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Moyes, though blind, had made 16. At Bristol, Joseph Thomas great acquisitions in medical and Waugh, B. A. Gresham professor of natural science, and was delivering rhetoric, at Doncaster a course of lectures in Mrs. Udney, 'of Long Ditton, Natural Philosophy. His death Surrey, aged 91, widow of the late was very sudden.

George Udney, esq. 12. In bis 620 year, A. Clithero, 17. Io his o5th year, Mr. Win. esg. of Bird's place, Hertfordshire. Stanley, of Cheapside.

At the Mitre inn, Chatham, aged Thomas Pean, .esq. of Stoke 18, Mr. Robert George, midship- Newington. man of the Centaur, and second son At his country-seat, at Horn. of the hon. baron George, lord chief church, Es>ex, John Massu, esq. justice of Ireland.

aged 49. At Leiston, near Bury, aged 54, Suddenly, in his 66th year, the W. Barsham, esq. many years a

rer. Robert Jones, rector of Pepcaptain in the East Suffolk militia. pard in Oxfordshire.

At Kinraon's Castle, Scotland, Mr. Henry Phipps Randall, Ald. William lord Gray, in his 53d year. gate.

13. Aged so, Mr. George Bur. 18. At her cottage, in the Isle of bage, upwards of 30 years a pro. Wight, lady Frances Tollemachc, prietor and printer of The Notting- sister to the earl of Dysart. ham Journal, and a member of the 20. At Langley, Bucks, Mrs. De senior council of the corporation of Salis, wite of Jerome De Salis, esq. Nottingham. He had been in busi. In Portman Barracks, captain ness as a bookseller and printer George Deare, of the 3d guards. nearly 60 years.

At Great Ealing, Francis Ste. After a few hours illoess, Mr. G. phens, esq. F. R. and A, S. and late White, solicitor, and many years one of the commissioners of the Vic. town-clerk of Tetbury.

tualling office, aged 68. Awfully sudden, Mr. J. Northall, 23. At Charlton, in Kent, Thobookseller, of Stockport. He had mas Welladvice, esq. late comman. been at chapel in the forenoon, der of the Charlton East. India. came home, ate a hearty dinner, and seemed quite cheerful ; but in a. 2+. At Theakstone, near Bedale, bout an hour after, he was seized John Williams, esq. aged 71. 'with a numbness in one of his feet, 25. At his seat at Belton, in Lin. which immediately proceeded up colnshire, in his 64th year, the right one side, and took away the use hon. lord Brownlow. He was only thereof. In a few minutes he was son of the late right hon. sir John deprived of the use of the other al. Cust, bart. speaker of the house of 50, together with his senses. He commons, who, in consequence of remained in this deplorable state, his services in that high office, was adtotally insensible and unablo to vanced to the peerage in 1776. His speak, till about five o'clock, when lordship was twice married; first to he expired in the arms of Mr. Daw. Miss Drury, daughter and co.heir. son, his partner in trade, to the ir. ess to sir Thomas Drury, of Overreparable loss of a numerous and stone, in Northamptonshire, and deeply afflicted family.

sister to the countoss of Bucking. Q3



hamshire ; and, secondly, to Miss At Glasgow, John Pattison, esq. Bankes, only daughter of sir H. merchant. Bankes, of Wimbledon, by whom At Clontarf, near Dublin, the hoo. he has left a numerous issue. He Rich. Gore, brother to the earl of is succeoded in his titles and estates Arran. by his eldest son, the hon. John Cust, 29. In the Minories, Wm. Wil. M. P. for the borough of Clithero. son, esq. in his 77th'year. The remains of the late lord were 31. Aged 74, John Veysey, esq. interred in the family vault at Bel. of Bramford Speke, one of his ma. ton. His lordship was followed to jesty's justices of the peace for the the grave, on foot, by six sons and county of Devon. He left 54 nefive daughters, as well as by near phews, and nieces, to whom he be. 150 of his tenantry, in mourning. queathed his property.

- At Linlithgow, Norval Smith, Lately, at Blythe, Yorkshire, in who had been a driver of the Stir. consequence of a paralytic stroke, ling coach upwards of fifteen years; while attending divine service, Mr. and what is very surprising, he ac- Milburn, aged 56, many years agent cumulated money, and other pro. to sir Matthew White Ridley. perty, to the amount of 15001.- At Carlisle, Mr. Thomas John. This shews what may be done in ston. He was suddenly taken ill or such a situation, if careful. Till his road home in the London mail, three weeks before his death he was and expired in a few minutes after never known to be ill for a day, or he had entered his own house. unfit for his daily employment.

At Exeter, the lady of sir Wa. Aged 70, Michael Hodgson, esq. Langham, bart. of Cottesbrook, in of Muswell Hill, near Hornsey. Northamptonshire, only daughter of

In consequence of eating muscles, the late hon. Charles Vane. Mr. Joseph Gerrard, of Pleasington, At his house, in Spring Gardens, near Blackburn.

in his 65th year, Henry Vaughan At Goytre, in Monmouthshire, Brooke, esq. 36 years representa. aged 22, Mrs. Maria Witherington, tive in parliament for the county of wife of Henry Witherington, eq. Donegal, in Ireland.

26. At her house in Upper Gros. At his house, in Punderson's. venor-street, Einma, countess dow. place, Bethnal-green, Thomas ager of Mount Edgecumbc, relict of Browne, csq. secretary to the Le. the third lord and first earl, and vant company. mother to the present cari. Hier

Holles-street, Cavendish. Jadyship was Miss Gilbert, only square, Levi Ball, esq. late of Ben. daughter and heir of Dr. John gal, and brother to sir Alexander Gilbert, who was archbisliop of Ball, governor of Malta. York.

Aged 74, the wife of T. Vaughar, 27. At Newcastle, aged 85, Mrs esq. of Enfield, Middlesex, daugh. Barbara Richardson, aunt to the ter of the late rev. T. Ogle, rector lord chancellor.

of Carham, Northumberland, and 28. Mr. Walter Williams, of the the last of the female line of the Ilawkers' and Pedlars' office, So. Ogles, of Cawsey Park, Northun. merset-place; and many years an berland. officer of the court of Chancery. At Exmouth, Mrs. Stevens, of

a most


a most serere nervous complaint, signed his breath without a strugand who was, for the last four years, gle; being in perfect possession deprived of the use of her limbs, and of his faculties to the last moment. the power of utterance.

Mrs. Woollen, of Sheffield Park. At the age of 107, Mr. John She had just finished reading a let. Key, of Edgbaston Mill, near Bir- ter, which contained an account of mingham.

the loss of a ship, on board of Mrs. Battle, of Mashbury, Es- which all the crew perished except. sex, in her 88th year ; who, at the ing her son, and another boy; age of 21, was married to her third when, being suddenly overcome husband, and had only one child, with joy and apprehension, she fell and who lived to see that child's upon the iloor, and instantly exdaughter a grandmother.

pired. At Ely, Mr. George Apsey, At


North youngest son of William Apsey, Shields, John Ramsay, mariner, esq. of that place. At the age of aged 115.

He served in the capa. fourteen years he weighed upwards city of cabin-boy on-board one of of 15 stone; and, at the time of his the ships in sir George Rooke's death, being in his 20th year, he squadron, at the taking of Gibral. weighed upwards of 22 stone. This tar, in 1704; and, what is remark. young man, though of an extraor. able at so advanced an age, he con. dinary size, and of a gross habit, en- tinued to enjoy his faculties to the joyed exceedingly good health until last, being capable of telling a merry within a few hours of his death; story or siuging a good old song un. which was occasioned by a large til within a short period of his de. piece of wood falling against him, a few weeks since, and which he took Mrs. Collingwood, of Corby, no notice of, till a mortification took Lincolnshire. About nine weeks place, and surgical assistance could ago she was shockingly burned by be of no avail. Had his life been her clothes catching fire; since prolonged a few years, it is likely he which accident, to the time of her would have equalled, if not ex. death, she lingered in great pain. ceeded, the great Mr. Lambert, in At his house in Grosvenor-place, size,

sir John T. Stanley, bart. of Alder. In Ireland, aged 110, Denisley Park, Cheshire. Hampson, the blind bard of Magil. At Weymouth, aged 65, the wellligun, of whom so interesting an known Old Tom Green, his majes. account is given by Miss Owenson, ty's late favourite bathing-guide at in “ The Wild Irish Girl.” A few that place. hours before his death, he tuned In his 60th year, Dr. Reynolds, bis harp, in order to have it in rea- of Exeter College, Oxford, and diness to entertain sir H. Bruce's vice-chancellor of the university. family, who were expected to pass In his 58th year, Mr. David Ford. that way in a few days, and who ham, a well-known horse dealer, of were in the habit of stopping to hear Cambridge. his music; shortly after, however, At lligh Holden, Wm. Bourne, he felt the approach of death, and, aged 87, who had 120 children, calling his family around him, re. grand.children, and great grand

Q 24



children ; eighty-nine of whom sur. At Calcutta, capt. Collins, who vive him.

filled a high diplomatic station at The rev. Mr. Mutlow, rector of one of the Mahratta courts. Broad Windsor, Dorsetshire.

At Maita, of a decline, in his 22d In America, Mş. Hatton, late of year, Edward Matthew Gwynne, the Haymarket Theatre.

csg. At Hoddesdon, Herts, Mrs. Bore- At Adams, Berkshire county, bam, mother of one of the ladies Massachusetts, Mr. J. Peters, aged who were murdered there about two 107. Ile enjoyed an uncommon months since; her death is ascribed share of health, strength, and acti. to the wounds she received at that vity, and was in entire possession of time. See p. 505.)

all his faculties until the last moAt Kidwelly, Glamorganshire, in ment of his existence. his 78th year, the rev. Mr. Wil. At Schenectedy (America), Mrs. liams, vicar of that place, which he Elizabeth Cowans, in her 101th had served 55 years.

year. She read without spectacles Henry Parker, esq. of the Tax till er death, and but two years Olice, Somerset House.

ago entered the field and mowed At Huntingdon, Captain Cross, grass with the scythe. of the Northampton militia.

At Paris, M. l'Abbe le Cheralier, At Waterford, Robert Dobbyn, in his 76th year, formerly royal esq. recordor and common-council- censor, and author of several classic man of that city.

works. In Glamorganshire, aged 37, Lately, at Paris, M. de Breteuil, Henry Bingham, esq. barrister at at an advanced age, and after a long law, Dublin, and brother of lord and painful disease. He was the Clanmorris, of Newbrook, Ireland. celebrated architect to whom Paris

At Great Abingdon, Cam- is indebted for one of its principal bridgeshire, the rev. Andrew Pern, embellishments, in the demolition of rector of Abingdon and Clay, near the houses which covered the Pont Royston, and an active magistrate au Change and obstructed the quay · for the county.

He was formerly of Gevies. of St. Peter's college. B.A. 1772.

Philip Dundas, esq. governor of Prince of Wales Island.

SHERIFFS appointed by his MajesAt Fort Marlborough, capt. Pa. ty in Council for the year 1807. trick Ramage, of the Lord Keith (See these in p. 385.] East-Indiaman,




Address to his Majesty, moved by this realm ; in defence of his majes.

Mr. Canning (in lieu of that pro. ty's sacred person and government; posed by the Hon. Mr. Lambe, and of a throne endeared to all and ultimately carried) in Answer classes of his majesty's subjects by to the Speech from the Throne, the virtues of the sovereign who Dec, 19, 1806.

adorns it. To offer to his majesty

our humble and affectionate condoCHAT an humble address be lence on that share of the public

presented to his majesty, to calamities of Europe which has come return his majesty the thanks of home to the personal and domestic this house, for the most gracious feelings of his majesty and his royal speech which the lords commission. family, by the death of that gallant ers have read to us by his majesty's . and illustrious prince the late duke command; to assure his majesty, of Brunswick, a prince connected that it is with increased affection, by such near alliances with his ma. attachment, and loyalty, that his jesty's royal house, and with the majesty's faithful commons meet his throne of these kingdoms. That majesty in this ninth parliament of while we most sensibly participate his majesty's assembling. And that in the deep and poignant grief with amidst all those evils and pressures which his majesty contemplates the of war, and those tremendous and issue of the late campaign on the unparalleled successes of a formida, continent, we studiously abstain ble and unrelenting enemy, which from suggesting to his majesty, as a render the present crisis peculiarly topic of consolation, what we well awful and alarming, the first and know his majesty's intelligence and most fervent prayer of his majesty's magnanimity would disdain to refaithful colomons is, that it may ceive as such--the interruption of please Divine Providence to grant to his majesty's intercourse with the this favoured country the prolongacourt of Berlin during the last eight tion of a life and of a reign, the months, which precluded his majes. value aud the blessings of which, ty from any knowledge of those each succeeding year teaches us counsels by which the war between more highly to appreciate. And to Prussia and France was so unfortu. express to his majesty our unshaken nately precipitated. Satisfied as we determination to stand by his ma. are of the justice of the original jesty throughout all the difficulties grounds of bis majesty's complaints and dangers of the times ; in de. against Prussia, we are yet unable fence of the laws and liberties of to refrain from deeply deploring

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