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Jamque datum molimur iter, sedesque beatas ! Now through the destin'd fields of air we fly Multa gemens linquo; & lugubre rubentia And leave those happy mansions with a sigh: Martis

Thence the dire coast we reach, the dreary Arva, ubi sanguineæ dominantur in omnia rixæ,


(reigns: Advehimur, ferro riget horrida turba, geritque Where Mars, grim god, and bloody Discord Sp culaque, gladiosque, ferosque in bella dolones. The host in arms embattled sternly stands, Pro choreâ, & dulci modulamine, Pyrrhicus illis The sword, the dart, the dagger in their hands. Saltus, & borribiles placet ære ciere sonores. Here no fair nymphs to silver sounds advance, Hic conjux viduata viro longo effera luctu

But buskind heroes form the Pyrrhic dance. Flet noctum, solumque torum sterilesque Hyme And brazen trumpets, terrible from far, næos

With martial music fire the soul to war. Deplorans, lacerat crines, & pectora plangit: Here mourns the lovely bride her husband led, Necquicquam--sponsus ni fortè appareat, hospes | The sterile nuptials, the deserted bed, Heu! brevis, in somnis, & ludicra fallat imago. Sighs the long nights, and, frantic with despair, Immerhor ille tori interea ruit acer in hostem: Beats her soft breast, and rends her flowing hair: Horrendum strepit armorum fragor vndique In vain she sighs, in vain dissolves in tears campis;

In sleep, perchance, the warrior lord appears, Atque immortales durant in sæcula pugnæ. A fleeting form that glides before her sight,

A momentary vision of the night.
Mean while, regardless of her tender woe,
The hardy husband rushes on the foe:

Harsh sounds of war through regions distant rage,

| And fights immortal last from age to age. Hinc Jovis immensum delati accedimus or. Hence through the boundless void we nimbly Illic mille locis exercet sæva tyrannus (bem.

move, Imperia in totidem servos, totidemque rebelles: Aud reach the wide-extended plains of Jore, Sed brevis exercet: parat illi fata veneno

Here the stern tyrant sways an iron rod; Perjurus, populosque premit novus ipse tyrannus. A thousand vassals tremble at his nod. Hi decies pacem figunt pretio atque refigunt: How short the period of a tyrant's date! Tum demum arma parant: longe lateque co The poisonous phial speeds the work of fate: hortes

Scarce is the proud, imperious tyrant dead, Extenduntur agris; simul æquora tota teguntur But, lo ! a second lords it in his stead. Classibus, & ficti celebrantur'utrinque triumphi. Here peace, as common merchandize is sold, Fodera mox ineunt nunquam violanda: brevique Heavn's first, best blessing, for pernicious gold: Belli iterum simulachra cient ! referuntur in al- War soon succeeds, the sturdy squadrons stand Classes, pacificoque replentur milite campi.(tum Wide o'er the fields, a formidable band : Filius hic patri meditatur, sponsa marito,

With numerous fleets they crowd the groaning Servus hero insidias. Has leges scilicet illis

main, Imposuit natura locis, quo tempore patrem And triumph for the victories they feign: Jupiter ipse suum solio detrusit avito.

Again in strict alliances unite,
Inde venena viris, perjuria, munera, fraudes, Till Discord raise the phantom of a fight;
Suadet opum sitis, & regnandi dira cupido. Again they sail; again the troops prepare

Their falchions for the mockery of war.
The son inhuman seeks his father's life,
The slave his master's, and her lord's the wife.
With vengeance thus their kindling busoms tire,
Since Jove usorp'd the sceptre of his sire.

Hence poisons, bribes, frauds, perjuries, betray; Saturni tandem nos illætabilis ora

And thirst of gold, and avarice of sway. Accipit: ignavum pecus hic per opaca locorum At length we land, vast fields of ether crost, Pinguescunt de more, gravi torpentque veterno. On Satura's cold, uncomfortable coast; Vivitur ju specubus: quis enim tam sedulus, In dismal glooin here drones inactive lull arces

The lazy hours, lethargically dull. Qui struat ingentes, operosaque mænia condat? In caves i hey live; were sluggards ever known Idem omnes stupor altus habet, sub pectore fixus, | To raise a citadel, or build a town? Non studia ambitiosa Jovis, variosve labores The same deep stupor, through the lifeless whole, Mercurii, non Martis opus, non Cyprida nôrunt. | Chills in the breast, and freezes in the soul.. Post obitum, ut perhibent, sedes glomerantur in These never know th' ambitious schemes of Jove istas

Their breasts pot fire-fraught Mercury can tnore, Qui longam nullas vitam excoluêre per artes; Mars cannot spur to war, nor Venus woo to love Sed Cerere & Baccho pleni, somnoque sepulti Here rove those souls, 'tis said, when life departs, Canctarum duxêre æterna oblivia rerum. [rum, Who left uncultivated useful arts; Non 'avium auditur cantus, non murmur aqua- But stupify'd with plenty and repose, Mugitusve boum, aut pecorum balatus in agris : | Dreamt out long life in one continued doze! Nudos non decorant segetes, non gramina cam- No featherd songsters, with sweet-warbled

Attune to melting melody the plains, (strains Sylva, usquam si sylva, latet sub monte nivali, No flocks, no herds here feed in pastures wide, Et canet viduata comis: hic noctua tantùm No fountains musically-murmuring glide; Glisque habitat, bufoque & cum testudine, talpa. Th' ungenial waste no tender herbage yields, Flumina dum tardé subterlabentja terras

No barvests waye luxuriant in the fields


Pigram undam volvunt, & sola papavera pascunt: | The woods, if woods there be, lie leasless, low
Quorum lentus odor, lethæaque pocula somnos Beneath bleak mountains of eternal snow,
Suadent perpentus, circumfusæque tenebræ. Dull animals inhabit this abode,

The owl, mole, dormouse, tortoise, and the toad.
Dull rivers roll within their channels deep,
And only feed the poppy as they creep: (vite
Whose stagnant fumes, and dozing draughts in-

Perpetual slumbers in perpetual night.
Horrendo visu obstupui: quin Pegason ipsum / Aghast I stood, the drowsy rapours lull
Defecêre animi ; sensit dux, terque flagello My soul in gloom, ev'n Pegasus grew dull.
Insonuit clarùm, terque alta voce morantem My guide observ'd, and thrice he urg'd his speed,
Increpuit: secat ille cito pede lævia campi Thrice the loud lash resounded from the steed,
Ætherei, terræque secundâ allabitur aura. Fir'd at the strokes, he flies with slacken'd rein
Cantabr, in Comitiis prioribus, 1740-1.

Swift o'er the level of the liquid plain,
Glides with the gentle gale, and lights on earth


THE TEMPLE OF DULNESS. BY CHRISTOPHER SMART, M. A. VEnvecum in patria, quà latè Belgica squalent Deep in the bosom of Batavian plains, Arva inarata, palus horrenda voragine crebrâ Where wethers fatten, and where dulness Ante oculos jacet ; haud illic impune viator,

reigns, Per tenebras iter instituat; tremit undique tellus Full many a fen infests the putrid shore, Sub pedibus maletida, vapores undique densos

And many a gulph the melancholy moor. Sudat humus,nebulisque amicitur tristibus herba. Let not the stranger in these regions stay, Huc fato infelix si quando agiteris iniquo,

Dark is the sky and perilous the way; Et tutò in medium liceat penetrare, videbis

Beneath his steps the quivering turfs resound, Attonitus, nigrá de nube emergere templum,

Dense fogs exhale, and dwell upon the ground. Templum ingens, immane, altum penetrale

Here should you rove, by Fate's serere com Stuporis.

mand, Plambea stat turris, plumbum sinuatur in arcus, / You'll see, within the centre of the land, Et solido limosa tument fundamina plumbo.

The fane of Dulness, of prodigious size, Hanc pia Materies Divo ædem extruxit inerti, ; Emerging from a sable cloud arise. Stultitiæ impulsu-quid enim? Lethargica sem

A leaden tower upheaves its beavy head, per

Large leader arches press the slimy bed, Sponte suá nihil aggreditur, dormitat in horas, The soft soil swells beneath the load of lead. Et, sine vi, nullo gaudet Dea languida motu.

Old Matter here erected this abode, Hic ea monstra habitant, quæ olim sub lumi | At Folly's impulse, to the slothful god. nis auras

Here the majestic drone delights to stay, Materies peperit somno patre, lividus iste

Slumbering the dull, inactive hours away; Zoilus, & Bavio non impar Mævius; audax

Here still, unless by foreign furce imprest, Spinoza, & Pyrrho, cumque Hobbesio Epicurus.

She holds the sceptre of eternal rest. Ast omnes valeat quæ musa referre! frequentes

Their habitation here those monsters keep, Usque adeo videas hebetes properare ?-nec / Whom Matter father'd on the god of Sleep : adfert

Here Zoilus, with cankering envy pale, Quidquam opis Anglorum doctæ vicinia gentis. Here Mævius bids his brotber Bavius, hail; Sic quondam, ut perhibent, stupuit Bæotica tel- / Bold atheist leaders head their senseless mobs. Vicinâ licet Antycirâ, nihil inde salutis, blus / Spinoza, Pyro, Epicurus, Hobbes. Nil tulit hellebori Zephyrus, cum sæpe per

How can the Muse recount the numerous crew æquor

Of frequent durces crowding on the view? Felicem ad Lesbon levibus volitaverit alis, Nor can learn'd Albion's sun that burns so bright, Indigenæ mellita ferens suspiria Floræ.

Illuminate the realms involv'd in night,

Bæotia thus remain’d, in days of yore, Porticus illa vides ? Gothicis suffulta columnis, Senseless and stupid, tho' the neighbouring shore Templi aditus, quàm laxa patet! custodia qualis | Afforded salutary hellebore: Ante fores! quatuor formæ sua tollere iniris |

No cure exhal'd from Zephyr's buxom breeze, Ora modis ! en! torva tuens stat limine in ipso, That gently brush'd the bosom of the seas, Personam Logices induta, Sophistica, denis

As oft to Lesbian fields he wing'd his way. Cincta Categoriis ; matrem quæ maxima natu

Fanning fair Flora, and in airy play Filia Materiem agnoscit-quantum instar in Breath'd balmy sighs, that melt the soul away. ipsa est !

Behold that portico ! how vast, how wide !
The pillars Gothic, wrought with barbarous pride:
Four monstrous shapes before the portal wait,
Of horrid aspect, centries to the gate :
Lo! in the entrance, with disdainful eye, ..
In Logick's dark disguise, stands Sophistry:
Her very front would common sense confound,
Eocompass'd with ten categories round:


Grande caput, tenues oculi, cutis arida produnt | She from Old Matter, the great mother came,
Fallacem : rete una manus tenet, altera fustem.

By birth the eldest—and how like the daine!
Vestis arachneis sordet circumdata telis,

Her shrivel'd skin, small eyes, enormous pate, Queis gaudet labyrinthaos Dea callida nodos.

Denote her shrewd, and subtle in debate : Aspicias ja' funereo gradientem incessu

This hand a net, and that sustains a club, Quám lentè cælo Saturni volvitur astrum :

Tentangle her antagonist, or drub. Quàm lentè saltaverunt post Orphea montes :

The spider's toils, all o'er her garment spread, Quàm lentè, Cxonii, solennis pondera cænæ

Imply the mazy errours of her head.
Gestant tergeminorum abdomina bedellorum.

Behold her marching with funereal pace,
Slow as old Saturn through prodigious space,
Slow as the mighty mountains mor'd along,
When Orpheus rais'd the lyre attended song :
Slow as at Oxford, on some gaudy day,
Fat beadles, in-magnificent array,
With big round bellies bear the ponderous treat

And heavily lag on, with the vast load of ineat. Proxima deinde tenet loca sorte insana Ma

Next her, mad Mathesis; ber feet all bare, [capillos,

Ungirt, untrimm'd, with loose neglected hair: Nuda pedes, chlamydem discincta, incompta

| No foreign object can her thoughts disjoint; Immemor externi, punctoque innixa reclinat.

Reclin'd she sits, and ponders o'er a point Ante pedes vario insriptam diagrammate arenam

Before her, lo ! inscrib'd upon the ground Cernas, rectis curva, atque intertexta rotunda

Strange diagrams th' astonish'd sight confound, Schemata quadratis-queis scilicet abdita reruin

Right lines and curves, with figures square and Pandere se jactat solam, doctasque sorores


· Fastidit, propriæque nihil non arrogat arti.

With these the monster, arrogant and vain, Illam olim, duce Neutono, dum tendit ad astra,

Boasts that she can all mysteries explain, Ætheriasque domos superûm, indignata volan

And treats the sacred sisters with disdain, tem


She, when great Newton sought his kindred skies, Turba mathematicûm retrahit, pænasque repo

Sprung high in air, and strove with him to rise, Detinet in terris, nugisque exercet ineptis.

In vain the mathematic mob restrains
Her fight, indignant, and on Earth detains;
E'er since she dwells intent on useless schemes,

Unmeaning problems, and deliberate dreams. Tertia Microphile, proles furtiva parentis

Microphile is station'd next in place, Divinæ ! produxit enim commixta furenti

The spurious issue of celestial race; Diva viro Physice-muscas & papiliones

From heavenly Physice she took her birth, Lustrat inexpletùm, collumque & tempora rident

Her sire a madman of the sons of Earth; Floribus, & fungis, totaque propagine veris.

On flies she pores with keen, unwearied sight, Rara oculis nugarum avidis animalia quærit

Apd moths and butterflies, her dear delight; Omne genus, seu serpit huini, seu ludit in’undis,

Around her neck hang dangling on a string Seu volitans tremulis liquidum secat aëra pennis.

The fungous tribe, with all the flowers of spring, O! ubi littoribus nostris felicior aura

With greedy eyes she'll search the world to find Polypon appulerit, quanto cava templa Stuporis

Insects and reptiles rare of every kind; Mugitu coocussa trement, reboabit & ingens

Whether along the lap of Earth they stray, Pulsa palus ! Plausu excipiet Dea blanda secundo

Or nimbly sportive in the waters play, Microphile ante omnes; jam non crocodilon ado

Or through the light expanse of ether fly, rat!


And on light wing float wavering in the sky. Non bombyx, chonchæve juvant: sed Folypon

Ye gales, that gently breathe upon our shore, Solum Polypon ardet,-& ecce! faceta feraci

O! let the polypus be wafted o'er; Falce novos creat assiduè, pascitque creatos,

How will the hollow dome of Dulness ring?
Ah! modo dilectis pascit nova gaudia muscis.

With what loud joy receive the wonderous thing?
Applause will rend the skies, and all around,

The quivering quagmires bellow back the sound? | How will Micropbile her joy attest,

And glow with warmer raptures than the rest
No longer shall the crocodile excel,
Nor weaving worm, nor variegated shell ;
The polypus shall novelties inspire,
The polypus, her only fond desire.
Lo! by the wounds of her creating knife,
New polypusses wriggle into life,
Fast as the reptiles rise, she feeds with store
Of once rare flies, but now esteem'd no more.

The fourth dire shape from mother Matter

Dulness her sire, and Atheism her name : [came, Quartam Materies peperit conjuncta Stupori, Nomen Atheia illi, monstrum cui lumenademp- In ber po glimpse of sacred Seuse appears,

Depriv'd of eyes, and destitute of ears: tum, Atque aures; cui sensus abest, sed mille trisulcæ | And yet she brandishes a thousand tongues, Ore micant linguæ, refugas quibus inficit auras. And blasts the world with air-infecting lungs.

Hanc stupor ipse parens odit, vicina nefandos | Cursd by her sire, ber very words are wounds,
Horret sylva sonos, neque surda repercutit Echo. No grove re-echoes the detested sounds.
Mendacem natura redarguit ipsa, Deumque Whate'er she speaks all nature proves a lye,
Et ccelum, & terræ, veraciaque Astra fatentur. Earth, Heaven, and stars proclaim a Deity :
Se simul agglomerans surgit chorus omnis aqua The congregated waves in mountains driven

Roar in grand chorus to the lord of Heaven;
Et puro sublimè sonat grave fulmen olympo. Through skies serene the pealing thunders roll,

Loudly pronounce the god, and shake the

sounding pole. Fonte ortus Lethæo, ipsus ad ostia templi, A river, murmuring from Lethæan source, Ire soporifero tendit cum murmure rivus,

Full to the fane directs its sleepy course ; Huc potuin Stolidos Deus evocat agmine magno: | The Power of Dulness, leaning on the brink, Crebri adsunt, largisque sitim restinguere gau- | Here calls the multitude of fools to drink. dent

(stupendo. Swarming they crowd to stupify the skull, Haustibus, atque iterant calices, certantque With frequent cups contending to be dull. “Me, me etiam," clamo, occurrens; sed vellicat “Me, let me taste the sacred stream,”(I cry'd), aurem

| With out-stretch'd arm—the Muse my boon Calliope, nocuasque vetat contingere lymphas

deny'd, And sav'd me from the sense-intoxicating tide.

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PROPAGATION OF YAWNING. BY CHRISTOPHER SMART, M. A. Momus, scurra procax superùm, quo tempora | When Pallas issued from the brain of Jove, Palias

Momus, the mimic of the gods above, Exilvit cerebro Jovis, est pro more jocatus

In his mock muod impertinently spoke, Nescio quid stultum de partu: excanduit irâ

About the birth, some low, ridiculous joke: Jupiter, asper, acerba tuens; “ et tu quoque,

Jove, sternly frowning, glow'd with vengeful ire, dixit,

And thus indignant said th' almighty sire; Garrule, concipies, foetumque ex ore profundes:”

“ Loquacious slave, that laugh’st without a cause, Haud mora, jamque supinus in aula extenditur

Thou shalt conceive, and bring forth at thy jaws.” ingens

He spoke-stretch'd in the hall the mimic lies, Derisor; dubia relantur lumina nocte;

Supinely dull, thick vapours dim his eyes : Stertit hians immane;me naso Gallica clangunt |

And as his jaws a horrid chasm disclose,
Classica, Germanique simul sermonis amaror,

The Gallic trumpet sounded from his nose;
Harsh was the strain, and horrible to hear,

Like German jargon grating on the ear.
Edita vix tandem est monstrum Folychasmia,

At length was Polychasmja t rought to light, proles

Like her strange sire, and grandmother, Old Tanto digna parente, aviæque simillima Nocti.

Night. Illa oculos teptat nequicquam aperire, veterno Her eyes to open oft in vain she try'd, Torpida, & borrendo vultum distorta cachinno. Lock'd were the lids, her mouth distende: wide. Æmulus hanc Jovis aspiciens, qui fictile vulgus Her when Prometheus happen'd to survey Fecerat infelix, imitarier arte Prometheus

(Rival of Jove, that made mankind of clay) Audet-nec flammis opus est cælestibus: aura ( He dar'd to emulate the wonderous frame, Tres Stygiæ flatus, nigræ tria pocula Lethes

Nor sought assistance from celestial fame. Miscet, & innuptæ suspiria longa puellæ,

To three Lethæan cups he learn'd to mix His adipem suis & guttur coujungit aselli,

Deep sighs of virgins, with three blasts from Styx, Tensaque cum gemitu somnisque sequacibus ora. The bray of asses, with the grunt of boar, Sic etiam in terris dea, quæ mortalibus ægris The sleep-preceding groan, and hideous snore. Ferret opem, inque bebetes dominarier apta, Thus took the goddess her mirac'lous birth, creata est.

Helpful to all the muzzy sons of Earth. Nonne vides, ut præcipiti petit oppida cursul Behold! the motley multitude from far Rustica plebs, stipatque forum? sublime tribunal | Haste to the town, and crowd the clam'rous bar. Armigerique equitesque premunt, de more parati | The prest bench groans with many a squire and Justitiæ lances proferre fideliter aquas,

knight, Grande capillitium induti, frontemque minacem, Who weigh out justice, and distribute right: Non temerè attoniti caupones, turbaque furum Severe they seem, and formidably big, Aufugiunt, gravidæque uiment trucia ora puellæ. | With awful aspect and tremendous wig. At mox fida comes Polycbasmia, matulinis The pale delinquent pays averse his fine, Quæ se miscuerat poc'lis Cerealibus, ipsum And the fat landlord trembles for bis sign. Judicus jo cerebrum scandit-jamque unus & | Poor, pilfering villains skulk aloof dismay'd, Ceperunt longas in hiatum ducere voces: [alter And conscious terrours seize the pregnant maid. Donec per cunctos dea jam solenne, profundum Soon Polychasmia, who was always near, Sparserit Hum-nutant taciti, tum brachia Full fraught with morning cups of humming beer, magno

Steals to his worship's brain; thence quickly ran - Extendunt nisu, patulis & faucibus hiscunt.

Prodigious yawnings, catch'd from man to man:

Intereà legum caupones jurgia miscent,

Silent they nod, and with laborious strain Queis nil rhetorice est, nisi copia major hiandi: Stretch out their arms, then listless yawn again : Vocibus ambiguis certant, nugasque strophasque Por all the flowers of rhetoric they can boast, Alternis jaculantur, & irascuntur amicè, | Amidst their wranglings, is to gape the most ; Donantque accipiuntque stuporis missile plum. | Ambiguous quirks, and friendly wrath they rent, bum.

And give and take the leaden argument.
Vos, Fanatica turba, nequit pia Musa tacere. Ye too, Fanatics, never shall escape
Majoremne aliunde potest diducere rictum? The faithful Muse; for who so widely gape?
Ascendit gravis Orator, inisera que loquelâ Mounted on high, with serious care perplext,
Expromit thesin ; in partes quam deinde minutas | The miserable preacher takes his text;
Distrahit, ut connectat, & explicat obscurando: Then into parts minute, with wondrous pains,
Spargitur hue! pigris verborum somnus ab alis, | Divides, connects, disjoints, obscures, explains:
Grex circùm gemit, & plausum declarat hiando. While froin his lips lean periods lingering creep,

And not one meaning interrupts their sleep,
The drowsy bearers stretch their weary jaws,

Add groan to groan, and yawn a loud applause, Nec vos, qui falsò matrem jactatis Hygeian, 1 The quacks of physic next provoke my ire, Patremque Hippocratein, taceam--Polychasmia, Wbo falsely boast Hippocrates their sire: vestros

"Goddess! thy sons I.ken--verbose and loud, Agnosco natos: tumidas sine pondere voces They feed with windy puffs the gaping crowd. la vulgum eructant; emuncto quisque bacillum With look important, critical, and vain, Applicat auratum naso, graviterque facetus . Each to his nose applies the gilded cane; Totuin se in vultum cogit,medicamina pandens Each as he nods, and ponders o'er the case, Rusticus haurit amara, atque insanabile dorniit; Gravely collects himself into his face, Nec sensus revocare queant fomenta, nec herbæ, Explains his med'cines-which the rustic buys, Non ars, non miræ magicus sonus Abracadabræ. Drinks the dire draught, and of the doctor dies;

No pills, no potions can to life restore;

| Abracadabra, necromantic power! Ante alios summa es, Polychasmia, cura so- Can charm, and conjure up from death no more. phistæ :

The Sophs, great goddess, are thy darling Ille Tui cæcas vires, causamque latentem

care, Sedulus exquirit-quo scilicet impete fauces | Who hunt out questions intricately rare; Invitæ disjungantur; quo vortice aquosæ

Explore what secret spring, what hidden cause, Particulæ fuitent, comitesque ut fulminis im Distends with hideous chasm th' unwilling jaws, bres,

How watery particles with wonderous power Cum strepitu erumpant; ut deinde vaporet | Burst into sound, like thunder with a shower : ocellos

How subtile matter, exquisitely thin, Materies subtilis; ut in cutis insinuet se Pervades the curious net-work of the skin, Retia ; tum, si forte datur contingere nervos Affects th' accordant nerves--all eyes are Concordes, cunctorum ora expanduntur hjulca.

drown'd Sicubi, Phæbe pater, sumis chelyn, harmoniam- | In drowsy vapours, and the yawn goes round.

When Phoebus thus his flying fingers flings Abstrusam in chordis simul elicis, altera, siquam Across the chords, and sweeps the quiverings Æqualis tenor aptavit, tremitæmula cantûs, If e'er a lyre at unison remain, (strings ; Memnoniamque imitata lyram sine pollicis ictu Trembling it swells, and emulates the strain : Divinum resonat proprio modnlamine carmen. Thus Memnon's harp, in ancient times renown'dy Me quoque, mene tuum tetigisti, ingrata, Express’d, untouch'd, sweet-modulated sound. poetam?

But oh ! ungrateful ! to thy own true bard, Hei mihi? totus bio tibi jam stupefactus, in ipso Is this, O goddess! this my just reward ? Parnasso captus longè longèque remotas

Thy drowsy dews upon my head distil, Prospecto Musas, sitioque, ut Tantalus alter, Just at the entrance of th’ Aonian hill; Castalias situs inter aquas, inbjantis ab ore | Listless I yawn, unactive, and supine, Nectarei fugiunt latices-hos Popius urna

And at vast distance view the sacred Nine: Excipit undauti, & fontem sibe vendicat omnem. Wishful I view Castalia's streams, accurst,

Like Tantalus, with unextinguish'd thirst;

The waters fly my lips, my claim disown Haud aliter Socium esuriens Sizator edacem | Pope drinks them deeply, they are all his own. Dum videt, appositusque cibus frustratur hian- Thus the lapk Sizar views, with gaze aghast, tem,

The harpy tutor at his noon's repast; Dentibus infrendens nequicquam luminé torvo | In vain his teeth be grindsoft checks a sigh Sæpius exprobrat ; requicquam brachia tendit | And darts a silent censure from his eye : Sedulus officiosa, dapes removere paratus.

Now he prepares, officious, to convey Olli nunquam exempta fames, quin frusta su

The lessening relics of the meal awayprema

In vain, no morsel 'scapes the greedy jaw, Devoret, & peritura immani ingurgitet ore:

All, all is gorg'd in magisterial maw;
Tum demum jubet auferri; nudata capaci Till at the last observant of his word,
Ossa sonant, lugubre sonant catino.

Thelamentable waiter clears the board,
And inly-murmuring miserably groans,
To see the empty dish, and bear the rattling


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