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obedience (Parker v. Hambrook), 325 Administration of charities under schemes (Re Faraker; Faraker v. Durell), 303 Anticipating disputes that may never arise Payne . N. Fortescue and Sons Limited), 386

Assignment of anticipated fruits of untried action (Glegg v. Bromley; Glegg and another, Claimants), 455

"Average weekly earnings" (Jury V. Owners of Steamship Atlanta; Edge r. J. Gorton Limited; White . Wiseman), 362

Clogging the equity of redemption (Fairclough


t. Swan Brewery Company), 454
Co-respondent covenanting with
husband (Upton r. Henderson), 326
Damages for ships in collision (Owner of
Steamship Devonshire v. Owners of Barge
Leslie), 587

Delivery of goods on approval (Bradley and
Cohn Limited . Ramsay and Co.), 32
Deviation of ship to port of refuge (Kish v.
Taylor, Sons, and Co.), 363
Disclaimer of onerous bequest (Re Lysons;
Beck r. Lysons), 566

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Donce of incomplete gift appointed donee's executor (Re Pink; Pink . Pink), 277 Execation of works authorised by statute! (Lingke r. Christchurch Corporation), 54 Extension of "industrial diseases" (Martin v. Mayor, &c., of Manchester), 6

Form of award in compensation cases (Higgins r. Poulson), 173

Guilty petitioner seeking divorce (Woltereck . Woltereck and Walters), 536


Illegal policy of life insurance (Howard r.
Pioneer Life Assurance Company Limited),
Indemnity to employer by injured workman
(Smith's Dock Company Limited .
Readhead and Sons Limited), 123


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'Invented word" as a registrable trade mark
(Re Société Anonyme ie Ferment Trade
Mark Applications), 249

Retaining legacies against legatee's liabilities
(Re James Grant), 32
Review of a weekly payment (Walton v. South
Kirkby, Featherstone, and Hemsworth
Colliery Limited; Wheeler, Ridley, and Co.
v. Dawson; Garnant Anthracite Collieries
Limited r. Rees), 347

Sale of chattel dangerous sub modo (Blacker
r. Lake and Elliot Limited), 124
Settlement of divorced wife's property
(Loraine r. Loraine and Murphy), 303

Judgment against debtor executor de bonis Similarity of companies' names (Rex v. Regis

propriis (Re Thomas; Sutton, Carden, and
Co. Limited r. Thomas), 173
Master's liability for servant's act in emergency
(Houghton r. Pilkington), 585

Money paid under compulsion of legal process,
(Clydesdale Bank Limited r. Schröder and
Co.), 433

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Obstruction of ancient Eghts (Griffith
Richard Clay and Sons Limited), 474
"Perils of the sea (Sassoon and Co.
Western Insurance Company), 385
Personal disfigurement causing incapacity for

work (Ball "'. William Hunt and Sons
Limited). 77

Remuneration of trustees (Re Salmon; Salmen
r. Bernstein), 226

Requisitioning extraordinary general meeting
(Fruit and Vegetable Growers' Association
Limited e. Kekewich), 54
Resumption of cohabitation
(Matthews r. Matthews), 100

trar of Companies; Ex parte Paul and
others), 535

Solicitor acting for opponent of former cliont
(Rakusen r. Ellis, Munday, and Clarke), 15
Statements by deceased workman (Tucker r.
Oldbury Urban District Council), 226
Supply of water to rural parishes (Wakefield
Rural District Council e. Hall), 346
Supply of water to workhouses (Guardians of
Bristol r. Bristol Waterworks Company), 174
Taxation of foreign investments (Liverpool and
London and Globe Insurance Company .
Bennett). 31

Unreasonable delay" in seeking divorce
(Pears r. Pears), 535
Variation of marriage settlements (Loraine r.
Loraine and Murphy), 202

Weekly payment to injured workman (Stand-
ing . Eastwood and Co.; Hartshorne r.
Coppice Colliery Company), 202

and alimony Workman's dependant resident abroad (Krzus r. Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company), 512

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