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plan, intend consolation to thy breast? O gather up thy spirit, anoint thy heart with the oil of gladness? See God himself has come down in the flesh, to live He declareth he will have no other life among us. than that which he has among the sons of men. See, what a sweet way of familiarity and intercourse, is made between God and us.


This consideration made the Prophet cry out,

rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold thy King cometh unto thee :" and will the Unitarians not join us, 0, daughters of Zion? No! Those brethren give

the lie to the Redeemer of the world: neither will they join in singing praises to him! No! They hold him only as a great Prophet, but not a Saviour; and will sing no Hallelujahs to the King of kings.


When AIMING AT HEAVEN, do away with all sensual pleasures of this world. "Come out from among them and be ye separate" from the ambition of the world. Humble yourselves considering that ye are mortal and vile creatures, and deserve the punishment of Almighty God. But trust in Him with humility. He is merciful; and of this mercy, vile as thou art, thou mayst be a partaker, if thou wilt but turn unto him. He has given his only begotten Son to die for thee. Christ has shed his most precious blood to save thee; the Holy Ghost has come down to sanctify thee; and through the tender mercies of God, thou, O vile sinner! mayst receive the grace which bringeth salvation, and which would teach thee both what thou shouldst do, and what thou shouldst leave undone.

"Yield to the Lord, with simple heart,
All that thou hast, and all thou art;
Renounce all strength but strength divine,
And peace shall be for ever thine;
Behold the paths the saints have trod,
The paths which lead them home to God."



When AIMING AT HEAVEN, adorn thy temple in modest apparel. Enter into the court of thý God with plainness, and not with formality of dress. Draw, as it were, a curtain over the things of this world; cover them effectually; and when so done, open, as it were, the everlasting doors of heaven-pray in sincerity and truth, and thy Father, who is in heaven, will hear thy prayer, and reward thee openly. Then wilt thou feel within thyself the peace of God, and the fruits of the Spirit.

"O how unlike the complex works of man,
Heaven's easy, artless, unencumber'd plan !
No meretricious graces to beguile,
No clust'ring ornaments to clog the pile:
From ostentation as from weakness free,
It stands like the cerulean arch we see,
Majestic in its own simplicity.
Inscrib'd above the portal, from afar
Conspicuous, as the brightness of a star,

Legible only by the light they give,

Stand the soul-quick'ning words-Believe and live."



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When AIMING AT HEAVEN.-The seventh day is the SABBATH; this day thou shalt not defile. This is a day of rest unto THE LORD. "And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it; because that in it he had rested from all his works, which God created and made. This day exercise yourself to improve the spirit; that ye may be ready to meet the Bridegroom at his coming. Let not this day be defiled in any unholy conversation: but let your conversation serve as a pattern to the world: to improve the ignorant and the lukewarm. Of the latter the world is burthened, and with their excuses. Some have bought a piece of land; others a yoke of oxen. Others have married a wife; and some may be said to be lazy. Others feel a temporary pleasure, and the word is choked. Too many, I fear, make this day but a visiting day among their friends.

And the Saviour of the world has to stand by,

Come, sinners, come, Christ is waiting!

waiting till these thoughtless persons are awake to the light of the gospel.

O my dear friends, and is the LORD JESUS CHRIST to stand as a penitent at our back, to wait the movings of our spirits? Open your eyes, reader! open them wide, and shut them not again;

and ask yourself one question-would not you discharge your servant, if you found that you had to wait upon him, instead of him waiting upon you? Then let not your heavenly Father wait any more sabbaths for you to come and serve him. What sayest thou-darest thou enter upon a dispute with God? Art thou able to confute him? Art thou ready to enter the lists? God asks thee, "why wilt thou die ?" art thou furnished with a sufficient answer? wilt thou undertake to prove that the Omniscient is mistaken? O what an undertaking would this be! Yet either he is mistaken, or you' are he is for your conversion, you are against it; he calls upon you to turn, and you will not turn;' he bids you do it presently, even to-day while it is called to-day, and you put it off, and think it time enough hereafter. He says, it must be a total change, that you must be holy and new creatures; and you think it enough to patch up, or paint over, the old man, without becoming new. Who is in the right now, God or you? God calls you to repentance and amendment of life; you will not obey the call, but continue in disobedience. It appears you will not. If you will, why do you not?

Come, let us endeavour rightly to appreciate the promises of God. One promise, and the sweetness of God's mercy in Christ, is better than all the honors or riches in the world.

Let us also seek to discover, in all its nakedness and deformity, the sin of the world. The first step


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