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Reproach not, Greece, a lorer's fond delays,

DEMETRIUS. Nor think thy cause neglected while I gaze;

Did not the cause of Greece restrain my sword, New force, new courage, from each glance Aspasia should not fear a second insult.

And find our passions not infus'd in vain. [Exeunt.

His pride and love by turns inspir'd his tongue,

And intermix'd my praises with his own;

His wealth, bis rank, his honours, he recounted,

Till, in the midst of arrogance and fondness,

Th' approaching sultan forc'd me from the DEMETRIUS, ASPASIA, enter as talking,

palace ; Then, while he gaz'd upon his yielding mistress,

I stole unheeded from their ravish'd eyes, Enough-resistless reason calms my soul- And sought this happy grove in quest of thee, Approving justice smiles upon your cause, And Nature's rights entreat th' asserting sword.

DEMETRIUS Yet, a hen your hand is lifted to destroy, Soop may the final stroke decide our fate, Think, but excuse a woman's needless caution,- Lest baleful discord crush our infant scheme, Purge well thy mind from ev'ry private passion, | And strangled freedom perish in the birth! Drive int’rest, love, and vengeance, from thy thoughts,

ASPASIA. Pill all thy ardent breast with Greece and virtue, My bosom, harass'd with alternate passions, Then strike secure, and Heaven assist the blow! Now hopes, now fears

DEMETRIUS. Thou kind assistant of my better angel,

Th' anxieties of love, Propitious guide of my bewilder'd soul, Calm of my cares, and guardian of my virtue !

Think how the Sou'reign Arbiter of kingdoms

Detests thy false associates' black designs, My soul, first kindled by thy bright example

And frowns on perjury, revenge, and murder. To noble thought and geo’rous emulation,

Embark'd with treason on the seas of fate, Now but reflects those beams that flow'd from Wheu Heaven shall bid the swelling billows rage, thee,

And point vindictive light’nings at rebellion,
Will not the patriot share the traitor's danger!

Oh could thy hand unaided free thy country,
With native lustre and unborrow'd greatness, Nor mingled guilt pollute the sacred cause!
Thou sbin'st, bright maid, superior to distress;
Unlike the trifling race of vulgar beauties,

DEMETRIUS, 'Those glitt'ring dew-drops of a vernal morn, Permitted oft, though not inspir'd by Heaven That spread their colours to the genial beam, Successful treasons punish impious kings. And sparkling quirer to the breath of May;' But, when the tempest with sonorous wing Sweeps o'er the grove, forsake the lab'ring bough, Nor end my terrours with the sultan's death; Dispers’d in air, or mingled with the dust. Far as futurity's untravellid waste

Lies open to conjecture's dubious ken,

On ev'ry side, confusion, rage, and death, Forbear this triumph-still new conflicts wait us, Perhaps the phantoms of a woman's fear, Foes unforeseen, and dangers unsuspected. Beset the treacherous way with fatal ambusb; Oft' when the fierce besiegers' eager host

Each Turkish bosom burns for thy destruction, Beholds the fainting garrison retire,

Ambitious Cali dreads the statesman's arts, And rushes joyful to the naked wall,

And hot Abdalla bates the happy lorer. Destruction fashes from th' insidious mine, And sweeps th' exulting conqueror away. Perhaps in vain the sultan's anger spar'd me, To find a meaner fate from treacher’rous friend - Too much to fear or trust is equal weakness,

Capricious man! to good and ill inconstant, ship

Sometimes the wretch, unaw'd by Heaven or Hell Abdalla!

With mad devotion idolizes honour.

The bassa, reeking with his master's murdes, Can Abilalla then dissemble ! Perhaps may start at violated friendship. That fiery chief, renown'd for gen'rous freedom, For zeal unguarded, undissembled hate,

How soon, alas ! will int'rest, fear, or envy. For daring truth, and turbulence of honour!

O'erthrow such weak, such accidental, virtue, ASPASIA.

Nor built on faith, nor fortified by conscience? This open friend, this undesigning hero,

With noisy falsehoods forc'd me from your arms, When desp'rate ills demand a speedy cure,
To shock my virtue with a tale of love.

Distrust is cowardice, aw prudence folls,











CALI. Yet think a moment, ere you court destruction : Then waste no longer these important moments What hand, when death has snatch'd away De

In soft endearinents, and in gentle murmurs; metrius,

Nor lose in love the patriot and the hero. Shall guard Aspasia from triumphant lust.


'Tis love, combin'd with guilt alone, that mcits Dismiss these needless fears-a troop of Greeks, The soften’d soul to cowardice and sluh; Well known, long try'd, expect us on the shore.

But virtuous passion prompts the great resolve, Borne on the surface of the smiling deep,

And fans the slumbering spark of heavenly fire. Soon shalt thou scorn, in safety's arins repos'd,

Retire, my fair ; that Pow'r that smiles on good. Abdalla's rage and Cali's stratagems.

Guide all thy steps, calm ev'ry stormy thonght,

And still thy bosom with the roice of peace! Still, still, distrust sits heavy on my heart.

Will e'er an happier hour revisit Greece ?,

Soon may we meet again, secure and free,
To feel no more the pangs of separation !

[Exit. Should Heav'n, yet unappeas'd, refuse its aid, isperse our hopes, and frustrate our designs,

Yet shall the conscience of the great attempt
Diffuse a brightness o'er our future days;
Nor will his country's groans reproach Demetrius. This night alone is ours -Our mighty foe,
But how canst thou support the woes of exile ?

No longer lost in am'rous solitude,
Canst thou forget hereditary splendours,

Will now remount the slighted seat of empire, Tolive obscure upon a foreign coast,

And show Irene to the shouting people :
Content with science, innocence, and love?

Aspasia left her sighing in his arms,
And list'ning to the pleasing tale of pow'r;

With soften'd voice she «lropp'd the faint refusal,
Nor wealth, nor titles, make Aspasia's bliss. Smiling consent she sat, and blushing love.
O'erwhelm'd and lost amidst the public ruius,
Unmov'd I saw the glitt'ring trifles perish,

Now, tyrant, with satiety of beauty [after And thought the petty dross beneath a sigh. Cheerful I follow to the rural cell;

Now feast thine eyes, thine eyes that ne'er here

Shall dart their am'rous glances at the fair, Love be my wealth, and my distinction virtue.

Or glare on Cali with malignant beams.







Submissive, and prepard for each event,
Now let us wait the last award of Heav'n,

Secure of happiness from Night or conquest,
Nor fear the fair and learn'd can want protection. Our bark unseen has reach'd th’ appointed bay,
The mighty Tuscan courts the banish'd arts
To kind Ithalia's hospitable shades;

And where yon trees wave u'er the foaming surge There shall soft leisure wing th' excursive soul,

Reclines against the shore : our Grecian troop

Extends its lines along the sandy beach, i
And Peace propitious smile on fond desire :
There shall despotic Eloquence resume

Elate with hope, and panting for a foe.
Her antient empire o'er the yielding heart;

ABDAILA. There Poetry shall tune her sacred voice,

'The fav'ring winds assist the great design, And wake froin iguorance the Western world.

Sport in our sails, and murmur o'er the deep.

'Tis well--A single blow completes our wishes;
Return with speed, Leontius, to your charge ;

The Greeks, disorder'd by their leader's absence, At length th' unwilling Sun resigns the world May droop dismay'd, or kindle into madness. To silence and to rest. The hours of darkness,

LEONTIUS. Propitious hours to stratagem and death, Pursue the last remains of ling'ring light. Suspected still!-What villaiu's pois’nous tongue

Dare join Leontius' name with fear or falsehood ?

Have 1 for this preserv'd my guiltless bosomn, Count not these hours as part of vulgar time, Pure as the thoughts of infant innocence ? Think them a sacred treasure leut by Heaven, Have I for this defy'd the chiefs of Turkey, Which, squander'd by neglect, or fear, or folly, lutrepid in the flaming front of war? No prayer recalls, no diligence redeems.

CALI. To morrow's dawn shall see the Turkish king Stretch'd in the dust, or tow'ring on his throne ; Hast thou not search'd my soul's profoundest To morrow's dawn shall see the mighty Cali

thoughts? The sport of tyranny, or lord of nations.

Is not the fate of Greece and Cali thine? VOL. XVI.



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CALI. Why has thy choice then pointed out Leontius, Far be such blank ingratitude from Cali! Unfit to share this night's illustrious toils ? When Asia's nations own me for their for, To wait remote from action, and from honour, Wealth, and command, and grandeur, shall be An idle list'ner to the distant cries

thine. of slaughter'd infidels, and clash of swords? Tell me the cause, that while thy name, Deme

ABDALLA. trius,

Is this the recompense reserv'd for me? Shall soar triumphant on the wings of glory, Dar'st thou thus dally with Abdalla's passion; Despis'd and curs'd, Leontius must descend Henceforward hope no more my slighted friendThrongh hissing ages, a proverbial coward,


(tortures, The tale of women, and the scorn of fools; Wake from thy dream of power to death and

And bid thy visionary tbrune farewell.
Can brave Leontius be the slave of glory?
Glory, the casual gift of thoughtless crowds ! Name, and enjoy thy wish-
Glory, the bribe of araricious virtue!
Be but my country free, le thine the praise ;

I ask no witness, but attesting conscience,

I need not name it; No records, but the records of the sky. Aspasia's lovers know but one desire,

Nor hope, nor wish, nor live, but for Aspasia Wilt thou then head the troop upon the shore,

CALI. While i destroy the oppressor of maukind?

That fatal beauty plighted to Demetrius

Heaven makes not inine to give.
What canst thou boast superior to Demetrius?
Ask to whose sword the Greeks will trust their

Nor to deny. cause, My name shall echo through the shouting field : Demand whose force yon Turkish heroes dread, obtain her, and possess; thou know'st thy rival. The shudd'ring camp shall inurmur out Deinetrius.

Too well I know him, since on Thracia's plains
Must Greece still wretched by her children's folly, I felt the force of his tempestuous arm,
For ever mourn their avarice or factions ? And saw my scatter'd squadrous fly before him.
Demetrius justly pleads a double title; Nor will I trust th' uncertain chance of combat;
Tbe lover's int’rest aids the patriot's claim. The rights of princes let the sword decide,

The petty claims of empire and of honour:

Revenge and subtle jealousy shall teach
My pride shall ne'er protract my country's woes; A surer passage to bis hated heart.
Succeed, my friend, unenvied by Lcontius.

(spare the gallant Greek, in bim we lose I feel new spirit shoot along my nerves, The politician's arts, and hero's flame. My soul expands to meet approaching frecdom. Now hover o'er us with propitious wings, Ye sacred shades of patriots and of martyrs ! When next we meet before we storm the palace, All ye, whose blood tyrannic rage effus'd, The bowl shall circle lo confirin our league; Or persecution drank, attend our call;

Then shall these juices taint Demetrius' draught, And from the mansions of perpetual peace

[Showing a phial Descend, to sweeten labours once your own! And stream destructive through his freezing

veins :

Thus shall be live to strike th' important blos, Go then, and with united eloquence (beam And perish ere he taste the joys of conquest. Confirm your troops; and when the Moon's fair Plays on the quiv'ring waves, to guide our flight,

SCENE V. Return, Demetrius, and be free for ever.


Henceforth for ever happy be this day,

Sacred to love, to pleasure, and Irene!

The matchless fair has bless'd me with compliHow the new monarch, swell’d with airy rule,

ance; Looks down, contemptuous, from his fancy'd Let every tongue resound Irene's praise, height,

And spread the general transport ibrongh maiAnd utters fate unmindful of Abdalla !










MAHOMET. Blest prince, for whom indulgent Heav'n ordains Call them but let them not prolong their tale, At once the joys of paradise and empire,

Nor press too much upon a lorer's patience, Now join thy people's and thy Cali's prayers ;

'[Erit Mustapha. Suspend thy passage to the seats of bliss, Nor wish for Houries in Irene's arms.


Forbear-I know the long-try'd faith of Cali. Whome'er the hope, still blasted, still renew'd,

Of happiness lures on from loil to toil,

Remeinber Mahomet, and cease thy labour. 0!could the eyes of kings, like those of Heav'n, Behold him here, in love, in war, successful, Search to the dark recesses of the soul,

Behold him uretched in his double triumph ; Oft would they find ingratitude and treason,

His fav’rite faithless, and his mistress base. By smiles, and oaths, and praises ill aisguis'd. Ambition only gave her to my arms, How rarely would they meet, in crouded courts, By reason not convincd, nor won by love. Fidelity so firm, so pure, as mine.

Ambition was her crime; but meaner folly

Doorns me to loath at once, and doat on false. MUSTAPHA.

And idolize th' apostate I contemn. (hood, Yet, ere we give our loosen'd thoughtsto rapture, If thou art more than the gay dream of fancy, Let prudence obviate an impending danger :

More than a pleasing sound without a meaning, Tainted by sloth, the parent of sedition,

O happiness ! sure thou art all Aspasia's. The hungry janizary burns for plunder,

SCENE VIII. And growls in private o'er his idle sabre.




To still their murmurs, ere the twentieth Sun
Shall shed his beams upon the bridal bed, Caraza speak-have ye remark'd the bassa ?
I rouse to war, and conquer for Irene.
Then shall the Rhodian mourn his sinking tow'rs,

And Bada fall, and proud Vienna tremble: Close, as we might unseen, we watch'd his steps;
Then shall Venetia feel the Turkish pow'r, His air disorder'd, and his gait unequal,
And subject seas roar round their queen in vain. Betray'd the wild einotions of his mind.

Sudden he stops, and inward turns his eyes, ABDALLA.

Absorb'd in thought; then, starting from his Then seize fair Italy's delightful coast,

trance, To fix your standard in imperial Rome.

Constrains a sudden smile, and shoots away.
With bim Abdalla we beheld-




Her sons malicious clemency sball spare,
To form new legends, sanctify new crimes,

To canonize the slaves of superstition,

МАЛОМЕТ. . And fill the world with follies and impostures,

He wears of late reseutment on liis brow, Till angry Heav'n shall mark them out for ruin, And war o'erwhelm them in their dream of vice. Deny'd the government of Servia's province. 0, could her fabled saiots and boasted prayers

CARAZA. Call forth her antient heroes to the field, [tions, we mark'd him storming in excess of fury, How should I joy, 'midst the fierce shock of na

And heard, within the thicket that conceal'd us, To cross the tow'rings of an equal soul, And bid the master genius rule the world!

An undistinguish'd sound of threat’ning rage. Abdalla, Cali, go-proclaim my purpose. [Ereunt Cali and Abdalla.

How guilt, once harbour'd in the conscious breast, SCENE VI.

Intimidates the brave, degrades the great;

See Cali, dread of kings, and pride of armies,

By treason level'd with the dregs of men !
Ere guilty fear depress'd the hoary chief,

An angry murmur, a rebellious frown,
Still Cali lives : and must be live to morrow?

Had stretch'd the fiery boaster in the grave. That fawning villain's furc'd congratulations Wiil cloud my triumphs, and pollute the day.


. Sball monarchs fear to draw the sword of justice,

Aw'd by the crowd; and by their slaves restrain'd? With cautious vigilance, at my command,

Seize him this night, and through the private Two faithful captains, Hasan and Caraza,

passage Pursue him through his labyrinths of treason,

Convey him to the prison's inmost depths, And wait your summons to report his conduct.

Reserv'd to all the pangs of tedious death.

(Exeunt Mabomet and Mustapha,



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Play'd fearless in th' inviolated shades,

This elemental joy, this gen'ral calm,

Is sure the smile of unutended Heav'n.

Yet! why-
Shall then the Greeks, unpunish'd and conceal'd'
Contive perhaps the ruin of our einpine,

Behold, withio tb' embon'ring grore League wich our chiefs and propagate sedition?

Aspasia stands-

IRENE. Whate'er their scheme, the bassa's death de.

With melancholy mies, feals it,

Pensire, and envious of Irene's greainess. And gratitude's strong ties restrain my tongue. Steal unperceir'd npon her meditations

But sce, i he lofty maid, ai our approach,

Kerlines th' imperinus air of haughty virtue. What ties to slaves? what gratitude to foes? Are these th’unceasing joys, th' uumiogled plea

[To Aspasia.

For which Aspasia scorn'd the Turkish crown! In that hlack day when slaughter'd thousands sell Is this th' unshaken coufidence in Heav'n? Around these fatal walls, the tide of war is this the boastedd bliss of conscious virtue? Bore me victorious onward, where Denietrius When did content sigh out her cares in secret ? Tore unresisted from the giant band

When did felicity repine in deserts ?
Of stein Sebalias the triumphant crescent,
And dash'd the might of Asam from the ram.


Ill suits with guilt the gaieties of triumph: There I became, nor blush to make it known, When daring vice insults eternal Justice, The captive of his sword. The coward Greeks, 'The ministers of wrath forget compassivn, Enrag'd by wrongs, exulting with success, And snatch the flaming bolt with hasty hant. Doom'd me to die with all the Turkish captains; But brave Demetrius scorn'd the mean revenge,

And gare me life.

Forbear thy threats, proud prophetess of ill,
Vers'd in the secret counsels of the sky.





Du thou repay the gift, Lest unrewarded mercy lose its charins. Forbear!-But thou art sunk beneath reproach; Profuse of wealth, or bounteous of success, In rain affected raptures Aush the cheek, When Heav'n bestows the privilege to bless; And songs of pleasure warble from the tongue, I et no weak doubt the gen'rous hand restrain, Wben fear and anguish labour in the breast, For when was pow'r Lene!icent in vain? And all within is darkness and confusion.

[Ereunt. Thus on deceitful Etna's flow'ry side

Unfading verdure glads the roring ege;

While secret fames, with unextinguish'd rage,

Insatiate on her wasted entrails prey,

And melt her treach'rous beauties into ruin,

[Enter Denietrius. ASPASIA, COLA.

Is these dark moments of suspended fare,
While yet the future fortune of my country

Lies in the womb of Providence conceall,

DEMETRIUS. And anxious angels wait the mighty birth; Ograni thy sacred influence, porrful Virtue! Fly, fly, my love! destruction rushes ou us, Attentive rise, survey the fair creation,

The rack expects us, and the sword pursues. Till, conscicus of th' encircling (leitv,

Meyond the mists of care ihy pinion tow'rs.
This calm, these joys, dear innocence! are thine: Is Greece deliver'd ? is the tyrant fallin?
Joys ill exchang'd for gold, and pride, and einpire.
(Enter Irene and Attendants.


Greece is no more; the prosperous tyrant lives, SCENE II.

Reserv'd for other lands, the scourge of Hear'n. ASPASIA, IRENE, and Attendants.


Say by what fraud, what force, were, you de See how the Moon through all th' unclouded sky

feated ? Spreads her mild radiance, and clescending den's Beiiay'd by falsehood or by crowds o'erborne ? Revive the languid ilow'rs; thus Nature shoue New froin the Maker's hand, and fair arr:y'd In the bright colours of primeral spring; The pressing exigence forbids relation. When purity, while fraud was yet unknown,




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