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vaine); right hon. John baroa majesty's plenipotentiary at the Teignmouth; right hon. Thomas Court of Vienna. Wallace; and George Johnstone, Thomas Plomer, esq. his majes. esq. ; to be his majesty's commissionty's solicitor-general, knighted ers for the management of the af. 16. Admiral lord Collingwood, fairs of India.

and his descendants, permitted to 7. Charles Brisbane, esq. captain bear, in commemoration of the glo. in the royal navy, knighted by let. rious victory off Cape Trafalgar, in terspatent under the great seal. which his lordship was second in

10. Hugh Elliot, esg, to be cap. command, the following honourable tain-general and governor-in-chief augmentation to the arms of the of the island of Barbadoes, in Ame. fainily of Collingwood, viz. A rica; William Lukin, esq. captain. chief wivy; thereon a lion passant general and governor-in.chief of the guardant and rarally crowned, with island of Dominica ; sir James Cock- the word Trafalgar ; and also, in burn, bart. governor and comman.

addition to the family crest, tha der in chief of the island of Cura, crest following, viz. The stern of çoa; and John Holloway, esq. vice- a man of war, representing that of admiral of the red, governor and the Royal sovereign being the ship commander-in-chief of the island of which bore his lordship's tlag in the Newfoundland.

said brilliant action), between a 11. Right hon. Charles Williain branch of laurel and a branch ofoak. Montagii Scott (commonly called

22. Jonathan Miles, esq. and earl of Dalkeith), summoned to the James Branscomb, esq. knighted. house of peers, by the style and ti.

23. Right hon. sir Arthur Paget, tle of baron Tynedale, of Tynedale, K. B. to be his majesty's plenipo. co. Northumberland; and the right tentiary at the Sublime Porte. hon. George Gordon (commonly cal. 25. Righthon Francis lord Napier, led marquis of thuntley) by the style to be his majesty's high comwission. and title of baron Gordon of llunt. er to the general assembly of the ley, co. Gloucester.

church of Scotland. His grace Alexander duke of May 9. David Boyle, esq. adro. Gordon. K. T. tu be keeper of the cate, to be his majesty's solicitor-gegreat seal of Scotland.

neral in Scotland. Right hon: George Rose,, to be 13. Jonah Barrington, esq. LL.D). treasurer of his majesty's navy.

judge of the high court of admiralty 11. Right hon. Granville Leveson in Irelaad, knighted. Gower (commonly called lord Gran. 23. Right hon. George earl of ville Leveson Gower), to be bis ma. Crawford, to be lieutenant and shejesty's ambassador extraordinary riil principal of Fifeshire. and plenipotentiary at the court of 30. Right rev. Dr. John Fisher, St. Petersburg

bishop of Exeter, trauslated to the 14. Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, see of Salisbury, rice Douglas, dec. knt.,one of the barons of his majes. June 1. Right hon. J. Hook ham ty's court of exchequer, created ba. Frere, to be his majesty's error er. ron Manners of Foton, co. Lincoln. traordinary and miuister plenipo. 15. The earl of Pembroke and tentiary to the court of Prussia; somery, K. G. appointed his and George Jackson, esq. to be his



majesty's secretary of legation at to be lord lieutenant of the East Ri. that court.

ding of the county of York. 27. Ilon. William Wellesley 22. Harford Jones, esq. of Boul. Pole, appointed by the lords come tibrooke, co. Vleresord, created a missioners of the admiralty, their baronet. first secretary, rice William Mars. Sept. 5. Sir John Stuart, bart, to den, esq. retired.

be one of the barons of his majesty's July 11. Right rev. Dr. George court of Exchequer in Scotland, vice Pelham, bishop of Bristol, transla. Sir John Dalrymple, bart. resigned. ted to the see of Exeter, vice Dr.

15, llis grace William Henry Fisher, promoted to that of Salis. Cavendish, duke of Portland, K. G. bary.

the right hon. Spencer Perce. 21. Hon. Cropley Ashley Cooper, val; the right hon. John Foster, to be clerk of the ordnance of the chancellor of his majesty's exche. united kingdom ; and Thomas Tho. quer of Ireland; the hon. William roton, esq. clerk of deliveries of the Eliot; William Sturges Bourne, ordnance.

esq.; and the hon. Richard Ryder, Aug. t. Rev. Edward Christo.' appointed commissioners for execuie. pher Dowdeswell, D.D.and rector of ting the office of treasurer of his Standford-Rivers, co. Essex, to the majesty's exchequer. Tectory of Langham, in the said 15. A. M. ljoldsworth, esq. to. county, void by the translatior; of be governor of Dartmouth castle, Dr. Fisher, bishup of Exeter, to the rice Arthur Holdsworth, esq. dec. sve of Salisbury.

16. George Collier, esq. 11. Right 'hon. James earl of captain in the royal nary, knighted. Malmesbury, K. B. to be lord-lieute. 22. Gen. Gerard lord Lake, to maant of the county of Southampton, be governor of Plymouth, rice the and of the town of Southampton earl of Chatham, promoted to the and county of the same ; and James government of Jersey, vice mar. Edward Harris, esq. (commonly cal. quis Townshenti, dec. led viscount Fitz-Jiarris), to be go. Lieut.-gen, William Loftus, of vernor and captain of the Isle of the 24th light dragoons, to be go. Wight, and governor of Carisbrook

of Dumbarton, rice lord castle, in the said isle, all vice lord Lake, Dalton, dec.

Oct. 2. Captains John Hunter, 15. Rev. John Luxmore, D. D. esq.; Francis Pender, esq.; William an of Gloucester, recommended, Albany Otway, esq.; George Lums. ty congé d'érire, to be elected bishop daine, esq.; sir Samuel Llood, K. B.; of Bristol, tice bp. Pelham, transla. Henry Nichols, esq. Herbert Sawyer, , to the see of Exeter.

esq.; Davidge Gould, esq.; and 'Ri19. Lieut.-gen, sir James Henry chard Goodwin Keats, esq.; to be Craig, K. B. to 'be captain.general rear-admirals of the blue squadron of ind governor-in-chief of the pro. his majesty's fleet. inces of Cpper and Lower Canada, 3. Joseph-Charles Mellish, esq. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and to be his majesty's secretary of lehe islands of Prince Edward and gation at the court of his Sicilian Cape Breton.

majesty. Right hon. Henry lord Mulgrave, 6. William Lechmere.and Thomas




Foley, esqrs. to be colonels of his of his majesty's exchequer of Ire. majesty's royal marine forces, vice' land; hon, William Eliot; and Wil. sir Samuel Hood, K. B. and Richard liam Sturges Bourne, esq.; to be Goodwin Keats, esq. appointed flag- commissioners for executing the of. oslicers of his majesty's fleet. fice of treasurer of his majesty's ex

31. Right hon. Gerard baron chequer. Lake, general of his majesty's for. Right hon. Richard Ryder, af. ces, created viscount Lake, of Delo pointed advocate general or judge. hi and Laswary, and of Aston marshal of his majesty's forces, tie Clinton, co. Buckingham.

N. Bond, esq. resigned. Nov. 3. Right hon. William baron Lord Henry Moore (vice the Cathcart, K. T. and lieutenant- ge- marquis of Drogheda, resigned), an] neral of his majesty's forces, crea. William Bagwell, esq. to be mu'. të baron Greenock of Greenock, ter-master general of Ireland. co. Renfrew, and viscount Cath- Dec. 1. Right rev. Edward Veda. cart, of Cathcart in the said counti. bles Vernon, D. D. bishop of Car

James Gambier, esq. admiral of lisle, recommended by congé d'élire, the blue, created baron Gambier, to be elected archbishop of York, of Iver, co. Buckingham.

vice Markham, dec. Harry Burrard, of Lymington, 9. Lieut.-colonel George Smith, co. Southampton, esq. lieutenant of his majesty's 82d regiment of general of his majesty's forces ; Hen. foot, knighted. ry Edwin Stanhope, of Stanwell, co. 9. Right hon. lord Glenberrie, to Middlesex, esq. viceadmiral of the be surveyor-general of the woud: blue; and Thomas Blomefield, of and forests. Attleborough, co. Norfolk, esq. 9. Right hon. Gerard viscount major-general of his majesty's for. Lakc, appointed by the prince of ces ; created baronets.

Wales, receiver-general of the reste 12. Dr. John Hunter, of Hill. nues of his royal highness's dochy street, Berkeley square, appointed, of Cornwall, rice Sheridan, me by the prince of Wales, one of his signed. royal highness's physicians extraor. 16. Edward Thornton, esq. to dinary, vice Dr. William Fraser, his majesty's envoy-extraordinary dec.

and minister-plenipotentiary to the 25. Right hon. George earl of court of Sweden; and Charles Oake Pembroke and Montgomery, K. G. ly, esq. to be secretary of legalio to be governor of the island of at that court, Guernsey, vice earl Grey, dec.

19. Osborn Markham, Joba 1 27. Hon. William Hill, to be bis sher, and Alexander Loraine, esan majesty's envoy-extraordinary and to be commissioners for the gener minister-plenipotentiary to the court superintendance and managemen of Sardinia; and Joseph Smith, esq. of the barrack department. to be secretary of legation at that 26. Lord viscount Strangford court.

to be his majesty's envoy-extraord 28. His grace William Henry nary and minister-plenipotentian Cavendish, duke of Portland, K G.; to the court her most faithf| right bon.

Spencer Perceval; majesty the queen of Portugal. right hon, John Foster, chancellor


DEATHS in the Year 1807. baron of Settrington in England,

and Turbolton and Methuen in Scot. Jan. 1. In his 77th year, John land ; besides which, he was created Moffat, esq. one of the oldest direc. by bis present majesty a knight of tors of the Sun Fire-office.

the garter. He was also a field Mr. John Thomas, solicitor, marshal of Great Britain, and a coFen-court, Fenchurch-street, lonel of the royal regiment of horse

The Rev. Matthew Powley, M. A. guards blue. He bore the arms of upwards of 29 years vicar of Dews. king Charles II. and his motto was bury, Yorkshire.

En la rose je fleurie.-In the rose, At Woodstock, Joseph Brooks, 1 flourish.-He married April 1, esq.

1757, Mary, eldest daughter and 2. His grace the duke of Rich. coheiress of the late earl of Ayles. mond, at his seat at Goodwood, in bury. His grace is succeeded in his Sussex, in the 73d year of his age, titles and estates by his nephew, the being born on the 22d of February, hon. general Lenox, representative 1734.- For many years he took an for the county of Sussex. active part in the politics of the na. The duke of Richmond, it is said, tion. In the early part of Mr. has left 50.0001. to each of his three Pitt's first administration, he was daughters, by his house-keeper, for appointed master - general of the whom he has provided in the same ordoance, in which situation he con. proportion. His grace never had tinued for several years.

As a se

any male issue by that lady. dator, his abilities, though not of a of an inveterate cancer, in her brilliant description, were deemed 44th year, Mrs Elizabeth Davies, respectable, and he was always wife of Mr. Daniel Davies, of heard with attention.

Bloomsbury-square. His grace was of royal extraction, Mrs. Palmer, wife of John Pal. being descended from Charles Les mer, esq. M. P. for Bath. Dox, natural son of king Charles II. Aged 71, Joseph Brooks, esq. by lady Louisa Renne de Penen. alderman of Woodstock. court, a French lady, who came to 3. John Laird, esq., formerly England with the duchess of Or. chief surgeon, and president of the leans, the king's sister; and whom medical board on the Bengal esta. bis majesty not only created duchess blisbment. of Portsmouth, countess of Farn. The rev. William Gilbank, rec. ham, apd baroness Petersfield, in tor of St. Ethelburg, London. England, but prevailed on Lewis Mrs. Anguish, mother of the du. XIV. to copfer on her the title of chess dowager of Leeds. duchess of Aubigny in France. The 4. At Maldonado, captain Fran. late duke was the third in succession, cis Rundell. of the 54th regiment. and possessed the titles conferred on 5. At his chambers, in Staple.jon, his grandfather in the reign of Charles Isaac Reed, esq. a gentleman welí II. viz. duke of Richmond in Eng. known for his extensive acquain. Jand, duke of Autigny in France tance with English literature, cs(confrmed and registered by the pecially the dramatic works of the parliament of Paris), duke of Le. black-letter period. This rendered nox in Scotland, earl of March in bim peculiarly fit for the superin. England, and Darnley in Seotland, tendance of those editions of Shak.



speare which the London booksel. William Tendent, esq. of Stan. lers confided to his care. His anno.

more, Middlesex. tations on these editions

are his

10. Suddenly, in Dublin, aged principal works. He published in 72, the earl of Miltown. . 1782 the Biographia Dramatica ;) 12. At Ackworth, near Ponte. in which the diligence of his fract, Anthony Surtees, esq. many cnquiries were eminently useful, years lieutenant-colonel of the 2d

He also edited Dodsley's collec- West York militia. tion of old plays, 12 vols. 8vo. Louis Balan, esq. aged 38, late 1780. He was, during many years, his Prussian majesty's counsellor of Editor of the European Magazine, legation. but parted with his property in Edward Eyton, esq. of Eyton that work, after Mr. Sewell the Hall, near Wrexham. bookseller's death. His collection Sir Stephen Lushington, bart, of English books was perhaps the many years a member of the East. most extensive of any ever possessed India Direction. by a privatcindividual. Nr. Reed Mrs. Dolben, wisc of John En. was of simple manners, of great glish Dolben, esq. at Pentonville. equanimity of temper, of good mo. At Blackheath, Robert Bell, esą. rais, friendly, and ready to assist the aged 84. literary undertakings of others. At Southampton, major-general

His writings manifest his candour, Stewart, of the royal artillery. while his strictures display sound 12. In the island of St. Croix, criticism and correct taste.

John Barker Barnes, esq. 6. In Sloanc-square, col. Francis 13. At Bush Hill, Edmonton, Robson, F. S. A. late lieutenant. Stephen Briggs, esq. governor of St. Helena, aged 70. Peter Harrison, esq. of Sand.

In Sloanc-street, Mrs. Pownall, wich, Kent. widow of the late governor Pownall. The earl of Gosford, governor of

At Chislehurst, in Kent, of a ty- Armagh. phus fever, Andrew Stone, esq. in Colonel W. R. Hepburn, of his 20th year,

Rickerton, Kincardineshire. William Newdick, esq. of Ches. Lady lesketh, relict of sir Tho. hunt.

mas Hesketh, bart, 7. Peggen Hale, esq., banker, Peter Harrison, esq. of Sandwich, Bond-strect.

Kent. Dowager lady Head, relict of sir 14. Mayow. Wynell Mayow, esq. Edmund Head, bart.

solicitor of excise. 8. Jane the wife of Clement 15. Suddenly, at his house at Ri. Wrintersley, esą.

vice-lieutenant viere, while reading prayers to his for the county of Leicester. She family, John Edwards, esq. aged was eldest daughter of sir Thomas 76. Parkins, of Burney, in the county of 16. Captain John Larmour, Nottingham, and sister to the late R. N. lord Radcliffe.

James Preston, esq. of Houns. Mr. Samuel Chiffocy, many years low, aged 78. a well known jockey on the turf, The rev. Baptist Proby, dean of and author of a work called “ Ge- Lichfield, and upwards of 55 years nius Genuinc."

rector of Doddington, in the Isle


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