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delivered in return by the ambassa. that which shall be delivered to him dor count de Stadion, shall be ra- by his cxcellency Lord Granville tified by the respective sovereigns in Leveson Gower. the shortest possible term, and the The present declaration, and that ratifications exchanged at St. Pe- delivered in return by the ambassa. tersburgh.

dor of England, which are to be in In faith of which the undersigned the place, and to have the validity joint minister for foreign attairs of the most solemn act, shall be ra. has signed the present declaration, tified by the respective sovereigns, has caused the seal of his arms to be and the ratifications exchanged at affixed thereto, and has exchanged St. Petersburgh in the shortest posit against the declaration signed this sible term. day by his excellency the count de In faith of which the undersigned Stadion.

joint minister for foreign affairs, has Done at St. Petersburgh the 28th signed the present declaration, has

July--(9th August, 1805.) caused to be affixed to it the seal of Signed (I.. $.) Le Prince Adam de his arms, and has exchanged it Czartoryski. against the declaration signed this

day by his excellency the ambassa. No. II.(D).- Declaration of Prince dor of England.

Csartoryski to Lord G. L. Gower, Done at St. Petersburgh, the 28th dated at St. Petersburgh, 28th of July, 1805. July,- (9th August, 1805.) (L. S.) Adam Prince Czartoryski.

The undersigned joint minister No. II. (E.)- Declaration, signed for foreign affairs, being autho- by his Majesty's Ambassador at St. rized to that effect by his majesty Petersburgh, and delivered to the emperor of all the Russias, de- Prince Czartoryski, and to Count clares to his excellency the ambassa- de Stadion, 9th August, 1805. dor, lord Granville Leveson Gower, as follows:

The undersigned ambassador 1. The undersigned has this day extraordinary and plenipotentiary exchanged with his excellency the of his Britannic majesty, having ambassador of Austria, the declara. been invited by his excellency tions, of which copies are hereto the prince Czartoryski, joint minis. annexed.

ter for foreign affairs, and the count 2. His majesty the emperor of de Stadion, ambassador extraordiall the Russias expects that the am- nary and plenipotentiary of his imbassador of England will agree, in perial royal and apostolic majesty, the name of his court, without re- to accede to the declarations reciproserve, to their contents ; and that if cally exchanged between the two he does not consider himself suffi-' imperial courts on this day, the 9th ciently anthorized thereto, he will of August, in virtue of his full express, in a formal declaration, the powers, declares as follows: several points to wbich he can im- The several observations and pro. mediately consent.

posals expressed by the court of 3. The undersigned is authorized Vienna in the preliminary declarato exchange this declaration against tion delivered by the vice-chancellor


of the court and state, the count de which are to be continued monthly, Cobenzel, to the ambassador count until the commencement of hosti. Razoumofski, on the 7th of July, litics. and in the Memoire 'Raisonnè of the His imperial and royal majesty 21st of July, are assumed by his having engaged to embody an armed majesty the king of the United force of not less than 320,000 men, Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire. the undersigned consents, that the land, &c. &c. to serve as a basis for advances to be made, under the the concert of measures between the head of première mise en campagne, three courts of London, Vienna, shall be paid according to this calcuand Petersburgh, and the modifica. lation, with this condition, neverthetions proposed therein, for the regu- less, that if, contrary to all expectalation of the affairs of the continent, tion, the Austrian armies do not are in like manner adopted, in case amount to the force above specified, there should be reason to hope that his Britannic majesty may deduct war may be avoided by the means from this payment a sum propor. of negociation.

tionate to the numbers that are The British ambassador, while he wanting. declares that his positive instructions The British ambassador cannot preclude him from acceding to the consent to the modifications and de. pecuniary demands of the court of mands contained in the paper, en. Vienna, engages, in the name of his titled, “ Remarks on some parti. sovereign, that the monthly subsi. cular objects of the Convention, dies agreed to by the concert of the signed between the Courts of Peters30th March (11th April), shall be burgh andof London, the 30th March payable from the 1st of October, (11th April) of this year; as he has 1805. Ho engages, likewise, to ad- hitherto received no instructions vance, with the least possible delay, from his court, which authorize the equivalent of five months subsi- him to accede to such demands. dies, under the head of première The British ambassador accepts mise en campagne, with this express the accession of his majesty the emcondition, that his Britannic majesty peror and king, under the condi. may reclaim whatever payments tions specified in the preliminary shall have been made in favour of declarations exchanged this day be. his imperial and royal majesty, be. tween the plenipotentiaries of their yond the million stipulated by the imperial and royal majesties, with eleventh additional article of the this formal reservation, that this acabovementioned treaty, whether as ceptation shall not be considered as première mise en campagne, or as valid, nor the above-mentioned en. current subsidy, in case that the ne. gagements obligatory, unless the gociations, which are about to be court of Vienna shall on their side set on foot with the French govern. conform themselves to the whole of ment do not terminate in war. the stipulations of the said act. He declares, moreover,

that if the The undersigned, in delivering to said negociations shall not be his excellency prince Czartoryski, brought to a conclusion before the and count de Stadion, the present 31st day of December, 1805, the preliminary declaration, which is to expiration of the first three months be in the place, and have the vali. shall be the term of the payments dity of the most solenn treaty, is authorized to announce to him at star, who, after having reciprocally the same time, that he is ready to communicated their full powers, proceed immediately on these bases, have agreed upon the following ar. to the conclusion of the formal ac. ticles :cession of the court of Vienna to ART. I. His Britannic majesty, the concert of the 30th March, in order to enable his Swedish Da(11th April.)

jesty more effectually to provide for These presents shall be ratified the defence of Stralsund, against by the respective courts, in the any attack whatever on the part of shortest possible term.

the French, engages - to pay, obce In witness whereof the under for all, the sum of 60,000l. sterling, signed, by virtue of the full powers which is to be appropriated solely of his Britannic majesty, has signed to that purpose: this sum shall bertthe present preliminary declaration, mitted in three payments, at the isand has alixed thereto the seal of terral of a month between each, his arms.

the first of which is to become dge Done at St. Petersburgh the 28th upon the ratifications of this conten

July (9th August) 1805. tion being exchanged. (L. S.) Granville Leveson Gower. II. His majesty the king of Swe.

den engages, so long as the war beNo. III.--Preliminary and Secrct tween Sweden and France con.

Convention between his Majesty tinues, or during the space of and the King of Sweden, signed eighteen months, for the least, to at Stockholm, 3d of Dec. 1804. permit the establishment of a depot

in Swedish Pomerania; either at His majesty the king of the Stralsund, or in the island of Rs. United Kingdom of Great Britain gen, or in both those places, for the and Ireland, and his majesty the corps of Hanoverians which his Bri. king of Sweden, being animated tannic majesty shall be desirous of with a mutual desire to strengthen raising there. and draw closer the ties of friend. III. The officers appointed to ship and harmony which so happily raise the said leries, shall be allowed exist between the two courts, have to clothe, arin, and victual them ; ing thought proper, with this view, to form them into battalions, and to regulate by a preliminary and to remove them out of Swedish Po. secrct convention, certain points of merania, ioto such places, and in their mutual interests, relative to such proportions, as his Britannic the present situation of afiairs ; majesty shall judge preper. their said majesties have named for IV. The stipulations of the two that purpose, his majesty the king preceding articles, being founded of the United Kingdom of Great on the principle that Sweden is acBritain and Ireland, the sieur Henry tually declared a belligerent party, Pierrepont, his envoy extraordinary it is understood the said Articles , and minister plenipotentiary ; and and III, are to be suspended in his majesty the king of Sweden, the their operation, until his Swedish sieur Frederic d'Ehrenheim, pre- majesty shall find himself, by the sident of his chancery, and com- return of the open season, in a si. mander of his order of the pular tuation to send additional reinforce3


ments into Pomerania, insomuch No. IV.-Convention between his that no measure relative to these dis. Majesty and the King of Sweden, positions, can be adopted before signed at Helsingborg, the 31st of that time.

sugust, 1805. - V. His majesty the king of Sweden engages morcover to grant to

ART. I. The preliminary and se. the subjects of his Britannic ma. cret convention, concluded between jesty, during the continuance of the two sovereigns on the 3d of the war between Great Britain and December, 1804, is renewed, and France, the right of an entrepot at shall continue in full force and vaStralsund, for all the articles of the lidity, during the period hereinafter growth, produce, and merchandize, specified in Art. VII. as well of Great Britain as of her II. His majesty the king of Great colonies, shipped in British or Britain, conceiving that the object Swedish vessels. All such articles stated in the preamble, cannot be intended for re-exportation, whe. more completely attained with rether by sea or land, shall only pay spect to Swedish Pomerania, than a duty of three quarters per cent, ad by maintaining the fortress of StralJalorem; and those for consump- sund in a respectable state of detion such duties only as are actually fence, in order to preserve a rallying established at the port of Stralsund, point and place of retreat for the with respect to the most favoured forces of the allied powers, and nations. A more detailed arrange. especially for the troops of the em. ment of this branch of commerce, peror of all the Russias, in case bis as likewise of other points, whereby imperial majesty should be desirous the commercial interests of the two of landing his forces at that place, in nations might be more closely con

order to co-operate in the general nected, is to be reserved for a parti. plan, engages to pay monthly, the cular act.

sum of one thousand eight hundred VI. His majesty the king of the pounds sterling, for every thousand United Kingdom of Great Britain of regular troops with which his and Ireland, and his majesty the Swedish majesty shall reinforce the king of Sweden, mutually engage to usual garrison of the city of Stralratify the present act, and the rati. sund. fications thereof shall be exchanged III. A garrison of eight thousand in the space of six weeks, or sooner, men in the whole, being deemed if possible, to be computed from the suficient for the defence of this day of its signature.

place, and the usual garrison, inlo witness whereof, we the un. cluding the burgher militia, amount. dersigned, furnished with the full ing to upwards of four thousand; powers of our respective sovereigns, it is understood that the reinforcehave signed the present convention, ment spoken of in the preceding arand thereunto affixed the seals of ticle, shall not exceed four thousand our arms.

men of regular troops, so that the Done at Stockholm, this 3d of subsidies to be furnished by his maDecember, 1804.

jesty the king of Great Britain, will (was signed)

amount to the sum of seven thousand (L.8.) Henry Pierrepont. two hundred pounds per month. (L. S.) F. D'Ehrenheim. IV. The payment of the above


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mentioned subsidies shall be made whilst that power shall continue before the end of every month, and the war against France, in conjuncshall be computed from the 1st day tion with Russia. of July last, for the Swedish troops, VIII. The ratifications of the amounting to fifteen hundred men, present convention shall be ex. actually in Stralsund, and for the changed at Stockholm, within six reinforcements which may arrive weeks, or sooner if possible. there, from the day of their landing. In witness whereof, we the un

V. The two high contracting par- dersigned, in virtue of our powers, ties not haring bocn able to agree have signed the present convention, upon the expences of transport, his and have alfixed thereto the seals of majesty the king of Sweden, desirous our arins. of affording a convincing proof of Done at Helsingborg, the 31st of his wish to contribute to the suc- August, 1805. cess of the common cause, engages (Signed) (L. S.) Henry Pierrepont. : to be at the sole charge of convey

(L. S.) J. C. Baron de ing to Pomerania, the troops which

Toll. are to be sent there, in pursuance of the present convention, and not No. VI. (A.)--- Act of guarantee by to require any thing for their re- the Emperor of Russiu, of the turn.

Convention, signed at Helsingborg, VI. His majesty the emperor of on thc 3d of Dec. 1804. all the Russias, having signified his desire to land a part of his troops A convention having been conin Pomerania, his Swedish majesty cluded this day, by the intervention engages, in consequence of the pre- of his majesty the emperor of all the sent convention, to afford every fa. Russias, between his majesty the cility in his power to such debarka- king of the United Kingdom of

tion, and moreover to enter into Great Brit-in and Ireland, and his · particular stipulations with his im. majesty the king of Sweden, to perial majesty on that head. provide for the reinforcement of

VII. As the conditions of the the garrison of Stralsund, in purobligations contained in the Ar- suance of the secret and prelimi. ticles II. and III, of the preliminary nary convention of the 3d of Deand secret convention, limit the en- cember, 1804 ; the two high con. joyment of the privileges" therein tracting parties have amicably regranted to the king of Great Bri- quested his imperial majesty to con. tain, to the duration of the war be sent to guarantee the execution of tween Sweden and France, or to the so desirable an object. His majesty period of eighteen months for the the emperor of all the Russias has least; and his Britannic majesty accordingly willingly agreed to a not having availed himself of the measure, which tends solely to so stipulations of the above-mentioned salutary an end ; and having two articles, his majesty the king of thereunto furnished us with his full Sweden engages to extend them as powers, we, the undersigned, enroy long as the subsidies fixed by the extraordinary and minister plenipo. present convention, shall be dis- tentiary of his imperial majesty, de. charged by Great Britain, and clare and assure by this present act,

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