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not nearly as cold as Russia, is her without it, he went to Norte yet, by no means, a warm region,) Walsham, and related the whole afimmersion has been practised in fair to the surgeon, who advised him, some of the severest winters ever by all means, to make haste and bapknown, and that in large rivers, after tize her, because she had but a very the ice had been, with much diffi- short time to live: ‘And as she must culty, broken and removed. All soon die,' said he, 'whether she be this, I say, has been done in our own immersed or not, none can reflect country, abundance of times, and upon you ; and I will take care to always without any injury to the vindicate your character.' Upon bis health of the baptized. Nay, many return, she was carried to the river tender and infirm people have declar- side, where they usually baptized; ed that their health became much bet- and, after the ice was broke, (for ter, after their immersion, than it had there had been a great frost for some been for a long time before.— A re- time before,) they went down both markable instance of this kind oc- into the water, and he immersed curred, in this county, some years ago, her, in the Name of the Father, and which I shall take the liberty to men- of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. tion, for the purpose of corroborating She was then carried home, and put my position, that immersion is not in bed; where, after ordering the dangerous to health, even in cold cli- things to be taken away from her mates, and in the coldest seasons of the breast, (that being the part where the year ; and also, to oblige some of my disorder lay,) and addressing the friends, who have particularly de- Deity in a short prayer, she comsired me to make it public. The in- posed herself to die; but, to the stance I have in view, relates to a great astonishment of all who knew Mrs. Temple, who lived in the neigh- her case, she had no more pain in bourhood of North Walsham. She her breast, and the part affected got had been convinced, by reading the perfectly well, in two or three days. New Testament, that the Christian This happened in the year 1724.ordinance of Baptism, is the immer- The good woman continued well till sion in water, in the Name of the Fa- the year 1727, when she died of the ther, Son, and Holy Ghost, of a per- small pox. Her son, Abraham Temson professing faith in the Son of ple, is still living, at North Walsham; God; and she purposed to act soon [1784, the year when this account agreeably to that conviction, but, was published,] upon whose testibeing shortly after seized with that mony, and that of Mr. Trivett, an dreadful, and commonly fatal disor- ancient worthy minister, and pastor der, the cancer, it was thought pro- of the Baptist church, at Worstead, per to defer it. During this illness, I publish this narration.” Mr. Faircloth, surgeon, of North 'On this extraordinary case, the Walsham, attended her for a consi- truth of which, there appears not the derable time; but, all his efforts slightest ground to suspect, the proving fruitless, he at last pro- reader is left to his own reflections. nounced her incurable. Upon this,

J. F. she sent for Mr. Culley, minister of the Baptist church, at Worstead, where she usually attended, when in health, and requested him to bap- A REMARKABLE INSTANCE tize her; declaring, at the same time, that she depended not upon that or

POWER OF CONSCIENCE. dinance for salvation, but relied alone upon the merits of Christ.-Mr. Culley told her, that such a step, possibly, might be dangerous in her A SERVANT, travelling with his case; at least, though the surgeon had master, a jeweller, in a private. given her over, yet that the enemies place, murdered him, and retired to of Baptism would not scruple to say, a considerable distance; and, with his that it was the cause of her death, property, entered into business, &c. &c. But as he could not satisty prospered, was respected, and be


came Chief Magistrate. Sitting on ven, which this day, after thirty the bench one day with some of his years' concealment, present to you brethren, a criminal was brought a greater criminal than the man just before him, who was charged with now found guilty. Nor can I feel murdering his master. When he any relief from the agonies of an should have pronounced the sen- awakened conscience, but by retence of condemnation, he was in quiring that justice be forthwith great agitation of mind. He quitted done against me, in the most public the bench, and went and placed and solemn manner:” which was himself just by the unfortunate man done-and, it is added, he died with at the bar. He made a full confes- all the symptoms of a penitent mind. sion of his aggravated guilt, and said, “ You see before you a striking

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Under the word Gonscience.




In the latter end of the year 1807, SHORT ACCOUNT

she again entered into the marriage state, with the writer of this article;

and, shortly after, she became a MRS. ANN MILEHAM, member of the church under the Who died suddenly, Thursday, July 2, care of Mr. Wm. Shenstone. Here

she continued until the settlement 1818.

of her husband as pastor of the

church at Highgate, when she was “ In the midst of life we are in dismissed to that communion. In death." Blessed and happy are both ŝocieties, her conduct was conthey who attend to our Lord's ex- sistent and exemplary. Her first hortation, “ Be ye also ready,” and minister always testified the highstand with “ oil in their vessels," est regard for her, and when she their lamps trimmed and bright, had to sustain the important chatheir loins girded, and themselves racter of a pastor's wife, through ready, at a moment's warning, to divine assistance, she so discharged obey the solemn summons.

its duties, as greatly to adorn the The deceased was born at New- doctrine of God her Saviour; most castle-upon-Tyne, and resided there cheerfully making every sacrifice of till she married and came to Lon-domestic comfort which the difficuldon. There she drank deep of the ties connected with a newly-raised cup of affliction, for, in the course society demanded. of a few years, she had to mourn She was a woman of a very deover the loss of three children and votional spirit-a diligent reader of an affectionate husband. But these the scriptures, and much attached trials were sanctified: they induced to the public means of grace, as the her to attend upon a gospel minis remarks made in her diary abuntry at Sion Chapel, where she re- dantly shew; and although surceived the truth as it is in Jesus. rounded with a young family, At this place of worship she attend-(whose wants demanded, and reed upwards of six years, walking ceived her constant attention, and with God.— making progress in who now very sensibly feel her loss,) knowledge and in holiness, and en- yet she was enabled to “set her joying the comforts which are con- affections on things above," and to nected with a diligent attention to manifest a holy indifference to the the duties of religion.

world. She felt that she was a




“ pilgrim”-that here she had no

EXTRACTS continuing city;" hence she was in

FROM MEMORANDA, the habit of looking forward to the period when she should enter the resting place of the just. To it she Pocket-Books of Mrs. A. Mileham ; often referred, and for it she earnestly longed: and “God granted her that which she requested.”

LETTERS TO A FRIEND. When she least expected it, the voice said, “ Come up bither."

1803. She had uniformly enjoyed a good state of health till within the “ It is good for me that Christ last few months of her death, when

receiveth sinners,' or I must have she complained of much inward sunk into eternal misery.” weakness; but it was only a week

“ O Lord, lift up the light of thy previous to her decease, that she countenance upon me: may I not found it necessary to have medical be found a hypocrite in Zion.” advice. Her complaint was pro

Spent the afternoon with Mr.

Rnounced nervous debility, and an

What a mercy to have a intimation given, that there was not friend travelling the way to the any thing serious to be apprehend- heavenly Canaan.” ed: she continued discharging her

“ Let me be a humble shrub of domestic duties as usual. About thy right hand's planting, rather half an hour before her death, she than a tall cedar without root.” assured her husband she was much

“ Oh thou dear incarnate God, better. He left her, but was almost who bore our sins in thine own immediately recalled, to behold her body upon the tree, suffer me not quite insensible! Those eyes which to take up my rest here, for it is had so often enlivened him, were

polluted.” closing in death, and deprived of all Lord, keep me near thy blessed their lustre. In a very few moments self, I too often follow thee afar off.” after his arrival she expired.

« Oh that Christ may, at all All she uttered, after directing times, be all in all to me.'

“ Mr. S medical assistance to be sent for,

died, after two days' was in a tone of sweet surprise, illness. Lord, make me to number “ Can this be death!-Oh, my soul, my days, that I may apply my heart can this be death !"

unto wisdom.

“ Lord's-day.-Dined with Mr. * A soul prepar'd needs no delays, B- [a worldly man]: had many The summons comes, the saint obeys: painful reflections. Lord, help me Swift was her fight, aud short the road, to walk agreeable to the profession She clos'd her eyes, and wak’d with I make." God!"

1805. On the Wednesday following, her

Truly God has been good to me remains were deposited in a vault, these years past. Thou supplied in Mr. Evans's chapel, Mile End

my wants with a liberal hand: may New Town. Dr. Newman gave an

I be truly thankful for all thy address upon the occasion, and

mercies.” on Lord's-day evening, July 19,

Lord, help me to live daily by preached a funeral sermon at High- faith

upon Christ. Feed me with gate, from Eph. ii. 8, “By grace are

the bread of life." ye saved:” a passage chosen by the

Lord, give me grace to persedeceased, some years before her de

vere, and at last to cnter that rest parture, in the prospect of child- which remains for the people of birth.

God.“ Until I reach the seats of bliss,

It is good to be found in the I'll sing no other song but this, house of the Lord here below. May A sinner sav'd by grace.”

I be of that number for whom

Christ had prepared a place in his Highgate.

G. T. M.

Father's house above."


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« Lord, make me more spiri- circumspect in time to come. Make tually-minded: my soul cleaveth to me more holy ; may sin be more the dust, quicken thou me accord- hateful. I can truly say, I feel it ing to thy word.”

to be my burden.” “ Lord, help me to examine my- Lord, help me to examine myself. May I be ready when the self: may I be found ready when Bridegroom shall appear.

the Bridegroom shall appear." “ I trust thou hast made me willing to sit at thy feet. Oh keep me ever in that humble place.

Extracts from Letters to a Friend. 1806.

"I am sorry Mrs. A-,

changed her behaviour, but I am not “ Dear Jesus, I would again give surprised. ... It is a mercy, that all myself to thec. Oh take me, and our happiness does not depend upon soften this hard heart, and shed thy the crcature, but upon an unchanglove abroad in it. Oh, Sun of righ-ing friend. Oh that we may know teousness, arise, and shine upon my that he is our beloved, and our friend. soul.”

I rejoiced to hear of dear Mr. B~; if “ Oh, what a deceitful heart is my heart doth not deceive me, I have mine.

often been refreshed by his ministry. I hope I can say, the good Long may he be spared to comfort work is begun. Lord, enable me the mourner in Zion. If you should to persevere, for without thee I can ever be in his company, beg of him do nothing. May I feel the work to remember the weakest and unof sanctification in my soul.” worthiest, at the throne of grace;

“ Oh Lord, thou knowest I can- the prayers of a righteous man avail not rejoice in thee; yet I do feel it much. Oh that the Lord would sweet to mourn after thee."

pour a spirit of prayer on me; but « Oh thou blessed Spirit, help me alas! what will the prayers of good to return. Indced I feel that I am men avail, without the intercession a backslider in heart. Oh apply of Christ ? if he pleads for me, all the precious blood of Christ, that will be well, for him the Father cleanseth from all sin. Draw me heareth always.'with the cords of love, that I may

“ You desire me to plead follow thee."

for you, at a throne of grace : you “ Here I would raise another know not how unable I am to perEbenezer; in many dangers thou form such a service. I have great hast kept me. Lord, impress on reason to lament, that I feel such my mind what I have heard this a backwardness to approach God: morning; it has been as a rich cor- it is a source of uneasiness to me, dial to a fainting soul. Glory to thy for if it is as impossible for a regenename, for the blessings of the rate soul to live without prayer as gospel.”

for the body to live without food, I « Oh draw my affections from all have little reason to think I have created objects, and fix them on thy passed from death unto life:' and self alone. Help me to hold every yet I cannot give up my hope; for if creature comfort with loose a change had not taken place, why hand.

should the preached 'word be so de“ Bless the Lord, O my soul, and sirable? That blessed book, which all that is within me bless his holy you know once had no charms for

Bless the Lord, O my soul, me, I can truly say, is precious; and, and be not forgetful of all his bene if my heart does not deceive me, sin fits. May I not say, Surely thou is a burden. Happy are they that hast forgiven all my iniquities, and are assured of an interest in the dear healed all my diseases. Oh Lord, Redeemer. Although we may not I trust I can say, the ordinances of find that enjoyment we could wish, thy house have been sweet to my yet the soul may be safe; for, when soul.”

Christ says, he will cast out none “ In hearing Mr. felt re- that come unto him, his word cannot proved. Lord help me to be more be broken."


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“Oh could I say, I delighted in / in life, which only death can disprayer, as I do in hearing, my soul solve; but whenever it takes place, would be in a more flourishing state; I hope it will be to the glory of God, but God is witness, I do long to bold and the good of our immortal souls. communion with him, in secret.- Should the Lord see fit, to place me May the severe reproof I had yes- in the situation of a wife and mother, terday, from a dear minister, make I trust he will enable me to discharge, me more diligent; for, he that can- my duty as such. You say, you hope not lie,' has promised to “pour out he is pious; I can truly say, I would his spirit, as a spirit of grace and not unite with an unbeliever, if he supplication' upon his people." could make me mistress of the world ;

_“I am glad to hear you are no, believe me, I feel my heart so better, I hope it continues to be well prone to leave the fountain of living with your soul. I felt much plea- waters, that I need not a partner in sure from your account of the admi- life to draw me into the world again. nistering the ordinance of baptism. I cannot think there could be much I hope I do rejoice in the increase of bappiness in the marriage state, with the Redeemer's kingdom. It must a man of the world ; for how can have been a very solemn sight, to two walk together except they be see so many make an open profes- agreed.” sion of being on the Lord's side. I

“ Am sorry to find you are could not help weeping to think still so unwell in your body; but I what the dear old minister must hope the soul is in a prosperons state. feel, at seeing his children willing to I wish you much of the divine prefollow his footsteps, in the ways of sence, which is better than life itself. religion. Oh what pleasure would The crazy tabernacle may be patchit give me, to see my dear parents ed and propped, but it must bo enquiring the way to Sion, with their pulled down; but how sweet to refaces thitherward. But God is a so- joice in the prospect of a house not vereign ! he has a right to do with made with hands, eternal in the bis creatures as seemeth him good. heavens! The best of this world is It is my duty to adore that free and only a wilderness; may we be looksovereign grace, that 'snatched me ing forward, with desire and expecas a brand out of the fire.'

tation, to that "rest, which remains "Oh to grace how great a debtor,

for the people of God.' It will be a Daily I'm constrain'd to be.'

blessed rest indeed, to be freed frum May my life shew, to those around, the Lord, who is the altogether

a body of sin, and to be for ever with that the religion of Jesus is not that lovely, and the chiefest among ten dull melancholy thing the world thousand. May it be your hapa takes it to be ; little as I know of it, piness and mine, to see our title I would not part with that know- clear to those happy mansions; and, ledge, for all the pleasures the world while our heavenly Father is pleased can give. May we be daily grow to continue us on this waste-howling in grace, and in the knowledge ing wilderness, may we be earnestly of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope concerned to glorify him in all you had a profitable day yesterday; things." I cannot say much for myself. I

“I feel much obliged to heard Mr. R-, from Eph. ii. 8, ,' By

you, for your anxious care concerngrace are ye saved.' I feel, if saved ing my welfare ; not only of body, at all, it must be by grace: I find, but of that nobler part, the soul..., by daily experience, I can do nothing

I am thankful that the Lord myself. Oh, that the Lord would deals with me in such tenderness; set up his throne in my heart, and for, oh! had he dealt with me acreign,

cording to my deserts, I must have Lord of every motion there."" been lifting up my eyes in torments!

I am much obliged to you but, glory be to his name, I have exfor your good wishes, but must in- perienced him to be what he has deform you, that I have not entered clared bimself to be; the Lord, the into that most important connection Lord God, merciful and gracious,

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