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one that opposed the truth. If you have abilities to overthrow that author's arguments, do as the apostles did, confute and expose him, for the good of the church; and let his foily be made manifest, as the folly of Jannes and Jambres was. If you do not, I shall think that you have belied him, and therefore are afraid to face him. Your conclusion from this author, whomsoever he be, is this:

..So that good works are totally unnecessary, * though the Lord has so highly expressed himself • upon the subject with respect to the obedience * of his people, with respect to their holiness,

with respect to their life and conversation. We ' are informed that Enoch was pleasing to his • God; that in his generation he was a perfect

man; that he walked with God, and was not, for · God took him. We are informed that, with respect to our obedience, it is that which brings peace and comfort to our souls; for what rejoicing can any man have but from God?

If this author has declared from the press that good works are totally unnecessary, he is no more a minister of Jesus Christ than you are, who talk so much about good works, but never perform any. He by words, and you by deeds, have both contradicted the word of God, and the testimony that I have received from him. The scriptures, declare that a believer is God's workmanship, ;" created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained, that we should walk in them.” That the scriptures are given to influence

the man of God, and furnish him unto all good works.

A minister of Christ is to affirm constantly, “ that they which have believed in God be careful to maintain good works: these things are good and profitable unto men.” And again, “ Let ours," says God, that is, let our family “ also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful,” Tit. iii. 8. 14. Here let it be observed: First, That a believer is created anew in Christ Jesus unto good works. Secondly, That the grace of God, that bringeth salvation, teacheth men to deny ungodliness and worldly lust, and to live soberly, righteously, and godly in the world. Thirdly, That ministers are to enforce these things, for they are good and profitable unto men. And, Fourthly, God says, “ Let them maintain good works for necessary uses."

Thus all good works spring from grace and a new creation in Christ Jesus; they are profitable unto men, and they are to be performed for necessary uses. These uses, in my judgment, are these; First, To prove to the world that a man's faith is of a genuine, purifying quality ; “I will shew thee my faith by my works.” Secondly, To convince and stop the mouths of gainsayers; “ Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works.” Thirdly, They are profitable unto men; acts of charity relieve their wants, and sometimes convince them of the error of their ways. Fourthly, “ Herein is my Father glorified, that te brug foret me fruitAnd, lastly, The Wicked te cobended at the great day by the fruits of fet, as Nonts ibe obedience of faith, ondemned the oi word: - I was an hungred, and ye fed me; testy, and ye gare me drink; a Hraget, ad re tork me kc. &c. These shall go away into everagg 572, and the wicked into everlasting persianet

The man that denies these things is no minister of Jesus Christ. For es part, I can truly say, it is a grief to me to see evil workers get up into a pulpit, and blind people's eyes with a loud cry about good works, while they only use the words as a cloak to their villany, under which they contradict the gospel, and communicate that envy and prejudice to the souls of the simple which Solomon says “ slays the siily one." This is conveying death under the word, good; God tells us to walk in good works, not in slander: but you say and do not; for I think I may defy you to prove, or bring one living witness who can, that any good works have ever been performed by you.

Creeping to the heels, and sculking into the pockets, of old widows, is no part of the ministry that I have received. “ It is not expedient doubtless for me to glory;" but, as Paul says, “ if any are bold, I am bold also.” I have no objection to be weighed in an even balance, not only with you, but with all the evangelical combination who have set themselves against me.

Paul brought forth to his opposers his trials, his revelations, his success, and disinterestedness; and I give you the same challenge. For the gospel's sake I have suffered distress in family, temptations, and persecutions, and am not a whit behind you all in experience, judgment or understanding; nor in usefulness or success in the ministry; nor with respect to circumspection in life, or liberality, according to my ability. In defence of these things I will never refuse to face any of you, who sit so often in judgment upon me; nor any accuser that shall speak to the contrary. I will not believe that any man who can conform to the fashions of the world; appear in the cottishness of a miss in her teens; stuffed with pride, arrogance, ignorance, covetousness, malice, and slander, can ever perform a good work; the tree must be made good, and then the fruit will be good. You proceed.

"We are informed that, with respect to our obedience, it is that which brings peace and comfort to our souls.'

Who your informer was that told you so I know not. But I will be bold to tell him, as John did, that “ he is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” Neither peace nor comfort are the rewards of our obedience. Peace is the grand ordinance of God, a blessing of the covenant of grace; Christ made peace by the blood of his cross; and it is a free gift to the saints ; “ My peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.” Instead of our

mer W


obedience bringing peace, God sends peace to bring us to obedience. Christ shall speak peace to the heathen, and “ as soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me.” All men are rebels; and Christ received gifts for the rebellious, and peace is one of them; “ Into whatsoever house ye enter, say, Peace be to this house; and, if the Son of peace be there, your peace shall rest upon it." And when a man is reconciled to God, and at peace with him, he will both love and obey him, but not till then. . Your doctrine, sir, sets aside the council of the Trinity, and a blessing of the covenant of peace, and makes it no longer a legacy; in plain English, it is false doctrine, and in the language of the schools Antinomianism; but in the Greek it is Antinomos; and as it makes faith void, and the promises of God of none effect, it certainly springs from one, “ whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon,” Rev. ix. 11.

You say that our obedience brings comfort. I deny it. The Comforter is the gift of God; the promise of the Father; the sent of the Saviour; and the root, spring, spirit, life, and author, of all evangelical obedience, and of every good word and work that ever was or will be performed in any of the children of God. But you proceed to prove that “ the way of a fool is right in his own eyes;" and I go after you, insisting upon it that" he that hearkeneth to counsel is wise,” Prov. xii. 15. You say,


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