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destruction been as yet fulfilled, nor the dream accomplished.

This phrensy would have been speedily cured in our country; bread and water, a solitary cell, and a little wholesome discipline, are specifics in such cases. Mark the difference in England. No bishop interferes; she therefore boldly asserts that she has the full consent of the bishops to declare that her call is from God, because, having been called upon to disprove it, they keep silent. She who was used to earn her daily bread by daily labour, is now taken into the houses of her wealthy believers, regarded as the most blessed among women, carried from one part of England to another, and treated every where with reverence little less than idola. try. Meantime dictating books as fast as her scribes can write them down, she publishes them as fast as they are written, and the Joannians buy them as fast as they are published. Nor is this her only trade. The seals in the Revelations furnished her with a happy hint. She calls upon all persons "to sign their names for Christ's glorious and peaceable kingdom, to be established and to come upon earth, and his will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven, and for Satan's kingdom to be destroyed, which is the prayer and desire of Joanna Southcott." They who sign this are to be sealed. Now if this temporal sealing, which is mentioned by St. John in the Revelations, had been understood before this time, men would have begun sealing themselves without the visitation of the Spirit; and if she had not understood it and explained it now, it would have been more fatal for herself and for all mankind than the fall of Eve was. The

mystery of sealing is this: whoso. ever signs his name receives a sealed letter containing these words: The Sealed of the Lord, the Elect, Precious, Man's Redemption, to inherit the Tree of Life, to be made Heirs of God, and Joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. Signed Joanna Southcott. I know not what the price of this initiation is; but she boasts of having sealed above eight thousand persons, so that the trade is a thriving one.

And these things are believed in England! in England, where Catholic Christians are so heartily despised for superstition; in England, where the people think themselves so highly enlightened,—in this country of reason and philosophy and free inquiry! It is curious to observe how this age in which we live is denominated by every writer, just as its temper accords with his own views with the Infidel, it is the Age of Reason; with the Church. man, the Age of Infidelity; with the Chemist, the Age of Philosophy; with Rulers, the Age of Anarchy; with the People, the Age of Oppression,-every one beholding the prospect through a coloured glass, and giving it sunshine or shade, frost or verdure, according to his own fancy, none looking round him and seeing it fairly as it is. Yet surely if we consider the ignorance of the great majority of the English, the want of anchorage for their faith, the want of able directors for their souls, the rapidity with which novelties of any kind are circulated throughout the country, the eager ness with which the credulous listen to every new blasphemy, the contemptuous indifference of the clergy to any blasphemy, provided it does not immediately threaten themselves,


the unlimited toleration shewn to Jews, Gentiles, and fieretics of every description,-above all if we remember that every person has the power of comparing these delusive books with the Bible, of which they are instructed to consider themselves competent expounders.-we must acknowledge that there never was any country so favourable to the success of imposture and the growth of superstition, as this very age and this very England.

I have to add concerning Joanna, that she prophecies how she and her believers are to be tried in the ensuing year, and that this awful trial will be only second to that of our blessed Lord at Pilate's bar! What new juggle is in preparation I pretend not to divine. Thus much is certain, that her believ ers are proof against conviction, and you will agree with me in think. ing no further trial necessary to prove that she and her abettors ought either to be punished as impostors, or silenced as lunatics.

The translator has been curious enough to inquire the event of this trial, which may be related in few words. None but her believers assembled; they provided an attorney to give their proceedings some of the ceremonials of legality, examined witnesses to prove the good character of the prophetess, signed a profession in belief of her, and after. wards published an account of all this folly under the title of The Trial of Joanna Southcott, Joanna had predicted that at this trial she was to be cast into a trance; not think ing this convenient when the time appointed came, she had a revelation to say, that if any of her judges required it, the Lord would still en

trance her, but that it would cer tainly be her death: and thus throw. ing herself upon the mercy of her own accomplices, it will easily be guessed that none among them is sisted upon the proof. One of the company inquired whether Satan knew he was cast by this trial; as, in that case, it was to be presumed he would rage against her and her friends with the utmost of his fury. This gentleman would have been a good subject for a night-mare.

D. Manuel might well say that nothing but literal transcript could convey an idea of this woman's vulgarity and nonsense; witness the passages which he has selected.—T&

So, learned men, no more contend,
Till you have seen all clear,
The Woman clothed with the Sun
A wonder to you here.
So, in amaze, vou all may gaze,

As Adam did at first,
To see the bone to him unknown,
The woman there was placed.
The woe you see, she brought on he,

And the first woe for man;-
But how shall Satan now get free,

She casts her woe on man.—
Though 'twas not she, I must tell yt,

Did cast the woe on man;
The serpent was condemned by she,
And there her woe must come.

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sick as though she would have fainted away. She could not keep in her bed, but laid herself on the floor in agonies, and said she knew not whether to pity or condemn him; but at last got up in a rage against the Devil, and said her revenge would be sweet to see the Devil chained down, and she should like, with a sharp sword, to cut him in pieces. She then got into bed, exclaiming against the clergy, and asked for a glass of wine; but she brought it up immediately. Soon after the bason was set upon the bed, she took it up and dashed it violently across the room,

and broke it to pieces. After that she had some lamb brought up for her dinner; she tried to swallow a mouthful but could not, but spit it into another bason, and said she could neither swallow the wine nor the lamb, but found the fury of the Lord break in upon her, and she dashed the second bason on the floor. She then said she felt herself happier and easier since she had broken both the basons; for so would the Lord, in his anger, break the clergy."

This is from a book with the following curious title:










A few flowers of infernal eloquence should be added from The Dispute with the Powers of Darkness. Satan says to her, "Thou infamous bch! thou hast been flattering God that he may stand thy friend. Such low cunning art I despise. Thou wheening devil! stop thy d--mn'd eternal tongue; thou runnest on so fast all the Devils in Hell cannot keep up with thee.— God hath done something to chuse a b-ch of a woman that will downargue the Devil, and scarce give him

room_to_speak.”-It may truly be said, in Joanna's own words, "If the woman is not ashamed of herself, the Devil cannot shame her."

If the language of Jeanna herself is grovelling in the very mud and mire of baseness and vulgarity, one of her elders has soared into the sublime of frenzy. The passage is long, but deserves insertion, as, perhaps, there does not exist elsewhere so complete a specimen of a prophet rampant. The gentleman begins in some plain prose reflections upon the Fall, and goes

goes on addressing the Devil, till he has worked himself up, and begins thus to rave in rhythm.

"Then where's thy ground on earth? receive thy doom, the pit, there twist in flames, and there thy like deceive!Then Cain receive thy doom from Abel's blood. Then where is Paraoh and his host? Judge then, need Moses fear! Where is the Lion fallen! and the pit has oped its mouth, the covering's dropt;the Lamb has nought to fear-then roar no more to shake the earth and sea. Where now's the eagle and vultur'd host-thy wings are pluck'd on earth, she stands defenceless, the fatal net beneath-The Dove now has protection; she ranges earth and sea, and soars aloft unhurt, unfeared, to carry peace to all.-The Ark is opened now, she brings the olive branch, the floods are past, where's now the giant race?-Who pressed on Lot? 'Twas thee the proud oppressor! Where art thou now? Where is thy pride and city? Knowest thou the words, come out! come out! let Sodom feel its doom. Where now is Lot? At Zoar safe! Where is his wife? Is she not salt all? The writing's on the wall-Thou lewdly revellest with the bowls of God. Thy kingdom's past awayNow see my Daniel rise-Who cast him in the den?-'Twas thee-Thot rolledst the stone, thou sealedst his doom-the roaring Lion thee! Then let the stone return, the seal be broke, and go thou in his stead. Where is the image gold and Bel? Where is proud Babel's builder? Confusion is thy name: confusion is thy doom! Let Bel asunder burst! the pitch, and tar, and walls of wood expose thy make, deceit, and craft, --and pass in flames away. The God of Daniel stands-Daniel rise up!

Six days are past-the seventh now is here-seven times refined and purified-in innocency come.-The emerald, unhurt in fire, displays great Judah's son.-Let Urim's light and Thummim shine in bright per fection's day. The twelve men stand upon the plate the fourth denote great Judah's son, who is the right ful heir. The stones denote old Ja cob's sons, their light and quality-they shine as stars in Jesus' crown upon the Woman's head.-The Su unveil'd shall now arise-The Moon from scarlet shall emerge-The stars from darkness now appear to light the midnight hour-Then where art thou, O Satan! Where are thy heads, and horns, and dragon's tail, which slew and hurt the living stars! Where are thy rays of fire-thy watery floods-behold they are past awayThe woman's fears of thee are o'er

the wilderness receives her child, whose iron rod now feel. The pit has oped its mouth-thou now art cast, shut up and sealed-the saints now judge the earth. The Omapë• tent is here in power and spiritin the word-The sword, white horsey and King of Kings has drawn the flaming sword! Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice!. The Beast and Drag, mountain, tree, no more shall hur, devour, becloud, the saint, the guid, and vine. The gold and gems ap pear-The mighty earthquake displays the hidden Son of God. The rod and smitten rock gush torth, and smite and slay, and make alive, now saves and now destroys. The cloud and glory, Jonah's sign, display the virtues of the word, the light and darkness shews. The Gospel brings the light, and life, and death-and death as men obey or mock. The six denotes the suffering time to she the Son of Man-The sign within

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he sun-The fowls now feast on

all thy maddened crew?

Hittites, be gone! no more appear to

hurt or to annoy ;

appear with gar

Now Israel's sons in peace succced, and
Canaan's land enjoy.
Behold from Edom I
ments dipt in blood;
My sons are freed and saved, and wash'd
amidst the purple flood.

The law, or moon, imperfect was to save-
But now the star points dead men to the

"Mercy benign appears-The Gospel Sun embraces all-The wine and milk-but not to mockers Spirit and the Bride invite, and offer here. Infinity of love and grace!

and Sun appear-Caleb and Joshua thee! Then where's thy former pass the stream in triumph reign? Beneath the rod of Moses to restore. Where now thou see thy fall from Heaven's height.. Canaanite art thou? Where Son of the Morning, Lucifer, no nore oppress-be thou a fallen star! Great Gog and Agag, where are ye?" The walls of Jericho art thou; fall lat! Joshua's ram's horns, the seven and twelve, pass Jordan's stream. Where is the Lion, Bear, Goliath uge, but in the center thee. Da. id appears, a stripling youth, now ears, and slays, and slings the stone, nd smites thy dragon's head. Now ee great David's reign-The temle's stones, unhewed by man in hose days, unite, the King of Peace midst the seven in oil unite, and in stope with seven eyes appears. The stately fabric now is laid, ounded and topped with gems of very hue. The ark of Moses now 3 built-The words, the laws, the ceptre, all unite, and Aaron's bud. ed rod-He now is chosen; eat The bread, prepare the sacrifice. ohn eats the book which sweet and itter is-He prophecies; the temle metes, and stands before the amb. The temple measures, and noints, and Moses' tabernacle. The witnesses, Matthew and John, s olive trees appear-The broken tones of Moses now uplift, renowdin books arise from death-The ord's anointed reigns-The rods, r laws, of Ephraim ten, unite in ne and hold by Judah's skirt-The on of Man o'er Israel reigns-The ry bones now arise-Here ends hy earthly reign-The bond of nion now is come-The marriage ing appears-The bride is come

The bridegroom now receives the
narriage scal-The Law and
Gospel now unite-The Moon

Gentiles and Jews unite, no more from love to part. Six days are past-Peter, and James, and John, behold my glory in my word.

"The Law and Prophets now are seen
with Jesus' word to shine,
But what hast thou, thou serpent here,
to do with love benign ?

"Tremble and flee, 'tis done. The seals are burst-the vials pour and end thy destiny.

"These are a small part of the thoughts of the judgments of God pronounced on Satan," concludes the writer, who is a gentleman of vast respectability.

One of her books has the title printed on the last page, because it was ordered that the book should contain neither more nor less than forty-eight pages.-Another has a seal in the middle of it bearing the letters J. C.-the J., it is said, being meant for Jesus and Joanna!! 3 U Keswick,

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