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Sealed duplicate of original document to suffice.

Orders in Council made hereunder to be laid before Legislature.

Orders in Council made hereunder may be revoked.

Meaning of "Court of Probate."

"United Kingdom.'

(2.) For the purpose of this section, a duplicate of any Probate or
Letters of Administration sealed with the seal of the Court
granting the same shall have the same effect as the original:
(3.) Every Order in Council made under this Act shall be laid before
the Legislative Assembly within one week after it is made, and
if the Legislature is not then sitting, within two weeks after the
next meeting of the Legislature, and shall also be published in
the British Columbia Gazette :

(4.) The Lieutenant-Governor in Council may from time to time, by
Order in Council, revoke or alter any Order in Council previously
made under this Act:

(5.) This Act, when applied by an Order in Council to the United Kingdom or to a British Possession, shall, subject to the provisions of the order, apply to Probate granted either before or after the passing of this Act:

(6.) The expression "Court of Probate" means any Court having jurisdiction in matters of Probate :

(7.) The expression "United Kingdom" means any part of England, Scotland, and Ireland; and the expression "British Possessions' means any part of the Queen's Possessions, exclusive of the United Kingdom.


Printed by RICHARD WOLFENDEN, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.

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An Act to authorize the granting of a certain Land
Subsidy for and in aid of the Canadian Western

Central Railway.

[6th April, 1889.]


HEREAS an application has been made to the Legislative Preamble. Assembly, at its present Session, for an Act to incorporate a Company for the purpose of constructing and operating a railway from a convenient point near the eastern boundary of the Province to the northernmost terminus of the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway, to be called "The Canadian Western Central Railway Company," hereinafter called the Company:

And whereas it is expedient to make a conditional grant of land to the said Company, in aid of the construction of the proposed railway: Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:

dian Western Cen

1. Upon the said Company filing with the Chief Commissioner of Reserve of land along Lands and Works a map or plan, to the satisfaction of the Lieutenant- located line of CanaGovernor in Council, shewing the course and direction of the tral Railway. proposed railway, and the lands intended to be traversed, there shall be reserved from pre-emption and sale a tract of land extending thirty-two miles on each side of the line of the proposed railway, to be afterwards conveyed in part to the Company, pursuant to this Act:

Provided that the actual work of construction of the proposed railway Proviso for comshall begin within six months from the time of the filing of the said mencing and completing railway. map or plan, and shall be continuously prosecuted to completion with reasonable diligence; otherwise, the said reservation of public lands shall be void and of none effect.

2. Upon the commencement of the actual work of construction of When lands may be the proposed railway, to the satisfaction of the Lieutenant-Governor in granted to the Com


Limit of grant to 20,000 acres per


Upon completion of

exceeding 20,000


Council, it shall be lawful for the Lieutenant-Governor, by an Order in Council, to convey to the Company all or any portion of the lands intended to be granted to the Company, taking satisfactory security from the Company for the proper completion of the railway: Provided, however, that the grants of land to be made under this section shall not exceed twenty thousand acres for each and every mile of railway constructed.

3. Upon the completion of the railway, there shall be granted to the railway, land not the Company, save as hereinafter excepted, twenty thousand acres of acres per mile to be land per mile of the railway. The said lands to be granted under this granted in alternate Blocks to the Com- Act shall be taken by the Company in alternate blocks on each side


Company to pay for surveys.

Indian Reserves and certain other lands not to be granted.

Free miners' rights reserved.

Power to take gravel,

of the line of railway. Each block of land to have a frontage on the line of the railway of twenty miles, and so that the land granted to the Company on one side of the line of the railway shall be opposite to a like twenty miles of land retained by the Government of British Columbia on the opposite side of the line of railway.

4. The expenses of the survey of the said blocks of land shall be borne by the Company.

5. The aforesaid grant shall not include any lands held by grant, lease, agreement for sale, or other alienation by the Crown, nor shall it include Indian Reserves or settlements, nor military or naval reserves: Provided that the quantity of land hereby excepted out of the grant to the Company shall be made good to the Company by a conveyance from the Government of British Columbia to the Company of a like quantity of land, the same to be selected from public lands contiguous to the said alternate blocks.

6. Nothing in this Act contained shall prejudice the rights of free miners to search for, get, and win the precious metals, and to use timber for mining purposes, subject to the mineral and land laws of the


7. It shall be lawful for the Company to take from any public lands stone, timber, &c., adjacent to or near the line of the said railway, all stone, timber, gravel, or other materials which may be necessary or useful for the construction of the railway, and also to lay out and appropriate to the use of the Company a greater extent of lands, whether public or private, for stations, depôts, workshops, side-tracks, wharves, and roadways, and for establishing screens against snow, than the breadth and quantity mentioned in the Railway Act, such greater extent being in any case allowed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, and shown on the maps or plans deposited with the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.



8. The lands acquired by the Company shall not be subject to tax- Exemption from ation unless and until the same are used by the Company for other taxation for ten than railway purposes, or leased, occupied, sold, or alienated, and the capital stock and all property other than the lands aforesaid shall be exempt from Provincial and municipal taxation until the expiration of ten years from the completion of the railway.

9. The main line of the railway shall touch at the town of Barker- Main line or a branch ville, or the immediate neighbourhood thereof; and if in the course of to connect with Barconstruction it is found impracticable for the main line of the railway

to reach the said town, then the Company shall construct a branch line to the said town, which said branch line, and other branch lines, the Company are hereby authorized to construct.


10. The said line of railway, together with the branch line (if any) Line to be operated to Barkerville, shall be operated continuously. continuously.


11. The actual work of construction shall be begun within two years Commencement of from the first day of November, 1889, or the rights and privileges granted by this Act shall cease and determine.

12. This Act, and an Act passed during this present Session by the Construction of this Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, intituled "An Act to incor- Act. porate the Canadian Western Central Railway Company," shall be read and construed together as one Act.


Printed by RICHARD WOLFENDEN, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.

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