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of peace concluded by general sir 2nd. Plunder of the British resiArthur Wellesley, K. B. at Serjee dency. Anjengaum, except what may be al- 3rd. Cash advanced by Mr. Jen. tered by this engagement, is to re- kins to parties of the Maharajah's main binding upon the two states. troops.

Art. II. The hon. company can 4th. Charges of collection, &c. never acknowledge that Dowlut for the provinces of Dholepoor, Row Scindiah has any claim or right Barree, and Rajah-Kerrah. grounded on the treaty of Serjee Art. V.-With a view of preA njengaum, to possess the fort of venting any misunderstanding reGualior, or the territories of Gohud, lative to their respective possessions but fron considerations of friend. in the quarter of Hindostan, it is ship, it agrees to cede to the maha. agreed that the river Chumbul shall rajah that fortress, and such parts form the boundary between the two of the territory of Gohud as are de. states, from the city of Kottah to scribed in the accompanying sche- the west, to the limits of the terri. dule.

tories of Gohud to the east, and Art. III. As a compensation for within that extent of the course of this cession, and to remunerate the the Chumbul, Dowlut Row ScinEnglish government for the annual diah shall have no claim or right to expence incurred in supporting the any rule, tribute, revenues, or pos. rajah of Gohud, Dowlut Row Scinc sessions on its north bank, and the diah agrees on his own part, and hon. company shall have no claim, that of his sirdars, to relinqnish, af. or right to any rule, tribute, reve. ter the 1st of January, 1806, all nues, or possessions on the south right and claim whatever to the pen. bank of that river. The Talooks sions of fifteen lacks of rupees, of Bhadek and Sooseperarah, granted to several of the chief offi. which are on the banks of the cers of his state, by the 7th article Jumna, will however remain in the of the aforesaid treaty of Serjee An- possession of the hon. company. jengaum.

Art. VI.-By the 5th article of Art. IV. The hon. company a.. this treaty, which makes the river gree to pay to Dowlut Row Scin- Chumbul the boundary of the two diah the arrears due upon the pen. states, from the city of Kottah to sions granted by the 7th article of the west, to the limits of the terthe treaty of peace, as above men. ritories of Gohud to the east, the tioned, up to the 31st of December, Maharajah resigns all pretensions 1805, and also the balance due up- and claims to any tribute from the on the revenues of Dholepoor, rajah of Boondee, or any other on Rajah Kerrah, and Barree, up to the north bank of the Chumbul, the same date, making deductions within the aforementioned limits, as on the following heads :

also to the countries of Zemeendah, 1st. Pensions forfeited by Bap- Dholepoor, Rajah Kerrah, and Barpoo Scindiah and Sudasheo Row, rer, anciently in the possession of by acts of hostility towards the the Maharajah, all which now reBritish government, to be stopped mains in the posgession of the hon. from the date of thcir hostility. company.


Art. VII.-The hon. company, provinces, and they will consider on consideration of the benefits de- Dowlut Roi Scindiah at full liberty rived from the article which makes to make such arrangement as he the Chumbul the boundary between chuses with Jeswuut Row Holkar, the two states, and from friendship or with any other branch of the to the Maharajah, agree to grant Holkar family, respecting the to him personally and exclusively claims of that family to tribute from the annual sum of four lacks of the rajahs or others, or to any rupees, to be paid by quarterly possessions situated to the north of instalments through the resident at the river Tapti, and to the south the Durbar; ard the hon. company of the river Chumbul : but it is also agree to assign within their clearly to be understood, that as the territories in Hindostan, a jag. company's government agrees not geer (to be holden on the same to concern itself with the arrangefooting as that enjoyed by Balla ments which Scindiah may make Bhye) amounting to a revenue of with the family of Holkar, respect. two lacks of rupees per annum to ing their claims or hereditary pos. Bacezah Bhye, the wife of Dowlut sessions situated between the Tapti Row Scindiah, and a jaggeer a- and the Chumbul, that government mounting to the sum of one lack of will not take part in any dispute rupees per annum to Chumnah or war which may be the result or Bhye, the daughter of that chief. consequence of any such arrangement

Art. VIII.--The hon. company. or settlement. engage to enter into no treaties Art, X.--As Scrjee Row Ghautwith the rajahs of Oudeepoor and ka has acted in a manner calculated Joudpoor and Kottah, or other to disturb the friendship between chiefs, tributaries of Dowlut Row the two states, the Maharajah Sciudiah, situated in Malwa, Me. agrees never to admit that chief to war, and Marwar, and in no shape share in his councils, or hold any whatever, to interfere with the set. public employment under his gotlement which Scindiah may make vernment. with those chiefs.

Art. XI.-- This treaty, consisting Art. IX.-The hon. company of eleven articles, has been this are now engaged in a war with day settled by lieut. colonel MalJeswunt Row Holkar, and using colm, acting under the directions every exertion for his reduction, of the right hon. lord Lake, on the but should they hereafter make a part of the hon, company, and by peace, or enter into any agreement Moonshee Kavil Nyne, on the part with that chief, they engage not to of Dowlat Row Scindiah ; lieuterestore to him, or desire to be re- nant-colonel John Malcolm has stored to him, any of the possessions delivered one copy thereof in Per. of the family of Holkar, in the pro. sian and English, signed and sealed vince of Malwa, lying between the by himself, to the said Moonshee river Tapti and Chumbul, which Karil Nyne, to be forwarded to the may have been taken by Dowlut Maharajala Dowlut Row Scindiah, Row Scindiah, nor will the hon, and has received from the said Moon. company interfere in any manner shee Kavil Nyne counterpart of wilatever in the disposal of those the said treaty signed and sealed by the said Moonshee. Lieutenant- Row Scindiah, on the 22d of No. colonel John Malcolm engages that vember, 1805. a copy of the said treaty, ratified by the honourable the governor

Whereas objections have arisen general, in every respect a counter to the terms of the 5th, 6th, and part of the treaty, now executed 7th articles of the aforesaid treaty, by himself, shall be delivered to it is hereby agreed and declared, Moonshee Kavil Nyne, to be for. that in lieu of those three articles, warded to the Maharajah, within the two following shall be substi, the period of one month from this tuted. date, and ou the delivery of such' Article I.-With a view to pre. copy to the Maharajah, the treaty vent any misunderstanding relating executed by lieutenant-colonel John to the respective possessions of the Malcolm, under the immediate din honourable company and Maharection of the right hon. lord Lake, rajah Dowlut Row Sciudiah, in shall be returned : and Moonshee the quarters of Hindostan, the Ma. Kavil Nyne, in like manner en- harajah hereby agrees to cede to the gages, that another copy of the honourable company all the territory said treaty, ratified by the Maha. north of the river Chumbul, which rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Row Scin- was ceded to the Maharajah by the diah, in every respect a counter. 7th article of the treaty of Šerjee part of the treaty now executed by Anjengaum, that is to say, the himself, shall be delivered to lieu. whole of the districts of Dholea tenant-colonel John Malcolm, to pore, Barree, and Rajah Kerrah; be forwarded to the honourable the and the honourable company shall governor general, within the period have no claim or right to any rule, of one month from this date, and tribute, or revenues, or possessions on the delivery of such copy to on the south bank of that river. the honourable the governor gene. The Talooks of Bhadeck and Soo. ral, the treaty executed by Moon. 'sfperarah, which are on the banks shee Kavil Nyne, by virtue of the of the Jumna, will, however, refull powers and authority vested in main in the possession of the hon. him, as abovementioned, shall also company. be returned.

Art. II.--The honourable comDone at Mustafahpoor, this pany, from friendship to the Matwenty-second day of Nov. Anno harajah, agree to grant him perDomini one thousand eight hundred sonally and exclusively the annual and five, or twenty ninth of Shaban, sum of four lacks of rupees, to be in the year of the Hijerah 1220. paid by quarterly instalments, (Sigued) John Malcolm. through the resident at the DurKavil Nyne.

bar; and the honourable company, also agree to assign within their

territories in Hindostan, a jaggeer Declaratory Articles annercil to the (to be holdeu on the same footing

Treaty concluded between the as that enjoyed by Balla Bhye) Right Flonourable Lord Lake on amounting to a revenue of two lacks the Part of the Honourable Come of rupees per annum, to Bacezah pany, ani Maharajuh Doului Bhye, the wife of Dowlut Row Voc. XLVIII.


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Scindiah ; and a jaggeer amount. him henceforth as the friend of the ing to one lack of rupees per an. hon. company; Jeswunt Rao Holnum, to Chumna Bhye, the daughter kar agreeing on his part, to abstain of that chief.

from all measures and proceedings Done at Illahabad, the third day of an hostile nature, against the

December, one thousand eight British government and its allies, hundred and five.

and from all measures and pro(Signed) G. H. Barlow. ceedings in any manner directed to Published by order of the honour- the injury of the British govera. able the vice-president in council. ment or its allies.

Thos. Brown, Art. 11.-Jeswunt Rao Holkar Acting chief sec. to the Govt. hereby renounces all right and

title to the district of Tonk Ram.

poorah, Boondee, Lakherie, Sumey. Treaty of Peace and Amity between dee, Bhamungaun, Daee, and other

the British Government and Jes. places north of the Boondee hills, unt Rao Holkar.

and now in the occupation of the

British government. Whereas disagreement has arisen Art. 111.-The honourable com. between the British government pany hereby engage to have no and Jeswunt Rao Holkar, and it concern with the ancient posses. is now the desire of both parties sions of the Holkar family in Meto restore mutual harmony and war, Malwa, and Harrowtee, or concord, the following articles of with any of the rajahs, situated to agreement are therefore concluded the south of the Chumbul, and the between lieutenant colonel John honourable company agree to deMalcolm, on the part of the ho. liver over immediately to Jeswont nourable company, and Shaikh Rao Holkar, such of the ancient Hubecb Oolla and Bala Ram Seit, possessions of the Holkar family on the part of Jeswunt Rao Hol. in the Dekhan, now in the occu. kar; the said licutenant colonel pation of the honourable company, John Malcolm, having special au- as are south of the river Taptee thority for that purpose from the with the exception of the fort and right hon. Iord Lake, commander pergunnah of Chandore, the per in chief, &c. &c. His lordship a- gunnah Ambar and Scagham, and foresaid being invested with full the villages and pergunnahs situated powers and authority from the hon. to the southward of the Godavery, sir G. H. Barlow, bart. governor which will remain in the possession general, &c. &c. and the said Sheikh of the honourable company.

The Hubeeb Oolla, and Bala Ram Seit, honourable company, however, in also duly invested with full powers consideration of the respectability on the part of Jeswunt Rao Hol. of the Holkar family, further en. kar.

gage, that in the event of the con. Art. 1.- The British government duct of Jeswunt Rao Holkar, beengages to abstain from all prose, ing such as to satisfy that state of cution of hostilities against Jes. his amicable and peaceable inten. want Rao Ilolkar, and to consider tions towards the British govern. ment and its allies; it will, at the the British government, and the expiratiou of eighteen months from British government will not interthe date of this treaty, restore to fere in any manner in the concerns the family of Holkar, the fort of of Jeswunt Rao Holkar. It is, Chandore and its district, the per. however, stipulated, that Jeswunt gunnahs of Ambar and Seagham, and Rao Holkar shall immediately upon the districts formerly belonging to this treaty being signed and ratifi. the Holkar family, situated to the ed, proceed towards Hindostan by south of the Godavery.

ment this

a route which leaves the towos of Art. IV.-Jeswunt Rao Holkar · Putteala Khytult, Theend, and the hereby renounces all claims to the countries of the honourable com. district of Koonch, in the province pany and the rajah of Jypoor, on of Bundlecund, and all the claims the left; and Jeswunt Rao Holkar of every description in that pro. engages on his route to make his tince; but in the event of the con. troops abstain from plunder, and duct of Jeswunt Rao Holkar being that they shall commit no act of such as to satisfy the British govern. hostility in any of the countries ment of his amicable intention to. through which they may pass. wards that state and its allies, the Art. IX.-This treaty, consist. honourable company agree, at the ing of nine articles, being this day expiration of two years from the settled by licut. colonel John Mala date of this treaty, to give the dis- colm, on the part of the honourable trict of Koonch, in jagghire, to company, and by Shaikh Hubeeb Beemah Bhye, the daughter of Jes. Oolla, and Bala Ram Seit, on the wunt Rao Holkar, to be hoiden part of Jeswunt Rao Holkar ; under the company's government lieut. colonel John Malcolın has on the same terms as that now en. delivered one copy thereof in Pers joyed by Bhalla Bhye.

sian and English, signed and sealed Art, V.-Jeswunt Rao Holkar by himself, and confirmed by the hereby renounces all claims of every seal and signature of the right hon. description upon the British govern. lord Lake, to the said Shaikh Hu. ment and its allies.

beeb Oolla and Bala Ram Seit, who Art. VI.-Jeswunt Rao Ilolkar on their part hare delivered to hereby engages never to entertain lieut. colonel John Malcolm, a coun. in his service Europeans of any de. terpart of the same, signed and scription, whether British subjects sealed by themselves, and engage to or others, without the consent of deliver another copy thereof, duly the British government.

ratified by Jeswunt Rao Holkar, Art. VII.-Jeswunt Rao Hol- to the right hon. lord Lake, in the kar hereby engages never to admit space of three days: the said lieut. into his council or service, Serjee colonel John Malcolm also engages Rao Ghautka, as that individual to deliver to them a counterpart of has been proclaimed an enemy to the same, duly ratified by the ho. the British government,

nourable the governor general in Art. VII.-Upon the foregoing council, within the space of one conditionis, Jeswunt Rao Holkar month from this date. shall be permitted to return to Hin. Done in camp at Raipoor Ghaut, dostan without being molested by on the banks of the Bheah river,

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