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26. Her grace the duchess of Rutland, a son and heir.

July 4. The hon. Mrs. Ramsay,

a daughter.

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19. Right hon, viscountess Here

8. The right hon. countess of ford, a son and heir.

Northesk, a son.

25. The lady of sir William

12. Right hon. lady Milton, a Fraser, a daughter; her sixteenth daughter.

18. The right hon. the countess Mansfield, a daughter.

Right hon, viscountess Marsham, a daughter.


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Dec. 1. The lady of sir Wm. Call, bart. a daughter.

5. The lady of sir George Nu. gent, a son.

9. The lady of sir James Duff, a daughter.

15. The lady of sir T. S. M. Stanley, a daughter.

23. The right hon. countess of Galloway, a son.

27. The lady of William Henry Hoare, esq. a son.

30. The lady of Rowland Bar. don, esq. a daughter.

The lady of sir Arthur Wellesley, K. B. a son.

MARRIAGES in the Year 1807.

Jan. 1. Robert Paley, M. D. of Ilalifax, to miss Paley.

8. Marmaduke Constable, esq. to miss Octavia Hale.

13. John Lees, esq. to the countess Anversley.

20. The hon. col. Ponsonby, to the hon. miss Fitzroy.

Henry Hallam, esq. to miss Elton. 24. G. L. Hollinsworth, esq. to miss Stokes.

Feb. 3. Robert Inglis, esq. to miss Biscoe.

5. Sir Daniel Le Fleming, bart. to miss Le Fleming.

10. W. H. Hoare, esq. to miss Noel.

The hon. and rev. John Taylor, to miss St. Leger.

17. The right hon. lord Bagot, to lady Louisa Legge.

18. T. Paget, esq. to miss Pares. March 9. E. B. Lusada, esq. to miss Goldsmid.

Hon. Henry Augustus Dillon, to

miss Brown.

10. Charles Combe, esq. to miss P. Georges.

17. Capt. Stuart, to miss Anson. 18. Philip Gibbs, esq. to miss Knipe.

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5. The hon. colonel Crewe, to miss Hungerford.

S. Robert Fraser, esq. to lady Ann Maitland.

10. The right hon. viscount Chartley, to miss Gardiner. 19. Rev. J. Bayland, to miss Clarke.

22. D. R. Remington, esq. to miss Copland.

23. Robert Townley, esq.. to miss Newing.

June 1. The right rev. lord Robert Tottenham, bishop of Killaloe, to the hon. Alicia Maude.

4. Richard Chambers, esq. to miss Harriet Newman.

9. Col. Aylmer, to miss Harri.


11 John Thornton, esq. to miss Eliza Parry.

17. Rev. Alexander Cotton, to miss Houblon.

28. Henry Drummond, esq. to lady Henrietta Hay.

July 1. Rev. Herbert Marsh, to miss M. E. C. Lecarriere.

8. Hon. F. G. Upton, to miss Howard.

13. Hon. L. M. Burnel, to miss Daniell

16. Hon.

16. Hon. D. G. Hallyburton, to miss Leslie.

His grace the duke of Newcastle, to miss Munday.

William Cavendish, esq. to the hon. miss O'Callagan.

19. Sir David Dundas, K. B. to miss Delancy.

A. H. Holdsworth, esq. M. P. to miss C. H. Eastabrooke.

At New Providence, major Darling, to miss Cameron.

22. E. Webb, esq. to miss Guise.

29. Rev. Robert Cox, to miss Leycester.

Aug. 11. Hon. J. W. Grimstone, to lady C. Jenkinson.

17. Lieut. col. Leigh, to the hon. miss Byron.

G. French, esq. to miss I. Currie. Sir I. W. S. Gardiner, bart. to miss Moseley.

25. Major-gen. Murray, to hon. miss Phipps.

I. Greenhill, esq. to miss Bovet.
Lord Grantown, to miss Macna-


26. George Moore, esq. to miss Louisa Brown.

H. Broughton, esq. to the hon. miss Pigot.

Earl of Abingdon, to miss Emily Gage.

27. Wm. Tooke, esq. to miss Amelia Sheen.

29. Viscount Pollington, to lady Ann Yorke.

Sir James Innes Ker, bart. to miss II. Charlewood.

Sept. 15. Wm. Domville, esq. to miss Maria Solly.

24. Capt. Bettesworth, R. N. to lady Hannah Grey.

G. Fleming, esq. to lady Leigh. 26. Captain Stuart, R. N. to miss Sullivan,

Oct. 2. P. Duigenan, esq. LL. D. to Mrs. Heptenstall.

8. Rev. G. Holmes, to miss C. I. Williams.

12. Hon. James Wantesford Butler, to Grace Louisa, daughter of the right iron. John Staples.

15. Sir John Lewis, bart. to miss Kirkpatrick.

Hon. and rev. Frederick Powis, to miss Gould.

The right hon. lord Rancliffe, to lady Elizabeth Mary Forbes.

17. Major-gen. Gordon Drummond, to miss M. Russel.

Sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, bart. to miss Eccleston.

19. Robert Shaw, esq. to Alice, the fifth daughter of Jonathan Eade,


20. Hon. Peter Robert Burrell, to the hon. miss Drummond. Thomas William Satton, esq. miss E. Gray.

24. William Holmes, esq. to tady Strange.

Captain II. Soams, to Mrs. Leich.

28. Thomas Crawley Boevey, esq. to miss A. Page.

Thomas Bruce, esq. to miss Cle. mentina Dundas.

30. Lord Monson, to lady Sarah Saville.

Nov. 12. John Harrison, esq. to Lucy Henrietta, second daughter of sir Charles Price, bart,

14. John Brent, jun. esq. to Susannah, third daughter of the rev. Sampson Kingsford, of Sturrey.

25. Edward Sampson, esq. to Joanna, youngest daughter of the late George Daubenny,

The earl of Selkirk, to miss Wedderburn.

26. George Moore, esq. to miss Browne.

Dec. 1.

Dec. 1. George Halimand, esq. to PROMOTIONS in the Year 1807. miss Princess.

2. Major Burrows, to miss Scward.

5. Colonel Coghlan, to Broughton.


12. F. Adams, esq. of Clifton, to miss M. S. Manly.

The earl of Craven, to miss Louisa Brunton.

13. E. Jessy, esq. to miss Matilda Morris.

14. Charles March Phillips, esq. to miss H. Ducarel.

17. Rev. George Shepherd, to miss Wetheral, daughter of the dean of Hereford.

Major Stuart to miss Maria Smith. Captain I. Grant, to miss H. P. Nixon, daughter of the late majorgeneral Nixon.

I. II. Harriot, esq. major of the Pembrokeshire militia, to miss F. Jordan of Haverfordwest.

John Eld, esq. to the hon. miss Smythe.

T. Bonar, jun. esq. to lady Gascoigne.'

Lieutenant-colonel Lachlan Macguire, to miss E. II. Campbell.

J. Webber Smith, esq. to miss Simeon.

19. I. Spalding, esq. to miss Mary Anu Eden.

22. Major Currey, to miss Anna Maria Tappenden.

28. Sir John Pringle Dalrymple, bart. to miss Mary Rushworth. Captain Atty, to miss Harriet Whichcote.

Charles Frederick Raitt, esq. to miss Louisa Cricketts.

31. Rev. T. G. Clare, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the rev. A. Daniell, of Lifford, Ireland.

Jan. 2. The rev. II. Bishop, M. A. late of St. John's College, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Ardleigh in Essex, vacated by the resignation of the rev. Dr. Kelly.

The rev. John Edgar, M. A. formerly of Jesus College, and one of the domestic chaplains to the prince of Wales, to the rectory of Spexalt in Suffolk.

The rev. N. Simons, M. A. chaplain to the archbishop of Canterbury, to the rectory of St. Margaret's church, in that city, vacated by the resignation of the rev. II. W. Champneys.

9. The rev. John Wooll, master of the school at Midhurst in Sussex, and fellow of New-College, Oxford, to the mastership of Rugby school.

The rev. J. Davis, chaplain to the government chapel at Portsmouth, to the living of King's Langley, in Hertfordshire.

The rev. J. Parker, M. A. to the prebend of Riccall in the cathedral of York, vacant by the death of the rev. John Preston.

The rev. W. Alleyne Barker, of Swanington, Norfolk, examiningchaplain to the late bishop of St. David's, to the mastership of Woodbridge grammar school.

10. Gen. Hugh duke of Northumberland, K. G. to be colonel of the royal regiment of horse guards, vice field-marshal the duke of Richmond, deceased.


13. The rev. Charles Moss, D. D. be bishop of Oxford, vice John late bp. translated to the sce of Bangor.

14. Alexander Straton, esq. to

Lieut. col. Mc. Lereth, to miss be envoy extraordinary and minis

Steele, of Bury, Suffolk.


ter plenipotentiary at the court of Stockholm. M m


Wm. Wellesley Pole, esq. to be secretary of embassy at the sublime Ottoman Porte.

17. Charles duke of Norfolk, E. M. to be lord lieut. of the county of Sussex.

23. Rev. R. Dods, M. A. to the rectory of Fleet, in Lincolnshire, on the presentation of his father, vaca. ted by the death of the rev. James Ashley.

Rev. T. E. Rogers, of Trinity, to the rectory of Lackford, in Suffolk, on the presentation of sir C. Kent, bart.

30. Rev. F. Creswell, B. D. senior fellow and tutor of Clare Hall, to the rectory of Waldingfield Magna, Suffolk, vacated by the death of the rev. T. Boyce. Rev. John Brooke, M. A. fellow and tutor of Jesus College, to the vicarage of Whittlesford,

Rev. G. Gordon, B. D. precentor of Exeter, and formerly of St. John's, to the vicarage of Horbling, in Lincolnshire.

The rev. Thomas Milnes, late a fellow.commoner of Christ's Col. lege, has been instituted to the valuable living of Agnes Burton, with Harpham annexed, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on the presentation of his father, the rev. Dr. Milnes, of Newark, and vacated by the death of the rev. Dr. Dade.

Feb. 4. Rev. H. K. Bonney, M. A. of Christ's, has been collated by the lord bishop of Lincoln to the prebendal stall of Nassington in that cathedral, vacated by the death of the rev. J. Lodington.

14. Rev. Charles Henry Hall, D. D. to be regius professor of divinity in the university of Oxford, and canon of Christ Church in the said university, properly belonging

to the regius professor of the said university, both vice Dr. John Ran. dolph, bishop of Bangor, resign. ed.

Rev. William Douglas, M. A. appointed prebendary of St. Peter, Westminster, vice rev. Thomas Hughes, resigned.

18. Rev. F. J. H. Wollaston, B. D. Jacksonian professor, and formerly mathematical lecturer of Sidney College, Cambridge, to be master of that college, in the room of the late Dr. Elliston.

March 14. Sir Edmund Stanley, to be recorder of his majesty's court of judicature in Prince of Wales's Island, in the East-Indies.

Right hon. Thomas, earl of Elgin and Kincardine, to be his majesty's lieutenant and sheriff-principal of Fifeshire.

14. Francis Kienitz, esq. to be his majesty's consul in the de. chy of Courland.

21. John Paterson, esq. to be treasurer to the governors of the bounty of queen Anne.

25. John earl of Westmorland, K. G. to be keeper of the privy seal.

Right hon. Robert Banks lord Hawkesbury, the right hon. Robert Stewart (commonly called viscount Castlereagh), and the right hon. George Canning, to be his majesty's principal secretaries of state.

26. John Jefferies earl Camden, K. G. to be lord president of the privy council.

Right hon. Spencer Perceval, chancellor and under-treasurer of his majesty's exchequer, and the right hou. Robert Dundas, sworn of the privy council.

Henry carl Bathurst, to be president of the committee of privy coun

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