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*Stanley, Hon. E.-L.

Stanley, Right Hon. Fred.- Arthur Lancashire, N.
Stansteld, Right Hon. James Halifax, Yorkshire.
*Stanton, W.-J.

Stevenson, J.-C.

South Shields, Durham. Stewart, James

Greenock. Storer, George

Nottinghamshire, S. *Stuart, H.-W.-V.

Waterford Co. + Sullivan, Alexander-Martin.. Meath. *Sullivan, T..D.

Westmeath. •Summers, W.

Staleybridge. Sykes, Christopher

Yorkshire, East Riding. Synan, Edmund-John

County of Limerick. Talbot, Christopher-Rice-Mansel.. Glamorganshire. Talbot, John G.....

Oxford University. Tavistock, Marquis of

Bedfordshire. Taylor, Peter-Alfred ..

Leicester. Taylor, Rt.Hon. Lt.-Col. Thomas-E. County of Dublin. +Tennant, Charles

Peebles. *Thomasson, J.-F.

Bolton. *Thompson, T.-C.

Durham. *Thomson, H...

Newry. Thornhill, Thomas

Suffolk, w. Thynne, Right Hon. Lord H.-F... Wiltshire, S. •Tillett, J.

Norwich. Tollemache, Hon.Wilbraham-Frdk. Cheshire, W. Torrens, William-T.-M'Cullagh Finsbury, Middlesex. *Tottenham, A. L.

Leitrim. + Tracy, Hon. F.-S.-H.

Montgomery. Trevelyan, George-Otto

Hawick. • Tyler, Sir H.....

Harwich. Tyssen-Amherst, W.-A.

Norfolk, W. *Verney, Sir H. bart.....

Buckingham. Villiers, Rt. Hon. Charles-Pelham Wolverhampton. Vivian, Arthur-Pendarves

Cornwall, W. Vivian, Henry-Hussey ..

Glamorganshire. Wallace, Sir Richard, bart. Lisburn. Walpole, Rt. Hon. Spencer. Horatio Cambridge University. *Walrond, Colonel

Devon, E. Walter, John ..

Berkshire. Warburton, Captain Piers-E. Cheshire, Mid. *Warton, C.-N.

Bridport. + Waterlow, Sir Sydney-H. bart. Gravesend. Watkin, Sir Edward-W.

Hythe. Watney, James

Surrey, E. *Waugh, E. ..

Cockermouth. *Webster, J.

Aberdeen. Wedderburn, Sir David, bart. Haddington. Welby-Gregory, Sir W- Earle, bart. Lincolnshire, S. *Whalley, Capt.

Peterborough. Whitbread, Samuel


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+Whitley, E.

Liverpool. *Whitworth, Benjamin

Drogheda. Wiggin, H.

Staffordshire, E. *Williams, B..T.........

Carmarthen. *Williams, Colonel O.

Marlow. *Williams, S.-C.-E.

New Radnor. Williamson, S.

St. Andrew's. *Willis, W.

Colchester. •Wills, W. H.

Willyams, B.

Wilmot, Colonel Sir Henry, bart.. Derbyshire, S.
Wilmot, Sir John-Eardley, bart. .. Warwickshire, S.
Wilson, Charles-H.

Kingston on Hull.
Wilson, Isaac

Middlesborough. Wilson, Sir Mathew, bart. Yorkshire, West Riding N. Windsor-Clive, Hou. G. H. Ludlow. *Winn, Rowland.

Lincolnshire, N. + Wodehouse, E.

Bath. *Wolff, Sir Heury-D.

Portsmouth. *Woodall, w.

Stoke-upon-Trent. *Woolf, S...

Pontefract. Wortley, C.-S..

Sheffield Wroughton, Philip

Rerkshire. Wyndham, Hon. Percy-Scawen Cumberland, W. Wynn, Sir Watkin-Williains, bart. Denbighshire. Yorke, John Reginald

Gloucestershire, E.


GLOUCESTER (one seat).
OXFORD (one seat).
SANDWICH (one seat).
WIGAN (one seat).






The figure prefixed to the name of the place, denotes the number

of Members to be returned.


.1880. 1. Abingdon, Berks. 2 Edw. III.; and 2 and 3 Phil. and Mary J.-C. Clarke.

John-C. Clarke.
A.-G. Gibbs.

Population according to the census of 1871, 6871.
Electors, 890.

1. Andover, Hants. 23 Edw. I. ; and 27 Eliz. Lt.-Col. Henry Wellesley.

F.-W. Buxton.

Colonel Wellesley. Population according to the census of 1871, 0744. Electors, 838.


1. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. 2 William IV. 1880.

Thomas-W. Mellor.

Hugh Mason.

J.-R. Coulthurt. Population according to the census of 1871, 37,389. Electors, 5901.

2. Aylesbury, Bucks. i Mary.

Sir N. Mayer de Rothschild, bart. Sir N. Mayer de Rothschild, bart Samuel-George Smith.

G. Russell

S.-G. Smith. Population according to the census of 1871, 28,760. Electors, 4228.

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Bernhard Samuelson.

Bernhard Sainuelson.

T.-G. Bowles. Population according to the census of 1871, 11,7 Electors, 1848.

2. Barnstaple, Devon. 23 Edw. I. Thomas Cave.

Sir R.-W. Carden. Viscount Lymington.

Viscount Lymington.

H.-R. Grenfell. Population according to the census of 1871, 11,813. Electors, 1646.

2. Bath, Somersetshire. 23 Edw. I. Sir Arthur-D. Hayter, bart. Sir Arthur-D. Hayter, bart. Nathaniel-G.-P. Bousfield.

E. Wodehouse.
Hon. R.-Gathorne Hardy.

Captain Smyth.
Population according to the census of 1871, 53,704.
Electors, 5534.



Sir R.-T. Gilpin, bart.
Marquis of Tavistock.

2. Bedfordshire.

James Howard.
Marquis of Tavistock.
Colonel Stuart.

Population according to the census of 1871, 129,407.
Electors, 7133.

2. Bedford Borough. 23 Edw. I. Samuel Whitbread.

Samuel Whitbread. Captain Polhill Turner.

C. Magniac.

Captain Polhill Turner. Population according to the census of 1871, 16,849. Electors, 2603.

3. Berkshire.

Colonel Loyd Lindsay.

Celonel Loyd Lindsay. John Walter.

Philip Wroughton. P. Wroughton.

John Walter.

T. Rogers. Population according to the census of 1871, 134,667. Electors, 8061.

2. Berwick, Northumberland. 34 Hen. VIII. Sir D.-C. Marjoribanks, bart. Sir Dudley-C. Marjoribanks, bart, David M. Home, jun.

Hon. H. Strutt. (A peer.)
Colonel Macdonald.
Captain Home.
Captain Home.

Rtght Hon. J. M'Laren.
Population according to the census of 1871, 13,231.
Electors, 1443.

1. Bewdley, Worcestershire. 3 James I. C. Harrison.

Charles Harrison. (Unseated.)
R.-E. Webster.
Enoch Baldwin.

W. N. Marcy.
Population according to the census of 1871, 7614.
Electors, 1228.

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