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This composition is from the pencil of an artist who promises by his talents to reflect lustre on the career he has chosen: the subject is at once simple and interesting.

Having received a wound which is likely to deprive him of life, this soldier appears to look indignantly upon his rival, and to triumph over his own affliction. He has taken from him his cloak and sword. In the back-ground is a shield of a circular form.

This figure is one of those studies which the young French artists, who are sent to Rome at the expence of the government, are accustomed annually to produce, in order to attest their progress in the art. Drouais, by this display of his powers, has shewn himself worthy of the reputation which he had previously acquired.

In the figure of the “Wounded Soldier" a bold and correct outline, a chaste and vigorous colouring, and a flowing pencil, are particularly to be admired. This was the first study sent by M. Drouais to Paris from Rome.

The figure is of the natural size.

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