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of Cadoxton to begin October, and to

finish the latter end of January. The WESTERN ASSOCIATIONS.

messenger of Bangor to commence on LaThe association was held at Fishguard, dy-day, and to finish before the next assoin the county of Pembroke, in June, ciation. It is expected that each mes1816. The meeting was begun by senger will keep his time in the strictest prayer, by Mr. Thomas Davies, North manner, and that they will commence Wales. The letters from the churches collecting in Glamorganshire, and conwere read, which stated extraordinary clude in Pembrokeshire. and success in

III. To excite the churches to make them. After this, Mr. Daniel Davies, weekly collections amongst thomselves, Llanclly, prayed; and Mr. Thomas towards the support of every important Morris, Penrhiwgoch, and D. D. Evans, cause that belongs to them, such as the Carmarthens preached from 2 Cor. vi. expense of erecting new places of wor17, 18; Acts, xvi. 14 ; we concluded by ship, Abergavenny Academy, the mise prayer and praise.

sionaries in India; for it is deemed ibat Met again at seven, when Mr. David a' penny a week from every member of the Philipps, Ffynon-well-na-buwch, prayed. Baptist churches, together with their Mr. Hinton, of Oxford, preached from well-wishers, would be sufficient to supDeut. xxxii. 9; and Mr. Robert Ed. port the above causes respectably. If wards, North-Wales, from 1 Pet. i. 5, some members are too poor to contriconcluded.

bute thus, others are opulent enough to Met Wednesday morning, at seven

make up the deficiency. And if any o'clock; the meeting was commenced give to the missionaries only, these gifts by Mr. Thomas Williams, Rhydwilym, should be kept carefully to that cause and Lewis Lewis, Waunclyndaf: then

alone. Mr. David Davis, Aberduar, preached

IV. To stimulate the churches to make from Ezek. ii. 17.

their collections as ample as possible toAssembled at ten o'clock, and the wards the support of the Baptist Acameeting was beguu by Mr. Timothy demy at Abergavenny; and it is expected Thomas, Aberduar; then J. P. Davies, that every church will endeavour to conFerryside, and J. Harris, Swansea, tribute to this worthy cause, the utility preached from Rom. viii. 34. Col. iii. 2. of which may be evident to all. Seve.

Met at two in the afternoon; the de- ral gifted ministers and preachers have votional service was led by Mr. Simon been educated there. The institution is James; then Mr. F.Hiley, Llanwenarth, in the treasurer's debt, and many young and C. Evans, North-Wales, preached men, of promising talents, can have no from Isaiah, xxii. 24, and xxv. 6, 7, 8.

entrance into it, and the cause itself is Assembled at seven in the evening; in danger to become extinct; which, and Mr. John Morgan, Blaeny ffôs, were it to fail, would cast reproach on prayed; and Mr. Edward Roberts and the Baptist denomination. Mr. Jolin Edwards, North-Wales, and V. That the next inissionary meetings John James, Aberystwith, preached belonging to this association, will be from Zech. xiii. 7. Psal. xl. 6, 7, 8. Rev. held at Aberystwith, the last Tuesday

and Wednesday of July, and at CardiMet Thursday morning, at eight gan the following Tuesday and Wed. o'clock; the devotional services were nesday; where we expect Messrs. Henry led by Messrs. Thomas Thomas, Aber- Page, M. A. of Bristol, John Palmer, duar, and John Reynolds, Middle-mill; of Shrewsbury, and Jenkin Thomas, of and we agreed upon the following par- Bristol, to come from England to the ticulars :

assistance of their Welsh brethren. 1. Mr. John James read the letter to VI. That the next association is to be the churches, and it was agreed to have at Bwlch-gwyöt, Carmarthenshire, on it printed.

the second Tuesday, Wednesday, and II. That the churches at Llanfaes, Thursday of June, and the meeting to Brecknock; Philadelphia, Cadoxton, commence at two o'clock in the after's Glamorgansbire; and Bangor, Carnar- noon. It is desired, that the messengers vonshire, to have permission to go will be there at the above time, to read ihrough the several churches which be the state of the churches; after which it long to this association, to collect money is expected, that Messrs. J. Morgan, for liquidating the debts incurred by the Newcastle, will preach in English, and erection of their new places of worship. T. Thomas, Aberduar, in Welsh. On The messenger of Llanfaes to begin col. Wednesday, John Herring, Cardigan, lecting without delay, and to finish the J. Evans, Pen-y-garn, in English, and latter end of September. The messenger H. Davies, seni to preach.

xv. 2.

Association at NEWTOWN, (Casbach,) | Association at BRINEPOOL Pwllhely, Car. Mon:nouthshire, held on the 4th, 5th, nusvonshire, held on the 10th and 11th and 6th of June, 1816.

of July, 1816. The meeting commenced on Tuesday, at two o'clock, by prayer, by Mr. Mor

Wednesday, at six, Mr. W. Evans ris Jones, and the letters to the asso- prayed, and Messrs. J. Roberts, and J. ciation were read. At six o'clock Jenkins preached, from Acts, vii. 56, and Messrs. Richard Roberts and John Ed- Rev. xxii

. 17, Thursday, J. Watkins, R. wards preached from Isaiah, xi. 10, and Rowlands, J. Jenkins, and J. Roberts Heb. iii. 1. Wednesday, the devo. prayed, and Messrs. J, Michael and T. tional services were led by Messrs. D. Davies preached, Heb. xii

. 23. 1 Kings, Richards, T. Thomas, F. Hiley, and

xviji. 21. Messrs. John Evans, and William Lewis. Sermons by Messrs. Joshua Watkins, Phil. ii. 8, and Gal. iv. James Michael and Thomas Davies, 4, 5, and Messrs. E. Rogers in English, from Phil. i. 6, and Zech. xii. 10. D.

and Thomas Morris, Matt. xvi. 26, and Saunders and D Evans from Rev. xii.

Rom. i. 16, and the anniversary was con16, and 1 Cor. xv. 3, 4, in English. J. cluded by prayer.-- The additions to the Heering and C. Evans from Rom. viii. northern churches in the past year are 32, and Luke xy. 17, 19. Thomas Mor

200 ; and throughout Wales 1289. ris and Robert Edwards from Rev, xxi. 1, aud Mark, vii. 19. Thursday, Mr. T. Thomas prayed. It was agreed, ihat NEW MEETINGS OPENED. the next association be held at Llanwenarth, at the usual time.

OLDHAM, LANCASHIRE. Association at CEFN-MAWR, Denbighshire,

On Friday, Sept. 6, 1816, a new Bapheld on the 25th and 26th of June, tist njeeting house was opened at old. 1816

ham, Lancashire, under favourable cir. Public worship began at six o'clock, cumstances. Service began at ten o'clock, when Mr. Abel Jones prayed; Messrs.

A.M. The Rev. Thomas Littlewood, of T. Morris, and W Evans, preached from Rochdale, read a portion of scripture, Phil. iii. 3, and Isaiah, xlix. 8. Wed- and prayed. The Rev. William Stephens, nesday, the devotional services were led

of Manchester, preached from Eph. iv. 5, by Messrs. Edward Lewis, Robert Ed-One baptism. After the sermon, fourteen wards, J. Blaeney, and T. Morris. Ser persones, who had been previously exmons by Messrs. R. Roberts, and T. amined by the Rev. James Hargreaves, Thomas, from Heb. ii. 11, and Col. ii. of Ogden, were baptized in a reservoir,

J. Jenkins, and J. Evans, from near the town, in the presence of from Matt. xi. 28, and John, i. 12. J. Wat eight to ten thousand spectators. At kins, and C. Evans, from 1 Pet. iii. 18, half.past two o'clock, P.M. the Rev. and Acts, ix, 4-6. Edmund Rogers, William Steadman, D.D. of Bradford, missionary in Ireland, in English, and J. preached on the nature and order of a Watkins, from 1 Cor. i. 24, and Rom. gospel church, from the first chapter of xiv. 17. Concluded by prayer.


Revelations. After the sermon, the newly baptized persons formed them

selves into a church, and sat down at Association at LLANGEPNI, Anglesea, held the Lord's-table with many members

on the 3d and 4th of July, 1816. froin neighbouring churches, and the Wednesday, at two o'clock, a private Rev. James Hargreaves presided. The conference was held. At six, Mr. R. elements were handed by the Rev. Roberts prayed, and Messrs. T. Davies, Thoruas Littlewood and the Rev. Moses and T. Morris, preached from Matt. xvii. Fisher, of Liverpool. At half-past six 5, and John, iii. 14, 15. Thursday, in the evening, the Rev. Moses Fisher prayers by Messrs. J. Morgans, E. preached from 1 Cor. i. 23. All the serEvans, J. Prichard, and E. Evans. Services were very nuinerously attended, mons by Messrs. S. James, and T. Da and conducted with great solemnity. vies, from Isaiah, lix. 89, and Micah, A deep impression seemed to be made vii. 18. J. Watkins, and J. Jenkins, on all present. The brethen were edi. from Tit. ii. 14, and Prov. xvii. 17. (fied, strengihened, and greatly comfortW. Evans, and J. Evans, from Jobn, ix.ed, by the rational hope of future suc. 4, and Psalm xlvi. 1. E. Rogers, in Engl-cess among a people so little acquainted ish, Robert Edwards, and J. Edwards, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many from John, xiv. 10, 1 Cor. xiii. 12, and individuals found it to be to them a good Eph. vi. 18; and C. Evans concluded day. The Lord seemed to be there of

a truth,

by prayer.



peculiarly worthy of support, and proTo the Editors of the Baptist Magazine.

posed making a collection, which was

cheerfully acceded to, and the sum of On Lord's-day, October the 20th, I £4 12s. 8d. given. In the preached at the opening a place of course of the day, Mr. Brown remarked, worship at Broughton, in Hampshire, that when he first began' preaching in which has been rebuilt and enlarged, by that neighbourhood, there were only the advice of uearly the whole religious threc churches of our denomination in the neighbourhood.

county, and now there are twenty-two. I was struck with the conscientious regard which has been paid to economy in this simple structure, the expense of

A Lord's-day evening lecture has which amounts to something less than lately been established by several of £600. and at least half of this sum is the pastors of Baptist churches in Lon. raised by the zealous efforts of the con

don, at No. 56, Bartholomew Close. gregation. I recommend it, therefore, The room is large and commodious, with a pleasing confidence, that the and has hitherto been well attended. worthy pastor of the flock be encouraged in all his applications for the remainder. JOHN SAFFERY.

Poetry. Salisbury, Nov. 8, 1816.

An Elegy on the late Rev. A. Austin.

Strike the harp, tho' grief surrounding, ORDINATIONS.

Bids the tear responsive flow;

Strains harmonious softly sounding,

Soothe the mind depress'd with woe.

Fond remembrance hovers o'er thee On Thursday, July 13, 1815, a Baptist Austin, when thy name we hear ; church was formed at Bellericay, Essex; And the long esteem we bore thee, and on the same day, and in the same

Draws the sympathetic tear. place, the Rev. B. Crowest, who, for the previous nine years, had been faithfully

No strain’d eulogy, to raise thee, labouring among the people, was ap- Whilst thy many virtues praise thee,

Would the modest muse approve; pointed to the pastoral office. The services by the Rev. Messrs. Eveleigh, of

Richly fraught with acts of love. Waltham Abbey; Bain, of Potter’s-street; | Yet would friendship’s aid, combining Pilkington, (their former pastor) of Ray- With affection, raise the lay; leigh ; and Shenston, of London. Hoping thus to check repining,

Whilst his worth we would pourtray.

Peaceful, mild, discreet, and feeling, WHATISHAM, SUFFOLK.

To the poor a constant friend; OCTOBER 30, 1816, Mr. James Farley Wounds of discord gladly healing, was set apart to the pastoral office over Where thy influence could extend. the particular Baptist church at Whal. Those who sat beneath thy teaching, isham, in Suffolk.

Know thy labours souls to win; Mr. Cooper, of Stoke-ash, began by Ever pointing out in preaching, reading and prayer; Mr. Ward, of Diss,

Christ the sacrifice for sin. stated the nature of a church of Christ, asked the usual questions, and received Evermore on Christ relying, Mr. Farley's confession of faith. Mr.

For his spirit and his grace ; Cowell, of Ipswich, prayed the general Whilst the promises applying

To the contrite sinner's case. prayer; Mr. Shenston, of London, de. Jivered the charge, from Malachi, ii. 7; Christian excellence adorn'd him, Mr. Brown, of Stow-market, who is Oft his grateful heart he'd raise eighty years of age, addressed the To the grace of God, which form’d him, people from Ezek. xlviii. 35; and So to speak his Maker's praise. Mr. Thompson, of Grundsburg, con

Since he's call'd from hence for ever, cluded in prayer.

The hymns were given out by Mr. Payne, of Ipswich. And as taught by him, endeavour

Let us hear the warning voice, When the service was ended, Mr. Shenston observed : “We have been indulged

To make wisdom's ways our choice. to-day to eat the fat, and drink the sweet, Left the cross the crown he's wearing, and it only remains now for us to send Mingling with the heavenly throng; portions to those for whom nothing has And his part with rapture bearing, been prepared.” He then warmly re

In the everlasting song. commended the Baptist Irish Society as


J. T.

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chuber of the Bapti. Sailemy

Bradfordvkshire Engraved by:Freeman, for the Brophist. Mag.

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