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Jarly visit; being persuaded, that these ciated body by a coarse sack, which he self-denying austerities were the certain determined to wear next his skin during and infallible means of attaining to ever- the rest of his life. Attention to these lasting happiness! From what follows, delusions occasioned neglect of business, we may partly understand the nature of and brought on great temporal embarthese stations. The first and greatest rassment, in consequence of which, he station is Crogh Patrick; the point from resolved to sell his interest in a small whence Bartley commenced penance, portion of land which his father bad alwhen he visited it, was fifteen miles. He lotted him." began this act of severe mortification by falling down on his bare knees, and re- The description of his conversion peating a certain number of prayers. is simple, instructive, and satisfacArriving at the foot of the mountain, tory; and we understand his conthough there is a way comparatively duct, during the whole period since, easy, superstition dictates the selection (about eight years,) has been such of that which is leașt of all accessible; as has adorned the doctrine of God thus, barefoot, he proceeded over rocks,

our Sayiour. Notwithstanding all every now and then falling down on his the oppositions he has met with, he bare knees, at places marked for that purpose, until he gained the summit. goes on reading the New Testament By this time his knees, and the soles of to his neighbours; and is indeed his feet, were distressingly lacerated !

shining as a light in a dark This, however, was very far from termi- place.” nating bis sufferings ! The mountain is The following short extract of a surmounted by a circular crown of one letter to a member of the Baptist hundred perches in circumference, not Irish Society, will show the spirit of covered with grassy verdure, but with this useful man: rough stones and gravel, Here, himself “ Blessed be the Lord God, who, and other pilgrims, upon their wounded of his infinite mercy, bas preserved knees, go round the mountain, till their England as an instrument to bring strength entirely failing, they can pro light to the world, and to draw poor ceed no farther! On one occasion, at Ball, Bartley was seen offering similar creatures out of darkness and the violence to bimself; when, lest the

shadow of death ; eşpecially the poor

pressure of his body on his knees shonld not benighted Irishmen, who are in gross be sufficient, he endeavoured to increase darkness, of whom myself was one, the weight by clasping his hands, plac- who was going about to establish ing them on the crown of his head, and my own righteousness, by which exerting his whole strength to press bis means I was going headlong the body to the earth. Since his conversiou, hroad way to destruction: but in alluding to the performance of one of the eleventh hour, I was called to these diabolical exercises, Bartley said know that the Lord is our righteousto a friend, “ Had you been there the ness and strength, who also blessed day after, you might have seen my blood, skin, and even my FLE.SI, on the dent desire of being an instrument

me with a willing mind, and ap arstones.” Also, during the time of his in his hand to set forth the glory of ignorance, Bartley wore a scapular round his neck, consecrated by the priest

, the knowledge of God, as it shines which was to operate as a preservative in the face of Jesus Christ. I am against all temporal and spiritual ene- anxious to show others, that they mies. To make his works still more ac- must degrade themselves, and exalt ceptable, he was provided with the belt the Saviour." &c. of $t. Francis, the ring of St. Joseph, We hail the institution, and the and the insignia of many other orders. growing labours of this, and similar Notwithstanding all this, he has since societies, as a new era in the history acknowledged, that he was at this pe. of our sister island; and trust, that riod a stranger to peace, and often, from religious light will be diffused in distress of mind, wept profusely. In this state of

mind he met with a book, enti- every part of it, and that superstitled; “ The Lives of the Saints," a popish tion, with all its baleful attendants, legend: on reading this, he exclaimed, will retire. This affords us unspeak" Hitherto I have done nothing.” He able pleasure, not only from the connow formed the design of forsaking his sideration that many thousands, we wife and family, abstaining almost en hope, will be rescued from everlastfirely from food, and vexing his ema- ing destruction, but also on account

of the civil and political advantages third volume, we have the name of with which it will be attended: for Sarah Renou. Christians will never be rioters, mur- In the preface we were sorry to derers, and rebels. And even those see the term pride used in a good who continue Roman Catholics will sense." The author's pride will be learn, from reading the New Testa- abundantly gratified.” We apprement, that under Pagan Rome, hend it ought always to be used in Christians were bound to be subject a bad sense ; and this remark is unto the higher powers, and that made as much for the sake of good they who resisted, resisted the ordi- morals, as of propriety in speech. nance of God: will they not then in- This accomplished, adventurous, fer, that it is their own duty to obey female explores the regions of litea Protestant king, and that his being rature, of science, and of taste, with what they call a heretic, will be no great freedom. In ethics, she disexcuse for resistance?

sects all the passions, and delineates Should it be objected, that in all the virtues : in mental philosoEngland, which is a land of Bibles, phy, she expatiates on all the intelthere is a great deal of insubordina-lectual powers-examines causes tion, disaffection to government, and physical and metaphysical-arranges discontent; let it be remembered, all human minds in five classes that there are many thousands, and pronounces judgment on the system scores of thousands, in this highly- of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim-and favoured country, who know but finally leads her young pupils to very little of the Bible, and who sel- “ the sovereign good, or the best

National educadom go to any place of public wor- interest of man. ship. We hope that such a spirit is tion--female education--the influto be found among this class of ence of woman in the formation of Englishmen only. At least, we ear

character-philosophical necessity nestly exhort every one who reads and free-agency—the tenets of the his Bible, to study contentment, and ancient philosophers--natural, civil, not to despise dominion, nor to speak and political liberty--the origin of evil of diguities.

evil--and several other topics, of Who is there that has not long high importance, are here laid bedeplored the barbarism of Ireland? fore the reader in the style of a free This can no otherwise be remedied, conversation between several young than by giving them schvols and persons, who are taught to listen Bibles. The Bible is the great en

with profound attention to the opigine for the civilization of the world, nions of the reverend“ vicar.” as well as the great instrument of As an elementary work in ethics its regeneration and sanctification. and the philosophy of the mind, we

The Appendix contains affecting think it is highly creditable to the details of the misery to which the ingenuity and the diligence of the Roman Catholic religion subjects its writer. Its theology is not so undeluded votarics. There is büt lit-execptionable as we could ardently tle difference between the degrada- wish, for the sake of the young fetion of the Papists in Connaught, and male readers, and for the sake of the Fakeers in Hindoostan.

the writer too. In vol. i. p. 28, the

“ The man who can

boldly claim his Master, his Maker, Village Conversations ; or, the Vicar's

his God, as his friend, can have few Fire-side. Dedicated to Mrs. Han- is too bold: and we should like to

sources of real sorrow," &c. This nah More. 3 vols. 12mo. 198. 6d. have the vicar placed at the feet of Gale and Fenner.

the venerable Hannah More, to The reader of this elaborate and whom the work is dedicated, that eloquent work will soon find, that he might learn from her the way of these “ conversations” are not by God more perfectly. villagers, though they may have We felt a little alarm in vol. i. been carried on in a "village," as p. 36, where the vicar says,

“ We the title indicates. Prefixed to the are all travelling the same road, and

vicar says,

have the same destination in view;

NOTICES. and provided the means we pursue of virtue and goodness are the same, The Wilts and Somerset half yearls the speculative parts do not possess Association will be held at Bath, on the importance assigned to them by Tuesday, the 15th of April. Messrs. ignorance and superstition.” Certain- Mitchell, of Warminster; Seymour, of ly it must be allowed, that the claims Bradford ; and Gough, of Westburyof ignorance and superstition will Leigh, are expected to preach. not admit of defence; but we can- The Bedfordshire Association will be not allow the doctrines of Christian- held for the second time at Ridgmount, ity to be placed in the same class the last Wednesday in April. Messrs. with idle or harmless speculations. Knight, of Little Stoughton, and PeaWe hope better things of this inge- cock, of Rushden, to preach. nious lady—but the language here The Bucks and Herts Association will is very unguarded. In vol.ii. p. 168, be held at Ivinghoe, ou Thursday, May (see also p. 220,) there is an obscure 22. Messrs. Godwin, and Groser, sen. hint respecting “ the highest happi

to preach.-Service to begin at ten. ness of all intelligent creatures," which appears to us incompetent

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. with the doctrine of the New Testament respecting the future state.

In the Press. But the most objectionable period we have met with, is in vol. iii. p.

A new edition of Burnliam's Pious 218, “ Let us not then rest for hap- Memorials, with considerable additions

and corrections. piness on so weak a foundation as

The Rev. Mr. Barker, of Towcester, our own imperfect merits, but seek is publishing a discourse, entitled, Youth for salvation through him, whose admonished of many sources of dauger life was a perfect pattern of the most destructive to religious feeling. pure and disinterested benevolence." Herc let the reader not forget, if the

Just published, writer has forgotten--the cross of

A Treatise, touching the Libertie of a Christ!

Christian Man, written in Latin, by Miss Renou appears to have stu

Doctor Martyne Luther, and translated died, with particular attention, the by James Bell. Imprinted by R. New

bery and H. Bynneman, 1579. Dediquestion relating to the original cated “To Lady Anne, Countess of equality of the sexes; and she main- Warwicke.” with the celebrated Epistains the dignity of the female cha- lle from M. Luther to Pope Leo X.racter with great spirit and force. Edited by William Bengo Collyer, 1). D. “ The pride of man (she observes) F.A.S. and dedicated, by permission, has too long clouded his reason, di- to His Royal Highness the Duke of minislied his rational sources of hap- Sussex.-Published by Longman & Co. piness, and prevented him from en

The first volume of the fourth edition joying those exquisite and refined of Beddome's short Discourses, adapted gratifications which his Maker ren

to Village Worship, or the Devotions of dered him capable of partaking, in second and third are in the press, and

the Family, is ready for delivery. The creating for him a mind, possessed will be published in a few days, price of equal intellectual powers, but 2s. each volume. invested with greater delicacy, re- A New Weekly Paper, entitled “The finement, and susceptibility than his Philanthropic Gazette,” has lately apown.”

peared, of which nine or ten numbers

are now published. It is particularly Not from his head was woman took,

adapted for the use of Religious FamiAs made her husband to o'erlook :

lies and Schools, by the onission of Not from his feet, as one design’d, The footstool of the stronger kind ;

every thing indelicate or improper for

the perusal of young persons. Its poliBut, fashion'd for himself, a bride,

tics are moderate and constitutional, An equal, taken from his side.

but independent; and it has a departJOHN WESLEY.

ment particularly appropriated to plaus of public benevolence and utility.-For further particulars, see the adver. tisement in our Magazine for December.

Missionary Retrospect and Foreign Intelligence.

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BAPTIST MISSION. Portuguese ditto...

1000 Malay ditto....

2006 The following account will show the Ditto, Arabic character ........ 2250 manner in which the missionaries circu. These, with a large number not ac. late the scriptures among the heathens counted for by the Bengalee accountant, in India: and proves how well-founded make the number little short of 100,000. the applications of the Baptist Mission. ary Society are to all classes of Chris. tians for support.

DEATH OF MR. TROWT, OF Parts of Scripture, and Scripture Tracts,

SAMARANG. gratuitously distributed from the Serampore Printing Office, during the year 1815 :

Extract of a letter from Mr. Robinson, Sungskrita Pentateuch, Historical of Java, to Mr. Ivimey, dated Welt

Books, and New Testament 180 reevden, Nov. 7, 1816: Hindee Pentateuchi...


“ MY DEAR BROTHER, Ditto Gospels.....


“ I have to communicate the pain. Ditto New Testament, (Hunter's ful intelligence of our dear brother Translation)

22 Trowt's death. He left the world of sin Ditto Ten Cominandments. 300 and sorrow on the 24ih of October. His Ditto Book of Hymns...

243 complaint was a dysentery, with which Ditto Essence of Christian Doc- .

he had been afflicted for a long time; trine

646 but it seems he did not apprehend his Ditto Tracts.


end was near, till within the last hour of Ditto, in the Persian character 1000

his life. His heart was much set on his Bruja Gospels of Matthew and

work among the Javanese; and, proba. Mark


bly, it was the earnest desire lie had to Bengalee Pentateuch, and Histo

perform that work, which induced him to rical Books..


hope for recovery, when all just grou Ditto Prophets.


of hope was removed. I suppose little Ditto Gospels


or nothing can be said of the state of Ditto Ten Commandments..... 322 his mind, with the exception that just beDitto Hymns..


fore his dissolution, he said to brother Ditto Life of Christ...


Bruckner, that all his hope was in the Ditto Catechism:


promises. We are not, however, reduced Ditto another..


to the necessity of examining the state of Ditto Tracts.....

26,841 his mind on his death-bed, for proofs that Arabic Gospels....


he was a true Christian : his life gave Persian Hindee Gospels..... 3450

full proof of this; so that while we laDitto Essence of Scripture Doc

ment that he has been taken from us, we trine


need not doubt but he has entered into Chinese Gospels, &c....


the joy of his Lord.' The Java Mission Mahratta Pentateuch, and New

has sustained a great loss by his death; Testament


for he bad good abilities, and he made a Birman Gospel of Matthew.... 255

good use of them. I really suspect he Shikh New Testament......... 417

hastened his end by a too close applicaPushtoo Gospel of Matthew.. 152

tion to study. The Javanese language Assam Gospel of Matthew...... 102 Kashmeer Gospel of Matthew,

the only Refuge from the Wrath to and Khasee ditto....


come; Popery Unmasked ; Account of Doriya Scriptures (different parts)

a Negro; The Sia and Danger of Neg. 38, Tracts 360.


lecting the Saviour; Scripture Cate. *English Pamphlets....


chism; Serious Thoughts on Eternity ;

Pause and Think-am I a Christian? * These pamphlets include the Chris. Swearer's Prayer ; Sin no Trifle ; On the tian Soldier, or the Lives of Col. Gardi. Importance of Purity ; Death of Alta. ner and Col. Blackader; Jesus Christ mont; a Message from God. VOL. IX.




is very difficult to learn; but he was de- | notions, then the energy of the law must termined to conquer it, and he has lost his be exerted against such violators of it, life in the aitempt. The proficiency he and such illegal conduct must be checkmade was great, and had life and health ed” What a handle does this give to been granted him, it is probable that he their persecutors! They will probably would soon have given to the poor ig say,

" You are tolerated to think for norant Javanese a part of the scriptures yourselves. but you must not speak of in their own language. But he is gone, your sentiments; lest you should make and what he would have done, remains any member of the established church for others to do."

think as you do.” We fear the torture,

will yet be the lot of the Duchoboorzi. RUSSIA.

ALPHABETICAL LIST In the Rev. Mr Pinkerton's History of the Greek Church, there is an account

PROTESTANT of a sect of dissenters, called Ducho

MISSIONARY STATIONS boorzi, who are said, in many of their sentiments, to resemble strongly the Throughout the World. English Qnakers.

The persecutions agaitist this sect have been very severe.

(Continued from page 114.) They were banished from their homes on the banks of the Don, and placed, in

ASTRACHAN. remote and solitary parts of the empire, to prevent them from spreading their

A city in Russian Tartary, situate on opinions. Their children were likewise the Caspian Sea, distinguished for its taken from them, that they may not be extensive conimerce. educated in their principles. The Em- Edinburgh Missionary Society.--1814. * peror Alexander has been induced to

John Mitchell, John Dickson, relieve these Christians from their perse. The following is an extract which an edition of the Psalms, in Turk.

A printing-press is established, at from the Military Rescript to the goverish, has been printed. The Tartar New nor of Cherson :-" The departure of this sect from the true faith of the Greco Testament, printed at Karass, with Tar:

tar Tracts, are widely dispersed by Russian church is stated to be a devia. tion founded upon some erroneous repre

means of Persian inerchants, who sentations of the true worship, and of carry them, as they will the Persian

Scriptures and Tracts, when ready, 'to the spirit of Christianity ; but as they are not without religion--for they seek for Derbent, Sbirvan, Ispahan, &c. what is divine, though not with a right

BAHAMAS. understanding-it does not become a Christian government to ensploy harsh A chain of islands in the West Indies. and cruel means, turiure, exile, &c. to bring back to the bosom of the church

Weslėyan "Methodists.--1788. those who have gone astray. The doc

New PROVIDENCE-W. Wilson, ser. trine of the Redeemer, who came into Wm. Dowson, Wm. Turton. the world to save the sinner, cannot, it ELUTHERA.-Joseph Ward. is said, be spread by constraint and pu

HARBOUR ISLAND AND ABACO. nishment; cannot serve for the

oppression of those who are to be led back Roger Moore. 'into the paths of truth. All the mea- LONG ISLAND.--Michael Head. sures of severity exhausted upon the

By the last Returns, there were 1134 Duchoboorzi, in the course of 30 years, members. up to 1801, were not able to extirpate this sect, and only increased the number of its adherents; they are, therefore, in

BALASORE. future, to be protected from unmerited A town in the Province of Orissa, in insults, on account of the difference of India about 120 miles 5. w. of Calcutta, their faith.”

and in the vicinity of the Temple of We should have been happy bad this Juggernaut; to which many hundred reseript ended with this period; but, thousand Hindoo devotees annually re« with singular inconsistency, it is added, sort. “ If these sectaries seek to draw away others from the established church, and

Baptist Society.—1810 - John Peter, to injure them with their own religious

an Armenian.


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