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Balssionary Retrospect and foreign Intelligence.

Extract of a Letter from Mr. Chater to the , of collecting a little congregation than Society.

we have ever had, and it is owing prin

cipally to our having built a decent place Columbo, 18 Nov. 1817. in which they can assemble. We have I GLADLY embrace the present oppor. at present, however, no conversions to tunity of writing you information of the relate, the case of Theopbilys excepted. present state of this mission. I am hap. I have not witnessed a single instance py to have it in my power to inform you, in which it appears to me that a Cinga. that, painful as some circumstances bave lese las felt the convincing, consolingo been our prospects are, on the whole, renewing, and sanctifying power of the brighter than at any former period. word of God. Theophilus, you will re. You will rejoice to hear, that the new collect, is the Boodhist priest, whom I translation of the New Testament was hope God has saved, and called with a completed by the same time that it holy calling. At present, I am sorry to would have been by the justly lamented say, he is very unwell;

I fear we shall Mr. Tolfrey. It was ready to present soon lose him. to the Columbo Auxiliary Bible Society, In our Pettah meeting house we have at their annual meeting in August. We worship, at present, in the Portuguese had entertained hopes of accomplishing language only. Brother Siers has, for 4 small portion of the Old Testament by some time past, preached there at the the end of the present year; but that per hour, on the sabbath evenings, that I do riod is now near, and we have scarcely in the Fort; and though he began with entered upon the work. It was found a very small number, they have increased necessary to introduce into the new to a little congregation. Preaching in translation many words not in common English has, of late, been very thinly úse. In order to remove this difficulty, attended; but we may hope to witness it was thonght proper to prepare a glossary | different scenes to those we lately have to accompany the translation; which, dune, in this respect also. A part of his though it will be a small work in bulk, majesty's 83d regiment, which has been requires considerable labour to prepare long expected here to relieve the 75d, is it, and we shall not do more than com- now arrived. I have already become plete it by the end of this year. acquainted with one of the officers, who

On the first sabbath in October we is a gentleman from Warwickshire, my opened a new place of worship at the native county. Both himself and his Grand Pass, where we keep our Cinga- lądy are seriously inclined, and he Jese school; and where, for a long time, says he will do all in his power to in we have preached in the Cingalese, and Auence the men to attend preaching. In’ occasionally in the Portuguese language. the 1st battalion, the arrival of which is On the day it was opened, we had a daily expected, it is reported there are double lecture, both morning and even- many pious men already. May we have ing. I preached in the morning in Cin the bappiness 10 witness their increase ! galese, and brother Siers in Portuguese; As I think the society will be glad, at all in the evening, vice versa. My morning times, to know how their missionaries text was, Ps. cxxii. 1. Evening, Matt. fill up their time, I send the following xviii, 20. Brother Siers's morning text account of the manner in which brother was, Exod. iii. 5. Evening, 1 Sam.iii

. 12. Siers and myself go through the week. On that day I preached the word of life Sabbath morning, one preaches at the in three different languages. The meet- Grand Pass, in Cingalese; the other, in ing-house, which contains about 200, the Fort, in Portuguese, alternately. was well, filled in the evening; in the These two places of worship are more morning, the congregation was small. than two miles distant one from the This place is intended, almost exclusive other. Sabbath evening, I preach in the ly, for Cingalese worship. It is in the Fort, in English, and brother Şiers in the most favourable situation for collecting Pettah. Díonday forenoon, I visit the # Cingalese congregation that perhaps Cingalese school, sing a hymn, give an could be found in Columbo. Some at. exhortation to the children in Portutend it, who, except when they were guese, wbich brother Siers turns into christened, never entered a place of wor- Čingalese, pray with them in the same ship before. We have better prospects manner, and inspect the progress they have made during the week; after I will conclude this long letter with a which, we examine a sheet or two of sad, yet pleasing event. On Lord's day, Mr. Siers's translation of the New Testa- the last of November, we lost Theophiment into the Portuguese of Ceylon, in lus, the only Cingalese member of our which he has advanced to the middle church. His affliction was not long, but of Luke. In the evening, we hold a for a short time his pains were extremely prayer-meeting in the Fort meeting- severe. He continued, to the last, the house, in English and Portuguese; on same steadfast, upright character he had which occasion we deliver a short exhor. ever been from the time of his conversion. tation in both languages. Tuesdays I He had no extasies, but manifested an -spend at home in translating, reading, or unshaken trust in God, under his sharpest composing Cingalese; in the evening, affliction ; and appeared to endure his hold an experience-meeting for members pains with inuch patience. The last time of the church and others who manifest I saw him, I asked him if he was afraid any real concern to seek the salvation of of death: he said, “ No; he was afraid their souls; and whose conduct is, at the of his pains, but he had no fear of death." same time, strictly moral. Wednesdays, Being asked why he did not fear death, Thursdays, and Fridays, I spend the his answer was, “ My trust is in the grace forenoon, from 10 to 1, at the translating of our Lord Jesus Christ, therefore I do room. Wednesday, half past 2, p. m. I not fear death.” On Monday morning, preach in the garrison hospital; in the myself, and the members of the church, evening, either in Portuguese at the with the exception of one, followed his Pettah, or in Cingalese at the Grand remains to the place of interment: a few Pass: and while I am preaching at one of our Cingalese friends, and some of the place, brother Siers is preaching at the school-boys, also accompanied us. Broother. Friday evening, we preach als ther Siers spoke a little in Cingalese at ternately in the Fort, in Portuguese. the grave. We sung a verse or two of Saturday forenoons, we go in turns to Dr. Watts's hymn, " Why do we mourn the leprous hospital, and preach in Cin-departing friends;" and brother Siers galese and Portuguese to the miserable concluded, with a prayer in Cingalese. objects at that place. They are mise- Short has been the race of this our first, rable looking figures indeed : some of and at present, I fear, only convert, from them have lost all their fingers, some among the Cingalese. But, I trust he has their toes, and part of their feet; others so run, that he has obtained ; and that have their faces frightfully disfigured. he will be found among those, of whom However, they have souls. But, till I may have to say another day, “ Here, brother Siers, some time ago, proposed Lord, am I, and the children thou hast to go and preach to them, these poor given me. creatures had just cause for the complaint, “ No man careth for my soul."

They appear to be the most attentive of Extract of a Letter from Mr. Siers to the any of the little companies to whom we preach; and we entertain a hope, that

Society. we shall have some seals to our ministry

Columbo, Dec. 16, 1817. from among them. From this statement Rev. fathers and brethren; you will perceive, that though our congregations are small, we have a consider

I beg leave to inform you, that I inable number of them to supply. Should tended to have written to the society long it be the will of our gracious God, several before this, had it not been for the varis

ous exercises of mind which prevented of them may soon increase: a little one

its accomplishment. The idea of writing may become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation. That this

to the society, especially when consider, be

may the case, a few are constantly offering and stranger to European languages; to

ing myself an illiterate native, a foreigner up prayers and supplications to that God perform such a task, the thought of it who is able to do exceeding abundantly made me, as it were, to blush and hide above all that we ask or think. In this, for shame. However, on considering I have no doubt you unite with us. Allow the state and nature of true Christians, me to intreat you to abound in it more

that it is far from them to sport at others' and more. Brethren, pray for us, that we may witness a gracious out-pouring of infirmities, but rather to pity and forbear

one another, encouraged me, in some the Holy Spirit (without which all our efforts will be unavailing), that the gos

measure, to perform this duty; hence, to pel may have free course and be glori- doubts and fears, providence directed the

remove (as it seems) the still remaining fied, even as it is with you.

ship Alexander safely at anchor, with the VOL. X.

2 N

précinus gift from the society to ře ! | Bible into vulgär Portuguese is very truly, a clearer manifestation of Chris. slowly going on, for want of more time; tian love and charity I cannot expect; still, however, it has advanced to Luke. consequently, however imperfect the I humbly hope, should providence spare language might be, yet I cannot forbear me in health and strength, with his blesswriting a few lines to the society, ac- ing, to bring it in more forwardness. It knowledging, in the deepest sense, my bears the approbation of the common sincerest thanks for the invaluable pre people. O, that they be those poor, and sent of books voted to me: indeed, it is this gospel such as our Redeemer termed! more than a cup of cold water given to a The gospel of Matthew is nearly revisthirsty soul. I panted for them. May ed by brother C. and myself. I am sorrý hé, therefore, who abounds, yea, more he has no more time tò spare; bis hands than abounds, in all the riches of glory, and head are full of business. Besides reward you jointly as a society, and se regular turns with me, he preaches four verally as his stewards, both temporal or five times in English. His studying ånd eternal blessings. As it pleased the Cingalese, translating the Bible, attend. society to regard me in my low estate, ing the family and mission affairs, I am I hey leave also to introduce myself to led to fear should there be a trying prothe honourable society as one of the un vidence on either of us, much morë dh worthiest of your household; and, as him, humanly spoken, the little that has such, I may be enabled by you, in future, been raised must be decayed. Thereto acquit myself in the important duty, fore, dear fathers and brethren, allow till I shall cease the ploughing. I ima. me to beg of you to send over to us some gine you would be happy, or rather anx- plain missionaries, to help in the cause of ious, to know something of my present the Lord. Lastly, as the society had the sphere of life: I shall must gladly in- kind attention towards me, in favouring form, but briefly, for I do not doubt but with an invaluable present of books to brother Chater might have communicated help me forward ; permit rue to petition it, therefore I shall stale in short. to you for a few, but much-wanted bookis:

I attend every day, from ten in the viz. a Concordance, a Theological Dieti. morning till two in the afternoon, to onary, a Dutch and English, and English school at the Grand pass, little less than and Dutch, a Portuguese and English, a mile's distance from my house. We and English and Portuguese, and a Probave, at present, upwards of 50 pupils, of nouncing Dictionary-the two last but different descriptions, class, and age; a- one are greatly wanted to help nie in mongst whom, there are four proper Ma- translating. I stand highly indebted to labar heathens, three of them born at the society for all I have and enjoyi and came from Kandy, with their pa- and will, till the last moment, acknowrents; Kings Cast, the father, is called ledge it, and endeavour to discharge royal teacher-Gooroo Rhajah. The myself as such an one, ever making metilanguages taught are English and Cinga- tion at a throne of grace, praying to pour lese. I preach five times in the week, down his blessings on you copiously. both in Cingalese and Portuguese, in I entreat you for an interest in your turns with brother C. at four different prayers on us, as a church, and on me places: in the Fort, Pittah, Grand Pass, and my poor labours.-- Forgive the ilaand at the Lepers' hospital. I have perfections, and allow me to remain, some humble hopes of a work of grace Your humble and obedient servant, in one or two of the poor women; they

and the meanest in Christ, were all ignorant of true Christianity,

HENDRIK SIERS. previous to our going there. At present, the three first mentioned places of wor- Mr. Chater adds, in a P.S.Brothet ship are attended by thirty to forty, and Siers solicited me to put his letter into forty to fifty. The work of conversion is better English, but I thought it would be scarcely seen. O Lord, make bare thine

more gratifying to you to see him in his arm to the saving of Columbian souls ! own dress. In general, I believe, you The Portuguese preaching is much es will understand his meaning. teemed by most: my translation of the

I. C.

Domestic Religious Jntelligence. .

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plan, which certainly have considerable LO A N F U N D.

weight; but, I conceive, not sufficient to deter the commitiee from proceeding in

its benevolent course. That the present mode of application The principal objections which I have to the public, for aid in the building heard are the following: and enlarging of places of worship, is 1. “ That the great majority of cases liable to serious objections, few are dis- cannot be relieved by a Loan, therefore posed to question. But, while the pub- such a mode of assistance cannot prevent lic at large are anxiously looking for re. applications to the public for donations." lief from thiş burden, it is much to be ---Answer: Granted; but, if only one regretted, that the general attention is case in ten or twenty, at present, be prenot directed to some definite and prac. vented from applying to the public, it ticable plan.

will be some relief, and that many Since I had an opportunity of meeting churches will avail themselves of this the committee of the Loan Fund, some aid, is proved by the solicitations almonths ago have frequently thought ready presented to the committee. of that institution, and have had some 2. “That in order to render assistance opportunities of conyersing respecting it; by way of loan, an essential benefit to and my conviction is, that if our denothie denomination, the Loan Fund must mination would lend it their counte- amount to a very considerable magni. nance, it would ultimately prove an es- tude."--Answer: Certainly; but, at its sential benefit, by materially lessening commencement, it may be but small. The the number of applicants; and probably, Baptist Fund was but small in its beginat length, superseding altogether the ning; now, its bounty refreshes and þegging system.

comforts our poor ministers through every Those who are acquainted with the part of the island. The principle of the plan of your institution, are apprized Loan Fund insures its increase. The that the Loan Fund must be created by first contributions are not sunk; the indonutions, not by sums borrowed, from the terest upon them will annually increase religious public. The monies thus rais- them; and, if collections, subscriptions, ed are to be vested in the hands of trus bequests, &c. be added, in the course of tees, who shall lend them to such a few years, the fund may acquire a churches as may need assistance in re- magnitude and importance which will pairing or building their places of woro surprise and delight us. ship, on condition that 3 interest be 3. “That to raise such a sum from the paid annually,and one-tenth of the capital religious public would considerably returned.

lessen their ability to assist, by way of The advantages which the Loan Fund donation; and consequently such cases will secure are obvious. It will prevent as most need assistance, would have in. such cases as are able to avail themselves creasing difficulties to encounter."-An. of its aid, from applying to the public.- swer: Every case assisted by the Loan It will render more successful those Fund is withdrawn from the public, aud cases which must apply to the public, must therefore be a benefit to such as because they will have fewer rivals. It must apply; except, indeed, a larger dewill save much money, which is paid for mand should be made on the public, to interest, at 5 per cent and expended in create this new fund. But it must be travelling to collect, &c. It will preserve obvious, that the benefit to the begging many ministers from the most unpleasant cases would be increasingly great every work in which they can be engaged, year, without raising larger contribu and preserve many a bosom from the tions, because, upon that portion of the painful feelings excited by the application pubic contribution which goes into the of a beggar.-And, if properly sup bands of your committee, interest will be ported, it will ultimately supersede alto-paid, and the principal restored; wheregether the present begging system, by as, on the present plan, the whole, both affording adequate relief to such cases principal and interest, is sunk. as may be unable to pay interest or 4. « That, in some instances, owing to principal.

a variety of causes, the committee will While the advantages are important, be under the necessity of either losing objections have also been stated to the their money, or of pursuing legal mea

he says,

sures to recover it.”-Answer: The | than 220 towns and villages in Great committee for the management of the Britain and its adjacent Islands, and fund will, doubtless, act with prudence, nearly 8000 religious tracts distributed; both in the securities which they may -that upwards of fifty Sunday Schools accept, and in the measures pursued to for children, and five for adults, have recover the property; and, if some loss been carried on through their instrumenshould be incurred, it may be fairly pre- tality ;-that there is reason to believe, sumed, that this loss will not be so se. as seals to their ministry, not less than rious, as to prevent the accumulation of 200 souls have been called to the knowmoney in the hands of the committee. ledge of the truth, and six new churches

P.S. As the fund contains the prin- formed during the last year.” “ Assist: ciple of constant increase, it seems ne- ance has been afforded to Mr. Jarvis, at cessary, that when the capital has ariser St. Hiliers, in Jersey, through whose lato a considerable amount, the committee bours a considerable congregation has should have a discretionary power to re- already been collected on that island. duce the rate of interest, and also of He says our place of worship is crowded, making donations. Probably, it would and we hope soon, not only to be able pot be wise to deviate from the present to bear our own expenses, but also to plan, till a capital of (say) £50,000 be assist the Society in its attempts else. realized; for it is not so much to the! present, as the future operations of the Mr. Jeffery is labouring in the Scilly fund, that the denomination must look Islands. In a letter, dated Feb. 10, 1818, for relief.

T, M.

“ During the three years in

which I have been labouring in these ANNUAL

islands, upwards o! one hundred and

fifty persons have given reason to hope GENERAL MEETINGS.

that they were truly converled to the

Lord Jesus Christ; fifty of whom have Tue Aniversary Meetings which been awakened within the last three have just terminated, have not been in- months. We are expecting a visit ferior, in pleasing gratification, to those from Mr. Smith, of Penzance, when a of former years. A spirit of zeal for the number will be baptized, who have been extension of the Gospel has been largely candidates for several months; among displayed ; which, we hope, will be more whom are two young men,of whom I had abundantly manifested in active exer

good hopes two years ago : till the above tions, both in our own and in foreign period, they were proverbial for drunkcountries. The late period of the month enness, &c. but, through grace, have since prevents our giving more than a mere conducted themselves with such prosketch of the meetings; reserving a more priety, that some of their most aban. detailed statement till the next month.

doned neighbours have been constrained Ou Tuesday evening, June 23, a good to admire the change. The Sunday congregation were assembled at Carter- schools, which are now established on lane, wher: Dr. Ryland preached from each of these islands, are in a very John, xiv. 10; Mr. Edmonds, of Cam

The numbers are

prosperous state. bridge, began in prayer.

greatly augmented, and their desire to

obtain books and tracts increases with BAPTIST ITINERANT SOCIETY.

their ability to read them. A few books,

whether old or new, would be a most acThe above Society held its annual ceptable present to them, and perhaps a meeting on Wednesday morning, the little tract, addressed to the inhabitants 24th, at the City of London Tavern, of the Off Islands of Scilly, in the lanBishopsgate-street.

Mr. James Pritt, guage of kindness and encouragement, the Treasurer, took the chair at seven

would be of great use. o'clock; and the Report, which was en.

A strong degree of interest was excouraging, was read by the Secretary, cited at this meeting, by statements made Mr. Edwards, of Wild-street. Several by Mr. David Jones, an itinerant in muster present advocated the principle Herefordshire. He bas been assailed by of the Society to remunerate seitled mi. much opposition in that dark county, but nisters their expenses in preaching the has been enabled to persevere in his Gospe! In viages, in the vicmity of the humble labours till a good degree of places of their residences. It appeared

success has attended his labours. A let thai considerable good had been done ter written by a female, the wife of a during the last year by these labours. The farmer, who first heard Mr. Jones for the Rbeport states,

purpose of derision, was uncommonly Upwards of 60 labourers have been pleasing, as it exhibited proof of the assisted to preach the gospel in more powerful influence of the Gospel opon

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