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No. 21. II. That the articles enumerated in the subjoined table, when Ord. No. 20, imported, or in any way brought into these islands, shall be exempt 1860. from the payment of any duty whatsoever under this Ordinance, to

wit:Articles exempted. Articles imported or supplied out of a bonded warehouse for the

colonial service.
Articles of every description imported or supplied out of a bonded

warehouse for the use of the President.
Asses, mules, and horses.
Boats and materials for whale-fishery.
Cart-harness, carts, cars, and drays, and parts thereof, and cart-

Coal, charcoal, and coke.
Cotton wool.
Drugs and medicines.
Dye-woods and dyes.
Flax, tow, and flax-seed.
Fruits and vegetables (fresh), and roots of all kinds.
Ginger, green or dried.
Hay and straw.
Ice, and articles preserved in ice.
Iron rails, and other manufactured materials for railroads and

Machinery of all kinds used in the manufacture of salt.
Manures, and earths of all kinds.
Maps and charts.
Nuts (cocoa).
Oats, bran, shorts, ground feed, rice-meal, oil-cake, and oil-meal.
Ores and minerals.
Oznaburgs and bagging, and bags and sacks for salt.
Passengers' baggage and professional apparatus.
Printed books and pamphlets, not being reprints of British publi-

cations secured by copyright.
Provisions and stores of every description, imported or supplied

from a bonded warehouse, for the use of Her Majesty's land
or sea forces, and all cattle and other live stock imported by

any contractor for the supply of fresh meat for the same.
Spades and shovels.
Specimens, illustrative of natural history.
Submarine apparatus and diving-dresses.
Tallow and raw hides.
Trees, shrubs, plants, and seeds for planting.

Turtle and fish, alive. Articles pro III. That gunpowder, ammunition, arms, or utensils of war, hibited to be

except from the United Kingdom, or any British possession, and imported.

on certain

base or counterfeit coin, are hereby absolutely prohibited to be No. 21. imported or brought into this colony.

Ord. No. 20, IV. That all vessels specially employed to convey public mails 1860. to these islands shall be exemptod from the payment of light duty; Vessels emnor shall


such vessel, unless remaining over twenty-four hours ployed in the in the colony, be compelled to come to an entry at the Receiver- mail service General's office, any Law, Ordinance, or custom to the contrary exempted notwithstanding: Provided, nevertheless, that the master or mail from light

officer of any such vessel shall deliver to some revenue officer a
faithful manifest of all cargo intended to be landed at these islands;
and that such cargo shall be deposited in a bonded warehouse until
all duties shall have been paid thereon, or sufficient security shall
be given for the payment thereof.

Sections V. and VI. repealed by Ordinance No. 26 of 1860.

VII. That provisions and stores of every description imported Provisions and or supplied in these islands for the use of your Majesty's land stores exempted and sea forces shall only be exempt from duties, on the importation

conditions, thereof, on complying with the conditions hereinafter expressed, that is to say,—the President shall make and establish such regulations as may be necessary for ascertaining that such provisions and stores are bonâ fide imported or supplied for the use of your Majesty's land or sea forces; and such exemptions as aforesaid shall only be allowed upon producing to the Receiver-General or other proper officer such proofs as shall from time to time be required by any such regulation made by the President.

VIII. That it shall not be lawful for the Receiver-General or Authority for other officer to allow any provisions, spirits, or other stores im- exemption, ported or supplied as aforesaid for the use of your Majesty's land or sea forces to be landed or taken out of a bonded warehouse as free of duty, except by warrant from the proper garrison or regimental officer, or proper naval officer, as the case may be.

IX. That if any provisions, spirits, or other stores imported or Officer issuing taken out of bond, as for the use of your Majesty's land or sea

order for stores

liable for duty forces, shall be afterwards applied to any other use than the one

if misapproprimentioned in the entry, order of delivery, or other document, under ated. the authority of which the same were landed or taken out of bond as free of duty, the officer in whose name the same were so landed or taken out of bond shall be liable for all duties due on the same, or on any such part thereof as shall have been so otherwise applied as aforesaid ; and the said duties shall be recovered and applied in the same manner as other duties imposed by this Ordinance are directed to be recovered and applied.

X. That if any provisions, spirits, or other stores so landed or Stores if sold, taken out of bond as aforesaid shall be clandestinely sold or in any

liable to seizure. way disposed of other than to the use of your Majesty's land or sea forces, every person concerned in such clandestine sale or disposal shall forfeit and pay treble the value of the article so clandestinely sold or disposed of; and all such articles shall be liable to seizure and condemnation; and one-third part of all such forfeitures shall be to your Majesty, your heirs, and successors, one-third part to the President or other officer administering the Government for the time being, and the remaining third part to the person suing for XI. That all duties payable under this Ordinance shall be paid Duties payable

under Imperial and received according to the imperial weights and measures; and

weights and

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the same.


No. 21. in all cases where such duties are fixed according to any specified Ord. No. 20, quantity or value, the same shall be deemed to apply in the same 1860. proportion to any greater or less value or quantity.

XII. That there shall be collected and paid to your Majesty, Export duty

your heirs, and successors, for the support of the Government, upon all salt exported from these islands, a duty of One farthing sterling

on Salt.

per bushel.

Articles ex XIII. And whereas by various sections of Ordinance No. 7 of ported from a

1849, articles imported into these islands may be warehoused and bonded ware

exported without payment of any duty; but owing to the local house, exporter to fur

position of these islands, it is considered that the continuance of nish a certifi this system may, unless further provision be made for the security cate of the

of the revenue, prove detrimental to the resources of the colony; same being

Be it therefore further ordained, That upon the warehousing of landed out of the Colony.

any article on which, if regularly imported and not warehoused, any duty would become payable, there shall be inserted in the bond to be entered into by the importer of any such article a proviso, that upon the delivery of any such article from out of a bonded warehouse, free of duty, for exportation beyond the limits of the colony, the party or parties so entering into bond shall produce to the Receiver-General and Treasurer, or other officer, within twelve months from the date of such exportation of the same, a certificate from some proper authority resident at the place where such article shall be landed, showing to the satisfaction of such officer as aforesaid, that such article had there been duly landed ; and if such certificate shall not be so produced within the time herein specified, the parties entering into such bond as aforesaid shall forfeit and pay into the Public Treasury a sum of money equal in amount to the duty which such article would have been liable to pay if it had been originally entered for consumption in the colony: Provided always, that the payment of such duties shall not be demanded except by the consent of the President and Council, upon its being shown that there are grounds for suspicion that some fraud has been committed : Provided also that such certificate shall not be required for articles exported from a bonded warehouse, being sails, rigging, or other materials of vessels wrecked, stranded, or derelict, or articles delivered from such warehouse as stores for

vessels going out of the colony. A:ticles having XIV. That whenever any goods, wares, or merchandise shall be once paid duty exported from this colony, upon which duty has been paid, and no and exported,

drawback has been allowed, and such goods shall from any circumnot liable to duty on re

stance be reimported, upon satisfactory evidence being given to the importation, Receiver-General or other proper officer that such goods so reim

ported are the same which were exported, then in such case no duty

shall be demanded thereon. Light duty XV. And whereas by Sect. 3 of Ordinance No. 11 of 1849, 3d, to 4d. per

to provide for the expense attending a lighthouse in these islands, it is ordained that there shall be paid upon every ship or vessel arriving at any port within these islands, and coming to an entry, the sum of Threepence per ton for each and every ton of the registered tonnage of such ship or vessel, and it is expedient that the present light duty should be increased to Fourpence per ton; Be it further ordained that there shall be paid, or security in double the amount given for the same to the Receiver-General or other proper officer, on behalf of your Majesty, your heirs, and successors,

raised from


for the public use and benefit and support of your Majesty's

No. 21. Government, upon every ship or vessel arriving at any port within Ord. No. 20, these islands and coming to an entry, the sum of Fourpence per

1860. ton, for each and every ton of the registered tonnage of such ship or vessel.

XVI. That this Ordinance shall commence and take effect on Commencement the first day of January which will be in the year of Our Lord One and duration of

Ordinance, thousand Eight hundred and Sixty-one ; and the same shall tinue and be in force until the first day of January, One thousand Eight hundred and Sixty-six, and from thence to the end of the next session of the Legislative Council, and no longer.


No. 22.-ORDINANCE No. 26 of 1860.

No. 22.

Ord. No. 26, An Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 20 of 1860, for raising

1860. a Revenue, &c. (Passed 9th May, 1860. Confirmed 14th

Dec. 1860.) This Ordinance repeals sect. 5 and 6 of Ordinance No. 20 of 1860, which sections were as follows :

V. That there shall be imposed upon all wrecked, stranded, or Wrecked proderelict property, upon which no other duty is payable under this perty, otherOrdinance, a duty of Fifteen pounds per centum upon the gross liable to duty amount of all sales or amount of appraisement upon such property :

on exportation. Provided always that bullion, coin, and diamonds brought from any wrecked, stranded, or derelict vessel shall not be liable to the payment of any duty whatsoever : Provided, nevertheless, that upon the re-exportation of any stranded or derelict property, if bonded, upon which the duty of Fifteen per centum may have been so provided for, and re-exported from the bonded warehouse within six months from its importation, the party exporting the same shall receive a drawback of Seventy-five per centum of the duty so paid.

VI. That in addition to all other duties, there be imposed on Duty of two all property landed from any vessel wrecked, stranded, or in disc and a half per tress, whether sold at auction or appraised, to be paid to the

sales of wrecked Receiver-General and Treasurer by the agent or captain of such property. vessel, after deducting the salvage and other usual charges, a duty of two and a half per cent. on the amount so sold or appraised.

cent. on ng



No. 1.-ORDINANCE No. 1 of 1852.

No. 1. An Ordinance to provide a Permanent Salary for the Judge of the Ord. No. 1, Supreme Court.

1852. This Ordinance requires that all costs “and emoluments now received or coming into the hands of the Judge, as Ordinary and Judge of the Supreme Court, shall be accounted for and paid quarterly into the Public Treasury in aid of the general revenue.”

See Ordinance post, Part IX., Class VIII., No. 6.

No. 2. Ord. No. 3,


No. 2.-ORDINANCE No. 3 of 1852.
An Ordinance to provide for the Public Registering and Recording

of Deeds, &c.
By sect. 15 of this Ordinance, certain fees are required to be
taken by the Registrar of Deeds, and paid into the Public Treasury.

See the Ordinance, ante, Part V., Class II.


No. 3.

No. 3.-ORDINANCE No. 7 of 1852. Ord. No.7, 1852.

An Ordinance to provide Fixed Salaries for the Colonial Secretary,

and the Private Secretary or Clerk in the Office of the Officer administering the Government of these Islands, and to authorize the collection of certain Sums in aid of the General Revenue thereof, and for other purposes therein mentioned. (Passed

4th Sept., 1852. Confirmed 24th Sept., 1853.) PREAMBLE. HEREAS the incomes of the Colonial Secretary of this

Presidency, and of the private secretary or clerk to the President administering the government of these islands, have hitherto been derived in part from certain fees, as a remuneration for certain Acts by them performed in the execution of their offices respectively; And whereas doubts have arisen as to the expediency of the continued collection of the aforesaid fees, and it is desirable that the same should cease to be collected; And whereas it is necessary

that a sufficient revenue should be raised to provide an adequate salary for the said Colonial Secretary, and for the private secretary as aforesaid ; May it, &c., That so soon as the assent of the Governor-in-Chief to this Ordinance shall have been duly promulgated within these islands, it shall not be lawful for the Colonial Secretary, whether as Secretary for the Colony, Registrar of Records, or Clerk of the Council, for himself or for any other officer or officers of this Government, or for the private secretary, or for the clerk in the office of the President or officer administering the

Government of the colony, or for any other person in his or their Appropriation behalf to demand, take, or receive any fee whatever for his or their of Fees to the own use, for any act, matter, or thing performed by him or them, use of Officers

in the discharge of the duties of their aforesaid respective offices, to cease.

after the assent hereto as aforesaid. Certain sums

II. And be it ordained, that so soon as this Ordinance shall to be collected have been promulgated as aforesaid, the following sums shall be in aid of the Revenue.

demanded at, and payable into the offices respectively of the Receiver-General and the Colonial Secretary at Grand Turk, or to the Assistant Receiver-General at Salt Cay, or to any other revenue officer duly authorized to collect the revenue at the several outports within this Presidency, who are hereby constituted Acting Colonial Secretaries, for the purposes of this Ordinance at the said ports respectively, which sums so collected shall be paid into the Public Treasury of these islands, in aid of the expenses of the Government; that is to say: As far as relates to the tonnage duties to be paid to the revenue officers, this clause is repealed by Ordi

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