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General Aspect of Europe.-Resources of the opposite Belligerent Powers-and Views.-Fragility of Confederations.-General Maxims and Measures of Buonaparte.-Position and Strength of the French and Russian Armies.-Military Force remaining to the King of Prussia after the Battles of Jena and Pultusk.-The general Plans of the opposite Armies.-Battles of Mohringen-Bergfried-Deppen -Hoff-and Eylau.-Retreat of the French on the Vistula-and of the Russians behind the Pregel...




Relative Positions in which the French and Russian Armies were placed after the Battle of Eylau.-Pacific Overtures by BuonaparteRejected.-Artifices of Buonaparte.-The Russians persevere their System of acting on the offensive.--Battle of Ostrolenka.— Skirmishes.-Triumphant Proclamation, or Address of Buonaparte to his Army.-Positions of the French Army in their Quarters. Bridges and Tetes-du-Pont on the Vistula.-Continued Skirmishes.-The most important of these.-Artillery taken from the Enemy by the French since their Arrival on the Vistula.— Progress of the Allies of the French, under Jerome Buonaparte, in the reduction of Silesia.-Siege of Dantzig.-Disposition of the grand French Army for protecting the besieging Army.-Dantzig defended by Nature and by Art.-Arrival of the Russian Emperor at Memel Followed by that of the Archduke Constantine with a Reinforcement to the Russian Army.-Grand Council of War concerning the Relief of Dantzig.-Of two Plans, that which was adopted.-Prussian Force sent for the Relief of Dantzig, defeated.Attacks of the Russians on the whole Line of the French-Intended to prevent them from reinforcing the Army besieging Dantzig.Dantzig surrendered on Capitulation-Conditions of this.-State of VOL. XLIX.

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the Garrison at this time.-The Fort of Weischelnunde also surren-
dered.-Stralsund-The Siege of it, abandoned by the French, who re-
tire towards the Vistula.-Pursued by the Swedes.-These, advancing
beyond the Peene, are discomfited by the French under the command
of Marshal Mortier, and reduced to the necessity of demanding on
Armistice; which is granted.-Conditions of this Armistice.-The
King of Sweden arrives at Stralsund-Reviews and encourages his
Army-Himself encouraged by the Arrival of an Envoy from Great
Britain with Assurances of Succour in Troops and in Money.....



The insatiable Ambition and insiduous Policy of France.-No Alternative

for Britain between Resistance and Submission.-The first Attentions

of the Legislature called to the State of the Army and Navy.-

Ordnance Estimates moved in the House of Commons, by Mr. Calcraft.

-Resolutions moved thereon-agreed to.-Motions by Lord Castle-

reagh, for the Returns of the Effective State of our Military

Establishment-agreed to.-Army Estimates.-Number and Disposition

of the Volunteers.-Result of the Alteration that had been made in

the Recruiting System.-Observations by Lord Castlereagh on the

Statements that had been laid before the House by the Secretary at

War.-Reply to Lord Castlereagh, by Mr. Windham.-New System

for Recruiting the Army vindicated.-Strictures on that System

by Mr. Perceval.-Mr. Perceval answered, and the New System

defended by Lord Howick.-Remarks by Sir James Pulteney-Speech

of Sir John Doyle.-Observations by Mr. Johnstone-Mr Rose-

and Mr. Thornton.-The New System defended by Lord H. Petty-

The Resolutions agreed to.-Navy Estimates moved by Mr. Thomas

Grenville.-New Arrangement proposed for a clear Statement of the

Naval Estimates in future.-Resolutions moved by Mr. Grenville,

agreed to.-Sums for Miscellaneous Services moved by Mr. Vansittart—

among these a Sum in Addition to what had been granted before to

the Roman Catholic college at Maynooth-Which gives rise to anima-

ted conversations on this Subject:-The Speakers; Mr. Perceval—Mr.

Banks-Lord Stanley-Sir John Newport-Mr. Grattan-Lord

Mahon-Mr. Wilberforce-and Lord Howick.-All the Resolutions

moved by Mr. Vansittart, agreed to.••••

by Sir James Pulteney.--Lord P's Plan defended, and Lord C.'s at-
tacked by Mr. H. Thornton.-Ways and Means.-Progress of the Com-
mission of Military Inquiry.-Abuses in the Barrack Department.—
Fraudulent Dealings of Mr. Alexander Davison.-Proceedings of the
Treasury with regard to Davison-Motion by Mr. Robson for the
Appointment of a Committee of Inquiry into useless Places, and sinecure
Offices.-Slightly amended by Lord H. Petty, and agreed to.-Reflec-
tions on the Proceedings in Parliament relating to Finance.-On the
Nature of Money, and its great and still increasing Influx.-Bad Ef-
fects of this.-Observations on the Funding System.—And on the Sink-
ing Fund for paying off the National Debt ...





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