The Meaning of National Guilds

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Page 59 - Working men of England, one word of warning yet: I doubt if you know the bitterness of hatred against freedom and progress that lies at the hearts of a certain part of the richer classes in this country...
Page 210 - The question with me is, not whether you have a right to render your people miserable ; but whether it is not your interest to make them happy.
Page 237 - Means for securing to the workpeople a greater share in and responsibility for the determination and observance of the conditions under which their work is carried on.
Page 32 - It matters nothing to the seller of bricks whether they are to be used in building a palace or a sewer : but it matters a great deal to The seller...
Page 258 - Party holds, just as much the function of government and just as necessary a part of the democratic regulation of industry to safeguard the interests of the community as a whole and those of all grades and sections of private consumers in the matter of prices as it is, by the factory and trade boards acts, to protect the rights of the wage-earning producers in the matter of wages, hours of labor, and sanitation.
Page xiii - We should find the craftsmen's challenge and the blazing democracy of William Morris; the warning of Mr. Belloc against the huge shadow of the servile state and, perhaps, something also of his claim of the individual's control over property; the insistence of Mr. Penty on the evils of industrialism and its large scale organization, and his recovery and bequest to us of the significant and unique word 'guild.
Page 32 - MARSHALI, éd. 1961 11890]. 6. « ... die fact that human agents of production are not bought and sold as machinery and other material agents of production are. The worker sells his work, but he himself remains his own property
Page xiv - We should find something of French syndicalism, with its championship of the producer; something of American industrial unionism, with its clear vision of the need of industrial organization; and something of Marxian socialism, with unsparing analysis of the wage-system by which capitalism exalts itself and enslaves the mass of men.
Page 65 - Hearts just as pure and fair May beat in Belgrave Square As in the lowly air Of Seven Dials.
Page 130 - The objects shall be to uphold the rights of combination of labour ; to improve in every direction the general position and status of the workers by the inauguration of a policy that shall secure to them the power to determine the economic and social condition under which they shall work and live ; to secure unity of action amongst all societies forming the federation...

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