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[ The power of the Lord High Admiral hath, since the reign of Queen Asne,

been executed by commissioners. The tute of Charles II. ascertain; his authority in these words :-" That the Lord High Admiral for the time being shall have full power and authority to grant commissions to inferior vice-admirals or commanders-in-chief of any squadrons of ships : to call and assemble courts martial, consisting of commanders and captains; and no courts martial, where pain of death shall be inflicted, shall consist of less than five captains at least; the Admiral's lieutenant to be, as to this purpose, esteemed as a captain ; and in no case wherein sentence of death shall pass (by the articles for regulating the government of Her Majesty's ships of war, or any of them), except mutiny, there shall be execution of such sentence without leave of the Lord High Admiral, if the offence be committed in narrow seas. But in case any of the offences aforesaid be committed in any voyage beyond the narrow seas, then execution shall be done by order of the commander-in-chief." He appoints coroners to view dead bodies found on the coasts, and judges in the High Court of Admiralty. To him belong all fines and forfeitures of all transgressions at sea, and at the sea shore; and in ports, from the first bridge on rivers, to the sea; goods of pirates, waifs, wrecks, &c.]

First Lord. 1797,

Earl Spencer. 1801,

Earl St. Vincent. 1804, May 15, Viscount Melville. 1805, April 30, Lord Barham. 1806, Feb. 11, Right Hon. Charles Grey.

Sept. 27, Right Hon. Thomas Grenville. 1808, May 7, Earl of Mulgrave. 1810, May 1, Right Hon. Charles-Philip Yorke. 1812, Mar. 24, Right Hon. Viscount Melville. 1830, Nov. 22, Sir James Robert-George Graham, bart. 1834, June 5, Lord Auckland.

Dec. 15, Earl of Aberdeen.

Dec. 19, Earl De Grey. 1835, April 18, Lord Auckland.

Sept. 18, Earl of Minto. 1841, Sept. 6, Earl of Haddington. 1845, Dec. 29, Earl of Ellenborough. 1846, July 3, Earl of Auckland. 1849, Jan. 13, Sir Francis-Thornhill Baring, bart.

1852, Feb. 27, Duke of Northumberland.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Sir Jas. R. G. Graham, bart. 1855, Feb. 28, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bart. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Sir John-Somerset Pakington, bart, 1869, June 18, Duke of Somerset. 1866, July 6, Right Hon. Sir J.-Somerset Pakington, bart. 1867,

Right Hon. Henry-Thomas-Lowry Corry. 1868, Dec. 10, Right Hon. H. Culling-Eardley Childers. 1871, March Right Hon. George-Joachim Göschen. 1874, Feb. Right Hon. George-Ward Hunt. 1877, Aug. Right Hon. W. H. Smith. 1880,

Earl of Northbrook.

Lords of the Admiralty.

1880, May 3, Admiral Sir A. C. Key, K.C.B.

Vice-Admiral Lord Jolin Hay.
Rear-Admiral A.-H. Hoskins.
Mr. T. Brassey.

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1828, Feb. 25, Viscount Hill. 1852, Sept. 23, Field-Marshal Viscount Hardinge. 1856, July 15, His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge. Secretary at War. 1801, Feb. 20, Right Hon. Charles Yorke. 1803, Aug. 17, Right Hon. Charles-Bragge Bathurst. 1804, May 19, Right Hon. William Dundas. 1806, Feb. 8, Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick. 1807, Mar. 31, Right Hon. Sir James-Murray Pulteney, bart. 1809, July 1, Right Hon. Lord Granville-Leveson Gower.

Oct. 28, Right Hon. Viscount Palmerston. 1828, May 30, Right Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge. 1830, July 30, Right Hon. Lord Francis-Leveson Gower.

Nov. 27, Right Hon. Charles-Watkin-Williams Wynn. 1831, April 4, Right Hon. Sir Henry-Brook Parnell, bart. 1832, Feb. 1, Right Hon. Sir John-Cam Hobhouse, bart. 1833, April 6, Right Hon. Edward Ellice. 1834, Dec. 15, Right Hon. John-Charles Herries. 1835, April 18, Right Hon. Viscount Howick. 1839, Sept, 25, Right Hon. Thomas-Babington Macaulay. 1841, Sept. 6, Right Hon. Sir Henry Hardinge. 1844, May 17, Right Hon. Sir Thomas-Franeis Fremantle, bart. 1845, Feb. 4, Right Hon. Sidney Herbert. 1846, July 6, Right Hon. Fox Maule. 1852, Feb. 2, Right Hon. Robert-Vernon Smith.

Feb. 27, Right Hon. William Beresford.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Lord Herbert. (1855, February 8.The Office merged into the department of the Secretary

of State for the War Department. ] [By Royal Warrant, dated. May 25, 1855, the duties of the Board of

Ordnanoe were also transferred to the Minister of War.]

Right Hon. G.-Osborne Morgan.

1880, May 7,


Right Hon. Lord Wolverton.



H.R. H. the Prince of Wales. H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh. H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. H.R.H. the Prince Leopold. H.R. H. the Duke of Cambridge. The Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop of York. Duke of Somerset. Duke of Richmond and Gordon. Duke of Beaufort. Duke of St. Albans. Duke of Marlborough. Duke of Buccleuch. Duke of Argyll. Duke of Northumberland. Duke of Wellington. Duke of Buckingham & Chandos. Duke of Abercorn. Duke of Devonshire. Marquis of Salisbury. Marquis of Donegal. Marquis of Exeter. Marquis of Ailesbury. Marquis of Normanby. Marquis of Ripon. Marquis of Hertford. Marquis of Lorne. Marquis of Hartington. Earl of Derby. Earl of Devon. Earl of Sandwich. Earl of Tankerville. Earl Cowper. Earl Spencer. Earl of Carnarvon. Earl of Malmesbury. Earl of Cork and Orrery. Earl of Wilton. Earl Grey. Earl of Harrowby. Earl of Bradford. Earl of Kenmare. Earl of St. Germans. Earl Granville. Earl of Ducie. Earl of Strafford.

Earl Cowley. Earl of Kimberley. Earl of Dufferin. Earl of Hardwicke. Earl of llchester. Earl Beauchamp. Earl Percy. Earl Sydney. Earl of Northbrook. Earl of Beaconsfield Earl of Redesdale, Earl Cairns. Earl of Coventry. Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. Earl of Breadalbane. Earl of Fife. Viscount Falkland. Viscount Monck. Viscount Eversley. Viscount Bury. Viscount Halifax. Viscount Barrington. Viscount Sandon. Viscount Cardwell. Viscount Cranbrook. Viscount Sherbrooke. Bishop of London. Lord Selborne. Lord Aberdare. Lord Colville of Culross. Lord Napier and Ettrick. Lord Forester. Lord de Tabley. Lord Lyons. Lord Ebury. Lord Hatherley. Lord Penzance. Lord Howard of Glossop. Lord Blachford. Lord Poltimore. Lord Wolvertoji. Lord Moncreiff. Lord Coleridge. Lord Cottesloe. Lord Emly. Lord Carlingford.


Lord Hammond. Lord Winmarleigh. Lord Monson. Lord Skelmersdale. Lord Blackburn. Lord Norton. Lord Aveland. Lord Watson. Lord Kensington. Lord Mount Temple. Lord Brabourne. Lord John J. R. Manners. Lord Robert Montugu. Lord Otho Augustus Fitzgerald. Lord Claude Hainilton. Lord Clarence Paget. Lord Augustus Loftus. Lord Odo William Russell. Lord Richard Grosvenor. Lord Henry Somerset. Lord Henry Lennox. Lord Henry Thynne. Lord G. Hamilton. Lord Charles Bruce. Hon. Henry B W. Brand. Sir Stafford Henry Northcote. Sir George Grey. Sir Robert Peel. Sir Joseph Napier. Sir James Fergusson. Sir William Heathcote. Sir Michael E. Hicks Beach. Sir John C. Dalrymple Hay. Sir David Dundas. Sir Geo. Hamilton Seymour. Sir Lawrence Peel. Sir John M'Neill. Sir William Erle. Sir James William Colvile. Sir William Hutt. Sir Andrew Buchanan. Sir Edwd. Vaughan Wiliams. Sir Richard Torin Kindersley. Sir Wm. R. S. V. Fitzgerald. Sir Robert Phillimore. Sir Frederick Peel. Sir William Milbourne James. Sir Barnes Peacock. Sir Edward Thornton. Sir Montague Edward Smith. Sir Edward Lugard. Sir Robert Porrett Collier.

Sir Wm. Thomas Knollys. Sir James Hannen. Sir John Barnard Byles. Sir Henry Bartlę Edwd. Frere. Sir George Jessel. Sir Samuel Martin, Sir Henry S. Keating. Sir Richard Baggallay. Sir Richard Couch. Sir J. B. Karslake. Sir Augustus Paget. Sir H. C. Montgomery, Sir G. W. Bramwell. Sir W. B. Brett. Sir R. P. Amphlett. Sir Austen Hevry Layard. Sir Henry Cotton. Sir J. M. Macleod. Sir Robert Lush. Sir John Meller. Sir J. A. Macdonald. Sir R. A. Cross. Sir W. Hart Dyke. Sir H. P. Ponsonby. Sir J.-R Mowbray. Sir W. Vernon Harcourt. Hon. Sir C. A. Murray. Hon. Edward Pleydell Bouverie. Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers. Hon. Sir Henry George Elliot. Hon. James A. Stuart Wortley. Hon. Gerard J. Noel. Hon. F. A. Stanley. Hon. D. R. Plunket. Hon. R. Bourke. William Ewart Gladstone. Thomas Milner Gibson. Richard More O'Ferrall. Spencer Horatio Walpole. Joseph Warner Henley. William Beresford. John Parker. John Inglis. Thomas Emerson Headlam. William Nathaniel Massey. George Joachim Göschen. Stephen Cave. Henry Ja nes Baillie. Thomas Edward Taylor, John Bright. Hugh Culling Eardley Childers.

William Edward Forster.

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