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the Lamb, say, for ye know, is it his love in redeeming poor sin, not “a faithful saying, that Jesus ners are destined to survive the Christ came into the world to save ruins of the world, and to live sinners, even the chief?” Patri. for ever. archs, prophets, apostles, mar

And will you not flee to it?tyrs, and millions of lesser name,

" Believe on

the Lord Jesus all testify as with one voice, “that Christ, and thou shalt be saved." whoso believeth on Jesus shall Would he who is perishing with never be confounded."

hunger derive any benefit from It is the only refuge.--All others provision, he must partake of it. must be utterly renounced and Would the individual, who is abandoned. “Neither is there dying, gain any advantage from salvation in any other : for there a sovereign remedy, it must be is none other name under heaven applied. And if you

would de given among men, whereby we rive any benefit from the GREAT must be saved.”

ATONEMENT, you must believe It is a sufficient refuge.—"His ingly look to it, and rely on it, blood cleanseth from all iniquity.”

“ He that believeth on the Son And by him all that believe are hath everlasting life: and he that justified from all things from believeth not on the Son shall which they could not be justified not see life; but the wrath of by the law of Moses."

God abideth on him.” And it is a glorious refuge. By thy own lost and perisling God appears in this way of salva-condition, considered as a sinner, tion unspeakably lovely. Here righteously condemned by the mercy and truth meet together, holy law of God-by the cerrighteousness and peace embrace tainty and duration of that mieach other. Here Deity appears sery and ruin which await thee, “ full-orbed, with his whole round dying without an interest in the of attributes complete;" nor does great Sacrifice-by the rear ap

proach of death, and the awful

ness of future judgment-by the " Which of the letters best is writ, The power, the wisdom, or the love."

unspeakable sorrows and love of

a suffering and dying SaviourIt is so glorious, that the apostle by the indescribable value of pronounces it to be “

worthy of thine immortal soul-and by the all acceptation,”—that angels ecstatic enjoyments of everlastperpetually celebrate it on their ing felicity, flee, O flee, from the golden harps, and with increas- wrath to come. Reader ! thou ing interest investigate its unfa- capst not escape from the wrath thomable mysteries,—that in of God due to thy sins, if thou forming an estimate of the divine neglectest this great salvation, character, all his other works may Give an answer to Him whose be passed by as comparatively un- eye is now, and ever on thee, worthy of our attention,-through Wilt thou believe on the Lord the cross, shall be manifested to Jesus Christ and be saved? or principalities and powers, the ma- wilt thou continue to reject him, nifold wisdom of God, -that all and die eternally? Remember the other productions of his hand," he that hath the Son hath · life; though confessedly, in many and he that hath not the Son of points of view. magnificent, shall God, hath not life !" be swept away, but the labours of


B. H. D.

it appear


ing devotions in the families of TO THE CHILDREN

their parents ; but all such ima

ginations must be delusive, and OF GODLY PARENTS.

the expectations built upon them

disappointed. Freedom from PROBABLY, my young read-gross sins, and an attendance on ers, you have often thought those external duties, cannot constitute who fear the Lord are happier true piety. The difference bethan other people, and yet many tween such young persons and of you live without scriptural others originated, not in religion, evidence that you are of that but in their different circumnumber; suffer us, therefore, to stances. A religious education, remind you of this subject, and and the example of pious parents, solicit you seriously to consider may have restrained some from its importance.

flagrant vices and follies of which This world is full of afflictions others have been guilty; but if and changes, which perhaps you this be all, they are still strangers have already begun to expe- to God, and to the vital princirience; and have also proved ples of true holiness. While that the things of time canuot your hearts remain unchanged yield satisfaction to your minds, by divine grace, no outward obbut that something of a superior servances can be of any use to nature is necessary for that pur- you: “ God is a spirit, and they pose. This is an experimental that worship him must worship acquaintance with true religion, him in spirit and in truth.” or the knowledge of Jesus Christ

Other young persons may sup. as the great Saviour of sinners, pose their information in the which is attended with joy and scriptures, and their understandpeace here, and will be followed ing the peculiar doctrines of by perfect felicity hereafter. Christianity, will favourably dis"Godliness is profitable unto all tinguish them from those who things, having promise of the have not such knowledge; a suplife that now is, and of that which position equally delusive with the is to come.” To engage you to former; for, as a quantity of the proper study of divine things gold cannot be useful to a man would be highly pleasing, how- sinking in the sea, but only serves ever much labour it might cost to plunge him much the us, for we could have no greater deeper; so, 'a mere speculative joy than to see our children walk- acquaintance with word of ing in the truth ; while your being God will increase your guilt, and far from God, and exposed to aggravate your condemnation. his righteous displeasure, fills us We could easily inform you of with anxiety and pain.

many, whose views of Christian Some young persons have ima- doctrines have been very clear; gined themselves in a safe state but who, to all appearance, have in relation to another world, be- died without an experimental accause they have not committed quaintance with the Saviour. А the gross crimes which many of well informed judgment should their own age and neighbourhood not be mistaken for a sanctified have committed ; but on the con- heart; knowledge without holitrary have attended public wor- ness is far more dangerous than ship, and the morning and even- ignorance. 66 That servant which



knew his lord's will and pre-fluted, and we are altogether as pared not himself, neither did an unclean thing. The children according to his will, shall be of grace are born not of blood, beaten with many stripes; but nor of the will of the flesh, nor of he that knew not, and did com- the will of man, but of God. mit things worthy of stripes, The advantages of your birth and shall be beaten with few stripes." education, lay you under strong In proportion to the degree in obligations to holiness; and which you understand the will of should you break through them God, your disobedience to that and walk in an evil way, to you, will becomes the more aggra- above others, it will be bitterness vated, and if you die impenitent, in the end. Consider, sooner or your punishment will be the more later sin must pierce your hearts


know these with penitential sorrow, or with things, happy are ye if ye do everlasting despair.

« Rejoice them.

O young man in thy youth, and An opinion prevailed among let thy heart cheer thee in the the Jews, that none of their pos- days of thy youth, and walk in terity could be lost : they thought the ways of thine heart, and im their relation to the father of ihe the sight of thine eyes; but faithful would prevent their final know thou, that for all these perdition. John the Baptist cau-things, God will bring thee into tioned them against this false judgment.” opinion: “Think not to say Perhaps you allow, that reli. within yourselves, we have Abra- gion is important that it ought ham to our father; for I say unto to be attended to--and mean at vou, that God is able of these some future period to become stones to raise up children unto religious; but for the present Abraham.” Something like this you cannot think about it: but may have been experienced by is not life uncertain ? and have you. Did you never inwardly not thousands been ruined who say, “My father and my mother once flattered themselves with fear the Lord—they often pray such promises ? “Procrastination for their children. God hears is the thief of time.” The word the prayers of his people, and will of God promises nothing for toregard us for their sakes.” We morrow ; but says, To-day if assure you that such notions are ye will hear his voice, harden not wrong; religion is personal; as your hearts." To neglect the mere descent from the father of concerns of your souls, is to the Jewish nation could not en. abuse the patience and forbear. title his posterity to the peculiarance of God—to sin against the promises God made to him; so convictions of your own neither can your being the off sciences—and to increase your spring of pious parents give you natnral aversion to divine things. any claim to the salvation of the If your inward corruptions are gospel. Whatever privileges you not opposed, they gather strength; have derived from your first eyery day you neglect to seek birth, you must be born again. the Lord, you are removed to a The very beginning of religion is greater distance from him, and the renewal of our natures ; we may in the end be brought to are so depraved by sin, that all entertain those slight notions of our powers and passions are pol- sin, and of your natural state by


it, which have been the principal | if indeed any thing could, cast a cause of the infidelity and rain cloud over the brightness of our of multitudes.

glory. O our dear children! You are the children of our suffer us to remind you of the cares and anxieties, the objects infinite importance of eternal of our daily and earnest prayers ; things, and entreat you to seek next to the salvation of our own the Lord while he may be found, souls, we are solicitous for that and call upon him while he is of yours :

we long to see you near. It is with pleasure we difear the Lord before the world rect you to Jesus Christ; he is take possession of your minds ; able to save to the uttermost all besides, observation teaches us, that come unto God by him : that if the morning of life pass his blood cleanses from all sinaway, and you are not converted, and whosoever believeth in him it is probable you will become shall not perish, but have everhardened in sin, and at last go lasting life. down to the grave with a lie in To fear the Lord in

your your right hand. The thought youth, would prevent your conof this is painful to our minds. tracting bad habits, the cure of How could we bear to see you which, when of long standing, is placed on the left hand of the like cutting off a right hand or Judge at the great day of ac- plucking out a right eye. No counts, and to hear him pro- schemes of pleasure, nor plans of nounce upon you that awful sen- prosperity can succeed, without tence, “ Depart from me, ye the divine blessing: your future cursed, into everlasting fire, pre-prospects may seem well guarded pared for the devil and his an- from every disaster, but in one gels. The idea of so tremen- day, even in one hour, the whole dous a scene fills us with pain, may be blasted by some unexand awakens in our minds, on pected occurrence, and all your your account, the tenderest emo. fondest hopes and

warmest tions. Does not the mention of wishes laid in the dust. Your best it affect your souls also, and fill interests, as well as your surest you with ardent desires to escape happiness, consist in the fear 20 dreadful a condition? Can of God, for nothing can greatly you think of being driven from injure those who fear him; a God, and dragged by devils into sense of his favour, and a hope the place where there is nothing of dwelling for ever in his prebut weeping, and wailing, and sence, are sources of consolation gnashing of teeth; to suffer from under all the trials of life. the worm that never dies, and the As we love you, and ardently fire that is never quenched, and not desire the salvation of your souls, cry to the Lord for grace to prepare we guard you against irreligious you to dwell with himself, and companions. “ Evil communi. with all the blessed in that happy cations corrupt good manners." world, in which he lives and Many have been gradually, and, reigns ? Surely to meet you there at first, imperceptibly led into would add to our felicity in those sins, which have most awfully glorious regions, and cause us to terminated their career. Some strike our golden harps with new of those unhappy wretches who joy to his praise. While to be dis- have become victims to public appointed of this pleasure would, justice, have declared with their

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go to

last breath, that wicked com

ANECDOTE. pany was the first occasion of their ruin. My son, hear the

In some copies of Fox's Martyr, instruction of thy father, and ology is a wood cut, entitled “The

description of the Pope's councel forsake not the law of thy mo-holden at Rome, in which appeared ther; for they shall be an orna- a' monstrous owle, to the utter dement of grace unto thy head, facing of the Pope and all his and chains about thy neck. My clergie.” The story is thus related son, if sinners entice thee, con by Fox, vol. i. p. 675. sent thou not."

“ When Pope John and his counShould these lines be read by cide on

cil, in 1410, were assembled to de

some articles exhibited any who have already broken against Wickliff, bebold an ugly through parental restraints, and and dreadful owle, or as the complunged into debasing vices, let mon proverb is, the sign of some them remember, that if they wish mischance to follow, flew to and to return to the paths of virtue, fro with her evil-favoured voico, 'even their case is not without and standing upon the middle beam hope.

of the churcb, cast her staring eyes The promises of God

upon the Pope sitting. The whole and the blood of Christ unite in company began to marvel, for beencouraging them to return from hold, said they, (whispering in one their wanderings, and seek the another's ear) the Spirit appeareth Lord. When the prodigal son in the shape of an owl.

And as said, “I will arise and


they stood beholding one another, father,” his father received him could they keep their countenances

and advising the Pope, scarcely with gładness : so when a sinner from laughter. John himself, upon forsakes his evil ways, he meets whom the owl stedfastly looked, with unexpected tokens of di- blashing at the matter, began to vine goodness—his sins are free- sweat, and to fret, an fume with ly forgiven-and his polluted himself, and not finding by what soul is cleansed in the fountain other means he might solve the opened for sin and uncleanness. the council, broke up, and departed.

matter, being so confused, dissolved Come, ye prodigals, return to After that, there was another sesGod! in the ways of sin you sion, at which the owle again, after will find nothing but vexation, the manner aforesaid, although, aš disappointment, and, at the end, I believe, not called, was present, everlasting misery : “ The wages looking stedfastly at the Bishop, of sin is death." Come, then,

whom he beholding to be come we beseech you, retrace your err

again, was more ashamed than he

was before; (as justly) saying, he ing steps ; fee for salvation to

could no longer bear the sight of the glorious Redeemer.

He her, and commanded that she should waits to be gracious. God the be driven away with bats and Father will rejoice over you to shoutings: but she, being afraid do you good the Holy Spirit neither with their noise, or any will shed abroad his love in your with the 'stroke of their sticks;

thing else, would not away, until hearts: angels and saints will

which were thrown at her, she fell welcome you as a partaker of down dead befor them all." their felicity; and from being a In the copy of Fox's Martyrology forlorn creature without hope, which belonged to Mr. Bunyan, is you shall be raised to the dig- written in his own hand writing under nity of the sons of God.

the picture as follows:

ki Doth the owle to them appear, D.

Which put them all into a fear?
Will not the man and triple crowne
Cast the owle unto the ground

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