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Caution, a, 86, 125, 144, 186
Law advertisement, 358

Solicitors' bills, 169
Chancery chambers, business in, 208
Legal diaries, 125

Solicitors' certificates, 69
Chancery Taxing Master's Office-Resignation of Long vacation, the, 369

Stamp duty on transfers of mortgages, 317, 327, Mr. Norton, 35 Middlesex Registry, 35, 414

337, 318, 358
Clement's-inn Hall, 125
New nomenclature, the, 337

Stipendiary magistrates, 402, 414
Commission for oaths, 358
Not played out, 52

Trust and mortgage estates, 227
Costs in habeas corpus cases, 86

Nottingham, law society at-A correction, 102 Trust investinents, 227 County Court fees and annual certificate duty, 14 | Paymaster-General's Department, 281

Unclaimed money, what becomes of, 415 County Court officials and their functions, 243 Penalty of age, the, 14

Unclaimed money jottings (session 1890), 318 Espert before the law, the, 125

Power of registrar's clerk to take affidavits to be Unqualified person acting as a solicitor, 337 Honours examinations, 298

filed in the court of another circuit, 208 Waiver clause in prospectuses, the, 52 Italian law, 208 Sheriff's fees, 337

Watson, Re-Are hiring agreements bills of Italian law, a caution, 69 Shorthand notes, 358, 368

sale? 107 Judgment summonses in County Courts, 298 Solicitors and public appointments, 358

Words as trade marks, 107 356519

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Apothecaries Act, the, 30

Friendly Societies Act 1875—Conviction not a bar | Return of Judge Bristowe, Q.C., 141
Bill of Sale Act 1882, ss. 7 and 9-Joint assign- to civil action (Vernon and others v. Watson), Sale of goods — Order given by debtor, goods
ment of chattels to which grantors are 313

delivered to his agent or assignee after he has
separately entitled renders bill of sale void Friendly society Appointment of nominee absconded Conversion (Morgan and Co. v.
(Turberville and Co. v. Sharpe ; Pimlott, (Biggs v. Lewis), 47.

Peace and another), 65
claimant; Diprose, claimant), 163

Landlord's right to rent after goods taken in Ship-Necessaries — Brokerage and commission
Charter-party-Breach of clause in-Admiralty execution (Hughes v. Smallwood), 43

-County Courts Admiralty Jurisdiction Act
jurisdiction (Jobson Brothers v. The Poole, Married woman-Separate estate Restraint on 1868, s. 338_(2) — Evidence -- Register kept

Baltic, and Quebec Timber Company Limited), 83 anticipation Contract in respect thereof abroad (The Velocifero), 325
Contract of insurance-Insolvency of assurance (Miller v. Downing), 277

Sittings of the Courts, 9, 30, 47, 65, 83, 103, 121,
company-Right of assured to sue for breach Negligence — Unfenced hole on the defendant's 140, 163, 182, 199, 222, 246, 255, 276, 295, 313,
of contract of insurance-33 & 34 Vict. c. 61, premises-Injury to stranger rightfully there 325, 345, 355, 366, 377, 400, 412

Reduction of amount of contract by (John William Beeson v. Jane Lomas, widow, Solicitor and client-Retainer, 30
order court Effect of such order (The and William Lomas), 334

Unqualified persons practising in County Courts,
Briton Medical and General Life Association Parish clerk Fees District parish – Lord 104
v. Symons), 305

Blandford's Act (19 & 20 Vict. c. 104), s. 12 Will-A fund appointed under a general testa-
County Courts Act 1888, s. 68-Romitted equity (Busher v. Hey), 141

mentary power to trustees and executors upon
action-Jurisdiction (Cowney v. Thompson), 222 | Partnership — Action against firm - Judgment trusts which have failed, passes to the
County Court advocacy, 31

against partner-Bills of Exchange Act-County appointor's next of kin (Re The County Courts
County Court, jurisdiction of- Settled Land Act Court Rules (The Birmingham and General Act 1838 and Re The Trusts of the Will of

1882—Land, definition of—Trustees (Re Malt- Lnan and Deposit Company Limited v. W. B. Sarah Mounckfield), 276
house Close and Settled Land Act), 325
Jones and Co.), 222

Construction-Residuary legatee, 200

s. 22


Bona fide travellers, 411

Criminal libel, 240
Clerks to magistrates conducting prosecutions, 47 Cruelty to animals—Complaint to be made within
Conviction for assault - Indictment for man- ono calendar month, 29
slaughter-Plea autrefois convict, 294

Judicial disqualification, 365
Criminal Appeal, proposed Court of, 82

Legality of glove fights, 355

Leading articles and topics, 8, 29, 47, 64, 102, 120,

181, 210, 254, 294
Lottery-Sale of chance, 140
Quarter sessions, 140, 163, 181, 358, 365, 375, 401
Salvation Army processions, 355


Adhesive stamp on cheques, 12

Corporation - Trust funds-Garnisheo order - against her, are entitled to payment of their
Admiralty cases in the Scotch courts, 33

Vacation business (Lord Jersey v. Uxbridge claim out of the proceeds in precedynco to
Ancient lights-2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 71, 88. 1, 2, and Rural Sanitary Authority), 356

claims for repairs and coal, although such
3--Crown property - Obstruction-Injunction Costs, 296

repairs and coals were respectively effected
(The Mercers' Company v. Eames; Salaman v. Counsel's fees, 184

and furnished prior to the said collision (Loud
Eames; Perry v. Eames), 392
Covenants in articles of clerkship, 32

and others v. The Tug-boat John G. Stevens
Appointment of returning officers of parliamon- Crewe murder, tho, 307

and the Tug-boat R. S. Carter), 164
tary boroughs near London, 66

Criticisms on Lord Coleridge's essay,


Mayor's Court, the, 256
Bill of sale--Statement of consideration “truly Dinner to Mr. Justice Williams, 169

Middle Temple, 143
set forth "-Bills of Salo Act 1883, s. 8-Form, Directors' liability, 169, 378

Mortgages, stamps on transfer of, 413
English marriage and foreign divorce, 142

Mortgagor and mortgagee-Foreclosure decree-
Bnilding Society-Power to borrow-Creditor- Gray's-inn, 144

Order absolute-Opening foreclosure-Practico
Frame of petition (Re Second Wolverhampton Incorporated Law Society's dinner, 49

Motion — Receiver Acoount (Ingham v.
Building Society), 335

Injunction-Damages-Mercantile contract-Bill Sutherland), 346
Companies Winding-up Bill, 296

of lading-Negative stipulation-Specific per- Negligent porformance of solicitor's duty to
Company-Directors de facto-Action against use formance Jurisdiction Balance of con- client, 306

of company's name — Injunction - Directors' venience and inconvenience (R. Stewart and Nuisance-Private or public nuisance-Noisy
qnalification (Notre Dame des Victoires Co. v. Bessler, Waechter, and Cn, and the entertainments Interlocutory injunction.
(Transvaal) Gold Mining Company v. Lord Noble Brothers' Petroleum Production Coin- (Bellamy v. Wells), 346
Gifford), 400

pany), 366

Obstruotion of highway–Rights of passengors-
Petition - Creditor—Voluntary winding-up Nuisanco-Noisy entertainments (Bellamy Action of negligenco, 106
-Supervision order (Re The Bowersfield Iron v. Wells, 306

Occasional Notes, 154, 176, 193, 218, 234, 249, 269,
Company Limited), 356

Vibration and noise from printing machine 288, 303, 313, 323, 334, 345, 351, 364, 371, 399, 411
- Voluntary winding-up-Winding-up under (Savage v. Straker), 306

Practice-Contempt-Discharge from custody,
supervision – Creditor's petition (Re Inter- Judges at the Mansion House, 123

Non-delivery of account (Re Smith; Walker
national Stock and Share Agency Limited), 356 Land Registry Act 1875—Registration of title, v. Smith), 335
Winding-up-Compulsory order-Voluntary 182

Contempt — Injunction — Attachment-De-
winding-up - Private
company-Rights of Lawyer, the ideal, 12

livery of possession-Delay in taking proceed-
creditors-Companies Act 1862, s. 145 (Re Libel-Injunction restraining publication of ings-R. S. C. 1883, Order LII., r. 4 (Senior
Joshua Stubbs Limited), 400

Newspaper-Vacation business (Bottomly v. v. Whitwell), 335
Winding-up – Debt-Insolvency-Proof of Smith), 346

Proceedings affecting the Profession, 11, 32, 48, 66,
(Re Gatling Arms and Ammunition Company), Maritime law-Collision-Maritime lions--Ma- 81, 122, 141, 167, 182, 206, 223, 241, 255, 277, 296

terial men-Necessaries-Priorities--Success Railway company, ultra vires-Receiver and
Consols-Facilities for the investment of divi. ful libellants in a collision suit in which the manager

Contract-Vacation business — In-
dends on Consols through the Bank of Eng. wrongdoing ship has been sold, and the pro- junction (Re Eastern and Midland Rail. Co.), 356
land, 326

coeds aro insufficient to satisfy the claims | Rating of orchards, 327

Receiver-Management of business-Action for Sale of business Right of purchaser to use Table of the distribution of the personal estate of
account-Action in nature of specific perform- vendor's name, 84

intestates, 374
ance-Manager-Continuing business (Gilbert Solicitor's failure, a, 124

Trinity House Dinner, 144
v. Carte), 306, 326

Stock-Absolute sale of—Principal and agent- Ultra vires, the plea of, 144
Registration of deeds in Ireland, 224

Transfer-Stock Exchange - Certificates—De. Under Sheriffs Association, 205
Revision Courts, the, 336, 346, 356, 367

posit in court (Walker v. Noble), 392


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Archbold's Lunacy, 365

Henschel's Allgemeine Staats-Lehre. Als Einlei- | Roscoe's Digest of Evidence in Criminal Cases,
Austin's Law relating to Apprentices, 364

tung in das Studium der Rechts-Wissenschaft, 163
Beach's Modern Law of Railways as determined 275

Rubinstein's Conveyancing Costs under the
by the Courts and Statutes of England and the Hunter's Law of Distress for Rent, 162

Solicitors' Remuneration Act 1881, 275
United States, 162

Johnson's Patentee's Manual : a Treatise on the Rumsey's Way to prove a Will and to take out
Blackie's Modern Cyclopædia, 162, 340

Law and Practice of Patents for Inventions, 162 Administration, 28
Bodkin's Law relating to Riots, 162
Kerr's Student s Blackstone, 181

Ryder's Report of Rating Appeals (1886-1890)
Boyle and Davies' Principles of Rating, 293 Key and Elphinstone's Precedents, 198

heard before the Queen's Bench Division and
Prett Commentaries on the Present Laws of Law Quarterly Review, 198

the Court of Appeal and the London Quarter
England, 161

Macassey and Strahan's Law relating to Civil Sessions, 334
Brooke's Notary, 181

Engineers, Architects, and Contractors, 275 Saint's Supplement to Saint's Registration Cases,
Chalmer's Sale of Goods, including the Factors McCullagh's County Court Practice, 162

Act 1889, 139, 162

Mead and Bodkin's Criminal Law Amendment Sargant's Urban Rating, being an Inquiry into
Clarke's Medical Law for Medical Men, 198

Act 1885, 275

the Incidence of Local Taxation in 'Iowns,
Crewe's Law of Arbitration, 375

Moore's Hɔw to be Married in all_Ways and 139
Davidson's Concise Precedents of Conveyancing, Everywhere throughout the British Empire and Scrutton's Charter Parties and Bills of Lading,
in Foreign States, 139

Edmunds' Law and Practice of Letters Patent Musgrave's Dissertation on the Common Law of Semple's Essentials of Forensic Medicine, Toxi-
for Inventions, 139

Waters, and its application to natural cir- cology, and Hygiene, 139
Gaius and Postes's Gaii Institutionum Juris cumstances other than those of England,” 239 Short and Mellor's Practice on the Crown Sido of

Civilis Commentarii Quattuor, or Elements of Nasmith's Outline of Roman History, &c., and the Queen's Bench Division of Her Majesty's
Roman Law, by Gaius, 181
Decay of Roman Jurisprudence, 138

High Court of Justice, 28
Gibson and Weldon's Intermediate Examination Neish and Carter's Factors Act 1889, 275

Simpson's Treatise on the Law of Infants, 103
Digest, 355
Odger's Law of Libel, 198

Stephen's Commentaries, 163
Gibson and Weldon's Student's Criminal and Paine's Formation and Registration under the Stephen's Law of Sapport and Subsidence, 28
Magisterial Law, 162

Companies Acts, 275

Stroud's Judicial Dictionary, 120
Gibson's Guide to Stephen's Commentaries, 334 Phillip's Tramways Act 1870, 28

Westlake's Treatise on Private International
Glen's Law of County Government, 161
Pollock's Law of Torts, 29

Law, 276
Greenwood and Martin's Magisterial and Police Reich's Græco-Roman Institutions, from Anti-Williams's Unsoundness of Mind in its Legal and
Guide, 162
Evolutional Points of View, 239

Medical Considerations, 162
Hall's Treatise on International Law, 162
Rogers on Elections, 193

Wilson's Bills of Sales Acts 1873 and 1832, 275

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Agents in Scotland, Incorporated Law Society of, | Incorporated Law Society, 9, 125, 166, 186, 200, | Manchester Incorporated Law Association-

242, 257, 358; annual general meeting, 225; Report of the committee for 1889-90, 308
Associated Provincial Law Societies, 83

adjourned annual meeting, 280; annual pro- Selden Society, 165
vincial meeting, 327, 378

Society of Solicitors (Scotland), 52
Association for the Reform and Codification of Ireland, Incorporated Law Society of, 392, 414 Solicitors' Benevolent Association, 69, 125, 141,
the Law of Nations, 205
Law Association, 107, 125, 144, 204, 414

205, 297, 392 ; anniversary festival, 165
Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Incorporated Law Liverpool Board of Legal Studies, 84

Under Sheriffs' Association, 166
Society, 204

Monmouthshire Incorporated Law Society, 107 United Law Clerks' Society, 51


Calls to the bar, 36, 144
Honours examination, 86, 257

Middle Temple scholarships, 145
Cambridge University, 125, 145

Incorporated Law Society., Lectures and Law Oxford University, 208
Council of Legal Education, Michaelmas Course Classes 1890-91, 393

Preliminary examinaticn, 70, 243
of Lectures 1890, 280; Rules for Candidates Inner Temple Scholarships, 227

Students' Societies : Birmingham, 415; Law
for Studentships, &c., 108; Trinity Examina- Intermediate Examinations, 36, 209, 243

Students, 109, 309, 402, 415; Liverpool, 13,
tion 1890, 108

Liverpool Board of Legal Studies, law lectures, 333 402, 415; Manchester, 415
Final examination, 36, 208, 257

Manchester Incorporated Law Association, University College, London, Law Classes,
Gray’s-inn scholarships, 145

prizes for law students, 309


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