The Farmer of Inglewood Forest: Or, An Affecting Portrait of Virtue and Vice

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G. Virtue, 1825 - 503 pages

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Page 80 - tis nought to me; Since God is ever present, ever felt, In the void waste as in the city full; And where he vital breathes, there must be joy.
Page 163 - Drew Priam's curtain in the dead of night, And would have told him half his Troy was burn'd ; But Priam found the fire ere he his tongue, And I my Percy's death ere thou report'st it.
Page 162 - And are ye sure the news is true? And are ye sure he's weel? Is this a time to think o
Page 163 - Say, friend, how does my queen ! my son ! Thou tremblest, and the whiteness of thy cheek Is apter than thy tongue to tell thy errand. Ev'n such a man, so faint, so spiritless, So dull, so dead in look, so woe begone, Drew Priam's curtain in the dead of night, And would have told him half his Troy was...
Page 200 - Parr was married, first to Jane, of the ancient house of Mauleverer, in Yorkshire; and afterwards to Mary, sister of the late Rev. James Eyre, of Solihull. By his first wife he had several children, all of whom died in their infancy, except Sarah and Catherine.
Page 163 - Sae sweet his voice, sae smooth his tongue, His breath's like cauler air! His very tread has music in't, As he comes up the stair!
Page 163 - His breath like cauler air, His very tread has music in't, As he comes up the stair. There's nae luck,
Page 236 - I was born on the coast of Guinea, and kidnapped from thence when about twelve years old, and brought to Jamaica, where I was exposed to sale. Among others, my late master's father, Mr. Walters, came to view me, but thought me not fit for labour ; his son, who was about...
Page 140 - Her gentle spirits were overpowered with the scene that had taken place ; her head sunk on Edwin's bosom, and she could scarcely preserve herself from fainting. In that fatal moment the guardian angel of virtue and innocence, for a short time left the unhappy and too susceptible Agnes, — and the villain Edwin succeeded in his infernal purpose. Daughters of chastity, condemn not, but pity! May example \varn you that Secrecy and Temptation are ever to be avoided.
Page 45 - ... she carelessly took up a book that Mrs. Delmer had accidently left on the table. It was an elegantly written fiction, in which the hero, unable to combat his passion for a married woman, had terminated his existence. Emma's heart was not formed of unfeeling materials, and the catastrophe cost her many tears. The heroine was represented virtuous, yet she apparently loved the suicide — circumstances that Emma had thought incompatible, for how, had ever before whispered her innocent heart, can...

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