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egotiations for Peace between England and France--Circumstancos which
led to the first Overture from FranceMr. Fox proposes that Russia
should be a Pirrty to the Negotiation-Objections of M. Talleyrand to the
Intervention of RussiaDiscussions on this Subject, and Failure of the
Negotiation --Second Overture from the French Government through Lord
Yarmouth-Favourable Nature of the Terms proposed-Minute of Lord
Yarmouth, containing the Particulars of his Conversation with M. Tal-

leyrand- Return of Lord Yarmouth to Paris-French retract their former
Offers-Impression which their shuffling Conduct makes on the English Mi.
nistry, and particularly on Mr. For this Unwillingness to give up Sicily
Instructions to Lord YarmouthM. D'Oubril signs a separate Peace for
Russia Lord Yarmouth produces his full Powers-Resolution to send
Lord Lauderdale to Paris— Joint Representation to the French Negotiaa
tors from Lord Lauderdale and Lord Yarmouth-Delays created by the
French NegociutorsEmperor of Russia refuses to ratify D'Oubril's
Treaty-Wherevpon the French are ready to give more favoturuble Terms
to England - But the English Minister refuses to sign any but a provision-
al Treaty without the Concurrence of Russia-Violence and Impatience of
Bonaparte moderated by his Ministers— final Conference of Lord Lau.
derdale with M. Chumpagny-Mistake of supposing that the Negotiation
broke off on Account of the Refusal of the French to cede Dalmatia to the
Russians-Review and justification of the Conduct of the English Cabinet
throughout the Negotiation-Reception of the News of the Failure of the
Negotiation in England - Account of D'Oubril's Treaty-Favourable
Disposition of the new Russian Cabinet towards England.

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Unfitness of the Duke of Brunswick to be Generalissimo of the Prussian

Army-- Position of the Prussians before the Battle of Auerstadt-Of the
French-Defeat of the Prussian Left und Death of Prince Lewis of
Prussia- French get Possession of the Prussian Magazines- Battle of
Auerstadt ---Loss of the Prussians in that fatal Action- Errors of their
Generals-Surrender of Erfurt-Defeat of Kalkreuth in attempting to
retreat over the Hertz Mountains, Defeat of the Prussian Reserve under
Prince Eugene of WirtembergRelease, of the Saron Prisoners and
Armistice between France and Sarony-King of Prussia escapes across the
Oder- Bonaparte enters Berlin--His Coniluct at Berlin and Putzdan-
Capture of Prince Hohenlohe's Army- Retreat of General Blucher to
Lubeck-That City taken by Storm, and the Remains of Blucher's Army
forced to lay down their Arms— Bad Defence of the Prussian Fortresses
Surrender of Spandau, Stettin, Custrin, Magdeburg, Hameln, und Nieu-


burg-Incasion of Westphalia from Holland-Occupation of Hesse Casse!
and Erpulsion of the Elector Occupation of Hanover, Brunswick, and
Mecklenburg-Peace between France and Sarony--Title of King conferred
on the Elector of SaronyThe Princes of the House of Saxe admitted in:
the Confederation of the Rhine-Occupation of Hamburgh, and Confiscaten
of all English Produce and Manufactures found in that City-Berler
Decrce-sirmistice between France and Prussia signed by Lucchesini

, ks:
refused to be ratified by the King of Prussia French cross the Oder-
Progress of their Arms in Silesiain Poland - Arrival of the Russian a
Warsaw- Their subsequent Retreat behind the Narew— Military Precas-
tions of the French-Passage of the French over the Narex-Actions 49
the Narew and Wkra-Defeat and Retreat of the Russians-Exaggerates
Accounts of the Sickness prevailing in the French Ariny.



Rupture between Russia and Turkey. -Causes that led to it.-Intasion of

Woularia ed Wallachia by the Russians.--State of the Turkish Empire.-
Continuance of War between the Russians and Persians.- Intercorrk
hetieen France and Persia.--- Austria displeused with the Russians for
invading Turkey.-- Internal Affairs of Austria.-Courts of Inquiry -
Military Reforms.- Conduct of the King of Sweden.— Anneration of
Holstein to Denmark.-Holland erected into a Kingdom i facour
Lewis Bonaparte.--Internal Affairs of Holland.-Speech of his Batastar
Majesty at the opening of the Dutch Legislature. -Dumestic Affairs of
France. --Strains of Flattery addressed to Bonaparteat Munich
Paris.- Meeting of the French Legislature.-Opening Speech of the
Emperor.--Report of the Stute of the Empire by Champagny.— Imperial
Decrees.--Venice annered to the Kingdom of Italy. - Naples giter te
Joseph Bonaparte.-Berg and Cleres to Murat.-Guastalla to Prince
Borghese-Neufchatel :o Berthier.-Revital of Feudal Benefices in Itale
- Benevento assigned to Talleyrandand Ponte Corvo to Bernadotte.-
Order of the Iron Crown.-Message to the French Senate, communicating
the Berlin Decree.- Report on the French Finances.Revival of the
Tac un Salt.-Convocation of the Jewish Sanhedrim at Puris.-Co-este-
blishment of the Jewish with the Catholic, Luthcran, and reformed Religion,
--Ideas of Religious Toleration entertained in France.- Prohibition of
Commerce in English Goods throughout Switzerland.-Proclamation of the
Papal Government against harbouring Malcontents in the States of the
Church.-Warlike Preparations in Spainsuddenly Countermanded.-
Danger of Portugal during the Negotiation between France and England.
Threats of invading that Kingdom by the French.-Earl St. Vincent sent
with a Fleet to the Tagus with offers of Assistance to the Portuguese
Gorernment.drmy assembled at Plymouth.General Simcue and Earl of
Rosslyn sent to Portugal.- Instructions of the English Commissioners.-
Result of the Erpedition equally useful and honourable to England. 2



Naval TransactionsVigilance and Activity of the Board of Admiralty-

Great Number of marauding Squadrons of the Enemy at Sea-Rochefort
Squadron-Brest Squadron-Sir T. Duckworth's Victory-Fate of the
Squadron under Admiral Villaumez-Capture of Linois by Sir J. B. War-
ren-Capture of four Frigates by Sir S. Hood-Summary of the Naval
Successes of the Present. Year-Conquest of the Cape of Good Hope by
Sir D. Baird and Sir H. Popham-Unauthorised Expedition of Sir H.
Popham to the Rio Pluta---Capture of Buenos Ayres-Reconquest of
that place and Capture of the English Garrison by the Inhabitants-Re.
flections on the Policy of the English Government in regard to South
AmericaDelusions of the English People on that Subject Expedition of
Miranda to the Spanish Main-Revolution in St. Domingo-Conspiracy of
the Negroes in TrinidadProsperity of the United States of America
Pacific System of Mr. Jefferson-Differences of the United States with
Spain-with England - Impressing of Seamen-Colonial Trade-Maritime
Turisdiction— Negotiations on these PointsTreaty of Amity, Commerce,
and Navigation signed by Lord Holland and Lord Auckland on the Part
of Great Britain, and by Mr. Monroe and Mr. Pinckney on the Part of
The United States of America.


East India Affairs-Death of Marquis Cornwallis succeeded by Sir

G. Barlow - Peace with Scindia and HolkarMassacre at Vellorem
Honours to the Memory of Marquis Cornwallis-Recal of Sir G. Bar-
low Appointment of Lord Minto to be his Successor last Iliness and
Death of Mr. For-Remarks on some parts of his Character -Changes
in the Administration occasioned by his Death-Dissolution of Parlia-
Ment-General Election-Affairs of Ireland.



Births in the Year 1806
Sheriffs appointed by his Majesty in Council





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Dispatches, dated Cape Town, Jan. 12, announcing the Capitulativna

Town and Gurrison
Extract of a Dispatch from Sir D. Baird, dated Cape Town, Jan. 15.
A Dispatch received from Major-General Sir D, Baird, at the Case of

Ilope, dated Jan. 26. contuining the Capitulation of the Seltlement !

Cape of Good lloje
Letter from Sir J. T. Duckworti, to IV. Jarsden, esq. dated Superb, F.

Royal, Feb. 16.
Letters from Adam Dacrcs, Curmander in Chief at Jumaica
Letter from Lord Cochrane, dated Pallas, of Chasseron, April 8, 1

Account of his nazardous Enterprise in the River Garonne
Dispatch from Lord Cochrane, dated Pallas, St. Martin's Road, 1. R

May 10, giving un Account of his Capture of some Signal Posts on ikels

of France
Letter from Sir Sidncy Smith, dated Pompee, at anchur off Sealia, Maz:

containing an Account of Proceedings in Calabria
Dispatch from the Cump on the Plain of Maida, July 6, with the Detai?

memorable Batile of Maida.
Extract of a Dispatch from Sir John Stuart to Ilugh Elliot, esp. dated .

na, August 3
Dispatches from Major-general Beresford, in South America, with an icon

of the Capture of Buenos Ayres, dated July 2
Extract of a Letter from Major-general Beresford, to Lord Castlereaza, a

ted fort of Buenos Aires, July 11
Extract of a Dispatch from Major-general Beresford to Lord Castlereagh,

ted Fort of Buenos Ayres, July 16
Dispatch from Commudure Sir Home Popham, nfi Buenos Ayres, July 6 5 1
Dispatch from Capturin Brisbane, with an Account of the Capture of the Pumas

and twelve, at the Isle of Cuba
Trial of Lord Melrille before the high Court of Parliament
A General Bill of Christenings and Burials, from December 17, 1805.

December 16, 1806
Table of the Prices of the Quartern Loaf, in London, from Dec. 1805 to.

1906, inclusive
Table of the Prices of Meat, Sugar, Salt, and Coals, in London, from i

1805 to Nov. 1806, inclusire
Table of the Nicmber of Bankruptcies in England, from Dec. 1805, 'to.

Talle of the Prices of the French 5 per Cent. Consolidés, fi

1805, to Nocember, 1806
Prices of Stocks, for the Year 1806
Supplies granted by Parliament for the Year 1806
a List of the Public Bills which reccired the Royal Assent in the Courses

4th Session of the 2nd Parliament of th United Kingdom of is
Briluin and Irtíund, commencing on the 21st Day of January, 18116 =




His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on the Meeting of

the Fourth Session of the Second Parliament of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the Kingdom of Great Britain
the Twenticth, on the 21st Day of January (47th of the King), 1806


Treaties, &c. presented by His Majesty's Command to both Houses of Parlia-

ment, Jun. 8, 1806.


Treaty of Concert between His Majesty and the Emperur of all the Russias,

signed at St. Petersburgh. the Ilth of April, 1805


No. 1. (A)-Firit Separate Article of the Treaty of Concert between his Ma-

jesty and the Emperor of Russia, signed at St. Petersburgh, 11th April

(30th March,) 1805

No. 1, (B.)— Fourth separate Article of the Treaty of Concert

between his Majesty and the Emperor of Russia, signed at St. Peters.

burgh, uth April (30th Dlarch,) 1805


No. 1. (C.)--Fifth separate Article of the Treaty of Concert between

his Majesty and the Emperor of Russia, signed at St. Petersburgh,

11th April (30th of March,) 1805
No. 1. (D.)—Sixth separate Article of the Treaty of Concert between

his Majesty and the Emperor of Russia, signed ut St. Petersburgh,

the 11th April (30th March,) 1805

No. 1. (E.)- Eighth separate Article


No. 1.(F) Eleventh separate Article


No. 1. (G.) Separate and secret Article


No. 1. (H.)-ddditional Article


No. 1. (1.) -- Additional Article of the Treaty of Concert, signed at St.
Petersburgh, the 11th April, 105

No. 11. (A.)--Preliminary Declaration of Corint Stadion to Lord

Granville Leveson Gower, dated at St. Petersburgh, July 28-Aug.
9th, 1805

No. II. (B.) Declaration of Count Stadion to Prince Czartoryski, da-
ted Petersburgh, 28th July-9th August, 1805

No. II. (C.)- Copy of the Declaration delivered by Prince Czartoryski

to the Ambassador Count de Stadion, on the 28th of July,--9th of

dugust, 1805

No. 11. (D.) -- Declaration of Prince Czartoryski Lurd G. L. Guwer,

dated at St. Petersburgh, 28th July,--(9th August, 1805) 666

No. II. (E.)- Declaratwn, signed by his Majesty's Ambussador at St.

Petersburgh, and delivered to Prince Czartoryski, and to Count de
Stadion, 9th August, 1805


No. III.-Preliminary and secret Convention between kis Majesty and

the King of Sweden, signed at Stockholm, 3d of Dec. 1804 668

No. IV.- Convention between his Majesty and the King of Sweden, signa

ed at Helsingborg, the 31st of August, 1805


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