurant, 218,
High Holborn, W.C.)
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co.
Limited and another (Re The Unicorn,
Commercial-street, E.)

Same (Re The Crown Hotel, 102, Laven-
der-hill, S. W.)

Same (Re The Princess of Wales, 45,
London-road, S.E.)

Same (Re The Custom House, 277, Vic-
toria Dock-road, West Ham)

Same (Ke The Connaught Arms, West

Same (Re The Central Buffet, Royal
Albert Docks, Essex)

Same (Re The Crown Hotel. Harlesden)
Watney, Combe, Reid, and Co. Limited
(Re The Clarence, North End-road,

Same (Re The Devonshire Castle, Harrow-
road, London)

Same (Re The Telegraph, Shepherd's
Bush Green, London)

John Geo. Mickle and The Cannon Brewery
Company Limited (Re Red Lion, Edg-

Charrington and Co. Limited (Re White
Hart, 231, Lower Clapton-road, London)
Same (Re The Duncannon, 3, Duncannon-
street, Charing Cross)

Same (Re The Rifle, 80, Fulham Palace-
road, Hammersmith)

Same (Re The King's Head, 12, High-
street, Fulham)

Same (Re The Angel, High-road, Ilford,

Same (Re The Cock Inn, High-street,
North East Ham, Essex)

Same (Re The Rising Sun, Romford-road,
East Ham, Essex)

Same (Re The Bell, 468, High-road, Ley-
tonstone, Essex)

Same (Re The Canton Arms, 177, South
Lambe h-road)

Eleanor Strange (Re The Swan, 4, The
Broadway, Hammersmith, W.)
Charrington and Co. Limited (Re
The Nag's Head, High-street, Wood

Same (ke The Duke of Sutherland, 51.
Lorrimore-road, County of London)
Same (Re The Tyssen Arms, Dalston-
lane, Hackney)

Same (Re The Sun Tavern, Askew-road,
Shepherd's Bush)

Same (Re The Old Spotted Dog, Neasden-
lane, Neasden).

A. and S. Gatti Limited (Re The Adelaide
Gallery, Strand, W.C.)

Cherrington and Co. Limited (Re The Crown Public House, 201, Coldharbourlane)

A. E. Griffiths and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Albany, Great Poriland-street, W.)

J. H. Flude and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Atlantic, Brixton, S.W.)

J. W. Steele and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Ben Johnson, Harrowroad, W.)

H. Wheeler, The Cannon Brewery Company, and another (Re The Britannia, Hackney)

E. H. Westley and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Castle, Old Kentroad, S.E.)

A. Dewing and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Chippenham, Paddington, W.)

G H. Cole and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Colleen, Bermondsey, S.E.

H. S. Homewood and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The College Park Hotel, Hammersmith)

A. E. Gutteridge and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Crown, Cricklewood) H. J. Pounds and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Dorset Arms, Lambeth, S.E.)

M. A. Dunn Godfrey and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re Duke of Sussex, Acton Green, W.)

F. T. White and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Earl of Aberdeen, Bethnal Green, E.)

W. A. Lyne and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Junction Hotel, Willesden Junction, N.W.)

C. Revill and The Cannon Brewery ComDany (Re The Lord Nelson, 386, Oid Kent-road, S. E.)

F. E. Leat and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Metropolitan, Farringdon-road, E.C.)

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F. E. Butler and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Nag's Head, Hackney-road, N.E.)

W. Badcoe and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Neeld Arms, Harrowroad, W.)

C. A. Peach and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Old Bell, High-road, Kilburn, W.)

F. P. Langford and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Plough, Harrow-road, W.)

C. Cook and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Prince of Wales, Fulham, S.W.)

A. Collinson and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Queen's Hotel, Upton Park, Essex)

A. E. Smith and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Red Lion Westminster, S. W.)

R. Will and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Shaltesbury, Ho.nsey Rise, N.)

W. Daruell and The Cannon Brewery
Company (Re The St. James Restau-
rant. The Broadway, Westminster)
A L. Lawrence and the Cannon Brewery
Company (Re The Three Brewers.
Essex-road, N.)

E R. Auckland and The Cannon Brewery
Compary (Re The Tourlow Arms,
Norwood-road, S E.)

R. C. Kynaston and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Railway Tavern, Tottenham N)

P. N. Smith and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Union Tavern, Clerkenwell, W.C.)

T. J. Pinn and The Cannon Brewery Company Re The Victoria Hotel, Charterhouse-street, E U.)

A. R. S. Wilmot and 1. e Cannon Brewery Company (Re The theny Arms,

Ki g's-road, Chelsea)

J. E. Hunt and The Cannon Brewery Company (Re The Wheatsheaf, Edgware-road, W.)

James Bacon (Re The Coach and Horses, Edgwar-road, W.)

R. W. Whitenead (Re The Coach and Horses, Walthamstow, Essex)

W. G. Dickinson (Ke The Cock Tav.rn, Klourn. W.)

D. C. Whitehead (Re The Crown and Anchor, St. Pancras, N. W.)

C. Tan.r (Re The Falcon, Battersea, S.W)

G. Whitehead (Re The Impe:ial, Billitersquare, E.C)

G. Whitebeal (Re The North London Hotel, Kuburn, W.)

D. J. Whitebead (Re The Plough, Walthamstow, Esses)

K. Gurney (Ke Tue Queen, Stockwell S.W)

G. Whitehead (Re The White Hart, Bishopsgate-street Without E C.)

E. M. Barker and others (Ke Seven Stars, High-street, ite hapel, E.)

T. R. Dipple R The Flora, Barrow. 1oad, W.)

Heory Jennings and

The Cannon

Brew ry Company Lim ted (Re

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Princess Eead, 1, York-road, Batteropa) William Alfred Prowne and The Cannon Brewery Company Limitel (Re Tue Finsbory Park Tavera. Seven Sisterroa 1, Middlesex)

Janes Cooper and The Cannon Brewery Company Limited (Re The Princess Alice, Forest Gate)

Wlam Prance ani The Cannon Prewery Company Limited (Re The Enkel Arms, Seven Sisters-road)

George Hy. Ellis ana The Cannon Brewery
Company Limited (Re The Bakers Arms,
Lea Bridge-road, Leyton)

Edw. Walter Greenwood and The Cannon
Breery Company Limited (Re The hed
Lion. High-road, Leytonstone)
Geo. Fredk. Mat hews and The Cannon
Brewery Company Limited (Re The
Rising Suo. Euston-rod, N. W.)
Jot n S. Bateman and 1 he Cannon Brewery
Company Limited (Re The Springfield,
Bounds Green road, Wood Green)
Frederick May and The Cannon Brewery
Company Limited (Re The Cock note,
Sutton. Surrey.)

Henry W. Paskins and The Carnon
Brewery Company Limited (Re The
Ntingham Castle, Wandsworth road,

Annie M. Weinrabe and The Cannon Brewery Company Limit. (e Ye Olde White Horse, Brixton, S. W.) William P. Chapman and The Cannon Prewery Company Limited (Re The Black Hors'. Catford).

Sydney Jonathan Tinner (Re The Earl of Essex, 616, Romford-road, East Ham)

Rhondda Valley Breweries Company Limited (Re Victoria Hotel, Ferndale, Gan)

Same (Ke Robertstown Hotel, Ynysybwl, Glam.)

Same (Re Le Hotel, Penrhiwceiber, Glam.)

S me (Re Belle Vue Hotel, Penrhiwceiber, Gl.m.)

Sane (Re Wyndham, Treherbert, Glam.).

[blocks in formation]

1162 Property Insurance Company 1 iunted r. Beresford and others. Libel

1840 Blyth v. W. and G. Du Cros Limited and another. Pers. inj

1841 Middleton . Suage and others. Contract

1526 Hodgson r. Same. Libel 1528 Rimmer v. Reynolds, SoLs, and Co. 1812 Lowe and Hurley. T. Wile n. Limited. Wrong. dis. Sons, and Co. Limited and others. Negligence

1533 Scot r. Grabam. Libel 15,5 Debenham, Storr, and Sons Limited 1844 Abelson. Employers &c, AssoTr. Earl of Chesterfield. Commission ance Corporation Limited. Argi 15:6 Ettlinger and Cor. Cuban (Parent) gence Syndicate Limited and others. Fraud. reps. 1562 Jennings V. Middlesex Hospital irj.

1566 Parker and Richardson v. Samuel. Work


1845 J. Harmsworth Limited . Monteflore and others. Note 1848 Burton 0. Agnew and others. Detinue 1866 Thoi sch V. Festitics and others Fraud. reps.

1567 O'Sullivan r. Mavrojani. Pers. inj. 1868 Horsfall e. Delbende. Contract 1568 Marks . Snarey. Con.ract 1879 The Fruit and Vegetab.e Growers 169 Howes v. Hole. Li bel Association Limited r. Alcock. 1510 Dor and Advertising Agency Calls Warner and others. Fraud reps 1885 McGiehan v. Davenport. Negligen e 1577 Desborough v. Chronicle Company 1890 Newton v. Moy, hardman, and C. Limite and another. Lib.l 1578 Same v. Oxley and others. Libel 1580 Duke r. Wilson and others. Work 1588 Carr r. Schmidt. Contract 1592 Merridew and Wife v. Hamel. Fers. inj.

1534 Lloyd r. Eermondsey Guardians. Wrong, dis.



1994 Maple and Co. I imited v. Hammersein. Goods soid 1895 Motor Investors Associs tion Limite l . Beckmanu and another. Acry paid

1896 More and another. Wigley Libel

1900 Bidgell v. Jackson. Fraud. reps 106 Dibbins v. Pinchin. Juhuson, and (0. Limited. Wrong dis

1303 Morison r. Bradley. Money received 1612 Der man r. Washington. Contract 16.4 Washington . Watson. Negligence 1616 Petorong Java, &c., Limited e. Mont- 1914 Nott and another . Boinsu Rubber

Company Limited. Coutract 1918 Morison v. Hart and cv. Money received

1920 Mo isen ". London County and Westminster Bank L mile.. Money received Milue r. Mackill p. promise


Brea h

rose Matabele Company Limited and others. Money received 1617 Taylor r. Warwick. Contract 1628 Simpkins n v. Ford. Fraud. reps. 1643 Ashwin r. Lonion General Omnibus Company Lim.ted an i others. Pers. inj. 1611 Higginbottom v. Hayes (Uni.) Printing, &c., Limited. Wrong. dis. 1922 Crosby and another r. Lonn 1649 Pole. Plummer and otoers. Libel 1653 Cro ch v Sturge and others. Policy 1654 Peddar r. Scotter. Contract. 1659 O'Sullivan. British Aedical Association. Libel

1672 Morison r. Ell and Co. received

[blocks in formation]

1673 Morrison r. May and another. Money received

1938 Elliott v. Doree. Contract Warwick and others., 1944 Stuart . Stoneham and Co Commission

1675 Wright r.
1679 Essequibo Rubber, &c. Limited v.
Lambert Calls

1680 Fox v. Co.ton and others. Declara-

1682 Victoria (Malaya) &c. Limited r. Syndicate and others Declara


1687 Goodson v. Robinson and Wife. Bil

1688 McCarthy v. Sams Bi 1

1958 Frencn T. Improved Industral Dwellings Company Labied Pers. inj.


Dreifuss and another. Aralay Syndicate Limite.. Gouds sju 1963 Weisberg v. Kempoer. Note 1966 Worsdal v. Earl's Cout Lim.ted. Declaration

1969 Nettheim v. Norden. Fraud reps 175 Alvarez v. Hammerstein Contract

1690 Singer r. Anciens Estab. Mestre, 1977 Escott. White. Pers, inj

& Wrong dis

1701 Dution ". Bateman. Solicitor's bill

1708 Graves v. Galloway. L'bel 1709 Morison e Budd. Money received 1710 F. Lawrence Limited r. Montefiore and another. Note. 1713 Amalgamated

1982 Cocksen v. Broomdeld and Livel

19:6 Lathem v. Caws on. Wrong dis 2000 Leeds . Eyre and Spottiswoode ar i another. Lib:1

2002 Sarl. r. London Uried Tr.mWAJS
Limited. Negligen es
Cinematograph 2006 Cager e. Ku gston. Wrong. dis
Theatres Limited V. Robinson. 2023 Waite v. P.e.s Association Led
and others. Libel
2024 Genara Properties Limited r. Ass
ciated Newspapers Limited and
another. Lab 1

1718 Sith . Vereker. Fraud. reps.
1723 Simansky . Commerical Advance
Company Limited. Wrong dis.

1725 Gavin e. Clifford and others. Con

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2026 Sumi v. Premier Cyels Compar Limited. Contract 2031 Oswald v. Golan y. Bl .041 upper

. Daily Express (190) Lanted. Libel 2017 Monro r. Kiog. Possession zvou Ricard and Freiwald . Viran Younger, and Boni. Libel 2052 Spurling c. Abrahams. Contract 2063 Lishop e. Thomas. Injancun 2064 Same v. Pres on. Injunction 2063 Same . Lavenport. injunctia 20.6 Jotnsoa r. Rickord. Slander 2083 Follitt r. Acton Adams Cuirs 2038 Erwne v. Scottish Insurance CotyTM* ration Limited. P.licy

1758 Andriveau. Hammerstein. Con- 2100 Beskins' Watford Brewery Limited

[blocks in formation]

864 Evans . Fielder and others. Conspiracy 1444 Tienear 0. Bulloch. promise

1390 Edinburgh Exploration Syndicate 1456 Wallrock and Co. r. Hoffmann. Limited . Braddon. Fraud. reps 1426 Moritz and others r. Strick and

[blocks in formation]

937 Stevens r. British Medical Associa tion. Libel

1044 Abell v. Wild. Libel.

(Some of the above Cases may be in the List on Monday, the 14th Oct)

1100 Nebenzahl v. Phillips and Vanderhaege Limited. Contract

1164 Chinn . Times Publishing Company. Contract

259 Heard v. Bowley and Son. Fraud. reps.

128 Hopping v. Hellyar. Work 1339 Baker r. Foster. Detinue 1244 Leer. Braff. Slander

355 Jordan r. Cronshaw. Rent 1137 Lery London General Omnibus Company Limitel. Pers, it j

1017 Ward v. Clark and another. False impt.

Fraud. reps.

165 Greenlands Limited v. Wilmshurst and others. Libel

1470 Amalgamated Trust Limited t. brown. Contract

1471 Besterman v. British Motor Cab Company Limited and others. Pers. inj. 1476 Paine r. Polden. Indemnity 1489 Sutton, Carden, and o. Limited . Goods sold.

Pullen and ano her.

6 Rycer r. Sagar, Musgrave, and another. Fraud. reps.

180 Kobenhavns, &e., Societe Anonyme Broderson and Co. Goods


1490 Jeffery and another v. Jeffery. Money lent

1500 Nichols r, S. F. Edge Limited and another. Contract

1512 Goatee. Carbonneau and others. Conspiracy

1513 Wa'dell r. S: me. Conspiracy


r. F. W. Davison and Co. uwes soli Hutton r. Gubbins.

r. Salvador Railway Company Limited. Contract 1767 Algemeene, &c., Cultuurzaken . 2117 Bessent and Son. Chatham Empr Baay and others. otspiracy Theatre of Varie ier, Trespass 2120 Bendix E. Chilian Syndicate s

1768 Groomer. Frost. Seduction

1774 Edwards r. Moore. Contract

another. Declaration

1782 Bowler and others v. British Colum- 2134 Briusa General insurance Compar bian Fisheries Limited. Injunetion

Lamited r. Farrow's Bank Li Negligence

1796 Mayo. Londen, Tilbury, and 2136 Jones and others r. The Pa Southend Railway Company. Pers. inj.

Kubber, &c., Company Li Fraud. reps.

1798 English Record Company Limited. 2140 Field r. Lowenfeld, Wrong

r. Valkenborgh. Calis 1804 Imperial Cold Stores Limited Silves er. Work

[ocr errors]

1809 Piler. Port of London Authority. Pers inj. 1810 Habershon v. Gregory. Libel 1812 Brenan e. Barlock Typewriter Company Limited. Mal. pros. 1825 Glasscoe v. Fryer, Cooper, and Co.


1826 Fryer. Cooper, and Co. v. Glasscoe.


1827 McLaren v. Ernet. Contrect

2147 F. Lawrence Limited . give another. Note 2148 Same t. Ogilvie. Not

2158 Davis c. Kimbell Breach of p 2168 Ryder r. John Groves and Sue to inj. 2169 H.M. Attorney-General . Esta

[blocks in formation]

1828 Baerlin. The Times Fublishing 2190 Fisher and another . "

Con pany Work


Oct. 12, 1912.]

291 Denarber v. Empire Palace Limited.

2192 La Banque Franco-Alge: ienne, &c. r.
Scofield. Contract
H. Walker and S. ns.

2197 Weinbolt v
2198 McCoy r. London. Ti'bury, and
Southend Railway Company Pers.
2216 De Tourtolon and Ertler v. Burrage
and Tewson Limited. Goods sold
2217 H rz v. Titu. Goods sold
223) Turner v. Calthorp Brothers Limited.

2243 Lagrolet v. Standard Financial Asso-
ciation Limited. Contract

2247 Forbes v. Cox »nd Co. Contract.
2218 Fairbanks Dutilh Smith, McMil'an,
and Co. outract
2249 Angell v. Felton and Crepin. Libel
2253 Reeks r. McAlister. Fraud. resca.
2257 J. A. Hend-1son and Co. Limited v.
W. J. and H. Thompson. Counact
2259 Ilaro Rubber, &c., Estates Limited .
Edgar. Calls


2270 Fombona v. Yturbe. Libel 2274 London and County Land, &c., Company Limited v. London County and Westminster Bank Limited. Money received 2273 Meyerstein v. Towne. S'ander 2274 County of London Electric Supply Company L mited v. Salomon and Co. Goods sold

2280 Chamberlain v. Meyer. Breach of promise

2281 Carter v. Countess of Warwick. Bill 2282 Asso and Formento v. Balteaux. Bills

War2286 Michaelson v. Lake. Note 2291 Cointat e. Myham and Son. ranty 2296 Tucker and Wife v. London General Omnibus Company Limited. Pers. i j. Co. Hanf: tienel v. Fowler and Copyright


2316 A. bubridge ard Co. Limited v. National Sea Fisheries, &c, Assc'atin and others. Contract

2262 Down v. British Motor Cab Com- 2321 Wilson and Grav r. Wilson and pany. Negl gence

2265 Caremont, Haynes, and Co.


another. Commiss on 2331 Vino v. Stoneham and Co. Negligence

Beaves. Sol citors' bul 2267 Shepherd v Essex County Council, 2344 Bell r. Hayes and others. Pers. inj. 2345 Same . same. Pers. inj. and another. Pers. inj.

[blocks in formation]

1210 Cutler v. May and eth-rs. Slander and Grizzard v. 1265 Philips


Detinue 1387 Lanchester Motor Company Limited and another v. Charles Lane and another. Negligence 1496 Redmond c. Barwell. Commission General Motor Cab 1532 Learwood v. Company. Negligence 1534 Dougoty e. London General Omnibus Company. Lord Campbell's act 1539 Jackson v. B ish Motor Cab Company Limited and others. inj.

1114 Pearce


Pers. Start another v. and Money lent 1541 Bart. Kennedy's Publisting ComLimited Bowerman. pany Contract 1545 Wise r. London General Omnibus Company Limited. Negivence 1517 Cohen v. London General Omnibus Pers. inj. Company Limited. and Barrett, 1548 Bridge,

Co. t

1700 Abbott v. Goddard. Pers. inj. 1702 Wickens v. Nichols. Injunction 1703 Davenport v. Faraday. Cntract 1706 Seweli v. Gas Light and Coke Company. Pers. inj.

1707 Milsted v. Davy. Breach of promise 1711 Morgan v Ingram, Perkins, and u. and another. Libel

1720 Price v. Syiveilyte (1909) Limited. Goods sold

1744 Monk and Sharpless v. Lissner and others. Goods sold

1745 Patterson v. Mayor, &c., of West

Ham. Pers. inj.

1749 Hoefficker. Barreto.

Goods sold

1752 Marks v. Webb. Pers. inj.

1753 Rowson v. Grandex Cycle Company. Breach of warranty

and Co.

1761 Shepperd v. McNamara Limited. Pers, inj. 1762 Tomlin and Wife v. London General Omnibus Company Limited. Pers. inj. Grace and Co. 1766 Langers v. Kate Wrong. dis. Metropolitan Garage 1770 Morley บ. Association Limited. Pers. i. j. 1776 Werner v. Mauch. Detinue 1777 Wilson v. Batting. Contract London United Tram1781 Goodall v. ways. Pers. inj. 1783 Wright v. Harper. Pers, inj. 1794 Miler v. National Steam Car Company Limited and others. Pers. inj.

1801 Pique. Société Anon, &c., F. L. Cailler. Wrong dis. Mander 1802 Dean v.


Choque 1803 Young v, Reich. Work v. Cail Limited v. Eardley and Smyth. 1806 Broomhead Work Breach of r. Dobell. 1556 McClel:an promise 1872 Woollard and another v. London County Council. Negligeace

and others.

1573 Greenway v. Allam. Libel
1575 Hawkins

1576 Brandon v. Same. Libel
1981 Hider . London County Council.


1596 Davis . Westell


1598 Macklin v McCarthy. Negligence Whitworth, 1600 Burt and another v.

Contract 1601 Bacon and Curtis Limited v. Same Contract

1603 Rosenberg v. London County Council. Pers. inj

1610 Evans v. Turf Accountants' Gazette. Lib.1

1611 Beaford v. Williams' Artificial Teeth Institution. Pers. inj. 1620 Campbell v. Greer. Fraud. reps. 1631 Robinson v. U.S.S.A. Limited. Neg. ligence 1637 Gunstan v. Great Northern Railway Company. Pers. inj. 1651 Meek v. Hendel. Slander. 1661 Coates v. London County Council. Pers. inj.

1662 Berryman v. Same. Pers. inj. 1678 Follett r. Underwood. Trespass



and Libel 1807 Hunt v. Buxton. Fraud, reps. 1820 West of Scotland Electric Theatres Limited v. Jay. Contract

1822 Berringer v. Waterloo Taxi Company Limited and another. Pers. inj.

1833 Hooberman, Cohen, and Co. v. Hooberman. Libel

1835 D. P. Morgan Limited v. Burgess and others. Note

1836 Edgcombe v. Le. Wrong dis.
1838 Evans v. Kellett. Work
1843 Cizalas r. Seward. Assault
1846 Middleton v. Hall. Pers. ij.

1951 Wells r. London County Council.
Pers. inj.
1853 Somerville v. Gorham. Detinue
1855 Leslie v. Mizel. Wrong dis.
1857 Elmer v. Richards, Jay, and Co.
Limited and others. Contract
1860 Sheppard and Trussler v. London
United Tramways Limited. Pers.
1861 Barton v. London General Omnibus
Company Limited. Pers. inj.
1865 Oxenden v. Hallett. Contract

1873 Cook r. Gradon. Slander 1574 Woods v. Al days and Onions, &c Company Limited. Contract

1875 Gibson v. Littlewood. Money lent 1877 Guiard r. De Clermont end Donrer Foreign jungt.

[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]

v. Pope's 2135 Dominy v Beaumont. Contract 2.41 Thom. 8 Electric Lamp Company Limited. Pers. inj.

150 Pax er and ano her v. The St. Panca Garage Company Limited. Pors. iLj. Journals 2151 Hu ffer

Limited. Libel

2152 Russell v. Millen. De inue
2153 De Leuw v. The Wentworth Dwel-
lings Company. rers. ivj.
2154 Rowden . Vou Scala and others.
Pers. inj.
2159 Fraser v. Clarke. Mal. pros.
Cab 2160 Hardacre v. Gade. Conta t
2163 Price v. Cnans 5.
v. London
2167 Lambert ani
General Omnitus Company. Lud
Campbell's Act

1904 Fyfe r. South Mining Company Lim'ted and another. Issue 1907 Curtis v. Harrod's Stor s Limited. Pers. inj. r. London General 1911 Zossenheim Omnibus Company Limited. Pers. inj. 1^12 Conrath v. Clymo. Slarder. 1919 Prenkschat v. Sharp Motor Compauy. Pers, inj. Lib 1 1931 Addis r. Fa quharson. 1935 Ward and others v. Hill. Negl'gence 1937 Betts and arother v. Wynter. Pers. inj.

1940 Staddon v. London General Omnibus Company Limited. Pers. inj. 1943 Claxton v. London County Council. Pers, inj. 1950 Beresford v. Fetherston. Fraud. res.

1951 Allen v. Messers Limited. Money pa'd

1952 Kronheim and Co. v. Advertising Concessions, &c., Company Limited. Work 1961 Watson and another v. Sarkiss. Trespass

[blocks in formation]

1976 Fitzgerald v. Hoare and Co. Limited.
Pers. inj

1984 Evans v. Todd Pers. inj.
1920 Nash r. Thorman. Con ract
1991 Hearne v. Brotherwood and Son.
Pers. inj.
and Son Limited v.
1999 J. Wilkes
Wiggins. Money paid

2001 Baker Street Motor Car Bazaar
Limited v. Marshall. Wo:k

2003 Dowle v. Ellis. Pers. inj,
2005 Pike v. O'Malley. Contract
2012 Jones v. Hearts of Oak, &c., Limited.
L bel


2020 Newfoundland Oil, &., Syndicate
Limited v. Dixon, Harris, and Co
Pers. inj.
2021 Sams v. Ellis and Smith.
2025 Wodislavsky v. Zigmund.
2029 Hamley v. Pedrette and ano.her.
2030 Hucks v. Regan. Slander
London Curio Club
2035 Maund
Limited. Detinue
2037 Turberville v. Alexander. Pers. inj.
2043 Langdon-Down v. Cuban (Parent)
and others.
Syndicate Limited
Money lent
Eastwood and Co. Limited v. Kaphan.
Fraud. reps.
2051 Portsmouth Hippodrome Limited v.
Fields. Contract


2060 United Brassfounders, &c., Limited
v. New England Boring Company
Limited. Counter-claim

2062 Blank v. Beanes and others. Note
2073 Lefkovitch v. Webster. Pers. inj.
2075 Watts and Wife v. Goodman. Pers.

2079 Stanford v Kensett. Slander
2082 Clarke and Wife, London County
Council. Pers. ij.

2090 Johnson r. Gair. Pers. inj.
2091 Mc Donald v. same. Pers. i j.
2103 Page v. Mills and Sons Limited.
Pers. inj.

2105 Pinoli e. Stevens. Negligence
2107 Gardner v Callender.
2109 Stocks v. Wilson. Contract


2171 Silk v. Jones.
2180 Hoggett and Wife v. London County
Council. Pers. inj.

2186 Marston and Wife . Commercial, Advance Company Limi.ed. Declration

2194 Fritz v. Easty. S'ander

2196 Hacker v. London General Omnibus ani others. Company Limited

Pers. inj. Bill 2199 Tattersali v. Beecham and another

2200 Kregor v. Hollins. Work 2207 May v. Gillier. Negligence 2218 Snaw v. Charter. Breach of promise v. Loucon and another 2240 Harris Omnibus Company General Limited and another. Pers. ini. 2221 Diamondstein v. Whue. Trespass 2223 Wojciechowski v. Lombery Limited and another. Work

2226 Fulwood v. Kabalkon. Commission 2225 Draper v. Reynolds. Contract 2228 W. and G. Du Cros Limited . Wigrove. Negligence

2229 Ba Si r. T. Cook and Son. Contract. 2230 Fowler v. London County Council. Pers. inj.

2231 Somerald and Co. v. Geneè. Contract

2233 Baars v. British Motor Cab Compaty Limited. Pe.s. 1 j.

2234 Vine v. National Motor Cab Company Limited and another, Pers. inj. 2235 Alien v. Ball. Pers. inj. 2236 Habets v. Koppenhagen, Fraud,


2237 Dussek, Brothers, and Co. Limited v. Gillett. Issue 2238 Ospovat v. Wilson. Wrong. dis. 2245 Stanton v. Lupton. Contract 2251 Lapsley v. Hind. Pers. inj. 2255 Werneeke v. Bury. B.ll 2256 Cleland-Hollamby v Maple an1 Co. Limited. Pers. inj. 2.58 Hall and others r. London County Council. Pere, inj. 2266 Spero v. Sparo. Money paid 2271 Grosvenor v. Steiner and Co. Bill 2285 Short v. London County Council. Negligence

2289 Horwitz e. Phillips. Assau't 2299 Matthews r. Patent Steam Carpet Beating Company Limited. Trespass 2301 J. Brinsmead and Sons Limit d v. Ti lemont-Thomason. Detinue Company Engineering 2306 Chesney Limited v. Griffiths. Bill 2307 Horwitz e. Frankel, Money leut 2317 Spawforth v. J. M. Bain and Co Limited and others. Contract

2318 Mowat v. Sime. Contract 2326 Becher r. Luard. Money paid 2332 Avon-Vale (Wilts), &c., Company Limited r. Carrington. Is: ue 2339 Johnson e. Holland. Detinue 2346 Holloway Brothers (London) Limited v. Skeiton and Co. Indemnity 2350 W lk Lson . Ries, Libel.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

2149 Maison Arthur Limited v. Myers. Goods sold

2155 Hemmons . F. B. Cooper and Co. and others. Negligence 2156 Boddy v. Watney. Money lent 2157 Law Guarantee, &c., Society Limited (in liquidation) v. National Live Stock Insurance Company Limited. Policies

2162 Davis v. British Duplex, &c., Syndicate Limited. Work

2177 Llangattock v. Dodman and others. Possession

2179 Thames Sack and Bag Company Limited . P. Conolly and Son Limited. Goods sold

2187 Fortescue and another v. Grimes. Contract

1933 Fenton v. Cookson and another. Bill 1942 Peck. Newellite Glass Tile Com- 2188 Regent's Canal, &c., Company r.

pany Limited. Commission 1949 Mackintosh and another v. Stiven. Contract

1953 C. B. Fry and Co. Limited v. Gallindoss. Money lent

1967 Foster v. Plotzker. Work 1968 Jay v. Boswell. Contract

Great NortDern and City Railway
Company. Rent


2189 McBride v. Cox. 2193 Thus v. Wallace and another. tract 2195 Myers v. Gascoigne. Work 2213 Brown . Valentine and Foster. Money received

1974 Charles Stevens Limited v. Philips. 2214 Halstead v. Leibbrand. Money lent


1978 Roberts v. Hall. Bills

1983 Rome v. Rome and others.


v. Abrahams.

2215 Gimson and Co. Goods sold Cor--2217 Reader . Ayleward and another. Money lent

[blocks in formation]

2015 Hodgkinson v. Building Construction Company. Work

2048 Ivory Coast Rubber Estates Limited v. Lund, Contract

2059 Neil v. Corder. Money lent 2074 Savage v. Bethell. Work

2080 Tredegar and Co. v. Stewart. Work 2081 Morton Brothers, and Co. v. White and Andrews, Detinue 2092 King and another v. Waterlow. Contract

2093 Fred Wilkins and Brother Limited r. Hammerstein. Work 2099 Godbolt v. Sheridan. Money lent 2101 Goldberg v. Cohen. Work 2104 Gologau v. Peirano. Money lent 2108 Arlidge e. Baker-street Motor Car Bazaar Limited. Trover

2110 Parker v. Indermaur and Brown. Issue

2113 Raphael v. Evans. Contract 2125 Honour v. White. Work 2126 Hornby v. Parkes,

[blocks in formation]

2219 Filter v. Morton.



[blocks in formation]

2322 Kais. Koen. Priv. Oesterreichische
Bank . Blue. Money paid
2323 Lobo v. Steiner and Co. Bill
2325 Champness v. Stephens Contract
2328 Nicholson v. Zolas and another.

2330 C. Pool and Co. Limited v. Prender-
gast and Hunter and another.

2331 Thomas v. Hanbury. Note
2333 Mills . W. J. Fryer and Co. Con-

2338 Greene v. Close. Note

2355 Lawrence's Stores Limited e. Wallis and Steevens Limited. Contract Danielson 2356 Harper v. John Mowlem and Co. Pers. inj.

Limited . Clease. Work

Summary of Actions ready for Trial up to the 8th Oct. Middlesex: Special Juries, 208; Common Juries, 224: Non-Juries, 180. Commercial Causes, 38; Set down under Order XIV., 55, Assigned Actions, 4. Total, 659.

NOTE. This summary shows the total number of actions for trial up to and inclusive of the above date.

Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division. PROBATE ACTIONS and MATRIMONIAL CAUSES to be Heard and Tried at Michaelmas Sittings 1912.

ABBREVIATIONS.-P. Probate-D. Dissolution of Marriage J.S. Judicial Separation -N. Nullity-I. Issue-R.C.R. Restitution of Conjugal Rights-A. Act on PetitionJ.M. Jactitation of Marriage-L.D.A. Legitimacy Declaration Act.

When preceded by "H." suit brought by Husband, and " W." suit brought by Wife. A List of Causes in the order in which they are set down for Trial will be posted at the Registry, Somerset House, and Supplemental Lists may be printed from time to

[blocks in formation]

Before the Court itself.-Undefended Divorce.

1 W J.S.-Isaacs, M. M. v. Isaacs, M.
2 H.D.-Royal v. Royal and McQuire
3 H.D. -
Appleyard. Appleyard and

4 H.D. Sutton . Sutton and Mar-

5 W.J.S.-Skinner. M. E. v. Skinner, W.
6 H.J.S. - Search. A. W. v. Search,
E. M.

7 W.D.-Hardwick, E. e. Hardwick, H.
8 W.D.-Taylor, P. B. v. Taylor, J. F.
9 W.R.C.R. Tranter, D. G. v. Tranter,

[ocr errors]

10 W.D.-Hartley, J. r. Hartley, E. 11 H.D.-Colley v. Colley and Jones 12 W. D. Pembroke, M. F. v. Pembroke, A. R.

13 W.D.-Cole, E. M. U. v. Cole, G. J. 14 W.D.-Fischer. A. e. Fischer, O. 15 HD-Hovil v. Hovil and Cable 16 W.D.-Chilvers. E. E. v. Chilvers, H. 17 W.R.C.R.-Courroux, F. v. Courroux, G. F.

18 W.D.-Law, D. J. v. Law, W. H. 19 H.D.-Morris, F. v. Morris, E. 20 W. R.C.R.-Böhr, M. A. S. v. Böhr, C. L. F.

21 W.J.S.-Shearing, L. E. v. Shearing, A. G.

22 H.D.-Eaton v. Eaton and Hammond 23 H.D-Brack v Brack and Richmond 24 H.D.-Fillingham, G. P. v. Filling ham, B. E. F.

25 W.D.-Hunt, E. K. v. Hunt, E.

26 W.D.-Richardson, M. H. v. Richardson, R.

27 H.D.-Matthews:


86 W.D.-Burnand Cooke, E. J. Bur nand Cooke, E. G.

87 W.D.-Hollis, A. r. Hollis, W. 88 W.D.-Lambart, F. M. . Lambart, C. E. K. A. . Packham,

89 W.D.-Packham, J. W.

90 H.D.-Vickery r. Vickery and Deni


91 H.D. Parsons v. Parsons and Thomp


92 H.D.-Gillis r. Gillis and Team 93 H.D.-Vachell r. Vachell and Bower 91 H.D.-Stedman v. Stedman and Munford

95 W.J.S.-Wakley, E. E. v. Wakley.


96 H.D.-Warren e. Warren and Heather
97 H.D.-Ross r, Ross and Wallis
98 W.R.C.R.-Fowler, M. L. v. Fowler,
H. R.

99 H.D.-Cleasby, M. A. v Cleasby, R.
100 H.D.-Taplin v. Tuplin and White
101 W.D.-Hawker, E. A. r. Hawker. A.
102 H. D.-Jordan e Jordan and Fuell
103 H.D.-Hankel e. Hankel, shorter and

104 W.R.C.R.-Hill, E. e. Hill, W. de M 05 W.D.-Walker, A. r. Walker, J. F. 106 W.R.C.R.-Browning, F. E, c. Brown ing, H. S.

107 W.R.C.R.-Garnham, D. E. v. Garn-
ham, C. G.

108 H.D.-Hill v. Hill and Thompson
109 W.D.-Moore, K. M.. Moore,
S. W. L.

บ. Matthews and 110 W.J.S.-Dore, C. r. Dore, W. CH 111 H.D.-Borrowman e. Borrowman and

28 W.D.-Burton; S. Burton, C. C. 29 W.N.-Thomas (otherwise Dennis) v. Thomas (in camera)

30 W.N.-Farrer (otherwise Mole) v. Farrer (in camera)

31 W D-King, E. e. King, F.

32 W.D.-Papayanni, F. H. v. Papayanni, N.

33 W.N.-Yule (otherwise Cummings) v. Yule (in camera)

34 H.D.-Gordon v. Gordon and Nichol


35 H.D.-Batch . Batch and Kindle 36 H.D.-Hines v. Hines and Gandy 37 H.D.-Tomlinson v. Tomlinson and Byatt

38 W.D.-Dyson, A. v. Dyson, F. 39 H.D.-Castle v. Castle and Hoskins 40 W.D.-Woolls, M. E. v. Woolls, F. E. Q.

41 H.D.-White v. White and Goodwin 42 W.D.-Ricketts H. v. Ricketts, C E. 43 W.D.-Whitworth, M., F. v. Whitworth, A. E. 44 H.D.-Shepherd Chesterman

[blocks in formation]
[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

113 H.D.-Lediard v. Lediard and Kutz 114 W.D.-Arnell, I. A. . Arnell, RS. 115 W.D.-Utteridge, M. M. v. Utteridge, F. W.

116 H.D.-Stroud v. Stroud and Hawkins 117 W D-Bayley, E. B. r. Bayley, G. 5. 118 H.D.-Moiland r. Molland and Tripp 119 W.D.-Carrick, M. A. v. Carrick H. F.

120 H.D.-Tallack, H. T. v. Tallack, M. 121 H.D.-Knight r. Knight and Turner 122 H.D.-Farley v. Farley and Howes 123 W.D.-Lindley, A. A. e. Lindley, L. O 121 H.D.-Chambe.s v. Chambers and Gino

125 W.D.-Beresford, F. L. v. Beresford, J. D.

126 W.R.C.R.- Chapman, K. v. Chapman, C. F. T. H.

127 W.D.-Louth, Baroness E. de M. Louth, Baron R. P. R. 128 H.D.-Barley, F. v. Burley, B. 129 W.D.-Hambling, A . Hambling, H. E. 130 H D.-Richardson r. Richardson and Evans

131 W.D.-Barnes, A. M. v. Barnes, H. J. 132 W.R.C.R-Boyd, N. Mr. Boyd, K. J. 133 W.D.-Kilvert, J. E. e. Kilvert, J. S 134 H.D.-Strong. R. B. v. Strone. L. E.

50 W D.-Woolveridge, E. . Woolve- 135 W.R.O.R. — MacLaughlin, M. A. t. ridge, C. S.

51 W.D.-Foster. F. v. Foster, G.

52 H.D.-Jackson v. Jackson and Lyon 53 W. R.C.R.- Tordiffe, M. A. R. Tordiffe, C. W.

54 W.R.C.R.- Whitcombe, Whitcombe, A. H.

55 W D.-Broad, M. G. D. H. F.


56 H.D.-Piler. Pile and Norton

[ocr errors]

E. V.

MacLaughin, A. M.

136 H.D.-Shead v. Stead and Chalk
137 W.D.-Mendel, L. V. v. Mendel, C.
138 W.D.-Mills, M. v. Mills, J. H. F
139 W.D.-Whitling, E. J. e. Whitling.
H. T. M.

140 H.D.-Lazenby e. Lazenby and Clark v. Broad, 141 H.D.-Woodend v. Woodend and

$7 H.D.-Chasseaud v. Chasseaud and


58 W.D. Stathatos, C. A. v. Stathatos, A.

59 W.D.-Hill, E. L. v. Hill, R. W.

60 W.D.-Palmer, E. M. v. Palmer, H. C.

61 H.D.-Sydenham, v. Sydenham and


62 W.D.-Essien, E. L. v. Essien, W. D. 63 H.D. Barrow t. Barrow and Wetherley

64 H.D.-Baxter v. Baxter and Tissiman 65 H.D.-Thompson v. Thompson and Slade

66 H.D.-Price v. Price and Kemp 67 W.D.-Leigh, A. F. v, Leigh, H. 68 W.D.-Wilmson, R. r. Wilmson, H. 69 W. D.-Davies, R. r. Davies, T. 70 H.D.-Teale r. Teale and Hand 71 W.D.-Hirst, F. e. Hirst, A. 72 W.D.-Coverdale C. v. Coverdale, W 73 H.D.-Hall v. Hall and Bodsworth 74 W.D.-Whitehouse, M. L. v. Whitehouse, E. A.

75 W.D-Lane. M. E. r. Lane, J. C. 76 H.D.-Llewellyn v. Llewellyn and Wise

77 W.D.-Harrison, E. v. Harrison, C. T. 78 W D.-Waterlow, M. v. Waterlow, E L.

79 H.D.-Oakeley C. Oakeley and Gallagher

80 H.D.-Weston r. Weston and Cooper 81 H.D.-Lovell e. Lovell and Hawes

82 W.D.-Upton, R. P. v. Upton,

W. C. O'C.

[ocr errors]


[blocks in formation]

83 W.D.-Westley, F. A. v. Westley 167 H D.-Buck e. Buck and Wells R. A.

84 H.D-Boreham Boreham and Kemp i

168 W.D.

Fellowes, Hon 6.2 Fellowes, Hon. C. C.

83 H.D-Pinhorn r. Pinhorn and Mayes 169 H.D.-Owen w. Owen and Wright

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